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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 74)

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billo the part was good but there is a correction...
A brother's sister is bhua whereas the girl's sister is called as massi...

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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I loved this part,very beautiful continue soon!

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I sooo love you and your writing

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Part 30
The next day , Dev and Vivek went to the office while Vaishali and Mr.Purohit went to visit some ashrams for the search of Radhika mother , they would be coming in 3 days ,Radhika wanted to go along but Mr.Purohit assured her that they will keep informing the family about there search . The whole day Radhika was taking care of Mrinalini who still felt a little sick but she started feeling much better when she slept for a while . Radhika got busy around the house helping dadima with few weeding arrangements . Later in the day Mrinalni and Radhika were sitting upon the terrace .The weather outside was very lovely , the sun was bright , there was a soothing breeze passing by time to time .  Mrinalini was laying on the relaxing chair looking at some magazines . Radhika also joined her and they started talking about the clothing for the wedding . Mrinalni asked Radhika about her suggestions for her wedding dress . Radhika told her that she would love anything Mrinalni design for her . This bought a sweet smile on Mrinalni face and there chat continued not seeing the time pass .  Few clouds gathered up together and started pouring some fresh rain yet the sun was still there . It truly looked refreshing and lovely . Radhika saw this and smiled like a little girl , Mrilani was about to go inside when she saw Radhika getting up looking at the bleu sky  with few big clouds moving around '
M: Radhika ! Lets go inside

Radhika turns to Mrinalini and holds her hand
R: Didi , its so refreshing come ..She pulled Mrinalini in the rain and it did feel good ..They both had a playful smile on there face. They laughed spreading there hands out enjoying the raining drops on there skin .
Meanwhile ,Dev and vivek came back from the office searching for  Mrinalini and Radhika .
Dev saw dadima sitting near the mandir area telling the servant to get  her some water

Dev: Dadima ?? Did you see Radhika ??

Dadima: haan Mrilani and Radhika are up on the terrace ..

Dev smiles boyishly making his way upstairs taking off his coat  only leaving his white shirts with his sleeves folded half way , with few buttons open exposing a little  his upper chest  . Vivek and Dev went up into the terrace and saqw Radhika and Mrilani in the rain .Radhika had her eyes closed turning around with her  arms wide open  . Dev halted his feet's seeing this , his eyes kept looking at Radhika adoringly .She had a innocent smile playing on her lips . Vivek went to get Mrilani

Vivek: Pagal hogayi ho?? Your going to cath a cold like this ..Come lets go inside

Mrilani was about to protest but seeing vivek oredering eyes she went along 'Vivek had his arms around Mrinalni

Vivek : Dev??

Dev jerk lightly

Dev: Jee

Vivek : get Radhika out the rain before she catches a cold 'go .. He ordered concernedly

Dv nodded and went in the rain , yet he had to admit radhika was looking so cute lost in her own world  , he couldn't take his eyes off her , he didn't care if he was getting wet , the only thing that matter was Radhika . She seemed to love the rain embracing her . He runs his fingers through his wet hair walking towards her . He just stood there gazing at his cute fiance. After a while he tapped her shoulder making her startled , she smiled cutely seeing Dev in front of her
R: Aap??

Dev : Haan main .. Radhika ..your going to  catch a cold '.He held her arms walking away , she moved away with a playful smile shaking her head like a no

R: Nahi , itna pyara mausam hai 'Aap jaante hain ..muhje barish main bigna bohut acha lagta hai 'she trailed of cutely walking away ..

Dev: Radhika if your going to get wet in the rain like this your going to catch a cold ..come ..

Radhika shakes her head , she looked like a little girl enjoying the rain very much . She giggled  sweetly feeling the rain drop on her face and swirled around ..Dev shakes his head yet chuckled boyishly . Radhika cupped her hands catching the rain drop in her hands , Dev looked up in the sky , it was indeed very magical..there was sun yet it was raining ! Suddenly he felt a puddle of water on his face and automatically closed his eyes ., he heard Radhika laughing playfully .. He clears his view seeing  Radhika laughing ..He gives her a warning look , she stops laughing and starts running around the terrace with Dev chasing her ..

Dev: Radhika! ..Come here ! He ordered , radhikas filled the terrace with her cute laugh ignoring his order ..She fasten her paste glancing back seeing Dev . He couldn't keep the stern face and a playful smile grew on his lips 'Radhika was on the other side of the chair giving dev a look try catching me .. She was facing him but the chair gave them a distance ..Radhika tried escaping but Dev was blocking her way ..She saw her way out and started running making her laugh spread across the terrace. .She turned around giving him a thumbs down , showing him that he failed to catch her ' ..Dev became more determinate to catch her ..He rakes his hair back and had a mischievous glint in his eyes'Radhika was running behind the tree when Dev caught her arm and stuck her on the tree stomp and had a jubilant smile ..Radhika felt surprise at first but then grinned cutely. They were both breathing heavily after all the chasing , they were gazing in each others eyes ..Dev saw the ray of sun on radhika face making her face glow even more , with sprinkling rain drops lightly coming on  her face ..Her smile would always make his heart race , . ..Radhika kept gazing in his charming eyes . His wet hair and boyish smile made him look very handsome , this made radhika heart throb not able to move her eyes away ..Dev released her arms making them fall to her sides . He completely closed the space between them , with a mischievous smile playing on his lips , Radhika gulped feeling the tension rising within her and shivered feeling his hands holding her shoulders lovingly ..He noticed her blushing smile , this made his hear beats paste '.
Dev: radhika 'aaj toh tum main to kiss lesaktha hoon na ? he asked huskily letting his breath fall on her lips  ..
Radhika gulps once , breathing unevenly feeling her cheeks going crimson red , her silence spoke for him and his gaze fell down her wet lips ..He fussed her lips making her gasped lightly , he slowly took her lips in his and started kissing her softly ..Radhika closed her eyes letting herself sink in his love , she shivered feeling his hands roaming down her bare arms going around her slim wet  waist '.He removed her from the tree stomp crushing her wet body on his .  She gasped in the kiss and this made him deepen the kiss '..She gripped n his collar feeling her body going numb but feeling his hands around her  body made her more secure ..He started kissing her more passionately Dev couldn't deny this as he was loving every second of the kiss in the rain and tightened his hands around her waist ...

After few moments he released her lips gazing in her blushing face , they were both breathing heavily 'Dev cupped her face making her look in his eyes 'he tucked a tress of hair behind her ears gazing at her beautiful face ..The rain stopped leaving a beautiful rainbow in the bleu sky , Radhika and Dev both look up seeing the rainbow , they both shared a sweet smile , but Radhika smile was more shy '

Dev : Radhika '..he held her chin lovingly making her look at him
Radhika blushingly looked up 'Dev smiles charmingly and was about to say something when Radhika sneezed cutely ..Dev got really concern and quickly took her inside , They were both walking through the hall when they saw Dadima standing there .

Dadima: Dev ?? Why are you both all wet??

Radhika and dev shared a worried glance

Dev: who ..Dadima 'Baar barish hori thi '.

Dadima: kya ?? .Why didn't you guys come in right away??? Asking sternly yet caring

Dev: Who 'kya hai dadima '..It was very refreshing so I told Radhika that we should stay out for little more time '.

Radhika looked at Dev seeing him take the blame .

Dadima: dev ! You should know better , at least for Radhika! '
Radhika didn't like seeing dev getting all the blame and he just stood there quietly ..

Radhika: Dadima 'it was my fault 'he came to get me out , but I refused '.She said lowering her gaze feeling guilty '.The rain was so lovely that I couldn't resist 'she trailed of with her cute innocence

Dadima couldn't help a smile seeing Radhika innocent face , not liking that she was getting angry at Dev . They were both there to protect each other and this touched her heart . She knew even in the future they will always be there for each other '..Dev  smiled glancing at her lovingly '

Radhika: Please don't get angry at him 'give me the blame , im the one that made him get in the rain '.Im sorry '.she said looking like a little girl who was feeling guilty

Radhika walks towards her and cupped her face tenderly '
Dadima: Koi baat nahi beta '.I didn't know you loved rain so much 'she trailed of amusingly ..but for now I want both of you to get changed r else you will get a cold '

Dev : Dadima '..he sneezed  not able to complete what he wanted to say ..
Radhika looked at him worriedly seeing that he was  also catching  a cold

Dadima: Deka ! Chalo chaldi 'she ordered

Radhika and Dev quickly went in there room to get changed yet their kissing flashes kept coming in there head making their hearts throbs happily 'Radhika changed in a green shalwar kameez with her wet hair ..she was drying them with a shy smile playing on her lips thinking about their moment on the terrace .
Dev was in his room drying his hair with a towel with a boyish smile just thinking about Radhika ! She couldn't see him get the blame and spoke the truth ..And the kiss on the terrace made him smile more , , her cute playfulness , her blushing ..everything just seemed to beautiful for him ..'
He started sneezing and blew his nose , he rested on the bed closing his eyes 'even Radhika was getting little sick 'She got concern for dev and went downstairs in the kitchen to make some soup ..dadima saw this and smiled ..Dadima: Radhika??

Radhika: jee dadima ??

Dadima: Your making soup for Dev ? She asked warmly
Radhika simply nodded her head 'Dadima walked to Radhika and saw that Radhika too was looking pale and tired..

Dadima: you too your sick ?? She asked concernedly

Radhika pursed her lips guiltily and nodded innocently '

Dadima: you leave this and I will send someone go and rest '

Radhika: Dadima its almost finished ..I was just about to pour this in the bowl '
Dadima : theek hai too drink some and right after I want you to go rest ..understand!?
 Radhika: jee..
Dadima left from there and heard Mrinalini enter ..She started searching in the cupboards ..

R: Looking for something didi??
Mrinalni swiftly tuns around seeing Radhika looking sick

M: Radhika you catched a cold ??
Radhika : Haan ..
M: Vivek quickly took me out and got very angry 'she looked dowsn sheepishly 'but I had to admit it was very fun '..she trailed off excitedly ! ..Dear you go and take some rest ..

R: jee ..I was about to go '.but  what are you looking for ..

Mrinalini : Pickles ! ..Im just craving it ! 'You will know when you get pregnant
Radhika smiles sweetly and opens the left cupboard giving her the pickle jar

M: oh! Thank you Radhika 'She quickly opened the jar and started picking the pickles and eating it 'She closed her eyes cherishing every bite 'Radhika smiled and left Mrinalini with her pickles ..
Radhika walked in Devs room seeing him resting his head on the bed rest , he opened his eyes seeing Radhika walking towards him changed in a a yellow shalwar kameez with her wet hair over her right shoulder , he couldn't take his eyes of her ... She put the tray on the side table and gives him a bowl of soup ..

R: Yeh lejiye 'your going to feel better after drinking this ..

Dev: Tum bhi logi na ??

Radhika grins cutely picking up her bowl and nods her head ..Dev and Radhika started sipping on there soup 'He kept sipping on his soup gazing at Radhika who was blowing on her soup..
Dev: Radhika 'its feels nice when you're here ..I mean at least im not alone being sick ..he said sweetly
Radhika : Im sorry ..because of me 'you caught  a cold too ..he looked down guiltily ..

Dev: Radhika 'please don't be sorry 'I enjoyed the rain  with you ..He smiled boyishly giving her a wink ..This made her blush lightly and look away remembering there kiss ..After a while they started talking enjoying each others company..

Radhika: Now you take some rest '

Dev: you too '.Wait ! You forgot something ..he stood up with a naughty glint
Radhika smiles cutely and they do there hand shake followed by a sweet kiss on her cheek ..She had a shy smile playing on her face..

R: ab aap aram kijiye ..

Dev purses his lips little disappointingly , he wanted to spend more time with her but he also wanted her to rest .
Radhika and Dev rested all night , no one disturbed them and they had a good night sleep after drinking the warm soup ..The next day they were both looking more fresher after having a good night sleep. Dev already started feeling better after drinking  Radhika soup ..Vivek gave dev a day off so he can take more rest.. De didn't mind and most of the time he was with Radhika .

Radhika was in the kitchen with her hair in a pony tail with her duppta tied to the side ..Dev would be sitting on the stool watching her  adoringly .Feeling this Radhika smiled shyly continuing her work but him being there did distract her because she couldn't stop gazing at him ..She then gives him vegetables to cut , Dev happily agreed and there chatting started '.Radhika was surprised seeing Dev so good in the kitchen  work ..
R:hmmm'I must say 'your really good in cutting vegetables ..

Dev grins proudly ..

Dev: I know '
Radhika giggled cutely ..

Dev: when I lived in America I used to cook sometimes '

.He started  would talk about the way he lived in Amercica with his friends talking about the food , the people and education ..Radhika would listen attentively and smile along with his silly jokes. She would also tease him cutely '

.Dadima passed by and saw this , she smiled tenderly and prayed to Kanha that there love should always remain like this this '.They spend many hours together talking laughing , he would help Radhika in the kitchen , in the mandir , putting up the clothes outside ..He tried getting a kiss from her but she refused feeling shy ..This would make Dev heart flutter for her , he just loved her sweet innocence .

The whole day passed by fast with laughing and teasing between Mrinalini and Dev and Dadima also quipped in .along with Birju .Radhka would just laugh along , everyone were just having a good time at home 'Mr.Purohit called to see if everything was o in the house and he informed them about there search . They visited  many ashrams and anathasharams , , there was a strong possibility that she was staying  in them . Radhika felt very touched that Mr.Purohit and Vaishali were doing there best to find her mother .
After dinner Radhika and Dev were up on the terrace , The night was lovely , there was a fresh breeze surrounding them making the flowers dancing under the moon light , Radhika was sitting against the tree stomp ,Dev was resting his head on her lap , feeling so in peace . HE closed his eyes feeling her stroking his hair lovingly ..He opened his eyes gazing in her gleaming eyes , few moments passed and he spoke up ..

Dev: Radhika 'I feel like sinking in your eyes 'I never saw such beautiful eyes before ..he trailed of lovingly ..

Radhika cheeks went pink and slowly looked away ..he took her free hand and kissed it sweetly ..Radhika grinned shyly  feeling him holding her hand against his chest ..Radhika heart was throbbing beneath her chest ..

Dev: Radhika 'agar tum aise nazrein jukaogi toh ..muhje sambhlana mushily hojayega 'he said mischievously and kissed her hand again
.Radhika bit her lower lips and looked at him '.He started talking about the wedding to her making her smile beamingly ..Her hand was resting on his chest while the other was raking his hair softly .Dev was enjoying this very much and keep his hand on hers that was over his chest
Radhika:..maine kabhi zindagi main nahi socha ke muhje ek din itna chahne wala milega ..she gazed in his eyes with much love .

Dev: maine bhi Radhika..I feel so lucky to have you in my life we went trough so much and realized that we both were made for each other ..

Radhika: Ma used to tell me that God makes the pairs in heaven and  finds a way to make them meet ..She trailed of sweetly'I never knew that God made my jodi with someone so wonderful ..she trailed of tenderly getting lost in his eyes ..
Dev smiles not able to move his gaze away from her innocent ones
R: when I was small my mom would narrate me fairytale stories ..she said looking at the red flowers pensively 'but when I was living with the sanganians 'and when I found out that I was going to get married to karan 'it felt like all those stories just vanished away ..she looked at him sadly 'but there was still hope in my heart that one day ..I will find my prince 'she said with a sweet smile 'Dev sat up straight  gazing in her eyes ..He cupped her face '

Dev: And I found my princess 'a princess that mean the whole world to me '

Radhika smiles emotionally holding his hand that were cupping her jaws '

Dev: Is it possible 'for this prince to give a kiss to his princess?? He asked huskily coming closer to her lips  '
Radhika heart raced anxiously and let her eyes drop giving him the permission , Dev smiled charmingly and brushed his lips to hers and slowly took her lips in his and kissed her passionately 'Radhika gasped in the kiss and this made him deepened the kiss , her hands gripped on his kurta  feeling the tension in her body and he wrapped his hands around her slim waist tightly caressing her back lovingly ..
After a while
Dev was resting his back on the tree stomp with Radhika in his arms resting on his chest feeling heavenly 'Dev kissed her head and rested his head on hers closing his eyes  feeling very peaceful 'Radhika slowly fell asleep on him and Dev picked her up in his arms without waking her up ..He walked to her room and laid her down on the bed tucking her in lovingly 'He kissed her forehead and walked  away closing the door leaving radhika sleep tranquilly .

Dev came home and saw the whole family looking tensed , Birju was checking everywhere for Radhika but didn't find her ! Dev was extremely worried he wondered where Radhika was gone without  informing him !

Dadima : Mera dil bohut gabrara hai (Im getting very worried)..Radhika cant go without telling us ..she's more responsible then that '
Mrinalini rushed from the door..

M: Did you guys know where she is ??

Dev looked around the house many times but couldn't find her , he was getting very tensed and runs his hands through his hair confusedly 'He then saw something on the floor and frowns seriously ..It was few piece of Radhikas chooriyan near the stairs  'It was the exact same color she was wearing this morning ..As soon as he picked it up everyone were shocked ! Not knowing what to think!! Dev clutches his jaws together holding the pieces of choriyaans in his hand with teary eyes .

Thanks bunch for the lovely comments you guys !!Hug Glad you guys are liking it Big smile the precap a shocker or what!! you guys stay tuned for the next update SmileEmbarrassed..Thanks again for the wonderful comments ...Heart
Take care and have a great day!!Big smile
Please press the like button if you guys liked it ...thank youSmile

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Amazing part dear hope nothing happen to radhika

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Great job dear! Love the way you write! This part was sweet ,the play in the rain cute and both caring for echothe,their relationship progressed radh mother soon will apear,thats good! Well,u know how to get us hoocked...the precap is interesting...did rohan kidnapped her LOL LOL Jokes apart,knt wait for the next part!

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Billo, these days we are not getting any radev scenes; except for that one yesterday... Today when I read this It brought a smile to my face. What a story.. I could just imagine Dev and Radhika's Scenes! Ohhh gosh so great! The precap- OMG shocking! Hoping Dev and his family find her soon! 

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