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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 72)

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thanxs 4 a lovely updated ,pls do writer often whenever u can,dont pls  us like others.all the best

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Thanks Yumna thats a lovely update of RaDev engagementSmile
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waitng 4 radev marriag dear...

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Lovely updtae di..waiting for the next part

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when r u going 2 give us u really need one.pls do give it sneezing all the time,pls doc give a dose.
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yumna dear...waitng 4 next update...

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Part 29

The next day everyone was on the breakfast table , but before Radhika came down she got a morning kiss by Dev on her cheek after doing there hand shake ..They were all having a good time Dev and Radhika kept shooting loving glances at each other .

Mr Purohit: maa'.today me and Vaishali will go see the pandit to fix the dates of the wedding. .We called Ranjiv and he was fine with it 'he said any date that we find it good he perfectly fine with it ..he said happily ..

Dadima smiled beamingly

Dadima: Theek hai ..Aur dono ki Kundali bhi milwani hain  '.

Mrpurhit : aap fiqua na karin hum sab sambhal leinge ..Vaishali lets get ready '
Don't worry we will take care of everything  )

Vaishali smiled sweetly and left to get ready '

Radhika and dev were getting so happy hearing that the wedding dates are going to get fixed !

Dadima was finishing her juice when she heard Dev

Dev: Dadima 'Tell mom and Dad to pick the closest date ..even if its tomorrow ..

Dadima: areee ..pagal toh nahi hogaya ?'she asked teasingly
(Are gone crazy??)

Birju started laughing with vivek and the others ..

Dev: what did I say wrong??

Dadima: dev ..we will get you married on the date the pandit gives us '

Dev: Dadima ..comeon ..imagine he says in 1 year!!! He asked worriedly

Radhika looked on surprisingly

Dadima: Dev 'don't worry 'Im sure the wedding date will be a good date ..she said assuringly '
Radhika also gave Dev a assuring smile '

After a while , Mr.Purohit and Vaishlai left with  the driver  .. Vivek and Dev got a important call from the office and they had to attend work ..Mrinani wasn't feeling good the so she stayed home 'Radhika was in the temple area sitting with on the floor making some haldi paste ..Mrinalni was sitting on the swing talking with Radhika '

M: Radhika I noticed something on your face 'its glowing , did you use something on your face ?? Or is it something else ..she gave Radhika a wink

Radhika smiles shyly continuing pasting the haldi ..

M: come on Radhika '.what hide from your sister ??

R: Kuch nahi didi's the affect of the haldi 'she said giggling cutely '

Mrinnalini wanted to tease Radhika more ..

M: Hmm 'I think it's the affect of Devs love 'I saw you guys throwing loving glances at  each other this morning'.Im sure something happen that was making you smile shyly and your face shinning with happiness '

Radhika was lost in Devs thoughts pasting the haldi with her hands mechanically..Mrinalni voice bought her back to reality

M: Im right na ??

Radhika startled lightly and simply smiled shyly ..
This made mrinlani smile beamingly seeing how much Radhika was in love with Dev '

M: saach Radhika ..Dev loves you so much , and Im sure that he will always keep you happy , he will always protect you ..always ..she trailed of tenderly ..
Radhika  felt very touched Mrinlani words were very true , Dev will always love her ..

Few seconds passed and Mrinalni started feeling dizzy , she got up    holding the side  of the swing ..Radhika was continuing her talks when she glanced at mrilani who was about to fall ..Radhika quickly got up and held Mrinalini '

R: Didi ?? Didi ??? Kya hua Didi ?? '..Dadima ! ..Dadima 'she called worriedly

Mrinalni was on the bed with her eyes closed , the doctor was checking Mrinalni and told Dadima that she was pregnant ..Dadima and Radhika shared a surprise look yet smiled beamingly ! Birju smiled along

R: Dadima your going to be a great grand mother !!'she said happily
Dadima clapped her hand once feeling so excited!! Dadima and Radhika hugged each other unable to control their happiness .

Dadima: Birju 'go and get some mitai ..Hurry 'and Radhika call Vivek and tell him to come fast '
Radhika nodded sharing a sweet smile with Birju  they both saw how happy Dadima was getting

After few minutes Mrinalini woke up ..Radhika and Dadima sat by her side and told her the good news ..Mrinalni had tears of happiness 'Dadima blessed her and thanked her for giving the family so much happiness with this wonderful news 'Radhika hugged Mrinalni congratulating her '
Vivek entered the house worriedly
Vivek: dadima..Mrilani ko kya hua?? ..Doctor ne kya kaha ???
( dadima ?? What happened to Mrinalini ??)
Dadima and Radhika shared  beaming smile '
Dadima: Go see for yourself ..Mrilani is in the room //Vivek quickly rushed to see mrilani ..

Dev entered the house after parking the car and Mr.Purohit and Vaishali also followed in not knowing what was happening ..

Dev: Dadima ..Mrinalni bhabhi ko kya hua ???

Radhika smiled cutely and shared a beaming smile with Dadima

Vaishali and Mr.Purohit were getting worried hearing this , they didn't know what was going on ..

Dadima: Bahbhi bahu ma banewali hai aur main ..Paar Dadi ..She said excitedly

hearing this Vaishali and Mr .Purohit shared a surprised smile ..They were jumping of joy hearing such wonderful news ..Dev was shocked at first but them smiled unbelievably

Dev: KYA!!! Babhies's pregnant ?? He looked at Radhika  who nodded cutely

Mr.Purohit : Suna Vaishali ji ..hum Dada bane wale hain! He said joyfully
(Did you hear Vaishali going to be a grandpa !!)

Vaishali : Haan aur hum 'Dadi ..she said unable to control her happiness

Mr.Purohit gave money to Madhav kaka to get some sweets for  all the servants ..

Dadima: Lekin maine Birju ko behjdiya '.( but I already sent Birju..)

Mr.Purohit: Koi baat nahi MA '.Ajj main bohut khush hoon ..sab kuhc dugni ( double ) hojaye
( its ok Mother 'oday im really happy ..everything will get doubled! )
Everyone were so happy

Dev: Dadima ! Main chacha bane wala hoon!!  He then looks at Dadima and pick her up
Everyone were surprised yet amused '

Vaishali: Dev sambalke !

Radhika was laughing cutely seeing how happy Dev was ..

Dadima was getting scred that Dev might drop her ..

Dadima: Dev !!! Muhje neeche utaro ! She ordered
Dev put her down laughing  , she hits him lightly on his arm but knew that he was very excited !!
Dadima: Pagal! What would happen if you dropped me ?? She asked sternly yet playfuly

Dev : Oh comeon dadi..I would never drop my precious dadi ..
Dev hugged Dadima and kissed her feeling so delighted to hear this news ..Few minutes later Mrilani and Vivek came out with a joyous smile. Mr.Purohit and Vaishali blessed her whole heartly and thanked her for filling the house with much happiness ..Dev congratulated Mrinlani  and Vivek ..

Dev: waise babhie 'your going to look pretty fat with a baby in your tummy ..he said teasingly ..
Mrinalini: oh shut up Dev !'I wont become that fat , and anyway I will know how to keep myself heathy don't try to get me worried with this ..She rebuked back teasingly ..

The family just smiled amusingly '

Dev looked at Radhika who was smiling beaming standing beside Dadima ..

Dev: Radhika ..Your going to become a chachi and me a chacha .! He said excitedly ..
M: no Dev ..she will become a massi  and not a chachi ..

Dev frowns his brows hearing this ..

Dev: Why would she become a massi ??

Mrinalni: Because she's my sister ..Right Radhika ??'she asked tugging her arm

Radhika smiled sweetly and nodded her head cutely

Dev: What re you saying babhie?? She's my to be wife so that means she will become a chachi ..Right Radhika?? ..he tugged her other arm ..
Radhika was feeling worried , she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings 'Everyone else were getting amused by this

Dadima: bas karo tum dono 'Why are you guys making Radhika choose like this '
Radhika gave a thankful smile to Dadima and moved her arms away '

R: I will be both ..I don't mind if the baby will call me Radhika massi or Radhika chachi .. She said reasoning cutely ..
Mrinalni and dev agreed and teasing continued between each other , happiness was spreading around the whole bhavan ..After a while Birju came in with dozens of boxes of Mitai with much excitement  'everyone were feeding Vivek and Mrinalni some sweets congratulating them with much joy ! Dev gave a piece to Radhika and she did the same with a sweet smile ..The whole house was overjoyed  by this Mrinalini and Vivek held hands seeing how happy the family was with this wonderful news .

In the evening everyone were having tea sitting together chatting away ..Dadima asked Mr.Purohit about the wedding date , Dev and Radhika stopped talking and shifted there attention to the elders ..Mr.Purohit and Vaishali share a beaming smile

Mr.Purohit: ma 'Radhika aur Dev ki kundali achi tara se  mil chuki haain
Radhika and Dev glanced at each other  lovingly

Mr.Purohit : ma 'Daraasaal 'pandit ne do (2)shub muhaurat nikale hain ..Ek che(6) mehone ke baad ..

Dev  was surprised he didn't want 6 months then he heard Vaishali voice

Vaishli: And the other he gave us is in 40 days ..she said sweetly '

The whole family looked on anxiously especially Radhika and Dev ..

Dadima: Phir??

Vaishali: Humne 40 din baad shaddi ko tair diya ..She trailed of excitedly ..
( We decided the wedding will be in 40 days ..)
Mr.Purohit smiled feeling happy about here decision ..Dev took a deep sigh of relief atleast it want in 6 months!
Dadima: Bohut acha kiya ..I couldn't wait 6 months for Radhika to come in as our choti bahu '

Vaishali: saach ..main bhi nahi ..isliye maine pehle inse kehdiya ke 40 in baad shaddi karwale the hain ..glancing at Mr.Purohit sweetly
( Thats why I told him before that we should do the wedding in 40 days ..)

Dev and Radhika shared a beaming smile hearing this !
Mr.Purohit: Aur ..pandit ne bohut shub muhaurat nikalein hain rasmon Karliye ..

The family was glad hearing this

Mr.Purhit :Hum abhi Ranjiv ji se baat karthe hain '.he got up and walked away calling Ranjiv .
( Ill go talk with Ranjiv ..).

Birju: Dadima 'waise shaddi 6 mehnon ke baad bhi karasakthe 'Itni chaldi kya hai??
( Dadima we could do the wedding after 6 months ...whats the hurry ??) Laughing teasingly

Dadima started laughing seeing Birju teasing Dev ..Mrinalni joined in
M: I know right! Whats the hurry Dev?? Hun?? 40 days is not enough to do all the preparations '.she added  playfully

Dev was starting to get irked ..Radhika knew that they were just teasing Dev and giggled cutely

Birju: Bhilkul theek kaha apne bahuji 'he said laughingly'Dev could wait 6 months ..kyun dev bhaiya??

Dev got up  making a slapping sign to Birju ..this made everyone laugh more ..
Dev: bas hogaya tera Birju! He warned ..( Its enough Birju ..)
Birju: hum kya aapse daarte hain?? ( do you think Im scared of you ?) He said teasingly ..
Dev gave Birju a beware look and Birju started running  ..Dev chased him around the whole house ..Dadima hit her forehead lightly knowing that those tow will never change , everyone were just enjoying the joyful atmosphere around  the house .

After a while Radhika came to serve tea to the elder , Dev was sitting down on the floor playing a round of cards with Birju . While the elders were having there tea and talking about the wedding arrangements .

R: Dadima ?? Didi aur Vivek bhaiiya kahan hain??( dadima ?? where Vivek and Mrinalini ??)

Dadima: beta who jakar so gaye hain ...( they went up in there room to rest )
Radhika nodded and sat down , she knew that Dev was gazing at her all along and smiled little shyly .
Mr.Purohit : Radhika beta , would you like to play a round of Chess  with me ?
Radhika nodded her head cutely and arranged the game ..They started the game , Mr.Purohit was feeling very happy that after a long time they were playing chess . He started talking about his conversation with Ranjiv telling her that he was perfectly fine with the wedding dates and telling her that he will come in 5 days to pick her up . Radhika smiled and nodded along 'The game went on , Vaishali and Dadima shared a sweet smile seeing Mr.Purohit and Radhikas interaction . Dev was getting bored playing with Birju , he kept glancing at Radhika who was into the chess game with his father .

Dev: Birju , I don't want to play any more 'Every round im always winning ..

Birju : theek hai bhaiya ! Don't ask me next time to play with you ..

Dev: I was going to ask Radhiak but she was in the kitchen and then shes started playing with  Dad ..
He made a little disappointing face

Birju laughed lightly and started picking up the cards , Dev quickly got up and sat beside Radhika on the sofa , she didn't realise that he was sitting right next to her . Radhika moved her queen thn it was Mr.Purohits turn , he was looking at the chess board pensively , Dev smiled naugitly  and holds Radhika hands, she startled lightly and looked at Dev surprised seeing him tale such a bold action in front of his dad ! She tried releasing her hands but Dev tightened his hold 'Radhika glanced at mr.Purohit then Vaishali and dadima  tensely  but took a relief sign seeing them not looking at them  . Dev was enjoying this very much , seeing her worried expressions ' Mr.Purohit smiles jubilantly seeing that he could  get her King , he glnaces up and saw Radhika shaking her head at Dev .He laughed silently then bought a stren look on his face

Mr>Purohit : dev ??

Hearin his voice they both jerked , dev quickly released her hands and Radhika took a relief sigh

Dev: 'Jee , he sounded little nervous
Mr.Purohit: Let Radhika play in peace ..
Radhika looked down little embarrassedly , Dadima and Vaishali saw this and shook there heads seeing Dev.

Dev: jee'
After the game was over , Mr.Purohit congratulated Radhika for winning and went to his room along with Vaishali .

Dadima: Radhika tum bhi jakar aram karlo ..
R: jee dadima ..

Dev saw Radhika waking away and he smiles and pretends to yawn

Dev: Im also very sleepy 'Good night Dadima

Radhika heard this while walking up the stairs and a cute shy smile lingered on her face

Dadima smiles seeing this , she felt so happy seeing how he was in love with Radhika dn he just couldn't wait to get married to her .

Upstairs in the hall

Dev and Radhika did there hand shake and Dev kissed Radhika cheeks lovingly ,she smiled cutely with her gleaming eyes

R: Shubratri

Dev: Wait ..Radhika please one kiss ..he asked sweetly ..he started coming close to her
Radhika pretended to yawn
R: Im sleepy , tomorrow ..

Dev takes a disappointing sigh

Dev : Tomorrow ?? Radhika I cant wait that long ..He closed the distance between them gazing fondly in her eyes . Radhika felt her heart throbbing beneath her , she took the courage and moved his face away . She walked away glancing once back at him giggling cutely . Dev runs his fingers through his hair  watching Radhika lovingly .

Hey guys thanks you so much for the lovely comments !!Hug Im really glad you guys are liking it ..Big smile This might be a short update but theres more to come ..Ill see when I can post it ...Smile..I know I should have given you guys more then this but im working on the next parts ...For now ..Mrinalini is pregnant and the family is very joyous ..Soon ..Karan and his parents will get a punishment ...How will all this  happen ?? Wink
Thanks again you guys!!! Big smileHug

Please press the Like button if you liked it! Thank you Big smile

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awww so cute...continue soon billo

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