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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 36)

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Part 15

2 days later

Vishaka was trying her best to win the  elders heart with her talks and her jokes ..Which was starting to work , Mr,Purohit didn't find her as bad after all ..Mrinalni didn't care about her at all , she was controlling her attitude towards her because of Vivek ..Dev was happy that Mrinalni wasn't being rude with Vishaka she was just acting casual 'Vaishali would ask Vishaka to go to the mandir with them , help in the kitchen , give dadima her medications , help  Radhika around the house ..Vishaka thought that all this was very exigent , she didn't know if she could keep up with all this . Radhika was showing Vishaka how clean the temple area , make the taali of aarti , Vishaka would really be uninterested in all this and would make an excuse and walk away ..Radhika was trying her best , she accepted to do this for Dev 'Radhika got to know a little more about Vishaka as she would work around with her and understood that vishaka was really uninterested in all this but Radhika gave her words to Dev ..Radhika was acting causal with her she knew that all this was something that vishaka wasn't used to doing and kept it very smooth for her and no harshness ...Vishaka was in the kitchen with Radhika helping her cut the vegetables'Radhika looked immense in the work ..vishaka didn't know why Radhika liked doing this???

V: Radhika why do you like doing all this??? asking with a cute complain

Radhika looks at vishaka who didn't look interested in doing this'She found vishaka expression pretty funny and giggled a little shaking her head..

R: Because 'What this family has done for me is so much ..and each thing I do ..I feel that its not enough 'I want to do much more ..trailing of tenderly'.I never met such a beautiful family before.. They gave me so much love and made me there own 'saying emotionally '

Vishaka heard the emotion in her words and felt that Radhika was really grateful to this family and appreciated everything she had from this family 'She noticed that she wasn't selfish at all and was very giving to the family and she also  noticed that Radhika was helping her a lot since yesterday 'She started thinking about Karan words 'Was he lying to her about Radhika?? Radhika voice disturbed her..

R: Vishaka ?? Can I ask you something ?? Asking with caution

Vishaka frowns a little confusedly wondering what Radhika wanted to ask her??

V: yes ..

Radhika would feel really uneasy asking Dev this question thought of asking her.. She tried acting causal as possible not wanting Vishaka to know her feelings inner feelings

R: ummm'How ..How did you and Dev ..Im mean '.

Vishaka understood her question and smiles

V: how did me and Dev like each other?? Trying to sure of the question

Radhika nodded'

R: hmmm

Vishaka took a deep sigh and smiles..

V: actually me and Dev were really good friends in college, he was in most of my classes  and then '.We went in the same university together ..He was a really good friend then one day he asked me out 'and I accepted ..I thought that he really loved me ' but somehow we were always acting as friends together ..We promised each other that we will always be there for each other '.And then he came back to India ..He told me that he will tell his family about me ..HE looked pretty happy about it and I didn't want to deny it '..But when he left ..I found'..

Vishaka quickly stopped her words knowing that she was about to tell Radhika about Vikram '

Radhika looked on confusedly'

R: you found what ??

Vishaka tried her best covering herself up..

V: I 'found that 'I was really missing Dev ..and ..I really wanted to meet his family ''..she managed to say

Radhika frowns a little feeling something fishy ..but believed vishaka and smiled covering the pain she felt in her heart ''

R: ..So I guess..Dev likes you a lot??'trying to cover her sadness in her voice
V: ..Ya 'I guess ...but didnt Dev ever talk about me to you ?? I mean you are his friend right ???.she tried acing normal as possible'

R: haan ..maybe he was looking for the right moment ...she said looking away ..

There was a little silence between them 'Vishaka was feeling very uneasy , she couldn't believe that she was about  to tell Radhika about vikram '.

Radhika went back to stir the onions while vishaka continuing  cutting the vegetables ..Vishaka was in deep thoughts she didn't notice that her finger was near the knife  and without noticing she cut her skin on her finger '
Radhika attention quickly went on Vishaka '.

R: Kya hua ????
V: Radhika !! It hurts!! ..

R: Areee show me 'saying worriedly'
Radhika held her wrist seeing the cut on her finger '

V: radhika it really hurts ..saying painfully and closed her eyes'Radhika I cant stand seeing blood ..please do something '

Radhika  opened the tab water washing off the blood ..She remembered that the first aid kit was in her room and she knew that vishaka will over panic if she didn't do something quick ..

R: Vishaka its just a little cut ..It will get better ..just come with me ..'she lead vishaka to the temple and took some haldi in her fingers '

V: Radhika its going sting ..saying complainingly ..

R: no vishaka.. it will sooth your pain '.

V: promise???

R: Hann ..promise '

Radhika started applying the haldi on her cut delicately '

Vishaka was surprised seeing  this and smiled warmly'Radhika was such a caring girl ,how could someone be so concerned for a girl that barely showed affection towards her???

R: How does it feel now?? asking concernedly..

Vishaka smiled sweetly..

V: much better ..Thank you Radhika '

R: You go upstairs I will take care of everything '

V: are you sure??? If dev finds out he will get really disappointed

R: don't worry ..Koi kuch nahi kahega ...

V: promise..?

Radhika smiles lightly seeing Vishaka asking her to promise for such little things ..

R: hmm'..Promise''..
Vishaka smiled and nods her head'.She couldn't believe that Radhika was so caring , She started doubting karan words big time  !

Dadima and Vaishali saw all this and smiled happily seeing Radhika being so caring to vishaka ..They  felt sad in the same time they really wanted Radhika as the choti bahu of this house ..She  was one in a millions it was sad that dev didn't accept the marriage proposal ..But they were happy that Radhika was there to help Vishaka around ..

Vishaka called Karan  but no one was answering ..vishaka was getting frustrated by this! Radhika didn't turn out to be what she thought and this was making her very uneasy with the plan ..

V: Stupid Karan!! ..He told me that  Radhika was selfish and wanted Dev because he has lot more then him 'It would be easier If I just told Radhika about Vikram and she could take all this responsibility ..But I had o think of this karan before '.Arghhh..this so annoying!!! ..She tried calling again but no one was answering '.

The sun was at its horizon ,'Radhika was outside watering the plants it was almost evening time the sun was about to set ..Radhika was wearing her  purple shalwar kameez with a braid , she was loving the nature it was so beautiful .she smelt the fresh air outside looking at the sun moving down slowly.. The flowers were blooming feeling the water , the grass was rejoicing getting there thirsts satisfied  '.She suddenly saw Dev and Vishaka walking near the garden swings ..She looked away painfully , she takes a deep breath continuing her watering.. .. ..Birju came by and saw Radhika giving water to the plants ..He also saw her glancing at Dev sadly ..He knew that she wasn't liking seeing them together like that he had an Idea and smiles playfully

Birju: Radhika ji ..Hume dijiye ..Hum kar lege ..( give it to me Ill do it)

Radhika smiled lightly letting Birju water the plants ..As soon as he got the hose he started spraying Vishaka and Dev who were getting really yet ..vishaka and gives one cold stare at Birju and walks away ...Dev was still shocked ..He saw Birju laughing and Radhika was standing beside him with her hand on her mouth  cutely ,shocked to see what Birju did !..Dev gives one steel look and started running towards birju ..

D: BIRJU!! Main tumhe choroonga nahi!!

Birju who quickly gave the hose to Radhika and ran inside laughingly ..she didn't know what to do she was to surprised  to react ..She saw Dev socked top to bottom ..He stood infront of her , running his hands through his yet hair looking very handsome ..Seeing his Radhika cheeks went pink unknowingly , her hear was pasting so fast ..Dev gives out a boyish chuckle

D: Birju be na ?? Ill get him later , here give me the hose'.. he asked casually

Radhika gave it to him and the next second she found herself wet ..She looks at Dev surprised he started laughing boyishly ..Making her frustrated

R: What was that for ?? Maine kuch bhi nahi kiya bir ju bhaiya ne aapko aur Vishaka ji ko paani daala ..Phir muhje kyun saaza milrahi hai ??asking innocently

Dev just smiles amusingly

D: well you were the witness right?? Adding playfully

Radhika pursed her lips denying'   

R: Lekin..main toh '

D: oh Comeon Radhika ..Don't get angry ..I was just having  some fun ..He added cheerfully

Radhika gave him a cute angry face
R: oh!  So you want fun ..Let me show you what's fun ..She tied her duppata to the side taking the hose from him..

She gives Dev one playfully smile look and started spraying him .Dev didn't expect this and tried getting the hose from her ....Radhika started laughing cutely making him laugh amusingly

D: give me that!! Trying to get the hose from her ..

Radhika hid the hose behind her so he doesn't  get his hands on it and spray her .She  felt her shalwar getting stuck on her from the water but she was in a playful mood forgetting about it ..She was enjoying teasing Dev, she couldn't stop laughing seeing him struggle to get the hose from her , she kept moving her torso seeing his hands reaching the hose behind her'Dev stopped and had a mischievous glint making Radhika a little worried ..

D: Lets see how long you keep teasing me like this'

Radhika looks at him worriedly wondering what he was going to do ..
He  starts tickling her around her tummy area '.Radhika started laughing uncontrolably '

R: Suni..Suniye ..Plea'please stop ..I'm very ticklish ' she was moving her torso trying to get away from the tickles ..

D: Oh That's good to know !! Thanks Radhika you made my job even easier ..He was laughing  along hearing her sweet laugh ..

Radhika was walking backwards suddenly she lost  her balance due to the wet grass  and fell back holding on to Dev upper arm for support in a reflex but instead he lost his balance and they both fell on the green grass letting the hose fall on the side ..Radhika and Dev were laughing but they had no idea which position they were in ..Radhika was under him and his head was near her neck side  letting his lips brush over her soft skin unknowingly 'Radhika had her grip on his arms laughing trying to catch with her breath ..Dev slowly opened his eyes and saw beautiful fair skin , he saw that his lips were slightly on her bare skin and  felt a petit figure under him ..Radhika felt her heart throbbing anxiously and  felt shivers running down her spine , she noticed that he was crushed over  her body with  his head dig in her neck , her breathing went uneven , her grip on his  arm became more tighter letting her eyes lids drop feeling the tension rising in her body feeling her senses going numb....Dev felt his heart skip a beat when his lips brushed against her skin ..he didn't know why but he felt like doing it again ...Radhika felt his breathing on her skin making her heart melt away and moved her head little to the side  .. Dev noticed her  skin getting more exposed but he controlled himself letting those desirable feelings escape him..Radhika slowly opened her eyes feeling his face moving up but still a top her , she was trying to stabilize her breathing , Dev moved up gazing in her eyes , she felt few drops of water from his hair coming on her eye lid and flickered her eyelashes letting the drop  flow away making her view clear ..Dev kept gazing in her enchanting eyes , he saw something in her eyes that he couldn't figure out ..Radhika also kept her gaze on his attractive eyes , she gulping once  feeling his closeness ' Dev was loving this but noticed what he was doing and inhaled  getting up he didn't want to make things awkward between them ..Radhika sat  up straight still in the enchantment  ..He held his hand forward to help her get up ..She came back to reality and glances up seeing him give her a light smile. .She holds his hand hesitantly and stood up ..She saw her shalwar getting stuck on her body showing her perfect figure her cheeks turned cherry red with embarrassment ..Dev saw her gets uneasy with this and looked away .She untied  her duppata putting it straight over her chest side ..He finally spoke with much effort ..

D: At least we got a chance to cool ourselves up ..It was a pretty hot weather today ?? Don't you think??

Radhika blinked few times  tried getting herself back to normal after what just happened '.

R: ha..haaan  ..It was a little hot then usual ..trying to make her voice casual as possible ..But inside their was a whole different feelings stirring'.

D: I think Ill go change ..Before I catch a cold '.And I think you should do the same ..He saw Radhika gazing down pensively ..

D: Radhika ??

R: jee ? Coming back from her thoughts ..

D: I said you should go change before you catch a cold ..saying with a caring  smile ..

She nods trying to bring a smile on her face . They both go in each others room to change , Radhika was finding this very hard .She slowly touched her neck side  that was still burning delightfully from the touch of his lips and a shyful smile came up her lips'Her smile slowly disappeared .Its going to be very difficult for her to control her feelings especially if he comes close to her like this ..Radhika didn't know what to do anymore ..? She let herself feel weak when he came close like that ..She had to be more careful next time ..She didn't want Dev to notice that she has feelings for him never !!

Dev was in his room changing his shirt ..He was also feeling a little uneasy with what happened few moments ago 'HE didn't know what took him to think to brush his lips to her skin again ..If he did it what would she think??? He took a deep sigh .He told himself that it was nothing , he probably felt that way because he never got that close to her before , that's it ..He assured himself that he didn't have feelings for her ..

Radhika and Dev were acting normal with each other in the evening  but that moment still wasn't forgotten ..After dinner they all sat playing Kent 'Dev and Vishaka were partners and Vivek and Birju  . Mrinalini was busy talking on the phone with her client . ..Radhika was bringing tea for everyone 'Dev had a disappointed face , they kept loosing ..vivek and Birju were winning all the time and start teasing Dev '.Vishaka rolls his eyes interestingly she wanted to give up ..

Dev saw Radhika coming in with tea to serving  the elders ..His eyes beamed up , he knew having her as his partner they will surely win .She went back in the kitchen and came back ..

D: Radhika ..Come play ..

Radhika smiled excitedly she wanted to play but she saw Vishaka was there ..

R: nahi log keh lijiye ' (No guys play )

Dev looked down upsettingly

Radhika was walking away when she heard vishaka

V: Radhika ..You could take my place I don't want to play anymore 'I'm tired im going to bed ..she said getting up stretching herself and walks near the stairs.. Radhika joins her

R: umm ..vishaka ..Hows  your cut ??

Vishaka smiles

V: Its good ..Much better then before 'Thanks for asking

Radhika smiles back satisfied'
V: Good night '..and went up in her room

R: good night ..

Dev smiles jubilantly seeing Radhika walking towards them

D: Come Radhika ..saying excitedly

Radhka smiles cutely seeing him so happy that she came to play and started playing card with them ..As usual she was Dev partner ..Seeing Dev and Radhika play  happily dadima felt like they were perfect for each other ...Vaishali and Mr.Purohit felt the same way .The only girl that could keep Dev happy was Radhika but he didn't realize it ..There game went on for hours laughing and teasing each other making Radhika laugh cutely 'Dev was happy to see Radhika not showing any uneasy faces to him after what happened in he garden ...

In vishaka room

V: What the hell Karan !! Why weren't you picking up your phone???

K: I forgot my phone at home ..And I just came back '

Vishka rolled her eyes..

V: whatever '. Look Karan ..Radhika is nothing like you said ! She a very nice girl and I don't think there's any problem her getting married to Dev '

Karan was feeling his plan fail , he couldn't let this happen ! And quickly thought of something

K: Vishaka ..your falling in her trap! ..She's doing this purposely so you can give her your place to marry Dev 'She knows that you see her as a perfect choti bahu that's why she's doing this 'Vishaka trust me ..your falling in her plan 'She wants you to leave so she can have Dev ..

Vishaka was really confused now 'was Radhika being nice to her so she can move away???
Vishaka was wavering in her thoughts '.

V: but '

K: look Vishaka '.You can do this 'The next step is the engagement '.get engaged to Dev and Radhika will be backing off and she will walk out that house ..Knowing she wont have any chance 'saying convincingly '..Please Vishaka 'You don't know how Im dying to see my Radhika 'Please '

V: but there something I don't get ..You said that she was selfish?? Then why do you want a girl like that ?? Proving her point'

Karan swallows trying to be more convincing ..

K: Vishaka ,,you don't know how much I love her ..and her being selfish doesn't bother me ..Infact because of that I became  a big business man ..And I want her too see this'.You don't know how much I suffered to get this statues'.Trying to put much pain and agony in his words to convince vishaka 'She was feeling really bad for him , she could tell by his voice that he really wanted Radhika '

Vishaka : Karan ??? 'You are telling me the truth right??? ..I mean if your lying to me..I

K: NO vishaka ..I would never lie about something like this'Never'
Karan was brainwashing Vishaka and it was working again , he couldn't believe how easily he could manipulate her ans was laughing evilly inside 
She takes a deep sigh ...

V: Fine 'Ill do what I can '..

K: thanks Vishaka ..Thank you so much

V: Good night 'and hung the phone..
She takes a deep sigh not knowing what she was going to do ?? Was it necessary for her to get engaged to do all this??

The next day Vishaka went to Dev asking him about their engagement '

V: Dev ..I think we should get engaged now ..I mean we were waiting for this for a very long time right '

Dev swallows uneasily'

D: Vishaka ?? Don't you think we should give it a little more time ..I mean are you used to all this?? .Your ready to take up a responsibility as a choti bahu '?? Your ready to stand by me all my life ?? he asked cautionary

vishaka felt like all these questions were very tricky for her but managed to reply..

V: dev why are you asking me all these questions ..I mean wasn't this what we wanted'We knew each other for many years and we promised each other that we will be there for each other..right ?'Don't worry about me ..I will manage ..she tried assuring '

Dev didn't know why but he felt very uneasy with this but smiled seeing Vishaka happy about this ..

D: theek hai main ..aaj Dadima se baat kartha hoon 'and walked away '

Vishaka took a relief sigh 'She reminded herself that after Radhika leaves she will tell him everything '

 Dev went to Dadima asking her about His and Vishakas engagement ..This made dadima little hesitant to accept but Dev assured her that this is what they  wanted ..Mr Purohit and Vaishali talked about this with Dadima an finally accepted doing the engagement 'They planned the date and started the preparations.. The engagement was in 2 days !..They wanted vishaka parents to come for the engagement but her parents were in U.S because her father had a meeting and her mom went along with him ..but she assured the Purohit that her parents will come to India as soon as possible to discuss the wedding dates '.

Dadima: Dev beta ..sagai se pehle 'ek pooja hoti hai ..We will try to call the pandit to arrange a auspicious time for tomorrow '

Vaishali : Maaji right we have to do this pooja before the engagement'she said sweetly

mr.Purohit : Maa ..aap fiquar na karein ..Hum aaj hi Pundit se baat karthe hain 'he said assuring..

Dev smiles and looks at Vishaka who also smiled '.

Vaishali : I will ask Mrinalini to arrange the decorations '

Dadima: And you have to wear something nice tomorrow Vishaka.. Maybe Mrinalini could arrange something for you '

Vishaka smiles '

Vaishali: don't you guys worry we are all here to do the preparations 'saying sweetly

D: Thanks mom '

Hearing this news Radhika was crying silently in her room , she held her pendant tightly looking up the sky at the stars letting few tear roll down ..She only had one prayer ( Fariyaad) in her heart one desire ..that she could be his one day but she knew it was never going to happen ..The stars were shimmering witnessing the poor girls pain all she wanted was to be with him ..

Hey you guys !! Hows it going???Smile..Thank you so much for your support and commentsHugHeart ..Thank you to my silent readers and everyone who pressed the like button ...Hugit gives me enough encouragement too continue Big smile..I know you guys want everyone to know about Vishaka plan with Karan ...thats why im trying to update as much as possible...Max in 3 updates she will be gone ..or maybe even before Smile...i hope you guys like this part if not then please tell SmileThanks again my friendsHug ....Please bear with me...Confused
Take care you guys Big smile
love: yumna

PArt 16 and 17

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Thanks Yumna for the sweet update, loved the pace at which the FF is moving...2days until the engagement and Dev doesnt seem all that excited to get engaged....Big smile...

The next update will be really good, ur doing a great job and  thanks for updating in a timely manner bcoz i tend to lose my focus when FF's take long to be updated...LOLLOL

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Yumna a very interesting update and liked Radhika making a fariyaad to Kanha

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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wonderful update, please update again soon.

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yaa interesting.......just love it...but this stupid karan ooops.......waiting for next part

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very good update dear.. vishaka getting engage to dev for the sake of chasing radhika out of the house Angry hope radhika prayer is answer....
can't wait for the next update...please update soon

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Thanks for such a quick update
Nice pace---love the garden nok jhok
Karan still playing games with Vishaka--how does he know her?
Waiting to see what happens next

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wonderful update...looking forward to the next one

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