Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 88)

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OMG Shocked 
I Cannot Believe How long it has been since I have been on the forums! .. 
Yumna Didi! This is absolutely amazing! Honestly, I checked my PM's and the first FF that I went to was yours. I've missed your writing so dearly! Smile

I see that you have kept up your amazing work! Clap Talented writer right here! 
For like the last 2 days, I've been reading your FF's and just catching up and everything.. and I regret nothing! Wink

I remember reading your first ever FF and just falling in love with your FF's from there on, and even now.. Seriously, Keep it coming. You're an amazing writer, just saying.. Approve 

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Hi! Yumana,waiting for your next update.Pls update soon.when will be your next  update?

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Part 34

When Radhika and Devki arrived to vridavvan they went to their own house ,.It was after 2 years that they were entering the house , ranjiv had the keys . Radhika and Devki both held each others hands knowing that many memories will come back . They both entered the house and it still looked the same , the kitchen was still on the right side , there was drapes on the chairs and table . The picture of Radhika and Devki  were still hanged on the wall . And also a picture of Radhika in Shastrijee arms ..this got both ladies emotional but smiled knowing that there starting a fresh life only filled with happiness.
Birju stayed back to help them clean up , Mr.Purohit and Ranjiv went to go see the Panchayat .

Radhika tied her duppatta to the side and started cleaning up, Devki cleaned the dust from the picture frames . Birju went out to buy some fresh food to put in the kitchen . They all got busy cleaning around the house… Radhika and Devki were bonding just like the old times, they made the atmosphere lighter by making few jokes…They did feel Amma present missing but they didn't say anything , they felt more peaceful without anyone taunting them …Devki put away Ammas stuff in a box and put it away .. Radhika went in her room and opened the curtains , she felt so good being back in her house and her room .

Its was evening , the moon was shining in the dark shy , the wind was warm and calm . Radhika was looking at the sky that was adorn by the sparkling stars . She glanced back and saw Birju hanging new curtains and devki  putting some drapes away in her room . Radhika wondered her gaze around her house and it looked exactly the way she last saw it , the kitchen , the living room , the rooms all looked the same with a little sweeping . She took a deep breath putting the broom away.  Mr.Purohit and Ranjiv came in and saw the whole house nicely tidied up . Radhika told them to sit down , Ranjoiv had tears in his eyes seeing Radhika in her own home with her mother .. Devki came out wearing a simple sareee and sat down on the opposite table …Mr.Purohit assured her that she was not going to have any problems living here , he clear everything with the villagers and the panchayats .. Devki folded her hands together thanking him …Radhika went in the kitchen to make some tea …Birju was doing few last cleaning up when his phone rang …He picked up and it was Dev ..
 Birju: hello Dev bhaiya??

Radhika eyes quickly looked at Birju ..

Dev: Birju Radhika and Maaji ok ?? Are they back in their house?? Whats Radhika doing??

Birju: Aree Dev bhaiya aramm se aram se …Han yahan sab theek hai , ghar pahounchgaye hain … Aur ..he glanced at Radhika …aur Radhika ji bhi theek hai , chai banri hai ..( slowly Dev …yes everyone is fine they've reached safely and Radhika is making tea in the kitchen ..)

Dev ran his fingers through his hair looking  out side the window , how he wished that she could be near him too …

Dev: birju … muhje use baat karni hai ..( Birju I want to talk to her )

Birju: kyun ..itni chaldi yaad ari hai ?? ( Why ?? Your missing her so fast ?) He asked teasingly …Radhika was taking out the tea cups but still was aware of birju conversation with Dev , she had a shy smile playing on her face …

Dadima came in Devs room and saw him on the phone ..
Dadima: dev?? Kise baat kara hai??( Dev ? Who are you talking to?)

Dev: who ..birju se…I wanted to know if everything is settled there ..

Dadima: Muhje phone de ..muhje bhi baat karni hai …( Give me the phone , I also want to talk )

Dev gave the phone but was little upset because he wanted to talk to Radhika .

Dadima was talking to Birju then talked with her son for a while wanting to know If everything was fine with Radhika and Devki …She talked with Devki then with Radhika …

Dadima: Acha beta …Apna kayal rakna …aur haan apni maa ka bhi bohut acha khayal rakna ..hmm??( Take care Radhika and also take good care of your mother …)

Radhika: jee dadima ….aap bhi apna kahyal rakiye ga …( yes dadima …you too take care )

Dadima remembered seeing Devs disappointed she turned to him and he was looking at his upset cute face…

Dadima: Radhika …Dev se baat karo ..kitna behchain hora hai tumse baat karne ko …( Radhika talk to Dev , he's getting restless )
She passes him the phone and Dev grinned boyishly and hugged Dadima giving her a kisss…Dadima left the room letting him speak with Radhika in private .…

Dev: Kaisi ho ??( How are you ?)

Radhika : Main theek hoon ( I'm fine) she glances around seeing the elders looking at her and her cheeks turned pink …

Dev: Lagtha hai sab tumhe dekre hain …haina??( looks like everyone is watching you ?) He asked teasingly ..
Radhika: Hmmm….
Dev: I'll talk to you tomorrow …I know you must be in a little awkward position right now…He trailed of with a chuckle …
She grinned cutely shaking her head ..

Dev: Apna khayal rakna …Aur Maaji ka bhi …

Radhika felt really touched that he already considered her mother as his own …
 Radhika: jee…aur aap bhi …

Dev: hmm…Love you..

Radhika didn't know what to say back and just hummed lightly to make him understand that she feels the same way ..

Dev smiled and kissed the phone , she glanced down and hung up the phone shyly…She just looked at the elders who were smiling little teasingly …Radhika tried covering her shyness and went in the kitchen ..

After a while Birju and Mr.purohit left o ere bhavan in vridavaan and Ranjiv left home too .  Radhika dimmed the lights and went in her room seeing her mom opening the cupboard putting few antique stuff away . Radhika told her mother to rest and she gave her some water ..Devki sat down on the bed stretching her legs on the bed, The window was half way opened exposing the shimmering start and the bright moon . Radhika wanted to sleep with her mother and sat against the bed rest ..Radhika looked at her mother with teary eyes , feeling her heart swell up with happiness that her mother was finally found and was so close to her …Devki understood her daughter and took her in her arms …Radhika rested her head on top Devki chest and closed her eyes letting her last tears roll down .

Devki: Radhika betiya …abb maine tere ankon main ansoon nahi dekne chahthi, tere ansoon muhje kamzor bana le the hain …Kya tum chahthi ho ke tumhari Maa kamzor pare??( Radhika , I don't ever want to see tears in your eyes , because they make me week ..Do want me to get weak ??)

Radhika shook her head

Radhika: nahi …main bas aapko khush dekne chahthi hoon (no ..I want to see you happy )
Devki smiled and kissed her head ..

Devki: main toh bohut khush hoon , itne sari khushina ek saath milri hain …Tumhari shaddi hone wali hai ..ek aisa pariwaar main jahan sab tumhe bohut khush rakeinge ..( Im very glad that I got so much happiness in one day ..Your getting married in a family that will always keep you happy) She trailed off tenderly caressing Radhika hair ..

Thinking about the PB a smile lit up on Rahika face ….

Radhika started telling her mother about each and everyone in the family …She told her how Dadima , Vaishali and Mrilnalini took such good care of her when she first was found .She added that Dadima made her get a lifetime love as a grandmother and Vaishali reminded her of Devki sometimes …And Mrinalini made her a sister and helped her discover the creativity that she never knew existed . Devki smiled along hearing the little stories and talks that Radhika was telling her about the Pb ..She told her the card games that they used to play , Birjus teasing and jokes . Vivek discipline and care and Mr.Purohit love and concern. Radhika giggled as she talked about Dev …devki could hear the love in her voice ..Devki was just getting so and more pleased with this , she knew that Radhika was very much in love and prayed silently that her beautiful smile will never go away .

Devki was just so glad that Radhika was going in a family that will always keep her daughter happy , Devki saw with her own eyes today how everyone were getting sad seeing Radhika leave . Slowly Radhika closed her eyes and fell asleep feeling her mothers comfort arms around her   .Devki kissed Radhika head and wiped her silent tears …She was just very overwhelmed by everything that happened today , she promised herself that she wont lack of anything for Radhika wedding .

The next morning Radhika and Devki came to the mandir and started cleaning up . The rangolies were being made by Radhika and also the garlands …Devki was sweeping up the floors , its been 2 years she hasn't come to the mandir . It was shared by her husband and Ranjiv . She remembered that when she newly got married she would come every morning to decorate the mandir and this would please Shastrijee a lot …She glanced at Radhika who was smiling cutely making the rangolies on the floor , Devki remembered that she thought Radhika how to make them when she was only 5 years old ….Soon the mandir was booking beautiful and enchanting ! Ranjiv walked in feeling very surprised seeing both ladies ready to pray , Mr.Purohit and Birju followed in with a sweet smile wondering there gaze around the manndir ..Radhika bent down to take Mr.Purohits blessings …They started talking for a while slowly all the villagers gathered in the mandir  and were surprised seeing Radhika and Devki together , they started feeling guilty and looked at Mr.Purohit who was standing beside Radhika proudly …

Mr.Purohit:  Devki ji uske gaon wapas agayi hain aur main aastha kartha hoon ke aap unhe koi apathi nahi dain ..Unko utna hi haaq hai yaha rehna jitna aap sab logon ka …Aur agar kisine

The people in the village agreed and the panchayat group came forward to apologize to Devki from the member that accused her falsely …Since she  had a big heart and accepted their apology


Dev was rushing down the stairs with his car key and swiftly passed by Dadima who stopped him asking him where he's going? Dev was trying to think of an excuse when vivek told Dadima that he had to go to vridavaan for some office work ..Dadima wasn't convinced and crossed her arms trying to hide her smile ..Dev told her the truth that hes going to visit Radhika with a slight blush ..

Dadima started laughing and signalled him that he could go …Dev hugged Dadima and gave her a kiss and rushed out the door ..

Few hours later Dev reached vridavaan and absorbed the freshness of the surrounding nature , he came out his car near the temple and didn't see Radhika only few kids running around …He started walking near the ghat and near by found a market place he came near a tomato stall and heard a sweet voice asking for some spinach , he swiftly turned around and saw Radhika standing there wearing a white simple shalwar kameez with a loss braid and a duppata nicely over her shoulders , he saw her standing  on the other stall he could only see her side angle …His heart pasted anxiously he just wanted to go there and hug her …HE just stood there waiting for her to turn to him …Radhika put the spinach in her giving the man some money , she started walking away when he heard someone call her from her conscious …She slowly turned around only to see Dev standing there with a charming smile ..She blinked innocently  making sure she wasn't imagining him …Dev smile grew knowing exactly what she was thinking , Radhika couldn't hold her smile and walked towards him …"App??" she asked gazing in is  dark brown eyes ..
" Haan ..main …I said that I will come visit you .."
Radhika nodded agreeing …He took the bags from her hand and guided her to the car . …
R: sab ghar par kaise hain??

Dev: There all good , waiting for you to come ..he said glancing at her sweetly ..

R: Me too missing everyone mrinalni Bhabhi ??

Dev: shes good , actually before leaving vivek was going with her for a checkups ..

Their talk went on and in between Dev kissed her hand leaving her blushing …
They reached Radhika house and he took her bags and Radhika opened the door , Devki was in the kitchen and seeing dev she smiled joyfully …

Devki: Aree Damaad babu aye na ..( Dev ?? Come in ..)

Dev bent down to take her blessings
Dev: kaisi hain Maaji ??( how are you Devki..)

Devki: bhilkul theeek , tumhare babuji aur Birju toh aaj subah hi nikal gaye ….Fiquar hori thi unki isliye tum yahan agaye ?( Im fine father and birju left this morning ..We're you getting worried that's why you came here??)  She asked concernedly
Dev shook his head ,,
Dev: nahi ..who ..main ..actually …

Devki frowned her brows waiting to hear his answer ..Radhika was putting the grocery away glancing at Dev with a slight blush knowing why he was here …

Devki: Kya hua beta?? Sab theek toh hai na?? ( what happened ? Everything ok ??)..She signalled him to sit down

Dev: Haan Maaji ..sab bhilkul theek hai ( Yes ,..everything is fine ..) ..taking a seat ..

Radhika came to give him water and he smiled boyishly seeing her pink rosy cheeks ..
She slowly walked away in the kitchen but still her ears were wide opened …
Dev glanced once at Radhika then at Devki ..

Dev: ..Actually ..I came for your permission …he said slowly ..

Devki smiled in confusion ..

Devki: Kis baat ki ??( for what ??)

Dev: I wanted to take Radhika out …near the ghat ….

Devki was a little wary at first but then glanced at Radhika who's eyes lit up …she had no reason to deny , she trusted Dev and especially her daughter ..

Devki: theek hai …

Dev couldn't hold in his happiness : thank you so much Maaji .." he glanced at Radhika and stood up " Ill come back in few hours , vivek called me to meet up with one of the contractors …Ill be back as soon as I'm done .." He thanked Devki again and headed out ..
Radhika couldn't control her smile and looked at her mother who had a teasing smile ..


Dev and Radhika were walking near the ghat holding hands , the place seemed unusually quiet they could only hear the bird and feel the sun light dimming down leaving trails of pink and orange horizons …Dev and Radhika were talking about there future that waited for them and all the activities they were going to do together ..They couldn't wait to be married ..As they were walking the came near a beautiful quiet place surrounded with water , flour buds and big tress lurching slightly with the warm breeze and spread green grass all over …
Dev: Radhika hum kahan agaye hain ..itni sudar jaga ? ( Radhika where are we? Such a beautiful place ..)He asked amazed ..

Radhika: Pata nahi ..main yahan pehli baar ayi hoon ( I don't know's the first time I came here )..she said gazing a the horizons with a sweet smile
Dev: Yahan koi bhi nahi hai ..great! He turned to Radhika who was gazing fondly at the streaming water and hugged her from behind , she startled at first but then smiled shyly looking slightly back to Dev …

Dev: I missed you so much!! You don't know how difficult its getting without you in the house ..I cant wait to take you along with me ..If I had the chance I would take you off with me right now …
Radhika felt his breath over her neck giving her light shiver in her body , she slowly tunred to dev with a gleaming eyes and went in his arms resting her head on his chest wrapped his arms around her securely ..They let moments passed as they felt there heart beats paste anxiously for this moment to last   …

Dev slowly opened his eyes seeing that it was almost getting dark and he promised Devki that he will bring her back before it get dark , he felt little upset that he had to leave ..

Dev: Radhika …Maaji tumhara intezaar kari hogi ..

Radhika blinked and moved back nodding pursing her lips cutely …dev couldn't reist and kissed her cheek ..Radhika eyes flew up meeting his naughty glint in his eyes , he came closer and forwarded his cheeks to her ..
" Nahi" She said moving out his arms and started walking away , he quickly grabbed her wrist and twirled her around gazing in her shy eyes …dev pleaded with his eyes ..She couldn't resist and slowly came forward holding his right cheek with her hand ..Dev felt his heart throbbing excitedly and felt her lips on his left cheek placing a warms sweet kiss….

***Dev stopped the car near Radhika house she was about to walk out when Dev stopped her ..
Radhika : kya hua ??

Dev: Humara hand shake …he reminded sweetly ..

Radhika couldn't help a smile and forwarded her hand doing the handshake and dev kissed her cheeks swiftly , he reminded her that giving a kiss was part of the hand shake ..She smiled shyly refusing giving him a kiss because she already gave him one before ..
She came out the car walking towards her door she looked back and waved at Dev …

At night at PB

Mr purohit was having some tea with Vaishali and Dadima , they saw Dev walking in with a boyish smile , he saw his father and bend down to take his blessings asked him why did he go to vridavaan  ..Dev glanced at Dadima who was laughing silently ..
Dev: Who ..main ..

Mr.Purohit : We came back from vridavaan and you left to go there …He had a stern face

Dev: Dad ..actually when I was in the car ..vivek called me to see one of the contractors ..and while I was there I went to go see Maaji and ..Radhika …

Mr.Purohit glanced at Dadima and started laughing ,

Mr.Purohit : Theek hai …

Dev felt a relief that his father didn't mind  and shook his head seeing the  family teasing him ..

Days were passing , dev never missed one day to visit Radhika and the purohit family got used to his absence and didn't mind too much . Vivek would give Dev the responsibilities to go to th meetings in vridavaan and at the same time he took the advantage to see Radhika ..Everyday Radhika an Dev would have some lone time together walking around the beautiful ghat and going to the place they found ..She would sit against the tree and Dev would rest on her lap while she stroke his hair lovingly , he would talk to her about the funny incident that happened in PB during her absence  especially with Mrinalni burst of anger and Birju clumsy actions , this would always make her giggle cutely, He would also ask her if she want anything special done in their room ..hearing this Radhika cheeks would turn pink along with a shy smile ..She would simply tell him to leave it as it is because she wants to see it the same way she first opened her eyes in his room , Dev kissed her hand and agreed  …they would both tease each other and make silly jokes and laugh …Before they departure from each other they would give each other a wamr soothing hug and do their hand shake . Dev would give her a kiss on her cheek making her blush and she would give him a sweet kiss on his cheek ..And every night they would talk on the phone , it seemed as they could live one day with seeing or talking to each other

Everyday that passed made them both excited for there new life as husband and wife , Vaishli would usually call up Devki to talk to her about her health and the wedding preparations ..Mrinalni would work on designing Radhika clothing for all the rasam. Vivek was responsible for the guest list and caterer . Dadima and Mr.Purohit made sure that the dates of the rasams were accurate for both families …Birju would go out with out to buy the decorations that Mrinalni listed . Dev would be busy with his office work and going to Vridavaan if Dadima needed to send something to Devki, Dev would be the first one to volunteer. ..The whole PB was getting very busy with the wedding preparations everything was getting more and more hectic as the day was of the wedding was nearing …dev and Birju would go together to vridavann to help Devki with the wedding preparations. Sometimes Mrinalni would come and help and at the same time would make Radhika try on her dresses to see if they were any adjustments needed ..Devki was very grateful to the Pb to come and help her around and would Thank Mrinalni for the clothing ..Ranjiv too was very delighted to see the members of the Pb coming often to lend a hand ..Dev would always be excited to help because he would get a chance to spend more time with Radhika and see the happiness reflecting in her hazel eyes ..He saw that Devki and Radhika couldn't stop smiling and their faces were shinning with joy and happiness it bought much peace In Dev heart seeing this ..
Ranjiv also invited his nieces and nephews to help Devki with the decorations and prepare for the rasams ..

Only a week left for the big day and Dadima gave the idea to Mr.Purohit to go now to Vridavaan and finish the left over preparations over there since the wedding day was coming pretty fast …The whole PB  arranged everything to get shifted to the Bhavan in vridavaan till the wedding day …Dev was so excited he couldn't stop hugging Dadima and thinking of this he quickly packed his stuff and made sure that his room was nice and clean when Radhika will first come in their room …

Radhika and Devki were glad that the Pb were coming to vridavaan for the wedding ..They came to the temple before heading to their Bhavan over there they met Radhika and Devki …Dev couldn't stop adoring his to be wife who was wearing a turquoise anarkali with her hair opened taking the elder blessings , she glanced at him with her sweet smile …Dadima  told Dev to take this chance to see Radhika because after today they wont be allowed to see each other until the wedding day ..Dev didn't know what to say he was very much upset and same for Radhika ..They both stared at each other disappointedly , Dadima saw this and felt bad ..
Dadima: but you can talk still talk to her on the phone …she said sweetly ..

Radhika and Dev eyes gleamed smiling at least they could hear each others voice until their wedding. Soon they all left from the mandir and continues the last minute arrangements …

The next day the PB Bhavan was decorated with lights and flowers making it much more enchanting and beautiful.. Mrinalni took care of everything and in no time everything was nicely done with the help of few servants and the family members ..Vaishali and Dadima were cleaning the temple area and decorating it nicely …Dev arranged his room because the first night after their wedding will be held in this room …thinking about it Dev heart was pasting anxiously ..He looked out window and the moon shinning with happiness as if it was reflecting Devs inner feelings , he runs his fingers through his hair with a beaming smile …He went downstairs and saw Birju hanging some lights in the hallway and Mrinalini was sitting on the couch relaxing herself sipping her juice

Dev: birju look how your putting up the lights its so disconnected! It looks like a mess

Birju : Hum jaanthe hain hum kya kare hain r ( I know what im doing ..and..)…He was about to say something went he fell down luckily there was a basket of flowers under him .
Dev couldn't stop laughing
Dev: of course you know what your doing . He hit Birju head lightly and walked away ..
Birju tried getting up but fell again .

Devkis house was also decorated nice with flowers and lights , Radhika was looking out the window feeling the breeze tickle her smooth skin . She smiled feeling as if the wind wanted to be part of her happiness ..Devki came in the room and saw Radhika lost in trance she smiled knowing exactly what Radhika was thinking . Soon mother and daughter talks started they sat on the bed sharing some lovely memories they spent together ..Radhika was feeling blessed that her mother was here fore her wedding …

The haldi rasam came pretty quickly only 2 days before the wedding day .Susheel , arjun and Deepika came to the Bhavan for the wedding and spend some happy times with the family .
Early morning Dadima and Vaishali went to give the haldi to Devki for Radhika and they found out that Dev haldi and mehndhi was the next day since they didn't find any auspicious hour for him today. Devki told Dadima to come along with the other ladies in the house for Radhika's haldi .. Dadima couldn't deny and accepted the invitation , they didn't mind coming for few hours to be part of such wonderful rasam …

It was mid- afternoon and Dev saw Deepika and Mrinalni nicely dressed fixing their jewellery in the living area ..Arjun and Vivek were chatting having there tea
Dev: hey Bhabhies ?? Were are you guys going ?? He said munching on a chocolate bar ..

Mrinalini: Were going to Radhika haldi ceremony

Dev choked lightly n his food and started coughing ..Deepika gave him some water

Dev: What ?? That's not fair!! You guys have lots of work to do here and ..
Dadima came downstairs with Vaishali

Dadima: ok girls ready ??

Dev couldn't believe this

Dev: Dadima kya aap log saach main Radhika ki haldi ki rasam par jahre hain ??( Dadima are you guys really going for Radhika haldi rasam??)

Dadima: Haan , kyun koi problem ??

Dev: Dadima this is not fair , I didn't get to see my wife for 1 week and you guys are going to her haldi!
Dadima: I went today with your mother to give them the haldi this morning, it doesn't make a difference to us ..We already saw her , and she was very happy that we we're coming to her haldi rasam wouldn't lie to see her upset if we don't go right ??

Dev pursed his lips understanding ..
 Mr.Purohit came out his room ready to go …

Dev: dad you going to ??

Mr.Purohit: Of course , I have to talk to Ranjiv ji and I will also take the chance to put some haldi on my daughter ..he added sweetly ..Use bohut acha lagega ..Haina ma ?

Dadima nodded happily

Susheel came down the stair with his tin box of paan ready to go with them ..

Dev: Susheel chacha ? Aap kahan jahre hain ?( Susheel where are you going ?)

Susheel: Aree hum Radhika betiya se mile jahre hain..aur tumhare Babuji ne muhje Ranjiv saab se mulakat karwani hai ( im going oto see Radhika and also I have to meet Rajiv …)..He said gladly ..

Dev took a deep sigh putting his hand on his waist side , not able to believe that most of the members of the family will see Radhika before him! Birju , vivek and Arjun were holding there laugh ,Dev shot one grim look at them and tried thinking of something

Dev: Ma ..don't you think there's so much to be done in this house ..I mean tomorrow so many relatives adnn friends will be coming for my haldi and mehndhi rasam ..Don't you think that Mrinalini and Deepika should stay back ..

Vaishali :But everything is almost done beta , Deepika and Mrinanli did most of it today..she said sweetly ..But if your so worried I could give you something to do ..she added teasingly …

Dev shook his head
Dev: No mom I have lots to do …

Vaishli: ok then ..ill see you guys in a couple of hours ..she stroke Dev cheek lightly and walked away

Dadima: Aree ..Birju! Come and drop us , we need a second car ..

Birju smiled jubilantly making Dev more irritated

Birju: Coming ! He looked at Dev …I guess I will also see your Radhika before you ..

Dev raised his hand as if he was about to slap birju but before he could Birju escaped …

Dev looked at Vivek and Arjun who couldn't stop laughing , Dev mocked them and sat down upset …

Play the song Big smile

At Devki house , Mrilnalni took care of getting Radhika ready and oiling her hair

 then clipping them , Radhika felt so touched by thing after meeting Mrilani she never felt lacking of a sister . Mrinalini arranged Radhika before going outside ..In between there conversation Radhika asked her about the babies health ..mrinalini assured that everything was good!  Devki was busy with the ladies pasting some haldi ..
Radhika came out wearing a yellow saree with a red border sitting down on a little stool , devki told her to touch the haldi first and then Devki and the the ladies from PB spread haldi on her skin . Slowly  all the ladies proceeded putting Haldi on Radhika  and even Mr.Purohit and susheel  then left home after seeing  Rajiv . All the ladies were singing pasting some haldi , most of the ladies from the neighbourhood came and relatives of Rajiv ...Little girls that Radhika would play with sometimes came to have fun at her haldi , they were running around , dancing , clapping putting haldi on Radhika

She was so happy seeing everyone together having a good time , Mrilani told Radhika about Devs behaviour before they came over .Radhika giggled shyly , the girls were teasing Radhika and having fun with the haldi ..They were dancing and singing and spreading the color of haldi everywhere! . Mrilanili was putting some on everyone even Dadima! Radhika couldn't stop laughing and blushing …Soon Mrilani , Deepika and other girls went to get some water from the ring ..Mrilnalni took charge and made sure all the girls had a matki filled with water ….

They came back and Devki poured the water on Radhika while she scrubbed herself along with Vaishali help …Mrinalini wrapped her up in a yellow long cloth snd took her inside…

Most ladies left after Radhika got washed and Devki reminded them to come back tomorrow ….Radhika was in her room and changed into a yellow nicely fitted shalwar kameez with a green mixed with pink shade duppata over one shoulder and her wet dark brown hair over the other …Radhika didn't look at her self in the mirror yet …she didn't know why but something inside her was telling her to wait ... ..Dadima  saw the gleam in Radhika face and especially her hazel eyes that were surrounded with long lashes , she never saw Radhika face so shinny before. She walked to Radhika holding her chin and kissed Radhika forehead sweetly ..

Dadima: meri hone wali choti bahu bohut pyari hai …

Mrinalni chipped in

Mrinalni : Dadima I think its your 1000 time your saying this…she teased ..

Dadima: Kya karon mrilani ..saach nahi chupasakthi  na main( what can I do Mrinalini ..I cant hide the truth ..)  ….she said sweetly

Radhika lowered her gaze shyly ..

Vaishali : Saach Maaji …hum bohut kismat wale hain ke Radhika Dev ki patni banewali hai …she said cupping Radhika cheek
Radhika cheeks turned more pink hearing this ..Devki stood beside Radhika adoring her daughter ..

Deepika: Agar devarji yahan hote na ..toh behoch hojathe ! She said teasingly ..
The ladies laughed but this only bought a shy smile on Radhika face …she looked around and everyone were gone except for her in laws.
 Mrinalni bought Radhika mehndhi and Bridal outfit ,

Mrinalini : I hope its what you wanted Radhika ,I did my best to make it perfect and your size …

Devki: thank you so much beta …you did so much for us . She said gratefully ..

Mrinalni: oh come on aunty ji ..Radhika is like my sister ..And she deserves the best ! Giving Radhika a wink ..she thanked Mrinalni giving her a hug ..
Meanwhile Dev was on the couch chatting with the boys and susheel and mr.Purohit were playing chest . …He was getting restless to meet Radhika , even though only 2 days left but still he felt that he should go and see her but how??

Arjun: dev …why don't you go and see Radhika yourself ..

Vivek: he cant , Dadimas rules! Bride and groom are not allowed to see each other until the wedding day ..

Dev: vivek bhaiya….what difference does it make if I see her now or on the wedding day ?

Vivek was about to say something

Dev: I don't care Im going to see Radhika , if you guys are really my blood family you guys will back me ….He whispered not wanting his father and uncle to hear him

Vivek glanced at the elder that were lost in their game …

Birju came and joined them on the couch with a list ..

Birju: vivek bhaiya …agar kuch rehgaya toh batadijiye ..
He noticed that they were hiding something from him

Birju: Yahan kya baat hori hai …
Arjun signalled dev to tell him …After Dev was done
Birju smiled

Birju: hmmm lagta hai ke Dev bhaiya bohut behchain hore hain …

Dev: birju …Please agar koi puche ke mian kahan hoon toh batade na ke main upar sora hoon ….He looked at Arjun and vivek to say the same …

They agreed …
Arjun: but Dev how are you going to walk out ..I mean Chachaji and dad are sitting right there and if you tell them that your gone to buy something they wont believe you …

Dev: I will climb down my window simple ..and Birju will give me the car keys …

Arjun : but climbing down is not easy …

Dev: arjun ..I saved Radhika from Karan' s house and I climbed down the window with Radhika on my back it wont be hard at all …

Arjun was impressed …Dev subtly  was about to walk up his room when he heard the ladies enter …
Dev quickly went to asks how the rasam went ..

Dadima and Vaishali couldn't stop saying that Radhika looked so beautiful after the haldi ..
Dadima: Dev …after the bride put on the haldi , her skin glows like never before …Radhika skin was shinning unbelievably , she looked so beautiful ..Dadima said adoringly ..

Mrinalni: Dev! You missed it …Radhika was looking divinely beautiful ! I mean I never saw such glow in my life!

Dev: Divinely …beautiful …he said in a trance imagining his Radhika

Deepika: Haan! Humari haldi ke baad bhi hum aise nahi chamke jitna Radhika …Saach

Mrinalini: Dev ..she said putting her elbow on his shoulder …You missed the sight of such beauty …

Hearing all this no one could stop him to go see his Bride to be! He looked at the boys who hear everything and they blinked telling him to go see Radhika ..He grinned boyishly knowing exactly how to escape !

Radhika went up on the terrace take down the cloth and wrap it nicely…She had a smile laying on her lips enjoying the calm night ,  she felt someone closing her eyes and startled lightly  putting her hands a top she grinned cutely knowing it was Dev , She quickly turned around and saw him looking fresh and handsome with his charming smile wearing  a nice white  shirt with his sleeves half way wrapped ..She looked in his gaze that were speaking with much fondness , a pink shade spread on her cheeks with a shy smile ..Dev was amazed at the complexion of her skin , Mrinalini was right she was looking divinely beautiful he couldn't move his gaze away from hers …He came closer cupping her jaws …

Dev: aaj chand bhi sharam ke mare badlon ke piche shupraha hai ..kyunke mera pas uss se zada ek sundar chand hai …
Radhika grinned shy looking up at the sky seeing the moon half hidden behind a lump of cloud …Dev couldn't stop smiling charmingly , Radhika couldn't resist and hugged him he wrapped his arms around her slim wait tugging her closer ..Living without her for one week was hell!! She rested her head on his chest while his hand stroke her back  closing his eyes …

Dev: Ab bas 2 din ki baat hai Radhika ..phir main hamesha karliye tuhje itne kareeb rakoonga …( Only 2 days to go …then Im  going to take you with me forever and always keep you near me like this ..)

Radhika moved back realising that they weren't suppose to meet until the wedding day ..

R: Lekin …dadima ne kaha tha ke hum shaddi se pehle nahi milsakthe …
( Dadima said that we acnt see each other before our marriage )

Dev kissed her cheeks seeing such cuteness ..

Dev: Radhika …muhje raha nahi gaya …sab kehre the ke tum aaj chamakrehi ho
( Radhika ..I couldn't help it ..everyone were saying that your glowing ..and I didn't want to miss this for the world. )


Dev moved back not able to adoring  his future bride , she was looking so fresh and beautiful like never before …He cupped her jaws placing a loving kiss on her cheeks moving to the other …Radhika shivered under his hold closing her eyes and absorbing the warmth of his lips…She slowly opened her eyes when she felt his gaze on her lips , her heart was throbbing anxiously and held his open collar …its seemed as if the minimal space between them closed not allowing any breeze of air between them …Her breathing went uneven gazing deeply in his charming eyes ..Suddenly they heard devki voice calling Radhika . It made them startle and Radhika started panicking not knowing what to do …Dev look at the cloth hanging on the laundry line and quickly hid behind it ..Radhika heart was thumping fast as she saw devki walking towards her smiling sweet ..She glanced back seeing if Dev was hiding properly …
Devki: Radhika beta ..tum yahan

Radhuka:..Jee..main thoda hawa lene ayithi …( Yes ..I just came to have little air ..)

Devki smile kissing Radhika forehead warmly …

Devki: Humesha aisa hi muskurana ..( always smile like this )
Radhika blink once cutely. .Dev was hearing everything a smiled tenderly

Devki: Radhika tumne haldi Kanha ki murti ke samne rakdi?

Radhika: jee ma….

Devki; Theek hai main sirf yehi poochna tha …Thodi dher main neche ajana beta ..
( that's all I wanted to ask …come down soon ..)

Radhika bobbed her head watching her mother leave and took a relief sigh . Then she felt Dev grabbing her wrist and the next second she was standing in front of him …

Radhika: Acha aab aap jaye ……Ma phirse asakthi hai …( ok now go ..or else mom will come up again ..)

Dev pursed his lips accepting ..They did there hand shake and he gave a kiss on her cheeks and left giving her a wink .This made her blush and watched him climb down he waved his hand giving her a flying kiss …

The next day the PB were putting haldi on Dev , the family were applying it on his arms and legs   Mrinalni smudged his face with turmeric paste ..

Dev: Bhabhie stop it !! He said moving away

Everyone were getting amused and continued enjoying the rasam singing and applying haldi on Devs body…The boys were

In the evening it was both Radhika and Devs mehndhi rasam , from both side of the family they had fun and enjoyed themselves with everyone ..Radhika was getting mendhi done by a young neighbour girl …Radhika wore a nice dark green anarkali with her hair loosely opened wearing simple jewellery adoring her smooth skin .. Ladies were doing dolki and singing , girl were dancing and laughing …Most of the relatives were from Ranjiv side and few girls from the neighbour …The girl was writing Devs name with the mehdhi on Radhika palm , seeing this she smiled shyly …

At night Dev called Radhika telling her about his haldi and menhdi rasa…She giggled hearing that everyone were putting so much haldi on him and on his face …she told him about her menhdhi rasam and his name written on his palm …Dev hear dher shy voice and grinned boyishly ..

Dev: Radhika ..ab bas kal ka intezar hai ..Jab tum sabke samne meri patni banogi aur main hamesha karliye tumko mere saath le jaonga ..he said sweetly..

Radhika lowered her gaze shyly agreeing …

Radhika: Par…muhje Ma aur Ranjiv chacha ki bohut yaad ayigi …she said sadly …

Dev heard her heavy voice …

Dev: Radhika ….whenever you feel like going back you can , I know how hard it is to leave your family . I promise anytime you feel like coming back to vridavaan I will always allow you …he said cheerfully….but you have to promise me something ..

Radhika wiped her tears ..

Radhka: What ??

Dev: that I have to come with you because I cant live without you for 1 day!

Radhika giggled

Radhika: Theek hai …

Dev grinned happily…Soon they closed the phone wishing each other good night and Radhika told him that she will see him at the wedding …Dev kissed the phone and told her that he couldn't wait to see her as his bride ..This made her blush and closed the phone …

Hey guys!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments!!!Hug Im glad that I didnt get any tomatoes or chappal thrown at me but flowers Embarrassed Thank you sooo much !!! I didn't update because I had exams until December 8th . Im trying to wrap up my FF because I feel like its just dragging..
Next update is Radhika and dev wedding hopefully will post it this week ...3-4 more parts and then wrapping it up ..You guys gave me so much support that I will never forget it!! Thank youHeart
Have a very happy Christmas and may Santa Clause grant your wishes ...hope you guys made the nice list and not the naughty list LOL

Take care!! Heart

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for this update...
Loved it...and love this song. Heard it first time in CB and since then just love it...

Nice to read about Radhika and Devki together again after many years in their own home...And impatient Dev waiting for the big day...

Thank you. for the Christmas "gift" and Happy holidays

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Thnx for a great christmas gift. It was a beautiful update.Loved RaDev meeting at the ghat,him going to meet his Radhika on the sly on her haldi rasam in short everything.Waiting for RaDev wedding.

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...Olefie... Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Thank  u  very  much  yumna  Hug Really  it's  a  christmas  gift  for  us  from u  Smile U  made  a  good  job  in  this  update  dear... will  wait  for  radev's  wedding  Tongue Thanks  for  the  PM  ya  Big smile

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ushasri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 3:59am | IP Logged
very nice

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 4:16am | IP Logged
This was a beautiful xmas gift,thank u so much!! Loved it so much...u described the rasams so cutely,loved all the characters interactions,specialy radev,too sweet!thank you once again!

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