Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 54)

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u were having precap so i was thinking that u will update soon but i think i was wrong u again got busy
try to update soon.

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DI try to update soon i can only say this much
owise pls tell us when are u going to find time for us
waiting for ur update

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when you get a time please update na..........................

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Lovely update....nice precap waiting for the next

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Where r u? Please update soon....

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part 22
Recap ...ranjiv tell the purohit family what happened when he came to vridavaan , RAdhika continues to ignore Dev ....DAdima tell everyone how she met Devki and Shastrijee 16 years ago and little dev and radhika also met 16 years ago ....The purohit leave after seeing RAdhika  to their Bhavan in Vridavaan ....

Dev sat in the car gloomily , Mrinalni started talking '

M: Dadima I cant believe that Radhika was in Vridavaan the whole time 'saying happily

V: Me too I was quite surprised '

Mrinalni vivek and Dadima talk went on ..Dev just sat quietly recalling when she hugged him in the ghat and when she was ignoring him 'He closed his eyes 'She had all the rights to be angry at him , she had all the rights to not talk to him  but how long will this last ?? He didn't know how to apologize to her , if she refuses his apologies it will pain him really badly ..He wanted to apologies but was nervous that she might refuse '.

Dadima saw this and try making Dev present in their conversation '

Dadima: Dev?? Why are you so quiet?? Aren't you happy that you saw Radhika??

Dev smiles..

Dev: Haan dadima ..Im really happy ..Thank you so much Dadima '

Mrinalini: Dev ..Can you believe you knew Radhika when you were small??
Dev smiles boyishly remembering the story told by Dadima'.

Dev: I was really surprised hearing this ..I cant believe I cant remember that day 'But Dadima how did you know that I was eating  ladoos ??

Dadima smiles '

Dadima: Dev 'your dadima knows everything '.
Everyone were convinced , they knew that Dadima could figure out anything  very fast

Mrinalini: You should thank Radhika again ..she was only 4 years old when she saved you from getting scold from dadima  and can you believe she did the same when she was staying with us'saying unbelievably '..Dev couldn't help a impish smile hearing this and started  recalling all the times she helped him get out of trouble ..The  chatting went on ..In few minutes they reached the Bhavan '

They all came out the car and saw such a big house ..Mrinalini jaws dropped seeing such  beautiful Bhavan ..the whole surrounding was very green , big tress , exotics flowers , a nice aroma of the blossoming flowers and the beautiful fountain that was pouring clear water '

Mrinalini: Dadima its beautiful !!!

Vaishali : I know ..I only came here one time .., it looks beautiful then ever'

The whole family were enjoying the outdoor of the Bhavan very much , suddenly they saw Chamku standing  in the entrance waiting for them

Chamku: Radhe Radhe Raj Purohit ji '

Mr.Purohit smiles and greets him humbly ..

Mr.Purohit: Radhe Radhe Chamku ji ..kaise hain aap ..

Chamku : hum bhilkul theek hain .app sunaye?? ( Im perfectly fine are you ??)

Mr.Purohit: hum bohut ache hain '

Chamku folds his hands together  and the family greeted back 'He walks to Dadima taking her blessings

Dadima: Khush raho '.Hume bohut cha lagra hai vridavaan wapas akar intne saalon baad  'tumne hamara Bhawan ka itna cha khayal kacka .. ghar bohut bohut acha lagra hai ..( We are so happy to be back after so many years 'You took care of the Bhavan( Mansion )wonderfully !

Chamku : Jee bohut bohut daane waad 'saying smilingly ( thank you so much )

He guided them inside the house , which looked really beautiful just like their house in Dehli but much more detailed with the olden time architecture  ..Their was big large window welcoming the sun light with white curtains neatly tied on each side , their was a huge hall where you can sit , a big dinning area near the side of the stairs that leaded to the second floor of the bhavan ..The whole house was very spacious , They all started exploring the bhavan , Mrinlani was just speechless while entering the Bhavan , the designing inside was very beautiful ..

M: Chamku Kaka did a really amazing job with the interior design 'saying impressively ..

Chamku : jee sukriya betiya ..

Mrinalini went upstairs while Vaishali and dadima went to the temple area 'Dev was amazed by this Bhavan , he never remembered this house when he came with Dadima ' the whole family were exploring the bhavan while Mr.Purohit took some rest after the long travel 'Mrinalini and Dev were fighting over the big bed room '

Mrinalini: dev this is my bedroom '

Dev: I don't think so bhabhi ..Its going to be my room 'saying firmly

M: dev! Stop this ! You're a single person need a small room 'this room is mine and vivek'

D: To bad bhabhi I found this room first '

Suddenly they heard vivek ..

Vivek: Mrinalini ..I found a bigger room then this one ..Come Ill show you ..he held her wrist guiding her to the other room ..Dev smiles jubilantly making himself comfortable in his room ..

They all got used to the Bhavan and they each settled in a room . Dev freshened up and changed his clothes wearing a nice bleu t shirt with track black  pants 'He laid down on his bed feeling the fresh air penetrating in his room ..He closed his eyes resting his head on the pillow  '.

Few hours later he heard Mrinalini voice '.

M: DEV???

He flickered his eyes seeing Mrinalini standing near the door..He sits up running his fingers through his hair '

D: Kya bhabhi ?? Couldn't you let me rest a little more?? Saying with a tinge of complain

Mrinalini: Dev ?? Look its way   passed after noon 'Actually I just wanted to tell you that Mom invited Radhika and Ranjiv for dinner ..And she will be coming with few hours ..saying teasingly

Dev smiles unbelievably and gets up on his feet's

Dev: really??

Mrinalni smiles back convincingly

M: Dinner is almost ready 'Vivek and Birju went to the market  to get fresh vegetables and fruits for dinner and Maaji quickly got cooking with Birju 'The whole family is getting so excited to see Radhika again 'you know Dev the family felt so incomplete without  Radhika ..Trailing of warmly ..

D: True 'every thing seemed very incomplete without her 'he admitted

M: Dev I hope you will apologise to her '

Dev: Yes' bhabhi I know 'sighing nervously

M: GOOD!!! Whisking his hair teasingly 'He moved his head back getting a little annoyed

Dev: stop it bhabhie 'Why did you come here ??
 Mrinalni: Actually dev me Birju vivek were about to go near the river bank ..I feel like exploring everything about this small village ..saying excitedly 'You want to come?? We will be back before Radhika comes over '.

Dev smiles and nods once..

D: Fine ..
M: we will be waiting downstairs''walking away

Dev gets freshened up and  smiles remembering Radhika ..She was going to come for dinner he thought ..It was the perfect opportunity to talk to her his smile grew even more '

He grabbed his camera and headed out with Vivek , Birju and Mrinalini '.Dadima wanted to go with them but stayed back to give Vaishali and Mr.Purohit some company

They reached a beautiful ghat surrounded with water ..It was a very calm atmosphere , the sun was at his horizon the sky was turning pinkish and orange. .Dev took a deep breath feeling the freshness in the air ..Mrinalni and Vivek started walking  together .Dev and Birju just followed talking about the beautiful scenery '..

Birju: bhaiya hum abhi athe hain 'Walking away to see a little temple near by

Dev smiled and walks the other way were there was little kids playing around near the ghat 'running around the spacious grass and flowers 'Seeing this Dev smiled hearing the innocent giggles of the little girls running around ..He started focussing his camera to take pictures of the little kids playing around ..He snapped a picture that came out really nice and started walking further .Suddenly heard a familiar laugh making him  frown his brows following the enchanting laugh '.He was walking by the little kids a stopped behind a tree , when he saw Radhika holding hands with other little kids going in circles an singing a song 'His eyes only saw Radhika wearing a beautiful pink chunidar with her hair breaded with her duppata around her neck with a cute grin on her face '.Dev was just lost in the beauty in front of him ..He saw the little kids getting dispersed from the circle and started running 'They were all saying with their cute kiddish voice  : Didi hume pakarni ki koshish  karein !! ( Try catching us !!!)..Radhika laughed and did as she was told by the little kids , she was running trying to catch the little girl wearing a cute dress with a ponytail Radhika picked her up and started turning around with the little girl in her arms and put her down and continued playing around''Dev never saw Radhika like this 'she was so cute becoming a kid again 'her innocent laugh bought light to the ghat , everything looked more beautiful with her presence . Her duppata was flowing with the fresh  breeze , her payals were making the same sweet sound just  like in his house , this bought  a charming smile on his face ..He noticed that he had his camera and started clicking pictures of her without her knowing ..She was making beautiful poses unknowingly , the kids were pulling her duppata lightly teasing her to catch them 'Suddenly her gaze caught something , her smile grew and ran to a flower with a white butterfly resting on it ,Dev saw this and grinned even more taking another snap , all the little kids followed her and saw the butterfly on the flower ..She put her finger on her lip signalling the kids not to make any noise 'Slowly the butterfly came on her finger making her grin cutely.. All the little kids were amazed by the beauty of the butterfly 'Dev continued taking her pictures , feeling his heart  pasting every time she smiled and zooms the camera  more on his love . ..Their was a nice breeze passing by making the butterfly fly away ..All the kids ran after the butterfly , including Radhika it was like a game for them '.Dev moves  his eye from the lens and watched Radhika running after the butterfly with her cute innocent giggles'

Mrinalni and vivek were walking by and saw Dev watching someone with loving eyes ..They followed his gaze and saw Radhika ! Mrinalni smiled and called her ..

M: Radhika!!!

Hearing this Dev startled and saw Vivek and Mrinalini standing beside him '

Radhika heard her name and saw Mrinalini waving her hand , she smiled joyfully and excused her self  from the little kids'

R: Didi ? Vivek bhaiya ?? Aap yahan?? She said trying to catch her breath 'She barely paid attention to Dev  who was standing there gazing at her lovingly '

Vivek: We came for a little outing , Mrinalini felt like visiting the ghat so we came..

Radhika: saab bhi?? (Everyone is here??)

Mrinalini: No ..There at home  arranging for tonight  because your coming for dinner 'Its us and Birju who is probably around here somewhere 'She said scanning the ghat '
They saw Birju walking towards them with a satisfied smile '

Vivek: Birju?? Where did you go ??

Birju: I went to the temple 'Its very beautiful , so calming and peaceful ..He saw Radhika and smiled happily '.Radhika ji ? App yahan ???

Radhika smiles sweetly..

R: haan 'Who darasaal ..Ranjiv Chacha kisi ko milen gaye wahain ..So I came here to play with the little kids ..wondering her gaze on the little ones '

M: Come Radhika lets go for a little walk ..I really needed to talk to you 'Tugging Radhika arm walking near the edge of the river

Vivek: Dev?? You coming??

Dev was just staring at Radhika , his heart wasn't letting him move his gaze away ..Birju snaps his fingers in front of his face making him come back to earth '

Dev: hunnn ?? Kya hua ??

Birju and vivek were laughing teasingly..

Vivek: kuch nahi ..Come lets go ..trailing of with a laugh '

Dev was confused and just followed '

Mrinalini and Radhika were sitting on the river bank watching the sun set, Dev was snapping pictures  of the beautiful view it was really amazing the sky was filled with pinkish and orange mixture with the sun going down '.His gaze fell on Radhika who was listening to Mrinalini ..HE wondered what she was talking about ..then he saw Radhika looking down sadly glancing once at him 'He frowns his brows curiously ..Was Mrinalini telling her about Vishaka ?? It got obvious since Radhika expression were saying everything ..he took a deep sigh , Radhika had the rights to know everything , his gaze slowly moved away to the riffling water 'Suddenly he felt a refreshing breeze pass them making him smile boyishly , his gaze went back on her and  she was smiling cutely with Mrinalni and laughing 'She was looking very beautiful  and cute ..he lifts his camera and starts snapping pictures of her , the breeze was making her tress fly away , she tucked them behind her ears slowly ..And he snapped a picture of her , Mrinalini was making Radhika laugh and he snapped another picture of her '.The sun set was adding more charm to his pictures , he grins boyishly seeing the pictures.. She couldn't stop  giving amazing poses unknowingly. He goes back to take pictures of her when  he heard Birju '

B: Are Bhaiya ..kis ki  photo  uthar rehain?? ( Who's picture are you taking??) Asking teasingly ..

Dev looks at Birju giving him a wink ..

D: Do I really need to answer your question?? Saying with a charming smile and gets back to taking pictures..

B: Waise Bahu ji bohut achi lagri hain ?? Haina?? '( My sister in law looks nice 'right?)

Dev frowns his brows not understanding?? ?He smiles little shyly seeing him call Radhika bahuji that meant that Radhika was his" wife"..Birju smiles even more teasingly

B: Look how she's laughing 'very sweet na??

Dev smiles impishly
D: Tum Radhika ki baat kare ho na???( your talking about Radhika right???

Birju : Nahi toh ! Hum Mrinalini bahuji ki baat kare the 'saying little seriously

Dev frowns his brows confusedly ..

Dev: kya!!???

Birju couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing teasingly '

B: You should of seen your shy face ! App ko laga ke hum Radhika ji ke barein main baat kare the???..

Dev gives Birju one angry look knowing that he was teasing him the whole time and holds him by his collar and throws him in the water '

Radhika and Mrinalni stopped talking and saw Birju in the water trying to stand up 'Dev was laughing boyishly 'The girls look at him confusedly , Vivek hangs up the phone  and helps Birju while Dev was laughing seeing him all wet '.Birju gives Dev a cold look '

D: next time don't even try to tease me ..saying laughingly

Bijru : We will see about that !

Dev saw clearly on Radhika face that she was hiding her laugh , Mrinalini and vivek started laughing seeing Birju state and Radhika joined in 'Hearing her beautiful laugh made his heart swell up with joy at least by pushing Birju in the water he got a chance to make her laugh ..Birju looked at himself at laughed along ..He did look funny with his messy hair ''Radhika glances at Dev who was laughing , she looks down  with a  cute giggle knowing that he didn't change at all with his mischievous actions .

Birju went home to change and vivek gave him company , Mrinalini and Dev went to drop Radhika home ..Mrinalni and Radhika were walking together and dev was walking beside Mrinalini ...

M: Radhika ..Bring some exchange clothes with you when you come over '

R: Kyun??

M: Because I really want you to sleep over '..

R: but Ranjiv Chacha '

M: no buts ..just bring extra clothes , Dadima will handle everything '

Radhika smiles bobbing her head..

Dev wanted to hug Mrinalni for this , he grins happily looking at Radhika who smiles cutely making her way inside '

M: Dev?? Lets go ??
She saw him gazing at Radhika lovingly and smiles ..

M: DEV???

Dev looks at Mrinalini and smiles jubilantly !

D: bhabhi you're the best!!!!

M: I know Dev ..'saying proudly ..Come lets go before dadima and Maaji start getting worried

Dev chuckles and follows making there way back teasing each other '

D: bhabhi ?? What were you and Radhika talking about ?? Asking curiously'

M: Well ' she had many questions in her head concerning Vishaka ..So I cleared everything ..I told her everything '.Stressing the words'

Dev looked down guiltily

D: Did she say anything about me?? I mean ..did she forgive me??

M : I don't know about That ..but she was  happy that you  found out the truth ' '.But don't worry I didn't want her to feel sad so I changed subject ..don't worry Dev when she comes over you can talk things with her ..We all saw that she wasn't interacting with you so if she comes over you get a chance to talk with her him a wink
Dev smiles happily ..

D: thanks bhabhi '

M: no problem'

Ranjiv and Radhika came for dinner , the whole family welcomed them happily ..Radhika had a beautiful smile on her face , she was wearing a nice turquoise anarkali with her hair pined in the back letting a braid come over her shoulder, she wore matching chodiyaan , with her duppata on her neck flowing down both edges .. The family made her feel just like home , her gaze was wondering around the Bhavan with a amazed smile , Dev was just gazing at her adoringly , he was wearing a dark green kurta pyjama that Vaishali packed for him .. Radhika took everyone's blessings  humbly  and Dadima guided her to the temple area 'Mr.Purohit wanted Ranjiv to do the aarti and Radhika to sing '..Hearing Radhika voice everyone closed their eyes getting lost in the melodious aarti they felt at peace hearing the beautiful aarti sung by Radhika , they felt like they were back home with Radhika , the whole Purohit had a sweet smile on their faces  'Dev was just watching Radhika , his heart was just yeaning to hold her tightly in his arms but he restrained his heart  he had to admit that she was looking very beautiful making it more hard for him ..After the aarti everyone praised Radhika s voice , they were expressing their emotions hearing her voice after a long time. Radhika was getting emotional , she could see clearly how much everyone missed her . Everyone started walking towards the hall area . Radhika glanced at dev who was talking to Ranjiv and looks away

Radhika came in the kitchen and saw Birju and Vaishali preparing the dishes 'She wanted to help but Vaishali stopped her and told her to go sit and talk with the family ..Radhika smiles obediently and walks away .
M: Radhika ! Come Ill show you around 'She held her wrist softly guiding her around the Bhavan ..Radhika was smiling cutely walking behind Mrinalini '

Mrinalni and Radhika walked up the curly stairs and walked by the huge hall way, their was beautiful paintings hanged on the wall that catches Radhika attention  'Mrinalini kept talking and walking away '
Radhika smiles sweetly looking at the beautiful paintings and turned around seeing no one 'She was getting scared and started walking down the hall way , her heart started pasting  and started walking a little faster ..

Dev walked out his room after checking his missed calls from the office and bumped into someone petite , he held the figure under him tightly so she doesn't lose balance and Unknwingly closed the space between them  ..Radhika arms held his arms for support , she quickly  glanced up and sees  Dev gazing at her with a sweet smile 'Her eyes were looking at him stunned , she felt shivers in her body feeling his hands on her slim  waist , her heart started pasting  anxiously ..Dev  smile turned boyishly , feeling her fingers curl on his arm '.Radhika gulps nervously gazing in his charming eyes 'Few seconds passed and Dev slowly spoke up '

D: hey Radhika '.

Hearing his voice made her come back to earth 'She blinked few time and looked away loosening her hands on his arms and Dev did the same without moving his gaze '.Radhika eyes were wondering on the floor uneasily ..She didn't know how to talk to him ?? Suddenly she heard Mrinalini voice and startled

M: Radhika ? There you are 'You got lost???

Radhika glanced once at him and quickly took few steps back from him and  looked at Mrinalini

R: Haa.Hann '.main 'Who ..umm 'main ..Painting ko dekra thi 'Aur phir..

M: oh I see ..its ok ..You wont get lost next time ..Ill finish giving you the tour '

Radhika smiles and follows she glances once at Dev little seriously and walked away 'dev watched her leave and runs his fingers in his hair frustrated'
She couldn't even say a Hey back ?? Was she this angry at him?? He looked down upset 'He couldn't take this silence from her anymore 'this had to stop ! It felt like hell for him not hearing her voice addressing to him ..Dev took a deep sigh controlling his sadness and walked downstairs ..


Everyone was sitting around the table chatting away with each other , Dev was sitting down quietly not saying anything to anyone , Radhika noticed this and was feeling really bad .. Was he like this because of her?? She was helping Birju and Vaishali serve the food'Vaishali was about to put rice in his plate but he refused..

Dev: Nahi Ma ..Im not hungry '.he said upsettingly

Vaishali: Kyun ? Kya hua ?? Tumhari taybit toh theek hai ?? Asking concernedly..

Dev: Haan  mom ..Im fine ..just not hungry '

V: Dev? What's this??? Do I have to force you to eat like the other days?? Please Dev have a little bit'

Dev: No mom ..Im really not hungry '.Can I go up In my room ??

Radhika was watching this ..Did Vaishali have to force him to eat?? Why was that ???
Vaishali gave one nod '

V: Take a little rest ..Birju will come upstairs with the food..

Dev smiles lightly and excuses himself , the whole family watched him leave'

Vaishali: yeh ladka bhi na '.You know Radhika ever since you left ..he's not eating properly 'don't know what's wrong with that boy 'she said little upsettingly

Radhika heart was crying hearing this , Was she the reason for this??? She felt a huge guilt inside her '

Mr.Purohit: Don't worry he ll be fine ..Lets start 'he said this not to make Radhika and Ranjiv too worried

But Ranjiv was a little worried hearing Dev not eating properly but mr.Purohit words relief him ..

Everyone started talking amongst each other , Radhika barely ate anything she wasn't hungry ..She managed to make them belief that she ate '.Her mind kept shifting to Dev'Did she go to far with the silent treatment ?? She needed to be their for him when he found out about vishaka but she wasn't! when he most needed her she wasn't there for him, She could clearly see the guilt on his face , and  was she the reason that he wasn't eating properly for the last days ??  She looked at Ranjiv Chacha who was talking with Mr.Purohit and remembered his words '.Radhika eyes were getting moist , she controlled them not to make anyone realise ..

Few hours later ''

Dev was up on the spacious grassy terrace surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees ..The sky was clear exposing all the stars that were  shimmering away, a full bright moon shinning some light at the dark night, a beautiful breeze pass by him making Dev come out his thoughts , he heard light jingles of payal grabbing his attention , he frowns lightly and turns around seeing Radhika standing few feet's away ..He pulled his brows together looking at her seriously ..he felt his heart paining him badly remembering her words "Theek hai '.Agar ..aap mere Vishwas nahi karne chahthe ..Toh maat kariye 'Lekin jab aapko saach pata chalega '.She closed her eyes painfully briefly 'Toh aap mere paas akar maafi maat mangiye ga".  .she said little angrily yet solid ( Fine 'If you don't believe me 'then don't 'but when you will find out the truth 'Don't come to me apologizing), his eyes were turning moist remembering the way he scram at her , the painful days spent without her !  He takes few steps towards her  and  goes on his knees wrapping his arm around her waist  , pressing his cheek on her tummy 'Radhika heart skipped at beat seeing this , her tummy suddenly squeezed  in ., she couldn't believe that he was on his knees! , She felt his cheek on her tummy and closed her eyes feeling shivers in her body , unknowingly her fingers raked his hair from the back and let her tears flow down along with his '

Dev: Im sorry Radhika ..Im very sorry ..he said with a heavy voice letting his tears roll down 'He couldn't control them . He needed to let go his pain that was stuck inside his heart , he needed this burden to vanish away '.

Radhika slowly opened her eyes hearing his words '.

D: Please forgive me '.Please 'he said pressing his cheek on her tummy , making her speechless ..
Did she give him this much pain ??Was she the reason for his tears??? Her heart cringed in pain knowing the answer deep down her heart 'The boy that saved her life , the boy that gave her a new life , the boy that that made her discover new the feelings of love , the boy that always bought a smile on her face 'She made him cry??  Her not talking to him was it a that big punishment for him ?? Unknowingly painful  tears rolled down her cheeks ..How could she be so heartless to the Man she loved the most'How could she even think about giving him such pain??? How?? She felt His arms getting tighter around her , Radhika closed her eyes gulping the lump forming in her throat ..She felt her kammeez getting a little wet from his tears  letting  her tears flow down as well ,  she let  her finger stroke his hair lightly  'feeling this Dev felt solace  and calm '.Few moments passed when Radhika slowly opened her eyes looking at the empty terrace noticing the position they were in ! Dev opened his eyes  feeling  her getting a little stiff and loosened his arms around her waist ,moving his head away from her tummy side 'Radhika moves her fingers away from his hair and goes on her knees facing Dev who had tears on his cheeks ..Radhika pursed her lips trying to control her tears that were  unknowingly still  trailing down her cheeks ..Dev looked in her eyes that were filled with water and blinked once, he felt her finger cupping  on side of his cheek wiping the tears away and  shaking her head  telling him not to cry '.she did the same with the other side of his cheek , feeling her soft finger on his skin made his skin smile happily ..He kept gazing in her with regretful  eyes. 'She slowly spook up '

R: kya maine aapko itna daar diya hai ??( did I gave you this much pain?) 'flickering her eyes lashes letting the remain tears roll away saying with a crackling voice  '

Dev just gazed in her sad eyes painfully  '

D: Yeh daard zarrori tha ..Muhje ehsaas dilane maine tumhare saath bouhut boura kiya '.bohut boura 'Recalling the time when he scram at her '.Im really sorry Radhika 'You were telling the truth the whole time ..and I didn't believe you 'What kind of friend am I???

Radhikas lips curved  sadly shaking her head telling him not to apologize ..

R: App '.Maafi maat magiye ..Maafi toh muhje magne cheye 'How could I forget that you did so much for me ..Because of you I got a new life, a beautiful family , a very sweet friend .'trailing of emotionally ..

D: no Radhika ..You had the rights to be angry at me 'It was my fault I didn't believe you ..I didn't listen to my heart when it was telling me too 'And what you said was the right  ..I shouldn't come back to apologize to you when I would find out the truth 'But 'I ..I couldn't take it anymore Radhika 'I cant bare not hearing your voice 'I just cant! '.his  throat felt heavy

Radhika looked down guiltily and gulps the lump forming in his throat

R: I was angry  at that time 'You weren't believing me .and that got me very upset and angry  so I said that 'You don't know how I felt hurt you not believing me '....I thought that you had enough trust in me ..but I guess you knew Vishaka more then me that made you believe her ..You would have never think that she would ever do something like this to you 'Shayad isliye ..apne mera vishwaas  nahi kiya '..haina?? .she said  slowly moving her fingers away from his cheek letting few tears roll  down ..

Dev looked at Radhika painfully feeling her pain at that time ,but he was surprised  she understood his dilemma very easily he didn't even need to explain himself . He simply nodded his head lower his gaze guiltily knowing that he gave her so much pain that day'

Dev: Im so sorry Radhika''I came in your room that night to apologize to you because I realised that I hurt you badly and I wanted to talk things out with you 'but when I came in  you fell asleep then  told myself that I would talk to you the next day '.but you '.you were gone 'saying with a heavy voice remembering the feeling that she wasn't in the house '
Dev : You were always there for me Radhika 'And When I needed you the most you weren't there ..looking in her eyes  with his teary ones
Hearing this another guilt feeling escaped her ..

R: ..Main bohut bouri dost hoon na?? lowering her head guiltily  ..( Im a very bad friend 'right ?)

D: nahi Radhika 'Tum bouhut achi ho ..bouhut achi 'I didn't mean it that way its just that you were always there for me ..but when I really needed to talk to you , to express myself to you 'you weren't there '..Im the bad friend here 'I called myself your friend and I didn't even do anything to prove myself a good friend  ..I didn't give with you when you were telling me about Vishaka and Karan '..instead I doubted you and raised my voice at  you '

She looked at him seeing his regretful tone , she didn't want him to feel this way
Radhika: ..Yeh aap kya kehre hain?? You did so much for me. Not a lot of people get lucky to have a wonderful friend like you 'you were always there when I was in trouble You were the one who saved my life  always cheered me up when I was feeling sad , you always made me laugh with you jokes and always took care of me when I was hurt 'how can you say that you were not a good friend?? You were the sweetest friend anyone could of asked for 'trailing of tenderly ..And Im just so relieved that you found out about Vishaka and Karan 'Mrinalni didi told me everything and I should have been there for you when you were going through a hard time when you found out that Vishaka loved someone else ..

D: no Radhika 'I ..I never really felt the love for her ..I don't know  what made me take such decision to marry her??  When I  found out the truth I didn't feel pain , I only felt hatred towards her ,'I couldn't believe that she fell in Karan's trap like that ?. Karan is very dangerous 'he told Vishaka too delete his number before you told us the truth 'that's why when Vivek checked  his number on her cell phone it  wasn't there ..Karan was offering her money ..but she refused ..she was doing this because she thought that karan really loved you and felt sympathy towards him and helped him '.But Im glad that Vikram made her aware of her folly   and Im happy she found someone that she really loves'I guess sometimes when you think that the person is right for you it doesn't end up the way you want it to be  'I guess it was just a feeling that I had that she could a supportive wife for me 'but 'I guess we weren't made for each other ..Im sure Kanha has something else planned for me ..he said with a sad chuckle ''. Radhika just looked on at Dev understanding his feelings 'and understanding Vishaka situation '''''yet she didn't forget the pain that she went through when he said that he didn't want to marry her and that he liked someone else 'There was a little moment of silence slowly Dev spoke up  seeing  her lost in her thoughts

Dev: Radhika from now on ..I will always believe you matter what! '.but if your not ready to forgive me'.I will understand'he said holding his face low letting his tears get moist again

 'Radhika saw this and pursed her lips trying to control her tears seeing Dev s tears rolling down'
Hearing this Radhika heart crushed in pain ..She wasn't going to give him more pain then this was enough ..he didn't need to pay for hat he did'She knew that for the pass week he must have had the biggest lesson of his life and was ready to do anything to get her forgiveness'.She wiped her tears and tried bringing a smile on her face '.

 R: But how long could I stay angry at my friend for?? Hmm?? Saying with a tiny cheerful smile '.

Hearing this he looked at Radhika stunned yet it  bought a smile on his  face 'How could he forget that she was not only his lover but also  his best friend 'Radhika wipes his tears  sweetly , making him blink once with a tiny smile coming up his lips ..

D: saach Radhika?? He felt a big burden wash of his heart

Radhika smiles and nods her head cutely yet she still had tears in her eyes
Radhika forwarded her fingers to brush of his tears softly '

R: App rote hue bhilkul ache nahi lagthe ..( you don't look good when you cry ..)'she said with a heavy voice yet trying to be cheerful

Dev saw few tears escape her eyes as well and wiped them away tenderly ..feeling his caring  touch a teary smile came up her lips'

Dev: tum bhi '.Tum hasthe hue bohut achi lagthi ho ( you too 'you look better when you smile .) ..he admitted ' Radhika ?.Your the sweetest friend I ever had ..And I don't want to loose you 'he said  honestly ..Please don't ever go away from me like that '
Radhika looked up at him  shocked  but saw his pleading eyes making her smile warmly at his request '
R: ..Main aisa kabhie nahi karoongi ..''. aur main chathi hoon ke aap hamesha mere bohut ache dost bankar rahein 'she asked little nervously yet cutely 'Muhje aapke jaise kabhi dost nahi mila..she said sincerely

Dev grins boyishly and nods '..

Few minutes passed  with a little silence between them slowly Dev spoke up

D: Radhika?? You forgive me ..right?? Asking unsurely

Radhika blinks once giving him a forgiving smile this made Dev grin happily 'They both felt a beautiful breeze swirling around jubilantly , being the witness of their reconciliation ..Dev wipes his last tears  and she does the same and they both get up sharing a beautiful , Radhika looks up the sky seeing the stars sparkling up sharing their happiness , Dev did the same and smiles feeling a sweet breeze arouse them  'and  closed his eyes feeling a huge burden on his heart disappear and the same goes for Radhika , her heart was beaming with joy , she could finally talk to him freely without any hesitations 'She was missing his talks and company so much '.And Dev was missing hearing her sweet laugh and innocent talks he could finally breath freely without a burden on him heart. ..

R: Chalein???

Dev smiles and was about to start walking but he suddenly remembered something ..

D: Radhika Wait 'he forwarded her hand ready to do their hand shake , seeing this she smiled tenderly  and did the hand shake with the same excitement and happiness '.They both hit the tip of their nose lightly and laughed cutely ..

D: Lets go ??
 Radhika nods :  'Main aapko khanna parous thi hoon 'You didn't eat anything ..trailing of upsetly

Dev felt his heart warm up seeing such concern from her, He was happy that this didn't change and was ready to eat if she served him '.He went in his room to get freshened up while she went downstairs to heat up the food for him
He came downstairs wearing a simple white kurta pyajama folding his sleeves midway to his arms  and saw everything so quiet , he completely forgot that Ranjiv chacha was here with Radhika but she was still here??

D: Radhika ?? Are you staying today ?? Asking confusedly 

Radhika smiles and nods her head ..

R: Haan 'everyone wanted me to stay so Ranjiv chacha happily let me 'saying cutely ..

Dev had the happiest smile ever knowing that she was sleeping over ..It was his first night in this house and she was here with them it was the greatest feeling ever !

Dev sat on the dining table while she was serving him , he shifted his gaze on her , she had a sweet smile lingering on her face , How he was yeaning to see her smile freely with him 'Radhika noticed this and looked at him smiling cutely yet her cheeks were turning pink  unknowingly 'She was about to walk away when he stopped her ..

D: Radhika ?? Did you eat ??

Radhika was surprised at this question ..

R: umm '.Actually I ..I wasn't hungry '.

Dev smiles mentally knowing the reason behind this '

D: then would you care to join me??? ..asking sweetly

Radhika was a little unsure about this'

R: you eat first Ill eat later 'she tried reasoning

Dev: theek hai ..toh main bhi nahi khaonga ..he said pushing his plate  little stubbornly ..
Radhika shakes her head seeing this '
R: Theek hai ..Ill be right back ..

D: where are you going ???

R: to get another plate '.replying casually

D: No need for that ..we both could shared in this plate '..Come sit down '

Radhika felt very strange but  found this very sweet of him ..

R: its ok ..Ill go get another plate '

D: Radhika ..Please sit down 'I really don't mind you sharing with me ..You poured so much for me ..And I know I wont be able to eat everything ..and the food will go to waste 'With your help it wont '.Come sit down 'he said convincingly

Radhika felt helpless and sat beside him , she felt a little uneasy ..He never asked her to eat like this with her before??? Dev took a morsel and forwarded it to her mouth ..She smiles sweetly and takes  another  piece of morsel and they both fed each other 'Eating the morsel from her hand made the food taste a millions time tastier , it felt like her hands added more savour to the food 'He enjoyed the morsel very much

R: Next time I don't want you to skip any meal'no matter what reason it is ..she said in a little ordering tone ..

D: Theek hai ..tum kehri ho ..toh aisa hi hoga 'he said boyishly ..
She smiles satisfied and they  both started eating and talking '

R: Can I ask you something?? ..when you found out about Karan plans ..Vishaka helped you find Karan ..right??

Dev simply nodded ..Radhika smiled lightly knowing that Vishaka wasn't bad at heart ..she just fell in Karans words and wanted to help him ..but didn't realise what she was doing was wrong ..When Mrinalni told her that Vikram made vishaka realise her mistake she felt nice knowing that Vishaka was with a very good man ..not that dev is not good but maybe Vikram was more understanding for vishaka '.

R: When you went to Karan house 'Did you ..Im mean ..did you do something ???asking cautionary

Dev eat another morsel frowning his brows confusedly. Not understanding her question

D: what do you mean ???

R: I mean 'If ..You hurt  him ?? 'she looked on anxiously

Dev was sipping the water and  stooped hearing her questions' he puts the glass away  casually and takes another morsel ..
Radhika knew that he did something and kept her doubtful eyes on him '

D: of course I did ..He deserves every beating in this world'When I saw him'.. the first person I thought about was you'Your past started running in my head and I couldn't control my anger towards him Radhika '.I beat him up even more then the first time 'Itna ghusaa ara tha uspar '..he trailed of angrily

Radhika eyes widened up putting her hand on her mouth '
Dev: Radhika ?? Why are you so surprised ?? You know if anyone does anything to you I wont support it, If ever some tries hurting you I will ..I will kill him 'he said clutching his jaws

R: yeh aap kya kehrehain?? Aise thori nahi hota hai '( what are you saying 'it doesn't work like that )

DEV: Nahi Radhika ..agar kisi ne bhi tuhje thes ponchani ki koshish ki ..toh main use nahi choroonga (No Radhika ..if anyone  ever tries to hurt you) 'I wont spare him !)
'he said looking at her determinately ..How dare he even  thinks to get you back ! I don't trust him at all after hearing your pass all I feel towards him is enmity ..And never I will let his plans succeed ..I wont ever

let him get you back no matter how hard he tries '..saying firmly
Radhika looked at him surprised , but somehow hearing those words her heart was fluttering , she slowly looks down feeling a little taken back ..the way he was talking was very  unusual he never talked like that for her with so much protectiveness and felt a tinge of possessiveness in his voice '

Dev felt this and tried smoothing out her worries ..he couldn't tell her how he felt so fast , she just forgave him and telling her that he loves her wouldn't make any sense to her now'

Dev: because you're my friend and its my duty to protect you ..and I will 'he said firmly

Hearing this Radhika smiled and looked down on her plate  '.There was a little moment of silence suddenly Dev wanted to change subject '

Dev: Radhika?? Do you remember me when I was small ?? you remember our very first meeting when we were little?? He asked with much excitement ..

Radhika smiled at this cutely'and simply shook her head with a dissapointement '

R: But I cant believe that 'we met when we were little'saying unbelievably and  a cute laugh escaped her throat ..Do you remember ?? Asking anxiously

Dev pursed his lip and shook his head ..

Dev: Nahi but after hearing the story how we met you  I was feeling so happy that we met when we were little..and our meeting was very sweet to hear 'I was such a bad boy 'he said lower his face impishly 'itne laddo khara tha ..lekin tum sahi waqt par agayi muhje rokne karliye..( I was eating so many ladoo ..but thank god you came right in time to stop me ..)

Radhika giggled cutely remembering the story told by dadima

R: App bhi na 'lagtha hai ke app bohut shararthi  the jab app chote the'( It looks like you were very naughty when you were small ) she said with a cute laugh

D: Who toh main tha 'You have proof by the story  and by staying with us ..He said smiling impishly making her shake her head with a little shy smile lingering on her face making Dev heart rejoice ..

D: I was eating so many ladoos and when you came told me to stop  I started arguing with you ..'Dev shook his head thinking that he was such a bad boy not listening to Radhika '.

R: hmmm'you were saying that you were bigger then me and I should listen to you ? ..she retorted back cutely '

Dev: well what's wrong about that? 'its true ..I am bigger then you 'and you should of listened to me..
Radhika laughed cutely but noticed her laugh was to loud and cover her mouth scanning around. .Dev found this so cute and started laughing '.Radhika smiles little embarrassedly  removing her hands from her mouth '

Dadima was walking pass the temple area hearing Radhika laugh  even Vaishali woke up ..They both crossed each other near the temple area and went to check what was happening but halted there feet's seeing Radhika and Dev sitting together eating together and laughing ..They were hidden behind the pillar watching them with a joyful smile on their face 'Dadima and Vaishali shared a sweet smile knowing that Radhika was talking to Dev now and it looked like things got better between them 'Their heart were swelling up with hope that they could get Radhika as their choti bahu 'Their thoughts got disturbed by mr.Purohit ..

Mr.Purohit: Ma? Vaishali ji?? Aap yahan ..aise??

Dadima : shhhhhh ..she signalled her son to keep quiet ..Mr.Purohit frowns his brows  confusedly and saw Vasihali signalling him to look at Radhika and Dev ..His frowns reduced and a sweet smile came up his lips seeing both Radhika and Dev laughing 'Three of them were sharing a beaming smile thinking about the same thing '
Dadima: Lets not bother them '.chalo ..

They stood in front of Kanha idol and folded there hands together and prayed that Radhika and Dev keep smiling like this and fill their house with joy and soon get their choti bahu

They walked away feeling their mind at peace after what they saw 'They were all very worried about Dev and Radhika but know everything seemed going good ..
Meanwhile Radhika and Dev continued there conversation

R: but if I listened to you and let you eat all those laddoos dadima ka shaak saach main badal jatha na?'

Dev thought for a second and remembered Dadima telling them that Radhika saved him from getting scolded by dadima and his gaze went soft on her 'Radhika saw this and frowns her brows lightly not knowing why he was looking at her like that ..

Dev: Radhika '.you were always there to save me from getting scold by any of  the family members and even when we were small you hid the truth from Dadima '..And even today you always helped me when I was in some trouble '..Thank you ..he said from his heart ..

Radhika smiled sweetly hearing this'

R: I guess things will never change 'she said gazing in his eyes..I will always be there for you ..I did it when I was small and will continue doing it ..she trailed of tenderly

Hearing this dev couldn't stop gazing at her , feeling very touched when she said that 'if she will always be there for him then they had to live together to make her words come true 'Radhika blinked once and looked down seeing the plate almost empty '

R: .ummm'Main aur daloon?? ( should I pour you some more ??)

Dev came out his trace and looked at his plate'.

Dev: no thank you 'maine bohut khaliya hai 'Do you want more??

Radhika shakes her head and takes the plate away while Dev took the glasses ..They both went in the kitchen and deposed the dishes in the sink quietly not wanting to make to much noise 'Dev washed his hands and Radhika offered him the towel that was hanged on the wall '

R: Will you eat something sweet?? She asked with a cute excitement

D: Sweet?..Sure !

Radhika smiles and walks to a little metal tiffen  and opened it ..It was filled with  laddos ..Dev eyes widened up seeing this ..Radhika giggled cutely'

R: After hearing the story 'I felt like making ladoos and bought some over 'she said sweetly

Dev grins boyishly , he was also craving for some laddos..

Dev: Radhika'after talking about our first meeting I was craving to eat laddos 'He trailed of with a chuckle '

He moved his hand to get one but Radhika moved the tiffen teasingly'He looks at her puzzled..

Radhika: only one 'she said giving him one with a teasing smile..

Dev saw this and smiled boyishly'

Dev: come on Radhika 'don't do this to me ..Im now big enough to know how much I could eat 'He tried getting another one but she moved the box away ..

R: First eat this one ..then Ill see 'she said  cutely'.Shayad dadima ajayeingi aur aapko daante gi ( maybe Dadima will see you and scream at you ..) ..she said  warningly in a cute whisper

Dev: aisa kuch nahi hoga '.reply back with the same whispering tone'

R: nahi'eat one first '.

Dev looked on with a fake dissapointement  and took a bite of the laddo Radhika giggled cutely seeing this 'He was enjoying it so much he could taste that it was hand made by Radhika because all the food she cooks is very delicious ..

D: umuyummm..Its really good Radhika ..he admitted 'Please Radhika give me another one '

Radhika smiled sweetly

R: Yeh saab aap karliye hain ( There all for you ..) ..I was just teasing you before '..she said cutely

Dev was surprised at first and then smiles he knew that she was kidding around with him

D: Saach ?? Yeh sab meri liye hain??

Radhika nods her head with the same sweet cute smile..She gives him the box making Devs eyes look at the ladoos greedily..

R: Don't worry no one here will stop you from eating all of them'.not even me 'a sweet laugh escaped her

Dev felt so happy seeing her smile and laugh freely with him ..just like the old times'

D: thanks Radhika' ..Here you eat one too'

Radhika took half a ladoo

R: we shouldn't eat to much sweets at night'we could get nightmares '

Dev chuckled cutely seeing her innocent concern ..

D: Don't worry ..nothing will happen 'he said assuring

There talking went on for few minutes enjoying there piece of laddo... Radhika started feeling tired and Dev walked her to Dadimas room where Radhika was going to sleep'

Radhika was about to walk in but heard Dev call her ..She smiles looking at him but the next second she found herself in his arms '.Dev hugged her tightly , Radhika was shocked she didn't even have time to react and kept her arms on her side ..She could feel her breathing hitching  going a little uneven feeling his arms around her protectively'His arms went around her perfect slim body that fitted exactly in his arms.  Dev could restrain himself to take her in his arms again , she gave him so much happiness tonight , his burden was finally gone  thanks to her.. Having her in his arms bought so much peace in his heart , he just wanted to absorb the feel having her so close in his embrace and closed his eyes ..Radhika gulps confusedly not knowing the reason for this hug??'She wanted to hug him back but something restrained her from doing so . 'Dev felt Radhika in he same position not hugging him back and realised what he did '.He opened his eyes slowly releasing her 'he saw her gaze wondering on the floor and slowly looked up at him '
Dev: ummm'.Actually 'before vishaka was leaving'.she asked me to give you a hug'..he tried hiding his nervousness

Radhika eyes widened up by a fraction hearing this '

Dev: She was very sorry for what she did '.and hoped that you will forgive her one day ..He took a mental relief finding an excuse for his hug '
Radhika felt a little disappointed knowing that this hug wasn't from him but Vishaka yet she managed to smile after this awkward moment '.She gulps once and  wishes him good night ..she didn't know what else to say '

R: Shubratri '
Dev smiles back little nervously and wishes her the same

D: Shubratri '

Radhika was about to walk in but heard Dev again ..she wonderer if he was going to give her a hug again  or was it something else he wanted to tell her'she looked from the side cautiously and saw Dev forwarding his hand for there hand shake and a sweet smile yet relief came up her lips '.They did the hand shake and left to there rooms 'Radhika walked in lost in her thoughts, she picked up her exchange clothes that were on the chair and looked at Dadima who was sleeping with her arm crossed over her eyes ..She goes in the bathroom to change and came out wearing a light bleu shalwar kameez'She slowly slides in the bed on the opposite side from dadima 'She was looking at the ceiling playing around with her pendant'.Thinking about whatever happened today was filled with different emotions and feelings'What would  Dev be thinking when I hugged him in the ghat ?? Does he know that I love him?? Or he thinks I hugged him because I missed him??..And  he probably hugged me because he was feeling guilty for what he did and hugged me because he was sorry ''. She takes an uneasy breath'.and right now when he hugged me '.he said it was from Vishaka '..Radhika closed her eyes thinking that Dev  probably doesn't have any feelings for her and just takes her as a good friend'..Radhika took a determinately  breath'.she cant do anything that might end up breaking her heart again , she doesn't want to create false hopes in her heart that will shatter in a jiffy ''If he wants to take her as a friend then be it 'she will stay a good friend for him but one thing that she doesn't want  again to happen 'Is her heart breaking again '..She promised herself that she wont let that happen 'Never!'Slowly a smile came her lips remembering the story told by Dadima when they were small, she glances once at Dadima and smiled tenderly ..She was so happy that Dadima already met her mom and Dad , this made her heart smile warmly , it was a beautiful feeling for her '.Radhika had few tears of happiness flowing down her cheeks seeing Dadima, how she was missing her so much '.Radhika slowly goes closer to dadima an hugs her  putting and arms around her  ..Dadima was perfectly awake and put her hand on Radhika head caressing it lovingly ..feeling this Radhika was surprised and quickly wiped her tears

Dadima: Kya hua Radhika beta ??

Radhika smiles shaking her head ..
R: Kuch nahi dadima 'app jaagi wahi hain??

Dadima smiles ad nods her head little sleepily '

Dadima: Bas sone wali thi jab maine tumhe andaar ane ki awaaz suni '

Radhika gulps the lump forming in her throat and hugs dadima even more..

Dadima: Kya hua Radhika??? Asking concernedly

Radhika smiles shaking her head '

R: Bas Dadima'Im just so happy that you guys are here '.That im sleeping over here , I feel just like the time when I stayed with all of you ..a very cozy feeling, 'She let few tears of happiness roll down '.I really missed everyone so much '.

Hearing this dadima smiled tenderly wiping Radhika tears and hugged her 'Radhika closed her eyes feeling her heart swelling up with joy being in her grandmothers arms'

Dadima: Im also very happy to see you Radhika'the whole family missed you so much 'especially Dev ..each day he would ask Birju about you but Birju didn't say anything 'I couldn't see Dev and the family so sad ..and forced Birju to tell me '.And after seeing you it feels like a wonderful energy coming back in the family'..She said placing a kiss on her head 'You were the light of our family ..without you everything seemed so dull'.Promise me Radhika ..that you will never do this again 'if there's any problem anything you want to tell'..come to me first  'I will help you 'I'm not just your dadima 'but also your friend 'Hmm??? She said sweetly'

Radhika nods her head hugging dadima more '

R: Jee dadima'.Thank you '.

There was a little moment of silence ..

Dadima: Radhika?? Im so glad that your mother is still alive 'And Im sure that we will find her 'we just have  to have faith '.and soon your mother will n\be with you '..I cant believe that your Amma told you such a big lie ! 'Khair'..whatever happened happened 'we cant go in the pass and change everything 'but we can bring a brighter future 'Haina?? She said cheerfully'

Hearing this a beautiful smile came up Radhika lips. Hearing such positive words   from Dadima made her faith even become more stronger about her mother '

R: Jee dadima '.Ma hume zaroor mileingi '..Thank you Dadima 'she moves a little up placing a kiss on Dadima cheeks and going back in dadima arms '

Dadima felt so touched by this and continued caressing Radhika hair making her slowly fall asleep '

Dev was laying on his bed  staring at the sealing ..thinking about everything that happened today 'He was just so happy that  that he talked things out with Radhika and the big burden on his heart was gone 'All this was a new start for him 'He needed to go step by step before telling Radhika how he feels ..Today was a close one especially when he just hugged her downstairs 'He covered it up by saying it was from Vishaka 'He wasn't lying ..vishaka did tell him to give a hug to Radhika from her '.But  it would have been to fast  if he admitted that he loves her 'He had to take this slowly '.but somehow he felt that Radhika had the exact same feelings for him but was hiding it ?? He frowns his brows remembering her hugging him in the ghat '..Maybe she hugged me because she missed me 'but if she missed me 'that mean she must have had some feeling for me '.Dev was confused by all this 'what did she really feel for him ?? Does she consider herself as his good friend ..or''Dev takes a deep breath trying to unpuzzle everything 'But just brushed off these questions 'He will  start afresh , the first step was Friendship which was already there' it just needs little more time to come too love 'He will do everything to awake feelings for him in her heart and he will surely tell her how he feels when the time comes ..He smiles satisfied with his thoughts and closed his eyes dreaming about Radhika 'he felt a mental solace knowing that she's here in the Bhavan and that they were friends again 'but nor did he know that doing this it will make it very difficult for Radhika to hide her feelings , she  already loved him very much and by doing this will only make things worse for her 'She was heart broken knowing that he didn't like her   and doesn't want to go through that pain again '

Hey guys ...I know I know ...I took for ages to update and Im sorry Unhappy...Yes again my study excuse OuchBut reading your comment really boosted me up Thank you so much you guys and all the silent readers Hug.Your support is very much neededHeart .....Actually I was waiting my acceptance letter from college and my head wasn't at all in my FF OuchI couldn't think of anything else ...But today I got a letter telling me that Im accepted!!!!!Big smileBig smileDancing..I quickly got my energy back and finished up the update Big smileWink..I could finally take a sigh of relief after getting my admission .LOL..Anyways enough of my talks ....Embarrassed..I hope you guys like the update .If you guys find it illogical then please do tell .....i dont want to rush the love declaration yet ...but will try to make it juicy ...Wink..I want dev to know the pain Radhika went through when she found out that he didnt love her ....Cry..So hopefully you guys will stay tuned but in the mean time ...enjoy the  trip of vridavaan ..Smile
Take care you guys and once again Im sorry ....If you guys dont want to read further because  its getting to hard to follow up with my late updates..  I completely understand Smile

Good night my friends ...SleepyHug

HugPlease press the like button and comment are always a pleasure to read Big smile

Here is a song that reminds me of the next part WinkEmbarrassed Ill let you guys guess ...Wink..Ok Ok Ill tell you ....Its a outing around vridavaan with Radev Embarrassed

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
First of all CONGRATULATIONS Yumna--for getting your much awaited acceptance letter--ClapClapClap
That is just so wonderful---

And your update was long and wondeful did really well with this RaDev special episode--
The ghat scene with the family and Radhika playing with the kids, Dev clicking pictures was very nice and the "forgiveness" part was very well done---

Yes, they both love each other---but I can understand radhika's state---wanting not be hurt again. Love the idea of Dev "pursuing" Radhika--waiting to read how Dev convinces her of his love and Radhika's acceptance....


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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats your wish came your best in your studies

wow love your update...Both are mistaken na..Radh don't know he loves her and Dev don't know Radh love him...I like rush no hurry wow...thanks for the the friendship of RaDev waiting for the next part.............................Drag and drop me

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