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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 5)

AsYa_KaBhi Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
u have made me scream n beg for more YUMNA

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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 3:07pm | IP Logged

hiii Yumna...3rd FFShockedShockedShocked dear its CommendableClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

Wowww RaDev new story...ummmm i m loving it. its very int. to see why Radhika(i know the girl is radhika...any prizesWink) is in that condition..looks like running from some goons...oh pls unravel the mystry..
First part is very gripping and so is the precap. i am eagerly waiting for the nxt uppdate. And yes pls keep updating without any loooooooong breaksBig smile
thanks for the PM and all the best for this new FF

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
D precap itself is so intresting.Can't wait 4 d next.

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Part 2

The night passed by silently , the sunlight was coming in the room brightly making the girl open her eyes slowly ..The girl was looking up at the ceiling tired .. She touched the side of her fore head and feels a bandage ..Her gaze turned confused she tries to get up resting her back on the bed rest ..She was puzzled she saw picture of a boy on the walls ..She had no clue where she was? , her gaze fell on Dev who was sleeping with his head on the bed and sitting on the floorThe girl started to get scared ..Yeh admi koun hai ?? Main yahan kya kari hoon ??? Kahin yeh ladka muhje chot pounchana chatha  hai?? (Who is this guys? What am I doing here ? This this guy want to hurt me??)

Her gaze remained fixed on Dev frightened ..she started to sweat from her forehead , tears started forming in her eyes ..Dev felt  someone moving lightly ..He slowly opens his eyes he stretches himself and his gaze fell on the girl who was looking at him confusedly .She had beautiful round eyes , with nice dark brown hair , her skin was fair and soft , her lips had a perfect pink shape, she had cute cheeks and a beautiful innocent face .Tears started forming in her eyes .Dev understood that the girl was really scared and confused ..She probably thought that he wanted to hurt her ..he smiles lightly ..

D: Hey ..

The girl started crying ..Dev was taken back by this and quickly gets up worriedly, he didn't know what to do and started panicking a little ..

D: Please ..Don't cry ..I Promise I'm not going to hurt you ..Please ..Aap roye maat ..Main apko koi chot nahi punchaounga ..trying his best to explain

The girl  was still not convinced 

D: Please ..mujhe kal raat aap milli thi..Aap meri ghari se takragayi thi ..Aur phir maine aapko mera ghar par lekar agaya ..saying nervously ( Please ..I found you yesterday ..You bumped with my car 'And then I bought you to my house)

Radika looks a the young man with her teary eyes ..She was still weeping lightly ..

D: Main aisa ladka nahi hoon ..Aap mera vishwas kijiye ..Daralsadl baat yeh hai ke'. main kal hi America se wapas ayathat..Aur phir maine aapko doondliya ..Kaafi raat hochuki thi toh aab ke sharir par chot ke nishaan the .Toh meri bhabhi aur maa ne aapke kapre aur aapka kayal raka ..Please believe me ..Maine aisa kuch nahi kiya '.Who kiya hai na ke yeh mera kamra hai ..Aur mere kamre ke bigair muhje neend nahi aati ..Toh isleye main yahaan floor par sogaya '.Aap please mera vishwas kigiye ..HE sound so honest but a tinge of panic .

( I'm not that type of guy ..Please trust me 'Actually I just came back from America last night ..and I found you ..It was really dark outside and I saw bruises on your body ..You were badly hurt , My sister in-law and my mother changed your clothes an took care of you  ..Please believe me ..I didn't do such thing that  you might be thinking 'Well actually this is my room and I cant sleep anywhere else  except in my room ..So that's why I slept on the floor ..Please believe me )'

The girl calmed down a little looking at the guy ..his words seem true and  honest ..She saw that he was not that kind of guy . He had good values in him and he saved her yesterday ..She sniffed a little wiping her tears ..Dev quickly gave her the Kleenex box ..She glances up and hesitantly takes a tissue ..

D: Please don't cry ..Its my fault I should of slept with Dadima ..he was feeling guilty for making her cry ..
Suddenly he hears a knock he quickly opens the door and sees Dadima with the whole family behind her .
She sees the girl looking at them tensely with her teary eyes ..

D: thank god you guys are here ..

Dadima: dev ? Yeh kyun rorahi hai ?? Tumne use kuch kaha toh nahi??

D: Nahi Dadima ..main ..I mean she woke up and started crying ..glancing at Radika once worriedly ..

Dadima sits beside her giving her a tender smile ..

Dadima: Beta ? Naam kya hai tumhara??
Everyone's attention went on the girl  little curiously ..
She looks at Dadima with teary eyes her throat felt dried , she gulps little nervously  trying to take some courage .."Jee main '.she looks around at the family '.Main Radhika "..Dadima smiles warmly and holds Radika chin affectionately ..

Dadima: bohut pyara naam hai ..Radhika ..trailing of sweetly
Everyone smiled hearing her name least they knew her name 'Dev stood there looking at Radika with a smile ..Radhika sweet name ..Dadima wiped Radika tears tenderly making Radika feel bewildered , she felt a beautiful affection from Dadima ..
Dadima : Beta , hum tumhe chot nahi pohoonchaye ge , sab yahan bohut ache hain ..Tumhe daarne ki koi zarorath nahi hai ..She glances at Dev ..Kal mera pota tumhe yahan lekar aya '

Radika gaze searched for dev and she saw him standing beside Dadima giving her a light smile  ..she  slowly moves her gaze back to Dadima ..

MR.Purohit : Beta tumhara pariwaar kahan hai ..asking politely ..Mera matlab tum kahan se ayi ho ??
( Where's you family? ..I mean where did you come from ?)

They were all wondering the same  thing ..Dadima noticed Radika eyes forming with tears again , she saw something in this girls eyes , she saw pain in her eyes  , this girl went through a lot in her life ..Radikas silent spoke for Dadima ..Radika pursed her lips trying to control her emotion with her gaze on the blanket and simply shook her head  saying that she didn't have a family
Dev glances at Birju worriedly ..There was a long silence finally Dadima spoke up ..

Dadima: Radika ? Agar tumhe hume nahi batane chahthi abhi toh theek hai ..Tumhare ankein aur tumhari khamoshi muhje sab kuch batari hain ..Agar tum chahthi ho ,,toh tum humare saath rehsakthi ho her a soft smile gazing in Radika eyes warmly 'Maine kabhi kisi ki ankoon main itni masoomiyath nahi decki ..trailing of with a sweet smile ..( I never saw such innocence in someone's eyes )

Mr. Purohit and Vaishali had to agreed on that , they never saw such angelic face before ..Radika eyes beamed after Dadima asked her to stay with them ..She couldn't believe that they  were ready to let her stay with them ..A small smile creped up her lips unbelievably  with few tears flowing down her cheeks ..

Dadima : kya tum hamare saath rehne chahogi ?? ( would you like to stay with us )
Radika nods her head ..her heart was so overjoyed by this ..The family looked very welcoming everyone smiled seeing  her getting happy .. Dev also smiled seeing the girls face brightened up by this offer  ..

Dadima started introducing everyone '

Dadima: Radika yeh mera beta aur uski patni ..Vaishali ..meri bahu ..

Radika folds her hands together like pranam 'Radhe radhe ..saying in a low soft voice ..

Vaishali and Mr.Purohit share a joyous smile seeing the way she greeted them ..Radika wanted to come out of bed to take their blessings  but her body was aching her badly ..Mr.Purohit stopped her ..

Mr.Purohit : Nahi nahi beta ..Tumhe utne ki zarrorath nahi hai ..caressing her head giving her his blessings ..
Radika smiles lightly ..

Dadima: Yeh Vivek mera pota aur Mrinalini is ghar ki badi bahu '.
They greeted Radika sweetly ..

M: nice to meet you Radika ..saying welcomingly ..

Radika smiles and nods her head lightly ..

Dadima: yeh Birju ..Dev ka bachpan ka dost aur is pariwaar ka hisa ..saying cheerfully

Radika smiles greeting him the same way ..

Dadima: Aur Yeh ..she saw Dev looking up the ceiling whistling ..Yeh DEV!! Mera chota pota ..saying with a tinge of sternness

Dev: Finally ! Mera introduction hora hai '

Everyone looks at Dev amused
Dadima: Radika ..Dev kal  America se aya hai ..

Dev gives Radika a charming smile ..Radika looks at him and blinks once .."Dev " out a timid smile ..

Dadima : agar Dev ne tumhe chehra yan pareshaan kiya to forun muhje batana ..Main uske kaan kichoungi(pull his ears) ..theek hai ?? Asking in a comforting voice
Radika glances at dev a little scared was he going to hurt her if she told on him ..She try pacifying herself seeing everyone laugh on Dadima words ..

Dev : Aree.. Dadima you forgot to introduce yourself ..Can I do it ! Radhika ..Yeh hai Dadima .The best Dadi in the whole world !!.hugging her from the back ..

Seeing the love everyone was sharing between each other made Radika smile happily ..After such a long time she saw a family like this !! Radika wanted to touch Dadima but she stopped her ..

Dadima: Khush raho ..Agar tum chahthi ho ..Toh tum muhje Dadima bulasakthi  ho ..Hmm??

Radika felt her heart turning soft she couldn't believe that they already started considering her as their own '
Vaishali : Maaji main niche khanna lagathi hoon 'Chalo sabhi ..Radika ko aramm karne do ..

..Dadima got up cuping Radikas cute cheeks ..

Dadima: If you need anything don't be shy to ask ..Hmm??

Radika slowly nodded her head '.Everyone left the room leaving Radika to rest ..She was over joyed by this ..She felt safe in this house  ..Her eyes started dropping and she fell back asleep ..
Everyone was downsatirs talking about Radika

Mr.purohit: Maa, radhika ek sansari ki pariwaar se lagthi hai '.Pata nahi who kyun nahi hume patane chahthi hai ke who kahan se ayi hai ?

Dadima: Beta ..Hume use thoda waqt dena hoga ..Uski kal jo halat thi pata nahi kounsi jaga se ayi hai ??Par aab yeh humara zimidari hai usko khayal rackna ka Kyunki ..Dev use yahan lekar aya hai ..I don't want to take a risk sending her back ..I really don't trust the place were she came from ...We have to make her  feel comfortable in our house ..Slowly slowly she will open up to us ..'

Everyone was listen to dadima attentively ..And agreed with her ..

It was late afternoon and Radika was up sitting against the bed rest looking down pensively ..she suddenly heard a knock on the door ..It was Dev ..

D: Hey you awake??How are feeling now??

Radika watched dev walking towards her little puzzled ..? But she managed to say few words..

R: Im fine ..

Dev smiles boyishly

D: I came here to get my clothes ..hope you don't mind..?

Radika shakes her head ..

D: thanks ! Waise ..Maa came inside to give you some breakfast but you were sleeping ..She might come back soon

She felt nice hearing this , everyone was taking care of her so nicely  ..she  wanted to go to the bathroom to get freshened up .
R: umm Yahan koi bathroom ..hai ? Asking with caution ..
Dev swiftly turns around ..

D: Haan hai na..Wahan ..he pointed at the door next to the window..

Radika smiles lightly removing the blanket ..Dev was busy getting his clothes out , he turns around and sees Radika holding her tummy painfully trying to get up ..Dev quickly helped her by holding her around her shoulders'Radika startled lightly feeling his touch she looks up at dev who had a concern expression..
Why was he being so caring to her ?? She wondered?

D: Are you ok ?? .Tumhe kahan daard hora hai ??

Radika closed her eyes trying to control her pain ..

R: Nahi ..Main theek hoon ..replying little dully

Dev didn't listen and guided her towards the bathroom ..Before he would open the door he heard vaishali ..
Vaishali: Radhika ? Kya hua?? asking worriedly ..

Mrinalini followed in ..

D: Maa ..Radhika body is aching her ..I think we should call the doctor '

M: Don't worry Dev were here ..

Radika was glanced at dev seeing his concern for her and smiled lightly ..

V: Dev tum bahar jao ..hum sab samban lege ..saying sweetly ..

Dev smiles and leaves the room ..Vaishali and Mrinalni were there to help her ..

Dev went downstairs to Dadima he told her about Radika pain ..

Dev: Dadima ? Radika theek toh hojayi gi na??

Dadima: Dev tume fiquar maat karo ..Vaishali or Mrinalni hain nai uske saath ..You just be nice to her and don't play your pranks on her ! Warning him sternly ..

Dev laughs ..

D: Don't worry Dadima ..She looks to sweet for me to prank her ..

In the room vaishali and Mrinalini were waiting for Radika to come out ..They shared a concern look they both saw bruises on her body but they didn't say anything to make Radika uncomfortable ..Vaishali controlled her tears .Mrinalini was holding a pink shalwar kameez for Radika ..

Radika opens the door with a towel wrapped around her 'Her body witness a freshness , she felt more relaxed after taking a hot shower ..Mrinalni smiles giving her the shalwar kammez..

M: Here Radika you will feel more fresh in these clothes ..

V: Beta ..Agar tumhe humari madaat leni hogi toh hume bhoola lena ..Hmm??
Radika smiles and nods her head ..

R: Jee ..Shukriya

She went back to change but she had a little trouble zipping up the back ..Mrinalini went in to help her ..Radika was finally dressed  she felt great !!

V: aab kaisa lagra hai ?? Asking warmly ..

R: jee ..bohut acha ..she had  a innocent tone ..

Vaishali and Mrinalini smile seeing Radika eyes beaming

Radika was sitting on the bed  and Vaishali was combing her beautiful dark brown hair ..

M: Radhika I will arrange more clothes for you ..At my work we have a lot !! Just tell what would you prefer better..

Radika had tears in her eyes seeing the two ladies helping her so much '
 R: App log mere liye itna kuch kare hain 'pata nahi main yeh sab akele kaise kar pati .. Main app logon ko kaise danewaad karron ??

M:  Dear  don't worry about it .Your our responsibility  tell me what you would like better ??asking in a cheering mood

Radika didn t know what to answer '

M: I have an idea Ill get you mixed ..Ok ??

V: Haan yeh theek rahega ..

M: ok Maa..Main chalthi hoon ..

..Mrinalini left to get Radika some more clothes ..Vaishali continued combing her hair she  remembered the bruises that were on Radika body and tears started forming in her eyes but she managed to control them ..Radika felt a motherly love from Vaishali ..she remembered her mom used to comb her hair just like that ..

A 6 years old Radhika was sitting on her bed watching her mom comb her hair .

R: Maa ..Daard hora hai..

Devki : Radhika beta you have plenty of knots its going to hurt a little ..

Radhika controlled her pain feeling the brush in her hair . Devki saw this and smiled sweetly'

Devki: lo tumhare baal bangaye ..

Radhika smiled  happily seeing a  nice braid

R: thank you Mama ..hugging devki

Devki smile sweetly  caressing her daughters  hair lightly ..

Vaishali : You have beautiful hair Radika .

Radika came back to reality and smiled lightly hearing Vaishali but didn't say anything ..Vaishali made a nice braid on her hair .Birju came in with soup and Vaishali started  feeding her caringly ..Radika was eating like a little obedient kid resting her body against the bed rest ..After a while vaishali got up ..

V: Aab tum aram karo ..Hmm?? Main baadmain wapas aongi ..cupping her face tenderly

Radika eyes felt moist her throat felt heavy  she was receiving so much affection from the family , Vaishali reminded  her of her mom ..she slowly  managed to talk ..

R: Kya ..main aapko ..Maaji bholasakthi hoon ?? Asking little hesitantly ..

Vaishali smiled happily ..

V: Zaroor bulasakthi  ..isme pouch ne wali konsi baat hai ?? Acha ab tum aram karo ..
Tucking Radika in bed ..Vaishali closes the door wiping her tears ..She couldn't believe seeing such bruises on Radika body ..She quickly went to Dadima and told her who was feeling very concerned for Radhika

Vaishali: Pata nahi maaji ..Radika kaisi jaga pe rehi hogi??

D: Vaishali ..hume Radhika ko apnana hoga ..We have to make her feel comfortable ..Main Radika ko ek Dadima ka pyar dena chahthi hoon ..aur tum usko ek maa ka ..

V: Jee maaji app sahi kehrahi hain ..Mrinalini ne bhi Radhika ke zakaam ( bruises) decke ..Lekin who bhi chup rehi ..We didn't want her to feel uncomfortable ..

Dadima: Tum dono ne bhilkul theek kiya 'When Radika feels like the right time she will tell us ..

The whole Day Radika was resting in bed , Vaishali and Dadima came by to check on her ..Birju also came in with some fruits for Radika that Vaishali and Dadima made her eat ..They wanted her to feel better as soon as possible ..They tried talking to her but she kept herself little reserved ..Vivek and Mr.Purohit also came by to see how she was feeling.. Radika was feeling so touched  seeing the whole family care for her even if she was like a stranger to them ..

Part 3 :

Hey guys thank you so much for the lovely comments Heart
..Im glad you guys are liking it Big smile..hopefully I wont bore you guys Confused..If there's grammatical mistake please forgive me ..I hope the Hindi words aren't to hard to
understand ..

Thank you
5armad,  kscjk,  mich,  anu17,  sonia122,  anusha34,  fatssrilanka,  vinianil,  sweetrose92,  radhika5,  avinaFan,  radha_bilahari,  sugarandspice,  RaDev_addict,  Avina_fan1,  chipak,  bvs7691,  palak13,  Tilashini,  DEVIKA8,  radev_forever,  sun_singh,  shalini01,  nycsweetie,  chalhov,   for liking the previous part hopefully you guys will like this part as well Big smileHug

ycsweetie : Thank you so much ..Glad you liked it ..Wink Yes I will surely pm you Smile

Tilashini : Thanks YaarBig smile ..I could feel your excitement all the way here WinkLOL..Hope you like the updated part and Will surely pm you Smile

sugarandspice : Hey Vaasha ! Happy you liked the update ..Are you sure Dev is starting to have feeling for her ?? ConfusedWink..Keep reading and for sure will send you a pm ..Smile

Chalhov : Thanks for the encouragement  Chalhov Big smile..I hope I will keep it interesting Confused

Maleena : Hey maleena ...I'm so happy that your ready to go on another Radev journey with me Big smilehopefully i will keep it interesting ..Smile Thanks for the lovely comment Embarrassed

Fatssrilanka : Thanks fatssrilanka Smilewelcome a board to my 3rd FFWinkBig smile Hope you will support me till the end Smile

radev_forever : Thank you so muchBig smile ..Glad you like the story line ..Hopefully you will like the Smileupdate

v3gradev09; Thank you so much !!Big smileHappy to know that im not annoying and that you love my FFs Embarrassed...Hope you like this update =)

Shalini : hey shalini .
Thanks for liking my FF ..Glad you liked the update ..i will do my best try to translate some words in  hindi ..and write more in English..If there an update that I didn't translate please forgive me but I will do my best for the upcoming updates  Smile..

Priya46 : Thanks Priya glad you liked it Big smile

Hotie : Hey Anmol!!Big smile Thank you so much for commenting glad you liked it .
.will surely pm you Smile

Avina_fan1 : Hey asmaa ..welcome aboard Wink..Glad you liked it! Hope you like the updated part Big smile

Radev_addict : hey Hawa !! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments ..I happy that your finding it interesting ! Hopefully you will like the updated part ..Smile Glad ou liked my Tittle was really a last minute thing , I had no idea what was going to be my title ? then I was listening to a song called Koi Fariyaad sung by Jagit Singh ..Then I just wrote it as my title ..I asked my mom the  meaning and I liked it .Big smile.Hopefully it will fit with my story Smile..Thanks again Hawa I know your eagerly waiting for the story to unfold Wink

radhika5: Hey yaar ..I dont think im amazing but your comments surely bought a smile on my face Big smileEmbarrassed..Hopefully I will keep you guys entertained like this WinkHope you like the update part Smile

Devika8: Hey Devika ..Thank you so much !!!EmbarrassedBig smileI wanted to try something a little  different from the usual ..Hopefully it will work Confused...Lol ill try not to make you guys wait very long ..But maybe once a week Ill put up a update .Smile
..Glad your going to support me with this FF as wellBig smile

Palak : Hey Palak Paneer WinkLOL Thanks for the lovely comment !!Glad you liked it !! Are you sure that girl is Radhika?? Wink..Lol Its obvious Tongue..You have many questions? but sorry cant answer them now Confused..You have to wait and see ..Wink

bvs7691: hey bhavi !!Big smile will surely add you on the pm list Smile

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vinianil: Thanks Vinianil!!! Ya making it interesting as possible Smile..Glad you liked the precap ..But now you have the  full update Wink

Chipak: hey Seema !!Big smileYa I know my 3rd FFShockedLOL..Thank you so much for the sweet comment ..yup another story of Radev , Hopefully there will be more mirch masala in this one LOLWinkLol Yes the girl is Radhika ! Sorry no prizes Unhappy..But Come on it wasnt hard to guess right??WinkI dont know if she was running from some goons but will will find out in the next couple of updates WinkSmile..Glad your finding it interesting ..I will try to update as much as I can, But I do have school soon ..but  will try update once a week Smile


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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
g8 work...thx for the pm

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Priya46 Goldie

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hey  sign me up that part was amazing as always loved it

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Ansa786 Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Hey Yumna,
Read Part1 few days back Clap.. I know, have not been a regular reader of your 2 FFs but will surely try to catch this one. Everytime I wanted too, always would loose track as I find it difficult to keep up to date with these FFs .. Embarrassed.. Yep, the title of your FF is gr8 .. knew it occured to you thru the song from Tum Bin by Jagjit Singh WinkBig smile .. Nice one. will catch Part2 later tonight as I quickly glanced thru it right now. Do add me to your PM list. Thanks.

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v3gradev09 Goldie

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Wowwww! Fab. JOB! It made me picture dev' and radhika's moments beautifully by your stories. :) WOWWW ! LOVED IT! :)

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