Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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RAdhika came to the Pb for her and Devs engagement party , Dev told RAdhika what he felt for her and told her how much he loved her ..

Part 28
The next morning  Radhika did the aarti along with Vaishali , all the family members were present except for Dev ..When he heard Radhika melodious voice he quickly freshened up and rushed to the temple area and stood there folding his hand together yet he peeked looking at Radhika immersed in the aarti wearing a beautiful turquoise Anarkali with matching choriyaans and with the duppta over her head ..After the aarti Radhika  took everyone's blessings sweetly  they all  noticed Radhikas face was shinning with looked very fresh and happy ..They all complemented her and Radhika looked down shyly knowing the reason , Dev saw this and smiled with his loving gaze .. Everyone made there way to the dinning table, Dev and Radhika kept gazing in each others eyes  lovingly, Dev was walking towards her with much without moving his eyes from hers ….Radhika heart was thumping anxiously , He came near her ears and whispered huskily making Radhika close her eyes and gulp.

D: Your looking  very beautiful , your face is glowing with much happiness …why?? He asked teasingly…

Radhika cheeks turned pink , she knew he was doing this to tease her she simply smiles shyly and walks away ..Dev grins boyishly running his fingers through his hair , he loved seeing her shy smile it would always make his heart go crazy for her ..

Radhika went up to call Dev for breakfast , she knocked on his door and  heard him to open the door . Dev finished buttoning his short as soon as he saw Radhika he smiled beamingly …

R: umm ..Everyone is waiting for you downstairs ….she was about to walk away with her rosy cheeks when she hear Dev stopping her ..

Dev: Radhika wait …We forgot to do something very important ….He had a little mischievous glint in his eyes
Radhika frowns her brows ..

R: Kya ??

Dev forwarded his hand , Radhika laughed sweetly and did their hands shake with much cuteness ..Suddenly Dev kissed her cheeks lovingly making them turn pinker …Radhika eyes widened up looking at him surprised yet shy ..

Dev: I thought that we should modify our hand shake ..he said acting casual
R: modify ??
Dev: Haan …now each time we will do our hand shake we will both give each other a kiss ..he said sweetly ..Radhika giggled cutely and sakes her head

R: nahi ..main nahi karoongi ?..( I wont do it .)

Dev: Hun?? Par kyun ??  .(.Why ?)

Radhika was getting to shy …seeing this Dev understood and chuckled boyishly
Dev: theek hai…The modification will just be for me …he said with a charming smile
Radhika didn't mind getting a kiss from him in the contrary she loved it! Dev knew that she wouldn't mind especially seeing her satisfied smile …
On the dinning table everyone were talking about today's engagement Party . Radhika was bringing the breakfast from the kitchen with one of the house holds ..She offered to pour the family but they told her to sit down they will serve themselves ..Radhika smiles and glanced at Dev who was signaling her to sit beside him …She smiles playfully and was walking to sit beside Dadima ..Dev frowns feeling surprised seeing her tease ! HE gives her one warning look …Radhika tried hiding her smile …Suddenly she heard Dadima voice
Dadima: Radhika ..tum Dev ke saath kyun nahi baitja thi ?? She asked teasingly ..( Radhika why don't you sit with dev ??)

Radhika eyes widened up and glanced at Dev who was smiling jubilantly ..He thanked Dadima from the bottom of his heart ….Radhika didn't know what to say and quietly went to sit beside Dev . Everyone were chatting amongst each other ..Radhika poured for Dev and then for herself.  He just loved it when she would pour for him with so much love .. HE started eating and Radhika started talking with Mrinalini who was sitting in front of her …Dev kept glancing at Radhika …He felt she wasn't giving him much attention but Radhika was perfectly aware of his gaze ,and her cheeks would turn pink….Radhika was about to take her first bit when Dev held her hand . She startled and looked at him , he seemed acting very casual . Radhika tried getting her hand released but Dev tightened it more …She felt her heart thump beneath her chest yet she loved him teasing her like this, She looked around and no one seemed to notice this ..she took a relief sigh and they both intertwined here fingers together acting casual in front of everyone ..They kept shooting loving glances at each other without anyone realizing …After breakfast Radhika had to get up to help around the house . Dev made a cute disappointed face seeing their hands getting released , Radhika glanced at him feeling the same .. She went in the kitchen to help the house keeper .


Everyone were very busy around the house , Dadima and Mr Purohit were making few phone calls  and Vaishali was ordering around the kitchen …Mrinalini was taking care of the decoration while vivek was in charge of the music system ..Radhika was helping Mrinalni with the decoration while Dev was helping the house keeper bringing some boxes from the garden …Radhika was on a a little latter hanging the garlands she made …

Birju: Radhika ji …which color you like …Blue or green …he said showing the decoration lights ..

Radhika looked down …

R: umm ..Blue looks nice …she said sweetly …
 Birju smiles and walks away …Dev was walking not seeing Radhika up on the small latter , he accidentally bumped into it making Radhika loose her balance .. She scram lightly and felt herself falling in someone's arms, She slowly opened her eyes and saw Dev gaze looking at her concernedly , she felt surprised yet a smile came up her lips thanking him for being there …Her arm was around his neck while the her other hand was resting on his chest …Dev smiles lovingly getting enchanted in her hazel eyes , They both were lost in there own world not caring about the others around them …Dev saw her rosy cheeks and his smile grew more ….Suddenly they heard Mrinalni

Mrinalni: Dev …please leave your lovey doovey stuff for later ..we don't have much time there still a lot to be done ..She said little stressing yet teasing ….

Dev put down Radhika carefully …Radhika tried controlling her heart beats that were just pasting away …

R: umm …Didi ….I don't think these garland would look good here …We should put them somewhere else….She managed to say
Dev wanted to laugh seeing Radhika so nervous ….She just glanced at him little shyly ….

M: Fine …umm put then in the temple area ….she said reasoning

R: Jee …she took the basket and walked away …

Vivek : dev ..I need your help …

Dev nodded and followed Vivek glancing once towards Radhika ….
The preparations for the Party was almost done only few little things left but everything was done in time …Dev barely had time to talk to Radhika the family was very busy around the house . Everyone worked together to get everything ready on time and they did …Dadima was proud and told everyone to get ready …Dev went up in his room and took a shower ..He came out wearing his black short reaching his knees with a white tee exposing his muscular arms along his upper chest ….Dev frowned not seeing his  sherwani , he put it in Radhika room so she can iron it …He runs his finger through his wet hair taking a deep sigh ..He opened the door seeing no one around , he took a relief sigh and walked to Radhika room ..He knocked few times but no one answered ..He slowly opened it and sees no one there and  entered the room thinking that he would quickly get his sherwani and go . He saw Radhika beautiful red duppata on the bed with all her accessories  neatly set on   her dressing table.. He smiles and starts looking for his sherwani ..he bumped into the side table making a box fall down and went down to pick it up .

Meanwhile , Radhika came out the bath room drying her long dark brown hair wearing a red blouse that was exposing her tummy region and her back with only one strap to close her blouse securely . It was fitting her perfectly along with her red flowing lengha ..Radhika wasn't used to showing so much skin but she had to admit that she was loving her outfit knowing that her duppata was very gorgeous and will cover her up .  Mrinalni did a excellent job on her lengha and the detailed work …She puts her towel away and Dev got up bumping into Radhika, they both lost balance and  fell on the bed ..they both moaned lightly not knowing what just happened …Dev felt someone petit and slim under him Unknwingly his hand slid around her exposed waist …Radhika breathing went uneven feeling Dev crushing into her body with his manly hand around skin .…Dev face landed near her neck side his heart was pasting uncontrollably seeing such flawless skin ,  a urge to feel her skin was rising within him  , Radhika shivered feeling his lips brushing against her skin pleasurably and closed her eyes …Dev felt Radhika chest rising unevenly as he was brushing his lips on her skin making his way to her jaws and cheeks lovingly  …Radhika gulps holding his bare masculine arms tightly not able to control the tension in her body ..Dev heard Radhika gasp when he nibbled  on her ears huskily …Dev never felt such urge to feel a girl like the way he did for Radhika and his hand on her waist started moving yet he knew his limits …Radhika was discovering new feelings in her heart that she never felt before, her cheeks turned crimson red and a  shy smile played on her lips .. ..It was all new to her as she felt Devs hand slightly caressing her smooth skin lovingly  .There heart beats were pounding anxiously beneath each other chest ...Dev moved back a little wanting to feel her lips ….Suddenly he felt her necklaces tangled with a thread from his tee …He gulps once ignoring it and started coming closer to her lips as his eyes were gazing at her blushing face his heart was pounding urging to fell her lips  , Radhika  felt his lips coming closer and gulped anxiously with her uneven breathing .

…..Suddenly  they heard Mrinalini voice Calling Radhika from the hall way …Radhika slowly opened her eyes trying to come back to her senses and saw Dev frowning getting disturbed by Mrinalini voice ..Radhika eyes widened up feeling very tensed hearing Mrinalini calling her repeatedly ..Dev glances at her and tried getting up but then they both looked at  the tangled necklace …They both  looked at each other and  there gaze fell on the door that was a little opened …Radhika gulps tensely not knowing what to do ..Dev  looked at her with a gaze to calm down …Radhika just looked on worriedly …

Mrinalini was walking down the hallway fixing her choriyaans she knocked on Radhika door …

M: Radhika ??…She noticed it was a little opened …She frowns her brows and opened the door not seeing Radhika …She saw her duppta on the bed and thought that Radhika must be still in the bathroom …Mrinalini closed the door and left ….

Dev and Radhika were behind the door , Dev was hugging Radhika tightly feeling nervous that Mrinalini would have seeing them …Radhika just shut her eyes tight hiding her face in Dev chest side along with her arms breathing heavily …...Dev took a relief sigh seeing Mrinalini  gone …His arms were around Radhika securely ..Radhika also took a relief breath …Dev felt Radhika lips slightly on his chest breathing  unevenly ..This fluttered his heart and Unknowingly his hands  tightened more around her waist side ..Radhika gasped lightly feeling this and close her eyes for a brief second , she gulps once realizing what they were doing ..She  slowly moved back gazing in Devs charming eyes that were captivating her eyes ..She wanted to move back but felt her necklace stuck to his white thread ..she tried untying the thread from her necklace but failed , Dev saw Radhika getting frustrated with this yet he saw her trying to control her shy smile , he kept gazing at her enjoy her frustration , he slowly took over releasing her necklace from his white thread . She slowly looked away noticing that she wasn't wearing her duppata and felt really embarrassed …She moved away covering her chest side with her arms wondering her gaze on the floor .  Dev saw this and looked down walking towards the bed picking up her duppatta and  put it over her chest side …Radhika felt surprised and looked on feeling  touched by  his action ..Dev saw his Sherwani hanged on the back of the door , he takes it and glances once at Radhika who had a tiny grateful smile , he gave a light smile  and left the room …
Radhika looked down remembering Dev closeness and the way he was exploring her skin made her loose her senses …She couldn't believe how much dev love could get her so lost in her senses . But she had to admit that she was loving the way he was loving her , he was making her discover new feelings that she never knew existed within her ….

Dev came out running his hand through his hair with a boyish smile , he couldn't believe that he came so close to Radhika without any reservations .He didn't know how to control himself , she was looking so lovely with her wet hair and flawless skin ..he was thinking about her blushing face and her cute shy smile…He just thanked God that Mrinalni didn't see them …He had to control himself next time , he didn't want to cross his limits with her as she was just his fiancee , but after marriage it didn't matter ..


Dev got dressed wearing a nice white sherwani with beautiful rich beaded work on his collar side ..He combed his hair back and smiled charmingly … He was looking very handsome , his heart was just beating to see Radhika …He didn't really get a chance to see what she was wearing properly, all he knew that she was wearing a blouse…It was the first time she was wearing something like that …He wonderer what arguments Mrinalni gave Radhika to make her wear that ….He shakes his head with a boyish smile and walks out …He then saw Mrinalni walking out Radhika room..

M: wow!! Dev looking good ..looking good look like a prince! …She said teasingly yet proud  of her work …

Dev just grins charmingly ..

Dev: Babhie tell me something new ….he said teasingly ..

Mrinalni just shook her head ..

M:  Devarji ..wait until you see Radhika ..She's looking a million time better then you …She is looking really like a princess …trailing of sweetly …..

Dev was looking towards Radhika door feeling his heart beating impatiently …

M: Ok ..Dev  Im going down stairs to see the guest …you and Radhika have to come together….
She said hurriedly walking downstairs …

Dev stood in front  of Radhika door waiting anxiously , Suddenly he saw the door opened and his jaws dropped seeing Radhika …Mrinalni was right she was looking like a beautiful princess …Radhika was surprised seeing Dev then slowly looked down shyly noticing Dev gaze wondering on her …She had her long hair nicely in a braid with fresh jasmine accessorizing it . She was wearing a beautiful red blouse and lengha that went with a lovely dark green duppata . It was securely pined to the side making it look like a sari . Radhika was wearing matching choriyaans going amazingly with her necklace and earrings …Radhika didn't look too decked up neither less she was looking perfect! Radhika was wearing light makeup yet it made her look beautiful with her long pretty lashes , with eye liner in her eyes , her lovely pink lips , her perfect shaped brows …Dev couldn't take his eyes off Radhika , she was looking stunning …Radhika was twirling her fingers shyly …Dev smiles charmingly seeing her blushing  lightly ….He closes the space between them  and frames Radhika cheeks  making her look in his eyes …

D: Radhika …your looking beautiful ..he said lovingly yet sincere

Radhika lowered her gaze shyly

Dev: Agar tum aise nazrein jukaoge ..toh muhje sambhalna mushkil hojaye ga …

Hearing this Radhika heart skip a beat and gazed in his eyes …After a while Radhika realized that they were suppose to go down stairs ..

R: umm …sab niche  intezaar karein honge …she tried moving away ..( everyone is waiting for us downstairs )
D: Radhika ..Suno..who kamre main jo hua …He trailed of letting her undersatnd
…Radhika heard the waviness in Devs voice , she just  let her shy smile give him the answer . Dev saw this and grins charmingly , he felt more  relax..
Dev : Actually ..main sochra that ke main Dadima se baat karron ke hamari shaddi chaldi karwale , kyun ke apne aap ko control karne thoda mushily hora hai …( I was thiking to ask dadima to get us married fast ..because its getting hard for me to control …) he said giving her a wink …Radhika didn't know what to say , all this was fluttering her heart !

R: umm ..…yeh sab choriye …Hume niche jana hai .

D:  Wait!  you didn't tell me how Im looking …he said flashing a handsome smile ..

Radhika giggled cutely

R: Bohut Ache …she said sweetly

Dev grins happily wanting to hug her …Radhika stops him
R: Dheer hori hai ..chaliye na ….
He makes a cute disappointed face and followed , he slowly interwined his fingers with hers . Radhika didn't mind but when they came near the stairs they released it and started walking down …Radhika felt so many butterflies in her tummy seeing to many people …They were the center of attention , they both glanced at each other little nervously but then felt relaxed knowing that they were there for each other ..Mrinalini friends were complementing Radhika and few ladies were talking amongst  each other saying that Radhika is very beautiful …Vaishali and dadima heard and felt more happy …everyone was almost speechless seeing  such beautiful girl for Dev ….Radhika and Dev took the elders blessing and got lovely complements from the family members ..The Party went on ..Radhika was being introduced to everyone along with Vaishali and Dadima …dev kept glancing at Radhika , he saw her talking sweetly to Mrinalnai friends and meeting other family and friends . Arjun and Deepika were also present there really happy to know that Dev is going to get married to Radhika …Even Susheel was glad  that  Radhika was going to be the choti bahu of this house ., he always thought that she would be the ideal wife for Dev the day he saw her she had all the values to be part of this family and to be Dev future wife .
Everyone were having a really good time whenever  Dev got the chance he would shot loving glances at Radhika and she would do the same …The party went on the guest were very pleased to meet Radhika and congratulated them for their engagement …Dev was talking to Arjun when Mrinalni pulled him a side , Dev smiles seeing Radhika beside Mrinalini ….
M: Dev you and Radhika have to dance …

Radhika and Dev both were shocked and looked at each other ..

R& D: KYA!!!

M: Haan! Comeon guys its not that hard …

Dev: Bahabhi ..I have no clue how to dance ..he said nervously …

R: Haan didi ..muhje bhi nachene  bhilkul nahi aata …( I really don't know how to dance ..) She said worriedly ..

M: Please you guys …you have to dance …All my friends want to see the future bride and groom dance …Dev don't tell me never did a slow dance before …she retorted ..

D: Haan par …( ya but ..)

M: ok that's all I wanted to hear …Radhika you just go with the flow …Im sure you will get the hang f it ..
She quickly turned and gave a thumbs up at Dadima and Vaishali who were smiling excitedly ..Radhika wanted to protest but Mrinalni left to put the music ..She looks at Dev tensely …

R: muhje …nachne …bhilkul nahi aaata ..she said nervously ..
Dev too was getting nervous but seeing her he had to be there to  sooth  her worries

Dev: Radhika , just follow me ok … ..Radhika  was unsure about this yet bobbed her head trusting him to guide her on the dance ..

The music started and the light came on Dev and Radhika …Radhika gulps nervously hearing everyone encouragingly …Dev takes a deep sigh and brings Radhika close to him and make her put her one hand on his shoulder while he slid his hand around her waist bringing her more closer . Radhika felt shivers in her body and gazed in his comfort eyes …dev intertwined their other hand together and started swinging with the song ..Radhika gulps nervously not knowing what were everyone thinking ??
Dev slowly whisper

Dev: Radhika …just gaze in my eyes and  the only thing your going to see is my love ..
Radhika gives a simple nod and does as she was told …She couldn't see anything else except for his loving eyes ..There were talking for themselves  telling her how beautiful she was looking and how much he loved her …Radhika smiles shyly and started flowing with the music ..Dev smiled happily seeing her move along with him …He swirls her and brings her back in his arms , Radhika didn't even realize how she was dancing , she was just lost in his gaze …Radhika was dancing so gracefully making everyone speechless . Dev was enjoying every minute of this dance with Radhika …Dev was swirling her few times and Radhika was loving it so much ..She had a cute shy smile playing on her lips and went back in his hold enjoying dancing with him …Everyone was getting so enchanted in the dance , they never saw such wonderful couple so in love before   …Vivek takes Mrinalini on the dance floor and other guest  joined in …Dadima and Vaishali were beaming happily seeing Radhika and Dev so lost on there own world ..Mr.Purohit too was beaming along with Susheel enjoying the music and the dance ..After the song was over everyone started clapping making Dev and Radhika come out their trance …Dev glances at Radhika who was smiling shyly ..The photographer came and asked them to smile …Dev held Radhika by her shoulder  making her blush deeper yet she smiled beautifully along with Dev ….

Mrinalni walks to Radhika and Dev

M: Radhika you told me that you didn't know how to dance??

R: saach main bhabhi.. I don't …she said glancing once at Dev you was smiling boyishly

M: I have to admit that's was amazing!! She said excitedly and hugged Radhika and Dev …You guys rocked the dance floor !

Dev and Radhika glance at each other so happy that they were there for each other …

The Party went on everyone was having a good time ..After the party was over the  house keepers were cleaning up and Radhika was helping along …Dev just wanted to spend time with Radhika …he barely talked to her during the party …

Radhika was walking from the temple area when she saw Mrinalini holding her head feeling dizzy ..

R: didi ?? Are you ok ?? She said holding Mrinalini worriedly

M: Haan Radhika ..just having a head ache ..Im going in my room to rest …

Radhika guides Mrinalini  to her room and gets her some water with medication …She informed Vivek that Mrinalini wasn't feeling good and he quickly went by her side ..


Dadima and Vaishali were talking about the party and complementing Radhika and Dev for there dance ….Mr.Purohit called Ranjiv to let him know that the engagement party went really  good and Radhika was really enjoying herself ..Radhika talked with her uncle for few minutes and passed the phone to Dadima ..
Meanwhile , Dev went up his room waiting until Radhika was finished downstairs …He changed in his kurta pyjama and waited leaning against the window enjoying the fresh breeze …He then noticed someone closing the little lamps in the hall way …It was all dark ….

Radhika went in her room and leaned against the window looking at the moon with a beautiful smile remembering the moments with Dev at the party especially with the dance ..She heard someone on the door and told the person to come in ..Radhika smiles sweetly seeing Dev walking towards her …She lowered her gaze shyly seeing his charming smile ..He holds her hand gazing in her eyes lovingly

D: Radhika ..sab kitne khush the aaj …..Its my first time enjoying a party like this , and its all because of you …he said with much love and slowly bought her hands to his lips and placed a sweet kiss on her palm ….Radhika smiled shyly gazing at him lovingly …

R: Saach ….sab  bohut khush the ..Main bas chahthi hoon ke yeh khsuhi hamesha is pariwaar par barkar rahe …she said tenderly ….
Dev smiled warmly hearing this , They both were gazing outside with there hands interwined they glanced at there rings and smiled tenderly . They were  enjoying the lovely breeze swirling around them and smell the beautiful flowers blooming in the night ..Few minutes passed and Dev broke the silence ..
Dev: Radhika , you danced so gracefully ..and you said that you didn't know how to dance?? He trailed off teasingly ..

R: Saach ..muhje nachene nahi atha …Aur aap bhi kehre the ke aapko nachne nahi atha ??( really …I don't know how to dance you were also sayinh that you don't know how to dance?)  She rebuked cutely ..

Dev chuckles hearing this ..

D: Muhje nachne nahi atha ..lekin slow dance main mein expert hoon ..he said proudly
(I don't know how to dance but in slow dance im an expert )

Radhika giggles cutely ..
R: hmm..who toh hai …(that's  true  )

Dev couldn't take off his gaze of the lovely smile she had , her face was beaming making her look so beautiful …Radhikas smile reduced and stared in his dark gaze , they could feel a nice breeze sweetly around them . It was a very fresh breeze that was bringing the beautiful smell of the flowers along …Dev closed the distance between them cupping her jaws lovingly ..Radhika felt her heart throb beneath her chest and started breathing unevenly feelings his lips coming closer to hers …His eyes had a little mischievous glint ..

Dev: Radhika look beautiful when you laugh…He said affectionately ..Radhika had a shy smile on her face hearing this ….she then felt his hand wrapping around her exposed region on her waist side and shivered delightfully ..Dev smiles inwardly seeing her chest rising unevenly , she closed her eyes breathing heavily …Dev heart was thumping really fast feeling her so close to him , he completely closed the distance between them , his gaze wondered on her eyes and made their way to her lips , seeing her beautiful lips he couldn't control the urge in his body . She felt his shallow breath on her lips , he felt Radhika hands resting on his chest grabbing his kurta lightly and gulped once feeling the tension in her body .He slowly brushed  against her soft ones ..Radhika halted her breathing feeling this , her heart was pasting uncontrollably , what was the feeling rising within her  again ?? It felt like her senses her going numb .Her hands gripped his kurta tightly ..Dev felt this and starts kissing her lip lovingly , Radhika didn't know what was happening to her , she just went with the flow of his lips …There heart were pasting anxiously beneath each others chest ..Dev tightened his grip around her waist and crushed her to his body ..Radhika gasped in between the kiss.. Hearing this he  smiled inwardly and deepened the  kiss Passionately feeling her lips giving in with his …

Radhika legs were going numb but felt relief that he was holding her securely ..Dev  was enjoying this so much especially having her so close to him and feeling her lips kissing his …

…They both were lost in the kiss not knowing what was around them …Dev tried guiding her , put one of her arm on his shoulder without breaking their kiss …His one hand was on her back and the other on her waist ..Radhika could feel him caressing her skin lovingly making her feel delighted …She slowly bought her arms around his neck  slowly raking his hair ..Dev felt this and kissed her harder caressing her exposed skin lovingly ..

Dev heart was fluttering feeling this and couldn't stop kissing her soft lips …It felt like her lips were so sweet that he couldn't resist them and kissed her harder ..Radhika gasped and tightened her arms around his neck tightly ..Feeling her body crushing on him , the caress on her skin became more sensuous …Radhika felt in a reverie , she didn't know what was happened to her but whatever it was she was loving it ! There was a feeling inside her that she never knew existed ! All she knew that Dev now touched her and  he will be the only man that will ever have the rights' on her !
They were both kissing each other passionately , releasing the love that they had for each other , the longing they  had to be with each other .Radhika never witness such pleasurable moment before ..They kissed each other until there thirst was over …

Radhika gasped hard feeling  her lips getting released , they were both breathing heavily
against each other lips . Radhika still had her eyes closed coming back to her senses , Dev opened her eyes and saw her cheeks flushed red and her lips were a little swollen from there kiss ..He frames her cheek lovingly resting his forehead on hers
D: I love you Radhika …he said with much affection …I love you so much ..

R: I love you too ….She said softly swallowing the lump in her throat
They were both intertwined with each other , Radhika lowers her gaze blushing and  moves in his arms , Dev embraced her with all his heart protecting her in his arms ..Radhika was resting her head on Devs chest  shyly …She couldn't believe that they just kissed ! Dev knew from now on he belongs to Radhika and no one else ..only she will have the rights on him ! He never felt that kissing a girl could be so magical , it was only her that could make his heart throb like this and make him so  in love …He tightened his arms around her waist side not wanting to let her go ..Radhika snuggled in his arms ,closing her eyes  she never knew that a kiss could feel so beautiful   , she never kissed a boy before it was her first tome and she had to admit that it was very magical ! They stayed in each other arms for long minutes , they felt so comfortable not wanting to let go ..Slowly Radhika realized that it was getting late ..

R: Suniye …

Dev: hmm ? He said with his eyes closed

R: aapko need nahi ari ???( are you getting sleepy ?)
Dev smiles hearing this  and purses his lips and shakes his head

Dev: Nahi …tumhe ??( no you)

Radhika moved back a little with her blushing cheeks gazing down , Dev loosen his arms around her yet he didn't release her completely, he was gazing at the beauty in front of him with much love , the moon light was making her face glow making her look even more beautiful …Radhika was about to answer but yawned putting her hand in front of her mouth cutely ..Dev grins sweetly and released her wanting her to rest now .

Dev : lagtha hai muhje apna jawab milagaya …he said teasingly  ..

R: nahi…main ….

Dev: Radhika …I know your tired you should rest now , you've been working all day …he said concernedly

Radhika smiled cutely seeing this and nodded her head  obediently

He was about to walk away when his gaze fell on her lips that were swollen a little ..He frowns his brows lightly and Radhika looked on confusedly ..

R: Kya hua??

Dev ha a mischievous smile playing on his lips , he came close to Radhika cupping her cheeks …
Radhika swallows seeing his charming eyes ..She felt his thumb caressing her lips softly making her gasp lightly ..

Dev: Your lips are swollen ..Let me make them better ...he said softly yet husky

Radhika frowns her brows not understanding …She then fell his lips placing a warm peek on her lips , she closed her eyes feeling shivers running down her spine …Dev moved back and smiled seeing Radhika blushing face …

Dev: good night Radhika …
Radhika opened her eyes watching him walk away …She held her pendant tightly breathing heavily ..She felt like a princess getting a kiss from her prince charming …She looks at Kanhas picture  and lowered her gaze feeling to shy to even look at the lord ...Dev went in his room laying on his bed with a beaming smile , he runs his fingers through his hair looking at the ceiling thinking of Radhika ...The night  passed by smoothly with both lovers dreaming about each other …

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
superb awesome mind blowing update..yaar you had exams I now how the exams are but now mine over and also vacation also end and now time for uni...any way thanks a ton for your lovely update it may be late but got the best treat yaaar...
so thank you soo much for the PM also love your ff soo much...can't wait for the next update when you get time the do the update ...

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RADEV1000 Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Dear just wanna say u while reading ...i was feelin that m still on that Golden era of CB1...luved it infinitely...Hug...just keep it comming...
fabulous!!!...our forum is very muchh lucky to have such creative ppls lyk u...:)

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 May 2011
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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Wow,great update!beautiful describtion,u used just the rite words! Loved the scenes in the room,latter and the dance was divine!ohh,their first kiss...must say it seemed looong one LOL,no wonder her lips were swolen!! Great job,continue soon!

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 May 2011
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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 1:26am | IP Logged
once again a mind blowing fabulous update qudos to u didi.ClapClapClap
just i got remebrance of cb1 and u gave us a beautiful update which make us forget abt all that time we have waited.and thanks a lot for ff didi and really can't wait for next update

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Hi! Yumna, it was a great update.Even though it was after a long time it was really a treat. Loved the bedroom scene & the scene after the party. It was awesome.Waiting for the next update.Hope don't have to wait too long.Pls update this week if you can.

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Sandrav Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Really amazing so good cant say by word. Just waiting for your next part. But pls dont make us wait long.

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ancie Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 5:16am | IP Logged
thanks 4 the update...Wink
        will read it 2day itself...

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