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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 31)

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Part 13
The next morning Dev took a day off to bring Vishaka home , he was so cheerful but the family were just dull about it ..Radhika was wearing a nice green shalwar kameez with her matching choriyaans walking down the stairs with her long dark brun  hair clipped to the back ..She halted her feet's few stairs away from the floor seeing ..A girl standing next to dev greeting Dadima , taking her blessings Dadima smiled happily , She took Vaishali and mr.purohit who gave their blessings as well happily  ..She was wearing a red anarkali with her hair left open ..She had a sweet smile on her face  ..Dev was also grinning joyfully , Seeing this she clutched on her duppata controlling the jealousy ..Vishaka went to shake hands with vivek and Birju ..Dev was introducing her to every member of the family ..Mrinalni was coming down the stairs and saw Vishaka ,she rolled her eyes unhappily ,  she also saw Radhika standing there watching little coldly , she stood beside Radhika and whispered in her ears ..

M: Looks like the witch is here !

Radhika shuddered lightly hearing Mrinalini voice ..

Mrinalini smiles teasingly walking down the few steps ..Radhika liked Mrinali comment and laughed silently  ..Mrinlani looks back and gives her a wink ..

Vishaka shakes hands with Mrinalini while dev was giving Mrinalini her introduction ..The whole family were doing this for his happiness .Mrinalni wasn't showing her attitude because Vivek made her understand last night 'But she still wasn't accepting Vishaka as her Devrani !

Dev saw Radhika standing on the stairs watching  them ..He smiles sweetly ..

D: Vishaka come Ill introduce you to Radhika ..remember I told you about her 'Come ! He said excitedly ..Vishaka smiled and followed along '

Radhika looks at Dev hiding her unpleasant smile ,

D: Radhika ..This is Vishaka '..And Vishaka This is Radhika ..saying  cheerfully

Radhika smiles and so does Vishaka ..Dev was in the middle glancing at each girl ,,Vishaka and Radhika were facing each other sharing a sweet smile. .yet fake ..

V: namaste ..she said folding her hands together ..

R: Radhe radhe 'Folding her hands as well ..
Dev smiled happily seeing both girls greeting each other ..

V:I heard a lot about you ..

Radhika glances at Dev at smiles'Somehow she didn't want dev to talk about her to his Girl Friend ..

R: Ohh,,That's nice 'she didn't knowing what else to say ..

Dev: Come Vishaka let me show you your room '.Radhika you come too ..adding excitedly ..

R: Main ??

D: haan ! Come ..he said holding her wrist making her glance at Vishaka who just followed ..

The whole family watched them go upstairs ..

Dadima: Birju can you take Vishaka things in her room?

Birju:  jee dadima

Vivek too excused himself he had some important meeting to attend and Mrinalni had too meet an important client.
Dadima looked at Mr.Purhit and Vaishali that were satisfied with Vishaka ..She wasn't as bad as they thought she was ..Dadima also thought the same and sat down asking the servants to give her a glass of water ..

Meanwhile Vishaka was looking at her room ..

Radhika looked at Dev who looked a little anxious ..

V: Dev you know I hate Brown ..

Radhika looked at dev who's smile disappeared

D: but Vishaka ..we worked hard on your room .And

V: Dev if you knew me well wouldn't choose these colors ..Looking at the curtains little unpleasantly ..

Radhika frowns her brows not understanding Vishaka behavior with Dev ..HE worked so hard on her room and she didn't even say thank you ? Dev was feeling very bad for this , he didn't care about him but Radhika , she helped him do this but Vishaka was ready to change everything

R: Vishaka ji ..He worked so hard for your room and your not even grateful?? She said  trying to be polite

Dev looked at Radhika little surprised ..Vishaka looks at radhika little doubtfully

V: Thanks Dev 'I guess I can manage in this room ..

D: You should also Thank Radhika because she helped me a lot ..glancing once at Radhika

V: Oh 'Now I see  why the colors weren't pleasing me ..because you choose them and you don't know much about me ..Right?? Asking with a smile

Radhika looks at Vishaka and simply nods

V: but Dev were there you could of told her 'But its ok 'whats done is done..I will try to get used to this color  ..trying to cheer up the mood a little

Birju came with Vishaka suitcase

V: What took you so long??
Radhika looks at vishaka little tersely the way she was talking to Birju..

Birju: Who ..Humara pair phisalgaya tha '.( I'I tripped )

R: Thank you Birju bhaiya 'Aapko chot toh nahi lagi?? ( you didn't get hurt?) .

Birju: nahi ..Radhikaji  ..hum theek hain 'saying reassuringly

Vishaka looks at Radhika coldly ! Dev took a deep breath ..He didn't know what so to he felt weird being between both girls. '

V: Thank you Birju

Birju smiles and leaves ..

V: Dev come help me unpack '..she glances at Radhika then looks at Dev  ''Please 'saying sweetly
Radhika just shakes her head a little seeing this

Dev looks at Radhika and was saying sorry with his eyes ..Radhika knew that he was feeling very bad and blinked once with a soft smile ..Assuring him that it was ok ..He held his face low and started helping Vishaka unpack ..Radhika walked out she couldn't understand Dev , why does he like her ..What does he see in her that made him fall in love with her ?? She shook her head not understanding and walks downstairs '

Meanwhile in the room

V: Dev ?? How long do I have to wear these clothes?? Looking at her anarlkali

D: Look Vishaka ..You cant wear western clothes in this house 'That's why I arranged new clothes for you showing her the wardrobe ..
Vishaka givess uninterested look

V: Ill do my best '

D: Good!

They both continued  unpacking

It was launch time Radhika and Birju were talking between each other and setting up the table ..They saw Dev and vishaka coming downstairs.. Radhika looks away uninterestingly , Birju saw this and was feeling very bad for Radhika ..

They all take there seats , Dadima started asking Vishaka about her family '

V: Jee dadima ..My dad is an accountant and mom is always home ..

Vaishali: Any siblings ??

Vishaka: No ..Im a lonely child '

Everyone just smiled along with Vishaka talks except Radhika..who was serving dadima and the others '

Vaishali: Radhika beta don't worry we will serve ourselves ..Come sit with us ..

Radhika nodded lightly taking her seat opposite of Dev who was smiling with Vishaka talks ..They all started eating '

Vishaka : mmm.This is really good ..Who made it ??

Dev:  Radhika did ..She's a really good cook ..glancing at Radhika who was about to eat a morsel  ..
Vishaka smiles

V: Its really good  Radhika ..

Radhika just smiles in response ..

Dadima: Vishaka ..Do you cook ??

Dev started coughing  Radhika quickly pours water for him ..

D: thanks

Vishaka smiles little uneasily ..

V: Haan ..

Vaishali and Dadima share a smile. .Mr.Purohit was impressed by this ..

Dadima: Toh theek hai ..Tomorrow you will make something for us ..adding happily

Dev and vishaka glance at  each other little uneasy ..Radhika saw this and frowned little suspiciously ..

After launch Dev gave a tour of his house to Vishaka and took the day off to spent  time with her ..Radhika was doing her normal chores trying not to think to much about Dev and Vishaka ..

In the evening time Mrinalini and Vivek came back from work , Radhika had few chats with Mrinalini about the  sketches that they both worked on ..At dinner time Mrinalni and Radhika were just chatting away ..Vishaka was talking sweetly  to Vaishali and dadima who were asking her questions ....Dev was just talking to Vivek about the up coming projects. Vishaka was doing her best to keep her sweet smile and act polite like she was told by Dev ..The evening passed quite well ..vishaka went to bed since she was tired from the flight.  Radika didn't keep much conversation with Vishaka because she felt uneasy talking with his girlfriend ..Before Radhika went in her room she heard Dev calling her she swiftly turns around seeing him stand in front of her ..

D: Radhika ??

Radhika looks at Dev confusedly

R: Jee ??

D: I wanted to apologies for what happened in the morning ..with Vishaka '
Radhika shakes her head trying to smile

R: Why are you apologizing ..Muhje bhilkul boura nahi laga ..She saw Dev holding his face low cutely

She cupped his cheek making him look up tenderly 'He felt soft hands on his cheeks making him smile , he didn't know why but her touch made a unknown feeling rising within him 'HE gazed up seeing her shaking  her head telling him not to feel bad with a sweet smile.. She noticed what she was doing and slowly removed her hand away from his  cheeks , he smiles boyishly forwarding his hand  for there hand shake ..Radhika grins cutely and does the hand shake , they touch the tip of each others nose with a cute laugh ..

R: Shubratri ..

D: Shubratri '

Vishaka was in her room feeling really uneasy '.She looks at her phone ringing and answers it happily '

V: Vikram??? Kaise ho tum??.. Missing you too ''.Vikram '.I don't know if I could say anything to Dev right now ''Because 'I need to do something before '..

Vishaka started telling Vikram what happened in the morning when she arrived to India
Vishaka was coming out of the airport'Dev said that he sent a driver to pick her up , She came out seeing someone holding a board written her name  '

V: hey I'm Vishaka '

Karan smiles wickedly

K: karan ..he said shaking her hand

'Vishaka sat in the car while he was driving she had doubt that he was the Karan that Dev told her about ..

V: Do you know a girl called Radhika ???

Karan smiles '

K: haan 'I was suppose to marry her before she ran away ..she said driving on the high way acting casual'

V: what the hell are you doing ?? Dev sent you to pick me up ??

Karan laughs

K: No ..But I wanted to meet you '.Lets go somewhere quieter

V: you jerk get me out of your car !! How did you know I was coming ???

K:.. Well  I have my ways ..You don't know me ..smiling wickedly ...Im a big hacker.. trailing of with a laugh   '. Listen sweet heart ..I need you to do something for me ..

V: No way !!! And don't your dare call me sweet heart !!
K: Look ..Ill pay you 'saying reasoning

V: Pay me for what ?? Asking astonished '

Karan smiles knowing  her falling in his trap'

He bought her to his house they were sitting on the sofa distanced he asked the servant to get her a drink '

K: Look Vishaka ..I need you to get Radhika out  of that house '.

V: me?? But Why???
 Karan looks  down sadly and gets up dully

K: Because ..I cant live without her '.I love her so much 'saying painfully 'the day I saw her I feel in love with her ..but ..she left me'

Vishaka was looking at Karan doubtfully

V: but 'Dev told me that you and your family threated her badly ..And that's why she left this place 'saying confidentally

K: You actually believe her words ! ..I used to threat her like a princess ..But she never wanted all this ..she wanted more 'And the day of our wedding she ran away 'And found ..Dev '.And now her goal is to marry Dev 'You just know her part of the story 'saying upsettingly

V: how do you know that she wants to marry Dev?? Asking unsurely'

K: because ..At my friends Anniversary Party ..I met her ..and she told me this '.
V: but Dev told me that you beat her up and'..

K: Why would I do something like this to someone I love so much ?? She tripped and fell down ..I was trying to help her , but she knew Dev was coming and Ran to him with fake tears '..You don't know how she is 'Very selfish girl !

Vishaka was shocked to hear this '
V: why would she lie about her pass to Dev???'

K: Because she wants Dev  to feel bad for her ..and then marry her 'saying painfully

V: .I think what shes saying is the truth 'looking at Karan   waveringly ' you swear your not lying to me ?? Asking doubtfully

K: Me ???Lying ??? Of course not ..I swear I'm not laying '..Without Vishaka noticing he was crossing his fingers ''but if you asks this to Radhika ..she will surely lie about this 'saying assuringly '

Vishaka kept looking at Karan trying to read his face ..Karan kept hid fake sadness on that made vishaka believe his words

K : Please Vishaka 'ji 'You need to help me 'asking pleadingly

V: ..Par ..Main?? Kaise '

K: Do something that would make her run away from that house ..If  you get engaged to Dev , she might come back to me knowing that she wont have any chance with him  ..You're the only hope I have ..Please

V: but ..I '.Vishaka stopped seeing Karan desperate face 'He really looked like he loved Radhika and couldn't live without her 'She knew exactly what it felt like being in love
She takes a deep sigh

V: Fine  ..I will see what I can do '.

Karan was laughing evilly inside but smiled warmly from the outside..

K: thank  you Vishaka ji 'How much do I pay you ??

V: Its ok 'I don't need any money 'Once you have Radhika ..I know what I will do after ..
Karan was jumping of joy , his plan was actually working '

K: Great! Here's my number call me if anything happens ..And keep informing me about what's going on in the house ..Understand?? And if you need any help with anything do give me a call.. And when Radhikas out that house you inform me right away '
Vishaka smiles and nods her head '..Karan smiles with accomplishment and gets lost in his thoughts

V: You are going to keep her happy right ??

K: hunn?? What did you say??

V: I said if your going to keep her happy???

Karan smiles assuring  '

K: of course I will '.I always loved her and this time I will try my best to keep her happy..Main use kuch kami mehsoos nahi hone doonga ..Karan was smiling evilly inside

Vishaka smiles reliantly taking a deep sigh

Karan driver dropped vishaka back to the airport were she saw the real Purohit driver ...

Driver: Shama kardijiye ...Woh hum traffic main phas gaye the ..

Vishaka smiles ..

V: its ok ....

The driver put her things in giddy and drove off ...

Vishaka was done telling Vikram everything '..

V: Vikraam '.I need to do this'Once radhika goes back to karan ..I will come back to you 'trailing of lovingly 'Don't worry nothing will go wrong ''.you too '..Good night '.

Dev was just gazing at her standing right behind her without her realizing ..she was done and swiftly turns  around. As soon as she turned around she bumped into his chest unknowingly her lips slightly brushing on  his upper chest that was a little exposed  .She froze for a second and felt no space between them , she glanced up uneasily and  quickly took a step back feeling her heart pasting unevenly  ..Dev also felt a unknown excitement in his heart but controlled it seeing her looking away awkwardly . He saw her cheeks burning red with embarrassedly ..

Hey guys!! how are you all doing ??Big smile...Thank you so much for your comments ..i really appreciate it.Heart...It really helps me know what you guys fell about the update Smile..And thank to all the silent readers .. Big smileHug
Im so relief that no one shot tomatoes at me LOL..instead you guys gave me encouragement HugI hope you guys will like this part ..Confused...I hope its not confusing or illogical ..if it is then Im sorry ....will try better next timeSmile
Karan kinda brainwashed vishaka ...So lets see what she does ??.. She actually came to talk about her relation with Dev but other plans came up .
will karan get Radhika back ???ShockedWink
Take care you guys
Heart..Catch ya later Wink

Part 13:

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Thanks! I have a question, who bumped in to dev? (the precap) --- vishika or radhika? ;]

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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very nice update yumna. you are an excellent writer. wow!, so Karan played behind. that is really interesting. Vishaka acting nice, and then different in their private time. grey charactor. Will she really do something to throw Radhka out form that house. that will be painful, but i want to belive now Dev started feeling for Radhika, so that is a good turn. let see, what you have in store for us.
 thanks for the update and waiting for next.

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Oho interesting update.....seems like u have planned to make us anxious about each n every next update.....hmmm so Karan played behind Dev n Radhika n brainwashed vishaka....ohh nn poor vishaka got trapped.......vish doesnt want Dev......but vikram.....hmm so no love shve btn her n dev as dev is falling for rads

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YumnaJi... Yeh kya aur ek twist...ShockedShockedShocked
Lekin itna zaroor kahenge ke... aap ka yeh twist bhi acha lagaClapClap Aur karan ke kaam mein toh VIshaka successful nahi ho sakti....Confused

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Originally posted by v3gradev09

Thanks! I have a question, who bumped in to dev? (the precap) --- vishika or radhika? ;]

I think its Radhika who bumped into Dev...TongueEmbarrassed

Thanks Yumna for the beautiful update, it wasnt illogical but didnt had much RaDev encounters. But from the precap i am sure there is lots to come, cant wait for the next update.

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The two updates r good u r bring in an interesting twists and involving more characters so the story is moving forward nicely.Smile

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Hey! Thnx for the PM.Was loveyl.Will Vishakha succeed in putting Radhika out of the house or will Dev come to know of her plans?Waiting for your next update for these answers.

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