Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 78)

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Originally posted by laxmi_avinafan

Wonderful Part
Loved  and enjoyed Radev scenes in the rain..i could  imagine they were  enjoying their own world and liked every moments , conversation and honesty of Radev...really their pair is made in heaven while i was reading it feel all were happening in front of my eyes...hope we can expect more radev scenes from you...precap also good and scary too...hope Rad will be alright...Embarrassed Party

Thank you  so much laxmi for you lovely comment Big smile
Glad you liked the rain scene and made it look so real Embarrassed..There truly a jodi made in heaven even thats why i love them Wink will try my best to make radevs scene before and after marriage Smile
Rad will be fine dont worry Wink Hope you will also like the upcoming updateConfused

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we want update please update soonnn

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Originally posted by nycsweetie

nice update

Thanks nycsweetie Smile
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Originally posted by ekta-avinafan

superb update di
all lovely radev moments,enjoyed reading,good way to grip members by shocking precap
and yes it feels so good that they are searching for rads mother ,hope they will find her soon and for wedding rituals like cb2 she will go to her home .her father's home where she lived since and
yes are u going to show us wedding on janmashtmi like cb2 it will be great but yes i know u may be busy but u can atleast try yaar

thanks for the update.

Thanks Ekta for liking the previous update Big smile
Glad you enjoyed radevs moments ...Embarrassed..Hehe you liked my precap ??Wink
There searching for her but lets see if they find her or not ...but I do want Devki to be present during radev wedding preparations ..So lets see how it goes Smile..i dont know if i could show RAdevw wedding for this sunday ..but will probably give an update Wink

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Originally posted by Priya46

 don't tell me she's been kidnapped

Maybe lets seeWink
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Originally posted by masumasrilanka

when r u going 2 give us a treat,pls do cond atleast a little one.have a nice

Today Big smile..i dont know if it will be little but I hope you will like it Smile
Thanks yaar , you too TCWink
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Mr.Purohit and Vaishali searching for Devki
RAdhika and Dev get wet in the rain Embarrassed
Part 31
The next morning Radhika was coming out the temple area , Dadima was getting to go to the see the pandit to arrange few dates for the wedding rasams  .…Dev and vivek were getting ready to go to the office and Mrinalini was already to start going to work again  and left early …Birju was going to drive dadima to the temple to see the priest …Dadima invited Radhika to go with them but she wanted to stay to take care of the house .. There were many things to do ..

Dev: Radhika are you sure you don't want to go with Dadima…??or You could come with me if you want ..he asked  mischievously

Radhika shakes her cutely yet shy

R: Nahi ..Ill be fine …Madhav Kaka bazaar se ajayein ge

Dev nods feeling a little worried leaving Radhika home alone …
R: Don't worry Ill be fine ..she said assuring …

Dadima: Radhika beta I will try to come back fast …she said sweetly…but are you sure you don't want to come with us …

R: Nahi Dadima aap jaye …main theek rehloongi …she said cutely

Dadima: theek hai …she kissed her forehead and told Birju to take out the car …

Everyone was walking out the door leaving to their own destinations …Dev forwarded his cheek to Radhika and she shook her head  lightly moving  his cheek away with her hand .
R: nahi ..she said with a cute refusal , Dev made a disappointed face looking like a little boy who didn't get what he wanted ..This made her giggle innocently

Suddenly vivek honked making radhika and Dev startled , he  quickly gave radhika a sweet kiss on her lips and walked away with a jubilant smile , Radhika was surprised , she touched her lips shyly looking at Dev ..he turned around giving her a boyish wink , this made her cheeks turn piker  and waves her hand shyly  ….

Mid Afternoon

Radhika had her duppatta tied to the side cleaning the kitchen …Suddenly she heard someone in the house ..she frowns her brows thinking it was Madhav kaka .She walked out the kitchen and her eyes widened up terrifyingly !!!
Madhav came home and didn't see anyone around ..he wondered if Radhika was gone with the family members ..He called Birju to make sure , when he told him that Radhika wasn't home Birju quickly left the temple with dadima and called Dev . Everyone were so worried wondering where Radhika went??

Dev got up his chair tensely, it felt like his life was gone for a second …

He quickly hung up and rushed home with Vivek …dadima called susheel wondering if Radhika was there …
Dev came home and saw the whole family looking tensed , Birju was checking everywhere for Radhika but didn't find her ! Dev was extremely worried he wondered where Radhika was gone without  informing him !

Dadima : Mera dil bohut gabrara hai ..Radhika cant go without telling us ..she's more responsible then that …
Mrinalini rushed from the door..

M: Did you guys know where she is ??

Dev looked around the house many times but couldn't find her , he was getting very tensed and runs his hands through his hair confusedly …He then saw something on the floor and frowns seriously ..It was few piece of Radhikas chooriyan near the stairs  …It was the exact same colour she was wearing this morning ..As soon as he picked it up everyone were shocked ! Not knowing what to think!! Dev clutches his jaws together holding the pieces of choriyaans in his hand. He had tears in his eyes  ..He didn't know what have happened her ..He shut his eyes tightly so scared for Radhika ..It felt like his life was gone ..His heart was aching for her! He didn't want to think of the unknown to happen to her …But after seeing this he was sure something really bad happened to her ! She was kidnapped !

Dadima: dev ?? Yeh Radhika ki chooriyan hai na ?? she asked unbelievably

Dev: Haan …dadima …pata nahi Radhika konsa haal main hogi ?  He said with a crying voice …then tightened his brows furiously ..Main jaantha hoon yeh kisne kiya hoga ! ….Karan! He said making a fist unbearably !

The whole family were shocked suddenly Dev phone rang …He quickly answers it

Dev: Hello ??

Karan: hey dev ..You must noticed that your love is gone …He laughed evilly ..

Dev clutched his jaws tightly

Dev: What did you do to her! He asked with much rage

Karan laughs devilishly

Karan: Umm…let me think ….She was home alone , the guard wasn't there …I walked in …and took her ….…He said casually

Dev: Karan !Main tumhe zinda nahi choroonga …Agar Radhika ko choti si bhi aanch aya toh tuh zinda nahi rehe ga ! He said with much rage

Karan : calm down there ….She's just got few beatings here and there but nothing serious ..
Hearing this Dev wanted to kill this guy right now!

Dev: kabardaar tuhne use haath bhi laga toh! He warned furiously

Karan : dev relax …she's used to this …

Dev clutches hearing all this, he had tears rolling down his eyes not knowing what state Radhika was in ! Yet kept his firmness , he was fuming inside to kill Karan !

Dev: What did she do to you ??? Why cant you leave her alone?? First you send vishaka then you kidnap her ??…I let you go the last time …but not anymore .! He said with much determanation

Karan: She made my parents bow there head shamefully on the day of our wedding ! And now she will pay for it !

Dev: Don't you dare touch her ! HE said with much warning and rage

Karan : Fine Dev …lets do a deal ….If you really love Radhika will find her before midnight …If not then shes all mine …Karan was sure that dev will never find him and he will win the deal ..

Dev: I love Radhika so much ..that I can find her my eyes closed …He said with much confidence

Karan starts laughing mockingly

K: HAHAHA …Dev I know you don't love Radhika , every guy knows a we men want …And love is just an excuse ..

Dev was disgusted by Karan

Dev: Love is probably just an excuse for you but for me its not ..I could give my life just to safe Radhika , she means the whole world for me …He said feeling proud of his love ..

Karan: Well time will tell Dev …Time will tell ….he said challengingly

Dev had faith in heart that he will find Radhika because he could feel her faith ..He knew that she  had confidence that he will save her .

Dev: Be ready Karan …you will have the shock of your life ! He said rebuking fiercely

Karan : you only have until midnight Dev ….your only chance after that  Radhika will be mine forever !! And  if you tell the police anything …yeh sochlena ke who is duniya main nahi rehi ..

Dev: Don't you dare ! Dev gritted his teeth furiously …

Karan just laughs evilly..

K: Midnight Dev …only 7 hours left …he trailed of challengingly

Dev hung up the phone grinning his teeth together seeing the guts that Karan had to challenge him …

Dadima: Dev kya hua ??

M: Karan has Radhika???
 Vivek: dev ?? Come on tell us ?? Where's Radhika ??

Dev gulps seriously and tell the everything ..They were all feel guilty for leaving Radhika home alone especially Dadima she was the oldest one and  she was responsible for this …

Mrinalini: what do we do now??

Dev runs his fingers through his hair thinking what to do ?? Birju got some water for everyone …

Vivek: dev ..we should call the police ..we cant just sit here doing nothing

Dev was thinking pensively and walked up his room

Everyone just watched him not understand why was he so quiet …

Mrinalni : Dadima ..Ramu Kaka( guard )  kahan hain? She asked feeling little angry

Dadima: His brother is sick , he told me yesterday that he wont be coming today ..
She was feeling guilty

The whole family looked on worriedly

Dev sat on his bed with tears rolling down , he was so scared for Radhika ..He didn't know in what state she was in , if Karan hurt her ?? If she was in pain ?? Dev bit his lips trying to control his emotions…HE couldn't  loose hope ..He was going to find her , he could never let her down ! Radhika was his life his everything.. without her he wont live he needed her ! He wipes his tears looking at her picture with determanation ..

Dev: Radhika ..I will find you…Im not going to let that Karan win …He had many chances from me but not anymore …! Your mine and only mine Radhika one has the rights to hurt you or touch you ! He gritted his teeth angrily  …I'm coming Radhika  ..he said getting up ..I wont let you down …I know you have faith in me and I wont let that faith bow down ….

Dev called Arjun and told him everything …Arjun was also getting furious at karan he couldn't believe that he could pass his limits to this height! Arjun promised Dev to find as much as information on Karan since he knew him for few years and had some friends that might know where he is  .. Dev started making a plan on a paper list everything he would need to save his Radhika …

Few hours later Arjun came …

Arjun: Where's dev ?? He said happily

Mrinalini : Arjun what happened??

Arjun: ill tell you guys later …He rushed in Dev room while Deepika came too console the family

Dev was in his room finishing his plan …He saw Arjun enter with a  few papers in his hands ..

Arjun: dev I think I found where Karan might be hiding …

Arjun shows him few plans of a house , He told dev that few years ago Karan was telling Arjun about a dream house that he wanted to build and gave a photo copy to him ..Arjun remembered going to the land were Karan wanted to build the house and the address was written on one of the papers …Arjun had them somewhere in a file and found them  .He remembered telling Karan that he lost them . Arjun  was sure that he was hiding Radhika in that house  since Karan thinks that Arjun lost the papers and wouldn't be able to help Dev …. Dev took the papers from his hand and saw the plan of house inside and outside was so grateful to Arjun and hugged him
Dev: thank you so much Arjun ..he said emotionally

Arjun: don't worry about it bro …we have to save your princess …he said trying to make to atmosphere lighter ….Im damn sure that Karan is hiding there !
Dev grins boyishly feeling like he has already got a big step done!

Arjun came downstairs and told everything to the family  ..Few minutes later Dev came downstairs with much hope …Dadima went in her room with Deepika feeling sick and tired .
Everyone's heart and started working together …vivek told Dev that he has a friend from the police commissioner and he was coming to help ..Dev was a little unsure about this but vivek assured him that his friend knows what he's doing .. Dev takes a deep sigh and starts explaining his plan..

Dev: Birju ..your plan A …

Birju felt proud and smiles cutely

Birju: theek hai …lekin muhje karna kya hai ?? He asked little puzzled

Dev: You will be dressed as a milk man …

Everyone started laughing teasingly seeing birjus disappointed face …

Birju: lekin hume laga ke hum ..Hero banege ??

Vivek: Birju hero tuh nahi banega ..Hero toh Dev banega ..he said holding Devs shoulder proudly ..

Dev : Exactly ! He said grinning boyishly …

Birju nods

Birju: theek hai… …

Dev continued explaining his plan …

Dev:  if Karan kicks Birju out for X reason we have to have a plan B …which is Mrinalini Bhabhi ..

Mrinalini smiles excitedly …

M: Me??

Dev: haan Babhi ..but you will have to be dressed little you know …He said trying to be obvious …And have to offer Karan to be a Model for your clothing ..And distract him while I go in the house ..

Mrinalini : Theek hai …ill do anything to safe my Sister..

Vivek: but ..Mrinalini ..Are you going to be ok ..I mean you are pregnant ..and if  Karan finds out our plan  and tries hurting you …

Dev too started feeling a worried for Mrinalni

M: Don't worry you guys ..I know how to handle a jerk !Im not scared of him and he tries hurting me I have my pepper spray in my bag ..She said confidently

Everyone laughed hearing Mrinalni comment …
Dev: ok Birju goes first to  distract Karan and if that doesn't work we send Mrinalini …Sound good??
He said encouragingly ..

They all started getting prepared for the plan , The police officer  came and Vivek introduced Dev to the his friend  

Vivek : dev this is Rajjan ..I told him everything

Rajjan : Don't worry Dev ..We will make sure that you get your Radhika back
Dev started telling Rajjan everything that Karan and his family did with Radhika …Hearing this Rajjan started getting angry not knowing why Dev didn't take any action ..When Dev explained him that Radhika wasn't here for proof at that time …

Rajjan: Don't worry Dev …Karan will surely go behind the bars once your Radhika is found.. he said determinately  ….This man is very dangerous ,he will be charged of violation and Kidnap  .And we will try tracking his parents ..But I  don't want you to do such action that might take you behind bars ..He warned him

Dev nodded seriously ,he didn't know how will he control himself if he saw Karan …

Dadima and Deepika  came and saw everyone getting prepared  …She asked Dev what was going on and he told Dadima his whole plan …Hearing this Dadima smiled joyfully , she saw everyone working together as a team to save Radhika ..

Dadima: Dev …I want you to come with Radhika …She looked at him with much hopes framing his cheek ..
Dev: I promise Dadima I wont come back until Radhika is not with me …

Dadima: but do you want me to do something ??

Dev: Haan Dadima …I don't want Mom and Dad to know about this ..when they come home you have to try cover up for us …I don't want them to get worried …

Dadima was unsure about lying

Dev: Dadima …you don't have to lie completely  just tell then we went out for  something important …I know I could count on my adorable Dadima …He said cutely

Dadima smiles seeing Dev like this , he had much confidence on his love ..She felt very proud of him ..
He takes Dadima blessings and hugged her , Dadima turned to vivek

Dadima: Vivek  take careof everyone …she said worriedly

Vivek : don't worry dadima …I will .


Everyone was ready to leave , Deepika and Arjun stayed with Dadima ..
The car was parked far from the Karan huge House and Rajjan was behind them in his car with few other police men who were in disguise …

Dev: Ok guys ..this might sound all exciting saving Radhika but this is no game …We have to be very careful so the plan goes the way we want it to go …..Birju ?? Ready..

Birju puts on his fake moustache dressed in a white kurta pyjama with a handle filled with glass milk bottles

Birju: ready !

Everyone wishes him good luck ..they watched Birju walk away in the darkness there heart were beating anxiously scared that there plan will gets ruined ..

Birju had to cross few guards who were very big and Macho …He somehow managed to convince them that Karan ordered some milk ..

Birju takes a relief sigh and rings the door bell …
Karan opens the door and frowns his brows seeing a milkman  on his door ..

Karan: what do you wan at this hour?? He asked puzzled walking out and started looking around suspiciously

Birju gulps nervously ..

Birju: We bought milk for you …You're the one that ordered it …

Karan: I didn't order any milk ….

Birju: Let me come in and put it away for you …he offered coming in the house …

Karan held his collar aggressively

K: Sunai nahi deta tumko ( are you deaf !) ..I dint order any milk !

Birju managed to smile nervously ..

Birju: theek hai …um ..hum….hum chale jahthe hain ….he said tensely

Karan released him and shut the door on Birjus face …

Dev was waiting in the car and saw Birju walking back disappointedly

Birju came in and told him what happened

Dev runs his hands trough his hair stressing ..

Dev: ..At least we know that karan is in that house …Ok ..Bhabhi your our last hope ….Once I see you enter the house I will sneak in the house

Birju: dev bhaiya …there's 2 guard in front of the gates …

Dev : don't worry ill find my way …ok babhie ..your turn

Vivek : Mrinalini be careful
Mrinalini smiles…

M: boys close your eyes …

Dev: why ??

M: dev ..remember what happened at the shopping mall when you asked me WHY?? Me and Radhika tried warning you but because of your WHY question you got embarrassed
Dev looked down impishly ..
Dev: Ok Ok ..I got it ..

They all close there eyes ..Mrinalini unwrapped her saree and was wearing a short skirt with a tiny top /..
When they opened there eyes vivek jaws dropped , Dev eyes widened up seeing Mrinalini looking so seductive ..Birju closed his eyes again ..

Vivek: Mrinalini ! Your going to go in like that ??

Dev was just speechless he didn't expect this ..He thought the sari she was wearing was good for his plan ..

M: Do you think  wearing a saree Karan will get impressed ?? She moved her hair back fixing herself ..

Dev: wow babhie ..I didn't know you had the guts to wear something like this ..

M: ohh Please Dev …Its not my first time ….she said casually

Vivek looked on shaking his head  

Dev starts laughing

Dev: wow Bhabhi your too much …she said laughing boyishly

Birju: Mrinalni bahuji chalegayi hain?

Dev: No not yet ..ok bhabhi ready ???

Mrinalini: YUP! Lets do this ..she held her tummy knowing that she's not alone in this

Vivek: Mrinalini please be careful.. he held her hand and kissed it ..

Mrinalini : don't worry Vivek…She assured him ..She took her bag with few magazines measuring tape and few fashionable clothes

Mrinalni came out the car and stated walking , the security guards were speechless seeing , she somehow  convinced them to go in with her seductive talking …

Mrinalini tried getting comfortable in the skirt and act seductive ..

Karan was on the phone with his dad

K: Dad …Radhika is here with me ..and I want to get married to her …….no dad don't worry she wont run away like the other time ..she's locked in the cold storage  room …..Im keeping a very close eye on her …..Great ..come from tomorrows flight …ok ..Bye Dad ..
He heard the door bell and opened it , he saw a beautiful lady wearing a bleu skirt and a fitted tiny top along with a bag looking very attractive ..

M: hey ….

Karan came out his trance wondering his gaze on Mrinalini lusciously ..She felt like giving him a big slap but controlled herself not wanting to ruin Devs plan …

K: hey …How did you find this place ??

M: well ..Im working for the Vogue Magazine and  I was driving by and seeing such a big house I was sure someone handsome was living in it ….She smiled attractively ….I wanted to know if you were interested in modeling …

Karan fell on her and welcomed her in ….
Dev was hidding behind a tree watching everything , he gives his thumbs up to Rajjan telling him that hes going in …The police was preparing themselves to catch Karan as soon as they see everyone out the house ..
Dev saw a huge cemented wall giving lots of privacy to the mansion .. He didn't know how to cross it ..He then noticed the tree and climbed it discreetly making sure that the guardian don't see him …Dev landed in the backyard , he then saw a window opened ..He smiles jubilantly and tried climbing to the wall with the help of the pipes and the bricks that he could grip…

Meanwhile Mrinalini was sitting down on the sofa she wondered her gaze around the house ..It was huge looking very elegant , the hall ways upstairs were opened ..She could see few bed rooms and was praying to see Dev but no sigh of him ..She continues talking with Karan ..
M you have a beautiful house …It looks very new ..

Karan smiles proudly

K: Ya..I moved in 1 week ago , I needed to come somewhere far

M: why is that ??
Karan looked a Mrinalni
K: personal reason ….He had a little evil smile on his face ….

Mrinalni : OH! I see ..
 K: So what do I have to do ??

M: umm ..Look at the models in this magazine you will probably get an idea ..

K: Do you think I can really model …

M: of course ..I mean your so handsome and good looking …she trailed huskily ..inside she felt disgusted .

Karan was loving this lady he offered her a drink …Mrinalini accepted with a sweet smile ..She then looked up and saw Dev ..she took a relief sigh and gives him a thumbs up …Dev signalled her too continue and encouraging her ..Karan turned around and saw her smiling happily

K: what's wrong??

M: umm ..nothing just happy to find a perfect model ..

Karan smiles boyishly and gives her a drink …

Dev was hiding behind the pillar , he then pasted his steps discreetly , he was thanked that the rich brown curtains around the hall way helped hide him …Dev saw that Karan was busy with Mrinalini and he started looking for Radhika in every door. His heart was pasting anxiously , he was aching to see her ..He couldn't find her anywhere ..Suddenly he saw a door hidden in a dark place…He quickly opens the door bravely and sees a dark passage ..He opens his cell phone to see where he's going ..Dev was getting very tensed imagining what state Radhika was in ! He gulps and sees a stair case , he walked up and saw a metal door ..He tightened his brows angrily not knowing what kind of place he was hiding Radhika ..Dev started kicking the door seeing that it was locked !….Radhika was in that small cold room with a tiny window giving her slightly the moonlight view ..She headr this and shuddered in fear , and kept herself cupped against the wall ..thinking it was Karan who was trying to scare her .

K: Do you hear that??

Mrinalini heart was pasting very fast ..

M: NO …I don't hear anything ??

Karan frowns his brows about to walk when Mrinalini stooped him ..

M: wait .I forgot to take your measurements

She quickly got her measuring tape out and started noting Karans measurement ..He got distracted and the noises stopped ..

Dev: Damn it!!
Dev cursed the door ..Suddenly he heard Radhika voice on the other side

R: DEV!!! ..hearing his voice she knew it was Dev ..
Dev: Radhika !…He asked  with hope

R: Main jaanthi thi aap zaroor muhje doon nakaleinge ….she said little weepingly yet happy

Dev: main kaise nahi aata …tumhare bina main kaise jisaktha tha Radhika aur kiya main tuhje is hal main kabhie chor saktha tha …??.he said feeling his throat  lumpy  but he was so glad  to hear her voice , he was so worried for her and hearing her voice calmed him down …Radhika felt touched by his words and quickly wanted to run in his arms .

R: Karan has the keys …she said worriedly ..It only could open from the outside …

Dev:  Radhika ..we don't have much time …I need something to open the door…
Radhika was looking around to help Dev open the door ,she took out the pin from her hair and slid it under the door Dev felt something under his feet was a black pin …

R: Try the pin …

Dev smiles and quickly tries opening the door with the pin soon as the he unlocked the door .he opened it to find Radhika standing there with tears in her eyes ..She was probably so terrified by all this , Radhika quickly ran in his arms  for comfort and in a reflex Dev tighten his arms around her protectively …He kissed her head feeling so happy that she was fine …Yet he noticed that she was very cold since she was staying in a storage room …He hugged with all his heart , he thanked God that she was in his arms . Radhika was crying not knowing how to Thank him ..

R: thank you so much …she said in a sobbing voice ..

Dev: nahi Radhika …Don't thank me …It was a my duty to save you …How could I live without my Radhika ?? You're my whole life.without you im nothing ..Wehn I saw that you were gone felt like my life was missing .….He digs his head in neck side  making her gasp lightly …
Dev: I missed you so much …Pata nahi tum kis haal main thi …Samaj bhi nahi ara tha ke main tuhje kaise doondo ..…He kissed her cheeks feeling so relief that she was ok …

Radhika hugged him tighter …

R: main jaanthi ke aap zarror ayege ( I knew you would come )
Dev didn't want to let her go and embraced her with so much love …

After a while Dev moved back to take a good look at her ..Her eyes were little swollen from crying , he caressed her  hands with his warms once and embraced her again trying give her all  the warmth that he had ..
Radhika gulps seeing such love from Dev ..He loved her so much that he took a big risk to save her , She wanted to shower him with all the love she had ….Witnessing this ,the love she had for Dev had no boundaries ..She just wanted to love him from all her heart ….

Slowly Dev realized that he was on  a mission to save her …He moved back wiping her tears and tried lighting the atmosphere

Dev: Radhika …what happened to the boxing I  taught you?? .Didn't you use it ?? HE asked little teasingly ..
Radhika held her head low cutely ..

R: I tried …but …his grip was so strong I couldn't  do anything …she  said looking at him with much innocence ..

Dev laughs lightly seeing such cuteness …HE hugged her once

D: …We need to get out of here …

R: but how did you find me …??

Dev : I cant explain now …he saw few deep scrapes on her wrist  ….How did this happen ?? He asked with much concern

Radhika looked down sadly

R: When ..Karan kidnapped me …He held me tightly and my chooriyan broke and gave me scratches..
Dev clutches his jaws hearing karans name … wont spare him this time…

D: Chalo Radhika ..Main Karan ko baadmain dekloonga …We don't have much time ..He held her hands and pasted his steps out of the passage ..

Radhika and Dev were trying to sneak out ..She didn't feel scared anymore knowing that Dev was there and will never let anything happen to her . She quietly followed Dev holding his hand tightly ..
 Meanwhile Dadima was sitting on the sofa impatiently along with Deepika and Arjun she the called Vivek

Dadima: Vivek?? Radhika mili??

Vivek : nahi dadima..Dev aur Mrilani abhi bhi Karan ke ghar main hain …he said tensely ..

Dadima: pata nahi kya hora hoga undaar ??

Vivek: don't worry Dadima ..Ill call you …

Dadima hung up the phone worriedly , she went to the temple and started praying

Karans house

They both were walking through the hall ay when they saw Mrinalini and Karan  walking up the stairs ..Radhika was shocked to see  her and looked at Dev who signalled her that he will tell her everything later ….Dev didn't know were to go and went against a pillar and hugged Radhika tightly so Karan doesn't notice them …He was very grateful to the curtains that helped them get covered even more ..Radhika digged  her head in his chest breathing nervously …His arms tightened around her waist and made them completely get crushed into each others body …Dev was looking at Karan who was walking with Mrinalini across the hall way ..He saw that Mrinalini was very annoyed but tried smiling sweetly as Karan who was complementing himself ..She then saw Dev and Radhika hiding behind the pillar , her eyes beamed feeling so relief that  Dev found Radhika …Mrinalini noticed that they were going to walk pass them and quickly thought of something …

M: Umm ..karan …lets got that way ….

K: why ??he asked little suspiciously

Dev eyes widened up and Radhika gripped on Devs shirts hearing Karan voice …He caressed her back calmingly

M: um…Because I want  to see the other side of your house …she said in her husky voice

Karan frowns for a second then smiles

K: whatever you say ..
Mrinalini smiles and followed Karan who walked the other ..Mrinalini looks at dev and Radhika and gives two thumbs up at dev for his braveness !  Dev signalled her that they were  going to get out the house …Mrinalini nodded …

Radhika moved back and saw Dev takes a relief sigh , her took felt the same …She then remembered karan took her engagement ring off …

R: Dev …Karan took my engagement ring …she said upset

Dev reaches his pocket taking out her ring ..Radhika couldn't  believe it ! How did he get the ring ??

D: when I came inside the house I entered a room and noticed that this was your ring …he said sweetly Radhika grins beamingly and was about to take it from him but he moved it ..She frowns confusedly then smiles shyly seeing Dev slip it on her ring finger lovingly …He kissed her hand gazing at her fondly , she hugs him feeling the luckiest girl in the world to have a fiance like Dev …
After a while they both made there way to the same room were Dev came in from
 Radhika saw that they were really high from ground ..

R: how did you come up ?? She asked cutely

Dev chuckles at her  question
Dev : umm I climbed …he said coming out the window ..

R: Sambhalke ..She held Dev not waning him to fall..

D: Radhika Im fine ….just Climb on my back …
R: Kya!!

Dev: Radhika trust me…

Radhika was unsure about this but did as she was told …

Dev: you ok ??

Radhika was holding him tightly from his torso to his front …Dev started  climbing down holding on the bricks , there was a window just under them , Dev but his feet's on the edge and started making his way down …He also had the help of the pipes ….Suddenly Radhika duppatta got stuck  to a nail …Dev paused feeling this .
D: Radhika what happened ??

R: My duppata is stuck to a nail …She tried taking it of but was sacred to loose balance and this could put both of them in danger…
 D: try taking it off ..

R: its not coming off …She was holding on to him with one arms and the other one was trying to unpin her duppata  off

Dev saw no other option but to take her duppata off …Radhika knew that it was the only option she had  
She didn't want  obstacle coming there way ..It will get more difficult for Dev she had no choice and took it off  without any hesitation holding Dev with one arm ..He  felt surprised seeing Radhika do this , yet he felt relief that he didn't have to tell her .
He continued climbing down …They finally reached the bottom , she came of his back , Dev looked at her and saw her looking down covering her chest side uneasily …He takes off his jacket and puts it on her …Radhika smiled and looked at Dev warmly

R: Wahan upar kuch bhi hosak tha tha …Aapko aur takleef hothi ..aur jo bhi aapko takleef dige main use mita dongi …..Aur main nahi chathi thi ke mere is duppaata ke waja se aapko koi mushkil aye …She smiled lowering her gaze …

Dev kissed her head seeing such  action from her …He held her hand guiding her out …They saw the two guardian busy playing cards ..They sneakily walked out the gates and started running towards the car .. Rajjan saw Radhika and Dev running towards the car , he smiles seeing such young boy save his lover and the other police officers were impressed ..Rajjan lowered his window congratulation Dev for his bravery …He told Dev that he will get Karan arrested as soon as Mrinalni comes out ….

Radhika smiled at the police with a thankful smile …
In the car
Birju: Nahi Dadima …abhi Radhika aur Dev nahi aye …he said hanging up the phone

Suddenly he heard the door open and Radhika and Dev sat inside ..

Vivek: RADHIKA!!! DEV!!! He said unbelievably

Briju blinks few times seeing Radhika sitting with Dev …

Birju: Radhika ji??!!

Dev hits Birjus head …

Dev: Haan Radhika yahi hai! He said grinning happily holding Radhika close to him…Birju smiled joyfully taking a relief sigh

Vivek: Radhika tum theek toh hona ??

R: Haan bhaiya …

She felt so touched that everyone worked together to find her , and her eyes started tearing her throat felt lumpy ….

Birju: Radhika …I went first to distract Karan as a milkman then he kicked me out …he lowered his face disappointedly ….but the good thing is that your safe …..
Radhika felt worried but the way Birju said it seemed funny
Suddenly they heard the phone ..

Vivek: Radhika you pick it up's the 10th time  Dadima is phoning ..he said chuckling
She smiled and answered the phone ..

R: hello ??

Dadima: RADhIKA!!!! Radhika beta ..tum ho na ???

R: jee Dadima ..Main hoon …Radhika said in a crying voice seeing even Dadima was in this with them ..

Dadima: Kanha ka lack lakc shukar hai ke tum theek ho…

Dev took the phone ..

Dev: Dadima …Main tumhari choit bahu ko ghar lekar arahoon ..he said proudly

Dadima: Saach Dev …Muhje tumpar bohut gharv hai bohut gharv….she said emotionally seeing Dev succeed in finding Radhika ..Suddenly she heard the door bell … lagtha hai ke tumara maa aur babuji agaey hain …

Dev: Dadima …tell them were coming make a good excuse ..were on our way …

Dev hung up and glanced at Radhika who was gazing at him lovingly ..He was coming closer to her ..

Vivek; erm Erm ….where's my wife??

Right there Mrinalini entered the car

M: that's the last time im ever going to do anything like that! She said disgustedly yet angry …she then saw Radhika sitting down with a sweet smile

M: RADHIKA!!!!!!! She hugged her tightly ..Thank god your fine ….OMG! We got so worried for you ..I guess all this was worth it  .. He said happily …

Dev: bhabhi you were amazing!! Thank you so much ..I don't know what would we do without you …Birju got himself kicked out …he said hitting his head …

Radhika giggled cutely then she noticed Mrinalini clothes and her eyes widened up …

R: Didi?? Aapne aise kapre ..?? Aur who bhi is haal main ?? She asked  worried for the baby ..

M: I would do anything  to save my sister ..she said tenderly ..
Radhika felt so touched , Mrinalini did all this even if she was pregnant She helped Mrilani put on her sari again while the boys were looking away …Rajjan gave Dev a signal that he's going to arrest Karan ..Dev nods and Rajjan went with his officers to Karan house

Meanwhile Karan smiles jubilantly he looked at his watch and it was 11:55 pm ..And laughs evilly echoing in the whole house …He walks in the secret passage and Radhika wasn't there ..He frowns his brows confusedly not understanding what happened he was  wondering if she ran away again! But it was impossible ! He locked the door then how could she escape ??…He started calling her name around the house …He was looking for her everywhere ..He was getting very frustrated and very furious this was the second time she escaped ?! Suddenly his phone started ringing he picks it up and it was Dev …

Karan: hello !

Dev: hey Karan …looking for Radhika ??? He said laughing  mockingly

Karan clutches his jaws together feeling like a loser  ..

K: How did you find her ??

Dev: tsk tsk tsk tsk ….What Shame karan , you  didn't even realise that I came in your house and took Radhika away ..I did have help from someone that was looking for a model and one of my brother …He said being obvious

Karan was shocked ! He couldn't believe that the lady that was here was in this with Dev !

D: What were you saying …that I don't love Radhika ?? That love is an excuse …He chuckled …Love is no excuse for me karan ..I told you I could give my life to save Radhika ..You told me if I really love Radhika I will find her …And I did …Radhika is worth more then my life and I could go to any extend to save her ..he said confidently and  looks at Radhika fondly

Karan was fuming with anger he couldn't believe that  De actually found Radhika ! He felt defeated, this wasn't the first time Dev made him feel this way ...Suddenly Raajjan entered his house and arrested him for Kidnapping and the way he treated Radhika when she was living with him …..Karan had a defeated expression yet he had much anger on his face and went with the police …

 Birju started driving , the whole way they were talking about the plan and started laughing making jokes …Radhika was so happy to be back with the family , she was so terrified in that dark cold room feeing so lonely  …Dev brought her closer to him holding her shoulders comfortingly ….Radhika heart was very touched by this and felt his hand over hers lovingly ..She gazed in his soothing eyes and smiled tenderly …The chatting went on between them. They wanted to make Radhika laugh after the horrible incident that happened and they did ..Especially Dev who was describing Karan reactions when he was talking to Mrinalini ..They all started laughing and they continued making fun of Karan …

They all arrived home and saw Mr.Purohit standing up with Vaishali looking very worried dev looked at Dadima who looked down like she didn't succeed in lying …Arjun and Deepika ran to them feeling so happy to see Radhika …Vaishali hugged Radhika seeing that she's safe , Dadima also was so glad to see Radhika …Mr.Purohit took a relief sigh seeing Radhika fine with the others …Dev was getting a little scared from his father wondering what he was thinking

Dev: Dad …Main

Mr.Purohit didn't let Dev talk and hugged him

Mr.Purohit: I'm proud of you my son ..very proud …

Dev was surprised  yet he smiled happily and hugged his father …He felt very glad that his father was proud of him ..It wasn't everyday that his father would hold him in his arms …Dev felt very touched …

Mr.Purohit : You proved to be a real lover for Radhika ..And im sure you will never let anything happen to Radhika , you will be her protect through out your life …
..Dev smiles with his eyes getting moist and looks back at Radhika who was smiling warmly with few tears rolling down …She was feeling a little guilty , everyone didn't want her to stay home alone and they were probably blaming themselves ..

R: Dadima …Im sorry …maine aap logon ki baat nahi mani …she said holding her face low

Dadima : We all learned our lesson …no one is ever going to leave you alone in the house …but please don't feel this way …Jo hogaya who hogaya …hum bas bohut khush hain ke tum hum mill chuki ho …she held her chin and kissed it tenderly …

Radhika closed her eyes letting few tears roll down …Mr.Purohit hugs Radhika fatherly consoling her …

Dev told the elders everything what happened and that Karan is in prison . Mr.Purohit told that Karan with gets a hard core punishment from him as well …The whole family were just so pleased that everyone was fine and that Devs plan worked ..Radhika thanked everyone from the bottom of her heart She felt extremely touched by everyone bravery to save her …Dadima ordered everyone to go rest , Deepika and Arjun left home and feeling relief that everything is over with Karan …Radhika went up in her room to get freshened up and change into a green shalwar kammez, , she then felt her cuts on her wrist sting her ..She was taking out  the first aid box when she heard the door …She opened it and saw Dev holding a glass of milk changed in his white kurta pyjama ..She fixed her duppata and smiled welcoming him in …He put the glass on the side table and saw Radhika putting the first aid box away ..

Dev: Radhika ….here give it too me …
He makes Radhika sit on the bed and puts medication on her cuts ..She closed her eyes feeling sting her very much ..Dev started blowing soothing her pain …

Dev: It will get better …he said blowing more …

Radhika kept gazing at him fondly , she felt so blessed having Dev as her future husband , there was no doubt that the would keep her happy and save her from all evil  …Dev glanced up and saw this , he smiles warmly and wipes her tears shaking his head telling her not to cry ..Radhika smiles with tears..After Dev applied medication Radhika hugged him , he automatically wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes knowing that she was safe ..They stayed interwined for a while until , Radhika hand were caressing his chest lightly while his hands roamed slight on her back calmingly …

R: I feel like the luckiest girl on this earth …to have such a loving family …who risked there life to save me….her thorat felt lumpy

Dev: Radhika …your our family member now…and we always stick together as a family… saving you was our duty …and we will always be there to protect you …he tightened his arms around her…You're my life Radhika , I cant imagine myself without you …He kissed her head warmly   radhika snuggle in more closing her eyes letting few tears roll down ..She felt at peace being in his arms ..
After a while

…Dev moved back tucking her tress behind her ears and offered her the milk ..Radhika refused not feeling like drinking anything ..Dev insisted and she drank the milk slowly …

Dev: Radhika …..Dad said that they couldn't find your mother in the ashrams they visited …but they informed  the Guruji about you and your mom ..And he told Dad when they will also do there best to find your mother ….Don't worry Radhika your mom will be found very soon …he cupped her cheeks giving her as much as hope

Radhika listened quietly and smiled tenderly …She knew that they were working hard to find her mother making phone calls visiting different ashrams and villages …

Dev: radhika should take some rest now …you had a really frightening day …he said caringly …You don't worry about Karan anymore , hes being taken care by the police , he trailed of firmly

He made her lay down and tucked her in …Radhika smiles without moving her gaze away , she always loved the way he cared for her , this was one of the reasons she  fell in love with him . He was about to walk away when Radhika stopped him..

R: Suniye …aap mere saath thodi dheer karliye rehsakthe hain….?
Dev smiles tenderly and sit  on  beside her , he holds her hand  blinking once telling her that hes there for her ..Radhika smiles warmly and slowly closes her eyes seeing her loves face ….Dev just  was gazing at her pensively ..He couldn't believe that Karan did all this with such a sweet innocent girl , to his radhika ! how could someone be so heartless !.. He just kept gazing at her pensively , slowly Dev had few tears in his eyes feeling so relief that she was safe and sound , he felt blessed having Radhika in his life , he just wanted to shower her with so much love after everything she went trough in her life … Dev looks away closing the side lamp , the moon light was penetrating in the room shamelessly …his eyes fell on Radhika face , she looked so beautiful with her long brun hair over her shoulder , her radiant face , her lovely eyes with long lashes , her sweet lips and pink cheeks …He couldn't move his eyes away from his love,..he smiles tenderly seeing her sleep peacefully holding his hand with her soft one …He forwards his free hand slowly to her face and slight touched her cheek to jaws …He couldn't help himself and leaned a little towards her placing a peek on her lips …

D: Sweet dreams …he smiled caressing her hair once and  walks away leaving  smile on Radhika lips ..


RAdhika slaps Karan !!ShockedWink

Thank you guys for all the lovely comments!! Truly appreciate it!! Hug
Hope im not boring you guys ..I know I didnt update that often Confused And I dont know if I will have the time since im starting college soon and Im moving too ..Ouch..but I wont let this story unfinished Winkhope you guys like this update ..Next update will be a face off with the Purohit and the Sanganians .
Take care you guys Heart

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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ClapClap di kjhudos to u a great update and the way dev climbed the tree really heroic and the way mrinalini changed her clothes very funny. finally karan behind bars good and pre capwas awesomeplease do continue with ur ff i love it and even its my foirst ff i read in this forum

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