Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 61)

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Yumna very interesting update Smile

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Very nice update..waiting for the next

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Lovely update billo. It's not at all boring really interesting keep going. Loved the mela part dev caressing for rad and makes sure that she enjoys herself as she used to with her mom and some romantic moments too he does not miss a chance.. Dadima is very sharp in understanding if not might be dev and rad would not talk openly abt love for eachother.. Waitng for ur next update may be dev would feel sorry if she says she loved him from first. Anyyway good that matters discussed openly. Sorry i was busy thats y i commenntd for both parts ya . Thanks for Pm.

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 Part 26

Dev was leaning against the altar looking at the weather , it was so beautiful few moments ago now there was heavy clouds taking over  and the wind was getting little harsh '.Suddenly he saw Radhika walking up the step wearing a nice simple anarkali with the dupptta over her head , he saw that she took off all the accessories and just left her choriyaans and he pendant yet she looked like a simple beauty . She made some excuse to Ranjiv chacha that she to so  something at the temple ..

'.Radhika halted her step seeing Dev wearing a nice white shirt with few buttons opened with black pants looking quite handsome 'She looks away feeling her cheeks turning pink'..Dev walks toward her and smiles ..

Dev: hey Radhika ..

Radhika looks up and smile a little uneasily

R: Hey '.

Dev: It was a nice pooja and engagement today 'he tried making it casual between them

R: Hmmm..everyone were so happy 'she said slowly

Dev: Haan 'you should of seen the family today they were going crazy preparing all the arrangements 'he said teasingly

She laughed silently and looks down folding her dupptta nervously , she was getting anxious to know what did he want to talk about ..
Dev took a deep breath and looks at her with a smile ..

Dev: radhika ??
She looks up and gave a tiny smile which wasn't satisfying for him yet he continued what he wanted to say ..Dev: I wanted 'to ask you something '..trying to make his voice less nervous

Radhika looked on and gave a light nod

Dev: ..Do you'Do you love me ?? He asked little nervously yet firm
Radhika eyes widened up shockingly ! She could feel her heart skip a beat when he said that ! Radhika didn't know what to say , She couldn't believe what she was hearing?? Did he just ask her if she loves him?? '.was it getting evident for him that she loves him ??? Did she show more feeling towards him the she as suppose to ?? What will happen if she tells him the truth ?? Why was he asking her this ?? To break her heart again?? She shuddered thinking about this '.She started getting angry at herself , why could she control her self ! Dev looked on and saw her expression change 'yet he was getting anxious to know what she had to say ..

Dev: Radhika?? Kya tum muhjse pyar karthi ho??  

Hearing this Radhika felt few tears in her eyes 'what was she suppose to do now! Should she tell him or keep quiet ??? Radhika looked away in the darkness feeling in a big dilemma 'what would happen if she tells him?? Will he break her heart again?? But If she tell him the truth ..she knows that  he wont hurt her again'.

Radhika hold her pendant tightly pursing her lips trying to control her tears , Dev frowns his brows seeing this , somehow it tinged him badly 'Why was she looking away ??  Why did she looks so  terrified ??  '.He holds her arm turning her towards him slowly 'The wind was getting strong the clouds were getting gathered  together turning very dark 'He saw her avoiding his gaze '.She swallows the lump in her throat and glances at him once and looks away '

This was making Dev get irked  , he wanted to know the reason behind her tears ..He wanted to know why wasn't she speaking up, why did she look so confused  'His hold on her arms turned firm and the distance between them reduced .. 'Radhika didn't know what to say how to say ??

Dev: radhika ???Main tumse kuch poochra honn 'he said  little loudly feeling a fear raise up his heart that maybe she doesn't love him

Radhika closed her eyes letting few more tears out, this made Dev get very worried

Dev: radhika ?? Kya hua ?? Tum '

Radhika took a big courage and listened to her heart telling her to tell him everything 'Once he knows the truth he will never even think of hurting her again 'never!! She had no choice , she cant lie to him or else he will figure it out .

R: Main '..ap'apne...dil'..ko 'phrise ..tootne ..nahi desakthi '..She managed to say crying in between her words''Main 'yeh ..daard phrise nahi sehpaongi '.she said closing her eyes painfully '

Dev frowns his brows confusedly , not understanding ?? ..What pain was she talking about?? Dev was feeling very anxious to know what she was talking about yet  was fearing something painful 'His throat started getting lumpy seeing her cry like this , when she opened her eyes he saw the fear and sadness 'this was making him very concern

Dev: ..Rad..Radhika ? Yeh tum ..kya kehri ho ?? He asked warily yet very anxious

Radhika looks away breathing heavily and closed her eyes for a brief second trying to compose herself as his arms loosen up ..Dev looked on with much wariness and Radhika swallows the lump in her throat gathering all the courage she had '

R: ..Mai...Maine '..hamesha se...'aapse ''closed her eyes '..pyar kiya ''her words broke  drawlingly  

Dev was completely shocked hearing this! His hands on her arms moved away unbelievably , yet he did feel some kind of  relief and happiness 'but why was she cry like this??

Radhika looked down crying silently , while Dev was trying to compose himself from this shock ..he didn't expect this ..he thought maybe when they were separate she realized that she loved him , but Radhika was saying that she always loved him?? 'He was just speechless at that moment trying to digest this news '

Few moments passed
R: Kisi 'maard ( man ) mera saath itna khayal se bhartav nahi kiya 'Jaise ..apne mere saath kiya ..( no man 'ever took care of me the way you did ) '.Apne 'mere liye bohut kuch kiya ..meri jaan bachayi 'aur..jab'hum Arjun ..aur 'Deepika ke sal gira par gaye the aur ..wahan 'Ka..karan ..aye the '.Aap ..aapne meri liye 'unko 'bohut mara '..Aur jab maine aapko mere bhite wale kal ki barein main bataya
( you did so much for me 'you saved my life and when we went to Arjun and Deepika wedding anniversary and Karan was there beat him up for me 'you came again to save me ..And when I told you about my pass were there )'You were there to comfort me 'you opened your arms so I can release all my pain'.And 'when 'I got hurt 'you took care of me '.No man ever cared for me the way you did ''.She said looking at him with her teary eyes yet a sad smile 'najane 'kab ..mera dil 'aapko chahne laga ..lekin ..jaise hum paas athe gaye..dost jaise 'pata nahi 'mera dil ko sambhalna ..mushkil hogaya 'Maine 'kabhie mere zindagi main 'pyar ka ehsaas nahi jana ..lekin 'aapse milne ke baad ..muhje 'samaj ayaga 'Ke pyar kya hota hai'.She said with a little reverie smile '. ..The wind started to blow  harder making her duppta fall off her head and flowed along , Dev felt very touch by her words , he could see how much she loved him ..but he was fearing something '

Radika reduced her smile thinking about the day when he refused to marry her '

R: Muhje ..laga '.ke aap bhi muhjse pyar karthe hain '.Lekin '.she walked away near the altar holding the stoned structural poll .. Feeling few tears flicker down her cheeks with the wind blowing her hair along with her green duppata 'Dev was trying to get out from this shock but was anxious to hear more from her 'He knew that all this was in her heart and wanted her to release everything to him

R: 'Lekin '.jab''dadima ne ..apse ..mere saath shaddi ki baat ki thi 'aur aapne '.inkar'.her throat felt heavy remembering that day as it flashed across her eyes 'She felt a huge twinge in her heart and flickered her lashes releasing more tears

Dev frowns his brows absolutely shocked! She knew about this?? But how!!!'Dev heart was pasting really fast unbelievably

Radhika continued with much effort '

R: Maine 'sab kuch sunliya tha'.main upar thi 'parde ke piche '.Maine sab kuch sunliya (..I was upstairs hiding behind the curtains ...I heard  everything .) '.she cried letting him figure out the pain she went trough that night ..Dev couldn't believe this! His throat became lumpy , he was totally stunned hearing this! Unknowingly tears stared appearing in his eyes '.Imagining the pain she must have gone trough that night ! She must be completely shattered hearing him refuse to marry her 'Dev saw Radhika turned around not looking at him ..He runs his fingers trough his hair painfully closing his eyes ..Thinking about that night ..He remembered that he was aching for Radhika to come down and hep him convince his family about vishaka , but she never came 'Now he understood why , she was heart broken after hearing his refusal !

Dev: Dadima ..Radhika meri liye sirf ek achi dost hai ..Main use apni patni  ke roop main khabhie nahi deka ..adding little nervously ..'( Dadima 'Radhika is just a really good friend for me 'I never saw her as my wife ')
 Dev was walking to his room , he suddenly saw Radhika room opened he walks towards her room and saw her sleeping on the floor against the mattress ..He wondered why she wasn't on her bed ? He slowly bends to take her in his arms and  to put her on her bed ..As he picked her up she mumbled few words '

R: Ky..kyun ?

Dev frowns his brows little confusedly not understanding ..He puts her carefully on her bed and  felt her hands griping on his arm tightly '

R: kyun '..kiya apne mere '..saath aisa?? She said in broken words..

He opened his eyes painfully , she probably cried her heart out that day and the words that she mumble in her sleep was for him '.Dev couldn't believe that he gave her so much pain , in one second all her dream shattered ..And who's fault was it ?? HIS!'

Radhika was sobbing

R: Kabhie meri zindagi main ..maine aisa daard seha nahi ',,It was worst then anything in my life , 'Yeh daar itna bara tha muhje pata hi nahi tha ke mere saath kiya hora hai '.she said weepingly painfully standing near the temple stairs ..feeling the wind blow few tresses from her hair

Hearing this Dev swallows the lump in his throat , feeling his heart twinge ! Few tears rolled down hearing this , he gave his love so much sorrow , so much pain '.he felt a huge guilt in his heart '

He took few steps towards her and saw her  slowly turning around with her eyes red from crying so much , her tears rolling down painfully , her eyes were telling him the pain and sorrow  she had to go trough ..Dev was gazing in her teary eyes that was making it hard for him too talk '..He felt a huge dagger in his heart seeing her like this 'Imagine the day of his refusal! How painful would have it been seeing her completely shatter ! Dev  couldn't control his tears and keep looking at he cry ..  He felt  as he didn't deserve Radhika ,  he gave her so much pain not once but twice! They kept gazing at each other with much pain ..The mandir bells were ringing hard due to the wind , the dark grey clouds collapsed with each other and a thunder escaped followed by heavy rain ! Dev didn't know how to comfort her ..what should he say , should he apologize or should he tell her that he loves her 'How will he sooth her pain ? Radhika purses her lips and folds her hands in front of him '

R: Main 'aap ke samne ..haath jorthi hoon '.muhje '.who ..daard phrise maat dena '.main 'pori tara ..toot jaongi '.she said sobbing lightly dev shook his head telling her not to ..but she failed to understand   '..Main '..ek achi patni bane ki koshish karongi , main aapke achi dost bhi banongi 'lekin 'bas ..aap kabhie ..mere dil ko 'thes( hurt)  maat pahonchana 'bas yeh binti hai aapse '.she took few steps back letting her tears flow down and turned around running down the wet temple stairs , she couldn't stand in front of him anymore ,  she wiped her tears as she was running home in the rain that was socking her top to bottom ..Dev forwarded his hands to stop her but in a quickly second she already disappeared from his sight ..His heart crushed in pain seeing this .

Dev frowns his brows angrily , he was feeling angry at himself! Why was he so blind, why couldn't he see her love her him! WHY??? He thought that she realized her love for him when they were far from each other 'but she always loved him !He closed his eyes trying the recall the moments spent with her '

Dev saw Radhika she had a sweet smile lingering on her lips she looked very relaxed with the family.. She came to pour dev some rice..

D: Hey Radhika ..

Radhika looks at dev and Smiles
D: how are you ??
Everyone was watching them ..

R: Im good ..unknowingly her cheeks turned pink


D: wow ! Its really nice ..Radhika what are you ..Your like a whole package ..You know how to cook , you have a great sense of fashion and ..

Radhika was smiling little shyly hearing him complementing her ..

M: And ??

D: An your very sweet out a charming smile

M: Yup ! I couldn't agree more ..

Radhika looks at Dev and smiles coyly

He opened his eyes taking a deep sigh realizing her love , her shyness


She swiftly turns around and saw Dev walking towards her with a towel around his waist with his wet hair adding some more charm to him .Unknowingly her cheeks went crimson red she didn't move her gaze away from his ..

Dev blinked letting few tears roll with a sad smile realizing her shyness in front of him , his thoughts shifted to the game of kent

They kept going on with the kent game ..Radhika and Dev were winning every round making ..In one of the rounds Dev had kent ..He clears his throat lightly trying to get Radhika attention  but she was too busy changing her cards .. Dev was getting little tensed he saw Mrinalni looking at him suspiciously he quickly  acted normal pretending that he was disappointed with his cards. .Radhika glanced up and Saw Dev giving her a wink . Her heart skip a beat , her cheeks went pink and smiles timidly

He laughs lightly  yet sadly remembering the good times they had , and realized that her smile was shy when  he winked at her ...

He slowly recalled  the time they went to Arjun and Deepika anniversary '

She opens the door and saw Dev looking very handsome ..She couldn't move her gaze from him suddenly she noticed what she was doing and looks away embarrassingly ..

D: So how do I look?? Asking with boyish  grin

Radhika felt her cheeks going pink he probably noticed her gaze on  him ..She swallow the lump in her throat trying to act casual ..

R: hmm ..Ache ..saying walking out the room ..

D: Bas Ache ?? Why not Bohut ache ?? Asking teasingly ..

Radika laughed lightly walking away


Radhika waited  for him on the end of the stairs with her lower gaze , he had to admit she looked very beautiful and cute ..He started walking towards the car ..He opened the door for her and started the engine driving off . He finally spoke up ..

D: Radhika 'Your looking quite lovely '.glancing once at Radhika who's cheeks turned pink ..
She liked the way he complemented her , it felt very nice ..

Dev was gazing outside the heavy rain as his thoughts recalled more about that day ..
When she cried her heart out after telling him about her pass and when he carried her to her room he remembered that she was gazing at him with much love and gratitude towards him 'And when he put the medication on her

'He started applying medication on her back ..Feeling his fingers on her skin , made her close her eyes feeling shivers running down her spine absorbing the beautiful feel ..Dev was feeling bad seeing such cuts on her back ..accidentally he put the medication a  cut that hurt her ..she made a light painful moan hearing this he blew  on the cut ..Radhika breathing went uneven feeling her skin tickling, her fingers curled up on each other ..She didn't feel pain anymore , it felt like the pain magically disappeared with his touch . Dev was done applying the medication on her upper back and felt his fingers away from her skin made her open her eyes coyly

D: Radhika ??

Radhika was too shy too look at him ..


D: Here's the medication ..If you  feel the need to put it anywhere else you can ..saying caringly

Radhika looks up seeing his concerned gaze ..She simply nodded

R: Hmm '.

He looks away realizing  that with his touch she got affected and shivered 'he runs his fingers through his hair regretfully , why couldn't he see all this before ?? And when she agreed to drink the milk for him that night when Karan beat her up 'it was so obvious that she had feelings for him then why didn't he see all this before ?? then he remembered there talk when he was in her room when she got hurt from Karan

D: From now on I don't want to see tears in your eyes ..Wiping her tears away ..
She looks at him smiling sadly  yet little confused not didn't understand why he was so caring to her ?? He was making her heart weak for him ..

R: Kyun aap mera itna khayal rakthe hain ?? Looking at him puzzled

Dev smiled at her question ..

D: Because ..Im the one that found you ..and its my responsibility to take care of you ..Like the same way you take care of me and my family ..trailing of with care

Radhika gulps the lump in her throat feeling touched by his words .

Dev walks near the altar pensively , the way he was with her , it was obvious that she would start getting feelings for him, he cared a lot for her and himself didn't know why at that time ..But now he got his answer  'As she got those feelings she was very caring towards him , each time he would get hurt she would quickly reduce the pain yet she had tears in her eyes seeing him hurt 'Dev smiles lightly remembering her care and concern towards him , she loved him so much that she couldn't see him in pain because it pained her 'Dev smile grew knowing that she loved him very much and still she does 'But his smile reduced remembering the day when he didn't want the rishta with Radhika and wanted Vishaka 'He closed his eyes painfully remembering that day 'She must have been really hurt knowing that he liked someone else , he was sure that she cried all night 'Tears flickered down  as he was recalled that day , how she must felt when he was talking about another girl to marry 'he looked down guiltily , he then thought how would he feel if Radhika was talking about another guy to marry and not him?? He clutches his jaws together feeling the jealousy and hatred ..but Radhika never really showed any of this in front of vishaka , she used to hide all these feelings inside , he as sure that she must have felt very bad when she saw him with Vishaka yet kept quiet 'Tears rolled down his cheeks knowing that Radhika was a very special girl , all this was very hard for her yet she had the strength to go through all this pain, he felt very lucky that she was going to be his because she was one in a millions  '.

Then he remembered the way she was trying to avoid him after the day when he refused the rishta with her ..She was probably trying to avoid him so her feelings reduce for him '.but to not hurt him she tried acting casual not showing her feeling very much ..Just for him she hide that pain and smiled ! But they did come close to each other unknowingly. The day in the garden  they both fell on the grass, when her bangle got stuck on his collar and saw her breathing go uneven and her cheeks turned pink 'Dev smiled lightly , all this did affect him as well but he always hid that feeling somewhere down his heart 'not sure if he was doing the right thing but he was confident that he loves her to death and would give his life for her ..She was made only for him and loves him as much as he does...

Suddenly Dev remembered the day when Radhika was sitting up n the terrace lost in some deep thought '..
D: waise Radhika 'what were you thinking about when you were on the terrace you looked into some deep thought ..

Radhika stopped seeing her room door smiling at him ..

R: Maybe one day you will find out why I was in a deep thought like that  .?  
Dev frowns his brows not understanding

D: Matlab ??

Radika smiles sadly controlling her tears ..

R: I was thinking  about someone that mean so much for me 'She said gazing in his eyes ..

Dev was feeling very dumb not understanding her words that day , she was talking about him Dev took a deep breath trying to compose himself after all this shock 'but frowns his brows  recalling the day when she refused that she loves him .'Main''Inse ..Py..payaar '..nahi 'karthi 'Yeh ..tumhari galt fami '.hai '.she said with so much difficulty  she looked away closing her eyes painfully feeling her heart break into million pieces , she was never going to admit this to him ..Never !! She wasn't ready to go through the pain of denial from him '

Everything made perfectly sense to him now ..Radhika hugged him the day she came to vridavan because she loved him and was missing him 'Yet she was still upset with him but they became  friends again .'She was covering her feeling through friendship  but now he knows everything '

Dev looked at Kanha idol seriously 'Did she lie because she didn't want him to hurt her again?? Was she living with this fear in her heart ?? He swallows the lump in his throat and wipes his tears walking towards the Idol with determination

D: Kanha?? Kyun Radhika ka ko itna saza mili hai ?? Kyun ?? Radhika ko itna duk sehne parte hain ?? Kyun??? He said raising his voice '.Main bas chahtha hoon ke Radhika ki zindagi khushian  se barein ..bas itni dua thi meri Kanha ..Lekin Radhika ki dil main hamesha who daar that 'ke main uska dil phirse thordoonga ..HE said frowning his brows painfully , slowly his gaze  went steely on Kanha 'Radhika ko yeh daard se mut kardo Kanha 'Release her from all this! He raised his voice at Kanha'.wanting him to free Radhika from this pain , the fear that he will hurt her again''..He saw Kanha just smiling at him , dev frowns his brows realizing something '.why would Kanha do this ..?? He should be the one soothing her pain and not Kanha ..he should be the one filling her life with happiness 'He looks at Kanha stunned yet a smile came up his lips and quickly looked  down at his ring '.He was now her fianc and he will make this misunderstanding from her heart vanish away , he cant leave her with this fear all her life and he cant begin a new life with her if this is not cleared ..He will fill her life with love and happiness'He wants her fear to sweep away from her heart , he will never ever think of hurting her 'He had no idea that she loved him but now he does and will do everything it takes to give her much happiness and he will surely tell her that he also loves her very much and cant live without her  ..

He folds hi hand once in front of kanha and walks away ..letting himself get wet in the rain his face looked very determinate !


Radhika on the edge of the window looking outside at the rain pensively  , she changed into dry clothes  'She felt more relief that Dev knows that she loves him and she was sure that he wont give  break her heart again ..Slowly she looks at her self in the mirror and saw her reflection talking to her  

Radhika reflection: So you told Dev the truth ??

Radhika nods once sadly

Radhika reflection  : Are you sure that he wont hurt you again ?? She asked smirking

Radhika frowns her brows yet got angry at her refection

R: NO ! dev wont hurt me '.I know ''This is not all his fault and I didn't want to blame him 'He didn't know that I loved him 'She said looking down'And I feel more relief now that he knows '.but I just hope that what I said didn't hurt him 'I hope he didn't think I was accusing him 'she said worriedly , she looks at her reflection that was gone ..It was only her sitting on the side of the window ..Radhika swallows the lump in her throat and slowly  looks at Kanha thanking him for giving her the strength to tell Dev everything . She noticed that he was very shocked to hear all this and saw the pain in his eyes 'He was probably feeling very sad that she had too go trough this but she  just didn't want him to think that she was blaming him for this pain 'all she wanted was him to know that how much she loves him and didn't want him to break her heart again ' '.Slowly her gaze fell on the diamond ring and a small smile came up her lips knowing that she belongs to him .She was still a little worried how will he interact with her after knowing that she loves him as her gaze was kept  on Kanha worriedly '

Few moments passed
 she remembered Ranjiv telling her that the Purohits are going to leave tomorrow and felt her heart cry '.She flickered her lashes letting few tears roll down. She was going to miss Dev very much .'..She was feeling very sad knowing that they will get separated tomorrow ..She  knows how painful it could be seeing you loved one go far away 'She remember aching to see him when they were far from each other and now again  she has to go through it 'She had so much fun with him during his few days in Vridavaan , it felt like he bought brightness  to the village , but now he will go far from her ..and didn't know when  she will see him again ? '.She looked at kanha sadly who knew that she was going  to miss him very much ...she looked back down at her ring gloomily letting her tears flow down ..


Dev was in his room changed into his white kurta pyjama 'He was feeling very sad 'vivek just told him that they had to leave tomorrow morning for urgent office work and Mrinalni also had to go back since her important client really needed to meet  her 'He was already worried for Radhika but now he wont even get a chance to talk to her '.He looks away disappointedly running his fingers through his hair 'His head was only thinking about one person and that was Radhika 'He felt a dagger stab him when he saw Radhika tears and the pain she went through 'Her teary eyes kept bothering him , those tears reflected all the pain and sorrow 'Dev was watching the rain pour down as he was thinking of Radhika 'He needed to tell her how much he loves her and sooth her wounded heart.  But when will he get the opportunity ??? He was going to leave tomorrow morning ! He just stood near his window looking outside at the heavy rain  pensively ,slowly he shifted his gaze to his ring and smiled knowing that he belongs to her and nothing will stop him for giving her all the happiness in the world! '.

The next morning everyone was getting ready to leave except for Vaishali and Mr.Purohit ..He had to attend a important Havan  the next day so he will leave after 2 days '.Mrinalini bought her suitcase down feeling proud of herself , Vivek was on the phone talking with one of the contractor  'dev was coming downstairs with a gloomy face he was in no mood to leave Vridavaan especially after knowing that Radhika loves him 'He wanted her to know his feelings as well but wonderer when will he get the chance

Dev: dadima 'kya kuch aur din nahi ther sakthe hum? 'he asked warily ..( cant we stay for few more days ?)

Dadima saw the sadness in his eyes and she was feeling very bad..

Dadima: Dev 'Office se bohut phone are hain 'They really need you and vivek to be there 'And Mrinalini also got lots of call from her clients ''she said reasoning 'yet she saw his gloomy face ..

Dadima: Dev 'your could come to see Radhika again ..And I promise you no one will stop you 'You could come see her anytime you like 'but for now we have to go back to Dehli 'Susheel arranged a poooja for Deepika and Arjun and one of us has to go 'your mom and Dad cant go since they have to attend a havan over here and will come back in 2 days 'So I have too go at least or else it doesn't look good .

Dev made a upset face and walked away , seeing Dev so sad Dadima had and Idea and went to talk to Vaishali ..

Birju: dadima:: hum saman ghari ki andar lekar jahthe hain '

Dadima: theek hai '.umm ..Dev 'hum pehle  Ranjiv ki Mandir jayein ge

Dev eyes brightened up and nods happily 'He could at least get a chance to see her '

The family arrived at the Mandir and entered seeing Ranjiv and Rdhika in the front   'They heard Radhika melodious voice and closed there eyes folding there hands in front of the lord ..Dev felt very sad knowing that he wont hear her voice for few days'After a while the devotes left after greeting the Purohit 'Radhika was giving out prasad with a small smile but Dev noticed her gloomy face , he was sure that she didn't sleep at all night just like him and knowing that he will have to leave she must have cried even more ..He kept gazing at her as she was trying to cover her sadness from everyone but he could clearly see it 'She came in front of him and he noticed her wearing a simple white shalwar kameez with a beautiful pink duppata that he bought at the mela for her.. Seeing this he smiled lightly yet he  had some tears in his eyes knowing that they will get separate  each other 'Radhika gives him the prasad glancing up at him once , she noticed his gloomy face , it didn't look bright as usual and this worried her , Dev also noticed her gloom face he was sure she was crying all night 'They kept gazing at  each other with much pan that they will be away from each other 'Dadima interrupted making them break there eyes contact 'Radhika manged to smile and walked to Dadima ..Dev didn't move his gaze from her '

The whole Family were saying there good byes and telling her to come fast '

Radhika smiled shyly and nodded '.They were walking down the mandir steps ..Radhika and Ranjiv were dropping them to the car with much sadness ..It was so much fun with all the family coming here , they had a great time but now they had to leave 'Mrinalini hugged Radhika

M: Come fast ! 'And don't worry about your dresses for the wedding I will arrange everything and im sure you will like it '

Radhika smiles gratefully

R: Thank you didi ..I know I could trust you ..

Mrinalini was getting emotional she didn't feel like leaving Radhika here and hugged her again

M: I had so much fun here Radhika ..Thank you for showing us around Vridavaan's an outing that I will never forget '
Radhika smiled sadly ..she was going to miss the whole family but she was happy at least  Vaishali and Mr.Purohit will stay for 2 more days '.

Dadima : acha bahu aab hum chalthe hain 'she looks at Radhika tenderly and saw her taking her blessings 'Aree Khush raho 'She caressed her hair once and hugged her '..Radhika felt her eyes moistening up and her traot feeling lumpy '..Tum fiqar maat karna ..tum jald se jald hamare ghar aaogi ..hmm??
Radhika smiled lightly but didn't understand when Dadima said that she will come fast to there house ? She ignored it and s,iled  'Dadima kissed her forehead warmly and walked towards Ranjiv '

Birju and Vivek said there good byes to Radhika and went towards the car '.Dev just stood there looking at Radhika , his heart was crushing knowing that in few minutes he will leave Vridavaan  and didn't know the next time he will see her ..He was regretting so much 'he wanted to tell her how much he loves her but everyone was around feeling very disappointed , Radhika just stood there with her head lower down sadly ..Dev walks towards her gloomily  'Radhika heart wanted to cry knowing that he will leave very soon 'Radhika slowly looks up and saw so much anguish in his face ..They gazed in each others eyes trying to read them '.Dev eyes turned teary , his throat felt lumpy looking in her sad eyes  'he felt like holding tightly in his arms and tell her how much he loves her ..Radhika stared in his eyes flickering her lashes lightly , they both had sadness  and pain in there eyes '.They wanted to say something to each other but were getting to emotional feeling there throat getting  heavy'
Vivek: Dev! Chalo '

Mrinalini hits vivek arm telling him with her eyes not to rush him 'Vivek nodded and seated himself in the car ..Mrinalini saw how sad they both looked and sat in the car '.Dadima whispers in Vaishali ears before sitting in the car

Dadima: don't forget to ask '

Vaishali smiles sweetly ..

Vaishali : aap fiquar maat kijiye  maaji 'she said assuring  
Dadima smiles and sits in the car 'While Mr.Purohit and Ranjiv started talking

Radhika kept gazing in his eyes and frowns her brows seeing few tears roll down from his eyes which spoke more than words ' ..He quickly looks away putting on his shades to cover up his tears '.Radhika watched Dev walking towards the car and sitting down 'Radhika was shocked to see him like this and tried untangle his unsaid words 'She kept looking at the car as it was moving away , seeing this her heart crushed in pain and tears started rolling down painfully 'Was he feeling sad  for last night 'or was it ..'.Radhika pulled up  her brows shocked 'He loves her !  '..She pursed her lips and closed her eyes letting the tears flow down her cheeks seeing the car gone from her sight  ..'It was too late to stop him now!
Dev was sitting in the back with Mrinalini and Vivek while Birju was sitting in the front with Dadima 'They all the sadness on Devs face and didn't say anything since he looked in some deep thoughts'They knew that he wore his sun glasses to hide his tears and didn't wasn't to disturb him. .They started talking amongst each other ..Dev was regret not telling her that he loves her  but was sure that she must of figured it out after seeing his tears  'He was looking outside the window seeing the beautiful temples and the villagers 'He was never going to forget the great times spent with Radhika'He closed his eyes seeing flashes of Radhika laughing and smiling''..He swallows the lump in his throat , he was going to miss her so much 'how will he live without her? ..When will he see her again?? Dadima looked back and saw Dev looking outside sadly , she was feeling very guilty for brining him along but she knew the smile on his face will come back '.It was just matter of few days'Smile


RAdhika and Devs engagement Party ! Big smile

Hey guys..Thank you so much for the lovely comments ..glad you guys liked it Hugand thank you all silent readers Hug ..Hope you like this update and wasn't disappointing Confused...I know that Dev didn't get a chance to tell Radhika ..but he will ...very soon Wink..Soryy if I upset anyone with this update guys probably had hopes that Dev will tell her that he loves her ..but he was in shock and didn't know how to react ...And now hes going back to Dehli and doesn't know when he will meet her again...But I can assure you that he will see her very soon Embarrassed
No update next week ...sorry Disapprove

Take care you guys Hugand please dont forget to press the like button Big smile

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Thanks you so much for a quick and lovely update---Clap
ClapThe scene was beautifully described where Radhika tells devika about her feelings and Dev's guilt prevented him from telling Radhika about his feelings--

So I guess, we will just have to wait for the next updateSmile

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Yumna thanks for the lovely update.

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
yaaar I cried a lot...I love this part soo much...I don't know how will I wait two weeks...I love your FF...hope I will get a surprise update like this...Drag and drop me

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Yumna, thanks for the wonderful update Clap

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