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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 93)

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Originally posted by ak4423766463

Big smilethanku so much 4 ur awesome update Clapits really a wonderful part and well written Clapwish u happy new year Big smilewaiting 4 next part in next yearWink

Thank you ak4423766463 For your sweet comment!! Embarrassed
Hope you had a nice new Year !! Yup next update is in 2012Wink

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Originally posted by rohka

Lovely ,very romantic ff.waiting 4 next and happy new year

Thank you Rohka ! Glad you liked the romantic update Embarrassed
Happy New Year to you tooBig smile

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Originally posted by DAIRY25

Thanks for this lovely update Smile and Happy New Year .

Thank you so much DAIRY !! Glad you liked the update !!WinkBig smile
And Happy New Year to you too Hug

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Part 36

The next morning Radhika woke up seeing herself snuggled in Dev's arms resting her head over his chest ...she blushed remembering last night , she never been love so intimately before it was such a beautiful feel inside her body ..She gazed at Dev lovingly thanking him to complete her as a woman '.She felt her throat lumpy feeling such happiness in her heart 'She wiped her tears slowly placing a kiss over his chest and resting her head back closing her eyes again '


Radhika opened her eyes seeing herself in the same position Dev  was still sleeping peacefully , she got up wearing her night gown tightening up the sting from the front and walked in the bathroom '

Radhika came out wearing a nice blue sari with her yet hair walking to the dressing table  ..Dev was awake wearing his white kurta pyjama looking for his clothes 'He saw Radhika and smiled charmingly ..She seemed lost in her own world blushing ..He slowly went behind her wrapping his arms around her ..Radhika startled feeling Devs face close to her cheeks..

Dev: Good morning Radhika Dev Purohit '

Radhia: Good morning '..she loved hearing her name linked with his forever '

Dev: Radhika today's is a new start for both of us ..Its our first day as husband and wife ..And I'm loving it ! ..he said sweetly

Radhika: hmm'..

Dev: Radhika ..I felt so peaceful last night seeing you sleep so close to me , It felt like my life is now completed 'I cant ask for anything more then you 'and I will always protect you no matter what 'I will be by your side in every step 'I promise ..'HE said firmly 
Radhika smiled 

Radhika: Main bhi aapke saath kabhie nahi choroungi ..( Me too I will always be there for you )'Dev grinned tenderly hearing this ,

Dev: Radhika'Your not only my wife ..but also my best friend 'Tugging her more closer making her smile grow ..
Dev: How did you sleep last night '

Radhika tried hiding her shyness : Good '

Dev had a naughty glint in his eyes and started kissing her neck to her shoulder lovingly  , Radhika shivered pleasurably letting him feeling her with his lips 'Radhika slowly opened her eyes realizing that they were getting late for the aarti ..

Radhika: Suniye ??'humara neeche intazaar karein honge ..( Everyone must be waiting for us downstairs)

Dev placed another hot kiss over her shoulder making her breathing go uneven ..He wasn't seeming to listen to her and someone might come upstairs to call them ..She slowly turned around and Dev just looked at her confusedly..

Radhika : were getting late ..Dadima and the whole family are probably waiting for us '

Dev took a deep sigh she was right '

Dev: theek hai ..he had a cute upset face ..

Radhika: Hurry 'get freshen up and I'll take out your clothes '

Dev smiled giving her a kiss on her cheeks.. He remembered how she always used to do this when she was living in this house ..Radhika smiled shyly watching him go to the bathroom '
Radhika and Dev got dressed , she put on some light mellower with matching choriyaans ..Dev wore a nice blue kurta with nice collar work and had his hair back looking dashing .

 'He filled Radhika maang with much love , it expressed that she was married and she was his'
Before heading out the door Dev asked Radhika something

Dev: Radhika how am I looking???

Radhika grinned cutely

Radhika: Ache

Dev: Bas ache ?? Why not bohut ache ?? Giving her a wink
Radhika remembered these words before and giggled..

Radhika: bohut ache lagre hain aap ..( your looking very nice)'He affirmed ..
Dev smiled sweetly ..

Dev: Par tum muhjese zada khubsurat lagri ho..( But your looking more beautiful then me )  ..he said coming closer'

Radhika pushed him lightly

Radhika: sab neeche intezar kare hain '( everyone is waiting downstairs )

Dev: Radhika can I at least have a kiss??

He was bringing his lips close to Radika's soft pink one , she was getting shivers feeling his hand caressing her exposed skin on her waist and back  ..She controlled herself and lightly moved his face away putting her hand on his cheek and started walking away with a playful smile ..Dev runs his finger through his hair grinning charmingly catching up to Radhika 'She pasted her steps  down the stairs

Suddenly Radhika stops seeing dadima standing in front of them with a smiles and she takes her  blessings..

Dadima;Khush Raho ..tumhare chehre parr ek alag see chamakar nazar arahi hai '(I see a unique shine on your face ) She said tenderly

Radika blushed and looks at Dev who was looking at her with  a mischievous smile on..
Dadima walks towards him and pulls his ears '

Dadima: kyun re ??Radika ko kyun taag kara hai '( Why are you bothering RAdhika )

Radika laughs lightly'makes her way to the mandir ..She looks back at Dev and gives him a teasing smile , this made Dev more eager to go after her but controlled it since  dadi was holding his hears'.

DeV : Dadima main bas '.Radika ko kuch batana tha '( Nothing ...I just wanted to tell her something ).saying uncertainly'

Dadi : Acha kuch batana tha??? ( oh really ??  you wanted to tell her something??)

Dev: Haann something really a cute smile

Dadi: Chal baddmash '.
Dev was laughing lightly making his way to the mandir '

Radhika and Dev did the aarti together and took all the elders blessings ..They all saw the shine on Radhika face and her lovely smile '..Dev too noticed something different from her , she looked like a newly wedded bride ..his wife '

Dadima: Radika aaj tumhari pehli rasoi hai 'Tuhje kheer bhi bana na parega..( Radhika today you have to make breakfast and rice pudding )

R: Jee dadima ..making her way to the kitchen '.

Birju: Radika bahuji aapko maadad chiye??( Should I help you ..)

R: Nahi briju bhaiya main akela samanloongee'( No Thank you ..I'll manage myself ..) giving a sweet smile'

Birju leaves'.Radika prepares the stuff'She clips her hair from the back  and tucks her pallu on the side  and starts cooking'Suddenly dev came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist resting his chin on her shoulders 'Radika smiles shyly..

D: You didn't give me my kiss yet     saying mischievously'

Radika starts laughing 

R: baad main '.muhje abhi kaam hai ..( after I have some work to do ) 'trying to release herself'.
But Dev held her tighter from the back '

R: Please ..muhje jaane do koi ajayega  ..( Please leave me ..someone might come.)'saying nervously

D: Koi nahi ayega '..( no one will come ..).Placing a butterfly kiss on her shoulder'

Radika smile shyly then she hears Dadima calling Dev ..from far'

R: dadima arahi hain ..Chodiya na..( Dadima is coming ..leave me..)'Dev was going to place a kiss on her neck '

 Dadima was  walking towards the kitchen ..spreading cream on her hands'..

R: Dev.. dadima !! She hits him lightly  on his tummy with her elbow'

D: Ahh!!.. Pretending it hurt

Dadima: Kya hua '???( what happened?)

D: Kuch nahi dadima ..( nothing ...). holding his tummy in pain

Radika knew Dev was faking it'

R: aap fikar maat kijiye dadima main dekloongi '( dont worry dadima I'll see to him..)

Dadima looked concerned'

Dev: haan dadima ..Radika ke pass ek cure hai '.( YEs Dadima ..Radhika has a cure ..)

Dadima looked suspicious'

Dadima: Cure???

R: wo dadima ..main unkarliye haldi ka dood banalathi hoon ...( I'll make turmeric milk for him..)

Dadima: haan yeh theek rahega'Aur Dev baadmain tum Radika ko akela kaam karene dena'samje..( Yes  think that will be good..and after Dev you have to leave RAdhika work alone in the kitchen ..)

Dev: Jee dadima 'looking at Radika mischievously ..

Dadima leaves'

Dev gets back to hug Radika '.

D: How did you find my acting ??saying playfully

R: Dev I know your little tricks. I know you more than you know yourself''saying cutely..

Dev kisses Radika cheeks as she smiled shyly

R: I really need to finish in the kitchen '.saying politely

Dev makes an upset face'

D: But 'my kiss'

R: Baad main'I promise'

Dev smiles mischievously. '

D: Theek hai '..Ill be waiting for my kiss '

Dev walked out the kitchen leaving Radhika cooking

 After a while everyone gathered up around the dinner table'.

Radika was bringing the food with birju help  '.

Mr Purohit: Wah bohut achi khusbo arahi hai '.( It smells really nice )

Dadima: Radika tum pehle dev ko kheer kilaogi '

Radika nods her head and pours the kheer in the bowl 'Dev was just gazing at Radika who  had a cute shy smile on her face and goes beside him and feed him kheer so sweetly'They were gazing in each other eyes'Mrinlani voice bought them back o reality

Mrinalni: can we eat now..My baby and me are hungry '

Everyone laughed and helped themselves 'they were talking about the wedding and laughing remembering funny incident during the preparations ..Radhika and Dev were holding hand under the table shooting loving glances at each other 'Everyone gave her a present for her delicious breakfast except for Dev ..
Radhika finished up in the kitchen and went up her room looking for Dev 'Suddenly she feels warm hands around her waist stroking her delicate region , this made her breathing go uneven feeling shiver running down her spine '
Dev : Khanaa bohut acha bana tha'whispering in her ears'

Radika smiles shyly loving his appreciation and slowly  turns around and gazes into dev eyes'

D: aab toh mera kiss milsaktha haina ???..( Now ca I get a kiss..)saying mischievously'
Radhika shakes her head..

Radhika: You didn't give me a present yet '

Dev takes out and beautiful diamond bracelet and put its around her wrist , this made Radhika eyes gleamed seeing such beautiful present .

Dev: Acha laga??

Radhika : bohut! ..She said gazing at her bracelet 'Thank you '

He holds her waist and crushes her into his body caressing her back  ..Radika startled at first but seeing Dev's naughty glint her  heart started thumping fasts ..She knew exactly what Dev wanted and lingered her hands on his chest ..He was gazing at her affectionately bringing his lips close to hers ..Radika slowly closes her eyes letting her arms warp around his neck making Dev tugged her so close that they could feel each others heart beats '.Their thirsty lips were touching each other slowly dev started kissing her lower lips 'Suddenly there was a  knock on the door and Radika slowly opens her eyes. Dev rested his forehead on hers making a frustrating sound

Dev: Why cant they leave us alone??
Hearing this Radhika giggles cutely playing lighting with his collar

D:Tum haas kyun rahiho???( why are you laughing ..)saying annoyingly 

Radika takes her distance with pink shade on he cheeks 'Dev looks back at her before he opens the door'

Birju : Dev bhaiya ..

Dev: Kya hai???( what is it??)

Birju: Woh dadima radika ko bhularahi hain ( Dadima is calling RAdhika )

Dev: Abhi ???( Now??)

B: Haan '.(yes)

R: main abhi ayi '

Birju leaves'Radika was about to leave

D: Par '..saying upsetly

He crosses his arms looking upset 'Radika goes to him '

R: Suniye

D: bolo???saying upsetly'

Radika goes close to Dev and kissed him on his cheeks and runs out the room

Dev eyes widened up in surprised  and smiles cutely  seeing Radika run out the room '

Dadima informed Radhika that tomorrow she has to go for the pagphere '.Susheel , arjun and Deepika left to Dehli early they had a really great time during the wedding and told them to come over sometimes when they go back to Dehli 'Radhika got busy around the house with Vaishali and Dadima doing some rasams in the temple ..She got busy around the house and Dev also got busy with vivek going to visit a mutt with Mr.purhit

In the evening they all had dinner and Dadima told everyone that they will be leaving in 4 days after Radhika paghpehre ',Mrilani said that she has to go early because they need her for a designing project , vivek also had important work in the office so they will the next day '.


Dev was in the room looking at the dark night , Radhika walked in closing the door and hold Dev's shoulder making him turn to her looking a bit upset '

D: I didn't even get to spend time with you today 'and tomorrow your leaving for 2 days

Radhika: But I will come fast 'and were still in Vridavaan we can meet near the quiet river '.she said cheerfully
A boyish smile appeared on his li[s and  gazed into Radika eyes lovingly'She was like his cure for everything and she was absolutely right he could of still meet '

Dev: Radhika Dev Purohit your absolutely right ! He held her hands and gazing in her eyes lovingly 'She smiled tenderly hearing that her name was now linked with his it bought a sweet joy to her heart '.She then saw his eyes turning naughty '
Dev: can I have my kiss now??

R: I already gave it to you remember '

D: NO not on the cheeks 'saying naughtily

Radika smiles shyly feeling his hand slid around her exposed waist crushing her body to his leaving not space between them ..Radhika gasped lightly feeling Dev hands roaming around her exposed region 'She started breathing unevenly and lingered her hands on his torso 'Dev smiled naughtily  coming closer to her lips as she dropped her eyelid sliding her arms around his neck .Dev couldn't hold himself anymore and started kissing Radhika lips softly 'Then deepened the kiss feeling her running her fingers through his hair 'Radhika was feeling heat rush through her cheeks and her heart was throbbing beneath her chest making it rise '.Dev held her skin tightly crushing her against his body ' He never felt such alluring skin before that made him want to make love to her 'He started kissing her passionately roaming his hand on her body and reached the pin that secured her pallu ..Radhika was just lost in his affection and felt a cool breeze hitting her body 'Dev smiled inwardly in the kiss knowing that he had more to explore her slim feminine body  'Radhika shivered in return ,tugging herself towards him more wanting warmth from Dev ..He slowly moved back gazing at her beautiful face and waited until she opened her eyes . Radhika gasped feeling her lips getting releasing and opened her eyes only to see Dev's dark passionate gaze  and knew that her pallu was removed making her lower her gaze blushingly 'Dev slid her in his arms without moving his gaze from hers and laid her in the middle of the bed ..HE leaned one the side adoring her slim fugure and her beauty 'Radhika cheeks flushed seeing this and gazed at her handsome husband 'He saw her eyes calling for him and smiled naughtily feeling the desire grow within him ..HE lened over her making her take a deep breath but then saw him swicthing off the lamp beside her ..He then slowly moved back to her.. yearning to feel her soft lips and make passionate love to her.. He slid off his kurta throwing it on the floor and came closer to Radhika kissing her neckline and her shoulder , she warpped her arms around him stoking his hair deeply feeling the heat in her body rise 'He couldn't get enough of her , she fulfilled all his inner desires 'He was kissing her neck and upper chest passionately and felt Radhika shiver pleasurably under his scorching kisses ..Radhika tugged him closer to her body as she felt his hands exploring every inch of her skin with much..Dev heart was pasting feeling her soft hand on his exposed back stroking it fondly 'Slowly his sensual  touches went up behind her back unpinning her blouse from the back and slowly moved back seeing Radhika breathing unevenly . She opened her drowsy eyes with a tiny smile on her lips 'Dev could resist took them with his and kissed her hard and sensually 'He felt her gasp in the kiss making his hands explore her shamelessly '.The room was dark only letting the moon light shine on the lovers who were lost in their own passionate world'

Thank you so much for the wonderful Comments!! HugI really appreciate it!!! I'm soon getting near the last updates and all your comments and support gave me much confidant to reach here!! Big smile
Hope you guys like the update!!
Have a great day/night Big smile
PS: Dont forget to click the Like button if you liked it Wink

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Clap Clap Verrry lovely part! Liked their sweet romance,teasing!! Beautifully written!!thank billo!! Knt wait to c how they gonna b 2 days at distance!

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very nice looking forward to the next update

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nice 1,so she is going 2 be separated for 2dys. dont end so soon,waiting for more, n hope u stared a new 1.

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beautifull romantic episode next update?---soon?

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