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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 93)

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Part 37
The next day Dev dropped Radhika to her mother's house and reminded her sweetly to meet him near the river ..She cutely accepted and left doing their secret handshake and finishing off with a sweet kiss on the cheek…Devki got so happy seeing Radhika in the house looking like a newly bride and with a beautiful smile lingering on her face with a unique shine on her face ….They did few rasams along with Rajiv ..

At The PB
Mrinalni and Vivek left to Delhi due to work and would start preparing for Radhika arrival ..Everyone started  packing there stuff and arrange the house properly and took off the decorations with the help of servants ..Dadima and Vaishali went to the temples and visited some orphanage. They all kept themselves busy and Dev was with Mr.Puorhit meeting some villagers and mutts and in the evening would meet Radhika at the river …
2 days later
Dev picked Radhika up from her paternal house and they both went for a long walk and ate ice cream ..She came back and took the elders blessings , she saw that everything was getting packed and Dadima reminded her that they will be leaving the next day ..
Radhika packed her stuff along with Dev while he tried getting in a romantic mood by holding her around her waist tugging her close to him …Radhika would tease him finding an excuse . The next morning Devki and Ranjiv came to say their good byes ..Dadima told them to come to Delhi anytime they like they would be very happy to see them again ..Vaishali assured Devki that Radhika will be allowed to come see her anytime she likes …Devki thanked them and hugged Radhika fondly blessing her with few tears in her eyes ..They all settled in the cars and drove back to Dehli …Radhika was sitting with Dev keep looking back at her mothers figure slowly disappearing from her sight held her hand giving her much comfort ..Soon the chatter started with birju and Dev …They were making Radhika laugh and join the conversation ….

They arrived to Delhi and Vaishali and Dadima reached there earlier wanting to be there welcoming Radhika in ..Mrilani arranged everything for Radhika entrance in the house ..

Radhika was standing outside with Dev and Vaishali did their arti and told Radhika to do the graparvesh …Radhika did as she was told with a sweet smile on her face , she was now officially the choti bahu of this house ..She was not only coming in the house as the choti bahu but a wife and daughter ….She left her feet trails on the floor as everyone welcomed her in with much humbleness and they both took the elders blessings ..
Radhika entered there room with Dev and it looked exactly the same when she last saw it the pictures on the wall , the bed , the couch the dressing table was placed the same way ..Dev assured her that he left everything the way she liked it …This made her smiles sweetly and started unpacking her clothes …Dev comes from the back and hugs her tightly making her smile cutely .She turns around gazing in Dev eyes …
Dev enrols his arms  around her waist …Radika hand were on his chest ….
 Dev: Radhika ..this will always be our room ..You always had as much as rights on it as I did …

Radika smiled and went in his arms  and closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest ….Dev was stroking her back fondly and closed his eyes feeling her slim body in his arms

Suddenly MR.Purohit called out DEV…

Radika and Dev jumped and he made a annoying face …Radika laughs lightly…

D: Yes dad coming …he looks at Radika telling her that he will deal with her later

Radika finished unpacking her clothes and went downstairs to help around the house…
Mrinalini ,Vaishali and Radika were cooking in the kitchen ….Mrinalini got a important phone call so she left ….Radika set the table for dinner….

After dinner Dev went back to the office room with his dad……Radika was cleaning up the table and Birju was helping her…after a while Radika went up to  her room standing near the window ..sinking the fresh air and taking a deep  breath …there was a beautiful breeze outside and she  looked up  at  sky and saw the moon and the stars who were shining so beautifully…She tucked the tress behind her ears enjoying the lovely night …She then felt Dev arms around her placing a kiss over her exposed shoulder region and closed her eyes sinking the heat in her body …

Dev: what are you doing?? He asked huskily resting his chin on her shoulder

Radhika: Looking at the moon and stars …

Dev: hmm….but I think now the stars and moon are saying to give sometime for your husband..He said teasingly …

Radhika : No ..there saying to stay here and look at them ..she replied in the same tone

Dev started caressing her exposed waist and tummy passionately making her gasped lightly and he started kissing her neckline

Dev: are you sure …he said brushing his lips on her ear lobe

Radhika didn't know what to say , his touches were making her go weak and ache for his love …She swallows the lump in her throat  breathing unevenly
Radhika: No…she said tilting her head side ways wanting to feel his lips on her skin …

Dev laughed inwardly and continued roaming his lips on her skin ..He lowered her blouse a little and placed a passionate kiss on her shoulder making her shrug pleasurably …He one hand wrapped over her upper chest and unpinned her pallu ..He felt her shiver as she felt the breeze hitting her skin …Dev desires grew as he turned her around and saw her eyes closed  and slid his hand around her waist making her opened her eyes slowly gazing in his dark passionate ones with her hands lingering on his shirt …He saw her cheeks flushed and placed a kiss on them sweetly slowly crushing her against his body ..He could feel her chest rising unevenly against his and made him tugged her closer ..Radhika slid her hand around his neck and stroking his hair …Dev couldn't hold himself and kissed her lips slowly making her shiver in return …He deepened the kiss as he explored every inch of her skin feeling delightful ….Radhika felt the tension in her body rising sensing his sensual touches …Dev slid her in his arms making her gasp lightly slowly moving her head back seeing his passionate gaze and walked towards the bed ….

Months passed and Radhika and Dev love was growing to no bounds ..Every morning she would kiss his cheeks and walk him out the door for office and every evening they would be wrapped in each others arms….They would always talk about there day while having some teas together. .Radhika was the perfect choti bahu she took care of every single member of the family ..Giving Dadima and Mr.Purohit their medication and help Vaishali around the house . Also, she would always take care of Mrinalini who's foetus was growing every month this would always awake Radhika get so excited waiting for the baby to arrive ..Sometimes Mrinalini would get mood swings making the family members stay away from her and let Vivek handle it …Dev would tease Mrinalini that her figure will get ruined after having the baby and Mrinalini would give him a solid reply …

Vivek would go out at midnight to get some ice cream for Mrinalini because of her cravings …The whole family were just getting excited day by day for the little one to be born ..Radhika would sit with Mrinalini and talk for long hours messaging her feet and sometimes she would feel the baby move making her grin cutely ..Dev would join them and tease Mrinalini further …
Whenever Dev was free he would take Radhika out to the movies, shopping and restaurants.. Radhika felt that Dev was spoiling her so much , she's never bought so many things in her whole life ..She never demanded for anything it was always Dev that bought stuff for her from his heart ..Anything she liked he would buy it for her and in return get a sweet hug and a kiss . …They would go shop for there future niece or nephew and buy toys and clothes .

Some evenings Radhika would sit with Mr.Purohit and play chest while Dev waits anxiously to spend some alone moments with Radhika .He would always signal her to play faster and Birju would tease him all the time …

Radhika and dev would go visit Devki whenever he had time off and would stay there for few days and this made Radhika very happy and for Dev Radhika happiness was most important  for him ..Devki resumed giving her singing classes to young girls and enjoyed it very much . …Everyday something funny always happens in the PB and every member would go to sleep satisfied of their day …

It was Mrilani Godh Barai and the PB was a full swing Radhika did all the arrangements with the help of the family members  , all mrilani friends came and family and Devki was also invited …Dadima and Vaishali were welcoming the woman's inside . Mrinalini was due anytime now ..Dadima clearly told the man of the house to not come downstairs because its only a girl function …The house was decorated beautifully with flowers and lights with little kids running around and he ladies getting settled sitting on the floor talking amount each other and paying the dolki ...

Radhika was in the room getting ready the guest were already here and she wasn't even ready yet … She came out the bathroom wearing a nice bleu flowing lengha along with a short blouse that was exposing her back and abdomen region …She left her duppata on the bed wanting to put her jewellery on first …Radhika pinned her long dark brown hair back letting the rest linger on her back …She slowly felt Dev hands around her waist making her gasp lightly and closed her eyes briefly ….
Radhika: Where were you ?? She asked softly

Dev: I went to the office ..urgent work …

Dev rested his chin on her skin and started placing butterfly kisses on her neck ..Radhika smile blushing moving sideway enjoying his loving kisses and his passionate touches around her skin ….She controlled herself knowing that everyone must be waiting for her downstairs ….

Radhika: dev ..I need to get dressed …

Dev : Who's stopping you …placing a kiss on her nape and upper back
Radhika shivered delightedly and was getting weak from his sweet kisses ..

Radhika swiftly turned around …

Radhika : I really need to get ready …

She saw Dev feeling little disappointed but then saw his smug smile

Dev: fine ….let me help you ..
HE put the necklace around her neck caringly  and helped her put on her earring placing a kiss on her earlobes making her blush slightly …

Radhika noticed her duppata was still on the bed and her cheeks flushed even more …
Radhika: Mera duppatta ..She said lingering her hand over her chest side

Dev had a naughty smile and wrapped his hand around her ..

Dev: Main tumhara pati hoon …muhjese kya sharmana …( I'm your husband why shy away from me ?).He said looking at her through the mirror .Radhika saw him checking her out and this  flushed her cheeks completely  , she controlled her heart beats and turned around ..

Radhika: Muhje neche jana hai ..( I need to go downstairs)…she said firmly trying to hide her blush …

Dev quickly grabbed the duppata before she could take it ..
Radhika: Dev …what are you doing ..I need to get ready everyone is waiting for me ..

Dev came to her and slowly put it over her shoulder and tucked the edge of her duppata on the side touching her skin slightly …She kept looking at him lovingly as he pined it nicely …

Dev: there ..all ready …He said placing a kiss on her cheeks …

Radhika: Thank you …

Birju knocked on the door and dev opened it …

Birju: Sab niche Radhika bahuji ka intezaar  karein hain ..( everyone is waiting for RAdhika downstairs ..)

Radhika stood next to dev …

Radhika: Hann bas 2 minute main ari hoon ..( yes I'm coming in 2 minutes )
Birju left and Radhika turned too Dev ..

Radhika:You remembered what Dadima said boys allowed you have to get yourself occupied with other stuff …She said sweetly ..

Dev : But I have nothing to do ..cant I just sit down quietly and watch  ..

Radhika: No …it's a girl function ..

Dev: What Are you girls going to do ??

Radhika: Well we have few rasams to do first  and later play games , sing and dance ..She said cutely

Dev: dance ??? You too

Radhika : Maybe ….Ok I really need to go …she left he room adjusting herself and posted her step down the hall way ..Dev just took a bored sigh crossing his arms against the door ..

Radhika was in the kitchen and gaze a tray of juice to birju to give to the ladies ….
As soon as Birju left dev walked in casually …

Radhika: what are you doing down here??

Dev: Radhika I'm getting bored …Vivek bhaiya is coming late from the office and dad is gone out to the mutt ….

Radhika was looking around worriedly ..

Radhika: Did dadima see you ??

Dev : I don't think so she was busy talking to some aunty …

Radhika laughed lightly seeing Dev's expressions then Birju walked in

Dev: Radhika how come he's around , he's a boy too

Radhika: Birju bhaiya is helping me

Birju: Haann hum sirf madat karen hain ..hum thodi dheer main chaleinj ayeinge ..

Dev: I could help too

Radhika was about to say something when Dadima came in the kitchen

Dadima: Dev ?? Tuh yahan kya kara hai ??( dev what re you doing here?)I thought I was clear about no mans in the house today …she said sternly …

Dev ..Dadima ..I just came for a glass of water …

Dadima pulled Dev's ears …

Dadima: Mere baal doop main safer nahi hue …..Sharam nahi athi muhjese jhoot bholthe hue ??? She pulled harder ..

Dev : owww!!  Dadima I'm saying the truth!

Radhika and birju were trying to wide there laugh but Birju couldn't hold it in …This made Dev raise his hand lightly warning him …

Radhika: App Birju bhaiya se kyun naraaz hore hain ??( why are you getting angry at birju ?)

Birju smiled jubilantly

Dev: You're lucky that Radhika is here or else you would have get it from me …he said firmly yet teasing

Dadima released his ears
Dadima: Dev …either you go back in your room or go out somewhere …

Dev glanced at Radhika upset and walked away …


Mrilani was sitting down surrounded by her friends and relatives ..Dev was in his room on the laptop then he heard some music and walked out sneakily watching down from the hall  ..He could see some ladies singing few girls started dancing and clapping there hands ..He saw the lovely smile on his babhies face making himself smile ..He then saw Radhika sitting down with Devki laughing and singing along …HE just rested against the poll watching his lovely wife …Soon he saw one of the girls telling Radhika to and dace.. He smiled sweetly seeing the nervousness on Radhika face shaking her head cutely …Dadima and Vaishali were signaling her to go and she got up hesitantly seeing everyone clapping …She just followed Mrinalini friends moves moving her hands gracefully along with the beat of the music though she was feeling very shy at the same time ..Dev was just adoring her sweet wife dancing with a boyish smile on his face …He then saw Radhika moving back clapping her hand and sitting beside Mrinalini …
Few minutes later ..Dadima announced to do the rasam and told Radhika to start since she's the choti bahu of the house followed by Deepika ….

Radhika smiled sweetly and took some rice from the big decorated bowl with her two hand curved together and walked towards Mrinalini …Suddenly few grains of rice fell down from her hand accidentally ..This made her brows frowns worriedly wondering if it was bad luck ..She looked at Dadima who had a beaming smile on her face and so did most of the elder ladies …Dev was watching this and also wondered why Radhika looked so tensed after dropping few grain of rice .

Deepika: Dadima ….is this bad luck ?? She asked worriedly ..

Radhika looked on nervously and glanced at Devki who was smiling

Dadima: Nahi Deepika ..yeh toh shubd mana jahtha hai …( No Deepika ..its something good)

A smile started appearing on Radhika face and took a relief sigh …

Deepika: Acha ! She asked amused

Dadima nodded
Dadima: this mean that Radhika will give us some good news very soon ! She said delightfully

Hearing this Radhika eyes widened up and her cheeks flushed! Hearing this Dev too got little blush on his face though covered it with his charming smile!

Deepika: what kind of good news??

Vaishali : Deepika ..meaning that Radhika will probably be the next one to give us another grandson or granddaughter .. She said joyfully and Devki to was smiling happily hearing this and prayed that this was going to come true ..

Mrinalini : Really!! That's great news!! Congratulations Radhika ..she said teasingly …It would be nice if my little baby would have someone to play with …

Radhika tried controlling her  shy smile and blush but it didn't seem to stop seeing all the ladies grinning at her teasingly …She finished of the rasam pouring the rice in Mrinalini pallu ..She glanced up and saw Mrinalini giving her a wink teasingly…Radhika shook her head shyly and at beside her mother who kissed Radhika forehead warmly…

Dev watched everything and ran his fingers through his hair boyishly and was adoring his wife sitting down with a shy smile lingering on her lips . She was lost in her own thoughts and he knew exactly what she was thinking!


Dev was in the room and Birju came in with food and told Dev that Radhika sent him to give him the food..
Dev smiled thanking birju and asked him if the Godh Barai was over yet?? Birju just told him that it was still going on ..This made Dev sigh restlessly he was waiting for his Radhika …
Almost all the ladies left only Devki was remained saying her good byes . Radhika hugged her mother telling her to stay for the night but Devki refused …Dadima and Vaishli also told her to stay but Devki didn't feel right sleeping at daughter in laws and the next day she has to give classes to the little girls ..They understood and Dadima told the driver to drive Devki safely to vridavaan …

Mrinalni was really tired and went up in her room to take rest …Radhika cleaned up and gave some food to vivek and mr.purohit who came back after the Gogh Barai ..Radhika told Vaishali to go rest and she will handle everything ..this made Vaishali grin and kiss Radhika forehead telling her to go to bed right after she's done in the kitchen …


Radhika came in her room with a unique energy in her ..She saw the candles lit up bringing a beautiful aroma to the room . The window was slightly opened letting the breeze penetrate inside the romantic room .She closed the door looking around the dark room with only the candle lights on….Suddenly she felt Dev hand on her wrist cluing her on the wall blocking her way . She startled at first but then seeing his naughty gaze a smile appeared on her lips .. Dev was closing the little distance between them …

Dev: Are you tired??

Radhika shakes her head cutely making him smile jubilantly …

Dev: Why did you make me wait so long?  She said kissing her jaw sweetly
Radhika closed her eyes briefly  feeling her heart beats pasting beneath her  …
Radhika:..I was helping Maaji downstairs ….she slowly opened her eyes gazing in his loving ones……I'm sorry

Dev grinned boyishly …

Dev: its ok ..I forgive you ….He said kissing her cheeks and trailing down her neck placing passionate kisses on her exposed region ….He felt Radhika breathing unevenly and struggling to get herself released . She felt shivers downs her spine feeling his lips exploring her skin sensually and couldn't retain herself ..Slowly Dev released her wanting to explore her bare waist and slid his hand around it and crushed her against his body ..Radhika gasped sliding her hand around his neck and trailed her finger in his hair and closed her eyes pleasurably ..Dev hands were roaming around her back and waist side . He slowly cupped her jaws making her eyes open drowning in his loving ones…She felt his lips slightly touching hers making her heart skip a beat and clutched his hair ..Feeling this Dev started kissing her softly and then deepened the kiss crushing her against his chiselled body ..Radhika chest was rising unevenly against  his and felt him tugging her closer ..Slowly his hand slid on the side of her waist going up to her shoulder and released her pallu making it linger on the floor ..Radhika gasped in the kiss and tightened her hold on him feeling her body going weak ….Dev gripped her waist side making her feel relief that his arms are securely around her …Slowly Radhika hands moved down to his chest side that was slightly exposed and her fingers started unbuttoning his button slowly ..Dev smiled inwardly in the kiss and gripped her waist side sensually !  He  slowly moved back and bit her lower lips and made her gasped . He felt his shirt opened exposing his chiselled body and moved his hand away from her body removing his shirt completely …Radhika blinked drowsily yet had a blushing smile . Dev swiftly took her in his arms and laid her on the bed . The candles were flickering with the cool breeze . Radhika laid back gazing in Dev's dark passionate eyes with her arms around his neck .
He was a top her and slowly nibbled her lips making her chest rise .

" Should …we make Dadima's words true ?"

Radhika blinked at him still drowning in his sensual touches on her naked back …

" You ..heard everything ?"

Dev had a naughty smile playing on his lips giving her the answer

She slowly looked away shyly but his husky voice bought her back

" What to you think ??"

Radhika couldn't help a cute smile and simply blinked once giving the answer ..

Dev started kissing her lips again roaming his hands around her back and unpinned her blouse . …They both drowned in each other arms and the candles magically turned off feeling to shy to be part of there intimacy …

Hey guys!! Thank you sooo much for the sweet comments! Hug
I apologize if I wrote something in the update that might hurt anyones feeling concerning the "Godhbarai rasam " . Please tell me and I will change it.Smile The next update will be the last and I'm really sorry if I kept you guys waiting so long for my other updates Disapprove I really feel bad and this ff was suppose to be finished long back ago but I just let it drag ..So thats why I'm finishing it very soon ...
hope you guys like this update and saty tuned for the Last Update ...Probably saturday or Sunday Wink

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Lovely update,but very sad that the next update will be the last one.would have been happy if you could still continue.
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very veyr gr8 update, this  was the first ff read by me later i tuned to other ones. I will cry listening u ending this one. why u all are ending updates one by one. But hope u come with another one soon. Waiting for njext one
meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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great update liked a lot
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Big smilethanku so much 4 ur romantic & beautiful updateClapbut i think i am going to miss this FFTonguei loved this FF very much Clapwaiting forward 4 the last part Hug
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great updates yumna ,so romantic and sweet .so next may be our radev as parents?
sorry for late reply.
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Originally posted by nycsweetie

g8 update

Thanks nycsweetie Smile
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Originally posted by fatssrilanka

Lovely update,but very sad that the next update will be the last one.would have been happy if you could still continue.

Thank you  Fatssrilanka glad you liked it!!Big smile
I know I was also feeling sad but The story has to end one day Wink Thank you so much for your support Smile

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