Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 45)

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Originally posted by palak13

billo rani wonderful 2 parts part 16 was awesome and the thing i like what radhika said "You should always listen to your heart 'That's the key to the right path and if you don't listen to your heart ..You might end up in a mess 'gazing deeply in his eyes .." touched my heart really awseome plus when n radhika bangles got stuck to devs shervanni omg i was just blushing.

part 17  i loved this bit more  "Dev was getting angry , he held her arm possessively he wanted to see if she didn't get burn anywhere else on her hand ..Radhika was looking at his gaze wondering around her hand. .He took out the cream out from the drawer and applied it on her fingers ..She had few tears in her eyes , she knew it was going to be very hard for him to stay away no matter how hard she would try '

Dev looks up seeing radhika looking away ..

D: Main dost hoon tumhara 'I have to be there for my friend like your always there for me ...He said firm yet caring ..
to gd god this vishaka vikram is right she should tell everyone the truth rads was being nice to her and this is what she done hope she tell everyone the truth soon. i was shocked when dev raised his voice at radhka but loved it when radhika stood up for herself but when she said to dev that whe he find out the truth then he shouldnt go to her and apologize will rads forgive him, when dev went to her room and helod her hand and kissed it that was good. happy how everyone trust radhika and not vishaka a and so happy that dev agrees vishaka is not right for himtthis part really made me cry felt so sorry for radhika billo rani update soon coz i really cant wait for the next part and thanks for the pm hehe when u update again next part hope its longer with 2 or 3 parts

Hey Palak paneer Big smile
Thank you so much palak for the lovely comment!!!Hug..Im so happy to know that you liked the 2 updates Wink..Yes Radhika line was good especially to make Dev realise that he should listen to his heart and the his mindSmile....Glad you liked the part when her bangle got stuck on his sherwani Embarrassedthere will be more to come WinkEmbarrassed..Yes the part were Dev applies the medication on her burn ...He will realise  a lot moreSmile...Thank you so much for the encouraging comment yaar ..Yes it was very sad for Radhika but I did make her stay firm with Dev ..It was hard fo rhim to beleive this since he trust Vishaka alot ,..Dev did feel very bad for what he did and kissed her palm Embarrassed...but the truth will come out very soon ..Winkhopefully after this part I wont make you guys cry Smile..Hope you like th enext updates Wink

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Part 18
The next morning everyone woke up ..Radhika didn't come for the aarti and they probably understood why ..Dev quickly got changed and ran downstairs ..He didn't see Radhika but saw Vaishali was ordering some servant to get the breakfast from the kitchen .

Dev: mom !! Where's Radhika ?? Asking anxiously

V: I don't know she didn't come down since morning '

D: what???!!

Dadima was coming downstairs

Dadima: Bahu ! Radhika uske kamre main nahi hai ( Radhika is not in her room ) saying worriedly ..
Mr.Purohit got up from the couch ..

Mr.Purohit : kya ??? Then where did she go ???

Vishaka came down the stairs and saw all eyes on her

Vishaka: Whats wrong??

Dadima gave one doubtful look to Vishaka

Dadima: We don't know were Radhika went '

Hearing this Vishaka got worried

Vaishali:  Maaji ..I didn't even see Birju in the morning?? Hes usually in the kitchen but today there both gone??

Vivek was holding some files..

Vivek: mom Did you see Birju I need him'

Vaishali: no beta ..Radhika and Birju are not home?? I wonder where they've gone without telling us ??adding worriedly

Dev heart was racing tensely  , seeing Radhika not present in the house made him feel very uneasy ..

Dev:  Mom Ill check again around the house ..
Vivek also joined they looked everywhere but no sign of Birju nor Radhika '

They all assembled in the hall..

Vishaka heart was pasting extremely fast ..she was also getting tensed about this '
Suddenly they saw Birju enter with car keys ..every one looked at him surprised ..

Mr.Purohit : Birju ?? Kahan tha tuh ???asking anxiously ..

Dadima: Aur Radhika kahan hai ?? Asking worriedly

Birju held his face low making everyone get more tensed '

Vasihali: Bhol Birju ?? Radhika kahan hai ???( tell us Birju ? Wheres Radhika??)

Dev also was anxious to know ?? He had to see her !
There was a silence from Birju for few minutes finally he spoke

Birju: ..I took her away '

Everyone were shocked hearing this ..Dev Held Birju arms tightly

Dev: Birju where the hell did you take her !?? AND WHY???

Everyone were wondering the same thing 'Birju moved away from his hold

Birju : She wanted to  leave ..And '

Dadima: Kya!!! Par kyun ???

Birju told them what happened early in the morning '..

Radhika woke up she saw the time ..It was 4 oclock  , she got up and touched her palm feeling a unknown warmth she held it to her heart feeling him'.she gulps knowing that it was probably her  mind playing a trick on her '

She reminded herself the decision she took after when Dev scram at her and not believing her , she couldn't be seen as a liar in front of the family ..Also If she stays here maybe Karan would do all in his powers to get her back ..he might even harm this family! He was using Vishaka to get her out the house but if she still  stayed here he could  do something  to this family and  she couldn't let this happen !.She would go somewhere far  for the families protection and  started packing her  few pair of shalwar kammez.. She started crying seeing that she will leave from the  family ..they showered her with so much love and gave her so much happiness   but she didn't want the family to go through problems  because of her ..She quietly went out her  room giving a last look at her room remembering her first day in this room when  Dev picked her up and put her on the bed ..She gulps the lump in her throat and walks out quietly letting few tears roll down  , she passed by Devs room and stared at his door for few minutes and wiped her tears .remembering him not believing her and walks away ..She knocks on Birju room door and he opened it little sleepily , seeing Radhika holding  a cloth filled with her stuff he got concerned ..She told him that she wanted to leave and couldn't stay here anymore , she didn't want to be seem as a liar in front of the family and didn't want Karan to bring harm to this family ..The best option for her was to leave for the family safety .'...Birju tried explaining her but she kept denying ..

Birju: Radhika  ji ..Please think about it again ..I'm sure the family believes you ..I will always be on your side no matter what .. ..Please don't leave '...trailing of sadly .We all need you here ..Karan wont do anything to this family ..Were all here to protect each other ..saying firmly .

Radhika: Please bhaiya ..this is the last thing' I'm never going to ask you anything after this ..Please 'she said pleadingly '.

Birju couldn't refuse if this is what she wanted so be it . He quickly got dressed while  Radhika did the tour of the house ..She went in Dadima room and touched her feet's for blessings , without  waking Dadima ..She had tears flowing down her cheeks . She was really going to miss Dadima dearly , she never got a grandmothers love ..but Dadima  took her as her real granddaughter 'she will never forget the sweet moments spent with Dadima. .She was the best Dadima anyone could of asked for  and Kanha gave her the chance the witness the love of a grandmother that she never got before '

R: Main aapko kabhie nahi boolongi Dadima ( im never going to forget you Dadima ) ..she said in a low crying voice '

She slowly walked away going to Vaishali and Mr.Purohits room and touched there feet's thanking them for giving her a house to live in filled with happiness ..She felt like she was going away from her real parents. Vaishali considered her as her daughter and Mr.Purohit as his daughter ..She was going to miss the Chess matches she played with him and spending time with Vaishali in the kitchen and around the house and she will never forget a motherly feeling when she was with Vaishali , she reminded her a lot of her mother  and cried silently  making her way to the temple and  folded her hands in front of kanha ..Thanking him for bringing  her in this wonderful house ..She asked him to always keep his blessings on this family and protect them from all evil ..She didn't want to ask anything for herself but for the family that bought her so much happiness and love ..She thanked Kanaha for bringing her in this beautiful family who changed her life forever ' . ..She prayed letting her tears flow down sadly  ..Birju watched everything silently , he felt his throat going lumpy he swallowed and walked towards her ..

R: Birju bhaiya 'Aap mera ek wada poura karein ge ..Aap sab ka achi tara se khayal rakna 'don't ever make them sad 'she said with a small smile '.And keep everyone laughing ..Hmm?? 'Trailing of with a sad laugh 'Birju nods letting few tears roll down ..

Birju nods his head firmly ..
Radhika looked up seeing Devs room window closed and looked away sadly

B: I promise 'I will take care of the family
Radhika looked up seeing Devs room window closed , she was going to miss him 'very much , he made her  realise that she had another feeling inside her heart that she never discovered before ..The feeling of love '.but also witness another feeling '.the pain of love 'She closed her eyes for a brief second painfully and looked away not wanting to recall that feeling ..

..She looked around the house once more before heading out

R: Birju Bhaiya '.She gave him a drawing book that had  nice clothing sketches that she drew' ....When she had time she would love drawing nice outfits ..Mrinalini really got her in the fashion mind and she loved it ! '.This is for Mrinalni Didi ..I'm sure she would love them ..saying in a crackling voice but managed to smile lightly '
Birju nods and smiles telling her that he will surely give it '

She made a sign with her head that she was ready to leave ..Birju takes her stuff and walked out the house ..Radhika took one last look at the house that changed her life forever  , the house that bought her so much happiness , so much love , so many beautiful memories that she will always cherish her whole life  'She wiped her tears walking out  the  Bhavan , she doesn't remember herself stepping in this bhavan , but surely felt beautiful vibes coming towards her when her body got carried in the Bhavan  ..

Everyone heard this and had tears in her eyes , Dadima couldn't believe that she left ..Dev felt like his life was gone like there was a huge emptiness inside him ..

Dev: Birju ?? Why did you let her go ??  Feeling his heart cry '

Briju: Because I'm her brother and if she asked me something I had to fulfill it ..He keeled down Dadima legs ..

B: Dadima ..who bouhut rori thi ghari main ( dadima ..she was srying a lot in the car ..)  ..I was ready to turn back the car  but she stopped me ..She's going to miss everyone so dearly ..In the car she couldn't stop talking about you guys ..How much she's going to miss everyone ..He looks at Vivek ....She told me to tell you to give a kiss to Mrinalini from her and a hug ..And this he picks up the drwaing book giving it to Vivek ..

Hearing this Vivek looked down sadly , she was such a sweet girl and now she's gone ..He didn't know how Mrinalini would react to this ? He opened the drawing book and saw wonderful sketches ..he knew that Mrinalni will surely love this! But wished that Radhika was here to give it herself ..

Dadima: She came in my room in the morning and I didn't even wake up ?? Asking herself unbelievably..

Even Vaishali and Mr.Purohit felt surprised that they didn't hear her 'They  all sat down from this news , Radhika was gone forever from this house ...Dev felt a  huge  remorse hitting his heart , it was all his fault! If he didn't scream at her like that she would have never left '
Vishaka was feeling the most guilty , if she told dev the truth in the beginning this day would never had come '.

Mr.Purohit: Birju where did you take her?? Asking firmly
Dev to stood up  with hope ready to get her back as soon as Birju opens his mouth ..

Birju looked down helplessly

B: I cant tell you guys '

Mr.Purohit : KYUN??

Birju: Kyun ke humne Radhika ji ki kasam li hai 'She told me not to tell anyone where she is ..he trailed of sadly ..
Everyone's hopes drowned hearing this

Dev : WHAT The hell Birju!!! We need to know she went so we can get her back!  .Kahin tumne use.. ..Karan 'adding shockingly

Birju: nahi bhaiya .Hum aisa khabhi nahi karein ge ( I would never do that ) 'Don't worry I took her somewhere safe 'trying to assure everyone worries

Dev brushes his hair back with his fingers stressfully 'He couldn't  believe she was gone it felt  like a huge piece of his heart disappeared ..

Dev feels his throat lumping 'HE didn't know what he would do without her ?..She became a big part of his life but now she's gone ! He quickly went up in her room and saw everything the same '.He remembered when he picked her up in his arms and bought her in this room 'On the bed'':

Dev: Don't worry Radhika'Im not going to eat you ..

Dadima hits dev lightly on his head  knowing what he was trying to do ..Radhika felt weird  her heart was pasting really fast a unknowing feeling was rising within her . She gazed down at her hand resting on her stomach and the other around him ..Dev started walking towards the guest room ..Radhika slowly moves her gaze up looking at him ..Dev had a little smile tucked on the corner of his lips ..He slowly glanced at Radhika who quickly looked away ..Dadima didn't see because she was walking in front of them. .They finally reached the room he slowly put her on the bed carefully'
' he walked near the bed and saw the black jewelery box , he frowns his brows and opens it seeing the payal that he gifted her 'He closed his eyes painfully , she was probably very upset with him ..He held the payal in his hand letting a tear drop 'He felt very hurt seeing her returning the payal ..He remembered when he gave them to her how happy and excited she was her smile bought a smile on his face ..He held the payal and kissed them feeling her presence ..His heart was yeaning for her badly '

He walked out the room when he bumped into Vishaka who dropped her phone , Dev went down to pick it up and heard a manly voice on the other line making him frown curiously.. Vishaka eyes widened up seeing Dev put the phone on his ear '..

Vikram: Vishaka ? Your listening to what Im saying right ??? Tell Dev the truth right now ..He needs to know that you were in the plan with Karan '

Hearing this Dev eyes looked at vishaka unbelievably !

Vikram: Vishaka ??? You there ??  Hello ???

Dev clutched his jaws together angrily and disconnected the call staring at Vishaka furiously feeling a huge betrayal !

Dev: YOU !'' You were lying to us the whole time ??? He said coming closing the distance , Vishaka gulps tensely looking at him fearfully ..

V: dev 'please 'let me explain '.

Dev: Because of you I didn't believe Radhika! ..Because of you she not here anymore !!!!He said angrily!!!

Vishaka shuddered hearing his rough voice!!

V:..De..Dev ..let ..Just let  me explain 'she said moving back  seeing his steel gaze on her

Dev: explain what vishaka!!! That you were with Karan to get Radhika out this house!!! To let Karan have Radhika back and threat her like garbage !?? ..what did Radhika do to you ?? She was the only member of this family that helped you the most to adjust yourself! '.How could you even think of doing this to her !!! He asked furiously

V: dev 'Please 'just ..just let me talk 'Im really sorry for what I did '.Please ..j..just ..
D: Muhje nahi pata that ke tum itni Neeche girsak thi ho! should be ashamed of yourself ! ..I cant believe that I trusted you ! I cant believe that you would do something like this to me??? He said angrily yet unbelievably

Vishaka hit the wall feeling scared '

Vishka: dev '..Please 'Give me a chance to explain myself '

Dev gave her one stern  look..

Dev: You will  surely say all the truth ..not to me but my whole family'He held her wrist dragging her downstairs.. Vishaka was trying to release his strong drip around her wrist that was hurting her ..
The whole family were shocked seeing Dev is such angry mood and vishaka having tears rolling down '

Dev: Dadima '..Radhika was telling the truth 'and Vishaka was lying! She knew karan and was with him in his plan '! Saying harshly

Everyone were astonished by this '

Dev: Come on vishaka! Tell the truth!!! He was burning with anger inside him wanting to know the truth !!

Vishaka held her head low and told them everything from the begging 'Her main purpose to com here was to tell Dev about Vikram and when she was coming from the airport she met Karan that told her that he loves Radhika very much and he wants her back 'He needed her help to bring Radhika back to him ..She told them what Karan told her to do and she also told them that she started doubting Karan but he got her back in the plan ..She told them that Radhika was the one that Did the cooking when it was suppose to be her and the way she started asking Radhika about Karan'.The whole family were speechless especially Dev who clutched his jaws together knowing that this was all Karans plan ! After vishaka told the family she let few tears roll down '.

Dev: Vishaka! How could you fall in his plans like that!!!

Vishaka: dev 'He sounded like he really loved her and '

Dev: And what Vishaka!!!?? Take her back to threat her like Garbage again !! Saying furiously
Because of you Radhika is not here anymore , I cant believe that I 'I didn't t believe her 'trailing of remorsefully'

Vishaka: Dev 'I'm feeling extremely bad for this I realised after talking to Vikram that 'I was being used by Karan for his own benefit ..'.Please forgive me '.I will do anything ..feeling her throat becoming lumpy '

The whole family were very angry ..
Birju: I'm sure  these are fake tears 'I'm sure your still with Karan on this 'hes probably paying you '

Vishaka: Nahi Birju ji'I didn't talk to Karan after what happened yesterday 'He was calling me but I disconnected his calls'I couldn't do this anymore 'I just want to go back to US 'I don't want to be the choti bahu of this house..I don't want to take up with all these responsibilities ..I don't want to be here ...trailing uninterestedly 'everyone in this house were very nice to me ..and I'm very shameful for what I did ..But I never asked money from karan ..He did offer me a couple of time but I refused ..'.She folded her hands in front of Dadima letting few tears roll down 'I would do anything to forgive myself'

The family looked on doubtfully Dev was still burning inside with anger'but got aware of something'

Dev: Vishaka'.You said that karan bought you to his house right???

Vishaka nods sadly.

Dev: Then you will tell me where he lives '.saying firmly ..

Vishaka looks at Dev surprised
Dadima: Dev 'Agar karan ne tuhje'

Dev: don't worry Dadima ..nothing will happen ..Ive been trying to find him for a long time ..but Now I have someone that could take me to him '.right Vishaka ?? Keeping his voice tough on her  '

Vishaka gulps and nods ..

Dev was driving with vishaka beside him '

Dev: where did you say he lived??

v: dev not sure ..It was my first time in India and ..I don't know much around here '

Dev takes a frustrating sigh '

Dev: then why don't you call him and ask him 'saying sarcastically

Vishaka : but what do I tell him '.??

Dev: figure it out 'Im mean you're an expert at lying 'right??

V: dev I said I was sorry '.

Dev: vishaka 'hurry up and call 'saying harshly..

Vishaka swallows taking  a deep sigh calling karan '.She told him that she needed to meet him for something important she wanted to talk to him face to face '.Karan asked her whom she's with ? and she answered that she took a taxi '.Karan gave her his address'

They finally reached '..  
A servant opens the door , Dev was stirring with anger inside him knowing that hes very close too meet Karan '.
Karan walks out the room ..

K: hey vis'''..he stops seeing Dev standing next to her with his hand made as a fist '

K: OH ! Hey Dev'Didn't know you were coming ..glancing once at Vishaka furiously

Vishka: karan ! I had enough of this 'I told everyone the truth! Saying firmly..

Seeing karan face again he remembered about Radhika pass making him get furious ..He goes to Karan and punches him on his face 'Dev was boiling with rage each time he thought about Karan nasty thoughts about Radhika  making Dev punch him again but harder then ever ! HE had so much anger towards Karan knowing that he was behind all this! ..Karan was trying to defeat himself but Dev didn't give him that chance ..Remembering Radhika tears and pain  made  him more aggressive  and punched Karan until he was bruised up ..
Vishaka couldn't believe what Dev was doing ! But let him take his anger out ..

Dev held him by his collar ..
Dev: Tumhari itni himat!!!! You used Vishaka to get radhika back ??! I think the first beatings weren't enough for you !

Karan laughed tiredly ..

K: I never knew 'that a foreign girl could be so nave 'She was very easy to manipulate 'just needed to act 'saying wickedly'And I said before that this wasn't the end !

Dev threw him on the floor solidly '

Dev: Who told you she was coming to India???

Karan tries getting up holding the table painfully 'The servants came and were shocked seeing this'Karan signalled them not to come in between

K: You should know 'That Im a big hacker 'I can get any private information from anyone'.I had a friend named Arjun '..I had him on my e-mail list '.I could see his contact list and I saw your name '.I just clicked on few buttons and saw all your messages 'And I saw ..I saw vishaka e-mail to you 'telling the date and the time of her flight 'trailing of with an evil laugh '

Dev wanted to kill him now! Karan was dangerous then he thought he was ..Vishaka stopped him seeing Karan already bruised up with blood ..

V: dev ?? I think its enough 'looking away disguisedly'

Dev: Be ready to go behind jail bars for your whole life! Saying sternly

Karan sits on his couch with much difficulty  smiling wickedly'

K: Oh really !!! What crime have I done??? I kept a beautiful orphan in my house ..I threat her like garbage?? '

Dev clutches his jaws hearing this! Wanting to give him more beats!

Dev: exactly! He said grimly ..

Vishaka whispers in Dev ears not knowing how he will prove that Karan did all this '

V: dev ?? Radhika 'isn't here 'she said worriedly..

Karan heard this and smiles jubilantly ..Dev gave one grim look to vishaka knowing that Karan might heard her 'Vishaka noticed her folly and covers her mouth'

K: well 'Dev my friend '.I guess  don't have any proof 'what will you tell the police ?? Saying victoriously  
Vishaka gulps

Vishaka: He has Radhika '.She will tell the truth '.

Karan: Oh 'Radhika ??? 'Hmm ..true 'he said pretending to be worried'..what will Radika say when she's not even here ???.

Dev gave one last furious look at Karan knowing that was right he cant put him behind bars if Radhika wasn't here '.Dev gave one warning gaze to Karan ..
D: ..Don't you dare go after Radhika ! Or else !! He warned him steely

K: but where did she go ?? Asking with fake concern '

Vishaka: somewhere were you will never find her ! Replying  rudely '

Karan felt defeated by this and gave them a grim look knowing that they hid Radhika from him ..

Dev: Do you really think were going to tell you were we took Radhika? '

Karan was feeling himself lose 'He couldn't believe that they took Radhika somewhere where he could never find her!

Vishaka: We knew that you will come after her that's why we took her somewhere safe ..saying proudly..

Dev felt nice seeing Vishaka playing along with him'

Karan looks away defeated'Dev goes to karan holding him up harshly '

Dev: Why are you doing this karan?? Asking toughly

K: For revenge ! She made my parents bow there heads shamefully because she ran away the day we were suppose to get married 'Saying sternly '

V: Well that's what your parents deserve ! Saying grimly ..And I'm happy that she bumped into Dev 'warna pata nahi kya haal hoja tha uska ..trailing of worriedly  
Karan gives one furious look at Vishaka ..Dev shakes Karan from his collar aggressively..

Dev:  This better be the last and final time that I would have to face you! 'This is your last warning Karan ..For now I'm leaving you but don't think this is over yet ! Saying warningly
Chalo vishaka ! He said pushing karan on the floor'Dev also felt little defeated ..if Radhika was here he could be easily put into jail ..but she wasn't ..

At the Purohit Vishaka packed her stuff and was ready to leave'.He folded her hands in front of the family shamefully

Vishaka: Hosa ke ..toh aap muhje maaf kardijiye ga '( If. Possible ..please forgive me ..) .she said holding her face low'
She bend  down to take Dadima blessing , feeling Dadimas on her head made her smile unbelievably 'She faces Dadima who smiled..

Dadima: 'Vishaka 'Im happy that you realised what you did was wrong and told us the truth 'I understand that in the state you were the other day you had no other option but to lie to us ..Because you were scared about our reaction ..but you should always remember that lying doesn't bring anything good just makes things worst ..saying sternly yet advising ..

Vishaka nods her head and smiles..

Vishaka: I learnt my lesson Dadima ..I wont do this again '.she said honestly '

Dadima: I wish you all the best in your life '.You have a very nice heart but you should be careful next time ..Don't trust anyone so fast '

Vishaka : Jee dadima '.

Vishaka said her good byes o everyone and apologized to each member ..She took Mr.Purohit and Vaishali blessing and faced Dev who was still very disappointed'

V: Dev ..Im really sorry for what I did '.I should of told you the truth from the beginning but..I never knew that Karan would come up and put me in this big mess '.Im very sorry Dev ..I broke your trust. '..Looking down guiltily  '.You were a very dear friend for me '.And ..When we started going out ..I didn't have the feeling of love for you and im sure you didn't either 'You probably thought that being good friends for few years could lead us to be together for a life time 'but 'It didn't end up the way you thought ' Destiny had different plans for us Dev  '.Even the other day at the pooja we didn't get a chance to tie the sacred thread around each other wrist 'And I was happy  if I tied that string I would feel guilty my whole life 'God probably didn't want this either ..He probably has something else in mind for you '

Dev looked on knowing that Vishaka was right ..they weren't meant to be and he had the exact same feeling ..

Dev: your right vishaka 'I think we aren't made for each other ..And I wish you all the best with Vikram ..Im sure he will keep you very happy and give you all the happiness that I wasn't able to give you '.

Vishaka smiles tenderly

V: thanks Dev '.I will never forgive myself for all this ..because of me Radhika isn't here 'but ..Please ..Don't let her go that easily '.She's a beautiful girl Dev and 'Im sure she will always keep you happy 'She's perfect for you Dev 'You will never find another Radhika like her again ..She said warmly yet convincing 'And when you see her tell her Im very sorry '.and give her this '.She hugged Dev tightly ''That's for her '.and not for you 'trailing of teasingly '.

Dev looked at vishaka surprisingly but managed to smile  ..Her words kept echoing in his ears as she was walking away 'Don't let her go that easily '.She's a beautiful girl Dev and 'I'm sure she will always keep you happy 'She's perfect for you Dev 'You will never find another Radhika like her again ..She said warmly yet convincing 'The family walked her out the door and the driver drove her to the airport were she was going back to US 'Back to Vikram '..

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Part 19

The whole day everyone were very gloomy , Dev tried asking Birju again where Radhika went but he kept quite ..Everyone felt a huge emptiness in the house , they didn't hear her sweet payal making sound her sweet laugh , talk .smile .…Everything! The whole day was very dull it started raining everyone were just cherishing the moments spent with Radhika ..They promised her that they will protect her and be there for her  but now they felt like they didn't keep there promise to her ..Especially Dev he was in his room looking at her payal sadly  ....Will he never meet her again ??.was she gone forever?? He let a tears roll down feeling that all this was his fault …He walks towards the window watching the rain drops on his window …."Kahan ho tum Radhika ?"he felt his throat going lumpy ..he felt like crying seeing the payal he gifted her in his hand…He takes a deep sigh walking out his room …He goes in Radhika room that looked exactly the same and sat on her bed knowing that she used to sleep here unknowingly tears flowed down his eyes and  rested his head on her pillow and fell asleep holding her payals in his hand …

The next day everyone woke up with  a dull face  didn't have much sleep ..They were all missing Radhika very much ..especially Dev ..He woke up in the morning noticing himself sleeping on her bed …He looks around and goes back to his room feeling very low ..He got freshened up and took out a shirt to wear ..It needed to be Ironed and opened his room door calling her

Dev: Radhika?? Radhika …??

Birju passed by ..

Birju: dev bhaiya ?? Radhika ..yahan nahi hai ..He said reminding Dev

Dev looked at Birju surprised and looked at his shirt ..He felt so dumb how could he forget that she's gone !he looked away sadly closing his room door …Birju to felt bad seeing dev like this he saw how much he needed Radhika ..

Everyone was missing Radhika presence especially Dev …He couldn't stop thinking about her the whole day.. …vishaka words kept echoing in his ears …...He went in he kitchen and saw Vaishali cooking along with other house keepers ..Radhika wasn't there and looked down gloomily walking pass the temple area and stopped remembering  Radhika sitting in front of Kanha Idol making beautiful flower garlands with a cute smile lingering on her lips.. He looked away gloomily and went up in his room and changed into a white Kurta pyjama ..His gaze fell on his dressing table and saw the payals ..Each time he looked at them he heart crunched in pain ..He knew that she was very very upset with him and took a deep sigh ..he was ready for any punishment she gives him  ..He went downstairs and saw Mr.Purohit talking on the phone , Vivek went out , Birju was in the kitchen with Vaishali , he needed to talk to someone ..Usually he would talk with Radhika but now she's gone , he knocked on Dadima room and saw her on her bed reading a book …

Dadima: dev ??

Dev walks towards Dadima and sits on the bed beside her ..He puts his head on her lap while she folded his hair lovingly

Dadima: Kya hua Dev ??asking concernedly

Dev didn't say anything he just gaze at nothing  , thinking of Radhika ..He was missing her dearly ..

Dadima continued stroking his hair letting him get relaxed after such tension he went through …Dev finally spoke ..

D: Dadima ..Im missing her so much ..trailing of sadly

Dadima frowns her brows confusedly ??

Dadima: Dev ? Why are you thinking about her …She  likes someone else ..

Dev felt confused ? Who did Radhika like?? He lifts his head straight looking at Dadima confusedly ..

Dev: Dadima who are you talking about??

Dadima: Who are talking about ??

Dev: Im talking about Radhika …

Dadima smiles sweetly hearing this …

Dadima: OH ..I thought that you might be talking about Vishaka ..

Dev: No Dadima ….Not vishaka ..

Dadima cups his face changing subject she didn't want to talk about Vishaka but Radhika …

Dadima: So your missing radhika?? Asking with a tinge of tease

Dev looks down sadly and bobs his head and puts his head back on Dadima lap ..

Dev: Dadima ..You don't know how much I need her ,it feels like without her my life is dull ..I want to see her I want to talk to her …I want to …

Dadima frowns her brows a little

Dadima: You want to what ???

Dev : I want to hold her tightly in my arms ..He admitted to Dadima ..
Hearing this Dadima eyes widened up surprised ..

Dadima: You want to hold her in your arms??

Dev: Haan dadima ..You don't know how bad Im feeling after that Day ..Its feels like a big burden on my heart. .He trailed of painfully ..She wont ever forgive me ..remember she said that if I find out the truth don't come back to her for an apology ..he said feeling a lump in his throat

Dadima was feeling very sad for her grandson , he was feeling very guilty but in the same time she had a  feeling that Dev loves Radhika very much ..

Dadima: dev im sure she will forgive you ..I know Radhika she has a beautiful heart ..she wont be upset with you for long …..but Do you really miss Radhika that much ??

Dev : Yes dadima ..I could go to any extend to get her ..but Birju is not telling me where he took her …he said disappointingly
Dadima : Don't worry Dev ….give Birju some time ..Im sure he will open up to me. .He cant hide anything from me ..I will talk to him ..don't you worry about that ..saying assuring  ..

There was a little silence and Dadima spoke up again
Dadima: Dev ??  Do you feel like you cant live without her ??

Dev stood his head up looking at Dadima fondly for few seconds and nodded his head ..

Dev: Dadima…You know since Radhika was around I always felt something for her ..but I don't know what it is ?? Her touch,  her closeness, her care , her smile ,her laugh ..Everything I feel something in my heart, it started beating very fast  ..Like its pulling me toward her. .When she had tears in her eyes I wont be I feel like daggers in my heart ..When she laughs I felt like laughing and when she gets hurt I felt hurt ..I don't know Dadima but everything seems so connected with her  …  ..He said looking away confusedly ..I tried telling myself that it was nothing and that shes just a friend  .I just felt that way because I was a little scared that I might end up doing something wrong ….

Dadima was jumping of joy hearing this , now it was obvious that Dev loved her very much ..

Dadima holds his chin affectionately …She wanted him to tell her more about his feelings towards Radhika

Dadima: Dev ..She did a lot for you right ?? I mean she was always there when you needed her ..

Dev smiles boyishly recalling the time he had grape juice on his pants , when she came to give him his file in the office and few days ago she helped him on the pooja day with his sherwani .His heart was just swelling up with love for her as the incidents flash in front of his eyes ..

Dadima saw his eyes recalling his moments with Radhika bringing a joyful smile on her face ..

Dev smiled sweetly ..

Dev: Dadima …you know each time I would have problems with my clothes ..She was the only person that helped me …trailing of with a boyish laugh ..

Dadima: Like the day you had grape juice on your pants ..and your burned your sherwani ?? Adding little sternly yet teasing ..

Dev was shocked hearing this wondering how Dadima knew about this ??

Dev: Dadima?? Aapko kaise pata hai?? Asking stunningly

Dadima laughed and pulled his ears ..

Dadima: Bohut taang kiyya na tumne radhika ko ??

Dev: Oww Dadima …Please choro na ..he added pleadingly

Dadima released his ears seeing him smile sheepishly rubbing his ear …

Dadima: I saw her wash your stain on your pant, I didn't say anything because I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable ....And the other day Mrinalini told me about your burning your sherwani and Radhika gave you the one  she bought for you ..

Dev: but how did babhi know?? Asking surprised

Dadima: Radhika told her ….Mrinalni wanted to give you the gift with Radhika but then Radhika told Mrinalni what happened and then Mrinani told me ..hitting his head lightly ..

Dev looks away feeling embarrassed..

Dev: Dadima ..I don't know what would I have done if Radhika wasn't there for me ..trailing of sadly .Dadima I need to see her ….Today  I was calling her name  I completely forgot she wasn't here …he said dully …I'm missing her so much Dadima much ..he closed his eyes  briefly
Dadima hold Dev chin affectionately

Dadima: dev ?? I Think you have fallen in love ..adding teasingly yet loving ..

Dev looks at Dadima shocked hearing this ..His heart started racing anxiously ..Was he really in love ??

Dev: Dadima?? Kya ..pyar ..aise  hota hai ??..asking astound

Dadima smiles and nods her head affirmatively with a convincing smile …

 Suddenly Birju interrupted there conversation calling them for dinner ..Dev and dadima walk to the dinning table together , Dev was lost in his own thoughts.. Everything started making sense to him …If the feeling of love is like this, then he was loving it! If the feeling of love is when Radhika is with him then he would always love her forever. .This felt very magical for Dev he never realised what love was until now! He never felt this way with any girl not even Vishaka. Dadima made him realize that he was deeply in love with Radhika and couldn't live without her .. !
A sweet smile appeared on his face as his gaze was on his plate recalling the beautiful moments spent with her .. ..Dadima looked at him with a sweet smile , she knew that he was realizing his feelings ..

Dev was looking at his plate recalling Dadima words
dev ?? I Think you have fallen in love ..adding teasingly yet loving ........His heart was pasting so fast just by hearing these word in his head ..Was he really in love with Radhika this whole time but didn't realize ?? Everyone saw this and looked at Dadima confusedly. She signaled them not to say anything with her head .They all still wondering what Dev was thinking  about were he looked  lost in such deep thoughts…Dev barely touched his plate and kept smiling  ..Mr Purohit clear his throat getting his attention ..Dev looks around seeing everyone looking at him with questionable eyes ..

He excused himself and went up on the terrace he feeling the freshness of the evening , he felt beautiful breeze pass by and sat near the water fountain recalling the beautiful moments he spent with Radhika ..

D: wait for me ..

Radhika frowns her brows little puzzled  and turns around trying to hide her shy smile ..He had his towel around his waist

R: Aap…. aise kaise niche…Mera matlad …
She looked down with her pink cheeks she was feeling to shy to tell him to put some clothes on ..

Dev frowns his brows and looks at himself he got embarrassed

D: OH !! Crap ! Thanks for telling me Radhika ..Agar main aise niche chalejaata toh ..HE didn't even want to think about it ..

Radika giggled cutely walking away ..Hearing her cute laugh made Dev grin and runs his fingers through his hair feeling embarrassed ..

Downstairs Radhika wanted to laugh but she controlled her laughter  as soon Dev came downstairs he saw her controlling her laughter ..Everyone was sitting on the table.. All the seats were taken so Radhika sat beside Dev little hesitantly ..the family was talking between each other ..Radhika glances at Dev holding her laugh ..Dev was scared that she would tell the whole family ..

He takes a sip of his juice and nudges his arms with her making her heart skip a beat she swiftly looks at him ..

Dev: Radhika please don't tell anyone ..I could see that your trying to hide your laugh ..

Radhika shakes her head ..

R: nahi bataongi ..

D: promise??

R: hmm..Promise ..

Dev ran his fingers through his hair recalling that day and  smiles little embarrassedly but he loved the way she was getting shy  and slowly remembered the day they went to Arjun and Deepika Anniversary party

D: So how do I look?? Asking with boyish  grin

Radhika felt her cheeks going pink he probably noticed her gaze on  him ..She swallow the lump in her throat trying to act casual ..

R: hmm ..Ache ..saying walking out the room ..

D: Bas Ache ?? Why not Bohut ache ?? Asking teasingly ..

Radika laughed lightly walking away …Dev smiled and follows her he saw that her  anarkali back side was very deep exposing her upper back .He never saw such fair soft skin he moved his gaze down too look at her dress that was fitting her perfectly ..She was looking very beautiful ...he quickly looked away before she noticed his gaze on her back ..

He looks at the water getting the same feeling stirring within him , she looked very beautiful in that dark green anarkali with her sweet smile ..Then when he saw Radhika in pain after Karan beat her up the anger inside him seeing her in that state he clutched his jaws together ..wanting to kill Karan ..How dare he touch Radhika ! He would go to any extend to protect her any extend !, he couldn't see her in that state …Never ! And when  Radhika told him about her passed she came  in his arms and cried her heart out ..The feel having her securely in his arms he felt at peace that she was  safe in his arms ..It bought him huge relief that she was with him….In his arms ..

Hearing his soft voice yet comforting she pressed her cheeks against his chest weepingly taking all her pain out ..In a reflex Dev wrapped his arms around her comfortingly ..He let her cry her heart our in his arms , she kept all her pain inside never shared it with anyone except for him ..He couldn't believe that her amma was so mean to her , that karan and his family behaved such disgustingly with her ..Radhika felt protected in his arms and snuggled closer to him clutching his shirt letting it get wet with her tears ..He felt this and tightened his arms around her .

Dev remembered the feel of having her in his embrace and closed his eyes for a brief second  ..he felt a chilly wind pass by him his skin shiver lightly ..How he wished she was here to take her in his arms again.. His mind slowly drifted away  remembering  when he applied the medication her back ..His heart was pasting very fast at that time but controlled it! .He takes a deep sight remembering that moment but now realised what caused  him to feel that way …….He also remembered watching Radhika fall asleep ..She was just so beautiful to move his gaze away he wanted to touch her face but controlled himself  …

Radhika lays back on her pillow while he spread the blanket over her …He was about to leave when she called him ..

R: Suniye ….??

Dev turned around smiling

D: bolo ??

R: Can you stay here with me until I fall asleep ..asking with a little plead ..

Hearing her sweet request he smiled and nodded his head ..he sat beside her reading a magazine ..Radhika slowly closed her eyes feeling protected with him sitting beside her ..She fell asleep relaxingly   ..After a while Dev saw her sleeping soundly ..He gaze at the beautiful innocent face making his heart crushed  in pain remembering her pass ..She had such lovely long lashes with cute cheeks , sweet pink lips with beautiful browns hair ..He wanted to caress  her soft cheeks but retrained himself from doing so ..He came out the room closing the  side lamp glancing once seeing her sleep deeply ..

Dev stood up letting the wind blow his hair lightly , he was feeling the love hidden deep down his heart started spreading all around the terrace ..It felt like his heart was calling  only her name aching to see her again …He slowly touched his cheeks remembering Radhika caress on it when he got hurt when they were boxing  …

D: Come on Radhika try to hit me ..

Radhika was scared that she will hurt him but he was pressuring her to do so ..Radhika tried punching him but he kept blocking ! She started concentrating more .and finally got the chance to punch him on his cheek…Seeing that she hurt him she put her hand on her mouth shocked .

Dev was surprised that she actually hit him …he put his hand on his cheek unbelievably  feeling proud of her ..Radhika had tears in her eyes ..she held his face possessively looking at the little bruise on his cheek ..

R: Im soo sorry ….Main ..jaan bhojkar nahi..( I didn't want to do it purposely )
She let her words trail off… She started blowing on his cheek she was so close to him that she didn't even notice ..

D: Radhika I'm fine ..

Radhika was getting annoyed of her punching gloves  and quickly took them of throwing them on the floor ..She touched his cheek caringly not letting him talk …

R: I knew this wasn't a good Idea ..See you got hurt.. she said letting few tears flow down ..Dev saw this and felt his heart melt down at this ..She cared so much for him ..He held Radhika had assuring her that he was perfectly fine but she didnt pay heed an ran to get him some ice ..Coming back she made him sit on the chair and started applying the glace on his cheek ..

Dev grinned boyishly remembering her sweet care towards him ..He loved her cute scolding towards him and  smiled stroking his cheek ..

He then remembered the prank he played on her with the smile , he never saw her enjoying herself this much with him ..He laughed silently recalling that day …

R: Kya yeh aapne kiya ?? ( Did you do this??) asking little frustrate

D: you ….should off seen your……. face ..saying laughingly  he barely said the words ..
Radhika walked towards him little angrily and took the pillow that was on the swing and was about to hit him but he escaped before she could do so ! His laugh was making her more irritated ..

R: Come here you!! She said running after him around the tulsi  plant  ..

Dev found her anger so cute ..she was chasing him around the temple area ..She also started laughing seeing him tease her ..

R: Kahan jahre hain ..Aap ladkian se daarthe hain?? ( where are you going ? Your scared of girls??)

D: me scared of girl Never !! He said trying not to get hit by her …

R: Then why are you escaping me ?? She said running out the temple area after him ..Dev made his way to the hall jumping over the sofa and fell on the couch ..Radhika did the whole tour and started hitting him with the pillow taking out her frustration with a cute laugh dev was also laughing remembering his prank on her , he tried shielding himself but she kept  hitting him until he spoke ..

D: Radhika ..your hurting me ..he said with a faking pain .
Hearing this she quickly stopped feeling concerned..

R: I'm sorry ..

she saw him smiling impishly ,she looked at her pillow knowing that it wont hurt she gave out a cute angry face ..seeing him laugh again ..

R: Aap bhi na!!!
She started hitting him again ..

He chuckles boyishly , how cute she was when she was chasing him ….He started reminiscing  the time he was taking pictures of her in the garden ..He had to admit she was a simple beauty …he smiled boyishly remembering her feeling shy seeing him take pictures of her ..But he had to admit that her unknowing posses were lovely! He laughed lightly recalling her little prank with the caterpillar and they started teasing each other …and started running after each other like kids…How free and easy he felt with Radhika  how different she was from the rest of the girls he has met during his life …She would always bring a smile on his face, she was always filled with life and brightness  ..

D: haan!! Come !
R: par….

D: No but…do what you were doing before ….

R: kya??? Asking little nervously…

D: Be yourself!!! saying excitedly …

Radhika smiles cutely and smell the flower….
Dev snapped started snapping pictures of her…Radhika was getting uneasy  sometime , she didn't know if it was ok for her to spend time with him like this ..Dev was enjoying this very much he loved spending time with her …Somehow it relaxes him very much ..Seeing her smile little shyly made him smile boyishly ..He never saw such coyness in any girl especially while taking pictures most girls love this but remembered that she was very different from the others …………………………..
D: you did this ..didn't you ?? ..

Radhika was having trouble talking …..

R: Ap..appp …aapka chehra ….hihhiiiha…she couldn't stop laughing  ..Dev was getting annoyed hearing her laugh at him …HE takes off his camera putting it on the garden table ..

D: Come here you!!!

Radhika eyes widened up and started running around the garden …Her duppata was flowing along ….Dev  was running with all his power after her ..He heard her  beautiful laugh echoing around the huge garden…Hearing this he laughed along amusingly …

..Dev smiles remembering her beautiful laugh, he had so much fun with her that day …..He   slowly recalled the moment when her eyes were so enchanting for him to resists .He remembered that her eyes were so beautiful making his heart pull him towards him …She had the prettiest eyes in the whole world …It happened several time were he couldn't  control himself to get lost in those beautiful brown eyes …

Radhika slowly opened her eyes gazing in his eyes , breathing unevenly , unknowingly her fingers ranked his hair from the back ..He felt a unknown desire  rising within him feeling her so close to her , his heart started pasting really fast .They were both gazing in each others eyes not wanting to move away  .

He wished to see her beautiful eyes again that made his senses numb …
 Remembering her lips slightly touch his bare chest making his heart skip a beat when she turned around bumping into him ..Her closeness always made his heart paste but always ignored it ..Now he understand why this happened to him …because he felt something for her …He loved her !

He recalled the moment in the garden when he felt her skin with his lips ..How he wanted to feel more but restrained himself from doing so …It would have made things very awkward for them ..His smile turned  impish remembering the slight feel of her skin on his lips and when she moved her head little to the side exposing some more making it more hard for him ….

Dev felt his heart skip a beat when his lips brushed against her skin ..he didn't know why but he felt like doing it again ...Radhika felt his breathing on her skin making her heart melt away and moved her head little to the side  .. Dev noticed her neck skin getting more exposed but he controlled himself letting those desirable feelings escape him.. Radhika slowly opened her eyes feeling his face moving up but still a top her , she was trying to stabilize her breathing , Dev moved up gazing in her eyes , she felt few drops of water from his hair coming on her eye lid and flickered her eyelashes letting the drop  flow away making her view clear ..Dev kept gazing in her enchanting eyes ….

Dev had a little shy smile tucked in the corner of his lips as the moment flashed in fron tof his eyes….Suddenly he  takes a deep sigh  felt a huge remorse escape him ..remembering his words to her

Dev: Radhika ?? I know that your very worried and sad after  what happened today ..But I promise that  my family will fill your life with happiness and love ..That you will forget about the painful moments you went through ….

Radhika smiles lightly knowing that this family was so caring and loving to her , they already filled her life with happiness and couldn't ask for more  ..She didn't know how to thank them enough for what they did for her ..She had flickering her lashes letting few tears roll down .

D: From now on I don't want to see tears in your eyes ..Wiping her tears away ..
..He promised that he would keep her happy but failed to do so ..He made her go away from him and his family He was the reason for her tears the other day , he wasn't believing her …He closed his eyes feeling the pain she probably went through when he scram at her!. .He felt eyes going moist ..

Remembering Radhika not talking to him properly made him very disturbed ..Now he understood why he couldn't live a day without talking to her because he loved her and when she told him that she cant come in his room anymore in the morning because Vishaka was around ..He got very upset  knowing that he wont see her every morning like he used to ..and she tried cheering him up ….She was such a sweet heart he thought …She still came to him even after saying that she couldn't …... .His eyes slowly fell on his fingers remembering when he got burned and Radhika rushed to blow on his fingers and apply medication . He smiles sadly knowing that she wont be here to take care of him .to be there when he needed her , to make him smile , laugh , tease him around ….

He takes a deep breath trying to control his heart beat that was just aching for her ..He could stop remembering her cute talk her cute laugh ..When they both played KENT and they kept winning and of course there secret hand shake ..That was the best part ! ..remembering this his lips flashed into a cute smile. Slowly he remembered when he scram at her and saw her tears rolling down her cheeks ..He closed his eyes guilty , he should have believed her about vishaka ...His heart wanted to scream her name out!! He was madly in love with Radhika  but never realized it until now !..Vishaka was right .He was never going to find another Radhika and he's regretting not accepting the rishta with her, he should of listened to his family  , he was  feeling guilty for letting the chance to make her his go way …Its not everyday that you meet a girl so beautiful  like Radhika who was different from all the girls he met !  he let that chance escape him so easily …..   He needed her to be with him .he needed her presence with him , it felt like he couldn't live without her! …He opened his eyes walking back to the fountain running his fingers through his hair stressing ..He slowly looks at the water  letting his tears flow down …Recalling  all the moments spent with her, He was missing her so much , he was aching to see her , to hold her tightly in his arms and never letting her go .. The wind started blowing  softly, the trees and flowers started swaying away trying to console the boy that was aching for his love …Dev had his eyes closed thinking of Radhika letting few tears escape from his eyes ....Suddenly he felt someone touch his shoulders tenderly ..

He slowly opened his eyes feeling her presence and  turned his head  at that person , his eyes widened up surprised …He saw Radhika giving him a sweet smile wearing a beautiful pink anarkali with her hair made as a cute braid over her shoulders ..Looking at him fondly with her long lashes and her beautiful hazel eyes .Dev couldn't believe that she was sitting right next to him ..He blinked once seeing her still there gazing a little confusedly .. he couldn't believe that she was there and saw her  giggle cutely..

R: Kya hua??

Dev smiled unbelievably was she really here??..

D: Radhika ??

Her smile widened  seeing him like this and nodded her head ..

R: Jee ..

He kept gazing in her beautiful eyes that he was longing to see  , he saw her look away shyly …This made him grin happily  he loved seeing her blushing away ..Suddenly his smile disappeared …

D: Radhika ??

She slowly looked up seeing tears twinkling in his eyes ..

R: Kya hua??? Asking concernedly

D: Tum kahan chalagayi ho ?? (Where are you )asking painfully gazing at her beautiful face

A sweet smile appeared on her face making Dev heart race uncontrolably

R: Main ?? Main toh …she glanced down shyly and looked back at him ..Main toh wahan hoon ..she said touching his heart with her soft hand ..Dev felt shivers in his body feeling her touch on his side chest , he glances down and looks at her lovingly ..What she said was very true ..She was engraved in his heart forever .He puts his hand over hers holding it warmly  , she slowly gazes down feeling to shy ..

D: Look ..My heart is beating so fast ..just by your presence ..he said affectionately ..

Radhika gazes up seeing his loving gaze and slowly moves her hand away feeling to shy..Seeing this Dev grinned boyishly ..

R: App ..Umm ..Muhje bohut ..yaad karne lage hain?? She asked coyly ( Are ….are you missing me a lot??)

D: Haan Radhika …Main tuhje bohut zada yaad kara hoon …Tum hum sab ko aise kaise chorkar jasakthi ho ? Do you know how much I need you ? Do you know how much the family is missing you ??

Radhika looked down sadly…

R: I know everyone is missing me ..Im missing them very much too …..bu..But why are you missing me??
Dev looks at her surprised and takes a firm breathing
D: Kyun ke  Main tumse bohut pyar kartha hoon Radhika ..bohut Zada pyar ..he said firmly yet loving ..

Radhika was wondering her gaze in his and grinned shyly  hearing this …

R: Saach ??

Dev: Haan Radhika ..I love you ..he gazed in her eyes fondly coming closer to her …How would I live without you ?? You're my life Radhika ..if your not here then heart yeans for you badly ..Please Radhika come back ..trailing of desperately ..I realised how much you mean to me Radhika ..I would go to any extend to get you back ……Please tell me where you are ??.I promise I will do anything to forgive myself ..anything …..feeling his throat going lumpy and tears in his eyes making his eyes blurry …

Radhika smiles warmly seeing this ..
R: Dev ? Main yahi hoon …..aapke paas ….trailing of tenderly ….Do you think that I could stay upset with you for long?? Hmm???

She saw  few tears roll down his eyes and wipes his tears with her soft fingers and shakes her head telling him not to cry …Dev holds her hand and kisses  her palms softly  making her smile shyly yet cute .. He kept his hand over hers on his cheeks …Gazing at her beautiful face that was calming his heart down bringing peace making all his tension escape with the wind…He wanted to gaze in her lovely eyes for the rest of his life ..

D: Radhika ?? How am I going to live without you ???..I need to see you

Hearing this she smiles sweetly …

R: Remember Im  always in your heart ??…
Hearing this Dev nods once  not moving his eyes from her soothing ones ..Her smiled turned into a cute grin

R: All you have to do is this ….

He slowly felt her hand move up covering his eyes ... As soon as he closed his eyes he saw Radhika giving him a sweet smile ..

He felt a strong breeze pass by and slowly opened his eyes ..He turns to the side to face her but she disappeared ! His eyes went wilds ..Where's RADHIKA?? He gets up and scans around the terrace not seeing her …His heart winced in pain he looked around the trees he went near the garden swing ..His gaze was only searching for her ……..only her ! But she wasn't there! ? He swalows the lump in his throat and noticed that he was imagining her and runs his fingers in his hairs painfully ..He looked up at the stars ..And  went on his knees letting the tears flow down he was looking up at the sky that was filled with stars and the  full bright moon …

D: Please bring her back ..Please ! I cant live without her …Maine sirf uski ek Jalak dekna hai ..Sirf ek Jalak ...he said praying deep inside his heart  to see Radhika to meet her to tell her that how much he loves her ..

Radhika was laying down playing with her pendant suddenly she saw the windows swaying harshly making noises as they collapsed with the border …She gets up walking towards the window  looking out at the stars and felt her heart wince in pain , she held her pendant tightly not knowing what was happening to her ..She felt like someone was calling her , someone  wanted to see her , someone was crying for her !..She closed her eyes for a brief second and looked back at the stars puzzled ..Why was her heart paining her ? Why did she feel like someone was yearning for her ?? She takes a uneasy sigh staring deeply at the stars and the bright moon…..

Hey guys!! How ae you all doing !Big smile..I updated 2 parts ..hope you like it ...Confused..i think this week was a threat for you guys since I had 1 week offWink..But i start school soon so will probably do 1 update a  week ConfusedThank you guys so much for you support and commentsHug ..Hope you guys continue giving me encouragementsBig smile ...Wishing you guys a good night Sleepy
Take care ..

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
which words i should use to tell how were the updates.
sooooooooooo..................................................every word seems less explaining yaar.
how dev realized his love was superb yaar,remembering all those past moments,yes imagination of radhika also great.everything was like i felt to read again and again .
great great great and greatClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
now plz unite them ,i also can't see dev more paining for love
and i know dev will never let karan go now.he will surely send him to jail.hai na
thanks for 2 beautiful updates
will keep waiting for the next
all the best

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Hey! Yumna ,both your updates were wonderful.So,Dev ,finally realised that he loves Radhika.When will he find Radhika.Will Radhika forgive & accept Dev? Waiting impatiently for these answers.Pls update soon.

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Yumna thanks for the updates loved these and Dev realised his love for RadhikaBig smile and Vish and he cleared up everything. waiting for the lovers to make up.Nice narration liked it very much.

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billo rani both paert was awseome happy how dev dound out about vishaka ad good that she told everyone the truth and gone forever this karan never gives up. where did radhika go hope birju tell everyone soon. and the second part was mindblowing dev remeberig all the moments between him and radhika mindblowing even when he was imagining radhika. happy how dadi made him admit that he is in love and thank god he realized it too. really cant wait for the next part update soon and thanks for the pm

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Hi Yamuna, thank you for your 2 wonderful now dev is in deeply love so will Radhika accept his love soon....plz update ASAP LOL

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Radev FF PYAAR KI BARSAT Part 14B,pg16 on 5th april.a short update

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Author: ancie   Replies: 138   Views: 19457

ancie 138 19457 29 May 2013 at 3:36am by RadhikaMishra
Barkha last to get the punishment


Author: abhilasha_dream   Replies: 15   Views: 1760

abhilasha_dream 15 1760 26 November 2011 at 9:20am by --Ekta--
Thanks on Rubina's Fan page

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Author: PutijaChalhov   Replies: 32   Views: 2918

PutijaChalhov 32 2918 18 November 2011 at 12:01am by Aruna_cindrella
super super superb last scene

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Author: avinaalways   Replies: 20   Views: 3428

avinaalways 20 3428 22 October 2011 at 3:45am by ashna26
28thMar11~CB Update~mini update complete~

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Author: NiHa24   Replies: 33   Views: 4352

NiHa24 33 4352 29 March 2011 at 1:21pm by -Deepali-

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