Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 61)

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thanku so much . its really good .please update the next part soon.

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 PArt 25
Radhika changed into a green shalwar kammez looking fresh after having a bath after such amusing day …She was boiling some water for tea , she was gazing at nothing as Devs words keep coming in her head

R: woh kaise ??

D: with your beautiful smile …he said lovingly gazing in her surprised eyes …Radhika …your happiness means so much for me ..and I never want your smile to fade away ….Keep smiling the way you away you do and this will mean the whole world for me …He said with much affection  in his voice ..

She was working mechanically without noticing what she was doing , she put the chai paati and just stood there lost in her thoughts , Unknowingly her fingers touched the hot pot making her some back to reality , she quickly blows on her fingers and slowly her thoughts shifted to Dev putting ointment on her fingers when she got burn….A cute shy smile came up her lips as she was  thinking about the sweet times when she spent with Dev .

…She heard Ranjiv chacha coming in and bought some tea for him , after few chit chats about the mela with Ranjiv chacha she went in her room …She closed her door and walked towards her window feeling a fresh breeze penetrate in her room shamefully , a smile came up her lips , she felt her heart beaming inside after hearing Devs words ….Is this really what's she's thinking?? His words sounded to loving and sweet ….The noticed that since yesterday Dev was acting more opened with her , the way he was looking at her , his smile , his tease ,his closeness  everything seemed different yet she was liking it very much , She had a beautiful smile on her lips as the images of Dev was  coming in front of her eyes …Was Dev  trying to give her a indirect message?? Was he …she felt her cheeks turn pink thinking that Dev was in love with her …..She bits her lower lips shyly and walks near her bed feeling her heart pasting fast just by thinking about him , the way he hugged her , his eyes and smile spoke volume ..…Her gaze fell on Kanha idol on her side table with a flower garland around him and with a candle lit in front …

R: Kanha …?? Kya Dev …muhjse …pyaar….. She felt to shy too ask Kanha this question and looked away feeling her heart jump of joy and her cheeks turning  fully shy  , she realized how close Dev got to her today , when Dev sat on the ferrous wheel with her he closed the distance between them , when they were walking together there arms would brush together , and when he whispered in her ears near the ghat  . Radhika started blushing she couldn't believe that he came so close to her and that on purpose .…..Suddenly she heard someone calling her …."Radhika ??" she frowns her brows and saw her reflection in the mirror , her shy smile faded away as she started  at her reflection confusedly…

Radhika reflection : Radhika?? Tum itna khush kyun hori ho ?? Sirf isliye kyun ke Dev ne tumhe kuch mithe baatein kehdiye aur tum yeh sochrahi ho ke who tum se pyar kartha hai? …the reflection smirked mockingly .…..Who tumse pyar kyun kare ga ?? Hmm?? Yaad hai…who din jab unse tumse rishtha karne se inkaar kardiya …….( Radhika ?? Why are you so happy ?? Just because he talked sweet and lovingly your thinking that he loves you ?? ….the refection smirked mockingly ….why would he love you ?? Remember the day he refused to marry you…)

Radhika eyes widened up feeing shocked , her body shuddered in pain and looked at her reflection with tears forming in her eyes …in a second all the lovely thoughts about Dev disappeared

Radhika Reflection: Dev kisi aur se shaddi karna chatha tha…Yaad hai ?? Aur us din usne tuhne kitna daard diya tha,,,,,Kya tum yeh chathi ho ke who phirse tumhara dil thorde ??( dev wanted to marry someone else ..remember?? And that day he gave you so much pain …Do you want him to do the same again??) ..she asked angrily
Radhika quickly shook her head feeling few tears roll down

R: Nahi ….shaking her head  terrified

Radhika reflection: Toh tum kyun sochrahi ho ke Dev tumse pyaar kartha hai ??…..( then why are you thinking that dev loves you ??)
Radhika swallows the lump in her throat talking the courage to talk to her reflection

R: Kyun ke …who mera saath alag tarika se barthav kare hain …Maine deka hai ..unki aankon main ,..jaise ….jaise kuch hai …unki annkon Kuch batari hain muhje ….who mera bouhut khayal rak the hain , unhe mere fikar hai , ..aur kal se …who mere paas ane ki khoshish kare hain , Aur unka paas ana mera dil ko majorboor kara hai …ke main unki kichi chaali jaoun ….( because ….hes behaving differently with me …I saw something in his eyes …as if there trying to tell me something ..He takes care of me very nicely , he cares about me …and since yesterday …he tried coming closer to me as he was aching to be with me ..and this makes me helpless and makes me get pulled towards him …)

Radhika refection : Lekin jab tum unki ghar main rehthi thi , who toh tumhari paas toh rehtha tha ..lekin uski Bawa jood  ..usne tumse pyar nahi Kiya , tumhara khayal raka aur kuch baar tumhare pass bhi aya tha , kuch miti baatein bhi ki …lekin who tumhe sirf apni dost mana  hai aur kuch nahi …( But when you used to stay with the Purohit both did get close yet he didn't love you, he did take care of you , you guys did come close , he used to talk sweetly but he only sees you as his friends ..) …she said proving her point …
Radhika had tears coming down her eyes , her throat felt lumpy hearing her reflections thoughts that seemed true…

R: Lekin …unki aankon main maine …pyar deka hai …aur …(but….I saw ….love his eyes…and ..)
Radhika reflection : Radhika ! Tumhe yaad hai jab tumhe laga ke Dev bhi tumse pyar kart hat tha …Yeh ehsaas tumne apni dil main jagayi …ke who tumse pyaar kartha hai …lekin aanth main kya hua ?? Usne tumse rishtha jodne se inkaar karliya …..Her refection sounded very angry ….Dev ko phirse galat maat samajna Radhika …warna bohut pashtaogi ! ( Radhika! Remember when you thought that Dev loves you and  raised those feelings in your heart  but what happened in the end?? He refused to marry you ….Her reflection sounded very angry ….Don't take Dev wrong again …or else your going to regret it !)

Radhika pursed her lips painfully remembering that day when he refused the proposal for her , letting few tears roll down feeling her heart crushing hearing this …

Radhika reflection: kya tum yeh galthi phirse karogi ….tumhare dil main wohi ehsaas jagani ki ke  Dev tumse pyaar kartha hai …Bolo Radhika …Agar tum yeh karogi ..toh yeh saab tumpar bohut bahri pare ga Bohut bahri …Tum pouri tara se toot jaogi!  …. Radhika ?? Kya tum apne dil ko phirse thorne doogi …Kya tum who daard phirse baardaash karpaogi??( are you going to do this mistake again…are you going to raise those feelings that Dev loves you ?? Tell me Radhika?? ..If you do this you will regret it …Your going to shatter again !……..Radhika are you going to let your heart break again?? Are you going to be able do endure that pain again??  )   She asked raising her voice ……BOLO ?? Jawaab do??..( tell me Radhika!!)
Radhika started crying shaking her head , feeling terrified by this thought ..She shut her eyes and blocked her ears hearing her reflections curt words and started shaking her head ……

R: NAHI !!! …she said falling on the floor resting her forearms on the bed crying digging her head in her arm …Nahi …muhje yeh daard phrise nahi bardash hoga ..nahi hoga …she said weepingly letting her tears roll down as the pain started reflecting in  her heart …Main apna dil ko phirse tootne nahi desakthi …Nahi desakthi ...she said shaking her head lightly in her arm sobbing remembering that painful moment, …..Agar …unhone muhje …..phirse ……She cried letting the fear of rejection warp around her thoughts , her heart pained her badly thinking about all this , the little hope that she had about Dev loving her got covered with her fear …Radhika cried for a while fearing her heart to brake into pieces again , she wouldn't bare this pain again , the first time she managed to control herself but this time if Dev says something that might hurt her , she will completely shatter , tears kept rolling down her eyes ……She rested her head on her upper arm looking outside at the trees swaying away , unknowingly a tear roll down her eyes , she flickered her lashes and sat up straight wiping her tears ….She had a gloomy face fearing the unknown to happen again ..She looked at Kanha Idol who watched Radhika cry the whole way through feeling sad for her ….

R: nahi …Kanha…main apne dil ko ph ……phirse……… tootne nahi do….doongi ..cha…chahe kuch bhi ho …Mera ….dil… yeh.. phrise bar……bardaash nahi kar ….paye ga …..her voice broke weepingly ..Muhje himath dena Kanha…Himath Dena ..she said folding her hands asking the lord to help her ….

Radhika just sat on the floor leaning again her mattress , holding her pendant tightly looking outside at the dark might pensively …


Dev was in his room smiling happily wearing his white Kurtha pyjama standing against the window ..Looking outside at the fresh night that seemed very warm …

Suddenly he hears Dadimas voice ….

Dadima: dev ??

He swiftly turns around and give Dadima a beaming smile

Dev: Jee dadima ??
Dadima noticed Dev looking very happy after spending time with Radhika and this made her heart smile along ..

Dadima:  Muhje tumse kuch baat karni thi …..she said slowly ….Come sit ….

Dev smiles but felt a little confused , he sat on the bed beside Dadima and saw some kind of  excitement in smile
Dev: Kya hua Dadima ?? Aap itne Khush lagri hai ?? He asked beaming a smile

Dadima nods  cutely

Dadima: Haan main bohut khush hoon …Bohut khsuh …

Dev: who kyun?? He asked amused ..

Dadima held his chin affectionately and smiled happily ..

Dadima: kyun ki …Humne yeh faisla karliya…ke hum Radhika ko hi is ghar ki choti bahu banaye ge …she said tenderly yet beamingly ( because we decided that …we will make Radhika you wife ..)

Dev eyes widened up surprised , and unbelievable smile came on his lips as she said those words , He knew that the family always wanted Radhika as their Choti bahu  and  want her for his wife …His heart started pasting as the words kept running in his head …Was he really going to marry Radhika?? Was she going to become his wife ?? His heart was pasting faster thinking that Radhika will becoming his wife ..She will belong to him and no one else ..

Dev: Dadima?? Aap saach kehri hain na ?? he asked unbelievably

Dadima laughs happily seeing Dev like this

Dadima : HAAn main saach kehri hoon …..Tuhje koi etraaz toh nahi hai na ?? she asked warily  , she didn't want him to deny like the other time …But she knew that he was very much in love with Radhika and happily agree to this ..

Dev: nahi  dadima ..muhje koi etraaz nahi ….Muhje etraaz kyun hoga ??( no Dadima I don't mind …but why would I mind??).he said trying to cover his excitement but was really hard for him

Dadima pulls his ears and Dev makes a painful face …OWWW

Dadima: AREEE pagle ….Tujhje yaad hai …jab tumne Radhika se shaddi se mana kardiya …aur tuh kehra hai ke tuhje etraaz kyun hoga ?? Hun ??
( You don't remember when you refused to marry Radhika and your saying why would you mind??)  She said releasing his ears little angrily
Dev smile reduced when he remembered that day  and looked down guiltily , his whole family were trying to convince him but he didn't listen …

Dev: Dadima ….aap sab sahi kehre the …ke muhje Radhika jaise ladhki kabhi nahi mil sakthi  ,..Lekin pata nahi..muhje uswaqt kya hoga …Dadima muhje pata hai …ke jobi faisla aap log kareinge ..meri bhalay karilye kareinge..He said smiling a bit .. ….Aur Main yeh rishta se bouhut khush hoon Dadima ... main jaantha hoon …ke Radhika muhje hamesha khush rake gi , aur is ghar karliye bohut achi Cbhot bahu banegi
( Dadima you guys were right ….I will never find a girl like Radhika …but I didn't know what happened to me that time ….Dadima ..I know that any decision you guys are going to take for me will be for my best And Im very happy with this rishta ..because I know Radhika will always keep me happy and she will be the ideal small daughter in law )

Dadima was so very glad to hear this but what touched her the most was what Dev said after
 D: Who muhje bohut achi tarah se samajthi hai , Maine khabhie aisa mehsoos nahi kiya jaise main Radhika karliye kartha hoon ……Dadima….he looked down for a brief second a looked back at Dadima ……I love her very much Dadima ….Main uske bina ….jee nahi paonga Dadima ….he said looking in Dadima eyes with much sincerity  yet pain ….Dadima…I always had something for her …but it was hidden somewhere inside my heart …but I realised how much I needed her and how much I loved her when she was far from me ….He said looking down sadly ….I don't want to loose her again Dadima ….I want to make her mines , I want to Marry her …..And I will ….he said looking at Dadima with confident

Dadima saw this and smiled happily yet tenderly …
Dadima: Tuh use itna pyar kartha hai Dev??

Dev: Dadima …main Radhika karliye …meri jaan bhi desaktha hoon …his voice was very serious

Dadima eyes widened up seeing such madness love …but smiled seeing her grandson really in love with Radhika and this made her heart beam

Dadima: Dev …tumhari Shaddi Radhika se zaror hogi ….she said assuring Dev…..Hum kaal Ranjiv ke ghar jayein ge …Radhika ka haath maagne ….Maine sab tayari karli thi yahan pehle se ane …She said cutely ….( Dev you will surely get married to Radhika …Tomorrow we will go ask for Radhika hand…I prepared every thing before ..)

Dev grins happily and hugs Dadima …

Dev: Thank you Dadima ….Thank you so much …..Aapne muhje bouhut khushi di Dadima ..bohut khushi .

He moved back feeling Dadima holding his chin and kissed his forhead tenderly …

Dadima: Hum hamesha chathe the ke Radhika humari ghar ki Choti bahu bane …And today when you accepted this …its feel a huge relief for us ….We know that Radhika is perfect for you …She will always keep you happy and you will keep her happy …she said tenderly ……

Dev smiles cutely and rested his head on Dadima lap while she folded his hair warmly …

Dev: Dadima……Kya Radhika is Shaddi ko…..He got up looking at Dadima little worriedly ……Then her flashes came in his head of the day he spent with her and the Vridavaan outing they had ….It was obvious that Radhika did have feelings for him ..and wont reject this proposal ….

Dadima: Kya Radhika is shaddi ko swikar karigi ….she said finishing Devs sentence

Dev: Never mind Dadima ….I know the answer ….he said looking away little shyly ..

Dadima getting amused by this …

Dadima: If you knew the answer then why did you ask??

Dev looks down impishly

Dadima: Dev …Main Jaan thi hoon …ke Radhika tumse pyar karthi hai …Aur who yeh rishtha ko zarror suikar karigi …she tailed of confidently yet excitedly ..

Dev grins cutely hearing this ..

Dev: Par ..dadima aapko …

Dadima: Dev …Dadima hoon teri , mere baal doop main safair nahi hue …she said teasingly ..

Dev laughs boyishly

Dev: Dadima …Maine Radhika ke ankoon main ..pyar deka…..Pata nahi kaab hum payr ko izhaar kareinge ..he aid pursing his lips upset ….Main uski dil ki baat suna hai Dadima ( Dadima I saw love in her eyes ..Don't know when we will admit it to each other ) ..I will feel more relax hearing what she feels about me …he said smiling sweetly yet loving …

Dadima: Fiquar maat kar ..Kal tuh Radhika se jo bhi kehna chatha hai kehdena ..Hmm??

Dev nods with a tinge of shyness in his smile
Dev: jee dadima …Maine uski dil ki baat jaana chatha hoon …just to make sure …he said giving dadima a wink …

Dadima laughs hitting him lightly on his arm..

Dadima: Baadmash ! ……..and I know what you did today …

Dev: Kya ??
Dadima:  you made Mrinalini , Vivek and Birju run off so you can spend more time with Radhika ..hun?? She said teasingly

Dev : Aur kya kar tha dadima ..I wanted to spent much time with Radhika , and we had so much fun Dadima ..I never saw Radhika so excited and happy before ….She was acting like a little kid with so much innocence and excitement …he takes a deep loving sigh as the flash of the mela came in front of his eyes ….she looked beautiful , never in my life dadima ..I ever met a girl like Radhika ..and I wont let her go that easily this time ……He said confidently …
 Dadima smiles seeing Dev determanation

Dadima: sahi kehra hai tuh …Radhika lakon main ek hai ..aur who teri hone wali hai ..Hmmm??Dev nods and gets up with Dadima …..Come lets go and tell everyone your answer ….

Dev was ready to get  teased by Birju , Mrinalini and Vivek but felt nice knowing that the family would get so  happy hearing his answer …

He walked downstairs with Dadima and she announced the news to everyone , they  all had a beaming smile on their face and hugs Dev feeling very glad that he accepted , the night was followed by much happiness , laughter  and Birju teasing ….

After a while Dev went up in his room an laid down on his bed thinking about Radhika ….He was wondering if she started loving him when she came to Vridavaaan , just like him , she realized how much she loved him and that's why she hugged him in the ghat the day he came to vridavaan …Just by thinking about Radhika loving him,  his heart started pasting anxiously to see her , to hug her in his arms tightly and to never let her go …He wants to shower all his love on her and give her much happiness that she deserves , she had a very though life but he wants her life to be bright and colourful …He never wants to see her in pain ever again and never wants to give her pain like he already did …….He took a deep sigh and closed his eyes thinking about Radhika .

The next day the Purohit were getting ready to go to Ranjiv house to ask for Radhikas hand ..The whole family were so excited …

Mrinalini: Dadima …don't forget the lengha we packed for Radhika …and the jewellery

Dadima: Haan hann we have everything ….Birju yeh samaan ghari main rakde …

Vaishali was fixing her pallu over her head , while Mr.Purohit was walking out fixing his shawl …

Vaishali: Maaji hum tayar hain …chaliye …she said hurriedly

Dadima: Haan Bahu  ….

They heard dev coming downstairs looking very fresh in his white chemise with nice black pants along with his charming smile

Dev: Dadima Im ready ..he said beamingly

Dadima: where do you think your going??

Dev: With you guys ..he said cutely

Dadima: no Dev ..its only me your mom and Dad …you guys are staying home

Dev: but why ?? He said disappointedly

Dadima: Because its only me , your mom and you dad that will go …Dev you will have to stay home  with Mrinalini and Vivek ….

Dev: and what about briju ??

Dadima: hes coming with us …he will drive us …

Dev: but I could drive you guys too …he said trying to convince Dadima ..please dadima ..let me go ..

MR.Purohit : Dev….MA kehri hai na ..tuh baat suna karo …

Dev looks away upset

Dadima holds his chin affectionately ..

Dadima: Dev ….Main jaan thi hoon tum Radhika ka jawab suna chahtha hai ..aur tum use milna chatha hai …Lekin aaj raat ko hum sab Bihari Mandir Jharkhand ..tumhari sagai karane …Yesterday during the Mela your father spoke to the priest …( I know that you want to hear Radhika answer ..and want to meet her ..but today we are all going to the mandir for your engagement …)

Dev :Saach ??

Dadima smiles and nods her head ..

Dev: app saab ne  kuch pehle se hi plan karliya ..aur muhje kuch pata hi nahi?? He asked shock

They all started laughing hearing this

Vaishali : Haan …When we saw your interaction with Radhika ..we knew that there must be something going on in your heart we decided to do the preparations …She said sweetly ..
 Suddenly they heard Birju ..

Birju: Dadima …Hume sab kuch rakdiya …he said happily ..

Dadima: Haan chalo Bahu …

Dev watched them leave little disappointedly ….

Mrinalini : Don't feel bad dev… hopefully Ranjiv chacha will accept this proposal and  tonight you could  meet your beautiful princess…She said teasingly …

Dev smiles little shyly and nods his head …Mrinalni and vivek saw this and started laughing seeing him blush lightly …

At Ranjiv house Dadima was seated along with Vaishali and Mr.Purohit talking to Ranjiv who felt really happy seeing them over yet he was feeling little worried if there was anything wrong …

Ranjiv : Purohit ji …sab kuch theek toh haina??

Radhika came out the kitchen with some snacks and tea , she put it on the middle table serving the elsers with a cute smile on her face , she was so happy to see the Purohit over but wondered why the others didn't come??

R: Dadima …sab kahan hain ?? Who nahi aye ?? She asked little disappointedly

Dadima: Nahi beta ….who ..kuch kaam tha ghar par …

Radhika smiles understandingly  and gave a cup of tea to Birju who was standing up beside the wooden chair …

R: Umm Bhaiya …aap betiye na( umm Birju …sit down ..)  ….she said trying to make everyone comfortable

B: nahi nahi Radhika ji …hum theek hain …he said assuring …

R: Dadima ….I had something for Mrinalini …Ill just go and get it ….

They smiled seeing Radhika , they all pictured Radhika being there choti bahu  of there house …

Mr.Purohit turns to Ranjiv and starts bringing up the proposal ..

Mr.Purohit: Ranjiv , hum ..Radhika ka haath mangne aye hain …..

Ranjiv was surprised hearing this

Ranjiv: Jee??

Dadima: Haan Ranjiv ..Hum chathe hain ke Radhika Dev ki patni bane …( We want to make Radhika devs wife ,)

Radhika was walking out her room when her feet's halted hearing this , her heart skip a beat her breathing became uneven , her eyes were completely shocked ! She walks backwards in her room andhit the wall light and  stood near the door  hearing the elders conversation …She started getting tensed with this not knowing how to react …her heart was beaming yet still couldn't believe it !

Ranjiv started having tears in his eyes , he couldn't believe that the Purohit wanted to make Radhika there choti bahu …In that in a such good and loving  family …He folded his hands in front of Mr.Purohit not knowing how to thank him enough to accept Radhika as there choti bahu …His eyes were filled with gratitude , he knew that if Shastriji and Devki were here they would have been so happy with this rishta and he will surely agree to this …

Unknowingly few tears of happiness formed in her eyes …She held the border of the door   anxiously …she hid herself a little so no one could see her, her heart was jumping of joy!! Is she really going to become Devs wife?? She bit her lower lips shyly , her cheeks turned pink , its felt like a new happiness was arousing her heart …

Ranjiv: Main kis shabd main …aapka shukriya ada karron ….main Radhika karliye ise acha rishta  nahi mil saktha tha …He had tears of happiness rolling down  ( in which words can I thank you ..I couldn't find a better proposal for Radhika ..)

Mr.Purohit stops Ranjv to fold his hands , Dadima and Vaishali also started getting  tears in there eyes

MrPurohit: yeh kya karein hain Ranjiv …Hume toh Radhika ko humari beti mana hai …Aur hum hamesha chathe the ke Radhika humari ghar ki choti bahu bane ….Hum jaanthe hain …ke Radhika ke babuji is duniya main nahi hain ..aur uski Maa is waqt yahan nahi hai …..hum sirf aapke paas asakthe hain ..Radhika ka haath mangne ….App ne Radhika ko bare hote hua deka …aap hi use kareeb rishthe daar hain ..Radhika ka aur koi aur nahi hai …sirf app hain …( what are you doing Ranjiv….We considered Radhika as our own daughter  and we always wanted Radhika to become the youngest daughter in law of our house ….We know that Radhika father is no more …and her mother is not here for the time being …so you're the only one we could come to for Radhikas hand )

Dadima: Ranjiv …apko koi etraaz toh nahi hai na ??

Ranjiv: Hume kya etraaz hosathi ..itne ache ghar jaye gi Radhika ..jahan sab use bouhut pyar aur samaan deinge ….Lekin ….Dev babu …se baat ki ??he said warily ..

Radhika held her pendant tightly terrified to hear the answer, her face turned pale  …Did they ask him first or they wanted to ask her first ?? Her heart was thumping rapidly beneath her chest nervously  ….She looked on pursing her lips worriedly

Dadima smiled happily

Dadima: Haan baat ki …Usne haan kehdi …she said excitedly
Ranjiv felt a relief and smiled …

Dadima: Agar ..apko bura nahi lage ..kya main Radhika se baat Kara akthi hoon ..

Ranjiv smiled beaming

Ranjiv: Areee hume kyun boura lage ga …avashiyya

Radhika frowns her brows , she loosen her gip on her pendant feeling  astound …She wasn't expecting this at all!! . Dev ne haan kehdi ?? She thought , she kept her gaze on the floor pensively …Suddenly she heard Dadima voice making her startle , she quickly wiped few tears and turned around swiftly not wanting Dadima to notice that she was listening …

Dadima smiles seeing radhika standing near the bed …with her back towards her ..

Dadima: Radhika?

Radhika turns around and managed to smile to Dadima yet she noticed Radhika folding the edge of her duppata nervously

Dadima: Yahan baito , she said sitting on her bed and signalling her to sit ..
Radhika nods and does as she's told ,

Dadima saw Radhika holding her face low looking little nervous
Dadima: Radhika ..main jaanthi hoon tumne sab kuch sunliya ..haina?? She asked amused

Radhika eyes widened up and looked at dadima , she slowly nods sheepishly ..
Dadima laughs and holds Radhika chin affectionately …

Dadima: toh tuhje kya kehna hai ispar?? Kya tum ..humari ghar ki choti bahu bonogi ?? ( What your decision on this ?? Would you like to become Devs wife??) ..She saw Radhika lowering her gaze little unsurely , and swallows the lump in her throat

Dadima:Main jaanthi hoon ke tum kya sochrahi ho ….dev ki pehli pasaand ….Looking at Radhika who knew exactly what she was talking about …lekin yeh sab hone ke baat humne soch samaj kar yeh faisla liya hai beta …..Dev ne shayad ..vishaka ko apne dil se kabhi pyar nahi kiya ….Vishaka ke baad …..Kya Dev ko …Koi khushian nahi milsak thi ? ..kya who uske zindagi main agee barne ka koi haq nahi hai …??

Radhika was shocked hearing this and quickly shook her head …

Dadima: Radhika ..Dev jaantha hai ke usne bohut bari bhool hui hai…And today he wants to come over his mistake …And wants to marry you ….She said tenderly …Main jaanthi hoon dev tumhe bohut khush rake ga ..she said tenderly

Radhika took a silent sigh and listened to her heart that was saying to accept this proposal …

Dadima: Radhika …main jaanthi hoon …ke tum jaise ladki humare Dev karliye kahin nahi mil sakthi …Tumhe who sab goun hain joh main aur Vaishali apni choti bahu main doonrathe ..she said sweetly ..

Radhika knew that they always wanted her as their choti bahu but that time dev denied …The Purohit gave her so much happiness after living with the Sanganians …They took such good care of her , they gave her shelter , treated her like their own  …slowly A flash back came in her head

Dadima: Thank you beta ..

R: nahi dadima ..please don't thank me ..I would me more than happy to do this for you guys ..This family gave me so much and I would do anything to repay ..trailing of emotionally..

Dadima made Radhika sit beside her and hugged her affectionately…

Radhiika was had her head low thinking , if Dev accepted this proposal then why should she refuse ? Moreover , she couldn't ask for a better family like the Purohit , she loved staying with them and living as Devs wife was probably the only option for the family to make her live with then ..She knew that Dev would never like to see her sad and will do all his best to make her happy

Dadima: Radhika?? Kya tum ..humari ghar ki choti bahu banogi?? She saw Radhika lifting g her head up unknowingly a shy smile came up her lips when Dadima asked her this question  …Radhika heart was jumping of joy hearing dadima words, she was going to become Devs wife . he was going to live with the Purohit …Why should she restrain herself ??And Radhika gave a simple nod ..

Dadima smiled to no extend and hugged her warmly …Radhika smiles with few tears in her eyes , she couldn't believe that she was actually going to become the Purohit choti bahu and Devs wife ! Her gaze came on Kanha who was showering his blessings on her ..Dadima moved back and placed a warm kiss on Radhika forehead ..
Ranjiv saw Radhika and dadima coming out …

Ranjiv walks towards Radhika anxiously ..
Ranjiv: Radhika beta ?? Kya tum is rishta se ..khush ho?? He asked warily

Radhika smiles lightly yet shy and nods her head …A beaming smile came on everyone's lips! Ranjiv chacha hugged her father caressing her head warmly …

Ranjiv: Agar …Shastrijee yahan hote …toh bouhut khush hote is rishte se …aur tumhari Maa bhi ..Unke paas bohut sapne the tere liye beta …aur main chahtha hoon ke shastrijee ki aatma ko aram mile …yeh jaankar uski beti ko ek pyara sa pariwaar mila aur ek bohut acha pati …...Isliye ..main is rishte se bohut khush hoon …bohut khush ..….Dev babu bohut ache hain …tumhe zarror khush rakeige

( If Shastri jee was here ..he would have been so delighted with this rishta for his daughter …and your mother too …They had so many dreams for you And I want your fathers should to rest in peace knowing that your going to a family that will give you much happiness and love that's why Im really happy with this proposal ) …he said assuring
Radhika knew in her heart that Dev would always keep her happy , but ..would he love her the way she does??

She slowly moved back seeing tears in Ranjiv chacha eyes 
Ranjiv: tuh kitni chaldi baari hochuki hai beta …aur muhje bas ek chikayat hain muhse , maine bohut dheer kardi ..jab …amma ne ( you grew up so fast …but I only regeret one thing ..that I came too later …when Amma …) ….he said letting few tears roll down feeling guilty he didn't come earlier to stop Amma to take such action !

Radhika saw the guilt in his eyes and shook her head telling him not to cry and forget about it …

Ranjiv held his head low but then looked at her with determination

Ranjiv: Lekin main wada karha hoon beta ….jaise Shastrije aur Devki tumahri shaddi karwane chathe the,,main waisi hi karoonga …Hmm?? He said caressing her head warmly ..

Radhika nods with few tears flickering down ..
The Purohit were also getting emotional but then they wanted this to be a happy moment…

Mr.Purohit: Birju! Jaa mitai lekar aa …

Birju smile joyfully ….Jee hum abhi jahthe hain …he said walking out the door

Radhika sat with Vaishali and Mr Purohit who were so joyful and excited …Vaishali hugged Radhika warmly telling her how happy she is to make Radhika her choti bahu ….Radhika smiled shyly seeing Vaishali and Dadima complement her ….
Vaishali took of her ancestral bangles and slid them on Radhika wrist ..
Vaishali: Yeh humari hone wali choti bahu karliye hain ..Yeh ek achirwaad jaise samajna..hmm?? She said caressing Radhika head once , Radhika felt so touched by all this but didn't know that their was more to come …

Birju came with the Mitai and gave the box to Dadima who fed Radhika the first bite , they were all feeding each other with so much joy and happiness ….It felt like the house brightened hearing such wonderful news

Birju went to the car and got a nicely wrapped basket ..
Radhika eyes widened up when Vaishali gave It to Radhika ,there was a jewellery box , choriyaans , a nice rich green lengha mixed with a dark bleu followed by beautiful beaded work that was matching the accessories

Radhika: Maaji ?? Yeh sab kiya hai ?? She asked surprised ..

Vaishali: yeh humari hne wali choti bahu karliye hai ..she said sweetly

MrPurohit: Beta ….hum kal pandit se baat ki thi , aur aaj sagai ka mauhurat nikala …lekin pehle ek pooja hogi phir hum sagi ki rasam shru kareinge ..( yesterday I talked to the priest …he said that today we can perform the enegagemnt but before we will do a pooja …)

Ranjiv was shocked to hear this ..along with Radhika

Ranjiv: Aaaj?? Aapne yeh sab pehle se ..

Dadima: Jee …who kiya hai na …ke hum apni Radhika  ko jald se jald humari choti bahu banane chahthe hain …Aur hume poura vishwas tha ke ..Radhika aur aap is rishta se bohut khush hoonge ..aur humne sarri tayari karliye hain …Lekin agar aapko boura laga toh ..( actually we want to make Radhika aur choti bahu really fast …And we knew that Radhika wouldn't refuse this proposal neither will you …so we already started making the arrangements …but if you felt bad..) ..she folded her hands ..

Ranjiv: Areee Nahi nahi …Yeh kya Maaji …hume toh bohut khushi hori hai aaj sagai ka mauhurat nikla ….he said smiling happily …

Radhika heart was pasting fast …today she was going to get engaged with Dev …So fast???
She started getting butterflies in her tummy thinking that today itself she will become dev fiance!
Birju started talking with Radhika brotherly he noticed that she looked nervous yet he saw her pink cheeks ,, He knew that she loved Dev but never told him , he was very happy for her and Dev , she will finally get her love …

After a while the Purohit left telling Ranjiv that the mahurat is at 8:00 at bhihari mandir , the temple is quiet at that time and its only going to be the Purohit family with Ranjiv and Radhika….

The Purohit arrived home and saw dev sitting on the sofa playing with  a little ball trying to make the time pass..

He quickly jump off the couch and ran to dadima …She sat down and told him everything that happened , Devs heart was pasting uncontrollably hearing that Radhika accepted the rishta!! He wanted to jump of joy but held himself ..the whole family were so very joyful , they quickly started making the preparation for the pooja and the engagement.. The day flew by really fast being so  busy in the preparations …

Dev was standing in front of the mirror wearing a nice rich green Kurta pyjama wih nice beaded work on his collar side ..He had a beaming smile lingering in his face combing his hair back looking fresh and handsome …He couldn't believe that he was going to get engaged to Radhika , with the ring it will mean that she belongs to him and he belongs to her ….his smile grew and put the comb away ….He takes a deep sigh …

Dev : Im damn sure Radhika loves me ..If she didn't then she would never accept this rishta ….his heart was pasting so fats just by thinking that Radhika loves him , he folded his hands to Kanha picture hanged on the wall …

Dev: thank you so much kanha , aapne muhje meri Radhika dedi , aur aaj humari sagai hone wali hai …Aaj se who meri aur maain uska ….He said gratefully yet firmly

He went downstairs seeing everyone doing last minute preparations , he got nice complements from the ladies , Vivek fixed him up a little and they made there way put , with Birju teasing dev …

Birju: Bhaiya ladki ki tar itna sharma kyun rahein?? ( why are you blushing like a girl?)

Dev gives him a warning look ..

Dev: Birju …don't start! Or else !

Birju: hume damki dhere hain ?? He asked teasingly ..

Dev hann ! Mera aaj mood maat karab kar …main aaj bohut khush hoon …he said smiling a little thinking about his engagement that will be happening soon..

Dadima: Birju aaj tuh Dev se kuch nahi kehega …Cant you see the happiness in his eyes?? She said gazing at Dev tenderly …
The whole family couldn't  agree more , Dev did look very happy and didn't want to ruin it for him


Radhika was sitting on her dressing table wearing the beautiful green legha , with a nice fitted blouse along with a  dark green duppata pined securely on her shoulder making it look like a saree , she was wearing a gorgeous necklace matching with her earring….Her hair were nicely braided with few tress on the side of her face .  Radhika was looking absolutely beautiful but somehow she was looking a little worried ..  .She was sliding her last choriyaans mechanically ,gazing at nothing pensively …

The Purohit driver picked Radhika and Ranjiv and took them to the Bhhihari mandir ..Radhika entered the devotional temple seeing the Purohit welcoming them along with the pandit ….Dev caught his breath seeing Radhika enter the temple , she was looking gorgeous , she was the woman that was standing out the most for him , he could see her gazing down with a little shy smile playing on her lips …He watched her take everyone's blessing sweetly and greet the Pandit …Mrinalini hits Devs arm lightly making him come out his trance , he smile impishly and takes Ranjiv blessings ….Radhika and Dev glanced at each other , he noticed something from her expression , she smiled but not the way he wanted …He frowns his brows thinking " Probably she wasn't expecting this …she's probably thinking how are we going to make this work since we were really good friend and didn't even get a chance to talk about this engagement   …but its only a matter  of time because once we express our love to each other ….he smiles excitedly yet boyishly thinking about her love letting his thought trail off  ..He couldn't  wait for her to admit her love for him !

The pandit made Radhika and Dev sit beside each other , he started chanting some prayers while Radhika and Dev folded there hands together in front of the fire ….He told Dev to tie a sacred thread around her wrist ..
Pandit : ,this mean that you both will always be there for each other and always stand by her even if she's not your wife yet but with this sacred thread a beautiful bond will be made ..he said warmly ..

The family smiled along and Dev tied the sacred thread around her wrist securely , he glanced at her and saw her smiling lightly , she did the same tying the sacred thread securely around his wrist ..Dev kept gazing at her lovingly , he did see some spark of shyness in her eyes  that made him grin charmingly …

The Pandit chanted the last prayers and blessed them whole heartily ….He walked near kanha murti and got a beautiful tray decorated with flowers with tow little box of rings ….Radhika heart was pasting so fast as she saw the pandit coming closer to them with the rings  …Ranjiv comes to sit beside Radhika with a warm smile …dev glanced at Radhika and saw her looking down folding her fingers nervously , he knew exactly how she was feeling because him too was feeling anxious inside but he had to make her his ….With this ring it will show the whole world that she belongs to someone and that someone is HIM! ..Dadima gave him the ring sweetly and signalled him to put the ring on her finger , Dev smiles and holds Radikas hands brining it up , Radhika heart was pounding beneath her chest feeling this , she slowly looks up and sees Dev looking down at her finger and sliding the ring in her ring finger ….She looked on her finger and saw a beautiful diamond ring placed securely on her finger …She saw everyone smiling beamingly , she looks at Mrinalni who gave her a teasing wink …She smiles lightly and looks at Ranjiv who gave Radhika a ring to slid in Devs finger , she looks down for a brief second and smiles lightly taking he ring , Dev forwards his hand and saw her slid the ring in his ring finger …Everyone smiled a started throwing flowers , Dev and Radhika glance at each and looked around seeing the whole family so happy and excited …


Radhika and Dev folded there hands in front of kanha who was blessing them happily  …Dev was thanking him from the bottom of his heart to give him his Radhika …Radhika was asking Kanha to give the strength she needed to go through this ..She was very happy that she was going to be Devs , but still she was worried if Dev will ever accept her whole heartily as his fiance …as his future wife ….


The weather outside was very calm and beautiful , there was light warm wind with a beautiful pinkich  sky yet the sun was set but everything looked so mesmerizing…The Purohit were about to leave after talking to Radhika and giving her blessings for the future ..Vaishali , Dadima and Mrinalini were complementing her outfit , telling her that she was looking beautiful ..Dev did hear a little of there conversation and smiled to himself knowing that she was the beautiful girl in this world …Radhika could clearly see on each and everyone was so happy wit this engagement ….Radhika and Dev didn't have much time to talk because each time he wanted to say something someone came interrupting and started talking to him or Radhika ….

After a while they were all walking down the temple stairs ..Dev lightly hits her arm with his to get her attention …She looked at him surprised yet confused …He leaned lightly to her ears ..

Dev: Radhika ..Meet me at Ranjiv chachas temple …
Radika frowns lightly and saw him walk away when he heard Mr.Purohit telling him to hurry up ..
She was left wondering yet her heart was pasting very fast anxiously  ….


Dev was leaning against the altar looking at the weather , it was so beautiful few moments ago now there was heavy clouds taking over  and the wind was getting little harsh ….Suddenly he saw Radhika walking up the step wearing a nice simple anarkali with the dupptta over her head , he saw that she took off all the accessories and just left her choriyaans and he pendant yet she looked like a simple beauty . She made some excuse to Ranjiv chacha that she to so  something at the temple ..

….Radhika halted her step seeing Dev wearing a nice white shirt with few buttons opened with black pants looking quite handsome …She looks away feeling her cheeks turning pink…..Dev walk toward her with admiring eyes ..


Dev: Radhika?? Kya tum muhjse pyar karthi ho?? 

Hearing this Radhika felt few tears in her eyes …what was she suppose to do now! Should she tell him or keep quiet ??? Radhika looked away in the darkness feeling in a big dilemma …what would happen if she tells him?? Will he break her heart again?? But If she tell him the truth ..she knows that  he wont hurt her again….

Radhika hold her pendant tightly , Dev frowns his brows seeing this , somehow it tinged him badly …Why was she looking away ??  Why was she hiding her feelings??  ….He holds her arm turning her towards him …The wind was getting strong the clouds were getting gathered  together turning very dark …He saw her avoiding his gaze ….She swallows the lump in her throat and glances at him once and looks away …

Example of RAdhika Anarkali

Hey guys ..Thank you so much for all the lovely comments ..It means a lot to me Hug
I have the other part ready will probably post it tomorrowTongue ..I hope its not to long and boring ...Next update Dev will know that RAdhika always loved him ...I will probably wont get time to post another update next week so will post another one tomorrow ...Smile
Take care you guys ...I know you guys want RAdev to be together 2 more updates the romance will start Wink until then have a great night/ day Hug

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
WOW, thanks for the beautiful update Billo, RaDev r engaged...yayyy!

Cant wait for the next update, will look forward to that tomorrow...

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Hi billo

Thanks so much for the update---loved itClapClapClap

Really liked the part where both Dev and Radhika are expressing their inner thoughts in private--each one knows they love the other, but also going through the self doubt---

Dadima is very smart to realize the feelings of both and getting them engaged----

And your precap--is always very intriguing--
Looking forward to both acknowledging their love for each other--Day Dreaming

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
wow love it...I think first Dev need to tell that he is in love...if not a girl can't tell this first na...waiting for the next part wow love it soo much and dreamed about it...thanks a ton for such a lovely FF...

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Thnx for the lovely update. The precap is amazing. can't wait for the next one.Hope the CVs are reading your updates & will give us these scenes.

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Yumna nice update.

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Yumna ...very nice update...

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