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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 87)

--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Lovely update yumna !!!!!!!! loved radhka and her mother  moments and radev was sweet update .
waiting for radev marriage and oh ,our dev arranging his room for first nightEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
awesome update pls continue soon

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Part 35

The next day was the wedding day , so much hustle bustle going on in the PB . Everyone was getting dressed , Vaishli was fixing up her Husbands kurta and shawl nicely over his shoulders ..Mrinlani made sure that the boys looked charming in their sherwani that she designed for them 'She was fixing vivek collar making sure he looked good 'Arjun and Vivek were getting all the relatives and friends together to prepare for the barat ..vivek made sure that the musician and the drummers were ready and the fireworks were ready as soon as they reach near Radhika house 'Dev was in his room sliding a nice creamy sherwani with beautiful beaded work on the collar , he combed his thick black hair looking dashing and fresh ' He was fixing his collar and then was imagine Radhika getting ready as a bride waiting for him to come with the baraat ..A charming smile was lingering on his lips with his face shining with happiness!! He heard a knock on the door and saw the ladies enter 'Dadima and Vaishli were just adoring him he looked very handsome 'Vaishli kissed him with tears of happiness in her eyes and blessed him whole heatedly . Dev bed down to take Dadima blessings and she hugged his grandson placing a kiss on his forehead'Mrinalini complemented him saying that he looks very charming ..Dev smiles smugly and winked teasingly 'Mrinalini made sure Dev was looking his best! She put the stole around his neck and told him to come downstairs fast '

Dev nodded and glanced at his room feeling excited to have Radhika here soon '.

Everyone were watching Dev come downstairs he looked like a prince going to get his princess 'Arjun and vivek put on his paag with the help of birju 'Soon they were ready to leave , dev climbed on the horse and the barrat followed along with the music ..
Devki came out her room seeing Ranjiv nieces preparing the flowers she saw Ranjov walking in the temple installed behind her house to see if the priest needed anything .

Devki: Ranjiv ji '..sab tayar hai ..

Ranjiv: Fiquar maat kijiye 'sab tayyar hai ..

Devki took a relief breath and went out seeing the temple nicely installed with lights and flowers with few red comfy seats for the guest and a little stage for the groom and bride to sit '.

Radhika was in her room getting dressed , she wore the bridal outfit that Mrinalni designed for her 'Radhika put on a red mixed with white fitted blouse that exposed her tummy and her back with only on strap in the back , also wore a nice red/white mermaid lengha adorned with detailed beaded work making a lovely design '.Radika felt her long brown hair on her back making her aware of the exposing ..She put on heavy duppata over her shoulder and slid her chodiyaans on each side of her wrist ..Few girls came in to help her dress up , Radhika smiled gratefully 'They pinned nicely the duppata over her shoulder and tucked the end of the duppata in her lengha making it look like  sari 'A aesthetician  came in with Devki she introduced herself saying that Mrinalni told her to come and everything has been arranged with her 'The girls left leaving the aesthetician do her work , she did Radhika hair and makeup and help put on the jewellery 'The aesthetician didn't know what to say she never saw such beautiful bride in her whole life 'Naturally Radhika cheeks blushed and her long lashes didn't need much mascara . She never saw such simple beauty before and the aesthetician didn't over do the makeup yet Radhika looked divinely beautiful with her glowing skin ' . Lastly she put Radhika duppata on her head and fixed her maang tika . Radhika heart was pasting anxiously wondering how she was looking 'when the aesthetician complemented  Radhika it made her more anxious to see herself  ..

Aesthetician : I never saw such beautiful bride in my 10 years experience she said looking at Radhika adoringly 'Your husband is one lucky guy!

Radhika smiled shyly thanking her ..She slowly looked at herself in the mirror and was completely speechless, She absolutely loved her makeup and the way her hair were nicely in a bun with the duppata over her head  'soon the aesthetician left wishing Radhika a happy married life '.Devki came inside and saw Radhika standing near the mirror looking at her mother, with her beautiful eyes ..Devki had tears in her eyes seeing her daughter looking like a bride 'Her throat felt lumpy and kissed her daughters forehead filled with affection ..Radhika wiped her mothers tears telling her not to cry 'Devki smiled

Devki: Meri bachi kitni kubsurat lagri hai ..kisi ki nazar nahi lagjaye '.She put a black tika dot behind Radhika ears '

Suddenly Ranjiv came in telling Devki that the Barat is on its way he froze seeing Radhika , he remembered little Radhika running around asking him for candy and little Radhika running behind him when Devki was trying to feed her '. Now she was getting married 'HE came to Radhika and she bent down to take his blessings with shimmering eyes 'Ranjiv had tears flowing down his cheeks adoring Radhika sweet face '

Rajiv : khuush raho '.Agar tumhare babuji yahan hothe toh tumko dulhan ka joda main deka bohut khuch hothe 'bohut khush 'cupping Radhika face '

They started hearing drums and music ..Devki and Ranjiv left the room and told Radhika that they will come back to get her '.Radhika heart was thumping anxiously hearing the fireworks and the loud instruments! She held her upper chest trying to control her nervousness. .Slowly she smiled sweetly knowing that Dev is on his way with the family 'She looked out the window and saw Devki and Ranjiv holding flower necklace garlands waiting to welcome the Baraat '.

The baraat stopped and Dev came down his horse just like  hero 'HE got welcomed warmly from Devki and Ranjiv and other relatives that threw flowers on him and his family '.Though his gaze wonder around maybe to get glance of Radhika somewhere but no chance 'Radhika was standing near the window giggling knowing that dev was looking for her ..She slowly walked away from the window and sat on the bed waiting calmly ..She saw a picture of her sitting on Shastrijee lap when she was 3 years old 'She stroke the picture swallowing the lump in her throat 'How she wished her father was here to get her married off '.A tear rolled down her eyes putting the picture against her heart ..She knew that her father's blessings were always on her and she felt his closeness ..She knew that she cant see him but she could feel his presence that he's showering his blessings on her and Dev '.She wiped her few tears and bought a smile on her face looking at the picture and putting it away in her suitcase '

Dev was waiting sitting on a read nice rich couch wondering his gaze around ..He kept asking about Radhika to Dadima but she told him to sit quietly and have patience 'The family were talking to few relatives laughing and having few snacks'There was still some time before they proceeded with the wedding rituals .
Mrinalini told Dadima that she's going to see Radhika with Deepika ..Dev got alert and couldn't believe that they were going to go see his Radhika before him !

Dadima laughed along with birju and Vivek '.

Mrinalni: sorry Dev ..I guess some people are just lucky then others '

Dev gave Mrinalini one grim look watching her leave '

Mrilani was with Radhika doing some little touch ups with the dress ..She made sure that the duppat was securely on '

Mrilani: Ok dear everything looks perfect! And your makeup is just mind blowing! The aesthetician that came was one of my close friends and I got a phone call from her few minutes ago that you were the prettiest bride she ever saw! 'And I completely agree'

Radhika smiles shyly hearing this '

Mrinalini told Radhika how restless Dev is getting and deepika teased her a bit 'They both saw her mehndhi and it was really dark ! Deepika said that Dev loves her so much because its reflecting from the color of her mehdhi ..Radhika couldn't stop smiling every time they mentioned Dev's name '.Mrinalini and Deepika saw the time and told Radhika that they will be waiting near the temple for her t come '

Mrinalni and Deepika came to Dadima telling her how beautiful her choti bahu was looking , Dev heard this and his heart started pasting anxiously waiting to see her ..Soon the pandit told Devki to get the bride'Everyone were waiting excitedly ..Radhika was starting to get butterflies in her tummy , she remembered the time she was almost getting forced to get married to Karan but that night she ran away. If she didn't run away what would have been her life like??  Now she's getting married to a man that loves her like crazy and will always protect her , she silently thanked Kanha from the bottom of her heart to give her the strength'She saw Devki and ranjiv enter her room '

Radhika was walking beside Ranjiv and Devki who were bringing her towards her in laws . Radhika had her eyes downcast looking so beautiful with her innocent features ..Dev stood up seeing his lovely princess walking towards him making sweet sound with her payals..He couldn't move his gaze way from her , she was looking divinely beautiful and she was his! Mr.Purohit forwarded his hand as a gesture to welcome her to the family , Radhika smiled sweetly holding his hand and he walked her to the temple 'Dev couldn't stop adoring Radhika in a bridal outfit , he's been waiting for this for a long time now its finally happening! His heart could stop thumping fasts seeing her standing so close to him '.Radhika slowly looked at Dev in his groom outfit looking very handsome , a slight blush appeared on her cheeks seeing his loving gaze admiring her '.Dadima broke there silent gaze telling them to put the varmaala 'Dev did as he was told and so did Radhika '.They sat down in front of the sacred fire listening to the priest who was chanting the prayers'Dev slowly looked at Radhika who felt this and turned her head seeing Dev smiling sweetly with his eyes complementing her '.She smiled shyly looking back at the fire feeling his hand over hers hidden behind the dupatta '.Dev remembered the first time he saw Radhika , she was in a bridal and bumped with his car all bruised up and hurt 'HE felt his heart pinch remembering her in such painful state but now she was getting married to him and the happiness was shinning on her face ..If his car never bumped into her he would probably never know her 'He tighten his hold on her hands never wanting to let go 'Radhika slowly looked at him remembering the first time she laid eyes on him , she was sleeping in his bed and Dev was on the floor with his head leaning on the bed '.She was frightened at first but then slowly felt the care from him ..They were both lost in each others gaze for a while but the priest voice bought them to reality ...'.He told dev to stand up and go around the fire  with each round he had a promise to fulfill 'Everyone listened as Dev said them with much determination , this made Radhika heart jump of joy knowing that he will definitely fulfill them .As they were going around the fire Radhika counted off the turn by sweeping away rice from a flat rock with her toes ..Everyone were grinning happily throwing pedals of flowers 'It was Radhika turn to take the lead and stopped in front of Dev 'They completed their 7 pheras successfully and Dev wanted to make a last promise that he will never break his promises ..Hearing this everyone griined happily and RAdhika blushed yet felt so touched by his last firm promise ...Dev carried on with the rasam as the pandit instructed him he filled  Radhika maang with the sindoor as she felt it parting between her hair she closed her eyes feeling butterflies in her tummy. Dev was proceeding putting the magalsurt around her neck '.Soon  Radika and Dev were tied in a marriage bond for 7 janaams'Dev grinned happily they were finally married and Radhika was official his wife ! They took the elders blessings who gave it to them with much love and affection ''People came to congratulate them and shower their blessings on the newly wedded couple '

Its was Radhika bidai time , Devki cried hugging Radhika , everyone were getting emotional . Radhika had tears rolling down her cheeks and her throat felt lumpy 'Radhika moved back shaking her head telling her mother not to cry Devki listened and smile wiping Radhika tears 'She kissed her cheeks motherly telling her to be happy and to be a good choti bahu 'Radhika kissed her mother agreeing with tears shimmering gin her eyes 'Dev took a deep sign controlling his emotions , he knew that it was hard for Radhika to leave her mother but he promised Devki that the promises he took he will  fulfill them whole heartily 'Devki blessed him giving him a motherly hug 'Radhika hugged Ranjiv who was also crying 'He controlled his tears blessing her warmly 'Mr.Purohit and Dadima assured that Radhika will always  be treated like a daughter ..Radhika walked in the dholi waving at Devki and Ranjiv who smiled  tenderly'

Dev came out the car waking towards the dholi helping Radhika out by holding her hand..He smiled sweetly making her smile as well'.She stood in front of the door seeing the ladies welcoming her graciously Mrinalini asked her to put  hand prints on the wall off the house ..Radika dipped her hands in the red liquid an printed her hands on the wall Vaishali was taking there aarti Dev had a boyish smile glancing at Radhika '.She toss the pot of rice with her feet and put them in red liquid  leaving her trails on the floor  with 'Everyone were so delighted to have Radhika finally as their choti bahu ..Dev was watching Radika lovingly making her way in the purohit Bhavan ..Everyone were throwing flowers'Welcoming her officially in their family 'Radhika felt her heart swelling up with happiness , she got such a loving a caring family '

Soon Dadima told them to go near the temple area there going to play a game ..Dev just wanted to spend time with Radhika alone but it wasn't going to happen anytime soon since Dadima had games planned for them '

Everyone gathered around and saw a large bowl of milk with both Radhika and Dev sitting on each side ..Dadia explained that whoever finds the ring is going to be the winner 'Mrinalini poured few rose pedals and Dadima signalled them to start searching ..Radhika dipped her hands in along with Dev 'They were spreading there hand in the bowl , Dev had a playful smile and grabbed Radhika's hand . This made her gaze fly up seeing his charming smile ..She blushed slightly trying to get release her hand from his grip ..Dadima hit Dev light on the back telling him to stop teasing Radhika ..everyone started laughing and dev smiled impishly while Radhika blushed harder'.Soon she found the ring and was declared the winner ..Dev didn't mind loosing he enjoyed seeing Radhika smile jubilantly '.

After a while Mrinalini took Radhika upstairs in their room ..It was nicely decorated with flowers and candles ..The candles and the flowers gave a beautiful scent to the room ..Mrinalini left after sitting down Radhika on the bed '.

Radhika heart was pasting anxiously and felt little nervousness arising within her 'She looked around the lovely room and saw the window opened welcoming the breeze making the white curtains flow 'She smiled calmly taking a deep breath and looking at the full moon that looked so bright and beautiful 'Suddenly  heard the door opened and Dev entered with a charming smile 'She just watched him walking towards her without moving his eyes 'when he sat on the bed her cheeks blushed and her heart beats pasted more then before '.Dev couldn't  take his eyes of his beautiful wife because she was looking so gorgeous with her sindoor and mangalsurt around her neck .. Radhika  was lost in his loving gaze they didn't needs words to describe what they were feeling 'Dev slowly spoke up ..

Dev: Radhika tum aaj bohut zada khubsurat lagri ho ..aur yahan beti wahi ho mere samne ..sirf mere liye ..meri patni bankar '

Radhika smiled shyly not knowing what to say '

Dev saw her heavy necklace that seemed to bother her delicate skin ..

De: Radhika this heavy jewellery bothering you ?? He asked concernedly

Radhika touched her necklace feeling little uneasy '

Radhika: haan 'its beautiful but wearing heavy jewellery to long hurts my skin '

Dev: then these jewellery don't need to be on you ..Anything that give you discomfort have no right to be on your skin 'He slowly unpinned her necklace and removing it slowly ..This made Radhika smile sweetly , Dev took of her earring seeing Radhika pink shaded cheeks 'he was getting eager to feel her skin and slowly placed a kiss on her ear lobe making her shiver 'He then removed her duppata from her head and then mang tika ' Radhika didn't move her gaze away from her husband 'Dev saw her hands and her menhdhi was reflecting his love for her ..Radhika saw this and smiled even more shyly feeling him kiss her hand ..He then proceeded taking of her chodiyaans slowly yet lovingly '..Dev got up wanting to change his clothes in something more comfortable ..

Dev: Radhika ..main abhi aya '

Radhika blinked once smiling '

When Dev came out the bathroom wearing a nice white kurta pyjama with his handsome features and charming smile 'He saw Radhika standing near the window watching the moon with her arms crossed 'HE walked behind her admiring his sweet wife lost in her own thoughts ..His gaze fell on her hair that was nicely in a bun , but he liked her hair opened more and slowly unpinned her clip making her long brown hair fall on her back and glanced back seeing Dev with much affection in his eyes . HE slowly slid his hands around her exposed waist making her startle light ..Dev smiled inwardly feeling her silent shiver , he felt such smoothness touching her soft skin ..He tugged her closer feeling her hands over his leaning back on him 'dev saw her skin near her shoulder and placed a passionate kiss making Radhika close her eyes feeling butterflies in her tummy 'She slowly turned around seeing his dark passionate gaze .Her heart was racing  like never before and was waiting for much more 'his  gaze slowly feel on her pink  lips and cupped her jaws lovingly , Radhika was breathing unevenly anticipating for a kiss ..Dev couldn't hold himself and started kissing her lips slowly then kiss deeper feeling her hand roaming  his chest side slowly going around his neck 'He slid his hand down around her waist and the other on her back  caressing it passionately 'Their kiss became more sensual , Radhika never felt such intimacy with him before it was brining her to a enchanted world. Like a beautiful dream '.Dev crushed her completely on his body this made her gasp in the kiss and stroke his hair from the back fondly ''She felt his hand  going on her shoulder unpinning her pallu as he deepened the kiss and felt the breeze caressing her skin as the pallu slid off 'she slowly moves back from the kiss with her eyes feeling drowsy trying to gaze in his dark eyes that roamed down her feminine  body ..He never saw such a perfect figure before with such beautiful complexion ,His heart throbbed knowing that it was all for him '

Radhika cheeks flushed seeing that she was exposing a lot in front of Dev tough his gaze seemed to enjoy her 'She was about to walk away when Dev held her wrist stopping her a his gaze fell on her exposed back with only one strap holding her blouse. He urge to touch her ,  feel her, make love to her ' 'He pulled her back making her fall on him holding his shoulder'She felt his hand around her back feeling every  flesh ..She slowly moved back seeing Dev warning her not to run from him now ..She just gazed in his eyes counting on him to guide her , he blinked once slowly placing a kiss on her cheeks as his hand were exploring her skin sensually 'Radhika was breathing uneven over his chest side making him tugged her closer 'Radhika felt his lips smearing on her skin and  down her neck line  placing passionate kisses on her throat .Radhika felt the tension rising within her and closed her eyes with her arms around his neck and stroke his hair wanting more from him ..Dev was loving every second of exploring his Radhika , he's been waiting for this day for such a long time ..and now she's finally his and only his! ..He slowly came to her lips taking then with his kissing her passionately 'And swiped her from the floor without breaking their intimacy kiss 'Her pallu was lingering on the floor and fell off her completely 'Dev placed her on the bed slowly broke the kiss making her breathing unevenly with her chest rising '

Radhika seemed completely lost in some kind of reverie 'The candles lit off with the breeze wanting to give the two lover some privacy..Dev was coming more closer to Radhika making her lean back slowly on the pillow ..He took off his top putting it on the floor 'Radhika cheeks went flushed seeing such muscular body though it wasn't her first time but still his perfect complexion and abs always made her bush ! Dev rested beside her adoring the beauty beside him ..They were lost in each other passionate gaze , Dev slowly took Radhika hand and placed it on his bare chest wanting her to know that he's all her ..Radhika felt heat in her body feeling his skin , she slowly slid her hand to his chest to her neck making Dev top her , Dev dropped his hand around her waist coming to kiss her again , Radhika smiled shyly wanting him to love her more ..HE kissed her sensually making Radhika hand caressed his exposed back crushing him more against her ..Slowly Dev moved to her ear lobe placing a loving kiss and whispering gin her ears huskily
Dev: I love you Radhika '.

Radhika shivered hearing this and felt him kissing her neckline going to her shoulder ,moving away the clothe away wanting to felt her more 'Radhika cringed pleasurably feeling Dev's desires grow 'She also felt like feeling and tilted her head in his neck placing a sweet kiss.. Dev gasped lightly feeling her lips on his skin 'His kisses turned sensual and deep 'Radhika hold on him tightened feeling his kisses  on her skin 'Dev hand went behind her back passionately slowly reaching for her strap ..Radhika felt this and hide herself in his neck side tugging him closer 'She slowly whispered something softly.. "I love you too'"

Dev smiled naughtily  and unpinned it ..Radhika gasped making her chest rise against Dev's'He could feel her upper skin on his chest making his heart wanting to feeling and touch her completely 'His lips slid up to her lips and kissed her hard as his hand explored every part of her body ''..All the candles lit off feeling to shy to be part of Radhika and Dev's intimate moments '.The breeze left leaving the curtains flow with the love spreading around ..The moon was bright shinning his blessings on the two married  couple starting their new life ..It was a beautiful experience for Radhika being touched so intimately by someone 'by her true love 'They passed the night with so much love and affection making  love passionately and sensually to each other '

Dev saw Radhika  sleeping calmly over his exposed chest wrapped in the blanket , he smiled seeing such shine on Radhika face 'He couldn't move his gaze away from the beauty ..He tucked a tress of hair behind her ear slowly 'He promised himself that he will always protect her and wont let anyone hurt her ever again! He placed a kiss on her lips and automatically a sweet smile aroused her lips in her sleep ..Dev chuckled silently seeing this and tugged her closer wrapping his arms around her body under the blanket ..

ey guys!! Thank you so much for the beautiful comments its giving me enough boost to finish my FF Wink I hope you guys had a lovely ChristmasSmile
Wishing all of you a Happy New Year !!Hug
Take care you guys and the next update will be next year LOLWink

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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awesome update billo loved it a lot pls continue soon will wait eagerly for ur next update

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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oh my,i am totaly blushing rite now,very beautiful...superb choice of expressions...brilliantly written...thank u lots. Happy new year,knt wait 4 next

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Thank you for a lovely update..
At least in FF, the marriage happened without any problems...

And a Very happy new year to everyone...

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ushasri IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome ff waiting for rest

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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BEAUTIFULLY  written all and SR of courseBlushing

Happy new year to all.

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