Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 8)

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keep on the good job waiting fr more...PM me wen ur done Smile

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Beautiful FF billoo... So different from the previous 2 FF of ur's.. I hope U will surely build up more mystery and a bit of pain also as u knw too much sweet gives us DIABATIES. Wink
I really liked d 2 parts and dat too wid mystery.. Hope u will update the other parts soon.

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Part 3
In the evening after dinner everyone went in their rooms ..Radhika was in Devs room sitting on the bed looking outside at the bright moon ..She smiled a little feeling a nice breeze swirl around her ..Suddenly she heard someone knock on the door ..It was Dev!  He walks towards Radika with a cute smile , he noticed that she changed into a different shalwar kammez and her hair were made as a braid ..He had to admit to himself that she looked very cute

D: HEY!!How are you feeling ..?

Radika smiles lightly ..She found Dev very sweet  he asked her the same question in the morning and afternoon ..

R: fine ..saying softly ..

D: I just came here to take my stuff ..Ill be sleeping in another room ..She saw that he looked little disappointed ..She frown her brows confusedly ..She completely forgot that this was his room ..

R: Nahi ..Aap kahin maat jayega ..( No don't go anywhere )

D: No Radhika I don't want to sleep here and make you cry again ..Trailing of with a tinge of tease
Radhika looked down feeling bad about the morning ..Dev noticed this

D: Radika I'm just kidding ..I don't mind you sleeping here ..Ill go sleep somewhere else ... opening  his cupboard..

R: Nahi nahi ..Ill go ..I remember in the morning you told me that you cant sleep anywhere else except for your room ..Ill sleep anywhere ..maybe in a storage room ?? asking little sadly

Dev was shocked hearing this ..

D: Storage Room!! Are you crazy family would never allow that ! He was wondering why she said that ?
Radhika looked away helplessly ..she didn't want to take his room ..She gets out of bed holding her body  pain inside .

R: main is kamre main nahi sone chahthi ..

D: KYUN?? You don't like my room ?? Or is it my bed ..I know it's a very old mattress   ..But ..

Radhika cut him of with a cute smile ..

R: nahi aisa kuch nahi hai ..Main nahi chahthi ke mere waja se se aap ki neend karab ho '.

D: Please dont worry '.its ok ..

Radhika knew if she kept quiet she will never change rooms ..

R: Nahi ..muhje kahin or sona hai ..( no I want to sleep somewhere else ..)

Dev smiles boyishly he knew that she wouldn't give up for him ..

D: theek hai if that's what you want..

Radhika smiles satisfied ..Suddenly Dadima came in and saw Radika standing up beside dev  who was smiling happily ..

Dev: Dadima ..Radhika wants to change rooms ..he sounded very happy

Dadima gave him a stern look

Dadima: Dev ..Tumne zarror kuch kaha hoga..( im sure you said something )

Radhika saw dev feeling bad ..he was quietly taking the blame ..she slowly spoke up ..

R: Dadima 'daraasal main kamre badal ne chahthi thi unki koi galthi nahi hai ..( Dadima..actually I wanted to change rooms ..Its not his fault ..)

Dadima glances at Dev and  back to Radhika

Dadima: Theek hai ..jaise tum chahthi ho ..answering warmly

Dev grins happily he finally gets his room back !!

Dadima looks at Dev

Dadima: tum aaj Bach gaya his a warning look

Dev looks down trying to control his smile ..

Dadima: chalo Radhika ..Tum guest room main rehogi ..

Radhika nods her head ..She started walking unknowingly she held Devs arm for support she felt her leg numb ..Dev quickly held her around her shoulders , she gazes in his eyes  that were filled with concern for her .. She slowly releases him gazing away awkwardly  but Dev kept his arms protectively around her '.Dadima was also worried..

Dadima: Radika beta .Tum aaj yahan sogi '.

Dev: Radhika ..Dadima sahi kehrahi hai ..
R: Nahi main theek hoon ..she took another painful step .
Dadima looks at Dev little angry ..she knew that Radhika was doing this so dev could get his room back .

Dev: If you don't want to change rooms then you will have to let me pick you up ..If not then you will sleep in this room forever ..Trailing of teasingly ..
Dadima smiles at dev request ..Radhika eyes widened up ..She really didn't want to stay in this room she had no choice to listen to him ..she slowly looks down accepting the defeat 'Dev gives her a sweet smile and picks her up ..Radhika was little hesitant to touch him she kept her two hands resting on her tummy ..Dev  felt her stiffness like she was hesitant to hold him , he wanted to tease her  a bit ..He pretended that he was going to drop her  she quickly wrapped her arm around his shoulder feeling scared ..Dev laughs  she looks at him puzzled ..

D: Don't worry Radhika'Im not going to eat you ..

Dadima hits dev lightly on his head  knowing what he was trying to do ..Radhika felt weird  her heart was pasting really fast a unknowing feeling was rising within her . She gazed down at her hand resting on her stomach and the other around him ..Dev started walking towards the guest room ..Radhika slowly moves her gaze up looking at him ..Dev had a little smile tucked on the corner of his lips ..He slowly glanced at Radhika who quickly looked away ..Dadima didn't see because she was walking in front of them. .They finally reached the room he slowly put her on the bed carefully'Radhika tried ignoring the feeling inside her .

Dadima: Aaj se yeh tumhara kamra hoga ..If you want to personalize something's in this room your allowed ..saying cheerfully..
Radhika smiles looking around ..she was glad  that they didn't give her a storage room

Dadima felt happy seeing Radhika smile ..She could tell by her face that she was loving it here ..
Dadima : acha ..Main arram karne jari hoon ..

R: Dadima ..?
Dadima smiles
Radhika gets up and hugs Dadima with tears flowing down her cheeks ..Dadima caresses her hair affectionately

R: main nahi jaanthi ke main kin shabdon main aap sab ka shukriyaada karronn?? ( I don't have words to say  how much I thank you guys for doing this for me )

Dadima moved back wiping her tears ..Shaking her head  telling her not to cry..

Dadima: Beta ..Yeh humara farz banta hai tumhara khayal rackne ka ..Dev found you yesterday and bought you to our house ..Its our responsibility to take care of you ..cupping Radika cheeks tenderly ..Abb tum bhi araam karo ..hmm ?? Kal milthe hain ..

Radhika nods once with her moist eyes ..

Dadima leaves 'Dev was still in the room he looks at Radhika  who was wiping her tears 'He wanted to change her mood a little

D:.. Thank you Radhika !!  You gave me my room back ..

Radhika looks at Dev with her teary eyes '

R: I should say thank you too you ..You saved my life yesterday and I didn't even thank you once ..If you didn't find me ..I don't know in which state I would have been in ? ..Her voice was crumbling
Thank you '

Dev smiles understandingly

D: you know what they always say ..I came their at the right place at the right time '

Radhika frowns her browns confusedly

D: Something like that ..smiling cutely ..

Radhika also smiled a little ..Suddenly Mrinalini came in the room with clothes in her hand ..

M: Hey guys!!  I just passed by Dadima and she told me that Radhika will be staying here in the guest room ..saying with a sweet smile ..

D: yup this is officially Radhika room ..

M: Cool ! Ok I got many clothes for you dear ..Let me put them in the closet for you ..

R: aap rehne dijiye main karloon gi ..

M: Oh come on Radhika ..Its going to take  us 5 minutes..

Dev: US ??
M: yes us ..Come Dev get to work !

Dev started hanging the clothes in the closet ..Radhika was feeling really bad she took the strength and got up 'And started helping them ..She told them that she could do it on her own but Mrinalini and Dev didn't listen ..Dev put the anarkali against his body wondering how its looking ..Mrinalini started laughing ..Radhika turns around and saw this ..She also started laughing silently

Dev: waise bhabhi this color is very nice ..saying with a tinge of humor

M: Dev stop fooling around and  get to work ..

Dev glanced at Radhika who had a cute smile lingering on her face ..At least he got her to smile and laugh ..
After a while they were all done arrange Radhika new clothes ..she loved them a lot ..they were nice simple shalwar kammez and different color anarkalis , Mrinalni also bought Radhika different kind of matching choriyaans ! ..After a while Mrinalini took her leave wishing Radhika a Good night .

Dev gave Radhika her medication before he went in his room . She felt so touched to see Dev care towards her .He wished her good night and closed the door

..Everyone was sleeping Radika was looking out the window pensively holding her pendant tightly  ..She took a decision she wanted to forget her pass and live with this family who cared for her and gave her so much love .

The next morning radhika woke up early she felt much better ..Her body wasn't aching her as much,  her bruises were getting less noticed  .She heard the birds chirping  a soft breeze coming in her room making her smile delightfully ..Today was a new Day a new life for Radhika. Her heart was just fluttering with happiness she finally felt at peace .She got out of the bed easily, she got freshened up and changed into a blue shalwar kammez with matching choodiyaans ..She started walking in the hallway amazed by the size of the house ..Were she lived before was big but not as big as this bhavan ..She walked down the stairs spotting the dinning area and right beside it their was the living room with sofas and a table in the middle , she walked near the temple area it was a very nice calm place ..She walked near kanha idol and smiled happily ..She was so glad to see her favorite God in this house .

She closed her eyes and prayed silently ..Kanha aapka bohut bohut danewaad aapne Dev ko behjdiya muhje baachane karliye ..Najane kiss hal main aaj hoti agar who sahi waqt pe nahi aate . Aur aaj main aisi pariwaar main agayi hoon  jo mera bohut khayal ratktha hai Apka bohut bohut shukriya kanha.. Radhika felt her throat thickening up recalling the Purohit affection towards her . Everyone was so nice it was to good to be true even if this was a dream she didn't want to come out of it .She walked near the kitchen and saw it was empty no one was around. She then thought of something .

Radhika started making aloo parathe ..She was making the dough  and started boiling some potatoes she was so into the cooking that she didn't even hear Birju coming in ..

B: Aree aap yahan?

Radhika startled a little and looks at birju who was looking at her confusedly

R: Jee '.who ..main

Birju heard her nervousness in her voice and smiles

B: Aree aap kyun ye sab kari hain ..Agar dadima ne deckliya too muhje bohut daant pari gi
( why are you doing all this 'If dadima sees you she will get angry at me ..)

R: Who main itni suba uthgayi ke maine socha ke main sab karliye nashta banaloon ..saying little hesitantly
( I woke up  early I thought that I would make breakfast for everyone ..)

Birju smiles seeing her care for his family

B: Lekin aapko araam karne cheye ..Aap jaake aram karliye ji ..Main hoon na main sabanloonga ..
(But you need to rest 'You go and rest ..Ill take care of everything ..)

R: ummm..Muhje karne dijeye na .Who mera maan kara hai sab karliye nashta bana ne ..she said with a little plead ..(..Can I please do it ..I feel like making breakfast for everyone )

Birju smiles understandingly

B: theek hai ..lekin muhje aapki madat karne dijiye ..
( fine ..But you have to let me help you)

Radhika smiles and they both started making breakfast for the family ..Birju was a real chatter box he was talking to Radhika the whole time.. She would smile an nod at his talk she uttered few words but not much ..They were getting along very nicely ..

Dadima , Vasihali came downstairs and smelt something really tasty

V: Maaji bohut achi khushboo ari hai ..( Maaji , it smell really good)

D: Haan bahu ..Chalo dekthe hain koun itna swaad ka khanna banara hai ..( I agree , let go and see who's making such delicious breakfast )

They both entered the kitchen and see Radhika frying the parathe  on the pan ..They both shared a surprised smile

Dadima: Aree Radhika beta ..Tum yahan .

Radhika quickly turned around and saw Dadima and Vaishali standing near the door

R: Jee ..She folded her hands  and greeted them with a little nod .

Dadima came closer and touched her head warmly

D: Tum yeh karni ki koi zarorrath  nahi thi beta .
( you didn't have to ')

V: Lekin Birju kahan hai .?.Asking little sternly
(But where's Birju?? )

R: Jee abhi  upaar gaye hain ..Kuch chaye tha unhe ..Birju ji ne meri maadat ki hai ..Unon ne muhje mana kiya tha lekin mera maan that aap sab karliye naphtha banane ..she said lowering her face feeling that she did something wrong ..( He went upstairs he needed something , Birju did help me , he told me not to cook but I felt like it ..)

Dadima holds her chin sweetly

D: Aree beta tumne kuch galat nahi kiya ..Yeh toh tumhara ghar jaise hai ..hmm? But how are you feeling now ? Asking concernedly ..(My child you didn't do anything wrong ..this is like your house ..)

R: Jee main theek hoon 'saying softly

Vaishali and Dadima take a relief sigh hearing that she's feeling better ..Vaishali touched her forehead and smiled even more

V: Haan Maaji Radhika ka bouhar theek hogaya

Radhika smiles hearing this ..

V: Main tumhari madat karthi hoon

R: Nahi maaji ..Bas hogaya .She said flipping the paratha ..

V: Are you sure??

Radhika nods affirmatively ..
adima and Vaishali go to the temple area sharing a happy smile ..They were very impressed by Radhika ..

After a while everyone came down .Radhika was setting the table . Mr .Purohit was very happy to see radhika arranging the breakfast for them ..

Mr.Purohit : hmm Muhje aisa lagra hai ke aaj parathe banaye hain  breakfast karliye ..
HE glances at Radhika who smiled back sweetly ..

R: Jee '

Mr:Purohit : Tumne banaye hain??

R: Jee..

Mr:Purohit : It smells very good ..Mere mou main toh pani ara hai  trailing of with a laugh

Dadima and Vaishali seated themselves smiling at what Mr.Purohit said ..Radhika started serving them .
Mrinalini was coming down the stairs talking on her cell phone ..

M: ok Ill call you back ..Ok bye 'Good morning my lovely family ..saying she seated herself and smelt something really good ..Aree Maaji apne parathe banaye hain?? Asking excitedly

V: Maine nahi ..Radhika ne ..glancing once at Radhika

Mrinalini looks at Radhika who served  her
M: Wow Radhika! I must say it smells great ..Thank you! ..You don't know how much we love eating parathe ..Decklena ..Vivek doorke ( running) niche ayege ..saying laughingly
They all saw vivek coming down holding his laptop downstairs
V: Maa aaj parathe banaye hain??? Seating himself beside Mrinalini excitedly

M: No ..Radhika made them 'she put a paratha in his plate

V: Wow ! Thank you Radhika ..cant wait to taste it ..

Radhika smiled happily seeing everyone  excited to try the parathe she made ..

Suddenly they heard Dev running after Birju

D: Birju Im not going to spare you this time!!!

Birju was laughing ..Dev looked really annoyed ..Radhika saw dev wearing nice dark bleu jean  with a nice boyish top .He was looking really handsome with his nice with his wet hair pushed back . Her heart was pasting really fast just by looking at him running after Birju around the house ..She quickly looked away controlling her emotions
Birju ran beside dadima '

Dadima: Bas!! Kyun humesha lagar the jaate ho tum dono .Chalo dev baito nashta karo.. adding with a sternness ..

Dev gave one angry look at Birju

D: I'm not finished with you .. he said seating himself beside Dadima

Everyone looked normal about his ..They were used to seeing birju and dev fighting but for Radhika it was surprising ..But she found it very funny seeing these two best friends fighting running after each other ,,

Dev came back too his happy mood ..He saw Radhika pouring some juice for Dadima she looked very cute in her bleu shawar kammez with a nice braid coming towards the front with matching choodiyaans and her locket around her neck .

D: Good Morning Radhika

Radhika smiles lightly  Good morning ..

D: how are you feeling ?

R: Good ..moving her gaze away ..

D: Hmm smells good '.Yumm Parathe ! He glances at his mom ..Thanks mom !

Vaishali laughs and shakes her head ..

V: Radhika ne banaye hain 'Radhika beta aao baito na  '

Radhika smiles lightly and sit beside Dadima, Dev looks at her giving her a boyish smile

D: thanks Radhika ..I love parathe ..he took the first morsel ..
Radhika started cutting some fruits ..

D: Wow ! This is the best parathe I ve ever ate ..glancing at Radhika who smiled cutely ..

Everyone was enjoying the breakfast .Radhka passed down the fruit plate so everyone could have something  healthy too eat as well ..After everyone was done  they all went to their own thing ..Mrinalini went to her disigner work , Vivek was getting ready to go to the office . Mr.Purohit had to go to the Mutt their was a meeting with some important priest .

Vivek: Dev ? You want to come to the office with me ..

Dev: Sure bhaiya let me go change '

Radhika put all the dishes away  in the kitchen and a servant came to do the dishes ..Radhika wanted to help but birju told her to go rest ..She was walking up the stairs and was about to enter her room but she suddenly remembered something .Her eyes widened up she quickly lifted her shalwar a little and saw one payal missing ..Her eyes started to tear up it was her moms last "Nishani" . She ran in her room too look on the bed  and on the floor '

Last night after Dev left Radhika room he went in his room and on he laid down on his bed Happily .HE was really glad to get his room Back " thanks Radhika " I owe you one " He said grinning happily ..HE got up and his eyes caught something on something shinny beside his bed ..He picks it up and it was a nice silver payal  ..He frowns his brows a little confusedly ..wondering who's could it be ? He suddenly remembered Radhika slept in his room ..He smiles lightly gazing profoundly at the payal 'He puts it away in the drawer .

Radhika was panicking she suddenly remembered that she was sleeping in Devs room .She quickly walked towards his room ..She was a little hesitant  to knock on his door but she took the courage and knocked .
"Come in "
Radhika slowly opened the door and saw dev buttoning his shirt ..

D: Oh Hey Radhika ..What's up??

Radhika gulped

R: Umm ..Nothing ..I was wondering if ..

Dev quickly remembered something ..

D: Oh wait I have something of yours ..
Hearing this Radhika smiled with hope ..Dev opens his drawer and took out her payal ..Seeing her payal Radhika smiles happily wiping her tear away ..

R: You found it! Saying gladly

Dev smiles seeing Radhikas eyes brightening  up  with a wide smile..

D: Ya ..last night I saw it on the floor ..Its your right??

Radhika nods her head cutely ..Dev gave it back to her contently ,,

R: thank you so much ..Yeh meri maa ka tha ..uski akri nichani ..trailing off her voice sadly ..Her smile slowly vanished away ..

Dev saw Radhika eyes watering up

D: Tumhari Maa..Is duniya ..

Radhika shook her head wiping her tears 'Dev heart was also crushing down hearing that her mom passed away ..At least he knew a little more about her family he wanted to ask about her dad but he didn't want her too feel more uncomfortable ..

Radhika spoke up ..

R: Mere babuji bhi is duniya main nahi hain ..

Dev gulped the lump in his throat but tried changing subject so that she doesn't feel sad anymore ..
D: tum Ro maat Radhika.. Meri Maa tuhje muhjse bhi aur pyaar de gi ..Aur Babuji bhi ..

He forwarded his finger on her cheeks and wiped them softly.. Radhika looks into his eyes that was telling her not to cry ..Feel his fingers on her skin made her shiver lightly . She quickly pushed away those feelings and felt his fingers move away ..Radhika took one step back and smiled lightly ..Dev tried changing  subject ..

D: waise Radhika yeh shirt theek toh hai na ?? He said fixing the collar ..

Radhika looked up and saw his shirt all wrinkled up ..It needed to be ironed ..she was a little nervous to tell him but she knew that it wouldn't look nice him going to office like that ..

R: Hmm..saach kahon ?It needs to be ironed

Dev looks in the mirror and sigh annoyingly ..

D: Pata nahi all my shirts are like that ..I guess after taking them out of the suitcase they became all crumbly ..

R: hmm'Main istri (iron) karloon ?? She offered sweetly

Dev looks at Radhika surprised ..

D: really ?? You would iron it for me ..asking gladly

Radhika smiles

R: Haan '

Dev started unbuttoning his shirt ..Seeing this Radhika felt awkward she saw his muscular muscles ..her cheeks turned crimson  red she quickly looked down feeling her heart paste rapidly gave his shirt to her with a boyish smile ..HE didn't realize that her cheeks went red ..Radhika quickly looks up avoiding seeing his bare chest  and takes the shirt ..She quickly left his room pasting her steps  ..Dev frowns lightly and shrug his shoulders seeing her rush out the room ..

Radhika came in her room controlling her  emotions.. Why was she blushing so much ??
She takes a deep breath .."Radhika get a hold of yourself!" She takes out the iron table and starts Ironing his shirt after she was done she knocked on his door Dev was combing his hair he puts he comb away and opens the door. Radhika was standing with her lower gaze 'Holding out his shirt to give it to him ..Dev smiles
D: Thanks a bunch Radhika ..

R: you welcome ..keeping her gaze down carefully ..

D: What's wrong??

Radhika quickly looks up at his question

R: Jee??

D: No its just that your not even looking at me ..he trailed of with a laugh

Radhika cheeks went red again

R: no nothing ..She gave him a light smile and left from there ..He heard her payals making sweet sound as she was walking away ..He purses his lips not knowing why she was acting so strange .Suddenly he noticed that he wasn't wearing any shirt in front of her ..He hits his head lightly with his hand then strokes his his back ..
D: no wonder ..smiling little embarrassedly ..

Sometime later .
Dev came downstairs looking fresh and handsome with his office clothes

D: Bhaiya im ready ..

V: Great ! Chalo

Dadima and  Vaishali were so proud to see the two brothers going to work '

Dadima: Danyan se  chalana ..( drive carefully )

Vivek : Jee Dadima ..

Dev smiled excitedly

D: I cant wait to get started ..

Radhika saw them walking out the door..

D: Bye Dadima ..Bye Ma..He was about to leave then noticed Radhika watching them leave with a sweet smile .

D: bye Radhika ..And Thanks again

Radhika smiled sweetly and nods her head once ..

Dadima: Thanks kyun ??..asking with a little curiosity

Dev:  Radhika ironed my Shirt ..Saying gladly .
Dadima and Vaishali both shared a smile and glanced at Radhika ..

Dev: ok Dadima ..Bye ..bye Maa

After They left Vaishali and Dadima were arranging some toys and some clothes for a asharam
Radhika started helping out in the house ..Dadima gave Radhika the permission to take the house chores in charge ..she was allowed to tell the servants their job along with birju help. The hole day birju was showing Radhika around the house ..Radhika was really loving it ..He showed her the garden the storage room were they kept food he introduced her to the servants ..Dadima was sitting on the couch going through a check list she saw Radhika walking by ..

Dadima : Radhika beta idaar ana zara ..

R: Jee Dadima ..

D: Meri madat karo gi '

R: jee dadima muhje toh bohut khushi hogi ke main apki maadat Kar sakthi  hoon ..
Dadima smiled tenderly and asked Radhika if she could check if everything was their for the donation ..
Radhika was helping happily after they were done birju went to the ashram to give the donation boxes .

R: Dadima ..agar main aapse kuch puchuon toh aap mana toh nahi karengi na?

D: Aree poucho na ..Kya baat hai ?saying sweetly

R: Dadima main aapse ek wada karne chahthi hoon .

D: kaisa wada ?

R: That I will do anything that you ask me to do ..I promise I will do it ..I don't know how to thank you enough for giving me a new life ..She said trailing off with sadness

Dadima holds Radhika chin loving a kisses her forehead ..

D: I will use your promise very wisely ..You're a very special girl very special ..saying warmly

Radhika smiles and lowers her gaze..

R: Aap jo bhi chahe ge main aapko dene karliye tayar hongi ..she said with determanation
(Anything you want I will be ready to give it to you )

The day passed very smoothly with Radhika she was getting used to the house and the family members .Radhika found out about Mr.purohit and Dadimas medication times . So if they forget another person is their to remember . Radhika favourite place was the kitchen and the temple area ..In the evening time Mrinalini came back she sits on the couch tiredly.. Radhika came by to give her some water ..

M: thank you Radhika..Ouff what a day!

R: Aap kaafi takgayi hongi na ..App jaake aram kar lijiye .

M: no dear I have to help Maaji in the kitchen ..

R: Par khanna toh bangaya hai ..

M: really??

Radhika smiles nodding her head..

M: Did you make it?

R: Jee

M: Thanks Radhika I owe you one ..

R: Jee?

M: Today were Monday right ? Its usually my turn to make supper ..

R: Now I will take care of it ..You don't have to worry ..

M: Radhika bas do din hogaye ke tum is ghar main ho aur tum itni jaldi ghar ke kaam main shamil hogayi ho ..asking surprisingly ( radhika it has been just 2 days you're here and your already got ready to do house chores ?)

R: I'm used to doing this ..And I don't know what else to do ..or else I get bored ..laughing cutely..

M: well if you like it then go ahead ..adding  cheerfully

Mrinalini goes up in her room to get changed ..It was around 6:30 dev and Vivek came back home ..
Dev goes up in his room to change and comes down for supper wearing a nice kurta pyjama ..Everyone was waiting for him ..Radhika and Birju started serving ..Dev saw Radhika she had a sweet smile lingering on her lips she looked very relaxed with the family.. She came to pour dev some rice..

D: Hey Radhika ..

Radhika looks at dev and Smiles
D: how are you ??
Everyone was watching them ..

R: Im good ..unknowingly her cheeks turned pink
She sat across Dev and started eating ..Everyone loved the food ..They were all praising Radhika cooking including Dev

D: Radhika..I have to admit you're a great cook ! I never ate such good Briyani before ..
The whole family agreed ..

Dadima: Mrinalini how was work

M: dadima know Mr.Khanna daughter .She asked me to design her engagement dress ..I don't know if I will be able to finish it by next week ..She's a very picky girl'.trailing off little annoyed .

Vivek: don't worry Mrinalini I know you will do a good job ..Its not the first time your designing someone dress ..

M: I know but ..she sigh ..She asking for something that might be impossible to do ..

After supper everyone went to their respective  rooms .Radhika was walking by Mrinalini room and saw the door half way open she saw a crunched up paper  rolling out ..Radhika picks it up and opens it she saw a nice draft of a lengha ..She knocks on the door

M: Come in ..

Radhika walks in

R: Mrinalni ji ..Yeh itni pyara lengha hai ..showing her the draft

M: Radhika ..That's not nice at all ..

R:  Of course it is ..if you don't mind can I add something to it ?

M: Go ahead ..passing her a pencil ..

Radhika touched up the lengha and  started colouring it ..

R: Is this how Mr.Khanna daughter wanted her  lengha to be ? asking uncertainly

Mrinalni saw the picture and her eyes brightened up!!

M:YES!!!! OMG Radhika you're a genius !!

Radhika smiled happily

R: Im not the genius ..You are ..I just touched it up a little ..

M: Thank you so much Radhika ..Mrinalini hugged her tightly ..I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here ..

For the first time Radhika felt like she had a sister ..Mrinalni hug made her feel like she was her big sister ..
She gulps the lump in her throat ..Mrinalni moved back and saw tears in Radhika eyes ..

M: what's wrong Radhika ?? Asking concernedly

R: kuch nahi ..
M: Nahi Radhika kuch toh hai ?? Come on tell me ..
Their was a little silence ..

R :Kya main aapko Didi bulaskathi hoon ..??

M: Ofcourse you can ..waise I was a lonely child never had a brother or sister ..Tum meri choti bahein jaisi hogi ..Aur main tuhje ek bari bahein ka pyaar doongi ..She held RAdhika chin affectionately smiling tenderly

They both startled hearing devs voice ..

D: Hey Mrinalni bhabhi !

He sat beside radhika

D: I heard you scream few minutes ago ..What happened?? Glancing once at Radhika

M: Dev I really have to thank you ..

D: for what ??

M: To find Radhika ..look she solved all my tension ..showing him the draft ..

D: wow ! Its really nice ..Radhika what are you ..Your like a whole package ..You know how to cook , you have a great sense of fashion and '.

Radhika was smiling little shyly hearing him complementing her ..

M: And ??

D: An your very sweet out a charming smile

M: Yup ! I couldn't agree more ..

Radhika looks at Dev and smiles coyly

D: waise Radhika.. For my marriage can you design my sherwani??

Radhika was surprised at his question and didn't know what to answer ..

M: Dev your making her feel uncomfortable with this question. .Radhika don't mind him he's just kidding around ..trailing off with a laugh

Dev was also laughing

D: I was joking Radhika 'I still have a long way to go ..he gets up walking out the room

M: You never know when your turn will come Dev .!.
Dev: I guess your right Bhabhi her a wink a walking out ..

Radhika cheeks turned pink unknowingly ..


Radhika was in her room standing hear the window enjoying the fresh air ..She was feeling very happy she was getting along with everyone quite nicely ..Dev was so nice to her , she never met a guy that cared for her so much .Thinking about Dev her heart would beat faster , she was smiling within herself shyly  .She didn't know what was happening to her 'She controlled her feelings and hid them away .She didn't want to feel this way .She cant! Radhika lays in bed holding the pendant around her neck dozing off to sleep ...
Part 4 :

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful comments.HugHeart..I know you guys are waiting for RAdhikas pass but not so fastWink..I hope the upcoming updates wont bore you guys because I want to show how RAdhika is getting along with everyone before revealing her pass .
Thanks again for the support !..Please press the like button if you liked it ...And comments are very much appreciatedHug
Take care guys Heart
Fariyaad means : A pray, A pray to God  ..Something that you really want ..Like a wish Smile

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posts: 709

Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Thanks Yumna for this wonderful part , nice to see that purohit's accept her as their family member & she is also adjusting with them happily .

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
that was nice

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Yumna.. really beautifully written.. nice ... thank you so much.. i really liked Dev adn Radhika's interaction .. and how Dev felt happy to get his room back.. and then the payal.. so she took over the kitchen.. cute, so natural to our Radhika..  I am sure she will surely win eevryone's heart soon...  Dev giving her work... ha ha.. already he took control.....
thanks update the next part soon..

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
thanks billo...lovud it...tis update can last fr sumtime till u write the continuance...hehe thanks alot!

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Ansa786 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Gr8 update, Yumna Thumbs Up. Looks like Radhika has already began to develop some feelings for Dev .. Big smile !! Radhika has settled down very quickly and her interactions with the Purohit Family is going smooth.

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