Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 65)

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I started reading ur ff and i loved it. Pls do pm me as u write next part as i usually dont visit the forum so pls pm me.

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lovely update billo. Good that she told her feelings towards him since she met him and nice part was when dev went back through his memory recollecting all the incidents and the way he behaved to her rads suffered a long time bcoz of him now he is going through the same phase wanting to speak to her very nice update expecting next part soon.Thanks for PM

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Please Update Soon :) LOVE ur updates!

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Yumna, this was so emotional...

Yes sis, am back for a comment... 

Je suis desole, 

i know i should have told u earlier, that i am still hooked, but u know the problems right...

Hey, u made me cry with this part, you described Radhika's pain so well... n Dev's guilt!!!!!  Looking forward for next part!!!

N please keep Pming me yaar, i still read the updates... Meri aapse faryad hain...

Thank you so so much for the update!!!

Mwaaazzz Honey... 

Liashna ;)

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A sweet,sweet ff Clap update soon

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HI my name is rohania and im a NEW member I love choti bahu serials im a Big fan.!
Voow, vhat a nice story billo didi.keep it up I want to read moreSmile

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Part 27

They all reach the Bhavan and the servants welcomed them in , they all unpacked and got freshen up for dinner ..Dev looked very sad he didn't even feel like eating but Dadima forced him not wanting him to feel nauseous after ..As he was eating , radhika flashes came in his head ..remembering when they both had dinner together , he remembered the taste of the food with her hands was so delicious 'A small smile came up his lips thinking of Radhika 'After dinner Vivek and Dev went through some office work  and went to go rest after 'Dev was in his room sitting on the sofa gazing at the sealing pensively'He takes out her payal from his pocket and kept looking at it sadly , How he wanted her to be here , how he was aching to see her ..even if its just been few hours he was already yearning for her '..

D: I wanted to put this payal around your ankle but I guess 'it will have to wait 'he said gloomily feeling very disappointed that he couldn't tell her how much he loved her ..Suddenly he heard the door rand Birju came in with a glass of milk'.

B: Bhaiya 'dadima ne yeh dood behja aap karliye ..( Dadima told me o bring you some milk )

Dev: thanks Birju 'leave it on the table '

Birju smiles and puts in on the table and was about to walk away when something came in his head '

Birju: Dev bhaiya ..Radhika must be really happy after this engagement ..'He said happily ..

Dev smiles and nods once ..he was sure that she was happy but just that fear was bothering her '

Birju: When we went to ask for her hand '.her face brightened up as she got all the happiness in the world ..he said tenderly 'After a long time I saw her like that. He looks at Dev warmly 'I know she will always keep you happy  and will love you a lot
Dev smiled hearing this but then his smile reduced hearing the last words , he wondered if Birju knew anything??
Dev: Birju ?? Tuh aisa kyun kehra hai ? Birju ? Why are you saying it like this ?)

Birju looks down sadly remembering Radhika hiding her  feelings that she loved Dev '.Dev looked on anxiously '.

Birju: who '.Radhika ji aapse 'hamesha pyar kiya 'he said slowly ..( Radhika always loved you but you couldn't see it ..)

Dev was stunned hearing this from Birju , but how does he know??

Dev: Birju ? Tumhe kaise yeh saab '.( Birju how do you know..)

Birju: Kyun humne hamari aankon se deka bhaiya 'ke who aapse bohut pyar karthi hain '..Jab Vishaka ki baat chalri thi Radhika ko bohut daard hua '( Because I saw it with my own eyes , that she loves you a lot , when you were talking about Vishaka to the family ..Radhika was feeling very sad ..)
He started telling him what he saw ..

Everyone got ready for work ..Radhika was in the kitchen wiping her tears ..Birju came in and saw this

B: Radhika ji ..kiya hua??

Hearing his voice she quickly controlled her emotions and tried acting casual

R: ku' kuch nahi Bhaiya ..Bas ..main ..her voice felt heavy ..

Birju looked down somehow he knew the reason for her tears ,

Hearing  this from Devs  his heart cringed in pain and his throat became lumpy '.Birju continued

Birju: Aur jab 'hum Mandir gaye the 'woh pooja karliye Vishaka ke saath  'Radhika wahan se jali gayi thi 'Who aapko who daaga ( thread ) kisi aur ke haath par nahi desakthi thi 'he said sadly ( And when we went to the mandir for the pooja you had to do with Vishaka , RAdhika left from there ..She couldnt see you tie the thread on some else )

Birju: Radhika ji ..sab aapka intezaar karein hain ( Radhika everyone is waiting for you )

Hearing birju voice radika quickly wiped her tears , Birju stood in front of her and saw her holding her face low sadly..

B: Radhika ji??

Radhika slowly looks up

R: Jee bhaiya  ..main ari hoon ( Yes coming ..) her voice sounded very low
Birju didn't miss her teary eyes , he knew exactly the reason behind her tears and didn't question her ..

B: jee ..he said walking away ..

Radhika closed her eyes letting her last tears roll down

Dev runs his fingers through his hair closing his eyes painfully ..He was regretting even more after hearing this , it became like a burden on his heart 'All he wanted was to hold her tightly in his arms and shower her with so much love that she could forget about all the painful moments , he knew that her heart was wounded badly and he had to cure it ! 'Birju saw tears in Devs eyes and felt very bad '

Birju: Radhika kaise aapse pyar nahi karti , apne uska itna khayal raka , uski jaan bachayi , aur uske saath waqt betane se uska dil toh aapke taraf kicha chalegaya ...
Bhaiya '.Hume aapko chot pahochani ka maksad nahi tha ( how was RAdhika not suppose to fall in love with you ? you saved her life , you took care of her , you made her get close to you unknowingly and she fell in love with you .Im not telling you all this to make you feel bad but )

Dev: Nahi Birju '.Acha kiya ke tumne muhje yeh sab kaha 'his voice was heavy '.

Birju: Bhaiya ? App theek toh hain ?? Asking concernedly

Dev: Muhje bas thoda waqt akele rehna hai ( I want to spend some time alone ..)
Briju looked down and nodded ..
Dev looked at her payal letting few tears flicker down , yet he felt the love for her grow to no extend! He looks at her payal seriously yet with determination

".Aab mera pyar tumhari liye kahin guna hochuki hai'Mai tumhe  itna pyar doona ke who tum  sab daard bhooljao gi"'.HE said confidently '

Next Morning
Radhika was in the temple sitting in front of Kanha idol making flower garlands , she was lost in Devs thought , his eyes were speaking so much , The guilt , the pain '''the love '.She tightened her brows for a second looking at Kanha who just smiled at her 'Radhika thoughts kept drifting away to that night when she poured al her pain in front of him ..and this was very much needed , they did get engaged yet he had to know what was going on in her heart . She just hoped that  he didn't feel bad her telling him everything that was in her heart ..She takes a deep sign looking down filling the tread with marigolds. When Dev asked her if she loves him , she couldn't hold herself to tell him the pain that she endured when he refused to marry her and the fear that he would hurt her again '..but as she was thinking about it , she wondered if Dev had an objective asking her that question?  'She was certain it wasn't to hurt her again because he didn't know that he loved her 'She was staring at the Marigolds pensively  .She then remembered there outing around vridavaan and the Mela and smiled remembering Devs talks and  teasing . He cared so much for her and was giving her so much happiness unknowingly 'Somewhere in her heart she knew that Dev loves her too but because of that fear , she swept  that thought away but now she was realizing that what she first thought about Dev loving her was true ! Radhika purses her lips knowing that what her heart was telling her was right ! HE did love her ! . ..Slowly she remembered his eyes that spoke much more then words yesterday 'She looks up at Kanha and smiles feeling her heart  thumping uncontrollably remembering the love in his eyes ..'..A sweet smile came up her lips and when Dev whispered in her ears , she closed her eyes for a brief second feeling his closeness '..Her cheeks turned pink and smiles shyly 'Kanha saw this and felt very happy for Radhika that she was realizing that the feeling that Dev loves her was back !  He knew that because of the fear she lets that feeling hide somewhere in her heart , but he was glad that she was realizing that Devs loves her too 'Radhika had few tears of happiness flowing down , her heart started rejoicing again as she was recalling the moments she spent with Dev ..Her reflection was wrong! She was right but her inner insecurities stopped her ..but now she was sure that Dev loved her and asked her that question to be sure that she loves him , so he can tell her that he loves her too ''Radhika blushed harder couldn't look up at kanha who was smiling joyfully for her ..He wanted her to know that Dev loves her too and she is didn't need to have this fear anymore  '.After a while Radhika looks up at Kanha folding her hands to make everything clear for her ..

Dev and vivek went to the office , the whole day Devs thoughts would get drifted to Radhika , He couldn't  get his  mind on anything else 'He tried concentrating but Radikas smile and laugh, tears  would always come in his head   '.The whole day it was very difficult for Dev to concentrate on anything ..
In the evening at dinner time vivek told Dadima that Dev was missing Radhika very much ..Hearing this Dadima smiled seeing how much he loved her and couldn't even last one day without seeing her '
Dadima: don't worry tomorrow you will see his smile come back 'she said sweetly

Mrinalini : who kaise ??

Dadima: Mrinalni I talked about the engagement party for Radhika and Devs  right ??

M: Haan ..but that's in ''..suddenly her smile grew understanding

Vivek was still confused along with Birju

Vivek : I don't get it??

Dadima :Who Ranjiv ji ko 'Chanderpur jana tha for 1 week and half '.his niece is going to get married '.He wanted to take Radhika but she didn't feel like going 'So Vaishali asked Ranjiv if they could  take Radhika with them 'And he agreed 'She said excitedly 'Everything seemed going the way I wanted 'I asked Vaishali to bring Radhika along with them for few days and we didn't know how will she ask Ranjiv 'but then when he told Vaishali that he was going to his nieces wedding she quickly took the opportunity to ask him too take Radhika along with them until he comes back'.So I thought of throwing a party for there engagement  while Radhika is here 'lots of our family friends would love to meet our future Choti bahu 'she said proudly
Birju and vivek were so happy to hear this ..

Vivek: but Dadima '.is Radhika allowed to come to our house with getting married yet '

Dadima: shes like a daughter to us ..and nothing could stop a daughter to come to her own house ..'.and there's nothing wrong for her to stay with us for a week 'The wedding date isn't finalized yet'

Vivek smiled a nodded '

Birju: Dadima'aap Dev bhaiya ko batadejiye 'Because I think hes getting ready to go to Vridavaan 'he said worriedly

Dadima: KYA!! Lekin Radhika kal ari hai '.Nahi main jakar baat kar thi hoon 'she said worriedly

She opened the door and saw Dev packing few things , she was surprised to see Dev take such action
Dadima: dev ?? Yeh kya kara hai

Dev: Dadima 'I cant stay like this ..I decided to go to Vridavaan for few days..I cant live without Radhika , I need to see her , I need to hear her voice, I need to talk to her  'Warna main pagal hojaonga ...He said putting few clothes in a little suitcase ...'

Dadima: Dev '.I have to tell you something

Dev :no Dadima ..Please don't make me change my mind 'Im going to go meet Radhika  first thing in the morning and That's Final! ..

Dadima: theek hai 'chale jao 'but don't be surprised not to find her there ..she said teasingly

Dev frowns his brows worriedly and stops his packing

Dev: kyun Dadima ?? Kya hua ?? Radhika theek toh hai na?? he asked concernedly
( why dadima?? Is Radhika ok ??)

Dadima: Haan..Radhika bhilkul theek hai '..bas 'tuh jana chahtha hai na ..toh jale ja ..main nahi rokoungi .( Radhika is fine 'but if you want to go then go .I wont stop you ') .she said walking away
Dev quickly turns Dadima ,

Dev: Dadima ..tell me why are you saying that'.Dadima ..I know that smile 'your hiding something 'Dadima please tell me '

Dadima laughs teasingly seeing Dev being so impatient

Dadima frames his cheek tenderly

Dadima: Radhika is coming here tomorrow with your mom and dad '.she said beamingly '

Hearing this Dev eyes brightened up! He couldn't believe that Radhika was coming tomorrow'

Dev: Aaap saach kehri haina Dadima !?

Dadima: Haann ''.she starts telling him everything

Dev runs his fingers through his hair feeling his heart rejoice again , it started beating uncontrolably knowing that she will stay with them for a week 'It felt like all his excitement came back ..he will finally get the chance to tell her how much he loves her and hold her tightly in his arms  '

Dev: Thank you so much dadima..Your the best!! HE said giving her a hug 'We have to make sure that her room is the way it was before '.He  was walking out his room''' when he heard Dadima voice

Dadima: don't forget that we have to start the preparations for the party too.

Dev turns and smiles happily seeing Mrinalini come in his room shocked to see his suitcase opened ..

Dev: don't worry Dadima ..Mrinalini is her to take care of everything he said teasingly and rushed out the room

Mrinalini and Dadima both shook there head seeing Dev back to himself again '

Dev made sure that her room was the way it was when she left it ..He then thoughts of something '

The next morning everyone was preparing for Radhika arrival with Vaishali and Mr.Purohit , Mrinalni was ordering the house keepers to get the aarti taali , Dadima was walking out the mandir along with Birju 'Vivek was coming downstairs dressed in his office clothes ..He felt very happy seeing everyone preparing for Radhika arrival 'Suddenly they saw Vaishali and Mr.Purohit at the door with a beaming smile 'They all rushed towards the door  .The house keepers gathered behind the family there were also very anxious to see Radhika 'Dev was coming downstairs looking very fresh and handsome wearing a nice black shirt with a excited smile on hi lips 'his steps halted seeing radhika walking from behind Vaishali with much happiness on her face ..Dev couldn't take his eyes of the beauty in front of him , he felt his heart pasting really fast, he was yearning to see her so badly  'What was he suppose to say ?? Should he say he loves her ?? No 'not in front of everyone ..He takes a deep breath controlling his crazy heart 'Mrinalni did Radhika arti  and welcomed her in along with the other family members '.Radhika remembered the day she stepped out this house yet she felt so happy coming back ..This house gave her so much happiness that she was missing very much ..Meanwhile Dev stood near dadima gazing at his fiance lovingly yet with a boyish smile
Vaishali : Radhika 'we know that the bride inst suppose to go to her in laws house before Marriage , but your not only the future daughter in law but a daughter for us ..This is like your own home ,,she said sweetly Everyone agreed and were humbly welcoming her in ..Radhika felt so touched by such a warm welcome .She missed this house so much she made such lovely memories in this house. Also bad ones that she didn't want to think about '...She took Dadima blessings who blessed her with a long life filled with happiness '.

Slowly her gaze fell on Dev the person that her eyes were aching to see for 2 days  , she was gazing in Devs eyes and saw the same yearning 'dev wanted release everything he felt for her but restrained himself in front of everybody ..Radhika noticed what she was doing and looked down little shyly folding her hands like pranam ..Dev noticed this and simply gave  a nod folding his hand the same way yet had a little boyish smile played on his lips seeing her greet him this way ' ..This made her look away  and hug Mrinalini '.Dev tightened his brows lightly , he wished that he could of welcomed her the same way ..He felt little disturbed and makes a little disappointed face 'The house keepers were also very glad to see Radhika back for few days ..The whole family seemed more alive and beaming and excited  with Radhika back in the house ..

Dadima bought Radhika to the mandir along with Vaishali , Dev just looked on lovingly '

After everything settled down Radhika was sitting with Dadima having some tea and chatting away with the family members while Dev and Radhika kept shooting glances at each other 'Vivek got up and told Dev to come along to the office , he looked disappointed but didn't want to argue with vivek since he needed his help in the office 'Mrinalini also got ready to leave to work '.Mrinalni left hugging Radhika and vivek also was walking out the door reminding Radhika to take some rest 'Radhika smiled sweetly and nodded 'Dev was really in no mood to go to office ..

Dev :umm 'Bye Radhika '.

Radhika smiled back

R: bye 'yet she felt her heart beating so fast beneath her chest , she was feeling some kind of anxiousness to be with him '

Dadima saw his upset face and wanted to tease him

Dadima: dev ..tumhari Radhika kahin nahi Jahri 'Yahan ghar par hogi jab tuh ayega '
Vaishali laughed along with Birju 'But Radhika was surprised hearing this yet her heart was beating really fast 'She wondered if Dadima knew anything to say this '.Dev smiles impishly and bobbed his head cutely ..He gives one last look at his shy fiance , this made his heart beam and walked out with his coat ..
The Purohit members were so glad that Radhika was staying with them for few days , they felt the house was brighter with Radhika , everyone seemed more excited and happy 'Radhika was sitting with Vaishali and Dadima ..After few minutes Vaishali told RAdhika too take some rest  ..

Radhika went up in her room with much excitement , she opened  her door and saw her stuff already in the room'Probably Birju bought it up ..she thought 'Radhika walked in with a cute smile lingering on her face ..She saw her room exactly the way she left it ..There was a beautiful breeze penetrating in her room making her white curtains flow along 'She sat on her bed feeling the happiness in her heart to be back 'She then remembered she put the payals that Dev gifted her on her bed and looked down sadly .She wondered if Dev took them back ??
She then saw something on her side table ..her eyes widened up surprised and saw a beautiful picture frame of her and Dev together 'Her brows pulled up with a sweet smile 'It was the picture they took during the Vridavaan trip ..It was truly a lovely picture of both of them 'She held the picture frame in her hand stroking the picture unbelievably 'She wondered who put it in her room?? Maybe vivek bhaiya?? Mrinalni??''.She smiled shyly knowing it would be Dev 'She put the picture away nicely and stared unpacking keep looking at the picture with much shyness '

After a while Radhika felt like going in Devs room , she smiled little playfully and walked down the hall way and opened Devs door '.She felt butterflies in her tummy realizing that this would be there room soon. She blushed lightly and walked in there was a towel on his bed with few clothes on his chair 'She shakes her head and puts the towel away and arranges his clothes back in his wardrobe . She walked near the window but halted her feet's ! She saw a picture of her hanged on the wall! She was completely shocked . It was a beautiful picture framed in a lovely medium frame hanged right beside his picture 'She never remembered Dev taking this picture of her ?? She bites  her lower lips shyly  guessing that he took it while she wasn't looking 'On the picture she was smiling freely with few stands of her blowing, she had to admit that he took a beautiful picture of her  ' Her gaze went  on his picture which looked very handsome 'Her cheeks turned red and her heart was pasting anxiously not knowing what else to expect ! , she didn't know but as soon as she entered the house she was realizing more and more that Dev truly loves her '.She was walking backwards feeling startled  when she hit the dressing table and looked down seeing more pictures that had been developed , of her!! She goes through them feeling absolutely shocked yet a unbelievable smile was playing on her lips ..She never  realized him taking these pictures before ?? Her cheeks felt red knowing that he took pictures of her  without her knowing ! She sat on his bed feeling to shocked to see all this yet felt her heart jumping of joy! She recognized few pictures that he took of her in the garden but some were taken without her knowing !'Radhika was just overwhelmed by all this yet felt a beautiful feeling in her heart '


Dev was in the office not able to do anything , he was just too excited to know that Radhika was in his house ! Dev was going through some files boringly , he just felt like going to her and tell her how much he loves her and would never hurt her , he would only love her and give her all the happiness in the world 'He couldn't resist himself and called his house '

Birju picked up

B: hello??

Dev: Birju its me '.

B: Haan bhaiya ..kehye kya hua??

D: kuch nahi Birju '.umm'.What's Radhika doing ??
Birju looks towards the Mandir area and saw Radhika making flower garlands for decorations with Dadima sitting along fixing the temple area ..

B: Who ..phool ki mala banari hai 'Who kal samaro hai na ghar par ..uski tayari chalri hain 'Waise aapne phone kyun kiya ??

Dev heart was pasting ..should he talk to her now?

Birju heard Dadima calling him ..

B: Bhaiya hume dadima bhulari hain '.was there's something important you wanted to tell ?/

Dev: No its ok 'Ill see you at home ..

Dev hung up knowing that talking on the phone wont be a good idea , he then wondered if Radhika liked the picture he put in her room 'he smiled sweetly knowing that answer .


Dev and vivek came home form the office and saw everyone preparing for tomorrows engagement party , Dev eyes were only looking for Radhika 'Birju told him that she was busy with Mrinalini for tomorrows function . Dev felt sad , he couldn't even talk to her properly , he went in his room got freshen up  and changed into his white kurta pyjama .He came downstairs and saw her talking with one of the house keepers ..Radhika glanced at him and felt her cheek blushing , the pictures in his room keep coming in her head '.Dev saw this and gave a boyish smile and sat down 'Everyone were sitting talking about the preparations for tomorrow , Dev kept shooting loving glances at Radhika without anyone noticing except for her ..Radhika was trying to control her heart beat noticing this but just tried avoiding his gaze feeling too shy '

 Radhika was walking up in the hall way to get something for Mrinalini in her room ..She saw that it was dark yet the moon light brightened her room slightly and the window was opened with her curtains flowing lightly with the wind ..She came in and felt someone holding her arm and sticking her to the wall , she caught her breath and saw Dev closing her month not wanting her to scream ..She tightened her brows confusedly  , dev signalled her to keep quiet , he didn't want everyone rushing upstairs '.Radhika heart was pasting beneath her chest , gazing in his charming eyes ...Dev felt her breathing going  a little uneven feeling the tiny distance between them , he slowly removed his hand from her lips with his gaze stilled clued on hers affectionately 'Radhika gulps once felling him come closer washing his breath over her skin  and let her eyes drop when felt Dev lips near her ears and shivered lightly '

D: Radhika 'Meet me up on the terrace  ..he said softly yet loving ..
She opened her eyes  and felt his hand releasing her arms  'She saw him walk away with a impish yet loving smile ..Radhika looked on feeling her cheek turn crimson red and her heart pounding anxiously  ..She bites her lower lips holding her pendant tightly looking down ..'Why did Dev call her up on the terrace? Her smile grew more shyly knowing the answer ..

Everyone went to rest after all the preparations for tomorrow  but before Dadima made it clear that no one will go to work tomorrow . Dev was beaming knowing that he will have more time with Radhika '

Radhika went to the terrace feeling butterflies in her tummy , she saw Dev standing with his arms crossed enjoying the beautiful night his hair blowing lightly with the wind . He turned around and saw Radhika walking towards him with her lower gaze turning the edge of her duppata ..Dev smiles  seeing this and walks towards her ..He couldn't stop gazing at his adoring fiance who just stood there anxiously yet shy ..He slowly calls her to get her attention ..

D: Radhika ?

Radhika looks up unsurely and met his comfort loving gaze , held her hands sweetly '

Dev: Radhika 'I ..I didn't know you loved me so much ..he said gazing in his eyes guiltily ''I thought you realized you loved me after you left the house 'but when you told me that you always loved me 'I was absolutely shocked ..I couldn't believe I was so blind 'I couldn't believe that I gave you so much pain ..Not once Radhika ..but Twice! He looked down regretfully 'But believe me Radhika ..I didn't mean to hurt you in anyway 'his voice started feeling heavy remembering the day when she heard everything ''I 'didn't know you loved me '.but if I hurt you unknowingly ..I'm really sorry 'He said gazing in her eyes with much sincerity .'..I took you as a friend but somewhere down my heart there was love for you but '..Radhika looked on feeling her eyes turn moist '.I was scared that I'm doing something wrong 'He said looking at the open night breezing away 'He takes a deep sigh  and holds her arms looking at her painfully 'Radhika '.I know after I refused to marry you '..your heart completely shattered  and cried all night '.He said feeling his throat becoming lumpy ''.you had a fear in your heart 'that ..I will break it again and that's why would try to avoid me that day 'but now I understand why you were doing this '.saying this his eyes turned watery ..Radhika looks down with few tears flowing down ' Radhika 'I promise you I will never break your heart ever again '.Seeing you bare with that burden will hurt me for the rest of my life ..I want you to take that fear out your heart forever ..yeh daar hamesha tumhari dil se nikaldo 'His voice became little ordering ...Radhika wondered her teary eyes on his anxiously '.Dev cups her right cheek lovingly 'Radhika felt light shivers running down spine and closed her eyes briefly and slowly opened them finding his affectionate gaze speaking for themselves ..Radhika gulps keeping gazing I his eyes '. '.Radhika '.jab tum yahan se chalagayi thi 'toh ..muhje ehsaas hoga tha 'ke main 'ek pal karliye tumhare bina nahi jee saktha 'the love that was hidden deep inside my heart was blossoming Radhika 'it only yearned for you '.only you ...'He bought his face closer to her , she slowly held her face low and drops her eye lids  feeling  his fore head leaning on hers there face was few centimetres away ..Radhika had few tears of happiness flowing down
'.I love you Radhika '.I love you so much 'he said with much love and confidence '.Radhika pursed her lips tears of joy rolling down , her heart was beaming g it felt like a  splashed  of water  aroused a dry desert ..She never felt such happiness in her life before 'her heart felt much more lighter , it felt like she got all the happiness in the world just by these 3 words that was fluttering her heart '..Main tumahre bina nahi jee paonga Radhika 'tum meri zindagi ho , tum meri rhom rhom main baschuki ho( I cant live without you Radhika're my like , your scarred  in my heart and soul  ..he said with much love 'Tumhare bina ..main bhlikul adhoora hoon Radhika'Khabhi muhje chorke maat jana ..( im incomplete without you Radhika , Don't ever leave me again ')  'Dev closed his eyes letting few tears roll down not wanting to bear the pain of separation '.Maat jana ( don't go )  '..Radhika nodded her head  yet tears kept flowing'..Dev opened his eyes and saw her teary eyes yet there were beaming ..He smiles light and wipes them with his thumb lovingly ..feeling this Radhika smiled shyly yet teary ..He couldn't hold himself and embraced her with all his heart 'Radhika rested her head on his chest with one had resting along and the other around him ..She felt the  same comfort and protection in his arms that no one else could give her ..except for him'Dev hugged  her tightly and closed his eyes feeling her closeness ..He was aching to hold her in his arms and never wanted to let her go ..Ever!! She was his and only his! She had to bare so much pain because of him ..but not anymore , he will fill her life with so much happiness that she will forget that pain and  only see her beautiful smile '

He tightened his arms around her slim waist and back 'Radhika heart throbbed feeling this and snuggled in his arms feeling on cloud nice ..She knew that he loved her and hearing it from his lips made her heart in solace ..It felt like all her worry vanished way only love was over taking her heart 'She still had few tears of happiness flowing down felt like a dream ..but it was reality!
The moon and stars were witnessing this lovely moment , a beautiful breeze passed by  being a part of there togetherness 'After a while ..Radhika opened her eyes  wondering on the trees and the flowers who were swaying away happily 'Radhika gulps once and  smiles shyly seeing the position they were in for a very long time ..Dev felt Radhika stir lightly in his arms and opens his eyes  , he smiles and loosened  his arm from her body and moves back a little .He saw Radhika looking down shyly his smiles grew seeing this she looked so beautiful when she would get shy 'He held her chin making her look in his eyes'Radhika heart was pasting so fast that it got hard for her to control '

Dev: radhika '.I wanted to tell you this on the day of our  engagement ..and wanted to know what you felt for me before I say it 'but I didn't know that you loved me so much ..
Radhika looked on in his eyes

R: Did you feel bad when I told you all that 'I didn't mean to make feel guilty of anything 'This was in my heart for a very long time ..and I couldn't hold it in anymore 'she felt her throat going lumpy

D: No Radhika 'if you have never told me ..I would have never known how much pain you had to go through 'And who would you tell your pain too 'Im your fianc and I don't want you to hide anything in your heart from me ..You just blurt out anything you want to me and I wont feel bad Agar tum yeh muhje nahi kahoge toh kise kahogi ?? 'I will always be there for you, if you have anything in your heart that's bothering you just  tell me and I will be there to listen to you and sooth your pain .. ..'.he said cupping her cheeks sweetly''
Radhika felt  very touched and smiled with few tears flickering down

D: Radhika 'I never want you to think that Im going o break your heart again '.I will never dare hurting my love again 'Never 'he said with much determination '.I want to give you all the happiness in the world Radhika and shower with all the love I have for you '.He said emotionally '..You're the first girl I ever felt this way ..I always had love for you down my heart and it blossomed when I realized how much you meant for me 'Radika started breathing unevenly feeling his lips coming closer to her,  ..I love you Radhika '.I love you so much '.There hearts thumping anxiously as they felt no space between them ..Dev came closer and slowly  placed a kiss  her left cheek lovingly ..Radhika breathing halted feeling his lips on her skin , her cheeks were blushing deeply , a new feeling was arousing her heart 'She didn't know what it was but she had to admit it was a beautiful feeling 'Dev  smiled sweetly seeing her dimple , he knew that she must have a shy smile on her face 'He slowly nibbled her ears making her gasp lightly  , releasing his hand on her cheeks to her arms , caressing it affectionately  'Radhika gulps feeling this leaving her eyes closed her hand were resting on his chest side and slightly clutched on his kurta 'Dev felt this and placed another kiss on her jaws , he felt Radhika shiver lightly and was breathing unevenly '.He was beaming seeing this he just loved the reaction he was getting from her .A little mischievous smile played on his lips and brushed his lips on her jaws moving near her lips '..Radhika felt this and slowly opened her eyes blushingly , she could feel her heart pasting anxiously 'She felt his breath dropping on her lips yearning to feel them ..Radhika felt to shy and walked away ..Dev caught her wrist  with a naughty smile  ..Radhika heart was pasting uncontrolably ,she was blushing to much to look at him but his grip got her attention and saw his playful smile ..Radhika smiled shyly trying to get herself released as he was pulling her closer 'she never saw this from Dev but she loved the way he was teasing her 'Dev got her close to him again and smiled jubilantly gazing at her lovingly .. Radhika looked down shyly knowing what he wanted from her ''He slowly remembered something, he kissed her wrist " I have something for you "  he went  down kneeling in a proposal position , Radhika was surprised seeing this but then smiled  beamingly seeing Dev taking out the payals 'He smiled lovingly and took her feet and deposed it on his leg , Radhika was blushing deeply yet lifted shalwar a little so he can put the payal around her ankles, Radhika was gazing at Dev lovingly as he was putting on the pyals around her with much love ..He didn't the same with the other leg with much affection , he slowly looks up and sees Radhika adoring gaze ..He smiled mischievously and kissed her ankle were the pyal was securely on 'Feeling this this Radhika heart skipped a beat and she quickly moved her feet away blushingly 'Dev laughed inwardly and got up seeing her rosy cheeks and shy  smile '.She glanced at Dev once and ran from there feeling to shy to face him '.Her heart was just thumping so fast with much love and anxiousness '.Seeing this Dev runs his fingers through this hair feeling the calming wind swirl around him 'He juts watched Radhika going inside , his smile grew knowing how shy she must be feeling ..but this was just the beginning of his love ..He still has much more to give her!

Radhika went in her room and closed the door leaning against it feeling her heart beating so fast , she could stop thinking about Dev! She touched her cheeks still feeling the beautiful feeling of being kissed ..A sweet shy smile was playing on her lips 'Knowing that Dev loved her very much and always will! ..Radhika held her pendant tightly and sat on her bed with a shy smile playing on her lips 'and hid her face in the pillow shyly remembering Devs kisses ,the way he put the payals around her ankles '.And when he admitted his love ! RAdhika never blushed so much in her life before she felt on cloud nine .. Her heart was finally at peace ..What she always wanted she got it 'She slowly looks at Kanha picture and Thanked him from the bottom of her heart ! Kanha was very happy to see Radhika and Dev reunite as lovers ..
The night passed by very smoothly making Dev and Radhika feel more in love and feel a new  fresh start of there relationship .

Hey guys !! thank you so much for the lovely comments Big smile I really appreciate you guys taking time to read my FF...Hug And a very warm welcome to my new readers Hug..I hope you guys will like the upcoming updates ! Big smileI know some parts would be boring especially when theres not a lot of RAdev scenes Embarrassed..But now the wait is over...They both know that they love each other and admitted it ...So nothing to hide anymore ...Next its there engagement party so hope you guys will like it .Embarrassed. Will they be any RAdev scenes ?? YES! There will be Embarrassed
Soo stay tuned Wink
Take care you guys Hug

Dev felt someone petit and slim under him Unknowingly his hand was around her exposed waist 'Radhika breathing went uneven feeling Dev crushing into her body with his hand around skin .'Dev face landed near her neck side his heart was pasting uncontrollably seeing such flawless skin ,  a urge to feel her skin was rising within him  , Radhika shivered feeling his lips brushing against her skin pleasurably and closed her eyes 'Dev felt Radhika chest rising unevenly as he was brushing his lips on her skin making his way to her jaws and cheeks lovingly  'Radhika gulps holding his bare arms tightly not able to control the tension in her body ..Dev heard Radhika gasp when he nibbled  on her ears huskily '

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thanks billo loved it!

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