Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 33)

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Interesting update with another twist ... great work Yumna .. looking forward how everything comes in light ..

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wow!.......thnx for the wonderful update.. the idea of this story is really good.. :)   looking forward for another lovely update of yours.. i really enjoy this one........

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my bet is rads bumped into dev, because he only gets these feelings with rads. loved the update.plz post the next part soon.

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wow billo rani awesome part love mirnanli saying to radhika looks like the witch is here lol that mafe me laugh vishaka talking to vikram doont say she is using dev to get his moeny or something as she said ewhen rads goes back to karen then she will go back to him and she easily got braiwashed by karen really intresting. haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the precap made my heart go dhak dhak really cant wait dev statred to feel something for radhika really cant wait for the next part update soon and thanks for the pm

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Thanks for PM billo nice update and an interesting twist. Vishaka ....what evil plan she has in store for dev moreover she joined wuth karan to chuk rad out of the house !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet relieved to see devs concern for rad the same hope he realizes soon. Update soon as the precap makes me more curious its rads not vishaka na?????????????????/

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Part 14

The next morning Radhika was doing her usual routine , she was about to go in Devs room to take out his clothes but halted her feet's thinking of something ..Why was she doing this for him now with  Vishaka here ?..Was this ok for her to do ?? What will Vishaka think?? She looked away feeling pain in her heart , she would have to stop doing this because when Dev and Vishaka get married she wont be allowed to go in his room like that ? She had to make it a habit now ..Radhika closed her eyes sadly thinking about this and glances towards his room .Suddenly she heard the door open  she saw Dev wearing his white kurta pyajama looking very fresh and handsome with front hair little wet .

D: hey Radhika 'I know I woke up early today ..grinning proudly . You were coming to get my clothes out right?? Adding happily ..

Radhika looked down feeling very bad , he always appreciated her doing this for him ..But how will she tell him that this had to stop !

R: Deckiye 'Umm..Main yeh aur nahi Kar sakthi ..saying dully ( ..I cant do this anymore ?)

Dev frowns his brows confusedly , why was she saying this ?

Radhika took the courage and spoke up '
R: Vishaka is here now and if I come in your room like this she wont like it ..And in the future I wont be able to do this either ..So its better that I stop this now ..trailing of sadly

D: What do you mean ?? he wasn't liking what she was saying ..somehow it hurt him ..

Radhika took a deep breath and gazed in his eyes ..

R: You have Vishaka now ..You don't need me anymore for this ..she felt daggers in her heart saying this '

D: But'I don't want you to stop  'saying glumly

Radhika was helpless he had to understand ..

R: Aap samajne ki koshish Kijiye 'You have to get used to this now ..I wont be around for you anymore ..You have Vishaka to take care of you ..holding her face low feeling tears in her eyes ..

Hearing this crushed Dev heart ..He didn't know why her saying all this pained him very badly ..She wont come in his room anymore to prepare his clothes? They wont  talk to each other like they used to every morning when she came in his room ? Dev understood what she was saying and she was right ..He couldn't depend on her anymore '

Radhika glanced up seeing Dev looking sad  ..She hated seeing him like this '

R: aap samaj rahein na ?? Ke main kya kehri hoon ??  Asking softly
( you understand what im trying to say ..right??)

Dev nodded soberly

D: Hann ..And your right ..he sounded very upset

Radhika swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to cheering  him up a little

R: but ..don't worry Ill see you around in the house ..And we still have our hand shake right ? How could we not do it ..Haina ?? Adding joyfully

Dev heard her trying to console him and smiled lightly nodding his head ..She forwarded her hand making dev grin boyishly seeing his smile made her happy ..After she was done she started walking away 'she was behind the white big pillar  making her way downstairs  .She heard Dev calling Vishaka who was walking the opposite way ..

D: Vishaka can you Iron my shirt  please '.

Radhika closed her eyes hearing this controlling the pain in her heart , she wasn't used to seeing another girl iron his clothes  ..she glanced back seeing Dev asking with a sweet smile ..

V:  ME???

Dev knew that she would do this but he tried again

D: Please Vishaka 'Last time I tried ironing my clothes I burned my fingers '

V: Dev '.I '...she heard her phone ring and picked it up walking away ,..

Dev looks down helplessly and walks back in his room 'Radhika felt anger towards vishaka how could she do this to him ?? She needed to be there for him but she's not ..she keep her gaze steely on Vishaka, she  was feeling really bad , she didn't want him to burn his fingers and walked towards his room seeing the door  halfway opened ..he was wearing black jeans with a white tee exposing his masculine muscle trying to plug in the iron machine ..Radhika had few tears in her eyes , she was feeling extremely bad ..Dev was starting to iron his shirt .. she takes a deep breath and knocks on the door..

D: Come in ..Looking towards the door .As soon as his gaze left the iron his fingers touched the soleplate making him moan lightly in pain '

Hearing this Radhika eyes went worried and quickly entered seeing him hold his finger  blowing on it to cool it down 'Radhika held his hand seeing redness on his finger ..

R: Aap theek toh hain ?? Asking concernedly ..
Dev gaze catches her teary eyes , she was blowing on his fingers  painfully ..His brows pull up seeing this , she reacted so quickly .., he couldn't understand why she was so caring to him? , why did she worry so much about him??

D: Radhika Im fine ..saying assurably   ..its just a little burn barely hurts anymore '.saying convincingly ..
She gazes up seeing his convincing smile ..
R: Hold on im coming back ..She ran to her room getting a cream to sooth the burning pain ..

She came back holding his hand little possessively and applied the medication on it 'Dev saw this and his heart fluttered lovingly with out him realising the feelings raising within him ..
R: Abb aap yeh nahi karein ge ..Main karoongi ..she said walking towards  the iron table ..
D: No Radhika its ok ..Ill do it ..

R: Nahi ..aap yeh nahi karenge ..she said with a tinge of order mixed with sternness ( No you won do it )

Dev obeyed her after  hearing her tone , she started ironing his shirt , Dev was just gazing at her standing right behind her without her realising ..He smiled seeing this , he didn't know why but he loved it when she gets concerned like this ...she was done and turned around. As soon as she turned around she bumped into his chest unknowingly,  her lips slightly brushing on  his upper chest that was a little exposed  ,she froze for a second and felt no space between them ,Dev felt her shallow breathing on his chest side making a unknown excitement rising within him . Radhika stood there for few seconds feeling her heart throbbing unevenly with little courage  she glanced up uneasily gazing in his charming eyes that were captivating , few seconds passed and  she looked away  and  quickly took a step back feeling too embarrassed ..Dev also felt a unknown feeling in his heart but controlled it seeing her looking away awkwardly . He saw her cheeks burning red with embarrassment ..There was a little silence between them slowly Radhika forwarded his shirt that was nicely ironed ..
D: umm Thanks Radhika ..But you didn't have too........trying his best to act casual and moved few steps away putting his shirt on

Radhika takes a deep silent breath , she saw Dev putting his shirt on..She flickered her lashes remembering his muscular body she bumped into. She closed her eyes for a brief second and gulped taking the strength to talk..

R: Its ok'.'....She started walking away and  stopped near the door  '..ab aap chaldi se tayar hojaye ..Sab neche aapka intezaar kare hain ..she said trying to act normal as possible ..

Dev swiftly turns around seeing her give him a light smile  walking away ..  Dev heart smiled along As soon as she left he recalled the moment she bumped into him , feeling slightly her soft lips on his skin he felt shivers in his body . He touch his chest side lightly the area, it felt like his heart was longing for her kiss again ..He hit himself trying to shake those thought out of his mind 'It wasn't right for him to think this way ..

Radhika was walking down the hall not knowing why her heart was still thumping fast ..She took a deep sigh and managed to act casual but next time if anything like this happens she wont know what will happen to her ?  She closed her eyes calming herself down and walking downstairs trying to act normal ..

Every was having breakfast ..Dev looked at Radhika who was laughing with Mrinalini and Birju .Seeing her laugh made his heart flutter with happiness ..He saw Vishaka talking with Dadima and Vaishali ..vivek and Mr.Purohit were talking about some mutt work ..He carried on with his breakfast , Dadima reminded Vishaka that she will have to make dinner tonight  making Dev and Vishaka worried ..

Dev and Vivek were getting ready  to go to the office ,

V: Dev ..You going ?? What am I going to do all alone here ??

Dev: Vishaka ..Your not alone ..Radhika will keep you company ..

Hearing this Radhika made an uninteresting face , Mrinalni saw this and started laughing

Radhika looked at Mrinalini and bit her lips little embarrassedly'Mrinalni hid her laugh not to make Radhika in a uneasy position and went to work

Vishaka  glances a Radhika who was cleaning up the dinner table '

D: Ok bye vishaka Ill see you in the evening ..he quickly ran hearing Vivek honking ..

V: But'.

She took a frustrated sigh ..What was she going to do for dinner ? She goes up in her room while Radhika went in the kitchen ..Dadima  Vaishali and Mr.Purohit went to a village near  by.. There was a Adharm that happened and Mr.Purohit went to do Justice ..There were going to be back before evening time ..Vishaka hung up the phone with karan and took a deep sigh what she was going to do was something she wasn't used to doing ..

Radhika was doing her normal house chores vishaka saw Radhika sweeping up the floors ..and took advantage of her chance since no one was around ..

V: So Radhika ..This is your job?? You're the servant of this house?? Asking  casaully
Radhika frowns her brows and gets up ..

R: No Im not a servant but ..

V: Oh really '?? Why are you always doing house chores like this??

Birju came by and saw Radhika looking very disturbed by this '

R: Im doing it because ..I like it ..! Replying firmly

V: well that's nice ..So are you going planning to stay here forever ?? I mean this is not your family right??

Radhika looks at Vishaka surprised even Birju heard her rude comments making him angry ..Vishaka was right in a way ..this wasn't her family but they didn't make her feel like a stranger ..they took her as there own ..

R: I know ..But this family gave me a lot making me feel like their own  ..trailing of sweetly yet firm

Vishaka was just giving her attitude '

V: well Dev told me that you were suppose to get married to some Karan ?? Why don't you just go back to him ..??  Im sure he will keep you happy '

Radhika eyes started turning moist , she was hating the way Vishaka was asking her these questions ..She slowly looks down feeling little defeated making Vishaka smiles victoriously.

Birju : Vishaka ji ..Aapko koi haq nahi hai ..Radhika ji se aise baat karni 'Samjhi aap!

Radhika looked surprised at briju but  felt nice hearing him support her .

V: aab  tum muhje saka ogee ..Kiss se kaise baat karni ..?? Don't even try ! ..Saying warningly and walks away ( now are you going to teach me how to talk to someone??)

B: Najane konsi ladhki Dev bhiaya ne pasand kia ?? Na koi tammeez baat karni ki ! Baatameez ! He said shooting a steely look as she walked away ..Yeh sab main Dev bhaiya ko zaroor bataonga ..saying determinately

R: Birju Bhiaya ..aap aisa kuch nahi kare ge 'I don't want  them to create misunderstanding between them '.He likes her ..And if we say something he might ......Please Birju bhaiya ..don't say anything ....She didn't want Dev to loose his love .

Birju : Theek hai ..Main aaj kuch nahi kahonga ,,Lekin agar usne phirse yeh kiya ..Toh main chup nahi rahoonga ..he said toughly with a warning and  walks to the  kitchen ..

Later in the day , Dev called Vishaka to remind her to make dinner 'Vishaka was complaining but Dev mad her understand .She went to the kitchen seeing no one around.. She hated this! Why did she have to do this ?? She could of told Dev the truth and go away from here .." I hope they wont tell me to do this everyday !" ..Suddenly she saw Radhika walking in tying up her duppata to the side  tying her hair up in a cute pony tail ..
Radhika looked away angrily ..Vishaka had an idea

V: radhika! Please help me ..asking helplessly

Radhika was walking away

V: Radhika im sorry please '

Radhika looks at her little doubtfully

V: Im really sorry Radhika ..I was just angry the other time ..I wasn't feeling myself ..Please meri thodi si help kardo na ..Please ..

Seeing vishaka apologising made Radhika give in but she didn't understand why she needed her help when she said that she knew how to cook ..

R: But yesterday you said you knew how to cook ??

V: oh that was just to impress the family ..adding little teasingly

Radhika was shocked hearing this , why couldn't  she just say the truth??

V: if dadima knew I didn't know how to cook them my chances of being this house Choti bahu would diminish '.

Radhika just looked on feeling stunned '..Vishaka wanted to see Radhika expression when she said that '

V:  Why are you shocked???

Radhika swallow the lump in her throat , she only knew the pain in her heart when Vishaka said that ..

R: Nahi'....Kuch nahi '......she turned around getting the chopping board ..

Vishaka looked at Radhika doubtfully....

V: Ok Radhika ..I will sit here and watch you '.

R: But Dadima said that you have to cook least help me a little

V: Radhika ..I don't know a thing ..Ill watch you and learn in the same time ..adding cheerfully

Radhika didn't think it was a good idea but she was doing this for only one  person ..Dev

Radhika started cutting the vegetable making the roti dough ..soaking  the rice 'While vishaka was sitting on the stool eating and apple'Radhika couldn't believe she was doing this
'After a while she was done ! Vishaka was very impressed she couldn't believe Radhika did this for her without complaining !.She thought that Radhika would stop in the middle letting her do al the work ..but nothing like that happened ..She really completed everything !

V: WOW!!! Thank you Radhika '..You liked doing this don't you??

Radhika simply  nods her head 'Vishaka smiles seeing  this ..she didn't know why but it looked like Radhika wasn't as bad as Karan said she was '
Radhika made her way to the dinning table..
V: wait Radhika ! 'Ill help you ..Muhje dinning table set karne atha hai ..saying smilingly..

Radhika just looked at vishaka surprised and smiled lightly

The whole family came home for dinner and sat on the table while Dev was very anxious to see how Vishaka managed ..He looked at her she looked pretty relax and confident .This made him a little better ..Radhika was setting up the table and Vishaka was helping her ..Seeing this Dadima and Vaishali shared a smile .

They all sat to have dinner and vishaka was pouring everyone  ..Seeing this Mr.Purohit was very impressed ,they  were many dishes that were prepared ..Everyone had the first morsel ..Dev was watching everyone take there first bite ..He was surprised no one spit it out ..He took the first morsel and was to delicious to be Vishaka cooking he knew her cooking wasn't good at all, he took another morsel he knew this taste ..It tasted  like Radhika cooking 'He gazes up seeing radhika looking at him somehow she  knew that he would recognize her cooking . He glances back at his plate ..He couldn't believe Radhika made the food and Vishaka was getting the credit for it ..HE heard everyone praising her cooking , Mrinalini admitted that it was good but she didn't say anything ..He saw Radhika looking little uneasy , she didn't like the fact that the family was being fooled by Vishaka 'She just kept quiet for his sake 'Dev  always loved Radhika cooking and finished everything on his plate

V: so Dev how was it ???

Dev smiled  lightly  glancing at Radhika who was looking away

D: It was delicious ..he kept his gaze on Radhika making her glance up seeing his sweet smile ..

She knew that he was giving this complement to her and smiled  a little ..vishaka saw this smiled uneasily she knew from his gaze that he knew it was Radhika cooking 'After dinner everyone went to their respective rooms ..Dev went in vishakas room seeing her hang up the phone ..'

D: Vishaka??

V: Oh ..Hey Dev 'she managed to say little nervously'
D:. .Hi 'I know you didn't cook the food today .Radhika did '.I don't want you to do this again
V: but she told me she likes it 'so I let her do it '
D: Vishaka 'Try to understand'

Vishaka looks down and nods ..
V: Your right ..I don't think I will be able to do this again '.

Dev smiles satisfied

D: good'..did you talk to your parents?? How are they??

V: Ya ..there ok 'saying assuring

Dev smiles and walks out wishing her good night'
Vishaka takes a deep sight, she didn't know why but she didn't find it a problem letting Radhika become this houses choti bahu ..It would solve all her problems'but in the other hand ..Karan loves Radhika and she gave her words to him 'She noticed that Dev got a little reserved with her and her too wasn't the same with him anymore..He looked more interested in Radhika then her 'which was a good thing ..but she couldn't do this to karan ..vishaka thought were wavering around ..

Dev was looking for Radhika everywhere , he goes up on the terrace and sees Radhika sitting on the edge of the water fountain with her legs folded up to her chest side with her arms over her legs , lost in a deep thought There was a warm breeze passing by her ,  she had few stand of her on her face that weren't bothering her ..He smiles and walks towards her  he had to admit she was looking very beautiful ..seeing her like this made his heart flutter ..
He clears his throat to get her out of the trance , she quickly looks up seeing him smile boyishly ..

D: tum yahan kya kari ho ?? I was looking everywhere for you ?? Sitting himself beside her

R: kyun Kuch kaam tha ?? Asking worriedly

D: nahi toh ..Why im not allowed to see you ?? Meeting me does it necessary mean that I have work for you ?? Adding teasingly

R: nahi aisa kuch nahi hai ..adding with a sweet smile '

D: Actually I came to thank you .I know you made the dinner today ..He said little guiltily 'And I don't know how to thank you 'trailing of tenderly

Radhika take a uneasy sigh wondering her gaze on the grass
R: Its ok ..Vishaka was learning while I was cooking ..

D:  I talked to her about this ..And  she wont do it next time ..he said assuring ..I mean you wont always be there for her help right ?? She needs learn that's why I bought her here so she could learn from you ..adding sweetly ..

Hearing this she smiled along .Few minutes passed in the silent , all they could here was the wind making the trees and the flower dance ..They both were enjoying the beautiful night breathing the fresh air ..suddenly Dev spke up ..

D: Radhika??? Can you help Vishaka adjust ..she doesn't know much about the house  ..and she need someone to help her '.
Radhika looks at Dev understanding'She had to forget that she had no chance with him and he did a lot for her this will be a very small thing in return 'She smiles and nods her head agreeing ..

R: Ill do my best

D: thank Radhika 'No one could be a better example then you ..
Radhika felt nice hearing this and smiled sweetly

They both did there hand shake and went inside together ..

D: waise Radhika 'what were you thinking about when you were on the terrace you looked into some deep thought ..

Radhika stopped seeing her room door smiling at him ..

R: Maybe one day you will find out why I was in a deep thought like that  .?  
Dev frowns his brows not understanding '

D: Matlab ??

Radika smiles sadly controlling her tears ..

R: I was thinking  about someone that mean so much for me 'She said gazing in his eyes ..

D: you were thinking about your parents?? Asking sadly..

R: Shayad 'Taking and uneasy sigh '.Subratri

D: Shubratri ..saying little puzzled , he didn't understand why did she have to be so indirect to him ..

Vivek and Mrinalni room

Vivek: Mrinalini ?? Vishaka isn't as bad I I thought 'he said tenderly'

Mrinalini had her back resting againt the bed rest drawing some sketches '

M: Vivek ? 'I don't think shes better then Radhika ..I don't know why but I have this feeling that Dev will regret this '.Anyways ..Im in no mood of talking of vishaka 'I barely had a proper conversation with her and Im not planning on having one either 'She moved her gaze back to her drawing'

Vivek just laughs shaking his head knowing that Mrilani was not interested in talking about Vishaka '.

Vivek: So tell me hows work??

Mrinalni takes a deep sigh and starts telling vivek what happened with one of her clients..Their chatting went all night '

The next day after the aarti and breakfast  dadima and Vaishali took Vishaka to their ancestral mandir .They told Radhika to come along but Birju needed help cleaning the storage room so she stayed back '

Radhika and Birju take a satisfied sigh '

B: Radhika ji ..I have to go to the market place 'Will be back soon '

Radhika smiles and nods her head 'While that time Radhika went in the garden ..she saw that the flowers were blossoming nicely , the weather outside was very fresh and relaxing reminded her a lot of her singing classes with her mom ..The same air the same flower smell ..the same atmosphere 'Radhika felt a the soothing wind swaying the trees making the leafs ruffle ..Radhika had a sweet smile on her face 'she kneels down on the grass smelling the beautiful Daisy 'The garden looked so alluring welcoming her to stay here for the rest of the day '.

Dev came back from the office since he was finished his work and Vivek gave him the rest of the day off 'He went in his room got freshened  up  and changed into track pants wearing a white tee ..He was feeling quite hot in his office clothes but he felt more relaxed in his home attire ..Dev was looking everywhere for Radhika or Birju ..but couldn't find them ..He made his way to the garden and saw Radhika walking around the garden admiring the flowers ..He saw her kneeling down smelling the roses 'He found her so beautiful , he suddenly thought of something and ran in his room to get his camera.. He came out seeing Radhika still smelling the flower ..He quickly focused this camera and took a snap ..He didn't know why but his heart was getting enchanted with her beauty 'She was wearing a nice pink anarkali that was perfectly fitting her feminine figure , her hair nice pined to the back following with a loose braid ..Her duppata was on her front neck flowing down the tow side behind her ..Dev gives out a boyish smile seeing her giggle cutely watching the butterfly resting on the rose .He took another picture of her 'He started zooming o her eyes ..She had the beautiful eyes ever , her long lashes perfect eye brows  looking so alluring for him and he clicked ..Radhika was giving him wonderful poses without her noticing. .Radhika got up and felt someone on her left side ..She turns and sees Dev taking a picture ..She smiles surprised seeing him here'Dev moved the camera away and smiles boyishly ..

D: hey Radhika!

R: aap ?? Aap kaab aye??

D: thodi dher pehle jab tum pholon ko dhekrathi ..

Radhika saw the camera in his hand and frowns confusedly??

R: what were you doing with your camera ??

Dev was trying to find an excuse..

D: Actually '.I wanted to take pictures of the flowers. There looking really beautiful '

Radhika smiles agreeing ..

R: haan ..Bohut khoobsurat lagre hain ..saying cutely
Dev laughs cutely seeing how innocent she was , she actually believed him !

D: Actually Radhika ..I was taking pictures of you '.saying with a boyish grin '

R: meri???!! Kyun???

Dev : who kya haina humare paas tumhari koi tasveer nahi hai ..Toh maine socha ke main tumhari tasveer utharoon ..

Radhika felt shy hearing this ..its been such a long time she didn't take any pictures 'Ranjiv Chacha would take pictures of her with her mom but its been few years ago '.

R: Meri tasveer?? Asking coyly.

Dev found her so cute seeing her like that ..and smiled sweetly

D : haan!! Come !
R: par'.

D: No but'do what you were doing before '.

R: kya??? Asking little nervously'

D: Be yourself!!! saying excitedly '

Radhika smiles cutely and smell the flower'.
Dev snapped started snapping pictures of her'Radhika was getting uneasy  sometime , she didn't know if it was ok for her to spend time with him like this ..Dev was enjoying this very much he loved spending time with her 'Somehow it relaxes him very much ..Seeing her smile little shyly made him smile boyishly ..He never saw such coyness in any girl especially taking pictures ..Vishaka is very opened with camera but Radhika isn't 'He will work on that with her ..

R: Acha baas  hogaya'Muhje aur tasveer nahi leni '

D: Oh ..come on Radhika I only took 3 of you

R: nahi muhje aur nahi karna '.

D: Ok last one! ..

R: theek hai ..Last one 'she said reasoning

D: hold on ..there something wrong with the camera'Dev tries fixing the focus moving his camera to the flower ..Radhika was waiting patiently suddenly her eyes caught on a caterpillar that was on a leaf ....She remembered the prank he played on her the other day 'this was the perfect moment to get him back! Radhika took the caterpillar and put it on his shoulder without him noticing ..She giggled silently and picked the rose trying to act causual ..

D: ok ! Its good now'he said smiling ..
Radhika was trying to hide her laugh , Dev felt something on his shoulder and turns his head on his right shoulder ..He startled seeing a ugly green caterpillar , he frowns seeing such hideous insect '.Suddenly he heard Radhika laughing cutely'.He gives her one beware look taking off the caterpillar 'Radhika continued laughing remembering his expression seeing the caterpillar

D: you did this ..didn't you ?? ..

Radhika was having trouble talking '..

R: Ap..appp 'aapka chehra '.hihhiiiha'she couldn't stop ..Dev was getting annoyed hearing her laugh at him 'HE takes off his camera putting it on the garden table ..

D: Come here you!!!

Radhika eyes widened up and started running around the garden 'Her duppata was flowing along '.Dev  was running with all his power after her ..He heard her  beautiful laugh gleaming around the huge garden'Hearing this he laughed along amusingly '

D: Radhika come here!! Right now!!! He tried brining some sternness in his tome but failed..

She turned around for a brief second showing him her thump wiggling it teasingly 'this got Dev more determined to catch her 'Radhika pastes her steps and hides behind a big tree catching her breath ..She peeked seeing Dev looking for her '.This was like a game for them they became kids again 'Radhika took a relief sigh looking straight catching her breath.. she knew that Dev will take time to find her 'She peeks again ..not seeing Dev anymore?? , she frowns her brows and turns around Seeing Dev with mischievous smile '.HE hold her arms and sticks them on the tree stomp'Radhika was breathing unevenly seeing that he caught her ..She started laughing not noticing the position the both were in 'Dev was also catching his breath gazing in her eyes with teasingly

R: .. You'you got scared '.saying giggling

Dev found her so cute and played along

D: So what ??? I'm human ..I'm allowed to get scared '

R: ..So how did you like my prank ???

D:'.Your becoming a prankster now'.Who teaches you this?? Birju ???

Radhika giggled  cutely even more hearing his question '

R: Hmmm ..shaking her head..

D: then who ???

R: Im learning this from you ..answering  giggling yet teasing ..

Hearing this Dev laughed boyishly '
D: looks like in not time you will be an expert '.

Radhika looked down little shyly ..she noticed her arms being stuck on the stomp with his grip and not much space between them ..her heart started throbbing anxiously seeing him in a tee exposing his muscular arms  '.She started wiggling her arms trying to get released glancing at him little nervously ..Dev noticed this and was about to release her seeing her uneasiness but thought of something

D: First apologize '

Radhika looked up at him stunned '

R: Apologize ??? For what?

D: For what you just did'.saying teasingly

Radhika was already feeling her heart falling for him ...But seeing Dev teasing smile she wanted to play along moving all these uneasiness feelings away 'For once she was having fun with him after a long time ..

R: Fine 'first release me '

Dev obeyed believing her words'he released her keeping his gaze fixed on her  ..Radhika glances up one seeing dev moving a little back 'She found this the perfect opportunity  to escape and she did ..Dev was surprised seeing her giggle away '

D: Radhika! This is not fair Yaar 'and started running after her'.
Radhika kept running Dev was few steps away he forwarded his arms to hold her shoulder but got hold of her duppata instead ..Radhika didn't realise and kept running '.Seeing her duppata in his hand made him smile jubilantly 'He will get her back with this ! ..Radhika was was making her way inside the house suddenly she noticed her duppata missing 'She wonderer if it fell down ?? She started retracing her steps but found Dev leaning against the pillar holding her duppata 'Her eyes widened up in surprised ..she was feeling very uneasy without her duppta and over that Dev was holding it!!!'

D: looking for something??? Asking teasingly'

R: suniye ..mera duppta wapas dejiye na?? ..

D: try to get it ..You teased me ..I will tease you back !!

Radhika walked to him trying to grab her duppata but he moved it away '

R: Please 'aisa maat khejive na ..Bas hogaya '
D: Well you started it !!..Saying this he started running ..

Radhika take a deep sigh and started running after him ..She wonderer how long this game would go on??? Dev ran up the stairs while radhika was right behind him ..Dev thought that she was a pretty fast runner 'Radhika went up the stairs ..she saw Dev running in his room and ran after him with a amusing smile on her face 'Radhika was out off breath  'She looks at Dev who was waiting for to come after him '
D: you give up??? Saying teasingly..

Radhika laughs shaking her head ..

Dev saw Radhika running towards him ..he jumps over his bed  runing out his room ..Suddenly he saw mr.Purohit standing in front of him ..Radhika was right behind him but Mr.Purohit didn't see her because dev was hidding her unknowingly'Dev swallows nervously seeing his dad looking at him confusedly'

Mr.Purohit: Dev ?? What are you hidding behind your back???

Dev: wo..who'.ma..main 'umm'ba..bas '.Dev was trying to find an excuse ..

Radhika heart was beating nervously she quickly grabbed her dupppta from his hand ..He felt this and took a silent relief '
 Radhika came out from behind '

R: Radhe Radhe Chacha ji ..trying to act casual'

Dev thanked Radhika from his heart for this ..

Mr.Purohit was surprised seeing Radhika come out behind dev ..

Mr.Purohit: Radhe Radhe Beta ..Tum Dev ke ..peeche???..

R: Jee'.main '

Dev: dad ..Radhika was standing behind me ..she just came downsatirs'..but my height covered her '.trying his best to cover up his nervousness'

Mr.Purohit laughs hearing this '

Mr.Purhit: you are a very grown boy 'I remember you were this small 'He said  showing them with his hands how little Dev was 'You grew up so fast my boy.. more taller then me ..Trailing of laughingly 'Jiyo jiyo ..he said blessing Dev
Dev and Radhika shared a sweet smile '

R: umm..Chachaji ..main aap karliye Khanna lagaon ??
Mr.Purohit: Nahi beta ..Im going in my room to rest a little'.He was about to walk away when he saw Radhika and Dev taking a relief sigh ..

Mr.Purohit: waise Dev ?? Tum yahan kya kare ho??

Dev: um..Who ..Bhaiya ne chuti di hai 'He said that I can go home '

Mr.Purohit: Acha ..Theek hai '.He continuind his way to his room '

Radhika shakes her head knowing that it was a very close one '

R: Pata nahi 'Kya hota agar Chachaji ne dekliya hota

D: Aree relax Radhika ..You get worried so fast ..he said sitting on the couch resting his hear on the pillow'we were just playing around'

R: Agar main nahi hoti na 'Toh pata nahi aapka kya hota???  She said teasingly making him laugh boyishly'

D: True 'lekin agar main nahi hota toh tum kya kehthi Dad se ?? he said getting up

Radhika smiles at his point..

R: hmmm'Toh saab barabar?? Asking sweetly
D: Exactly !!!

Radhika smiles cutely and they do there hand shake ..

R: main aap karliye khaana parousti hoon

 And walks to the kitchen ..Dev watched her leave ..he grins boyishly ..its been such a long time he didn't laugh this much with her 'he felt so free with her , she always relaxed him 'He never felt this way with any girl , not even Vishaka 'Radhika plays along with him and they both know how to have fun 'Dev run his fingers through his hair remembering her tease in the garden ..He found her so cute and adorable.. His heart was just throbbing remembering her in the garden looking so beautiful , remembering her laugh that made the whole garden more alluring 'His smile slowly reduced , his heart beats came to normal knowing that he cant think of her this way ..He completely forgot that Vishaka was here '.

Radhika was in the kitchen heating up the food'She was lost in her own thoughts 'Was all this ok for her to do ?? Wasn't she suppose to reduce her closness with DEV??  She couldn't do this again..if she does then it will be very hard for her to hide her feelings ..but she had to admit that she had lots of fun ..She never knew that she could be so free with someone laughing and teasing...Dev didn't get angry at her when she teased him but played along with her 'Radhika smiled shyly remembering his teasing 'And when he was taking her pictures 'It was very sweet of him 'Suddenly she remembered that Vishaka was here  making her smile vanish away ..She cant let this happen again ..She cant believe that she let herself get close to him like that !! She had to stop ! this will just make things worst for her 'Dev liked someone else 'she let few tears roll down pursing her lips ..She get a hold of herself hearing Birju voice enter the kitchen '.'

Few minutes later Vaishali , Dadima and Vishaka came back 'They all sat together having some lunch ..Mr.Purohit also came joining his family.. Only Mrinalini and Vivek were missing'
They were all chatting amongst each other '

Mr.Purohit: vishaka?? How did you like our ancestral temple??

Vishaka: It was really lovely 'saying sweetly'

Radhika smiles she already went with Vaishali and Dadima few weeks ago ..It was very beautiful ..
Dev smiles hearing this '

D: we have many more ..saying proudly'

Vishaka tried keeping her smile ..

V: great '.So I will have more responsibilities right??

Dadima: of course ..this houses choti bahu will have to do darshan at that temple very often ..saying tenderly'

Vishaka was less interested in knowing this but kept her sweet smile '
The day passed by very relaxingly , vishaka went in her room reading a magazine..It was very hot outside that she wanted to stay cool in her room ..Radhika didn't talk much to vishaka since she got busy with Dadima in the temple area'..Dev went in his room uploading Radhika pictures on his laptop 'He grins boyishly seeing her shyful smile on the screen '.He takes an uneasy sigh closing his laptop making those feeling disappear

Radhika was in her room leaning against the window 'She so much fun with him today , she recalled all the moments spent with him 'she cant stop herself from getting pulled towards him .she loves him a lot and only she knows how much she loves him ..Since yesterday she's been getting close to him ..And this had to stop ore else it would make her things worst ..She was ready to give him away for his happiness. .If he liked vishaka be it '


R: Suni..Suniye ..Plea'please stop ..I'm very tickling' she was moving her torso trying to get away from the tickles ..

D: Oh That's good to know !! Thanks Radhika you made my job even easier ..He was laughing  along hearing her sweet laugh ..

Radhika was walking back suddenly she lost  her balance and fell back holding on to Dev upper arm for support but instead he lost his balance and they both fell on the green grass letting the hose fall on the side ..Radhika and Dev were laughing but they had no idea which position they were in ..Radhika was under him and his head was near her neck side  letting his lips brush over her soft skin unknowingly 'Embarrassed

Hey guys ..Thank you so much for your quick reply Big smile..I loved reading every single on of them...Hug..I hope you guys enjoy this  update .Glad you guys liked the twist .Big smile..I just hope I will pull it offConfused....There will be one more twist but after will make it more steady Smile..I hope its not too fast ...If it is then I will slow down a little Smile..Im actually on my march break so I have a week of..i was thinking of posting one each day ..but I think My update is really long will post a small one next time Smile...I think some of you got confused about  the precap ....Its RAdhika and not Vishaka Smile..I will never put a scene like that between Dev and vishaka ..I think we had enough of her closeness in Choti bahu will always be with RAdhika Embarrassed so dont worry about  it  Wink
TAke care you guys ..And thanks again for the lovely comments..I really appreciate it Big smileforgive me for any mistakes ..I actually added more RAdev  to this update todaySmile..
Hope you like the precap EmbarrassedWink

Part 15:

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
hi didi,
sorry i haven't commented in so long, but  i read all the parts and loved it.
loved the twists
please update ASAP

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
Yumna... glad you updated quickly:) Loved the update..... Dev/Radhika moments were very sweetDay Dreaming

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