Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 80)

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sorry Am kinda busy...


Big smile Nice part

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Hi! Yumna,when will give your next update?Pls,give one soon.Waiting for next part eagerly.

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Hey! Yumna,when will you give us your next dose? Need it very badly.

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Yumna  i  read  your  FF  in  one  swing  dear,it  was  just  fabulousClapClapClap

waiting  for  radhika  slaps  karan  part...
please  give  your  next  update...please...!!!   

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Part 32
The next morning Vivek got a phone call from Rajjan telling him that Karans parents came back from America and there at the police station ..They send two police officers at Karans house for inspection and coincidentally found his parents getting out a taxi 'And they arrested them after contacting Rajjan . Vivek told this to the family and they were surprised to hear this but they felt happy because they were waiting for this day  Radhika was getting worried wondering how will all this turn out . Mr.Purohit wanted to meet the family who treated Radhika so bad and wanted to give them a punishment for this! Radhika was like his daughter and he wasn't going to let the family go free like this !
Rajjan entered in with karan and his parents , the whole Purohit family were in the hall and all stood up seeing them in front of there eyes ..Each purohit member were looking at the family fiercely , they had no compassion for them  at all !..They also notice Karan was beaten up very badly from the kept his dagger eyes on karan and made a fist ..Mrilani was standing next to vivek and saw Karan looking at her shockingly! He couldn't believe that he got fooled by her , mrilani smiled back mockingly waving her hand .

Mr.Purhit : Toh tum log Mr and Mrs Sanganian hain aur yeh hai Karan ! He said firmly keeping his eyes unyielding knowing exactly who these people were 'Aaj toh tum longon ko saza milhe gi !

Mr.Sanganian was confused with all this and Geeta also ( Mrs Sanganian .)

Mr.Sanganian: Saza humko kyun milegi?? Humne kaunsa adharm kiya hai ?

Mr.Purohit: Kaunsa adharm? Who tum muhjese pooch reho?? The way your family treated radhika was very bad ! Keeping her in a storage room , making her live in a place without any care or love! Beating her up when she did something wrong unintentionally!!

Geeta: Radhika ki Amma ne humko bataya ke yeh abshugan hai aur uski wajah unka beta margaya '.Radhika closed her eyes for a bried second painfully ..Geeta continued ..Aur humne who kiya jo Radhika ki Amma ne humko kaha '

Mr.Purohit : if someone tells you jump off a high building would you do it ?? It just doesn't  make sense at all! Not once you a sympathy for Radhika! For 2 years she wasn't living a normal life ! Treating her like servant giving her little food and for what?? Because her Amma told you to threat her this way !?? Mr.Purohit raised his voice a little
Geeta looked away angrily

Mr.Sanganian : but why would we get a punishment ?? Radhika should be the one getting a punishment ..She ran away on her wedding day! Isn't that also something shameful to do !?

Mr.Purohti : 'Did she have any other choice to be free from your family ! Im proud of Radhika that she escaped your family and she has no reason to be ashamed of it ! ..He glanced at Radhika who smiled at him '

Dev: And this is why Karan was always after Radhika ! He wanted to revenge her because Radhika escaped during the wedding and you guys had to bow your head shamefully ! But you guys deserved it , the world should know what kind of people you are!

Dev was holding Radhika hands giving her much comfort , his eyes were daggering on Karan who was looking very angry and annoyed ..Mr and mrs sanganian glanced at each other starting to feel bad ..

Mr.Purohit : You guys should be ashamed of yourself for raising such a spoiled child! He had the guts to kidnapped her and treat her with no respect ! And even manipulated another gilr to get Radhika out the house! All this is very sinful !
Geeta and Mr.sanganian glanced at each other starting to feel ashamed .

Mr.Purohit : App log bare log hain lekin kaise isaan ke saath barthav karne cheye who nahi atha aapko ..Radhika 2 saal se aapki ghar main rahi aur ek baar app logo ne use pyar nahi diya , uska khayal nahi raka ..Aur bohut boura bartav kiya uske saath ..Kas kar Karan ! He said giving karan a stern look

Isliye ..aaj se aap log hamere ek mutt ke pass ek khet ( farm) hai ..Wahan pe aap log kaam kareinge ..Jo bhi mausam ho  , barish , doop , hawa ..tum log keht main kaam karoge .aur ek chota sa ghar main raheinge  'Jaise Radhika aap logon ke saath rehthi thi waise hi aap logon ko rehna parega 'Wahan ek mandir bhi hai aur aur har din tum log ketan sune jaoge 'Aur karan ko bhi yehi saza miligi jail ke baad !( that is why Im sending you guys to the farm , you guys will work there as farmers and help with the landscaping and grow fruits and vegetables .Which every weather it is , rain sun windy you guys will work ! And there a little shelter place for you guys to live , its no luxury but its enough for the three of you ..The way Radhika lived in your house that's exactly the way you guys will be living ..just a little more harshly ..Theres a temple near by and everyday you will have to sit with the devotees and listen to the priest'And Karan will get the same punishment after hes out of jail )
Karan looked on furiously , he couldn't believe this ! He was getting double the punishment ..

Karan: why am I getting the all this ! First I will have to go to Jail 'then do all this?!

Dev: This is nothing ! You deserve more then just this 'He said fiercely ..
The whole PB was looking on sternly
Dev: dad I think we should let him crave in jail with much beatings!  , and going in the temple is not a punishment , it's a blessing and he doesn't even deserve to enter a temple! He will never change after listening to the priest nor will he help the farmers there ! He trailed of angrily , Radhika looked on seriously

Mr,.Purohit : Dev '.I want them to learn a lesson from all this and show them the right path ..that's why I want them to stay near the mutt where there a temple and the priest will give them  a good lecture about right and wrong everyday after there done working in the farm ..Ma 'aap ise sehmat hain ??( Ma are you ok with my decision ??)

Dadima: Bhilkul ..muhje lagtha hai ke yeh saza bhlukul theek hai! Aur mandir jakar pandit ki ache baton sunkar 'shayad thodi si insaniyat jaage ga unki undar ..She trailed of sternly

Mr.Sanganian : Hum yeh sab humare saath kaise kar sakthe hain 'hum kabhi keth main pair ( feet) bhi nahi rakeinge ..he said angrily

Mr.Purohit : kyun nahi kar sakthe?? Kyun ke aap bare log hain ? Maaf kijiye ..lekin log kya kaheinge jab unhe pata chalega ke aapne Radhika ke saath kaise barthav kiya ..

Geeta and Mr.Sanganian looked really worried they already got to hear a lot from th people when Radhika ran away during her wedding day and they didn't want this to repeat again'

Vivek : Your absolutely right Dad , what would the people say when they see tomorrow morning on the newspaper about there son kidnapping Radhika '

Radhika was surprised hearing this

Dev: Vivek bhaiya ..I think this is exactly what we should do 'he said seriously

Karan was cursing his luck
Mr.Sanganian: Please aisa maat kijiya ..hume yeh saza kaboul hai'Lekin hum aapke samne haath jorde hain Raj Purohit jee'Kisi ko is bare main kuch maat ke yega ..

Geeta also folded her hands ..

Geeta : if we go somewhere where no one will recognize us 'Im ready to go 'But please don't do this to us 'She had few tears in her eyes 'The PB somehow weren't feeling any compassion ..but Radhika did feel little sad seeing this '.Dev looked at her and shook his head telling her not to feel bad , Geeta deserves this '.

Dadima; Rajjan'Inko yaha se lekar jao 'she ordered

Rajjan and few police men were taking them away when Karan spoke up

Karan: Wait! ..I want to ask Radhika something

Radhika and Dev looked on confused yet darted his eyes on him !

Dev: how dare you even take her name from you mouth! Dev grinned his teeth together grimly

Radhika held his arm trying to calm him down

Radhika: Jo bhi usne muhje poochna hai 'Poochsaktha hai ( whatever he wants to ask me ..he can)'.trailing off firmly with her eyes steely on him '
The PB didn't want Karan to talk to Radhika but since she let him , they didn't want to interfere  

Karan : Radhika !? What difference did it make to you living with us or with this family ??
Radhiak frowns her brows not understanding and the whole Pb looked on seriously
Karan : I mean you were living like a servant over here , you went through lots of pain over here too ..Maybe not physical pain 'but emotionally 'right ??

Radhika frowns her brows furiously ! He didn't know how much this family showered her with love and never treated her like a servant!

Radhika: tum kehna kiya chahteh ho ?? She asked unwaveringly glaring at him

K : I mean you were probably not living like a princess here , you probably did the laundry , dishes , cooking cleaning etc etc They made you do all the things that a servant do! ' !He said proving his point '.And Dev !  He gave you so much pain ,when he refused to marry you 'A guy that probably had many affairs in his life , like Vishaka ..Do you really thnk he could really keep you happy??  Arent you scared that he might dump you for someone else after your wedding ??He asked wickedly

Dev frows his brows fiercely , the whole Pb were shock to hear such nonsense !
Radhika was fuming with anger , she couldn't believe that Karan had the guts to say something like this about her family. She wont tolerate  one word against her family  and  he had the guts to try influencing her against Dev ..She knows how much Dev loves her and no one can ever shake her believes!

Radhika walked towards Karan fiercely and slapped him hard across the face ! The whole Pb were surprised at first but then smiled seeing such a bold action from her . Especailly Dev he couldn't believe what he saw yet he was feeling so proud of Radhika , he kept his eyes steely on Karan '
Geeta and Mr.Sanganian were completely shocked! They never saw Radhika looking so angry before and they never knew that she had the courage to slap their son !

Radhika kept her voice strong and firm yet acidic

Radhika: How dare you  insult my family like this!! They never ever threated me like a servant ! These are the people who took care of me with so much tenderness . They gave me , food , shelter , respect  'but mostly they gave me a family !  This family  gave me another life , who showered me with so much love and affection . You guys never cared for me and treated me like trash always made me remember I was an orpahn ! They gave me something that you guys could never give me! She said angrily

Radhika started remembering all the lovelt momentst spent by each member and her trhaot felt lumpy yet she kept her firmness in front of Karan!

Radhiak: And in this house I found someone who cared for me and gave me much respect ! She glanced back at Dev and smiles tearily ..He is just more then my best friend ..hes my love '.He never ever look at me in a bad way , when I got hurt he would quickly come and sooth my pain 'He was the one who made me discovered what love meant , he made me smile and laugh, he made me cherish every moments spent with him   'Radhika was lost in her toughts smiling remensing the lovely moments spent with Dev 'His jokes his teasing '.his love '...He gave me more then what I would have ever asked for from a guy 'He treated me with care and concern  ..Something that you could have never done! She said grimly ..

Karan looked on angrily seeing the way she was speaking to him and protecting Dev and the PB family

Radhika : And don't you dare bad mouth my family and dev ! Maine tum jaise neech or ghatiya insaan kabhie nahi deka! !! I gave the answer to your question '! .you can leave from here now! .. She looked away disgustedly keeping her eyes firm '

Karan was furious hearing her talk back in such tone with him and insult him  

Karan: Where the hell did you get the courage to talk to me in such way! He asked fiercely!

Radhika : this is the affect of the support of my family and Devs love  ..They gave me much confidence to face you! I always lived in fear in your house but they helped me come out of it ..And today im standing in front of you with not a single regret! She sadi confidently looking direct in his eyes firmly with not a single sympathy for him

The whole Pb were very proud of Radhika , they let her talk back as much as she wanted one wanted to interrupt her and face Karan fearlessly !  
Dev saw the furiousness in Karans eyes and became aware

Karan: YOU B

Karan felt something hard hitting his jaws before he could finish what he had to say
Everyone were shocked seeing Dev punching  Karan ! He stood in front of Radhika protectively with much rage in his eyes! Dev took Karan from his collar aggressively

Dev: how Dare you! How Dare you insult Radhika in such manner!!! He said fiercely

Karan: Who are you to stop me!!

Karan was handcuffed so couldn't really do anything , Dev released Karan harshly and pushed him again and started beating him up ..Radhika had her hand on her mouth shockingly , everything was happening so fast ..
Dev took him by his collar again and stuck him on the wall with much furiousness . Karan was in pain '

Dev: Today I want to finish you ! He said with much rage
Mr.Purohit: Dev !! Leave him!! He ordered '

Dev didn't listened and tightened is grip even more . Rajjan was going to stop dev but mr.Purohit signalled him not too

Mr.Purohit : Dev!! Leave him

Dev: No dad! After what he did to Radhika ! I don't feel any sympathy for this guy! He gritting his teeth
Dadima went and held devs shoulder

Dadima  : Leave him Dev '.He's not worth it 'She said keeping her eyes steely on Karan

Dev glances at Dadima  and released him making karan fall on the floor

Vivek: Rajjan'Take them out

Rajjan told his other officers to take Mr.sanganian and Geeta and he took Karan roughly
Away from the Purohit and especially Radhika ..forever  '

Dev tried calming himself down , the whole family took a deep sigh! After such a big problem solved!

Radhika stood there and turned to the family seeing them smiling at her with much proud..! She also smiled taking a  sigh , she never felt so good before ! The whole family congratulated her for her bravery and the  were so glad that she gave Karan a big slap ! They felt very touched seeing her love for the family , the way she stood up for all of them and couldn't tolerate on insult about them made them feel very happy ..
Dev also smiled jubilantly  and hugged her openly feeling so very proud of her ..Radhika felt little shy seeing him hug her in front of everyone but felt very touched seeing him express his happiness '.The whole smiled sweetly seeing this ..After few moments mrinalni interrupted

Mrnalni : erm erm 'I think that was long enough ..she trailed of teasingly

Radhika and Dev moved back little shyly ..

Dev: I cant help it babhie 'he said giving her a wink

Vivek: im just happy that the Sanganians got what they deserved long time ago!

Mr.purohit : I couldn't let them go that easily and I think living on a farm will teach theam a good lesson ..Now I feel more at peace giving Radhika some Justice '

Radhika smiles glancing at Dev who was happy seeing the Sanganians getting there punishment after a long wait ..

Everyone were getting amused by this ..Slowly everything got back on track 'Mr.purohit called the Mahant Ji letting him know all the procedure of the Sanganian punishment  and to keep everything in order for them ..Dadima and Vaishli were looking at some wedding cards , while Birju was in the kitchen making some tea '
Radhika was in the temple area thanking Kanha for everything , for giving her justice and to giving her such a supportive family ..The only person left to complete her was her mother ..She prayed to Kanha everyday for her mother and hoped that her wish will get granted 'Mr.Purohit and Vaishali did there best going around the villages that had ashrams and anatsharams ..but no sign of her mother ..But she didn't loose hope and smiled with much confidence that her mother will be found very soon
She left the mandir going in the kitchen , she saw birju walking out with a tray of tea ..
She started preparing something to eat for dinner , Mrilani came in craving for ice cream , she started talking to Radhika giving her some company 'After a while , Dadima and Vaishli came in seeing this and joined in 'They started telling Radhika bout the preparations that they were going to do and all the rasams that needed to be performed ..

Slowly Dadima told Radhika that Ranjiv was coming tomorrow to pick her up ..Radhika smiled yet felt sad leaving ..Dadima saw this and holds Radhika chin

Dadima: Don't worry 'your going to come back in this house 'forever. Just a matter few weeks ..She said sweetly
Vaishali : Maaji theek kehri hai Radhika 'were all waiting for the day when your going to come in this house as our choti bahu and fill the house with double happiness and stay with us forever '.she said excitedly
Radhika smiled along and nodded her head yet she knew inside her what was going on ..She was feeling very sad leaving Dev , she was really going to miss him even though it was just a matter of time

Mrinalni : and don't you worry about your dresses its all taken care of ..She said giving her a wink ..

Radhika: thanks Didi '.but I want you to rest 'I

Mrnalni cut her off
M: Oh Come on Radhika , you know how much I enjoy designing clothes and especially for you ..And don't worry about my health ..Im feeling much better!
Radhima smiled and agreed ..

Dev was standing outside and listened about Radhika leaving tomorrow and walks away  solemnly '

In the evening everyone sat for dinner , Radhika and Dev didn't talk much to each other but everyone could clearly see there sadness and tried indirectly to cheer them up talking about the wedding ceremonies '

Mrilani : Radhika ..I have few things to give you to pack '

Radhika smiles and nodded , she felt Devs fingers intertwining with hers and he held them tightly as if he was telling her not to go 'Radhika wrapped her fingers around his under the table and glanced at him gulping sadly '

After dinner mrinalini  , dadima and Vaishali were  in Radhika room giving her nice suits and matching jewellery ..

Radhika: didi this is too much 'I cant take all this

Mrilani: come on Radhika ! Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai
Dadima: Radhika raklo 'we never saw such generous side of mrilani, you should take advantage of this  moment  'she said teasingly y

Vaishali and Radhika started laughing

M: Oh Please Dadima 'I can be very generous if I want to ..she said proudly

Dadima: I know that our Badi bahu takes care of everyone's need ..especially when it come to clothing '.haina??

Mrnilani smiles happily

M: exactly !
Vaishali: Radhika 'we would have loved it if your mother was part of all the wedding ceremonies 'were just hoping to get some news from the ashram we visited ..there were many sevikas there but I didn't see your mother ..We notified the Guruji about your mother. Hopefully we will get some news about her ..

After few chit chats the ladies left Radhika room wishing her good night  

Radhika was putting her stuff away leaving the dim light on , she had a dull face hoping that Dev would come see her , but he didn't ..She looked outside feeling the cool wind coming in her room blowing her long brown hair wearing a simple bleu anarkali fitting her nicely with her duppata on her neck   ..She took a deep sigh and turned around seeing  the hallway lights opened , she went to close them ..suddenly Dev held her waist pulling her in a room ..She looked at him shockingly

R: AAP?? She said in a owl whisper

Dev smiles

Dev: Haan ..main '

Radhika looked down little upset

R: I thought that you weren't going to come see me '

Dev kissed her cheeks making her look up with a shy smile

Dev: Main kaise nahi atha ..Hmm?? My love is going tomorrow and I wont be doing anything for her ??

R: Matlab ??

Dev had a boyish smile playing on his lips ..
Dev: chalo , he held her hand and guided her to the terrace but before he opened the door , he made her close her eyes ..

Dev: Radhika close your eyes

R: kyun ??

Dev: it's a surprise

R: Surprise ?? Mere liye ?? She asked with much excitement

D: haan !
She covered her eyes cutely feeling really anxious to see the surprise

Dev: Radhika you better not be cheating ..

Radhika giggled shaking her head cutely

Radhika: Nahi mere ankein baand hain '.

Dev : Promise

Radhika: promise

Dev took a deep breath feeling anxious to show her his surprise..

He opened the door and guided her 'She smelt the freshness of the flowers making her take a deep breath ..

R: Can I open my eyes now??

Dev: 2 seconds '

R: Now ??

Dev: Radhika  sabar karo ..sabar ka palh meetha hotha hai 'trailing off with a cute order This made her giggle and Dev finally told her to open her eyes

She moved her hand away and her eyes lit up seeing so many candle lights all over the terrace with beautiful flowers in the water fountain with beautiful light adding more exoticness to the water 'Radhika didn't know what to say she turned back to Dev with a gleam shinning in her eyes ..Dev would do anything to see her smile like this

Dev: you liked it ??

R: Bohut!! She said twirling once in the open air giggling cutely

Dev was wearing his kurta pyjama looking fresh and very handsome ..Radhika was exploring the terrace with much excitement , she never seen so many candle light before that were surrounding them 'She went near the water fountain touching the water with much cuteness ..She glanced at Dev who was just adoring her '

R: Kya aapne akele yeh sab kiya??

Dev smiles boyishly and nods his head

she felt so touched by this and had few tears shimmering in her eye . She walked towards him and holds his hands

R: Thank you so much 'this is truly very beautiful 'she said gazing in his eyes fondly '

Dev bring her hands to his lips and placed a soft kiss

Dev: Not as beautiful as you '
Radhika heart skipt a beat and  blushed lightly hearing this '
R: I wish I could of do something special for you too 'she said lowering her face cutely

Dev : You can ..

R: how??

Dev: with a dance 'he said giving her a wink ..
Radhika : but ..

Dev: Radhika ..don't say you cant dance 'At the party you looked like an expert and you were saying that you didn't know how to dance ..

Radhika: it's the truth I didn't know how to dance until you held my hand and guided me '.she said sweetly ..

De: toh theek hai ..Ill do the same tonight '..placing another kiss on her hands and placed them on his shoulder'.This left her with a shy smile playing on her lips .

R: But theres no music'

Dev: We don't need an music Radhika , the music is playing in our  hearts ..he trailed of affectionately

Dev held her waist almost crushing her to his body , Radhika gasped lightly looking up in his loving eyes ..She felt her other hand getting intertwined with his ..He smiled charmingly  and started swinging his body along with hers ..They were both gazing in each others eyes not seeing anyone else but them ..Their was a light breeze passing by yet the candles were magically still lit . The flowers were swaying along with the wind being part of there togetherness . Dev swirled Radhika around  enjoying this very much and giggled , he bought her back in his arms making her crush against his body for few seconds and moved back a little ..Dev had a naughty smile playing on his lips adoring Radhika shyness. She slowly looked back in his loving eyes moving her body with the his flow ..Dev slowly spoke ..

Dev: Radhika 'I was so proud of you when you confronted Karan , the whole family was just amazed at the way you gave him a solid answer..But the best part was when you slapped him ,it was unexpected ..he trailed of chuckling

Radhika smiled along '

R: it just felt so good giving him what he deserved a very long time ago 'I couldn't believe he was insulting my family like this 'and he could say such nonsense about you 'she was feeling angry
Radhika   noticed something in his face like he wanted to ask her something ..She slowly stopped looking at him as if she was trying to read his eyes '

R: Kya hua ??

Dev: 'Radhika 'you know what Karan was saying you ..

He felt fingers on his lips ..

Radhika: I don't believe in any of his words because I know how much you love me ..And when he mentioned Vishaka and your relation ..I didn't once feel bad because I know the truth and no one can shake my believes about you ..I know what Karan was trying to do and I for once am never going to fall in his words ..or have insecurities about you ..I trust you and your love with all my heart ..'She cupped his cheeks lovingly giving him the much needed comfort ..Dev put his hand over hers and moved little side ways placing a soft kiss , thanking her for trusting him and his love ..

Dev: Radhika , I love you so much ..And I could never think of hurting you again ..ever ..
He took her in his arms resting his head on hers , while Radhika pressed her cheek on his chest side closing her eyes feeling heavenly in his arms ..

R: I know will always be there for me ..

Dev : And you will be there for me  
Dev kissed her head a smiled

After a while they both were sitting under the tree in each otters' arms , Radhika was resting her  head on his shoulder while his was resting on her head ..Half of the candles lit off giving much privacy to the lovers .. They were both talking about there childhood , Radhika was telling him about all the fun stuff she used to do with her mother nad Dev would talk about his mischievousness and getting scold by his dad! ..In between they laughed and teased each other 'Dev was playing around with  her hand and frequently kissed them lovingly making her smile shyly '

Dev: Radhika ..I wish we met again when we were small , I feel sad that I didn't remember our first meeting 'Im sure if Dadima and Dad came often to Vridavaan we would have became really good friends ..and maybe you wouldn't have to go through so much in your life ..

R: hmmm'.me too..but we cant go back in the pass'..but we could think about our future ..Haina ?? She said cutely
Radhika glanced up but his gaze caught hers , they were both lost in each others eyes , dev slowly placed a kiss on her forehead , she automatically closed her eyes feeling her heart skip a beat 'He moved back

Dev: our future will be bright , I promise '.

After few seconds Radhika looked up at the sky seeing the night getting darker ..

R: Kal 'jaldi uthna hai 'umm..kafi dheer hori hai ' She moved back a little , feeling her heart starting to cry knowing that they will be going far away from each other tomorrow ..She glanced at Dev who took a deep sigh feeling sad that she had to leave tomorrow .
Dev: Please Radhika 'don't leave

Radhika didn't know how to sooth his pain when she was going through the same thing , she swallows the lump in her throat and tried bringing a smile on her face ..
R: .Hum phirse mileinge na'aap 'Radhika looked down unable to complete her words .
Dev saw this a realized that he was only thinking about himself , her too would be going trhougt the same feelings . Then why should he not be there to cheer her up , he slowly cupped her face making her look at him

Dev: Radhika ..main zarror aonga tumse milne ke liye ..HE said giving her a assuring smile yet his throat felt heavy 'Main toh sirf aise hi kehratha

Radika smiled with her teary eyes , she  knew what he was trying to do and more tears rolled down ..She felt his warm fingers wiping them away ..

R: Now you want me to leave?? She asked teasingly with a cute complain

Dev chuckles lightly
Dev: no ..I don't , but I know if you don't leave then will we get married ?? I want to come with my baraat and take you away with me forever ..He said hugging her

Radhika went in his arms feeling his comfort , Dev knew that he had to be strong and give her as much comfort as possible .After few minutes she moved back with a light smile ..Dev hid his sadness and smile soothingly ..Radhika glanced down for a brief second then looked fondly in his eyes ..

R: maine aapko kuch dena hai ..she said softly letting her voice trail with the wind

Dev frowns his brows lightly yet had a boyish smile

Dev: Kya ??

R: Ek aise cheez joh aapke sanson se judhi rahegi 'She said in a whisper
Dev felt her coming closer to him , his heart pulse started pasting anxiously ..Radhika couldn't believe she was going to do this , she felt butterflies in her tummy and her cheeks started turning pink , but she didn't know why but her heart was aching to give him this . She had nothing else to give him but a mark of her love for him ..Dev felt her silent breathing falling on his lips , this made him close his eyes letting her give him what she want ..Radhika touched her lips slightly with his , and placed a sweet kiss on his lips , feeling her soft pink lips on his made his gaspe lightly this was very unexpected from him! and in returned kissed her lips  the same gentle way . He couldn't believe that he actually got what he wanted for a long time! He always yeaned that Radhika would kiss him but seeing her shyness he knew that maybe she wont do it ..He was just surprised at Radhika bold action  'Radhika opened her eyes seeing his intense one ..They were just few centimetres away , she couldn't believe that she actually gave him a kiss ! her face blushed hard and bit her lower lips and looked down  wanting to run from there ..She quickly got up but startled feeling his grip on her wrist 'She looked over her shoulder seeing Dev eyes turning mischievous ,he wasn't going to let her go that easily . she looked at the open breezy night , with her duppata flowing lightly with the wind ..Her pink cheeks were shinning with the moonlight and her eyes were wondering around the blushing flowers ..Dev got up and turned her around holding her shoulders ..Radhika had her eyes wondering on the floor shyly ..Dev closed the distance between them and held her chin making her look at him ..

Dev: Radhika , tumne muhje ek aise cheek di hai ke 'meri har sanson main tum hi bas chuki ho 'Aab main bhi tumhe kuch doonga jo tumhari saanson se judi rehigi 'he said huskily against her shivering lips ..Radhika knew exactly what he was going to do and this made her heart paste anxiously .
She closed her eyes feeling one of his hand sliding on her waist side closing the space completely ..Dev couldn't resist and started kissing her sweet lips lovingly ..Radhika hand were resting on his chest side but slowly rolled up around his neck . Dev hand that was cupping her face  roamed down her arms to her back and started caressing it sensuously 'Radika gasped feeling his hand grab her waist pleasurably making her body feel the excitement ..her hand automatically started racking his hair fondly as she asking for more of his love ..This made dev deepened the kiss more passionately and  grant her wish '.The little candle light  went off magically giving much privacy to the two lover ..After a while

Dev opened his eyes and saw her cheeks flushed red and her lips were a little swollen from their kiss ..She saw Dev eyes falling on her lips again and they shivered lightly
D: I love you Radhika 'he said nibbling on her lips
Radhika breathing hitched and let him play with her lips '
She felt him releasing them and she slowly spoke up

R: I love you too '.She said softly swallowing the lump in her throat
They were both intertwined with each other , Radhika lowers her gaze blushing and moves in his arms 'Dev smiled sweetly seeing her getting so shy ..He hugged her with all his heart letting her drown in his cozy arms '
Dev: tumhari bohut yaad ayi gi ..

Radhika: Aapki bhi 'Lekin aap muhje milne ayeinge na ?? she asked cutely moving back ..

Dev smiled at her innocence

Dev: Haan baba ..maine pehli  kaha tha ke main tumse milne zaroor aonga 'He placed a sweet kiss on her lips..

She grinned shyly and went back in his arms '
They both melted in each others arms until their thirst was over ...

precap ..

RAdhika heart skipped a beat and tears started flowing down her cheeks , she couldn't believe her mother was standing in front of her ...She blinked once making sure this wasn't a dream , her throat started tightening up ..Unable to utter a word  ...Dev glanced at RAdhika with tears of joy!

Hey guys !! Thank you so much for the awsome comments!! Love the way you guys support my FF HugHug I know today's episode was very disappointing Ouch..So thought of giving an update ...Smile...hope it will get your mind off things .Wink..hope you like the update if not please do tell ..if theres something lacking please tell will do my best to fix it up ! Big smile
Thanks again you guys!!!
Take care Hug

Big smile

Edited by billo77 - 11 September 2011 at 9:49am

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*Maleena* Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update billo! I loved every second of it! Finally Karan and his family got what they deserved and I loved how Radhika stood up for herself and Dev and his family. I loved the terrance scene and the kissEmbarrassed and the precap. I can't wait for your next update! 

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