Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Part 23
The next morning Dev woke up hearing the birds chirping away , Dev quickly got dressed wearing nice jean with a dark bleu T-shirt looking very fresh and handsome. He was so excited knowing that Radhika was here .He was climbing down the stairs with a boyish yet charming smile , he saw no one around only Birju cleaning the dinner table'.

Dev: Birju?? Where is everyone???

Birju smiles..

B: you woke up too late ..everyone left to the temple with Radhika '.

Dev: WHAT!!! There gone?? You didn't wake me up??? Birju ! You know how eager I wanted to meet Radhika'and she already left???

B: ..Radhika came in your room but you were sleeping she didn't want to disturb you '.But What's the problem ?? You could still meet her 'her house is just 10 minutes away forgot that she's living in the same village you could spend lots of time with her while you're here '
Dev had his arms crossed and loosens them realizing that Birju had a point'.and a cute excitement grin came up his lips '

Dev: your so right Birju! He said tapping Birjus shoulder who was feeling proud of himself '..Thank Birju ..your not that dumb after all 'she said with a boyish laugh 'Birju smile reduced when he said that '

Birju: Kya matlab??..
Dev : kuch nahi '..reducing his laugh impishly   and bites on a apple '..Waise what temple did they go to ??

Birju: Im not telling you called me dumb'. he said walking away '.

Dev: its ok don't have to tell me 'Ill figure it out myself '..He put the apple in Birju hands and ran out the house 'Birju just watched him leave shaking his head 'He then saw a driver knocking on the door ..he remembered Mr.Purohit told him  to send the driver to pick them up from the mandir because Ranjiv and Mr.Purohit had to go meet the panchayat for some important work '.

Dev was running across the ghat and the muddy lanes , the little kids , the market , and by a little house were a wife was screaming at her husband..Dev felt bad for that man a pasted his steps with a boyish laugh 'He then remembered Ranjiv chacha temple and his smile got wider knowing that the family must be there ..He took of his convers and walked in the temple. He saw the devotees coming out '.I guess the aarti is over 'he thought but still continues his steps'.When he saw Radhika with her duppata nicely over her head passing by the devotes with the aarti tali with a sweet smile lingering on her face looking very beautiful , his heart was racing with attipation  'He saw his family busy standing talking to some villagers 'A small naughty smile appeared on his face seeing Radhika getting closer to him unknowingly'.Radhika was about to walk away when she felt someone pull her braid lightly she swiftly turns around seeing  saw Dev standing there with his hands folded to Kanha idol  yet he had a playful  smile playing on his lips ..Her eyes widened up seeing him she didn't miss that playful smile of his and shakes her head wanting to play along ..She quickly walks away before he could open his eyes 'As soon as he opened them he didn't see her ! He frowns his brows scanning around only to find his family with other devotees ..The temple seemed getting empty ..he couldn't see her anywhere ..He stood in the same position thinking 'Kahin toh ..Radhika ko uske bal kishne se boura toh nahi laga ( Did Radhika mind me pulling her braid lightly ?? Is she angry at me for this??) He looked around and saw few last devotees walking out  ..She probably felt uneasy me doing this in front of the them '.His thoughts got disturb when he felt someone hands tapping his shoulder and swiftly looks on his left side seeing no one and in a reflex he turned his head the right

R: Kis ko doondre hain?? ( Who are you looking for )
Dev startled at this and found her standing there with a cute teasing smile .

Dev: Radhika?? Asking astound
She just offer him the aarti not missing the naughty glint in his eyes 'Dev kept his gaze on her while making a circulation movement with his hand over the fire 'Radhika had her head lower knowing that she tricked him with a impish smile '

D: So you got me ! 'I thought that you probably didn't like me teasing you and walked away ..he said with a boyish chuckle making Radika giggle cutely with his words
R: Kyun?? Mazak karne karliye sirf aapko haq hai kya?? She asked teasingly '( why?? only your allowed to joke around?)

Dev : Nahi ..who kya haina 'when I did the spider prank on you got angry '...

Radhika giggles cutely reminiscing about that day '

R: Haann naraaz toh hui thi '.leking baad main bohut maza aya aapko wapas sherne ki  'trailing of with her playful laugh  as the images flashed in her eyes ..( I did get little angry at firt but then I enjoyed playing along ..)

D: hmmm' I should off known better 'that you like playing along and get me back '...He said shaking his head  feeling stupid to think that she would get angry '

Suddenly they heard Dadima voice..

Dadima: Aree Dev ?? Tuh kaab aya??

Dev glances once at Radhika who was smiling sweetly..

Dev: bas ..abhi dadima 'He then saw Ranjiv chacha approaching them

Ranjiv: aree Dev beta??
Dev bends down to take his blessings ..

Ranjiv: Khush raho 'Aab tumhari taybit kaisi hai??( How are you feeling now ??

Dev glances once at Radhika who looked down sadly

Dev: Bhikul theek Ranjiv chacha 'he said assuringly'Main maafi magne chahtha hoon'aap kal aye the ..aur milke bina app chalgaye'( Im perfectly fine ...I wanted to apologize came yesterday and I didn't even say good bye ..)

Ranjiv: aree koi baat nahi beta 'is mein maafi magne main konsi baat hai 'agar tumhari taybit theek nahi thi toh hum samaj sakthe hain ..he replied warmly  caressing dev hair once '.

Vaishali and Mr.Purohit came seeing Dev ..

Vaishali: Aree Dev?? Tuh agaya '..Tuhne nashata kiya na aane se pehle??( Dev your here?? Did you have breakfast beofre coming??)
 Dev: ummm'haan ..umm kiya '..I ate an apple
He glances once at Radhika who had little doubtful eyes on him '

Vaishali: Bas??

Dev: haan mom ..wasn't very hungry 'he said reasoning '

Mr.Purohit: aree Vaishali ji ..Mrinalini aur Vivek kahan gaye hain '

Vaishali: who sida arti ke baad ghar gaye hain 'They went to change into outing clothes '

Mr.Purohit : acha theek hai 'Radhika beta ..your going to show  them everything in Vridavaan ..starting from the beautiful soil to the greatest temples'

Dev: kya ? Outing ??

Dadima: Haan 'Radhika is going to show Vivek and Mrinalni all around vridavaan '.

Dev: Saach !! That sounds like fun ! ..Im coming too 'he said excitedly inviting himself shamelessly ..

Radhika glances at Dev with a sweet smile
Dadima : Haan haan 'zaroor jaana'.lekin meri dost ko pareshaan maat karna 'samjhe??( Sure ..but dont bother my friend to much ..understand ??

Dev : Aapki dost??

Radhika smiled amusingly..

Dadima: Haan 'meri dost ..Radhika '

Dev frowns his brows hearing this and glances at Radhika

Dev: Lekin ..Radhika toh meri dost hai '
Dadima: Kyun re ?? Radhika sirf tumhari dost bansakthi hai kya??

Everyone was getting amused by this Mr.Purohit shakes his head seeing his mother arguing with Dev '

Dev: Lekin '.who would want to be friends with you?? He asked teasingly making Dadima give him one stren look yet playful

Dadima: Dev 'Kanha is watching you 'be careful what your saying to me '

Dev bit his tongue seeing kanha looking at him 'He quickly holds his ears ..

D: sorry dadima ..I was just joking with you '.

Dadima smiles seeing this and shakes her head'

Dadima: Theek hai theek hai 'she said with a little tinge of streness in her tome

Dev chuckles boyishly  glancing once at Radhika '.

Ranjiv was surprised seeing this but it felt nice seeing a beautiful bond between a Grandmother and grandson ..
Dev: Radhika 'Dadima is a great friend you could tell her anything freely 'he said admitting'Dadima is very modern type 'You know this right??

Radhika giggles cutely glancing once at Dadima ..

Dadima: Chup ..baadmaash 'she said little sternly yet her voice was teasing ..

Dev was having fun teasing Dadima
R: Muhje pata hai dadima meri bohut achi dost bankar rahe gi 'Haina??

Dadima smiles caressing Radhika head once and nods her head '.
Few moment passed '

Mr.Purohit: Vaishali ji ..hum Ranjiv ji ke saath panchayat se milne jahare hain 'hume ane main dheer hojaye gi
 Vaishali smiles and nods her head

Ranjiv: Radhika beta '..Ghar main who chaadar bahar pariwahain 'ghar jahthe unhe mere kamre main rakdena ..hmm?? He said  sweetly..

R: Jee Ranjiv chacha ..main karloongi 'app fikar na karein '
He carresses Radhika head

Ranjiv: and  before leaving don't forget to lock the temple '.

R: Jee''taking the key from him
Mr.Purohit and Ranjiv walk out the temple and saw the driver waiting for them

Vaishali: dev ..Radhika ko ghar thak chordena'

Dev heart was jumping of joy and flashes a boyish grin yet he tried a little to hide his happiness but Dadima and Vaishali saw it perfectly on his face and both shared a sweet smile , they would do anything to let Radhika and Dev spend time with each other

Dev: jee ..he said glancing once at Radhika who was putting the aarti that near the Idol '

Dadima: Radhika beta 'chalo '

R: Jee '
They walked out the temple a Radhika locked it securely '
Dev: dadima ..should I go get the car ??

Dadima: nahi nahi ..I want to walk and enjoy the fresh air of vridavaan 'Its only few minutes walk  not too long ..

Dev smiles a agrees
They were walking through the lanes , all the Villagers folded their hands respectfully in front of Dadima who folded her hands the same respectful way , Radhika felt so nice seeing this everyone had so much respect for the Rajpurohit and why wouldn't they ?? The Purohit family do so much for the poor and do there best to build up a better village for the villagers 'Dev saw this and smiles knowing exactly what she was thinking '.Radhika house was on the right lane'.

R: Dadima 'main baad main milthi hoon '

Dadima: theek hai Beta 'Dev make sure that Radhika reaches home safely '

Dev: Jee'chalo Radhika

Vaishali and Dadima started walking further while Dev and Radhika took the other way 'Radhika and Dev simply smiled at the Villagers , they also folded there hands knowing that Dev was Rajpurohits son . He felt very humble meeting them 'But these were the villagers that let the panchayat take her mother away 'He glances once at Radhika , she didn't have an inch of anger towards them , instead she was smiling sweetly ..
His gaze was tender on her knowing that Radhika had a big heart , she doesn't ever  take revenge ..He never met such girl before , she had tough times in her life but manage to fight them 'He kept glancing at her , he felt so lucky to find her ..what would have happened if he never met her ?? Thinking about this tinges his heart and he quickly washed these thought off...Dev takes a deep breath '.

Radhika: Kya hua??

Dev : kuch nahi 'he replied hurriedly '

She frowns a little but next second a smile came up her lips shaking her head '

Dev slowly spoke up ..

Dev: Radhika?? You should of woke me up today 'he said with a tinge of complain '

R: but you were sleeping ..and I didn't want to disturb you 'you had a long day yesterday  so I thought that you were really tired after the travel '

Dev: ..I was so upset when I woke up and you weren't there 'Next time do whatever it takes to wake me up..ok??

Radikas eyes widened up by a fraction hearing this  '

R: Do anything to wake you up!! '

D: Haan'Anything!

R: theek hai time I will do whatever I can to wake you , but if you don't wake up don't come complaining to me 'she said with a cute laugh

Dev: Fine 'I won't ..he said with an impish smile

By the time they were talking they reached Ranjiv chacha house '.

Radhika opened the little  gate with a cute smile lingering on her face , she was about to walk in when she heard Dev ..

Dev: umm? Radhika?? What time do I pick you up ??..he asked boyishly..

Radhika : ummm..what time is it now??..

Dev: 8:30.'.Ill come to pick you up at 9:00...he said hurriedly ..

R: 9:00..that's too early '.

D; fine 9:30.'..he wanted to spend more time with her ..

Radhika giggles cutely seeing Dev wanting to pick her up so early'

R: ..umm'around 11:30...I have to finish up few chores before 'I left them incomplte yesterday because I slept over'

Dev: theek hai '.11:30  right?? Ok ..I will come '.he said hurriedly '
Radhika smiles seeing a little impatience from Dev'

R: milthe hain 'she said walking away with her cute rosy cheeks , Dev smiles boyishly running his fingers through his hair ''God I love her ! and walks away thinking of Radhika '
He reached home and saw Dadima sitting on the couch talking with Susheel chacha on the phone , Vaishali was fixing up the dinner table'..

Vaishali: Dev 'you dropped Radhika ?

Dev: jee maa'

Vaishali: Acha '.aap tum kuch khale'You said you just had an apple ..that's not enough for you '

Dev: Jee 'he sat down while Vaishali poured him ..

Birju : dev bhaiya?? What took you so long??? He asked teasingly ..

Dev: long?? I didn't take long at all '

Birju: Haan '.kahin ..aap Radhika ji ki soch main kahin fisaal toh nahi gaye?? He said laughing teasingly ..( Ofcourse ...unless you tripped and fell thinking too much about Radhika ..)
Dev got annoyed and gets up ready to kill Birju

Dev: Bas hogaya tera BIRJU!! Aaj main tumhe chorronga nahi!!! 'Ill teach you a big lesson that you will 'never forget '''saying menacingly yet teasing '''..Birju started running  laughingly making Dev irked '

Vaishali hit her forehead with her hand seeing both off running off'Dadima shook her head seeing this and continued her conversation with Susheel '


Dev was in his room combing his hair back and fixing shirt'He was looking very dashing with his stylish clothes  and  charming smile 'He sits on his bed to put his shoes suddenly his gaze fell on Radhika payal laying on his side table ..A sweet smile came up his lips , he holds her payal gazing at it lovingly '

Dev: I guess you have to wait a little until you reach your destination 'He kisses her payal and puts it safely under his pillow '

Dev  looked at his watch and he still had 1 hour , he takes a deep sigh

Dev: when will the time pass??
Dev didn't know why but it was getting very hard for him to stay away from her ..His heart was just yeaning for her 'He then saw his camera and remembered he took pictures of Radhika yesterday and forgot to upload them on his laptop ..So he quickly takes out his laptop and transfers her pictures on his pc. He was enjoying watching her picture , a sweet smile was lingering on his face recalling, her beautiful laugh , her playful actions 'He found her so adorable just making his heart going more crazy for her 'He looks at hi watch and he stilled had lots of time ..He takes a deep sigh and walks out his room with his camera'HE came downstairs and saw vivek ready for the outing waiting for Mrinalini '

Dev: vivek bhaiya?? Where's bahbhi ??

Vievek: shes taking her sweet time '.

Dev: im going to pick Radhika that time I hope Bhabhie will be ready '

Vivek: theek hai '..

Dev took the car driving by the familiar lanes 'He finally reached Ranjiv house ..


Radhika was getting ready she was wearing a nice purple fitted shalwar kammez with her long beautiful  browns hair tied in a loose braid with matching choriyaans and simple round earrings'.She takes a deep sigh hoping that this outing doesn't make her heart weak ..She had to keep herself strong and not take this too seriously 'If Dev says something or does something she wont let her heart get affect ..She cant! She folded her hand together doing a silent prayer '.
She walks towards the kitchen  finishing cooking dinner for tonight ..she wont have time during the day so finished it before she went out'She closed the heating on the stove and put the vessel on the side 'Suddenly she  heard someone on the door ..she smiles happily knowing its Dev .., somehow she felt her heart pasting really fast and hurriedly opened the door 'She saw Dev standing there with a cute charming smile , he saw her beautiful smile making his heart fluttering forgetting everything around them 'Radhika and Dev were gazing in each others eyes making there hearts throb '.Suddenly Radhika looked down uneasily  and  speaks up'

R: you're a little early?? She said in a wavering tone..

Dev came out his trance..

Dev: Hann ..who '.I 'umm'I had nothing else to do I thought to come pick you up 'Bhabhi is still getting ready so thought of picking you up first 'Your done with your chores right??

Radhika smiles ..
R: Haan '

Dev: Then come lets go '..

R: Jee'let me just go lock the back door '.

Dev was leaning against the car waiting for Radhika , he then saw her walking towards him with a sweet smile , He opens the door for her like a perfect gentle man and sit on the driver seat

Radhika sat beside him enjoying the fresh air penetrating from her open window'She glances at dev who was wearing nice stylish clothes with  his  tinted shades looking quite handsome , making him very attractive 'her gaze was in his for few seconds but slowly looked away knowing what she was doing 'Dev glanced at Radhika and saw her looking away outside and a boyish smile came up his lips seeing this 'He wondered his gaze on her seeing  how beautiful she was looking she was a natural beauty '

Dev: Radhika look very nice 'he said glancing at her with his charming smile
Radhika felt her cheeks going pink and smiles a little shyly'

R;..umm..Thank you '

Dev: Well I don't mind if you complement me'he said giving out an impish smile ..
Radhika cheek went redder seeing this, Did he see her gazing at him?? yes he did!! Radhika was flickering her eyes lashes lightly feeling nervous , she gulps lightly and slowly speaks up trying to act normal '..

R: Your also looking nice 'she tried covering her blushing cheeks which didn't work on him '

Dev: Thanks '.he said giving her a sweet charming smile'.

Radhika slowly looked outside taking a deep breath '

Dev: You remember you always used to pick the clothes for me every morning?
Radhika looks at Dev and smiled as the images flashed across her eyes and nods her head ..

D: You had really good taste  with my clothes' I don't know how you knew exactly my choices of color and style I don't know how you did it but I have to admit I loved wearing everything you picked for me .He said sweetly yet loving  ..

Radhika smiled cutely hearing this , she felt her heart flutter hearing such sweet words from him but controlled herself thinking that he was just being appreciative '.

R: But you still have good taste without me choosing for you  '..He said cutely but realised what she said and looked at him surprised'

Dev frowns lightly and glances at her when she said that , his heart was beaming with joy hearing this and his smile grew boyishly ..

Dev:hmmm.. ..So every time I used to pick my clothes you found that I looked good?? ' He asked teasingly

Radhika cheeks were flushed red , she felt so stupid to say that '.

R:Nahi ..mera matlab yeh tha 'ke '.umm'.appko meri har waqt zaroor  nahi hai ..I mean you  could pick your clothes without me helping ..( No ..I meant to say that 'you don't need me all the time ..)

Dev : No Radhika'I do need you ..You don't know every morning I woke up feeling something missing 'I wanted someone to come to my room and talk with me , someone to make me laugh , some whom I could tease 'He trailed of with a cute chuckle '..I really needed you Radhika 'he said sincerely ..

Radhika looked down feeling bad Dev saw this and tried changing subject '

Dev: but you know something when you weren't there ..I learned how to Iron my clothes myself 'he said proudly'

Radhika laughs cutely '

R: Saach ?? So I guess something good came out when I was gone 'she trailed off teasingly making Dev laugh boyishly

They finally reached the bHAvan '

Dadima saw Radhika walking in with Dev and a beaming smile came up her lips'Radhika met everyone and sat down with Vaishali and Dadima'Suddenly she saw Birju walking by with an Ice pack on his shoulder '

R: Aree ?? Birju bhaiya kya hua?? Asking worriedly

Birju looks at Dev and smiles revengefully , Dev  signalled Birju not to say anything with his warning eyes but Birju went on..

B: who kya hai na 'Dev bhaiya ne hume bohut mara'he said complainingly with a cute painful expression

Radhika eyes widened up looking at Dev ..

R: Kya?? Par kyun .?? She asked worriedly
 Birju was about to speak when Dev cut him off..

Dev: Radhika 'you know Birju is always exaggerates , I didn't even hit him that hard 'He's just over reacting '.He said reasoning casually ..

Radhika frowns her brows not quite convinced about this '

R: Lekin dekiye na ..Birju bhaiya ko kitna daard hora hoga ..she said concernedly ( but Birju must be in pain ..)

Birju smiles tenderly hearing this '
Radhika makes a cute angry face at Dev

R: Kyun maara apne Birju bhaiya ko??..

Dev: Aree' Radhika'we were just playing around '.Im telling you he's faking his pain 'I didn't even hit him that hard ''

Birju : Radhika ji ..yeh jhoot bholra hai ..unhon ne bouhut maara '( Hes lying 'HE hit me  a lot )

Dev was getting annoyed of Birju '.

Dev: Birju 'Why are you complaining now when Radhika is here , The other times we fought you didn't say anything ..lekin aaj kya hogaya tuhje 'hun?? He said rebuking irking  getting up with her hands on his sides

Radhika was just watching Birju and Dev argue just like the times when she was living with them..

Birju: Kyun ke aap hume jhoota kehre hain ..Lekin hum pouri saach baata re hein '

Dev : Birju 'your just being a pest '

Birju: Pest!'yeh kya hota hai ?? Maine khabhi pehle nahi suna'he said scratching his head puzzled '( What a pest ?? I never heard this words before ..)

Dev smirks '

Dev: that's because you're  dumb '.

Birju : Dumb?? Deka Radhika ji 'what I had to endure while you weren't here ..saying in a kiddish complain

Dev: Birju ! Tuh '..He stopped seeing Vivek and Mrinalni coming down ..

Mrinalni came down wearing a nice summery shirt with caprez an sandals 'Looking very modern type yet had a stylish scarf to cover her head when they go to the temple 'They all got ready to go leaving Vaishali , Dadima and Birju who had other plans for the day..Before heading out Dev hit Birjus head from the back  and Vaishali and Dadima give thumbs up to Mrinalini and Vivek who wanted Radhika and Dev to spend as much time together to catch up with the missing time.

'Vivek and Mrinalni were sitting in the back chatting away with Radhika and Dev '.Radhika was giving Dev the directions to Raman Reti ...Dev was keep catching Radhika beautiful smile when she would turn to talk to Mrinalni and Vivek in the back 'His heart would throb seeing her smile and laugh '.She looked so happy and excited being with his family , Dev also joined in the conversation that was making radhika giggle cutely hearing Devs silly comments and jokes .She simply glance at him and look away little shyly which she tried covering '

Dev: Radhika ?? What way do I take??

R: umm.Right '

Dev found a parking spot but they still had to walk a little 'Radhika started walking along with Dev while Mrinalini and Vivek followed behind them , feeling the beginning of a new start '

They all started exploring the beautiful place ..Radhika walks up the marble stairs with much excitement turning around telling them to hurry up ..Dev obeyed and started pasting his step towards her with a charming smile lingering on his face 'He heard Radhika cute laugh enchanting the whole place , he looked up the sky that was crystal bleu with a bright sun 'It was a wonderful say for an outing ..They entered  Balarma temple which was very mesmerizing for there eyes ..Radhika showed them around with much enthusiasm and excitement which Dev found very cute 'He was taking pictures of the temple as Radhika was telling them the story behind every place of the temple , she should them the courtyard the  paintings on the wall of Radha and Krinsha . Dev took pictures of Vivek and Mrinalni while Radhika stood beside Dev watching him how he took the pictures with much interest , she remembered him taking pictures of her in the garden but never had the chance to ask'Dev felt this and smiled sweetly..

Dev: Radhika?? Would you like to learn??

Radhika eyes brightened up cutely along with a excited smile and bobbed her head ..Dev came closer and told her to hold the camera  ..he was showing her how to use it standing right behind her, Radhika felt like there was so space between them , she felt her heart throbbing beneath her chest feeling Dev puts his hands over hers showing her the buttons ..Radika glances at him uneasily  feeling his hands were still over hers, she felt a a silent shiver passing down her spine when his lips came close to her ears unknowingly   ..She couldn't concentrate on his explanations ..His position looked like he was hugging her from the back but it was nothing like that,  his lips got closer to her ear acting casual ..Radika swallows uneasily trying to control her heart beats that seemed to get worst after smelling his manly cologne '. Dev felt her closness and  his heart throbbed faster then ever he felt  to take her in his arms fully  ..She smelt so good like fresh flowers her scent was very attractive making it difficult to move away,  he  felt her shiver under his touch  turned his head al little to the side  and  saw Radika looking a little uneasy he then saw the position he stood in and  slowly moved away trying acting casual yet he felt his heart getting disappointed ...She glanced at him with a light smile trying to cover her uneasiness ..
Dev: umm'You got it ??

Radhika tries covering her wavering voice. And asked questions '

R: What did you say about this button '.trying to recall what he was saying but failed since he was so close to her '

Dev: This is the button you click to take the picture and here you could zoom in or out 'He said keeping his distance a little 'Radhika smiles cutely'.

R: theek hai '.

Mrinalini and Vivek were watching the whole time and shared an impish gaze '

Mrinlai: dev ?? What were you doing ??

Radhika cheeks went pink unknowingly looking at the camera ''

Dev: Nothing bhabhi just ..showing Radhika how to use the camera 'he tries saying to cover up his little nervousness'

Vivek: That's great! ..Radhika come take a picture of us '

Radhika smiles and takes the picture , she smiled cutely yet proudly , Dev saw this and felt very happy . HE  told her to take a picture of him with Mrinalini and Vivek ..Radhika was enjoying so much talking pictures , Dev told her that she could take pictures of anything she liked 'This made Radhika grin cutely and accepted his offer 'Radhika took them all around vridavaan , seeing the different temples , Dev and Radhika would sometimes take turns to take pictures ..They stopped at a little outdoor restaurant, vivek and dev ordered the food while Mrinalni and Radhika went to the rest room , they were all having a good time chatting away and talking about the other places that they visited .They also did some shopping , Mrinalni asked Radhika advice for the shopping of the family 'Dev told Radhika that she could buy anything she wishes too this made her heart flutter and smiled cutely at this , she somehow felt more comfortable asking him then the other members of the family but she didn't want anything , Dev was looking at the different kind of jewellery and asked her to pick the ones she liked ..but she refused saying that doesn't wear to much fancy stuff, this made Dev smile boyishly wondering his gaze on the simple cute earrings she was wearing , he knew that she loved keeping herself simple and this made her very unique from all the others ..He tried making her buy something but she didn't  Dev kept asking her to be sure that she didn't want it ..Seeing this Radhika smiled sweetly shaking her head assuring him ..The whole afternoon Radhika enjoyed herself so much especially with Dev company , he was making her laugh and giggle so much 'but sometimes tried controlling herself 'Whenever Dev saw Radhika smile or laugh his heart would just beam, Radhika looked like a cute innocent kid  that kept talking and showing them around with so much  energy.. They were standing on the higher level of the temple were you could see the beautiful scenery of the village ..Radhika was standing next to Dev enjoying the scenery , Vivek and Mrinalni went to the other side enjoying alone time together ..

R: Its so beautiful here '.Haina?? ..she said glancing once at him and looked back at the scenery ,

Dev was gazing at her lovingly '.

D: Haan,'.very beautiful ''..Hearing this a sweet smile came on Radhika lips without looking at him ..
She slowly  felt his gaze and looked at him , he quickly looked away to the scenery without her noticing , she just smiled and leaned against the pillar enjoying the fresh breeze swirling around them ..

..Whenever he had the chance he would just gaze at her but when she turned he would look away to the beautiful scenery '.Vivek and Mrinalni noticed that Radhika and Dev didn't take a picture together and they were walking down the temple stairs after doing Darshan with a sweet smile'.

Vivek: Dev ?? Give me the camera '

Dev smiles and gave it to him '

Mrinalini: Dev and Radhika smile 'she said excitedly..

Dev smiles and glances at Radhika who looked a little uneasy '

Dev: Its ok bhabhie ..I don't think Radhika wants to take a picture time ..come lets go'. he said continuing his steps '

Radhika felt bad and stopped him '

R: Nahi ..aisa kuch nahi hai '.she tried smiling ..

Dev: you sure ??

Radhika blinks with a smile

Dev goes beside her and smiles , Radhika also smiles trying to cover her uneasiness..

Vivek: dev and Radhika come a little more closer looks like you guys are avoiding each other '

Dev chuckles boyishly and gets closer while Radhika juts stood there wondering her gaze feeling a little surprised with all this '

Vivek: ok ! Perfect 'he took the picture and gave them thumbs up 'Radhika glances at Dev and smiles a little making her way to Mrinalini '.Dev watched her walk away with Mrinalni towards a beautiful garden with a beautiful olden palace behind '

Dev kept gazing at Radhika without her noticing , she was walking between the colourful flowers with the beautiful wind blowing her duppata slightly , with her tress flowing with the wind'Suddenly they reached a beautiful Ghat was very enchanting to see , they saw many throughout the day but this one seemed more revering ..Mrinlani and Vivek held there hands and started walking away ..Radhika and dev just watched them with a cute smile  , she glances at Dev

R: Lets go that way '.We shouldn't  disturb them 'trailing of warmly..
Dev agreed and they just walked side by side enjoying the beauty of the nature that was arousing them with much happiness'.Dev kept gazing at Radhika as she was walking wondering her gaze towards the riffling water and the soothing sunset surrounded with pinkish sky'Dev heart beats were just forcing him to tell Radhika how he feels but he had to restrain himself but it was getting hard especially with such beauty in front of him.. '.Radhika slowly glances at Dev who quickly looked away , there was a silence between them making it feel little awkward 'How will he tell her that he loves her ?? When will he admit his feelings ?? These questions kept coming in his head as his gaze wonder on the trees, Radhika gazed at him and saw him handsome face looking very fresh ..Only she knew how difficult it was to restrain her heart today 'She inhales the fresh air and looks away '..

Dev finally spoke not standing this silence '

Dev: Its so nice seeing Mrinalni and vivek pending time together , there both very busy with work and hardly get time for themselves 'I feel so happy seeing both of them having a great time with each other today '...He glances at Radhika''Thanks Radhika I don't think this day would have been soo beautiful without you '.trailing off lovingly with his gaze on her ..

Radhika smiled and looked at him who was just gazing at her lovingly'Radhika felt her heart throb , his gaze didn't let her look anywhere else 'Suddenly Devs cell phone rang and made them come back to reality 'Dev cursed mentally , he was so absorbed in her beautiful eyes not wanting to be disturbed,!
He picked it up and it was Dadima on the phone
Radhika felt a little awkward, why is she letting herself weak like this?? And why was he gazing at her like that ?? She realised trough out the whole outing Dev was saying things that would make her cheeks go pink and smile shyly ..She swallows the lump in her throat and looks down '.

Dev: Ok Dadima'Jee hum bas abhi nikal ne wale hain'He hung up and looked at Radhika who was looking worried..

Dev: Radhika are you ok??

R:ha'hannn '..umm Dadima ne kya kaha??

Dev: she wants us to come home now '.

R: theek hai '..Hum chalthe hain '..continuing her steps..

Dev: Radhika wait'This was really an amazing day , I wish we could spend more time together '

Radhika was feeling uneasy with all this but told herself that he meant it as a friend '.

R: Don't worry 'We will 'she tried assuring

They both shared a smile and did there hand shake '.

They were all making there way to the car when Dev suddenly saw men's installing a ferrous wheel and  making some wooden stalls ..

Dev: Radhika what's happening???

R: Aree haan 'I forgot to tell you kal Vridavaan main mela lagra hai ..tailing of with excitement ..

Dev: Mela!!?? that's great!!! 'umm'.Tum chalogi na mere saath ?? He asked boyishly

Radhika smiles and accepts his invitation

R: Haan '.We will go all together ..aur maza ayega 'Nahi??'.She said looking at Mrinalini and Vivek with much innocence and excitement

Mrinalni: Of course we will come '.kyun Dev?? She said giving him a wink

Dev smiles sarcastically.. He just wanted a day with them two only , but Radhika failed to understand ..Vivek started laughing making Radhika frown her brows not understanding..

R: kya hua?? Asking innocently

Dev: kuch nahi Radhika '.Bas vivek ko kuch funny yaad agaya hoga 'he said slickly

This made Mrinlani and vivek laugh even more''.

R: oh ..I see 'she said cutely and laughed
****They all made there way home talking about the trip the whole drive through '.Dev and Radika sat in the back '.It was getting dark as they were making there way back , Radhika eyes were dropping down , she tried keeping herself awake but failed. .Her eyes closed and her head landed on Dev shoulder ..He saw this and smiled lovingly , he kept gazing at her beautiful face that was sleepping with solace 'He had a urge to kiss her soft skin but controlled himself ..Radhika snuggled closer wrapping her arms around his right one 'Dev felt his heart paste faster feeling her so close '.The last minutes that remained Dev gazed at Radhika , he then noticed Mrinalni and vivek in the car and became alert ,but took a relief sigh after seeing vivek concentrating on the road and Mrinalini sleeping '..

They reached Radhikas house , he didn't feel like waking her up from her sleep, she looked so calm and relaxed '. but had to '

Dev: Radhika ??'Radhika ???'.he said softly

She slowly opened her eyes flickering her lashes sleepily '.she gulp the dryness in her throat

R: hum kahan agaye hain?? She asked sleepily

Dev: tumhare ghar '.he said tenderly ..

Radhika noticed the position and her eyes widened up and  move away quickly '

R: Sorry ..she said holding her face low feeling embarrassed fixing her dupppata

Dev smiles lightly and shakes his head

Dev: Don't worry about it ..Its ok ''..Chalo '

R: Thank you Vivek bhaiya 'She looked at Mrinalni and smiled sweetly seeing her sleep

Vivek: you welcome Radhika and Thank you for showing us around was really fun '
Radhika got out the car and opened the little gate she glances once at dev and smiled

D: You should go and sleep now had a long day 'he said caringly '

R: Aap bhi''.Shubratri

D: shubratri '.see you tomorrow '

Radhika smile and walks inside the house

They reached home and shared there trip with the rest of the family 'Dadima was so glad to see Dev so happy and excited '.she  looked at Mrinalini who gave her a satisfied smile , the whole family were very pleased to see them enjoy themselves 'Vaishali and Mr.Purohit didn't miss Dev beaming smile , he was chatting away about his day with Dadima and the other members of the family ..Mrinalini was showing them the shopping they did and  was giving them the stuff she bought for everyone ..Dev kept thinking about the outing ..He didn't miss her shy smile , this made him grin happily knowing that his closeness did affect her today ...yet he remembered her uneasiness that she was feeling sometimes...why was that ??? He thought for a second and his smile came back not letting this affect him ...He will do all his best to make her feeling grow more and more for him ...It already started and he felt on top of the world ...

At Ranjiv house Radhika was telling him everything about the trip , making Ranjiv smile tenderly at her cute innocent talk , she sounded so happy and excited , he didn't miss the gleaming eyes . Radhika went in her room with a sweet smile , she then thought about Devmaking her smile fade away , she tried so much to hide her feelings but it started  showing ..She had to more careful and not show to much or else it will get very evident for Dev 'She gulps letting her fear take over her heart '

Thank you so much for the amazing love and support Hug..i hope you enjoy this update , if not then Im sorry ...I hope Im not dragging it too much ...but I want to come to the point were Dev finds out everything about RAdhika feelings ...I find its important for him to know that RAdhika always loved him ...Lets see how it goes
thanks again you guys!! Hug
Take care and have a great day!!Big smile

i made some creations for my FF ..hope you guys like themSmile ...I was just experimenting with a new site I found ..Embarrassed

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princess84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
awww such a cute part and can't wait till Dev tell her he really loves her can't wait for that yayay continue soon with ur story

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
nice work

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sweetfamily Groupbie

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Lovely part di..waiting for dev to know rads feelings...the outing part was gr8..cont soon
suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
thanks Billo for the awesome update and beautiful creations Clap
anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
thanks Dev is trying his best and Radh is also try her best to be as waiting for the nest update love the update so much
radhika5 Goldie

Joined: 06 December 2009
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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Wow!! Billo--

Beautiful update---very cute, romantic outing to Vrindavan--
You have nicely described the budding relationship between Dev and Radhika--how they both love each other and at the same time, hide their feelings from each other--

And beautiful creations--loved the play of colors--really, really nice...
fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Thnx for a beautiful update.Hope Dev tells Radhika his feelings soon.Waiting for your next one.

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