Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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 Part 21
They were all sitting in Ranjiv living room,  Radhika made tea for everyone ..Dev tried stealing some glances of her making his heart paste uncontrollably …Dadima saw this  and gave him a stern look not to do this in front of Ranjiv.. Dev looked down impishly but he noticed Radhika escaping him ..she wasn't even looking at him when she served him tea her gaze was cold. .He felt sad seeing this but controlled his emotions …

Dadima: Radhika beta ..Idaar aao …

Radhika smiles and sits beside Dadima who held her hand …

Ranjiv started telling them what happened when he came to vridavaan

Ranjiv came of the bus stretching himself. Its been 2 months that he didn't come to vridavaan, he had to addend a important pooja in chandanpur and took some time off to visit his relatives . Ranjiv started walking directly to Ammas house ..He was really excited to see Radhika and Devki ..He knocked on the door and saw the next door lady opened the door…He looked at her confusedly wondering what she was doing there??

Ranjiv : Aree ..Sushma ji?? Aap ??
 The lady made way for him to enter inside..Ranjiv scanned around the house not seeing Radhika or Devki?? He then heard someone moaning in pain it sounded very bad  ..he enters the room and sees Amma laying on the bed  breathing heavily ..he saw ammas skin turning very floppy and wrinkled, her face looked extremely pale almost white  , there was a doctor sitting beside her cheeking her heart beat….He shakes his head ….
Ranjiv: Kya hua doctor saab ??

Doctor: Aree Ranjiv ji?? Aap kaab aye??

Ranjiv : bas abhi….Amma ko kya hua ??

Doctor: Her health is really not good…it's the 5th time I'm coming and Amma is just getting worst and worst …I prescript medications for her but there not working on her …Instead its getting worst ……You have to take her to the hospital before its too late.. I did the best from my part but nothing is working ..…

Ranjiv: Don't worry ..I will take her to the hospital in Mathura ..
The doctor left from there…

Ranjiv looks at Amma who wasn't able to talk ,her eyes sigh was getting very weak ..she could barely see Ranjiv face , she felt her body shaking , her head was aching her badly…She didn't know what was happening to her ..Every day that was passing by she felt her life disappearing ….She had tears in her eyes looking at the lords picture with much difficulty ..She knew that she was getting punished for the sin she did..she separated a mother and a daughter  and she was ready to face the punishment that God gives her …Ranjiv saw Amma hands shaking ..he holds her hands wondering why the house is so empty …

Ranjiv: Amma ?? Radhika aur Devik kahan hain??

Amma was trying to speak up …Ranjiv kept looking at her anxiously …he glances at Sushma who was watching this …

Amma was struggling to even say one word felt like if she wanted to talk it pained her badly..Sushma looks at Ranjiv …Amma raised her finger with difficulty and pointed at sushma…Amma told her everything she did …Sushma swallows the lump in her throat ..

Ranjiv: Sushma ji ..what is amma trying to say ????
Sushma takes a deep sigh and tells him everything ….
Amma paid a man who was in that panchayat to take Devki away from Radhika ,..She made him lie to the villagers and took Devki away ….Hearing this Ranjiv was shocked he looked at amma unbelievably could she do this?? Did she still think that Radhika as the reason for her sons death ???And wanted to give Radhika a punishment by doing this?? Sushma continued …..2 days after the Sanganian took Radhika Devki came back , it was late at night when she came back and left without anyone realising that she came ..After that day amma started getting health problems and no one was there to take care of her so Sushma ji helped…For weeks  amma was on the bed without moving , her body was giving up on her and it felt like she was becoming paralyzed one knew how this was happening except for Amma .she knew that she was getting punishment for all her bad deeds and did her best to tell Sushma everything .When amma told all this too sushma she went straight away to the panchayat group to denounce the man .  The group of Panachayat found out the truth about the man involved in this and that Devki was innocent ..The group of panchayat had no idea what the man was up too. The man confessed what he did and got a big punishment from the panchayat …He was sent far away from his home town, he now works in a homeless shelter , cleaning and washing the dishes and sleep in a tiny room without no one visiting him ..He's allowed to met his children's and wife only 2 time a year ..The group of panchayat wanted to give amma a punishment as well but seeing her state they couldn't .The panchayat also hired some villagers to go look for Devki after hearing that she came back to vridavaan and left but no one could find her .They also started looking for Radhika but couldn't find were the Sanganians lived?? One Villager found there house but it was empty no one was there ..So they all gave up and left this to God …..While that time Amma  was already suffering from the pain in her body , she couldn't move or talk ..The Villagers were all disappointed at Amma and no one wanted to help her but Sushma did for the sake of Humanity ..…
When sushma finished telling Ranjiv everything he had tears flowing down ..he looked at Amma angrily. How could she even think of doing something like this giving g Radhika away to a unknown family and lying to Radhika about her mother passing away ?? Ranjiv gets up looking at amma furiously..

Sushma: Ranjiv ji ..aren't you going to take amma to the hospital???

Ranjiv: Nahi sushma ji …Whatever amma has done ..she has to pay for this..No one can cure amma now…And amma will surely get a bigger punishment for what she did …not from me or the panchayat ..but from God…He kept his gaze steely on amma who had a tear rolling down ..she knew that she wasn't ever going to get better …

Ranjiv: Ammaji ..Kyun kiya apne aisa??? KYUN!!! Ek hasta hua pariwaar tha aapka …DID you do all this because Shastrijee passed away? And you were still  blaming radhika for this??? You hated seeing Devki and Radhika laughing and smiling because Shastrijee passed away and  you thought it was Radhika fault??? And that she should suffer because of that??? NO AMAA!! This wasn't Radhika fault at all ..just because she was adopted doesn't mean that she was bad luck …This was gods decision and you had to accept the fact that your son is not n this world anymore…Do you think shastriji jee would have been happy seeing the way you treated Radhika?? Do you think he would be proud of his mother breaking a mother and daughter relation?? NO AMMA!! He must have felt shame seeing his own mother doing all this to his wife and daughter ! Having Radhika as a daughter was the best thing that ever happened to him ……He felt his throat feeling lumpy…an d you …you gave her away to a unknown family??? ..trailing of unbelievably ..Amma had tears flowing down her eyes , she was regretting everything she did ..Amma wanted to speak but couldn't !

 Ranjiv : Devki did all her best to keep Radhika and you happy…And radhika always needed a grandmothers love but you never gave it to her….Amma ji have to pay for what you did! I cant help if this is what god wants to do to you ……
Few moments of silence passed , Ranjiv couldn't believe that Radhika and Devki were missing.. where would he find them?? Suddenly something strike  his head ..he needed to know what amma told Devki to make her walk away like this??

Ranjiv: Ammaji ..Konsa jhoot bhola apne Devkiji ko bataya who yahan se  chalagayi ??( What lie did you tell Devki that made her walk go away from here?? )

Amma cursed herself , she wanted to tell them but felt her breathing becoming heavy , she felt her heart beats diminishing, she felt a unknown fear rising within her ..Was this over for her ? Was her life giving up on her ?? Amma started to feel a extreme fear knowing that shes dying and would have to face god and get punished for what she did !   Sushma and Ranjiv looked on worriedly…..Amma breathing stopped and her heart stopped beating ……
2 weeks later ..Sushma ji moved to Mathura due to her husbands work transfer .

Ranjiv finished telling them what happened the whole family were quiet hearing this…
They all were shocked hearing this , Mrinalini mumbled something under her breath …" good for her " ..Vivek looks at Mrinalini , she was right ..God will give her the punishment now….Radhika had her gaze wondering on the floor …She never got love form amma , she kept all restriction towards Amma , she did feel a little sad but the way she use to threat her was something that she was never going to forget ..

Ranjiv: I started looking for Devki and Radhika even if the Villagers searched  ..I wanted to  search for the sanganians but couldn't reach them ..I went to Mathura to rawal I even came to Dehli but failed to find them I was feeling extremely worried for Radhika , My heart was always yearning to see my niece , I didn't know in which state Radhika would be in ? If she being taken care of? Or is she living in hell?? Trailing of sadly ..Letting few tears roll down …I tried my best to find Radhika but failed to do so one knew where she went ..His throat felt lumpy remembering his search for Radhika and Devki  …I even tried looking for Devki ji too ..I wanted to meet the panchayat but there was no use ..Devki was already out from the place he hid her ….I tried looking in every village but No one knew who Devki was…so  .I came back to vridavaan miserably   and let everything in  Kanha hands..I had faith that he will surely bring Radhika and Devki  back …..And he bought back Radhika  ..Glancing once at Radhika….Last week I was coming out the mandir and saw Radhika walking in the temple with Birju and I couldn't believe that Radhika was standing right in front of me ..trailing of emotionally..

Birju: Actually…I was going to take Radhika to a Ashram ..but before Radhika wanted to visit her fathers temple so ..I took her and then we saw Ranjiv  chacha ..trailing of tenderly…

There was a little a silence in the room  …Finally Mr.Purohit spoke up ..

Mr.Purohit :..Birju did the right thing ……Lekin Jo bhi kuch boura kare ..Use daand milta hai …Aur  ab Bhagwan khud Amma ji ko Daand dege. ..he said looking at his family ….

Dev looked at Radhika who had her gaze low cast . Dadima didn't say anything all she knew was that Amma will surely get her punishment from God for all her bad deeds towards Radhika ..Dadima holds Radhika chin Affectionately making her look up …

Dadima: Radhika …Jab Birju ne muhje bataya ke tum vridavaan main ho …All my energy came back ..I felt like dancing …

The whole family smiled and laughed , Dadima was trying to make the atmosphere lighter …

Vivek: but this mean that Radhika mother is still alive….Looking at Radhika happily..
Hearing this Radhika smiles joyfully…The whole family were beaming knowing that Devki was still alive…

Ranjiv smiles he knew that Amma lied to Radhika about her mother passing away and he remembered when he told Radhika that her mother was still alive she had tears flowing down of happiness and wanted to go search for Devki but he stopped her telling her that they will going step by step to find out her mother..

Ranjiv: Jee ..Devki ji is alive..saying happily ..but I don't know how long it will take to find her ..She could be anywhere …trailing of worriedly…

The whole family were also getting worried until mr.Purohit spoke up

Mr.Purohit : Radhika beta..I will do all my best to find your mother …This is my promise to you …saying firmly ….I promise you that we will never loose hope ..Im sure your mother is perectly fine but we just have to know where she is ..and I wil surely reunite you with your Mother ..caressing her head once ..
Radhika smiled with tears of happiness flowing down …

The whole family smiled along , they all had faith that Mr.Purohit will find Devki and they will all to there best to help …

Radika had few tears in her eyes and nodded her head happily …Dadima saw Radhika locket around her neck ..Radhika wanted to show her parents picture to Mr.Purohit maybe seeing her mothers picture it will help him ….Radhika took of her locket and showed the picture of her parents to Mr.Purohit who smiled seeing Shastriji picture …

Mr.Purohit  …I already met your father once  …I can tell you never in my life I met such pure man . He had so much to give to everyone , he had a big big heart ..trailing off warmly …I met him 16 years ago a little before he passed away….I first met Ranjiv who I used to call Shankar ji  who introduced me to Mohan ji ( shastriji ) ..When  Dev told me about your father …his name sounded very familiar but my memory wasn't giving in .. but after seeing Ranjiv everything came back ..I used to call your father Mohan ji  I remember meeting your mother as well....saying  tenderly …Very sweet and caring lady .

Radhika felt tears in her eyes hearing such wonderful words about her father and mother  from Mr,Purohit …Ranjiv smiled looking at Radhika The whole family was really pleased to here this .Vaishali started remembering  Mr.Purohit telling her about his trip to vridavaan but  forgot that he mentioned Ranjiv and Shastrijee …Dev was very happy to know this as well

Dadima: Radhika ..I also met your parents you mother was very sweet lady and your father was a great priest . I could now see were you got such wonderful values from …
Dadima saw Radhika confused eyes ..

Dadima: The day I met your parents I came with my son ..And my grandson  glancing at Dev once ..

Dev: Kya ?? Main ???

Dadima smiled and started telling them when and how all this happened …

16 years ago

Dadima and Mr.Purohit came to Vridavaan for a special pooja held in a Temple near a beautiful river bank , along with them was little Dev . He had few days Holiday from school so he came with Dadima while vivek and Vaishali were in Mumbai ..

Dadima and Mr.Purohit entered the beautiful temple it was filled with Devotees  ..Little dev held Dadima hand not wanting to get lost …Mr.Purohit and Dadima stood there attending the aarti that was being done By Ranjiv … After the aarti was done the devotees started heading out after taking prasad that was being given out by Devki …The devotees greeted Mr.Purohti and Dadima and walked away.. Little Dev saw a plate filled with ladoo near the Kanha idol ..His smile grew and released his hand from Dadima who didn't notice him gone ..She got busy talking with some devotes.. Dev neared the plate with greedy eyes , he looked around and saw no one looking at him  and took a laddo  eating the whole thing enjoying every bite . He found the laddo so tasty and unashamedly started eating more .Suddenly he heard a little girls voice ..

Girl : yeh app kya kare hain ?? ( what are you doing??)
He swiftly turns around and saw a little girl standing beside him with her round confused eyes , she had fair skin with hazel eyes , she had a very cute innocent face , she was wearing a pink dress that her mother made for her with her hair nicely braided ..That little girl was Radhika ..
Dev blinked once and took another laddo not paying attention to the little girls question..

R: Main aapse kuch pooch rahi honn .( Im asking you something ) .saying with a calm kiddish voice..

D: cant you see! I'm eating a ladoo ..taking another bite

R: but your having more then one ..Every person is only allowed to have one ..or else there wont be any left for the others ..saying innocently

D: But Its not my fault that these ladoo are so good … his morsel

Little Radhika holds the plate moving it away from the boy ..

D: Hey!! What are you doing???

R: Its enough for you now had so many , leave some for the devotees ..Mama is going to come back for the ladoo plate soon ..

D: but look the temple is almost empty the ladoo will go wasted ..trying to reach another ladoo but little Radhika moved the plate ..

R: Dekiye ..apne kaafi khali hain ..saying with her cute  soft voice and  she starts walking away but Dev held her arm ..

D: Look little girl ..Im bigger then you and you have to listen to me..Give me the plate ..trying to get the plate from her..

Little Radhika frowns her brows seeing the way the little boy was talking to her , she looks at him with her beautiful round eyes surrounded with long lashes flickering them puzzled..

R: yeh app kya kare hain ?? Pulling back the plate with her little hands from his hold .

Suddenly he heard Dadima voice..

Dadima: Dev?? Where were you??
Dev quickly moved his grip from the plate looking at Dadima nervously

Dev: .Dadima...I..was..I was here ..Glancing once at Radhika who looked at his grandmother ..

Dadima saw the little girl and smiled..

Dadima: tum Devki ki beti ho na?? Main abhi tumhari Maa se mili hoon

Little Radhika smile nodding her head.. Dev just watched Dadima acting sweet  to the girl and rolls his eyes ..He saw from Far a lady holding a plate filled with Laddo standing with a Man looking like a priest who was talking to his Father …. Dadima voice made him look at her..

Dadima: Dev ?? What were you doing here??

Dev heart was pasting nervously , he knew that he wasn't allowed to eat lots of sweets  and if Radhika told Dadima he would get scold by Dadima and Mr.Purohit ..Little Radhika saw the boy face going tense and glanced at Dadima.. She remembered getting screamed by Amma when she ate 2 ladoo maybe it was the same for him ..She was feeling very bad  and wanted to help him out of this ..

D: I…I …was .Ummmm ..he looked at the little girl worriedly …

R: Dadiji ..Main unko laddo dehra thi ..she forwarded a lodoo to Dev ..

Seeing this Dev smile unbelievably , he was so thank full to her she saved him from getting scold..
Dadima smiles sweetly and tells Dev that she will be right back ..

Dev takes a relief sigh looking at the little girl who was folding her hands in front of kanha asking him to forgive her for lying a little to safe the boy from getting scold ..After her she finished asking for forgiveness she  and started walking away …Dev watched her and spoke up walking towards her

D: hey! Wait !!

Radhika turns around and  sees the little boy behind her ..'

R: Kya hua ??

Dev smiles and put the laddo back on the plate

D: I don't want anymore …

Radhika grins cutely seeing this ,
R: kyun???

D: because ..I didn't behave nice with you and you saved me from getting scold by my Dadima and Dad ..Thank you ..saying sincerely

Radhika smiles looking at the boy  forgivingly , Dev noticed that she had a very cute smile making him smile along
Suddenly she heard Devki voice ..

Devki: Radhika Beta ..Come lets go home …..Her gaze fell on a boy standing beside her daughter and smiles ..

Dev: um ..namaste ..he said folding his hand together ..

Devki smiles and greats the little boy ..

Devki: radhe Radhe ..She knelt down and caressed the boys hair….What's your name??

D: Dev Purohit ..

Dadima walked and saw this ..

Dadima: Devika ..yeh hai mera pota …

Devki: bohut Pyara hai ..she said getting up ..

Dadima: tumhari beti bhi bohut bohut pyari hai ..glancing down at Radhika  who smile timidly
Devki was very pleased hearing this and looked at Radhika whos cheeks were turning little pink ..

Devki: Acha Shanti Devi ji ( dadima) hum chalthe hain ….It was very nice of you and Purohit ji visiting our Temple ..If you need anything please don't hesitate in asking ..

Dadima: There will be no need for that ..Shankar( Ranjiv)  is here for that , We will be  leave tomorrow …saying assumingly

Devki smiles folding her hand …

Little Radhika looks at the boy  and gives him the laddo with a sweet smile and blinks once telling him to keep it ..Dev looks at the girl and smiles ,he found her very cute and adorable , Devki takes the plate from Radhika  and shared a smile with Dadima …

Radhika: Bye ..she said with her sweet voice and smiled cutely ..

Dev: Bye ….he goes close to her ear to whisperers something ….Thanks again ..

Radhika smiled little shyly and whispers back

R: koi baat nahi ..Next time you should listen to me ..even if I'm smaller then you …she moved back giggling cutely

Dev smiles impishly and nods  his head
Devki and Dadima frowned wanting to know what these two kids were whispering in each other ears

Dadima: What are you both saying?? Asking little curiously
De: it's a secret ..Its our secret
Dev and Radhika share a teasing smile

Dadima and Devki just shook there heads seeing the two little kids tease ..

Devki: Acha Radhika ..Chalthe hain ….Holding Radhika little hand with her free hand and walked away ..

Radhika turns around and waves her hand at Dadima and Dev who watched them leave with a sweet smile ….
Dadima and Mr.Purohit went to attend a pooja that was held in another temple near by with Ranjiv who was guiding them throughout the day ..Along with them was Dev who bought his toys to keep him company ….The day passed pretty fast Dev didn't see the little girl again , he was very grateful to her and wanted to met her one more time but failed they already left for Mumbai …

After Dadima told them how she and Mr.Purohit met Devki , Shastrijee and Ranjiv..Dadima had few tears in her eyes knowing that  the little girl was Radhika ..She couldn't believe the small meeting disappeared so quickly from her head. The whole family had a smile on their faces knowing that Dev and Radhika met when they were younger . Dev gazed at Radhika who had a sweet smile on her face ..He couldn't believe that he met Radhika when they were little . The small meeting that he had with Radhika didn't last long in his head as the years passed and got occupied with other stuff. The same for Radhika she was very small when she met Dev and couldn't see a clear vision of their meeting but it felt very nice to hear that she met him before and listening to the little story made her heart rejoice . Dev and Radhika both shared a glance with a sweet smile , slowly Radhika smile disappeared  and looked away making him feel very sad  and he too looked away remembering that she didn't forgive him .

Mrinalini : I guess something's never change …I mean Radhika was always at your rescue ..trailing of with a teasing laugh ..

Dev grinned boyishly knowing that Mrinalni had a point there , The whole family started laughing at this but Radhika cheeks went pink and looked down with a wavering  smile ..

Mr.Purohit: Radhika beta ..I remember everything like it was yesterday ….

Vivek : Lekin Dadima you never came back to vridavaan after that day …

Dadima: Nahi beta …It felt like time passed by so quickly we got busy shifting to Dehli and with all the new projects that I never got the chance to come back ..I always wanted to come back but I guess the time never permitted me …..She moved her gaze to Radhika who was listening to Dadima with a sweet smile
Radhika? I cant believe you were the little girl that I met and I didn't realise that your Devki little girl ..The little girl with beautiful round eyes , a cute smile , your angelic face and your sweet talk . She glanced at dev who kept his loving gaze on Radhika his heart wasn't allowing him to look anywhere else ..Mrinalini hit his arms lightly making him come back to reality , He composed himself acting normal ..

Ranjiv: Radhika missed you guys so much …She couldn't stop talking about each one of the family member ..But I always saw a sadness hidden behind her eyes , I could see how much love she got from your family and I don't know in what words I should thank you al for talking such good care of Radhika ..Trailing of emotionally , he folded his hands in front of Mr.Purohit ..

Radhika also had few tears flickering down , Mr.Purohtit held Ranjiv hand stopping him  from doing so ..

Mr.Purohit: aree Ranjiv ji ..Aap kaise batein karein hain ..Having Radhika in our house was a blessing for us ..She took care of everyone with so much love ..She became like a daughter of our house …Please Ranjiv ji  ..don't Thank us ..It was our pleasure keeping radhika with us …She made our house more alive and gave each member so much happiness  …Saying assuring .

Mrinalini: Ranjiv  Chacha , I couldn't wish for a better sister ..Radhika meri liye ek choti bahein jaisi hai ..Saying tenderly..Aur Vivek karliye bhi …glancing at Vivek who smiled

Vaishali : Meri liye ek pyari si beti …saying sweetly

Birju:  Meri liye ek bahein …saying joyfully ..

Dadima: Meri liye ek Pohti ..saying tenderly and caressed Radhika head affectionately  ..

Dev saw everyone saying something , he also wanted to say something about Radhika and he did..

Dev: Aure Mere liye…….

Radhika slowly looks at him in wonderment ..The whole family were anxious to know what he would say

Dev: Mere liye ..ek bohut achi dost ..he said sincerely ..

Radhika lowered her gaze uneasily  glancing at the family members..

Ranjiv was beaming happily knowing that the whole family appreciated Radhika so much he saw the love in each and every member of the Purohit …
The chatting went on amongst each other , Dev was to steal some glances of Radhika who was smiling along with the other members….He watched her get up and bring some snacks for he family …She was still ignoring his gaze towards her …Mr.Purohit was telling about the plans in the upcoming days….Vaishlai Dadima and Mrinlani were talking with Radhika while Birju and Vivek were talking with Dev ..
After a while the Purohit were taking there leave …

Dadima: Radika beta …Tum zarror humare  Bhavan main ana ….Yahi pass main hai …

Radhika: Kahan dadima ??

Dadima: you know near the river bank , theirs a lane that crosses it and our Bhavan is the only house their  ..its really not hard to find..

Radhika was surprised at this ..

R: that's your house??? I always used to pass by it ..its such a beautiful house ..I always wonderer who was the owner and I cant believe that it belongs to you guys ….She said excitedly ..

The whole family smiled seeing such cute excitement from Radhika…

Dadima: Its also your house , because you are part of our family. Everything that's ours is also yours …She said holding Radhika chin …

Mr.Purohit : It has been so many years that we didn't come back to our Bhavan ..But  Chamku was taking care of the house ….

Radhika: I will surely come by to see the beautiful Bhavan ..

Vaishali : Ranjiv ji ..humara maan nahi kara hai yahan se jane ka..We could make any excuses just to spend more time with Radhika …

Ranjiv smiled ant this glancing once at Radhika who was smiling cutely …

Ranjiv: You are always welcome to come anytime ..saying cheerfully ..

The whole family smiles and said their good byes to Radhika with so much affection …
Radhika kept her gaze away from Dev and just ignored him . HE felt his heart pinch him really badly , the whole time she wasn't even interacting with him …Dev just looked down and walked out …

After the Purohit left Ranjiv saw Radhika smiling happily , he knew the exact reason for this..

Ranjiv: Radhika Beta …you were absolutely right The purohits kept you very very happy ..And I could see that each member of that family missed you very much …trailing of tenderly…

Radhika: Ranjiv chacha ….they  did so much for me , they took care of me like there own and seeing them made my heart rejoice again ..She said happily

Ranjiv smiled along seeing a beautiful smile lingering on her face

Ranjiv: Lekin tum Dev beta see baat nahi kari thi?? ?? You talked a lot about him to me but I didn't see you interacting with him ?? Are you still angry at him ??

Radhika heart skipped a beat hearing this ..She never told Ranjiv Chacha about her feeling towards Dev and she didn't  really tell him about the whole incident ..she went very vaguely on that part ..She just told him that Dev wasn't believing her and she wanted to leave the place for the Family's  protection ..She told him about Vishaka and Karans plan but she skipped all the details about her feelings towards Dev …
Radhika: Ranjiv chacha …Main ….who ….

Ranjiv saw her getting little nervous

Ranjiv: Radhika beta ..remember what your father always thought you …To forgive the people that hurt you's a very hard thing to do but when god will know that you forgave someone he will reward you one day ..And Im sure Dev beta is feeling very bad for what he did ..he said assuring ….I could clearly see on his face that he was regretting everything he did …and wants forgiveness from you …..

Suddenly A villager knocked on the door..
Villager: Pandit ji…..Chopra saab aapka intezaar kare hain ..

Ranjiv smiles

Ranjiv: Jee main ara hoon …..He looks at Radhika …..Ill be right back ….

Radhika smiles and nods her head ….She kept thinking about Ranjiv chacha words…She went in the kitchen arranging the  plates back and the cups of tea …She recalled the moment in the ghat when she hugged Dev and closed her eyes feeling the warmth in her ..How could she let herself fall so weak in front of him?? Did she want to go through that pain again of rejection?? ..Was Dev really sorry for what he said ?? .but How was she suppose to talk to him?? Radhika realized that no one mentioned vishaka ..Does that mean shes gone?? ..Radhika didn't know what to do ..

The sky was clear exposing all the stars that were  shimmering away, a full bright moon shinning some light at the dark night, a beautiful breeze pass by him making Dev come out his thoughts , he heard light jingles of payal grabbing his attention , he frowns lightly and turns around seeing Radhika standing few feet's away ..He pulled his brows together looking at her seriously ..he felt his heart paining him badly remembering her words , his eyes were turning moist remembering the way he scram at her , the painful days spent without her !  He takes few steps towards her  and  goes on his knees wrapping his arm around her waist  , pressing his cheek on her tummy …Radhika heart skipped at beat seeing this , her tummy suddenly squeezed  in ., she couldn't believe that he was on his knees !, She felt his cheek on her tummy and closed her eyes feeling shivers in her body , unknowingly her fingers rested on his hair from the back and let her tears flow down along with his …

Dev: Im sorry Radhika ..I very sorry ..he said with a heavy voice letting his tears roll down …He couldn't control them . He needed to let go his pain that was stuck inside his heart , he needed this burden to vanish away ….

Radhika slowly opened her eyes hearing his words ….

Hey guys Big smileThank you so much for the wonderful commentsHug I really enjoy reading them and getting feedback'sSmileHug....this update is really a update putting the bits and pieces together ..Im sorry if its confusing or illogical Confused...Devki is still alive and she will surely be found Big smile...Im sorry I didnt get time to update before ....I got busy with school and it gets hard for me to update often .Ouch..But will do what i can ..i know you guys like my story and want to see more of Radev Embarrassed..I will do my best ..
Thank you once again for the amazing support Hug
TAke care and please press the like button if you liked it and comments are always a pleasure to read Big smile

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sunbeam09 Goldie

Joined: 02 August 2010
Posts: 1535

Posted: 27 March 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Nice update..........Loved the precapEmbarrassed......Can't wait for the next part:)
Update soonBig smile.......

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2009
Posts: 7026

Posted: 27 March 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
omg what a lovely part and that precap...Dancingcant wait. please update again soon.

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radhika5 Goldie

Joined: 06 December 2009
Posts: 2087

Posted: 27 March 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Lovely update billo....Thank YouClapClapClapClap
The childhood touch was very nice--nice to see things falling into place and wonderful to read about the Purohit family interaction with Radhika
Slowly but surely, you are solving the mystery for the readers--well done

And best of all, loved the precapWink waiting to see if Radhika will forgive Dev right away or give him a hard time---

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v3gradev09 Goldie

Joined: 29 May 2010
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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Billo, ur writing is expressed through the eyes of the characters. :) Can't wait for the next one!

Edited by v3gradev09 - 27 March 2011 at 3:04pm

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 October 2009
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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Interesting update and precap. so amma is getting punished by God

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

Joined: 26 September 2010
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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Loved your update. Enjoyed every bit. Pls update soon.

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vinianil Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2009
Posts: 986

Posted: 28 March 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Great update Yumna...Revealed everything by Ranjiv  what had happened in past ..Precap is interesting waiting to know  whether she will forgive him or not  .... 

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