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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 28)

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we are waiting................................................

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After dinner the whole family were sitting in the hall talking chatting away with Birju and Dev knock jokes . Radhika went upstairs to get something from her room '
Dadima slowly started bringing up the rishtha talk to Dev ..
Dadima: Dev beta ?? Me and your parents thought of something '

Everyone ears paid attention to Dadima ..Vaishali and Mr.Purohit shared a smile knowing what she was going to talk about ..

Dev: kya dadima?? Asking little anxiously

Mrinalni and vivek looked on puzzled

Dadima: hum sochre the ..Agar tum Radhika se shaddi karle ?.( we were thinking 'That you get married to Radhika ?) .asking with caution yet excited

Radhika was walking in the hall way but she suddenly halted her feet's hearings this.. She felt her heart skip a beat , her eyes were completely shocked  she was behind the white curtains hiding behind the altar  ..She felt her heart pasting so fast a unknown happiness was arising within her , she felt her cheeks going red ..she was too shy to go down now ..She wanted to jump of joy but restrained herself from doing so it would be to embarrassing for her and started blushing unknowingly ..Was she really going to marry  Dev?? She felt like it was a dream but it was reality , she was smiling unbelievably , she felt excited butterflies in her tummy and had a beautiful smile lingering on her face 'suddenly she heard Dev speaking her ears became attentive on his response ..

Dev: Dadima 'Yeh aap kya kehri hain??( dadima ?? What are you saying??)

Hearing this radhika smile slowly faded away ..

Mr.Purohit: Dev ? Maa kuch galat nahi kehri ..Hum bhi yeh chahthe hain ..( Dev ? Ma is not saying anything wrong ..We also want this ..)

M: I would love Radhika as my Devrani !! Adding excitedly
Vivek: Me too ..I think Radhika will be perfect for you ..She's has all the qualities that I guy looks for ..adding with a hope ..

Birju: hume bhi  lagtha hai ke Radhika ji aap karliye Perfect hai ! Adding with excitement ..Aur Radhika ji itni achi hain sab ka itna khayal rakthi hai ..

Dev was feeling very tensed and unsure about this ..Radhika was hearing everyone's happiness except for his making her heart crush in pain and hopes lowering ..She was gripping on to the curtain tightly wanting to know his answer anxiously  ..

Dadima: Dev ? Tum yeh shaddi karo ge na ??( Dev?? You are going to do this wedding ..right??) Asking little nervously ..

Dev takes a deep breath controlling the uneasiness in him ..

Dev: Dadima ..Radhika meri liye sirf ek achi dost hai ..Main use apni patni  ke roop main khabhie nahi deka ..adding little nervously ..'( Dadima 'Radhika is just a really good friend for me 'I never saw her as my wife ')

Hearing this Radhika eyes started moistening and in no time tears started flowing down , her throat started feeling thick  . The whole family were surprised hearing this , they didn't expect this from him '

Dev: Dadima ..for the last couple of days I wanted to tell you guys something .But never found the opportunity '

Dadima: Kya ?? Asking little disappointedly , the whole family were looking at him curiously

Dev: I had a girl friend in America ..And she wants to come see you guys ..She said that she will be coming in 2 days ..adding tensely 'I cant marry Radhika 'he said lowering his face remorsefully

He knew that everyone was disappointed in him , Radhika heart crushed down hearing this , she felt her heart crying , she felt like knifes pressing through every part of her heart causing her pain and tears flowed down heavily down her cheeks ..She felt a pain that she never felt before in her life !..She was in shock didn't know how to react and started walking backwards recalling his words "I had a girl friend in America ..And she wants to come see you guys ..She said that she will be coming in 2 days ..adding tensely 'I cant marry Radhika"  , she pursed her lips controlling her tears and quickly turned around running across the hall way without anyone noticing her  ..She couldn't  hear Dev anymore, his words pinched every ounce of her heart ..she was running towards her room wiping her tears feeling her hands shaking ,her dupatta was flowing  as she was running across the hall was leaving the trace of her pain  her heart was just paining her badly'She ran in her room and closed the door !she put her back against the door shedding her tears ,  her legs felt weak not able to walk , with much  difficulty she goes near her bed and falls down on her knees feeling her body giving up on her and let her tears flow down on her skin heavily  . She was sobbing her heart out holding her bed sheets tightly mumbling few words ..

R: kyun ?? Kyun kiya aapne mere saath aisa? ..She closed her eyes only to find Dev ! She slowly opened them flickering her lashes unbelievably  . She hated herself for falling in love with him , she hated herself or bringing such feelings in her heart !Why did he have to be so caring to her ?? Why did he have to make her fall for him ?WHY?? She sobbed even more thinking about these questions ..She felt strong wind penetrate in her room  grabbing her attention, it  caressed her warm skin making her  look  out the window. It was raining heavily hitting the border of her window a big thunder escaped from the clouds  and it started getting louder. The weather was witnessing her pain , the white curtains were floating aggressively with the wind'.Radika lays her arms on her bed and rests  her head on her upper arm  looking fondly  at the rain,  letting her tears roll down her soft skin . After few seconds she  hides her face in her arm crying painfully .. This pain was worst then the physical pain she went through .It was an indescribable feeling that was hurting her so badly , worst than Amma abusive words , worst then the beatings , worst then anything ..! She kept sobbing releasing all her inner pain ..just by thinking  about Dev '.made her cry even more ..Why did he have to be so nice to her ?? WHY??? Why did he find her ?? Why did he make her inner feelings grow ?? Why ???

Meanwhile downstairs
Dadima: KYa!!! You had a girl friends and you never told us ! Asking sternly

Dev was feeling really guilty and held his face low ,the whole family was shocked and disappointed..

Mrinalin: Dev let me make myself clear ..I am not going to allow some Foreign girl be my devrani ..That is a big NO NO for me !!'saying  angrily '.I want Radhika to be my devrani ..And don't expect me to be nice to your American  girl ..I know how they are ..Huffing angrily ..

Dev looked at Mrinalini annoyed she wasn't helping at all !

Dev: bhabhi please you don't even know her !

M: I don't need to know her to see how she is ..My words are final dev !!

Dadima: Abb band karo tum dono! ..Dev beta  ..look Radhika went trough so much in her life ..This is the minimum we can do for her ..We all want her to stay here and this is the only way '

Dev clutched his teeth together no one was understanding him ..He wished that Radhika came down quickly to help him with this ..
Mr.Purohit: dev ..Muhje yeh umeed nahi thi tumse ..saying upsettingly ..Vaishali thought the same and looked down disappointedly..

Dadima: Main Mrinalini ki baaton se sehmaat hoon ( I agree with Mrinalini ) ..A foreign girl doesn't know our culture the way we live the values '

D: but dadima she's Indian ..She knows all this ..saying convincingly ..

Dadima was unsure about this ..

Mrinalini gets up very  angrily ..

M: You know what?'. if your talking about that GIRL!! Then I don't want to hear about it ..I don't care Im never going to accept her ..Radhika is my #1 choice and that's that ..She goes up in her room angrily..

Vivek takes a deep breath ..

Vivek: Dev'.I think Mrinalni is right ..I really like Radhika shes such a cute  , sweet girl ..And I think she's the only one that could keep you happy 'saying this he gets up walking away ..

Dev was loosing all his hopes ..he kept glancing up in the hall to see Radhika but she never showed up ..She was the only one that could help him in this ..He was getting frustrated '

Dev goes sits near dadima ..

Dev: Dadima'.her name is ..vishaka ..And I really like her ..You always said that you wanted my happiness ..And I know that she's the one ..Please Dadima ..

Vaishali and Mr.Purohit shared a uneasy look ..

Dadima takes  a deep sigh and looked in Dev eyes that were pleading her to give Vishaka a chance ..

Dadima: Theek hai ..saying little glumly'.

Dev smiles happily ..Mr.Purohit and Vaishali gave in even though they didn't think it was a good idea ..

Mr.Purohit : dev 'she better  be a sanskari girl '.giving dev a warning ..

Dev nodded little uneasily ..

Vaishali : Kaab ane wali hai ?? She asked little uninterestingly

Dev: In 2 days'

Dadima: where is she going to live ??

Dev: Actually her family lives in America she has no one here 'So I was thinking '.that she could live with us 'saying with caution ..

Mr.Purohit frowns his brows surprised

Mr.Purohit: Humare saath ??

Dev gulps little worriedly and nods his head '

Mr.Purohit: Nahi nahi 'Who humare saath nahi rehsakthi

Dev: But Dad ..she has no where else to go '.he said helplessly

Mr.Purohit gets up walking away not wanting to listen to him anymore'Vaishsli followed on upset ..

Dev looks at Dadima who was looking down pensively '

Dadima: Dev ? Is this what you really want??

Dev : yes dadima ..please '

Dadima : give me until tomorrow too think over this '

Dev agreed and guided dadima to her bed room ..Birju was feeling very uneasy about this he couldn't  believe Dev couldn't see the love in Radhika eyes ..

Radhika was in her room letting few tears roll down , she was on the  ground resting her head against the mattress , her body felt so weak after shedding so many tears , her eyes started feeling heavy and slowly closed them letting herself fall asleep 'Her door opened due to the wind circulation Dev was walking to his room , he suddenly saw Radhika room opened he walks towards her room and saw her sleeping on the floor against the mattress ..He wondered why she wasn't on her bed ? He slowly bends to take her in his arms and  to put her on her bed ..As he picked her up she mumbled few words '

R: Ky..kyun ?

Dev frowns his brows little confusedly not understanding ..He puts her carefully on her bed and  felt her hands griping on his arm tightly '

R: kyun '..kiya apne mere '..saath aisa?? She said in broken words..

Dev was surprised hearing these words from her ..He wondered  what she was dreaming about ?,he saw few tears escaping from her eyes making him get very concerned ..Maybe she was thinking about her parents ?
He wipes her tears and tucks her in bed ..He was a little angry at her for not coming downstairs earlier , but his anger vanished away thinking about everyone comments on her that were very true but he liked someone else . He was feeling guilty inside his heart for not accepting the rishta with her and kept gazing  at her sadly.. Im sorry Radhika ..Im really sorry 'He saw her window  opened letting the wind and rain come in .He closed the window and left from there glancing at her one last time '

The next morning radhika woke up ..feeling little weak she rubbed her eyes and got out of bed ..She remembered what happened last night . But didn't remember coming on her bed?? She wonderer who put her on her bed?? ..Maybe Dev ??..Her gaze wondered on the blanket knowing it must be Dev ....She also remembered that she was going to stay away from him  as much as possible , she wont let anyone play with her feelings like this .She wont let her heart break like this ever again !..She wiped away her few tears  that was lingering on her cheek and went to get freshened up ..before she could , her gaze fell on the payal he gave her that was securely on her ankle ..She was about to take it off but her heart stopped her , he bought it specially for her and he was so excited to give it to her  , if he would notice this it would hurt him ..She swallows the lump in her throat and leaves the payal around her ankle feeling sad knowing that she was about to take off such a precious present from him 'She left it on and gets out of bed '

Everyone was on the dinning table acting normal ..Mrinalni didn't even want to think about that foreign girl , Everyone were just eating and talking forgetting about dev girlfriend ..Radhika came down looking little pale and tired 'Everyone  saw this and got concerned ..

Vaishaili: Radhika beta ?? Kya hua??

R: Kuch nahi Maaji '.Im juts feeling a little tired ..

Dadima: kyun kya hua ??

R: Pata nahi Dadima ..bas younhi 'Par main theek hoon .she said trying to cover her sadness

No one  missed Radhika gloomy voice but is she said she was ok then they carried on ..

Radhika had to go to dev room to prepare his clothes ,but  she wont , she was going to stay away from him and  try not to talk to him too much .Maybe by doing so she her feelings will reduce ,  she didn't want to do this but he made her helpless this was the only way to forget him .

Dev came out the shower and didn't see his clothes prepared for him ..He wonderer why ? He shrugged his shoulder ..Maybe Radhika forgot ?He got dressed and came downstairs seeing everyone eating breakfast ..Usually Radhika would glance up at him but she didn't she just poured juice for Dadima in a glass ..

D: Good morning everyone !

They all responded back with a smile except  for Radhika who had her gaze away from him  ..She was talking to birju who was asking her a question

D: Good Morning Radhika ..saying little cheerfully

Radhika felt her heart skip a beat , she controlled herself and just glanced at him with a tiny smile ..Dev was getting disturbed by this ..She usual would give him a sweet smile but this smile was no were near that .He kept glancing at her little confusedly ..

Dev: Dadima ?? So what did you decide about Vishaka ??

Everyone stopped talking and looked at dev ..Mrinalni rolled her eyes ..

M: OH so her name is Vishaka ??? Saying grimly

Radhika heart was pinching her badly just by hearing another girls name from his mouth ..She felt tears on the edge of her eyes ..she was glancing around feeling uncomfortable them talking about Devs girlfriend ..

Mr.Purohit ate his prathe morsel little sternly ..Vasihali took a sip of her tea whitely one was talking and dev was getting anxious about Dadimas decision 'Radhika saw everyone reaction and they looked uninterested in this and wonderer what happened after she left last night ? ..The way Mrinalini was commenting looked like she wasn't happy 'In fact no one was enthusiastic about it ! But she didn't feel like staying one minute more feeling her tears rolling down ..she quickly left from there before anyone noticed her tears ..Dev saw her walking away in the kitchen and frowned his brows 'Everyone saw and got worried
Mrinalini :  Dadima ..Does Radhika know about this?? asking worriedly ..

Dev was also wondering the same'

Dadima: I don't think so ..No one here told her about this ..Even yesterday she went in her room when we were talking about this ..then how would she find out?? Assuring everyone's worry ..

Dev took a relief breath and glanced at Dadima '

Dev: so ..Dadima what did you decide ?? Asking eagerly

Dadima take a deep sigh '

Dadima: I think you know what's best for you ..and I think if vishaka stays with us ..we will get a chance to know her ..adding little hopefully ..

Dev grins happily '

Dev: thank you so much Dadima !!! He gets up and kisses her ..

Mr.Purohit and Vaishali were a little disappointed but if this is what his son wants so be it ..His happiness was their happiness ..

Mrinalini was really not happy about this 'Vivek was ready to give vishaka a chance maybe she wasn't bad after all '

Dev: I have so much to prepare for ..Who's going to help me ??adding cheerfully

Mrinalini rolled her eyes and warned dev not to ask her ..He looked at his dadima and Mom that didnt know much about designing ..

D: Im sure Radhika will help me ! Saying little rudely to Mrinalini who was walking away ..

Everyone got ready for work ..Radhika was in the kitchen wiping her tears ..Birju came in and saw this

B: Radhika ji ..kiya hua??

Hearing his voice she quickly controlled her emotions and tried acting casual

R: ku' kuch nahi Bhaiya ..Bas ..main ..her voice felt heavy ..

Birju looked down somehow he knew the reason for her tears ,

B: Radhika ji aap jakar araam karliye ji ..aap bohut  taki hui dekri hain..Hum sab sambale ge  ( Radhika ji go and rest you look very tired, Ill take care of everything )

She simply nodded and walked out the kitchen 'She saw everyone getting ready to go to work including Dev ..She was feeling very bad  for not preparing his clothes in the morning and not saying Good morning the way she used too 'Dev looked very happy she wonderer ? She needed  to escape him before they do their hand sake and she did'.Dev turned around and saw her walk away upstairs , he was ready to do the hand shake but she just left ..This made him  upset he didn't understand what was wrong with her ? She wasn't herself  with him anymore and this was making him uneasy ..At the office he kept thinking about Radhika attitude and couldn't pay attention to his work .

In the evening time everyone sat together for dinner Radhika kept her distance with Dev as much as she could , he noticed that very easily. If he asked her a question she would answer very vaguely without looking at him  ..Dev didn't know why  this was very disturbing his heart, hearing her silence was making him very uneasy  ..After dinner Radhika was going to go in the kitchen suddenly she heard Dev call her making her heart skip a beat ..She held the plate tightly trying to control herself and glanced at him uninterestingly

D: Radhika ?? Are you busy ??

Radhika didn't answer , she was letting her gaze linger on the floor ..

R: umm..Ky..Kyun ?? She asked little uneasily

D: Because I wanted redecorate the other guest room for Vishaka arrival tomorrow ..saying excitedly ..

Hearing this Radhika heart pinched her really bad , she hated hearing another girl name from his mouth ..Especially when its was his girlfirend , she was feeling very disturbed by this and looked at dev  coldly ..

R: Nahi '.Muhje kaam hai 'walking out the dinning area ..

Dev was shocked hearing her refuse , usually she would be the first one to help him in anything ..But today she was acting strange making him feel guilty about something he did!..

Later in the evening radhika was passing by the other guest room that was near Devs room ..she looked at Dev who was trying to hang new curtains ..When he was done they fell down making Dev sigh frustratingly seeing this she was feeling very bad , she didn't like seeing him like this , and  cursed herself for not helping him but what was she suppose to do?  , each time she was near him her heart would just swell up with love for him ..She sighed helplessly and entered the room '

R: You need help?? Asking softly

Dev swiftly turns around happily hearing her voice ..

Dev: Radhika ?? I thought you had some other work to do ..trailing of solemnly ..
Radhika glanced down trying to find an excuse ..

R: Haan 'but finished ''..adding with a small smile..

Dev walks towards her little seriously ..

D: Radhika ??

Radhika had her gaze wondering on the floor feeling him come close to her ..

R: Jee?? Flickering her eye lashes  nervously , she could feel her heart pasting really fast beneath her  ..

D: Why were you acting so strange with me today ?? If I did anything or said anything ..Please forgive me ..trailing of remorsefully ..

Radhika looked up surprised , she saw the pain in his eyes making her confused ? Why would a difference to him if she talked with him or not??

D: Radhika 'Seeing you act like this with me ..made me feel so uneasy ..You weren't yourself with me today ..And it really hurt me that you were running away from me ..Not even answering my questions properly , we didn't even do our hand shake and you didn't smile the same way you usual do .This made me feel very guilty ..It felt like you were giving me a punishment or something ..trailing of painfully 'If I did something that made you angry ..please tell me ..I will go on my knees for forgiveness  but please don't stay away from me like this ..saying sadly

Radhika felt tears on the edge of her eyes ..Staying away from him pained him as much as for her ..She didn't know why she was punishing him when it wasn't his fault that he doesn't love her ..Why should she make him feel guilty when he wasn't at fault?  She swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat and smiled at him shaking her head ..

R: Main 'Aapse naraaz nahi hoon ..acting casual as possible and tried finding an excuse ..I wasn't feeling good today ''.. she felt bad lying to him but she had no choice .

Dev took a relief sigh but the next second he put his hand over her forehead feeling her temperature ..

D: You were sick ??? You do look sick ..he saw her pale face and tired eyes ..
Radhika hated when he cared for her like this ..She didn't want him to do this anymore or else it made her weak ..She took a step back feeling uneasy ..

R: Nahi ..Main theek hoon ..she tried assuring him ..
He was a little doubtful but she seemed to sure of herself ..

He grins happily and forwarded his hand for their hand shake .Before Radhika could shake it he made her do a promise..

D: Radhika 'Promise me that your never going to do this again ..Unless muhje saach much main galthi hogayi ( Unless I really make a mistake ) saying  determinedly ..

Radhika smiles and nods lightly ..She had to find another way to forget Dev because she knew that he wasn't going to let her go that easily ..she takes a light sigh and does the hand shake, making him grin boyishly and taking  a burden of his heart . ..His smile always made her heart paste fast ..They released each others hand and got to work , she was trying to act casual with him ..They both started changing the bed sheets and started chatting  ..He kept asking her advice on the smallest things .. She was so into redecorating the room with him ..his nock jokes made her smile making her forget the pain he has caused her ..But as soon as he mentioned Vishaka her heart shattered in pieces again and came back to reality forgetting that he liked someone else !..Radhika was trying her best to control her tears when he was talking about Vishaka to her ..She felt some unknown feeling rising within her ..She wasn't angry but she felt disturbed very disturbed '

She was finishing up the last thing , changing the curtains while dev was cleaning the dust on the chairs 'She stood on the stool taking off the old curtains on the left window  ..She was a little too short to reach the other end she made a little jump but lost balance and scram lightly feeling herself  falling down , suddenly she felt strong arms under her preventing her form falling , one arm came around his neck and the other on his chest clutching his shirt tightly.. Dev was holding her in his arms firmly   gazing at her concernedly ..Radhika slowly opened her eyes gazing in his eyes , breathing unevenly , unknowingly her fingers ranked his hair from the back ..He felt a unknown desire  rising within him feeling her so close to her , his heart started pasting really fast .They were both gazing in each others eyes not wanting to move away  ..Even Radhika loved it when he was so close to her like this ..But the next second she reminded herself that she couldn't fall weak ..Dev too controlled his heart sweeping away those feelings and looks away  ..Radhika felt her heart pinch her ..this few second felt so heavenly for her , but this had to stop !..He slowly put her down  looking at her uneasy face ..He tried acting normal ..

D: umm ..Radhika you ok ??

R: Haan ..ummm Thanks '.looking away  awkwardly

D: here give it too me ..Ill put the curtains ..

Radhika nodded and let him do it 'After they were done they both shared a satisfied smile '

D: Thanks Radhika ..Without your help I would have never finished on time ..glancing once at her ..She was untying the duppata from the side putting it over  her shoulder covering  her chest level ..

She smiled sweet just for him ..They wished each other good night and went to their own rooms

Radhika entered her room talking a deep breath feeling the fresh air coming from outside ..She stood by the window watching the trees sway away with the cold wind , the bright  full moon ..She had few tears rolling down her cheeks ..What was she suppose to do now?? Dev was not going to leave her that easily , she cant give him pain when he didn't do anything . He was just being nice to her and nothing more , he respected her because it was in his nature  ..She couldn't believe that she fell weak when she fell in his arms ..She had to control herself , but her heart never let her,  it just wants too drag itself to him ..She stood  there thinking deeply .How will she face Vishaka ?  Already she hated her name she wondered what will she do when she sees her ?? She took a determinate breath ..she will try her best to not feel weak and not shed these tears she had to make herself strong , her heart needed to understand that she could never be his ..Never ! Radhika closed her eyes letting her last tears  shed away ..But it pained her very badly , thinking that she could never be his ..She promised herself that she will never let her heart break like this again ..This was the last and final time !

Hey guys ...Ok im ready for the tomatoes and ChappalsOuch...I know you guys probably want to kill me right now..I bought Vishaka in my FFConfused...But I promise to not put her in too many scenes , I know you guys are waiting for Radev love to blossom and it will especially DevsWink .So hopefully you guys arent too angry with me Disapprove....

Thank you guys for the lovely comments ....Hug..Hope your lovely comments remain the same but feel free to express how you guys feel ..Dont be shy ..Im a very open minded person Wink
and I promise I wont take anything the wrong way Smile..Please be honest , I will try to make it better if you guys dont like it Smile. ..I hope you guys are enjoying CB2..I know I am Big smile..little Dev and RAdhika are so cute , such wonderful actors Clap
Take care guys Heart

Love : yumna
Part 13:

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update--very nice

But why the sudden twist..Never expected Vishaka to land again..
There is  a shortage of tomatoes and chappals; they were all used up in the you are lucky

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
wow what a twist, he likes another girl. i cant wait to read the other part, please please update soon.

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by radhika5

Thanks for the update--very nice

But why the sudden twist..Never expected Vishaka to land again..
There is  a shortage of tomatoes and chappals; they were all used up in the you are lucky

You welcome Radhika5Smile..thank God your reserve of tomatoes and Chappals are finished LOLWink..Indeed lucky me Big smile..The sudden twist might help Dev find Karan lets see Wink
Thanks for you comment yaar Smile

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shalini01

wow what a twist, he likes another girl. i cant wait to read the other part, please please update soon.
yup! what a twist Shocked..Ya he "likes" another girl ..but lets see how it goes Smile
Thanks Shalini for your comment ..I will try my best to update the next part Smile

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
Thanks Yumna, it was a nice update...I wasnt expecting Dev to have a girlfriend in the US and him turning down the proposal to marry Rads...Cry

Also never expected the girl would name Vishaka....WinkLOLLOL

Anyway he is starting to have feelings for Rads so its all good, it was evident when she was keeping away from him how hurt he felt. He prob loves her but just doesnt realize it yet. Smile

Cant wait for the next update, please do ASAP.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
thanks yumna, very nice update. so he had a girlfriend,.... oh dear, first of all why they send him to u.s. ok, now better make my radhika happy, either bring his gf soon and show her real face, or  do something yaar..
 thankd for the  lovely update,

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