Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 38)

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billo rani that was awesome just loved it this karan i feel like killing him. happy that vishaka will be gone after few parts update soon and thanks for the pm

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged really loving at the pace ur ff is going n also how fast the track is moving......n wooooow my dear.......that small romance just sent hot shivers down my spine....,,whoa......i wonder wat will happen wen they really turn to do such ahem ahem thing.....just cant wait for it.......and am really happy to know that vishaka is just innocent...!

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Yumna -lovely update ..KaranAngry...LIked the garden scene.... waiting for the next....

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Part 16
The next day Dadima announced that the pooja will be held in there ancestral temple just after sunset ..The whole family started the preparations for the engagement Mrinalini wasn't really enthusiastic about the engagement preparations , but she got orders from Dadima …Radhika had a gloomy face but she still participated in the  arrangements …She was decorating the hall with beautiful flower garlands ..Birju was ordering the house holds to clean up the house ..Each time Radhika thought about his engagement she had tears in her eyes but kept herself strong ..Everyone tried to be happy but inside there heart they felt sadness , they all wanted Radhika to get married to Dev ….Dadima and Vaishali were making the phone calls ..vivek went out with his dad to the office for few hours , they had to meet some important people ..Dev made sure everything was going good , he saw Radhika cleaning up the temple area ..she tied her hair up like a pony tail with her duppata tied to the side ..glancing at the lord with sadness ….He smiles lightly not seeing the gloominess in her eyes ...Dev and Radhika bumped into each other few times and shared a light smile… .Each time she would face him her heart would turn weak so she tried to keep herself away as much as possible …

It was almost time to go to the temple  everyone was getting ready to go to the temple ..Radhika was walking by the hallway and bumped into Mrinalini ..She was holding a beautiful rich green and red lengha  with a beautiful duppata with lovely embroidery ..Radhika eyes beamed up seeing such beautiful work ..

R: wow!! Its so beautiful ..saying touching the lengha
Mrinalini smiled joyfully

M: You like it ???

R: What kind of question is that ..I love everything you design ..Its really beautiful Didi

Mrinalni holds Radhika wrist and pulls her in her room ..locking the door

R: What happened??

M: I showed this to Vishaka ..but she said she already had something to wear ..saying annoyed ..I took so much time to find something for her ..…Mrinlani was about so say something mean when she saw Radhika getting worried she smiled covering her  anger towards Vishaka …..Radhika?? If you like it you can have it ..adding happily ..

R: Nahi nahi ..What will Dadima say ?? Asking nervously

M: dont worry Radhika they wont say Anything ..You said you liked it right?? So you could have it ..
Giving it to Radhika ..

R: But…

M: radhika ….I think you said that its beautiful just to make me happy ..I'm sure you  don't like it ..holding her head low sadly ..

R: Nahi aisa kuch nahi  hai ..I really do think its beautiful …but if I wear this lengha  ..the pundit will think I'm the girl who will get Married to Dev …trying to make Mrinalini understand

M: SO?? Its ok ..Its even better ! Adding happily

Radhika was shocked hearing this …

R: Yeh aap kehri hain Didi ??

M: Oh Comeon Radhika ..You know  I don't want Vishaka to be me Devrani ..If you take her place I wont mind at all ..Adding excitedly..

Hearing this Radhika smiled shyly.. She wished the same but  sadly it was impossible..

R: Didi ..Agar Vishaka ..

M: Radhika don't worry ..Main hoon na ! kuch koi nahi kahega …

Radhika took the lengha and saw it properly ..It was indeed very beautiful , Mrinalni saw Radhika smiling happily ..She really loved it !

M: Radhika ..I think the blouse  it might be a little big for you ..Ill just go and make it your size ..

R: It looks fine to me…

M: I don't think so ..Your measurements aren't the same as Vishaka ..adding with a giggle

Radhika shakes her head seeing Mrinalini making fun of Vishaka

M: give me 5 minutes ill alter it …

Radhika nodded with a cute smile ..

After a while everyone were getting ready to go to the temple ..

Radhika tied up the red blouse that was exposing half of  her back and a little region of her tummy , she wore the beautiful flowing lengha , she pinned the duppata on her shoulder securely covering her chest side to her tummy and tucking the edge of the duppatta in the back  of her leghna making it look like a saree ..She made a nice braid wearing matching choriyaans with her payal , she didn't want to wear any extra jewellery especially when she wasn't the bride to be ..Radhika wanted to keep herself simple but her natural beauty made her look stunning with the beautiful colours she was wearing but there was something missing on her face ..she wasn't smiling if she smiled her beauty would be more attractive ..She had a gloomy face ..She took a deep sign trying to bring a smile on her face but her heart wasn't allowing her ..She wasn't ready to go downstairs she didn't know how will she hold her tears  in the pooja ??.. She wiped her tears and got up walking downstairs . Dadima , Vaishali , mr.Purohit, Vivek and Birju were all ready ....They saw RAdhika coming down , she was looking very beautiful ..Dadima and Vaishali share a delightful smile they went to Radhika to praise her ..Unknowingly Radhika cheeks turned pink hearing them complementing her ..

Mr.Purohit blessed her  he was feeling so sad that she wasn't  the one that dev was going to marry .He was doing this for his sons happiness ..But he wished dearly that Radhika could become the Choti bahu of this house ..Radhika smiled  lightly seeing Mr.Purohit caressing her head  giving her his blessings ..

Vaishali took Radhika nazar off by putting surma from her eyes and putting it behind Radhika ear ..
She felt so touched by this , she remembered when Devki used to do this to her .

Vasihlai: Kahin tumhe nazaar nahi lag jaye ..adding sweetly ..

Everyone smiled along ..Mrinalini came down looking very nice in her designed Sari
she smiled happily seeing Radhika she  felt proud of her work , Radhika made it looked amazing

M: Radhika the lengha looks so beautiful on you ..she said fixing Radhika dupptta ..

R: Aap bhi bohut achi lagri hain …she commented sweetly

M: who toh hai ! she said proudly yet teasing
Everyone were getting amused…

Dadima: Dev aur  vishaka kahan reh gaya ??? Radhika beta  go and get Dev ..

Dadima realise her eyes weren't beaming as did before and made her little worried
D: Kya hua Radhika?? Asking worriedly

R: kuch Nahi Dadima main theek hoon (Nothing dadima Im fine ) …she said assuring and went upstairs

Dadima was a little doubtful but believed her words ..

Radhika knocked on Dev door suddenly she felt a firm hand sound her wrist pulling her inside the room ..Radhika didn't even have time to breath , she felt herself stuck on the wall ..Her eyes went wild seeing Dev so close to her again  wearing his white tee with black shorts  ..She swallows uneasily  with her breathing becoming uneven .

D: Radhika you have to help me!! He said nervously

Radhika didn't know what to say feeling her grip still on her wrist stuck on the wall ..She looks in his worried eyes puzzled ..

R: Ky..kya …hua ??

D: Radhika ..I burned my sherwani….Please do something …

Radhika eyes widened up shocked ..

 She looked on her arms that was stuck to the wall , Dev saw this and released her not moving away ..Radhika tried  controlling her heart beats smelling his cologne

R: .umm,..Wh..why didn't tell me iron it for you ?? Trying to act normal as possible but her  voice still felt stiff …
HE takes few steps back tensely

D: I know ..But you weren't upstairs …And then ..I tried doing it myself ..and it got burned ..
He showed her his sherwani …

Radhika was shaking his head seeing him being so irresponsible but she was to it ..

R: Look ..I don't know what to do ..Its burned pretty badly …keeping her gaze on the sherwani

D: Radhika ..Please help me ..…asking desperately ..
She looks at him with much effort controlling her throbbing heart beats

R: wait here and don't get out until I don't come back.. Understand?? .Dev nodded his head like a little boy

Few minutes later Radhika came back with another Sherwani for him ..

D: Radhika you're the best!!! But where did you get this from ???

R: actually it was a gift for you .Me and Didi went out to get it for you few …But since its an emergency Ill give  to you now ..adding sweetly ..

Dev felt so touched by this ..He wanted to hug her tightly not knowing how to thank her enough ..She was always there for his rescue

D: Radhika ..I..

R: Aap jaldi tayar hoja ye ..Thank you baad main kehna ..adding hurriedly

Dev smiles boyishly

D: Radhika ..wait for me outside ..and don't leave ..understand ? Saying ordering

Radhika smiles nodding her head and waits outside ..Few minutes later she knocks and Dev tells her to come in ..Radhika froze seeing his nice bleu Sherwani with beautiful beaded work on his collar side .He looked dashing making her heart paste unevenly .He was combing his wet hair back as soon as he saw Radhika from the mirror reflection he turned around seeing her gazing at him and smiles sweetly ..Radhika walks towards him with her payals making sweet sounds ..Dev was feeling a little uneasy in his heart ..He didn't know why but something felt strange for him and watched Radhika walk towards him , he looks down feeling a little confused .He looks up and saw her sweet smile making his heart at peace …He never figured out why her smile always cheered his heart ….Radhika saw something in his eyes ..

R: Kya hua ? Asking concernedly

Dev takes a deep breath ..

D: Radhika ..Pata nahi .. ..Im feeling little nervous about this ..glancing at Radhika

Radhika swallows the lump in her throat and smiles

R: …Your engagement is tomorrow its just a pooja …She saw Dev silence looking very nervous …..You know something ..You should always listen to your heart …That's the key to the right path and if you don't listen to your heart ..You might end up in a mess …gazing deeply in his eyes ..

HE takes a deep breath gazing in her eyes  ..

D: I don know Radhika ..More the time is coming close... more I feel weird ..He said looking down uneasily

Radhika saw this and didn't like seeing him like this ..Why was he feeling this way .? She wonderer ..

R: Suniye ….If you came to this point for sure somewhere you found it right ..and that's what you and vishaka wanted..Maybe for a long time and your getting close to it ....….saying this Radhika felt a dagger in her heart but managed to smile ..Y

Dev looks up seeing her give her a assuring smile ..He takes an uneasy sigh

D: Thanks Radhika ..I feel much better talking to you ..adding with a sweet smile ..Pata nahi agar tum yahn nahi hoti ..Toh mera kya hota ?? ..I mean each time Im in trouble you come to my rescue ..Trailing of with a boyish chuckle ( I don't know what would happen to me if you weren't here ?)

Radhika looked at him fondly …What would happen if she wasn't their would it have made a difference in his heart ?? She wonderer ..Suddenly Dev said something that she didn't catch  ..

D: Radhika ?? Yeh stoll kaisa lagra hai ??

R: jee ??

D: Yeh sttol ?? Should I put it on or leave it ? Asking her advice

Radhika thought he looked better without it ..She came closer removing it around his neck , Dev kept his gaze on her , suddenly her choriyaan got stuck to a bead on his collar , Her gaze became a little tensed she glanced up seeing Dev looking down at her chooriyan stuck on his collar ..This  mad them come closer to each other , Radhika could feel her heart pounding unevenly ..Radhika looked up at Dev again and saw his charming eyes gazing deeply into hers ..She flickered her lashes looking away trying to remove her choriyaan away ..Somehow Dev was enjoying her closeness like this , he didn't know why his heart was beating so fast with her being so close just like the  other day ..He felt her body pressing on to his to get her bangle released  ..He saw her beautiful long lashes flickering frustratingly , he smiled seeing this and looked down at her bangle taking over  releasing it very easily ..Radhika glances up at Dev who gaze her a sweet smile , she looks away feeling her heart pasting extremely fast and her breathing getting uneven She takes a silent sigh swiftly turning around to walk away ..Dev gaze saw her beautiful lengha it suited her so perfectly ..He saw her fair soft exposed skin on her back but looked away not wanting her to notice him admiring her , didn't want her to feel uncomfortable ..But something caught his gaze he saw that there was a pin that was opened on her blouse ..He quickly stopped her feeling worried for her ..

D: Radhika …Wait ..walking towards her

He stood behind her , feeling him so close again made her heart skip a beat ..she had her gaze wondering on the floor nervously after what just happened  ..She slowly felt his finger on her back , feeling this she closed her eyes controlling her uneven breathing .. Her finger were intertwining with each other absorbing a unknown feeling in her body ..Dev pined it securely so it wont open again ..She sensed his finger moving away unknowingly brushing  them slightly on her upper back , she opened her eyes feeling confused with what just happened ? She looks over her shoulder seeing Dev still standing behind her ..

D: umm…Your pin was opened ..saying little nervously ..

Radhika managed to smile lightly trying to act normal ..

R: umm..Thanks ..she said slowly turning around ..Uhh….everyone is probably waiting for you downstairs ..she said about to walk away ..

D: wait ..Im coming with you ..

Radhika had her gaze on the floor thinking about what just happened and walked along with Dev

D: Umm..Radhika you look very nice ..he admitted

Hearing this Radhika smiled shyly , she felt good getting this complement from him ..she glanced up with her rosy cheeks ..
R: Thanks …Aap bhi ….trailing of softly

Dev grinned boyishly

D: thanks ! Well its your present for sure it will look nice ..Right?? Adding with a charming smile …

Radhika and dev were walking down the stairs.. The whole family smiled seeing the perfect couple walking downstairs , but the next second they realised that RAdhika wasn't the girl that dev chose…

Dadima: Mera pota kitna handsome lagra hai na?? cupping Dev cheeks

Dev gives out a charming smile…

Vaishali : Lets see how he will look tomorrow at his engagement ..adding teasingly…

Mrinalni: Hey what happned to the sharwani I prepared for you???

Dev looks at RAdhika who was getting nervous..

R: umm …didi …I thought that this one would look nicer for today pooja ….He could were yours tomorrow ….she said glancing once at Dev who felt a huge relief..

M: hmm ..Your right …saying agreeing…

Dev gives Radhika and thankful smile but wonderer what excuse he's going to give Mrinalini tomorrow??

Vishaka came down looking also very nice in a nice pink lengha they all had few chit chats ..Vaishali asked Birju to get the few arrangements they made for the pooja to put it in the car .

They all made there way to the mandir , Dev was in the driver seat and Vishaka was sitting beside him ..Radhika sat in the back with dadima …Dev eyes came to the mirror and saw Radhika smiling sweetly at Dadima talks ..He found that she was looking very beautiful ..

They finally reached the temple , they saw the sun setting down …

Mr:Puorhit : Looks like were on time ..saying happily

Radhika was walking along with dadima up the temple stairs helping her climb the stairs along with Dev . …She loved coming to this temple .it reminded her a lot of her Fathers and Ranjiv chacha mandir …They all saw Susheel along with Arjun and Deepika who took the elders blessings…

Dadima: Susheel beta ..Were so glad that you could make it …

Susheel : Arree …Yeh kya Maaji ..why wouldn't we come for this pooja ??..We found a really good excuse to meet the future choti bahu ..saying joyfully…
The family smile on even vishaka

Mr.Purohit : susheel ..yeh hai vishaka …giving Susheel her intoduction ..

Vishaka looks at dev who signalled her to take his blessings and she did ..

Susheel: Khush raho ….he said giving her blessing

Vishaka greeted Arjun and Deepika sweetly …while Radhika took Susheel blessings ..

Susheel: kaisi ho Radhika beta??

Radhika: jee ..main theek sunaye??

Susheel: I couldn't feel more happy …

Mr.Purohit saw the pandit approaching them joyfully..

Pandit: Namaste Raj Purohit ji …folding his hands respectfully..

Mr.Purohit: Namaste pandit ji ..Kaise hain aap??

Pandit: bohut ache …bohut khushi hori hai aap sab ko yahan dhekar…

Dadima: ..Pandit ji ..were very grateful to you ..In such short notice you arranged everything ..Thank you so much ..

Pandit: Aree Shanti Devi ji …yeh sab karke hume bohut khushi hoti hai ..saying humbly

Mr.Purohit: Panditji ….I was thinking that we should start …

Pandit: Avashiya …..

Few people in the temple were leaving they saw Mr.Purohit and greeted him respectfully ..One of them was Mr.Mehra a family doctor  for the Purohit who was invited to the engagement the next day ..

Mr.Mehra: Wow ! All the family is here ??

Mr.Purohit: We had to do an important pooja before my sons engagement ..saying respectfully

Mr.Mehra smiles and saw Radhika standing near Dadima …

Mr.Mehra : Purohit ji ..Aapki hone wali Choti bahu toh bohut pyari hai ..saying sincerely yet humbly

Mr.Purohit was shocked to hear this the whole family shared a worried look ..
Dev and Radhika heard this and were shocked and both glance at each other ..

Mr Purohit: Nahi nahi ..Mehra saab ..She's ..not  the girl that Dev is going to Marry …he said forcefully  he wished that it could have been true, the whole family looked down little upsettingly ..

Mr.Mehra : then who is she ??

Mr.Purohit and Dadima shared a little worried expression but Mr.Purohit took a deep firm breath

Mr.: Shes like a daughter to me …He said smiling at Radhika who smiled back with few tears in her eyes ..

Dadima holds Radhika shoulders and smiles …

Dadima: yeh ..Ek pandit ki beti thi ….Lekin aab yeh hamari ghar ki beti  hai.. adding tenderly ..

Radhika looks at Dadima with her moist eyes …

Mr.Mehra smiles understanding ..If Shanti Devi ( dadima )said that she's like a daughter then he
shouldn't question further …The Purohit just smiled along , Dadima didn't lie she was like a daughter  for Vaishali and Mr.Purohit ..Dev looked at Radhika and smiled seeing her being very touched by Dadima words.. Radhika folded her hands politely greeting  him with sweet smile Mr.Mehra was very delighted to meet Radhika …Dadima made Mr.mehra also meet vishaka who smiled sweetly ..

Mr.mehra : Bohut pyari beti hai ..he said warmly…Acha Purohit ji ..hum chalthe hain ..He folded his hands and walked away …

The pandit made Vishaka and Dev sit down near the fire …He started chanting the holy prayers while Vishaka and Dev folded there hands together with there eyes closed  ..The rest of the family were sitting on the floor watching the pooja, …after few minutes the pandit spoke up ..

Pandit: dev beta …you have to tie this sacred thread around your to be wife wrists , this mean that you both will always be there for each other its like a promise you both will make to each other by this red thread …And vishaka beti you have to do the same …

Hearing this Vishaka was feeling very uneasy …Dev looked around but didn't see Radhika

D: Dadima ? Radhika kahan hai ??

The whole family was looking around …

Birju: Ill go and get her …She went out she felt the smoke of the fire hurting her eyes …he said

Birju went out  the temple  but didn't see her , he went near the  river and saw her standing there with  her back towards him. Radhika couldn't see this ..It really pained her ..She  probably wouldn't be able to hold in her tears in front of everyone ..Birju walked toward her feeling concerned ..

Birju: Radhika ji ..sab aapka intezaar karein hain ( Radhika everyone is waiting for you )

Hearing birju voice radika quickly wiped her tears , Birju stood in front of her and saw her holding her face low sadly..

B: Radhika ji??

Radhika slowly looks up

R: Jee bhaiya  ..main ari hoon ( Yes coming ..) her voice sounded very low
Birju didn't miss her teary eyes , he knew exactly the reason behind her tears and didn't question her ..

B: jee ..he said walking away ..

Radhika closed her eyes letting her last tears roll down …
Meanwhile in the temple…

Pandit: Dev beta ..mauhaurat jahra hai ..saying little worriedly..

Dev: Nahi pandit I want Radhiak to come …

Everyone was waiting ..Birju put on a joyful smile

B: Radhika ji ari hain …Aap shru kijiye ..bas athi hogi …( Radhika is coming ….GO ahead and start ..she's coming ) he said convincingly ..

Dadima: Dev….tie the tread ….

Dev gulps uneasily he wanted Radhika to be there …

The pandit kept looking outside the mauhurat was going…

Dev: Dadima …I want Radhika to be here too …

The family shake there head seeing how stubborn dev is …..

 The muhaurat was already over and looked at Mr.Purohit ..

Pandit: purhotihji..mauhurat toh chalegaya …

The whole family looked on worriedly.. but somehow Dev and Vishaka felt relief …
Radhika came in and saw the family looking worried …

Dev: Panditji ..I don't think it makes a big difference …saying waveringly

Dadima: Pandit ji  kya yeh theek rahega???? asking worriedly

Pandit: they can still tie the thread but the meaning of this thread will be futile ..he said warningly  

Vaishali and Mr.Purohit shared a worried look ….Radhika looked at Kanhas Idol who was smiling , she frowns confusedly ..She felt a cold wind pass by making the mandir bell swinging lightly ..The family were to busy feeling tensed not noticing this except for Radhika ..

Mr.Purohit: pandit ji ..ek aur Mauhurat nahi ho saktha ???

Pundit: Purohit ji …the next mauhurat that I found was in 2 weeks ..but you preferred it today ..

Mr.Purohit : Theek hai ..we will come back in 2 weeks…and  postpone the date of the engagement ..

Dev and Vishaka felt some kind of relief , he closed his eyes for a brief second  taking a deep sigh ..Even vishaka , she started feeling uneasy when the pundit told them the meaning of this thread …The pundit simply told them to take blessings from Kanha and they will proceed the pooja in 2 weeks..

After a while Dev and vishaka folded there hands in front of kanha
Dadima  looked at Radhika who was talking to Deepika  ..she didn't know why but Radhika smile seemed fake it wasn't her real smile ..She knew Radhika real smile was much more beautiful then this ..She saw Mr.Purohit talking to Susheel ..She went to him and told him about this even Mr.Purohit thought the same …They both wonderer what was causing Radhika too act like this ..They noticed that she wasn't herself for the pass days ..

The family started talking amongst each other ..Dev went to Arjun …

D: Arjun?? Did you find anything about Karan??

Arjun: no Dev ..I tried contacting everyone that knows him but it looks like he disappeared ..I couldn't believe what he did to Radhika ..I never imagined that he would do this ..saying disappointingly..

D: I remember telling you about Karan after your wedding ..But I guess you weren't ready to believe that your friend was not what you expected …
Arjun was feeling guilty for that..
Arjun: im sorry Dev ..I should of listened to you …But I guess what's done is done ..I have karans old Address but I went to check and the door was locked..

Dev takes an uneasy sigh…

Dev: don't know what I will do if I get my hands on him …clutching his jaws together ..
There talk was disturbed by Deepika ..

Deepika: Arjun ji ..babuji bholare hain..Hume chalna cheye …saying sweetly..

Arjun smile ..

Arjun .: Coming ….ok Dev ..will talk to soon your engagement ..saying happily

Devs smile slowly disappeared , for few minutes he forgot the purpose of coming to this temple..
The purohits thanked the pundit and made there way back home

R: Madhav Kaka ..Yeh zara Dadima ko dedi jiye ..She gave him a glass of water ..

Madhav : jee Radhika betiya …

Radhika smiles and goes towards the temple area ..She folded her hands in front of kanha asking him to give her courage for tomorrow engagement … ..She closes the curtains and goes towards the hall closing the lights  ..Everyone left everyone went to there perspective rooms , Dev changed into his white kurta pyjama and went to see Vishaka in her room ..

D: Hey Vishaka ..

V: Dev I don't wan to talk now im feeling very tired ..after the pooja
Dev smiles understandingly

D: Ok Good night ..

V: Dev wait ..Can you close the window ..

Dev smiles and tries closing it ..He was pushing the window down put his hand got caught and the window closed on his hand ..He moaned in pain and quickly slid out his hand…He cursed the window silently ..His hand was bleeding ..

V: Dev are you ok??? She asked concernedly…Seeing the blood she looked away …..Sorry Dev but I cant stand seeing blood …Here take this …giving him tissues …
Dev glanced at Vishaka and left the room taking the tissue ..

Radhika was still wearing her lengha walk in the hallway holding a basket filled with  some drapes ..She bumped into dev and dropped her basket and quickly gets down to picks them up ..Dev started helping her with his left hand ..She glanced at his other hand that was bleeding her eyes widened up and saw Dev acting normal about it ..She quickly holds his hand looking at the blood .Dev looks at Radhika seeing her concerned gaze ..

R: Yeh kaise hua??
He just kept looking at her she had few tears forming in her eyes ..Like she couldn't see him in pain ? She held his wrist possessively bringing him in her room fast .. She opened the light in her bathroom and opened the tab putting water on his wound carefully not wanting to hurt him ..Dev just looked on seeing her painful expression seeing his cut on his palm . She makes him sit down on her bed .Dev was so touched seeing her act so fast seeing him hurt ..It wasn't the first time he saw such concern in her but he had to admit that he  loved her care towards him ..He saw how she was so different from Vishaka ….Radhika took out the medication and sat on the floor holding his hand delicately ..She started applying the medication with care on his wound ..A smile appeared on his lips gazing fondly at Radhika ..Her long eye lashes were flickering worriedly , her lips were blowing on his cut while applying the medication so it wont sting him ..His heart started beating for her a feeling that was hidden deep inside him was starting to come out .. up seeing Dev gaze into her teary eyes ..He didn't understand why she gets tears in her eyes when he gets hurt ??

Radhika slowly looks away even though she didn't want to but she had to get a hold of herself ..He was going to be someone else's ..

D: thanks Radhika.. ..Saying appreciatively

R: Aapko yeh chot kaisi lagi?? Tying the bandage ..( how did you get hurt ?)

Dev came out his thought and  tried answering her question ..

D: I was in Vishaka room ..And I closed the window but my hand got stuck …

Radhika stands up  
R: But did vishaka see this?? Asking little curiously

D: Haan ..but she doesn't like seeing blood and gave me a tissue

Radhika looks down knowing that Vishaka hated seeing blood , she remembered the other day when she got a cut how she was over reacting …but if he gets hurt next time Will Vishaka take care of him the way she does ? …Her thought got disturbed by his voice

D: Radhika ? Can I ask you something ??  

She looks up and smiles

R: Sure

D: ummm….why do you feel so concern for me …it looks like you cant see me in pain ??? He asked looking fondly at her

Hearing this question Radhika heart skipped a beat and looked at him stunned …She couldn't admit her real feelings towards him …She swallows the lump her throat and managed to give him an answer …

R: You considerer me as you friend …And its my job too be there for you..Muhje dosti ka farz nibana hai …she said warmly

Dev smiles tenderly hearing this …

D:…You take such good care of me ..but me ..I ..don't even …

R: Nahi ..Aap mere bohut acha khayal rakthe hain …Don't ever think that you never took care of me..Becuuse of you ..Im alive …Im safe with your family …she said trailing of tenderly.. Don't you ever say that you were never there for me …hmmm….she said sweetly gazing in his eyes and forwarded her hand for there hand shake ….Dev smiles  cutely and does the hand shake ..

There hand shake was disturbed by a soft cold breeze coming in from the calming night  ..Radhika smiles walking towards the window dev followed and put his body against the other side of the window ..They were both looking at the bright moon surrounded by  shimmering stars ..Dev looked at Radhika who was gazing up at the stars  with a cute smile on her face …
Few minutes later Radhika spoke up …
R: Umm. .Suniye ??

Dev comes out his trance

D: hun??

R: Kaafi dheer hochu ki hai ..She said glancing once outside ..You should go and rest ..she said warmly ..

Dev smiles and nods

D: Tum bhi ..And thanks for being such good friend ..adding warmly

Radhika smiles watching him walk away ..He closes the door and takes an uneasy sigh walking to his room Radhika stood near the window playing with her pendant  around her neck looking outside pensively ….

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Part 17
The next day Radhika was downstairs and she heard the grown up talking about Dev marriage , ..She walked away not wanting her heart to go thought pain ..Dev came downstairs wearing a nice black shirt that Radhika ironed for him with dark bleu jeans ..Radhika was in the kitchen making some tea for Dadima ..She told her self that Dev was soon going to marry Vishaka and she should start putting distance  between them .
Dev  entered the kitchen wanting to munch on something ..He saw Radhika lost in her thought s standing near the stove ..

D: Radhika??

Radhika startled lightly unknowingly her finger touched the  hot  pot where she was boiling some water '
She  moaned lightly in pain ..Dev quickly held her wrist seeing the tip of her fingers red ..Radhika moved her hand away from his touch ..

R: Im ok ..She said blowing on her fingers and putting her hand  behind her back ..

Dev was surprised seeing her move away from him so fast ..

D: Radhika let me see ..
But Radhika didn't want him to do so ..Each time he cared for her made her heart weaker then ever '

R: Nahi ..main theek hoon ..she said closing the heat down of the stove

Dev was getting angry , he held her arm possessively he wanted to see if she didn't get burn anywhere else on her hand ..Radhika was looking at his gaze wondering around her hand. .He took out the cream out from the drawer and applied it on her fingers ..She had few tears in her eyes , she knew it was going to be very hard for him to stay away no matter how hard she would try '

Dev looks up seeing radhika looking away ..

D: Main dost hoon tumhara 'I have to be there for my friend like your always there for me ...He said firm yet caring ..

Radhika looked at him surprised seeing him walk away '

Later on Mrinalini was on the phone with her aunt ..She hung up and tears started flowing down her eyes .. , She told the family that her mom is really sick and she wants to go meet her right away .The whole family encouraged her to go ....Vivek started helping her pack her things ..The ladies were trying to console Mrinalini adding positive comments 'Mrinalini was set to go feeling very sad ..

R: Didi ..Come here ..she said holding Mrinalini arms bringing her to the mandir ..

Radhika and Mrinalini folded there hands together praying for Mrinalini Mother ..Radhika glanced at Mrinalini with a sweet smile ..she knelt down taking a red string under Kanha  idol.. She folded once her hand before she turned to Mrinalini '

R: Didi is a sacred string ..Put it around your mother wrist ..and you will see she will start feeling better very fast ..she added assuring

Mrinalini smiled tenderly at Radhika and hugged her ..

M: thanks dear 'Thank you so much 'letting few tears roll down ..

Radhika moved back wiping Mrinalini tears and shaking her head telling her not to cry '

R: Don't worry your mom will get better very fast ..Trusts me 'she said firmly yet loving ..

Mrinalini smiled light nodding her head ..

Everyone went to the door  saying good bye to Mrinalini ..She felt so touched seeing the whole family companying  her to the door 'She said her good byes and took the elders blessings and left with Vivek in the car ..everyone were doing a silent prayer for Mrinalini mother especially Radhika ..she sat almost the whole afternoon in front of kanha idol praying ..Dadima and Vaishali saw this and felt very touched by this ..they saw how much Radhika cared for Mrinalini and the family ..

Vishaka called vikram telling him that the engagement date will be postpones ..Vikram was very happy to hear this and told vishaka too tell Dev the truth and come back to US 'Vishaka agreed and called karan '

Radhika was walking in the upstairs hall way with a laundry basket ..She heard Vishaka talking to someone , she got curious and started listening '

Vishaka was in her room talking on the phone with someone ..

V: Look ..Karan '.'You asked me too get Radhika out this house but its not happening 'I cant do this anymore

K: what ??? ..vishaka you cant do this to me ..Just stick to the plan ....once Radhika gets out you can tell Dev everything '..if you want I will pay you '

V: .I already told you about the money ''.And I cant wait another week for the engagement ..

Radhika was in complete shock ! Was vishaka talking to Karan ??  Was this their plan from the beginning ?? 'Radhika felt her throat lumpy ..How did Karan reach Vishaka?? Was karan paying Vishaka for this?? For sure its not any other karan that Vishaka is talking with .Should she ask Vishaka about this 'NO! She Should tell this to the family and she  quickly walked from there but she bumped into a little table with a vase of flower that fell 'Radhika eyes widened up and quickly ran '

Vishaka turns around seeing Radhika run down the stairs 'Karan was still talking on the other line making Vishaka come back to reality ''.

V: No Karan 'I don't want the money ..'I cant do this anymore'And I think Radhika just heard everything 'saying nervously'

K: Damn it!! couldn't you close the door when you talk to me??? Saying frustratingly'

V: If Radhika tells everyone that I'm talking with you ..I'm dead!!! '.She said tensely..

K: Vishaka listen to me carefully ..You cant let anyone believe Radhika ..I don't want them to know that I'm behind this 'Understand???'And if you want to be on the safe side you have to do something '.

V: What do I say???

K: Vishaka ! Think of something around with Radhika words'..And delete my number on your cell phone 'he said hurriedly..

V: but why???? Asking nervously

K: vishaka ! Just do as I say '.Delete my  number '
Vishaka swallows fearfully of the consequences she will get if the family knows the truth'

Vishaka was confused she didn't know what to do ???

Meanwhile Radhika ran downstairs trying to find Dev , she saw dev talking on the phone telling his family friends that his engagement is cancelled  'She couldn't wait ..any longer ..Suddenly she Dadima coming out the temple area and sitting down on the couch ..Dev hung up and walked towards the door ..

R: wait!!

Dev swiftly turns around ..
R: Muhje aap sab ko kuch kehna hai ..She felt her heart racing very fast .

Mr.Purohit and Vaishali went to the temple together to talk with the  pandit matching Vishaka and Dev kundali and would be back till evening  ..Vivek came back after dropping Mrinalini off to her moms place and Birju was coming back from the kitchen  they saw Dev and Dadima looking at Radhika and got alert '

Vivek: Kya hua ?? Why are guys looking at Radhika like this ??

Dadima: Radhika beta ?? Tell us what happened ..Why are you so quiet like this 'asking anxiously

Radhika took a deep breath '

R: Dadima '.I heard vishaka talk to Karan '.
 Dev was absolutely shocked hearing this ..

D: Radhika ??? What are you saying ???
The family members were shocked as well

R: the truth ! I heard vishaka talk on the phone she was saying that she cant get me out the house and she mentioned something about money ''.Vishaka came downstairs  stunned hearing what Radhika was saying ..
They all look at Vishaka doubtfully

V: Kya hua ???

Dev: Vishaka ?? What Radhika is saying is it true ???asking angrily
Dev couldn't believe that Radhika was saying all this ..

 V: about what ??? Trying to cover her nervousness

D: That you were talking to Karan on the phone ..and he's paying you to get Radhika out this house ??'
Vishaka heart started pasting ..This wasn't true 'She wasn't getting anything money
V: WHAT !!! That's a big lie 'she said looking at Radhika shocked ..

Radhika eyes widened up ..She wasn't lying !!!

R: tum jhoot bholl rahi ho  'I heard you '..saying firmly

The family was getting  confused ..But in everyone's heart they somehow were believing Radhika ..They trusted her a lot ..Dev didn't understand why Radhika was saying this ???

V: Im not the one lying you are!!! ..Its nothing how your thinking 'Replying back solidly

Dev was bewildered he didn't know who to believe ??? Radhika looks at Dev who tightened brows ..

R: Please mera Vishawass kijiye ..saying gazing in his eyes

D: Radhika ?? Why are you saying  this ???Why would Vishaka have any connection with Karan ..I already told her about  your pass and she knows not to trust him '.

R: but I heard her '
Dev wasn't ready to believe this he trusted Vishaka , he knew her for 5 years
D: Radhika You don't even have proof of this !!.Please don't blame vishaka 'I know she would never do something like this 'He raised his voice at her making her shudder lightly

She was shocked hearing this ! She bit her lower lips letting few tears roll down '

Dadima stands up ..

Dadima: Bas Dev!!! I wont allow you to talk to Radhika like this '.

Dev too was feeling extremely bad  he didn't mean to raise his voice but all this is making him so frustrated  !
Dev: but dadima ..why is Radhika saying this???

Dadima: Radhika beta ..shayad tumhe koi galat fami '

Radhika voice chocked '

R: Nahi dadima'Main saach kehri hoon 'Looking at Dev

Vivek: Vishaka ..I want to see your phone'.. he asked ordering '

Vishaka swallows and gives it to him '.Vivek started searching in her phone for Karan..

The family looked on anxiously '..

Vivek: Dadima 'Karan is not on her contact list 'looking at Radhika worriedly'

Radhika was surprised 'Vishaka took a deep relief ..One chance  Karan told her to delete his number'Radhika goes to Vishaka ..

R: vishaka ..why aren't you telling everyone the truth ! Vishaka looks at Radhika surprised and swallows tensely her heart was pasting uncontrolably. .what was she suppose to say ??

R: Vishaka?? Tum chup kyun ho??? ..Bolo '

DEV: Radhika! Stop this '.

Vishaka recalled Karans words ..He said to play with the words and this was exactly what she was going to do ..

Vishaka: Radhika !! I know why your doing this
Radhika frowns her brows puzzled

V: Kyun ki tum Dev se pyar kar thi ho ..Haina???'saying firmly

Dev quickly turned to look at Vishaka then Radhika who's heart skip at beat 'she felt butterflies in her tummy tensely ..what was she suppose to say ..?
Everyone else were just stunned hearing this !

Dev looked at Radhika who's eyes were filled with tears '

Radhika looked at Vishaka shaking her head ..

R: Aisa kuch nahi hai 'she tried keeping herself strong..

V: Your doing this because you love him 'She said pressuring Radhika  to be on the safe side

Dev felt really anxious to hear what Radhika had to say about this he kept his gaze on her ..Everyone were just looked at Radhika who closed her eyes painfully taking a firm sigh and opened her eyes looking at the family ..she couldn't go through that pain again! She couldn't see him refusing her ! ..she glanced once at Dev who was looking at her confusedly

R: Main''Inse ..Py..payaar '..nahi 'karthi 'Yeh ..tumhari galt fami '.hai '.she said with so much difficulty  she looked away closing her eyes painfully feeling her heart break into million pieces , she was never going to admit this to him ..Never !! She wasn't ready to go through the pain of denial from him '

Dev felt like a sharp dagger in his heart when she said that ..He felt a huge pain in his heart he didn't understand why ?? He closed his eyes painfully for a brief second and saw Radhika face turned away ..He tried bringing himself back to normal after what he heard,  he gulps and looks at Radhika , he holds her arms turning her around  with a strong hold..

Radhika had the courage to deny her feelings ! Vishaka looked at Radhika feeling bad about this but she had no choice

D: Radhika ?? Then Why are you lying to us about Vishaka ??? Yeh sab kehkar tumhe kya hasil ho ga??( by saying all this what will you earn???)..She doesn't even have Karans number on her cell phone 'trying his best to keep his cool '

Radhika looked in his sharp gaze with her teary eyes , He wasn't believing her??

R: Main 'sach ..kehri ..hoon 'trying to make him believe her with her shaky voice

Dev released her arm , hearing this he lost his patience ..He couldn't believe that Radhika was still saying this'

D: BAS RADHIKA !! I don't get  Why would vishaka talk with Karan to get you out of the house ..She knows your pass

Radhika closed her eyes feeling her body shuddered  at his loud voice , vishaka also startled ..she was surprised seeing Dev believe her !And felt a relief but in the other hand felt really guilty for lying '.The whole family looked on surprised seeing Dev talk like this ..He was feeling so angry and frustrated ..he couldn't understand Why was she doing this ????

Radhika let few more tears roll down feeling her heart completely crushed ..Never in her life she imagined him raise his voice at her 'She wanted to run from there feeling herself  lose like this .

Dev looked away taking a angry sigh ..Dadima was still in shocked  she couldn't believe everything was happening so fast in front of her eyes '

Radhika gave up ..Its his fault if he doesn't t believe her ..One day when he will find out the truth he will realise the huge mistake he has done and takes one determinate sigh and looks at him firmly ..

R: Theek hai '.Agar ..aap mere Vishwas nahi karne chahthe ..Toh maat kariye 'Lekin jab aapko saach pata chalega '.She closed her eyes painfully briefly 'Toh aap mere paas akar maafi maat mangiye ga.  .she said little angrily yet solid ( Fine 'If you don't believe me 'then don't 'but when you will find out the truth 'Don't come to me apologizing) ..

Dev eyes widened up shockingly ..Hearing what she said feared  him ..If she was telling the truth then she will never forgive him ??? He looked at Radhika who gave him one last steel look and made her way up the stairs wiping her tears away ..She was feeling very angry and upset at him ! She thought he would believe her words but he didn't ! what was the meaning of this friendship she had with him?? ..Everyone watched her leave feeling shocked and  helpless .Dev takes one frustrated sigh and walks out the house ..Dadima sat on the sofa feeling her head hurt ..She asked Birju to get some water ..Vishaka  felt Dadima suspecting and gulps walking away ..The family saw her walking away with there doubtful gaze '
Vaishali and Mr.Purohit saw Dev going out the house '.

Vaishali: Maaji 'Kya hua ???.asking worriedly

Dadima takes a deep sigh and tells them '.
Vaishlai: ill go see Radhika

Dadima: Nahi bahu..she's needs time alone ..She must be very upset with Dev'she said sadly

Mr.Purohit also needed time alone to think and left in his room ..thinking about all this ..Vivek shared a worried look with Birju and went out '.

Dev was sitting near a quiet park for few hours surrounded with trees and flowers. HE was thinking about the whole incident about Radhika and Vishaka.. Their  words kept echoing in his head  he closed his eyes for a brief second . A nice breeze passed by him stroking his hair he took a deep breath filling the nice smell of the fresh grass and flowers . He couldn't believe he scram at  Radhika?? He was feeling so bad and wanted to apologize , he noticed a river bank further down , he suddenly remembered Radhika telling him about her pass on that spot . He closed his eyes remorsefully , he was hating himself for the way he talked to her ..He remembered the tears in pain in her eyes when she was trying to tell him about Vishaka ..He runs his hair through his hair stressfully . He should talk to her about Vishaka maybe she is telling the truth?? But why would Vishaka do such thing??? Dev was so confused he didn't know who to believe ?? He takes a deep breath ..HE had to talk to Radhika about this calmly and not over act like few hours ago , he had to know more about this ..Why would she lie to him?? Maybe Vishaka was talking to karan ?? But why??? ..He takes a determanation sigh , he had to keep an sharp eye on Vishaka .Suddenly his mind drifted away to Vishaka question to Radhika and her answer 'Main''Inse ..Py..payaar '..nahi 'karthi 'Yeh ..tumhari galt fami '.hai ..He swallows the lump forming in his threat and runs his fingers through his hair 'Not knowing the unknown pain in his heart 'Dev remembered Radhika words You know something ..You should always listen to your heart 'That's the key to the right path and if you don't listen to your heart ..You might end up in a mess 'gazing deeply in his eyes ..And she was right , he couldn't get married to vishaka , He kept ignoring his heart but today he will do as it says '

In the evening time slowly slowly everyone came back calming themselves down a little ..Dev wanted to talk to Radhika about this ..He was feeling so guilty for talking to her like that ..He didn't mean it he was just so angry and frustrated at that time ..but he had his hopes that she will understand'They all sat down around the table quietly ..Vivek talked to Mrinalini on the phone but didn't mention what happened , he didn't want her to get more worried '

Dadima saw that  Radhika didn't come down since afternoon..

Dadima: Vaishali ?? Did Radhika come down ??

Hearing this Dev heart skip at beat , he didn't know how will she act with him after all this ??
He tried composing himself taking a deep breath

Vaishali: Nahi maaji ..she didn't come down yet ..she said little sadly ..

Dadima: Ill go check on her '

Dadima went  upstairs and knocked on Radhika door but no one answered ..She opened her door feeling worried..

D: Radhika be'

She saw Radhika sleeping soundly on the bed , she walks towards her sitting herself beside Radhika who had faint tears  around her cheeks ..Seeing this Dadima felt so sad for her ..She couldn't do anything to protect Radhika and take her side ..She felt very bad that Radhika didn't eat anything and fell asleep with and empty stomach. .Dadima puts the blanket over Radhika  caressing her cheeks once fondly wiping her tears and walked away telling herself that she will talk to her tomorrow '

She came downstairs , everyone were anxious to see Radhika but she didn't come down ..Dev looked at Dadima in wonderment

Mr.Purohit: Maa ?? Radhika kahan hai ??

Dadima looked down sadly ..

Dadima: She fell asleep ..Bechari 'kuch khaya nahi usne aur sogayi with nothing in her stomach 'trailing of upset
( she didn't even eat anything and feel asleep )..
Everyone were feeling very dull even dev was feeling bad ..She didn't eat anything and fell asleep. .he looked down at his plate not wanting to eat..
Vishaka came down seeing everyone looking at her , she sits down with a guilty face .. Everyone were looking at her with suspicion .she was feeling very uncomfortable'

V: 'ummm'Muhje bhook nahi hai '.can I go in my room and rest ?? She asked cautionary

Mr.Purohit gave out a little stern expression and looked at her'

Dadima: kyun ?? What happened to you ???

V: ..I..Im not feeling good'she said gulping once'

Dadima : Theek hai 'not sounding very happy
Dev looked on seeing something on Vishaka face he kept looking at her as she walked away ..Something was fishy

Everyone was quite on the dinner table , Mr.Purohit looked at dev who was sitting quietly not touching his food'

Mr.Purohit: We went to the pandit'.and he said that the kunai is not getting matched '

The whole family looked on '

Vaishali: He said that 'there must be a reason that the kundali aren't getting matched ..glancing once at Dev '

Dadima: I think that there might be a good reason why the kundali aren't getting matched'Shayad takur ji has something else planned for Dev '.looking at dev '

Birju: Bhaiya '.. I don't think vishaka is the right girl for you'.

Dev: ..I think whatever the kundali is saying the truth me and Vishaka aren't made for each other '.Dadima ..I don't think I want to do this anymore 'he said upsettingly
The family were surprised but also happy , they somehow didn't see vishaka as the choti bahu but Radhika'

Dadima: 'Are you going to tell this to Vishaka??

Dev: Jee dadima..I will talk to her '..He excused himself and left the table'

The whole family agreed on this decision and were happy that Dev realised that Vishaka isn't the one for him '.

Dev was going to walking towards vishaka toom  but before he wanted to see Radhika if she was awake ..He opened the door and saw her sleeping soundly ..He felt his heart crying seeing this he wanted to talk with her so badly ..He wanted to know the reason behind what she said ?? He came in seeing Radhika mumbling in her sleep ..He found her so cute and sat beside her holding her hand. He lifted her right hand and placed a soft  kiss on her palm and gazed at her  ..

Dev: Im sorry ..he said  in a light whisper yet very sincere

Radhika didn't open her eyes she was in a deep sleep , he was gazing at her beautiful face that was shinning with innocence's and felt a huge guilt in his heart ..

few moments later  he placed her hand on her tummy and got up ..He told himself that the first thing in the morning he will talk to her  he wanted to know more and talk to her calmly and wisely  ..Dev passed by vishaka room ..her door was shut and the light were closed ..he thought that she must be resting and didn't want to disturb her '

Vishaka was talking to Vikram'

Vishaka: Vikram'Im feeling really bad after what I said '..I should of tell them the truth ..but I was scared to know the consequences'and  karan '

Vikram: vishaka ..Stop thinking about Karan 'he's the one that put you in this mess at the first place ..! Stop all this right now and tell Dev the truth '.I'm sure he will understand why you did all this 'And think about Radhika 'she was very nice to you and this is what you do to her'

V: Vikram ..Im already feeling bad about this '.Don't worry the first thing I will do in the morning is tell Dev the truth 'promise ''.Good night '


Vaishali:  Maaji ..I didn't even see Birju in the morning?? Hes usually in the kitchen but today there both gone??

Vivek was holding some files..

Vivek: mom Did you see Birju I need him'

Vaishali: no beta ..Radhika and Birju are not home?? I wonder where they've gone without telling us ??adding worriedly

Dev heart was racing tensely  , seeing Radhika not present in the house made him feel very uneasy ..

Dev:  Mom Ill check again around the house ..
Vivek also joined they looked everywhere but no sign of Birju nor Radhika '

They all assembled in the hall..

Vishaka heart was pasting extremely fast ..she was also getting tensed about this '
Suddenly they saw Birju enter with car keys ..every one looked at him surprised ..

Mr.Purohit : Birju ?? Kahan tha tuh ???asking anxiously ..

Dadima: Aur Radhika kahan hai ?? Asking worriedly

Birju held his face low making everyone get more tensed '

Hello you guys !!Big smile..Thank you so much for the lovely comments and the like button ..I hope its not getting boring ....I know you guys want lots of Radev scenes but I promise will to my best for that as soon as Vishaka is out ....I hope I didnt write anything offensive with the pooja partConfused...Dont know much ..But if it disturbs please let me know I will change it around Smile
I know I wrote 2 parts Shocked..I hope its not too much Confused...Will update in couple of days if you guys need time Smile..No rush Wink...Im sorry if you guys find things illogical or confusing ..trying my best to keep it steady ...
Hope everything is good with all of you especially after seeing todays CBEmbarrassed..Radev entry Wink...Especially Dev Day DreamingBlushing..Lol anyways ..
Have a great day you guysHug ..Please forgive my  mistakes Confused
I hope no one kills me after ready the precap OuchLOL..but dont worry about RAdhika Wink shes perfectly fine Smile

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hi yumna di,
didi i wanted to cry but i'm happy radhika stood up for her rights. i would love to see this in radhika more, stern
than ks fr the pm and i loved the updates, please update ASAP and please updates many parts

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Billo Rani!! 
Lovely Updates Fabulouss!!
I agree with Vasha,, I like this STern Radhika!! :)\
Don't forget to updates soon ;)

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I am speechless, two beautiful updates....Now i am sure the next update will be even better since Dev has realised he doesnt want to get married to Vishaka, i want to see rads playing a little hard to get when he tries apologising, he should pay for being so harsh to her! Wink

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