Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 58)

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nice update di and outing part also very cute
u don't need to drag we are enjoying their loving yet not telling to each other all moments and yes dadi teasing part was also awesome
keep it up
and waiting for the next

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Pyaar is in air which unknowingly encircling minds of  lovers and taking them to unknown but sweet land of their dreams .. flowers of love are about to blossom , hopefully they soon confess their true feelings .
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Romantic update ya. It will be tough for dev to make rad confess her love for him as she is very stubborn not to let out her feelings. Update soon.Thanks for PM
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Yumna thanks for the lovely update a nice outing visiting teples and RaDev getting closerBig smile

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such a lovely update. enjoyed it alot. please update again soon.
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Thanks Yumna for update...It is cute and romantic update ...enjoyed it  ...Hope you will soon update next one...
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wowClapClap.Clap.soo romantic updateBlushing ...really like this episode...soo wait for the next it sooon...Day Dreaming
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Part 24
The next day Dev was sleeping soundly , he felt someone shaking him lightly and grumbled sleepily

Dev: Itni subah 'sone do na ..

Radhika giggled cutely seeing this but she remembered that he told her to wake him up in any way 'She then saw the glass of water and took it to sprinkle some water on his face , she didn't want to but she had to keep her words'Dev felt this and started getting annoyed but kept his eyes closed brushing of the drops of water on his face

Dev: Stop!'why are you disturbing my sleep 'he said rumbling '.Few more minutes '.he didn't care who was trying to wake him up just wanted that person to leave and pulled the blanket
R: main jaanti thi ke aapp nakre karein ge ..isleye kal maine aapko uthaya nahi ( I knew thatyou would fuss 'Thats why I didnt want to wake you up yesterday )
Hearing Radhika voice his eyes opened flickeringly and removed the blanket seeing Radhika holding the glass of water looking at him little upset .

Dev couldn't believe Radhika was here '

Dev: radhika??? Tum yahan?? '.
A sweet smile came her lips seeing Dev looking at her unbelievably ..

R: Haan 'you said to wake you up next time I come '.but you weren't even waking up 'next time don't ask me too wake you up 'she said with a cute anger yet teasing '.you complain too much '.

Dev chuckles boyishly 'and holds his ears '
Dev: im sorry '.
Radhika giggles cutely at this shaking her head moving his hands from his ears ..

R: Koi baat nahi 'next time I will pour a huge bucket on you if you don't wake up 'trailing of with a cute laugh making Dev laugh along'

Radhika told him that Vaishali invited them for breakfast and that they were going to the temple right after ..Dev was so delighted to hear this he quickly got freshened up and joined his family for breakfast , he took Ranjiv chacha blessings and seated himself down , they were all having a good time chatting away , dev kept shooting loving glances at Radhika who was sipping her juice and talking with Mrinalini '.After breakfast they all went to the temple together , Ranjiv chacha was doing the aarti while Radhika was singing the melodiously , the whole villagers knew that Devki had a beautiful voice and reflected in Radhika voice as well '. dev didn't really pay attention to the aarti but his gaze remained on Radhika who had a dark bleu duppatta covering her head just like a cultural girl ..After the aarti Radhika was giving out the prasad , she saw a little girl standing beside her mother and smiled sweetly kneeling down giving the little girl a laddo '.Dev was watching this tenderly , he didn't miss the tear in her eyes seeing the little girl walking away with her mother . He felt his heart sting seeing this and his smile reduced , Radhika came to Dev covering her sadness with a cute smile 'She gave Dev a laddo sweetly , but saw him asking her what's wrong with his eyes ..She shakes her head telling him nothing '.but he knew that she was missing her mother very much 'unknowingly a tear rolled down her cheek making her look down not wanting to see this , but he did and pained him very much ..He slowly wipes the tear away shaking his head telling her to not cry with a soft comfort smile 'She gazed in his comfort eyes and gulps nodding her head , but wondered her gaze around seeing if anyone noticed this and took a relief breath seeing everyone in their own talk 'She took few steps and walking away giving him a light smile '..
After a while the Purohit family were remained in the temple '
Mrinalini: Dadima ..aaj hum sab mela main jahre hain 'Radhika ke saath ..
Everyone smiled excitedly

Dadima: Zarror ..Hum bhi chaleinge saath ...Lekin pehle ghar jakar tayar hona hai ...
Everyone agreed , they were all leaving the temple but before leaving Radhika folded her hands to the lord and Dev too , they were both praying silently 'Dev asked Kanha to fulfill all Radhika wishes , whatever she asked for give it to her , Radhika asked Kanha too keep take care of her mother where ever she is and that she would be found'.They both finished and glanced at each other and smiled', they walked out the temple ..

Dev: radhika?? Tum theek toh ho na ?? he asked concernedly ..

R; hann 'bas 'Ma ki yaad arithi 'she said lowering her face'Pata nahi kaisi hogi ??

Dev : Radhika '..Im sure your mom is perfectly fine ..he said reassuringly 'Main jantha hoon kanha tumhari Ma sarukshaat raka wa hai '.Hmm?? He said gazing at her tenderly'

Radhika smiles hearing his words and smiles nodding her head '.

Ranjiv: Radhika Beta ..chalo '.

Radhika : jee ''she glances at Dev ..Main apko Mela par milongi '

Dev nods watching her walk away '..he joined his family that were waiting for him


The mela was filled with different colors and enjoyment, they were food stalls , clothing stalls , toy , balloons , games , and much more entertainment .Everyone were coming to see the mela which came once a year, little kids ere running around , the villagers were enjoying the games and the rides , their was much noise of amusement in the Mela 'The Purohits came feeling very happy to be present at this wonderful event ..The organizer was welcoming them humbly , Mr.Purohit was very happy they had a special place installed for them to view the beautiful mela 'Dev was wondering his gaze around to find Radhika but couldn't find her .

Dadima: Dev ..chalo '.

Dev: Dadima ..Im waiting for Radhika 'he said looking towards the entrance

Dadima smiles seeing his impatience '

Dadima: Teri Radhika yahi hai ..lekin tuh anda hai 'she said teasingly '( Your Radhika is here ..but your blind that you cant see her ..)

Dev : Saach ?? He said scanning around the mela anxiously '
Suddenly his eyes saw the beautiful girl in the mela walking towards him with a sweet smile on her face wondering her gaze on the rides and the games with so much excitement , she was wearing a beautiful turquoise shalwar kameez with a matching duppatta , she had her hair tied in a loose braid , it was his one in only Radhika . She was walking along with Ranjiv who was smiling happily seeing Dadima and Dev standing near the clothing stall , Radhika eyes brightened up along with her smile seeing both of them '.Dev had a boyish cute grin seeing her pasting her steps towards them with the same anxiousness 'She bends down to take Dadima blessings '

Dadima: khush raho '.

Ranjov: radhe Radhe Maaji '

Dadima: Radhe Radhe '..

Radhika: dadima..wheres everyone???

Dadima: Chalo ill take you to them '
Dev glances at Radhika who gave him a sweet smile'..


Mrinalini , Vivek , Birju , Radhika and Dev were walking around the mela enjoying the lovely atmosphere ..It was a beautiful sunny day with partial wind passing by cooling them a little 'Dev just wanted to spend time with Radhika alone 'she stops near a chodiyaan stall looking at the beautiful varieties the vender had ...Dev gave Birju the look to "get lost" , Birju looks at Dev confusedly not understanding '

Dev: Birju ..ja yahan se ' saying whispereringly so Radhika doesn't hear him ..

Birju: Par kyun??

Dev put his hand over his waist side looking at Birju with annoyance'seeing this Birju smiles teasingly '

Birju : Oh'ab hum samjhe'..Theek hai hum Dadima ke paas jah the hain 'he glances at Radhika who was looking at choriyaans with Mrinalini and walks away shaking his head seeing how impatient Dev was to spend alone time with Radhika '

Dev : vivek bhaiya ''he just folded his hand with pleading eyes to take Mrinalini away ..
Vivek laughs and nods ..

Vivek: Mrinalini 'Come look over there 'Im sure we will find nice material for designing clothing'

Mrinalni looks at Dev who had a jubilant smile and understood everything '

Mrinalini: Sure ..chalo ..she said giving dev a wink '.

Dev had a boyish smile lingering on his face seeing Radhika trying nice choriyaan without noticing everyone was gone except for her and Dev ..she swiftly turns around to show Mrinalni but saw only Dev standing pretending to look at the choriyaans..

R: sab kahan chale gaye ?? She asked little worriedly'

Dev: oh 'dev went to see other stalls''.I hope you don't mind that Im here with you ..
Radhika shakes her head trying not too show too much uneasiness.. Already yesterday she found herself going a little too far with her feelings , she didn't want this to get more difficult with his company but did she have a choice now? Everyone else are gone having there own fun '.Dev saw this and didn't want her to feel uneasy

Dev: Radhika ' don't worry we will still have fun without them ..right??..Chalo show me which one you like ..he said trying to change subject '

Radhika smiles and shows him the blue ones she liked ..

R: yeh wale kaise hain???

Dev: mm'.he shakes his head not liking them 'He showed her nice turquoise ones matching her shalwar kameez'..Yeh wale 'he said forwarding them to her '

Somehow Radhika liked getting Dev opinion it gave her some kind of joy in her heart knowing that he likes what shes wearing , and she started liking the ones he choose more then the ones she preferred '.This made her smile and tried them on with a cute smile '

Dev: They look really beautiful 'Lets buy them ..Dev was about to pay the vender but Radhika stopped him

R: yeh kya karein hain'I have 'she said untying the knot on the edge of her duppata

Dev: Radhika'stop this 'what difference does it make If I pay .?? Today I will threat you ..anything you like just tell me 'Theek hai ??

R: Lekin ..

Dev: no lekin vekin 'he gives the money to the vender without letting her talk..
R: Yeh app kya kare hain ..

Dev : Radhika maine kehdiya kehdiya cant argue further..his voice turned ordering 'Buy anything you like and don't feel shy to ask ..Hmmm??
Radhika just looked on and smiled shaking her head , she felt nice hearing all this , he did the exact same thing yesterday but she didn't buy anything '..

R: Theek hai '.

Dev smiles happily and they walk towards the other stalls , they were talking and laughing looking at the cool toys and games'

R: Aap jaanthe hain 'har saal main yahan Maa ke saath athi thi ..aur bohut maza karthe the( You know every year I used to come with my mom to the Mela ) 'She said with a cute laugh remembering the times she used to come to the Mela with her mother ..Dev smiled along seeing her lost in her thoughts 'Ma aur main bohut sari shopping karthe the mela par 'aur bohut games bhi kehlthe the 'She said with few tears flickering in her eyes '.Har saal main rides par jaane chahthi thi ..lekin Ma mana karthi thi 'Kyun ki Maa daar thi thi ke muhje kuch hona jaye rides par '.I used to plead her to go on the rides with me ..but she was scared and scared for muhje .. we never went on the rides ..but we still managed to have lots of fun ..She said with much excitement 'Dev was gazing at Radhika as she was remembering those wonderful moments spent with her mother 'he then saw her smile reduce '

Dev: kya hua Radhika ?? Asking concernedly '

R: When we used to come back home from the Mela 'Amma would get very angry at me and mom 'She used to scream at my mother 'Asking her why she took me out ..and why did she buy all this for me from the mela '..Holding her face down feeling sad remembering those days '.lekin Maa hamasha mera saath deethi thi '.a smile came up her lips remembering her mothers protection towards her '. Lekin phir bhi ..I didn't want to go to the Mela after that day 'but mom consoled me and promised me that every year we will go 'She glanced at Dev who was feeling angry towards her amma but hearing the love that Radhika mother had for her made him smile '

R: Its been 2 years I didn't see the Mela 'she said sadly '.nor my Mother 'I wish that she was here with me ..she let few tears roll down ...

Dev couldn't see Radhika so sad like thisy

Dev: Radhika '.I promise you that your going to enjoy this day ..Main tuhje kuch kammi ka mehsoos nahi karne doonga .. 'I want you to enjoy just like when you were with your mother 'hmm?? He said tenderly

Radhika smiles sweetly yet sadly hearing this and nods wiping her tears ..It pained Dev too see her like this , he would do anything to bring a smile on her face

Dev: Chalo 'He held her writs taking her towards the rides '

R: kahan?? She asked startled

Dev: Rides!!

Radhika smile grew excitedly and pasted her steps along with Dev '.
R: Saach ???!!
Dev: Haan ..chalo ..jaldi '
They finally reached the ride , waiting in line. .Radhika heart was pasting do fast with nervousness and anxiousness seeing the ride going really high it was there turn and their went on the ferrous wheel , Radhika was feeling little scared 'she sits down beside Dev who had a excited smile '.He glances at Radhika who looked tensed sitting ..

Dev: Radhika 'you said that you always wanted to go on the rides 'So why are you feeling scared '
R: kyun ke yeh mera pehli baar hai ..she startled feeling the ride moving '

She moved closer to Devs holding his arm tightly, he looked at her surprised but liked the feeling of her touch very much ... , she started getting butterflies in her tummy yet the ride was moving slowly'Feeling this a boyish smile came up his lips ..he saw Radhika wondering her gaze nervously feeling the ride moving up '.

Dev: Radhika ..relax 'Im sure your going to enjoy it 'Daarni ki koi zarrorath nahi hai 'Main hoon na ..he said sweetly 'Radhika gulps hearing his words that did relax her , but she dint notice herself holding his arm 'They finally came to the top '.

Dev: Radhika 'look you could see the whole Mela from here '

Radhika looked and smiled seeing such a beautiful view of the Mela 'It was very colorful and active ..A sweet smile came up her lips seeing this 'unknowingly the fear erased from her face
R: Aree WAH!! '.Hum sab kuch yahan se de sakthe hain .!.she said with much cuteness and excitement ..
( WOW!! We could see the whole Mela from up here !)

Dev chuckled boyishly seeing such innocence and was gazing at her adoringly

She never witness this in her life , she felt like she was flying as the ride was moving down , feeling the sweet breeze on her skin ..she stretched her arms letting her duppatta fly along with the wind she had a cute and amusing smile lingered on her face , Dev couldn't take his eyes of her and it was getting extremely hard for him to control himself especially seeing her sweet innocence ..she looked so beautiful with few tress of hair flowing light against her face , she wanted to stand up but Dev quickly held her arm not letting her feeling to scared that something might happen '

Dev: Yeh Kya khari ho Radhika?? Agar tum gir ja thi??( what are you doing Radhika .?? What would happne if you fell?) He said angrily yet caring ..

R: Kuch nahi hoga ..aap hain na ..( Nothing will happen're here ..) 'she said sweetly 'App kabhi apni dost ko kuch nahi hone dege ..Haina?? ( you will never let your friend fall' right??)

Dev felt his heart flutter hearing this and smiles nodding his head ..

Dev: Haan '.But that doesn't mean that you could do anything '.You cant stand up on this ride ..or else you will loose balance ..he said reasoning

Radhika smiled little embarrassingly and bobbed her head and just sat quietly enjoying the ride 'this made him grin sweetly ..Dev and Radhika were talking and laughing , when they came to the top again Radhika went closer to Dev unknowingly pointing at the balloons that were flying in the air '

R: Dekeye '.Gubare !! She said with much excitement '( Look Balloons!! )

Dev just loved feeling her so close '.Then she saw Dadima with Vaishali walking '

R: Aree Dadima aur Maaji ( Look Maaji and Dadima ) 'she said pointing down 'Dev looked and smiled , he just loved hearing her cute excited voice 'He could feel that shes enjoying the ride very much 'She looked on the other side tucking her tress behind her ear securely .'.

Dev: Maza ara hai ?? ( Are you having fun?)

Radhika laughs cutely

R: Bohut!!! She said glancing once at Dev who laughed along

Dev : Radhika wahan Deko '..He pointed at Ranjiv chacha temple, unknowingly his arms was behind her resting on the backside ..he was very close to her but she didn't notice it she was enjoying herself so much ..They were talking and teasing each other 'not noticing the time fly on the ride ..Dev and Radhika came off the ride , she couldn't stop talking about the experience on the ride , Dev just keep gazing at her enjoying her sweet talks '.They went on other rides together , Radhika was just loving it so much , she somehow felt more secure and protected with him 'Radhika wanted to go on the ferrous wheel over and over again , Dev didn't mind , in the contrary he loved it !!! Seeing her happiness made his heart beam. ..They were both having a great time , without them realizing that they were coming closer and closer to each other 'They were walking around looking for something good to eat because they were feeling very hungry after all those rides ! 'They went to the food stall and he ordered gol gappes '.They both sat down and took one ..

Dev: Cheers!!
Radhika giggles cutely and hit her Gol gappe with his and they both fill there mouth ..Enjoying the khattha meetha savour '.They ate some more until they had enough ,she saw few crum on the side of his mouth and took the napkin wiping it off, Dev just gazed at her , feeling his heart flutter , she never did this before and this made his heart jump of joy ..he was simply loving this '.Radhika realized what she did and moved her hand away slowly gazing in his charming eyes that were captivating hers , she slowly looks away feeling awkward , What made her to this?? She has no rights over him'

R: Umm'sorry 'who had something ..I 'umm thought

Dev smiles

Dev: its ok Radhika '.To be honest ..I liked 'It feels nice seeing your care towards me '.

Radhika glances up seeing him smile sweetly , she also managed to smile but inside she felt stupid to do this?? What would he be thinking?? 'She clutched her jaws together feeling angry at herself for this , why could she control herself '.Dev saw this and forwns his brows , seeing her lost in her thoughts , she looked quite serious

D: Radhika 'you ok?? Asking with cautionary
Radhika managed to smile a bit and nods '
R: Chalein??/

Dev smiles and they both started walking towards different stalls , they saw Mrinalini and Vivek near a clothing material stall along with colourful Duppatas , Mrinalini was impressed by the different varieties they had 'She was so happy to see Radhika and Dev who were also very excited to see them ..

M: Radhika!! So how are you liking the Mela with Devs company ?

R: Bohut Maza ara hai !! ..How about you??

M: ..I was shopping the whole time 'Im loving this Mela Im going to come every year !
Vivek and Dev laughed seeing the excitement in Mrinalni

M: Radhika 'Come help me choose nice fabric for my upcoming clothing style ..
Radhika grins cutely and helped Mrinalini choose nice colors of fabric'

Dev was wondering around the fabrics and saw different colour duppatta , this made Dev grins and started looking through them 'He slightly hit Radhika arms with his getting her attention , she swiftly turns too look at him confusedly '

Dev: Radhika 'Choose the colours you like 'showing her the duppata he picked '

Radhika smiles sweetly shaking her head

R: its ok ..I have a lot '

D: Come on Radhika Im sure you don't have this colour 'he said draping the duppata over her ..
And purses his lips cutely trying to see if it went good on her , Radhika wondered her gaze coyly seeing if anyone was looking at them , she felt a little surprise by this but managed to keep a little smile , She saw that the vender was busy with Mrinalini dealing with the different fabrics..
D: Radhika I think this colour looks great on you 'Lets buy it '.

Radhika giggled seeing his interest in the duppatas ..

R: why are you so into the duppatas 'she asked with a cute laugh

Dev smiles impishly ..

Dev: Because ..the colours are very attractive '..Don't you think ??

R: Haan ..kaafi ache hain '
'She saw a nice purple duppata with nice embroidery and draped it over her chest side..Dev saw a sweet cute smile on her lips adoring the colour '
D: Buy this one too '

Radhika started liking this especially getting his advice on the duppatas , she was trying them on with a sweet smile forgetting her entourage ..she would giggle hearing his funny comments on the weird colour , this made Dev grin seeing her smile and laugh 'He would do anything to hear her beautiful laugh ..Radhika was having a good time not releasing her cheeks turning pink when he would complement the colours on her 'Somehow his words would make her heart flutter and make her forget her fear and have a good time '.Dev would catch few glimpses of her shyness that he found beautiful '.Mrinalini and vivek noticed this and smiled happily and didn't disturb them 'after a while Mrinalini spoke up

M: Radhika ..You found duppatas you liked??

R: Haan 'Decko Didi ..itne ache raang hain !

M: saach ..yeh toh bohut ache hain '.Here put them in my bag Ill give them to you after ..You go and enjoy yourself 'she said sweetly '

Radhika nods and glances at Dev who have a charming smile

Dev: Chalo Radhika '.Lets go over there '.they started walking towards different stalls they went to the games stalls ..Radhika and Dev were having a great time playing the games 'They each had 5 little ringlets and had to try to throw it too catch a items'Radhika started first , she kept loosing and made a cute disappointed face looking at Dev ..this made him chuckle boyishly

Dev: don't worry 'Ill try getting something '..he said assuring

Hearing this a cute kiddish smile came up her lips and her eyes brightened '.

R: Saach !! ..

Dev: haann '..Tell me what were you aiming for?

R:umm'That sure little teddy bear'.she said pointing at the cuddly teddy bear that was far behind '

Dev takes a deep breath ..
Dev: OK ..Ill do my best!..
Radhika grins cutely and watched him throw the ringlet 'He missed the first one and pursed his lips disappointedly closing his eyes unsatisfied 'Radhika also glances at him feeling a little disappointed but encouraged him not to give up

R: Don't worry still have 4 more rings ..she said bringing much cheer in her voice

Dev glances and tries again and again until he came to his last ringlet '

Dev : Please God 'Help me this one '..He glances at Radhika who was also getting a little tensed '.He takes a deep sigh and throw the ringlet 'Radhika had her eyes closed and looked at the ring around the teddy bear ..Her eyes brightened up and a excited grin make up her lips , she looks at Dev who couldn't believe it !! Radhika claps her hands one feeling so excited!! Dev folds her sleeves up acting all pround making her laugh .He gave the teddy bear to Radhika happily ..

Dev: Here Radhika 'Its for you '.he said forwarding it to her '

Radhika had such happiness in her eyes and a cute smile on her lips '.She felt very touched seeing Dev winning the teddy bear for her '

R: thank you so much ''.Main bhi na'..Main toh sirf aise hi kehri thi ..lekin aapne saach main mere liya yeh jeetha ya '.she looked at him with thankful eyes '( Thank you so much ..I was just saying it like that ..but you actually won it for me ..)

Dev: Aagar tum kuch chaho 'aur who main nahi pura karoon?? Aisa ho saktha hai Kya?? He said giving her a sweet charming smile 'Radhika didn't know why he was doing all this but she had to admit that the words really touched her '.They continued walking around the game stalls , Radhika wanted to try the ice popsicle , she choose the strawberry flavour while Dev had blueberry flavour..They were both sucking the cold juice sitting on a bench
D: Mmm''s a pretty hot day ..but this cools us off '

HE said glancing at Radhika who's lips were all dark pink , though she already had nice lips but seeing her with more colour made it look funny '..Dev starts laughing .making Radhika frowns puzzled

R: Kya hua ???

D: your lips are so red '.trailing of with a boyish laugh '
Radhika touches her lips and smiles a little embarrassedly yet sweet 'Then she notices Dev lips ae bleu and this made her laugh with much cuteness 'Dev forwns his brows confusedly

D: Kya hua??

R: Your lips are all bleu '.she said laughingly '.

Dev touches his lips and chuckles '

D: Saach ??

Radhika nods affirmatively

R: Haan ...But its ok 'The colour will disappeared 'she said cutely sucking on her ice popsicle
Dev wanted to taste her popsicle

Dev: Radhika Can I try yours??

R: Sure ! 'they both traded and tasted the different flavour '

Dev: yUmm..This one is very tasty '..

R: your flavour is good too '.

They both taste each other popsicle without realising that they already sucked on to it'Dev slowly realises he never tasted such flavour before 'He was about to suck on it again when a thought came up 'he turns toward gazing at her lovingly '..he got aware that he was tasting the same popsicle that she had , probably because of her lips the taste was very sweet and unique 'Radhika didn't notice this and was enjoying his popsicle so much 'This made him smile naughtily and he just continued on her popsicle 'After a while they finished eating the started teasing each other on the colour of there lips and walked along laughing and talking '

..'The day was passing by with much amusement and excitement , they didn't even see the time fly and It was already getting sun set , they went on rides played more games winning and loosing but in the end they had fun ! 'They were sitting near a bench along with Dadima and Vaishali 'Chatting away about all the fun stuff they did 'Radhika had much happiness and excitement that was clearly reflecting on her face ..Vaishali and Dadima shared a sweet smile , they also noticed Dev just gazing at her lovingly as she was talking 'Few minutes later Dadima asked Dev to buy ice cream for them since they were feeling hot 'Radhika joined him and they bought ice cream for everyone '
Dadima was enjoying her strawberry flavour ..

Dev: Dadima don't eat too much ne mana kiya 'he warned ..

Dadima pretended that she didn't hear him and continued with her ice cream '

This made them laugh amusingly '
Vaishali : Maaji 'dev sahi kehra hai 'don't eat to much 'you can give the rest to Mrinalni or Vivek '.Look there coming 'she said signalling with her head ..

Radhika was licking on her chocolate ice cream enjoying it very much , Dev smiled seeing her enjoying the ice cream just like a little kid 'She was just so adorable too look at 'Suddenly Vivek and Mrinalni came with shopping bags ..Vivek was just out of breath he sits down taking his cap off 'Radhika and Dev stood up to give them the spot '

Dev: How was it bhaiya?? He asked teasingly '.

Vivek gave Dev a annoyed face ..

Vivek: it was just great!! He said sarcastically ..

Mrinalini shook her head and started laughing

M: Hey I want some ice cream too

Vaishali: Take mine ..I don't want anymore '

Dev was holding his ice cream cone and a teasing smile came up his lips , he looks at Radhika who was talking to Mrinalini
Dev: Radhika'..
She swiftly turns around and felt his finger put some ice cream on her nose 'He started laughing finding it funny seeing her surprised eyes 'She frowns her brows and make a cute angry face wiping the ice cream off '.

R: Aap bhi na!! she said in a warning tone ..
Dev quickly gave his ice cream to vivek and started running ..Radhika gave her too Vaishali and ran after him ..The family laughed seeing this ..Dev was laughing amusingly through the lanes of the Mela 'She was running after him , a playful smile came up her lips hearing his laugh '
Birju was walking with his ice cream cone , Dev bumped into him by accident and his ice cream fell down ..he continued pasting his steps 'Radhika saw this and stopped

R: sorry Birju bhaiya '.she saw Dev gone far 'she smiles amusingly and run after him again

Birju was just confused with what just happened ..He just shook his head seeing this and went to buy another ice cream cone

Dev turned around and saw her few feet's away 'He was passing by the little kids being careful not to hurt anyone and she did the same 'She's pretty fast for a girl 'he thought chuckling boyishly ..They came far from the mela near a little ghat ..Radhika was getting out of breath and stops near a tree stomp , Dev saw this and came to her catching his breath along with her ..

Dev: maza aya na?? he asked impishly

Radhika looks at him

R: Nahi ..sirf aapko maza aya ..kyun ke aapne meri naak ( nose) par ice cream dala 'She said little angrily yet cute '.She folded her arms across her chest looking away trying to cover her smile 'Dev saw this 'and walks few step towards her standing behind her 'He closed the distance between them and kept gazing at her lovingly , slowly he leaned close to her ear , feeling this her heart started bounding beneath her , she felt light shiver going down her body 'She felt his lips so close to her ears ..almost brushing them 'She gulps lightly hearing his voice '

Dev: Naaraaz ho?? '.Muhje maaf nahi karo gi '? He said letting his breath wash over her ears sweetly

Radhika could think properly feeling him so close to her '.even Dev could resist , he was so close to her skin almost feeling it with his lips, he felt Radhika breath hitching '.Radhika closed her eyes for a brief second and tried controlling her emotions and slowly turned around seeing him standing so close to her making her startle lightly ...She gazed in his warm eyes for few seconds and quickly looked away taking few steps back composing herself '.

R: Na'.Nahi 'wo'who main 'sirf ..umm mazak karithi ''She managed to say'..Muhje bhilkul ..boura nahi laga '..she smile waveraly trying to hide her pink cheeks and gulps lightly

Dev grins charmingly seeing her hide her shyness, but he had to admit she looked more beautiful 'Inside he was beaming with joy , he was certain that there was some in her heart for him , especially noticing her reaction when he whispered in her ears '

They started walking back , Radhika was lost in her thoughts , Dev kept glancing at her wondering what was wrong with her , she was so quiet 'Suddenly she saw a cart with wheel and Balloons hanged on it '
A cute smile came up her lips and her eyes brighten up like a kid , and her thoughts drifted away

Dev: Radhika ? Kya hua??

Radhika smiles cutely..

R: Gubare 'she said with much excitement

Dev: Tumhe lene hain?? He asked sweetly

Radhika bobbed her head with much happiness, Dev would do anything to see a smile on her face instead of her seriousness which occurred few seconds ago ..

Dev bought Radhika all the colours of Balloons , holding the balloons strings Radhika giggles delightfully seeing so many in her hands '

R: Wah!!! Itne saree?? She asked amused

Dev laughs inwardly seeing her cute questions

D: haan 'You want some more 'he asked hurriedly to make satisfied completely ,..

R: Are nahi nahi 'she said quickly '..Itne kaafi hain 'she said moving her gaze up at the balloons feeling so happy seeing so many colours of balloons '

Radhika and Dev started walking back to the fair talking and laughing 'Suddenly Radhika gaze came to a little girl standing looking at the balloons with much attraction , Radhika smiles sweetly and kneels down to give the little girl few balloons from her bundle of balloons'This made the girl smile cutely and kiss Radhika on the cheek ..

Little girl: Thank you Didi 'she said running off with the balloons laughing playfully

Radhika felt so touched and gets up with a tender smile , she glances at Dev who was smiling sweetly at this 'They continued there way to the family , They were all so surprised seeing Radhika holding balloons with much cuteness in her smile Mr.Purohit came and saw Radhika holding her teddy bear with so many balloons and with few chopping bags in her hands'She was sitting down talking to Mrinalini ..

Mr.Purohit : aree Radhika beta '.lagtha hai tumne kaafi maza uthaya mela ka ..he asked happily
( Radhika'looks like you had lots of fun ')

Radhika glances at Dev and smiles nodding her head '

Mrinalnii: Daraasall Papaji ' Dev ne Radhika ko bouhut spoil kiya aaj 'she said giving him a wink ..
Kyun dev?? ( Actually 'Dev spoiled Radhika a lot ..right dev?)

Dev smiles impishly and Radhika looked down realizing that whatever she said was true ..Dev did spoil her today '

Dev: haan 'Isme kounso baari baat hai ?? Radhika toh meri sabse achi dost hai 'Anything she liked I bought it for her '.Uski khushi main hi meri khushi hai ..he said glancing at her lovingly ..

Radhika looked up and smiled lightly 'The elders were so delighted to hear this ..seeing that Radhika and Dev were having a really good time together '., they had the same idea running in there head and they will surely make it happen '

After a while Mr.Purohit spook up ..

Mr..Purohit : Radhika beta ..Ranjiv ko koi zaroori kaam agaya tha , who Mansa pndit ke saath 'unhe ghar ane main thodi dheer hojaye gi 'hmm?? ( Radhika ..Ranjiv had important work to do with Mansa pandit ..he said that he will be late )

Radhika smiles and nods her head '

R: waise 'muhje bhi ghar jaana hoga 'she said looking at the evening that was approaching

Dadima: Haan 'tum thaak gayo hogi na 'aur raat bhi hone lagi hai '..she said looking at the sky

Mr.Purohit: Chaliye Maaji hum bhi ghar chalthe hain ..Maine Birju ko behja hai ..ghari lekar ani ki '..( Come other lets go home'I already sent Birju to get the car ')

Vaishali : Radhika 'Tum bhi chalo humare saath ..( Radhika you also come with us )

R: koi baat nahi Maaji '.mera ghar itna dhoor nahi hai'she said reasoning '.Aur waise bhi 'muhje pedall jaane acha lagtha hai 'she said with a sweet smile '( Don't worry , my y house is not that far 'I don't mind walking in the contrary I love it )

Vaishlai: Theek hai'.Dev Radhika ko ghar thak chor de '.( Fine ..Umm Dev drop Radhika home )

Dev smiles jubilantly inside thanking his mother '

Dev: Jee '.Chalo Radhika ..

Radhika glances once not objecting because she knew that Dev wont give up'

He walked her home walking pass the beautiful ghat , the muddy lanes , few familiar temples and reached home after talking away about there day in the Mela '

Radhika looks up at Dev smiling ..

R: Umm .Thank you so much 'I really had fun ..she said smiling cutely '

Dev: Radhika 'after you telling me that you always enjoyed the mela with your mom ..I wanted you too have the same excitement and enjoyment as you did with your mother ..Its been 2 years you didn't come to the mela ..he said feeling sad '.I hope I didn't lack anything 'If I did then im sor..

Radhika interrupted

R: Yeh aap kaise batein kkare hain '.Appne muhje kuch kaami ki mehsoos nahi diya , balke apne muhje bohut sarri khushi di hai aaj ..bouhut khushi 'she said sweetly gazing in his eyes tenderly 'Aur maine aaj bouhut khob maza kiya aaj apke saath 'bouhut maza aya ..she said with much excitement '.Thank you so much '.'( What are you saying 'you took care of the smallest things , you gave me much happiness 'And I enjoyed myself so much today ..Thank you so much )

Dev: Don't worry about it 'aur haan time if you ever need anything you don't hesitate in asking ..hmm?? He said ordering yet sweetly ..

Radhika nods sheepishly remembering his little scold in the mela when she was objecting him buying anything for her '

R: Jee '.Acha main chalthi hoon '( ..Ill be leaving now )

Dev: Radhika 'Thanks '

She frowns her brows confusedly

R: Kis karliye 'maine toh kuch kia hi nahi 'sab kuch aapn kiya hai ( For what ?? I didn't do anything 'you're the one who did everything ..)

D: Nahi Radhika ..tumhe bhi muhje bouhut khushi di aaj '( No Radhika .you gave me so much happiness ).

R: Who kaise??

Dev: with your beautiful smile 'he said lovingly gazing in her surprised eyes 'Radhika 'your happiness means so much for me ..and I never want your smile to fade away '.Keep smiling the way you always do and this will mean the whole world for me 'He said with much affection in his voice ..

Radhika was shocked hearing this and looked on feeling her heart beating beneath her chest'.She looked downs feeling stunned by this ..She didn't know how to react to this a swallows lightly trying to digest her feelings , she glanced up and folded her hands together '

R: shubratri 'she said softly

Dev smiled seeing her pink cheeks and folded the same way ..

D: shubratri 'he said watching her walk away lovingly


Radhika as sitting beside dev with looking down feeling her heart pasting , she suddenly felt Dev lifting her hand lovingly and slid a beautiful ring on her ring finger ...The family looked on with a beaming smile , Dev looks up at Radhika who had her gaze down shyly ...She couldn't beleive that she actually got engaged to Dev ...

Hey guys I updated ...Hope you like it Smile
Theres much more too come stay tuned..WinkAnd Thank you so much for your lovely comments me much support Hug
Have a good night Smile

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