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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 26)

DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Interesting update Yumna ... love the way purohit's tries to cheer her up & supporting her .. its nice to see that dev want her to stand strong for herself .. dev seems  touched  by her concern towards him ... precap is nice ..THANKS .

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ancie Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
nice update dear..............gr8 boxng cochng frm dev..............when will u update next.............waitng 4 ur twist..............

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update of your lovely ff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged

Amazing FF i read six parts last night, when i started i just couldnt stop. I cant wait for the next update, this time Rads is feeling attraction towards Dev! Cant wait to see some romance between the two, hope the next update has that, Wink please post soon!  Big smile

Thanks very much for this awesome FF....ClapClapClapClap
billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged

Part 11

Days passed everyone was trying their best to make Radhika smile and laugh and it was working ! Mr.Purohit promised himself that he would get the people punished who miss behaved with Radhika .But it might take a little time since they were many new project and meetings coming up ..he was surely going to get to the bottom of this no matter what ! Sometimes he would play Chess with Radhika ..She was quite a competition for him and he needed full concentration when he played with her she had really good strategies in Chess  , the game would go on for hours but it relaxed her a lot and she had fun in the same time with Mr.Purohit ..He would tell her about his childhood games and his friends when he was younger making Radhika smile and laugh sweetly ..Mr. Purohit never knew how it felt to have a daughter but Radhika surely made him realise how beautiful it felt .

Radhika was in her room leaning near the window enjoying the beautiful sunny weather  thinking of Dev each time she would close her eyes she only saw him giving her boyish smile , she didn't know why she felt being so close to Dev , she felt like being in his comfort arms like the other day . Her heart would just beat really fast just by thinking of him .She found herself going crazy for Dev .and hit her head lightly with her hand , thinking that she's falling madly in love with him , the way he talks to her , the way he smiles , the way he cares for her touches her heart deeply.. when he touches her slightly make her shiver and blush  her heart just falls weak ..She's been trying to control her feelings for him inside ..Not knowing if he felt the same way as her ?  But a part of her heart was telling her that he loves her and the other part was just  denying it making her shudder in pain ..She just  moved away that feeling and thought positive about it ..Never in her life she ever had these feelings in her heart , this was something so unexplainable for her but she just found these feeling so magical and unique ! She would always recall the moments  she spent with Dev . She knew that he was engraved in her heart for ever now and no one has the rights to remove him except for her  ! Radhika was just smiling within her shyly . She felt a cold breeze pass by her making her feel little cold , she touched her bare arms to give herself warmth ..Her heart was just  yearning to see Dev and be with him , their wasn't one day she didn't think of him ..She wanted to tell him , but she didn't know if was the right thing to do? ..maybe she should wait until he admits it ..but she couldn't wait she saw Kanha picture with radha beside him ..

R: Kanha ..Kaab unhe ehsaas hoga?? (Kanha  when will  he realize?)  She asked with a little impatience.. Aapko aapki Radha toh mili hai ..lekin muhje apne kanha kab milege ?? She sigh little sadly and went downstairs ..


Radhika was in the kitchen wearing a pink shalwar kameez with her duppata tied to the side with a  loose braid hanging over her shoulder she was busy in the kitchen ..Dev was passing by he was in the mood to play a prank on someone ,he looked at his rubber spider thinking to who should he play this prank . The whole Family knew about this , he glanced in the kitchen and saw Radhika busy arranging some stuff , a mischievous smile came up his lips ..He played this prank to everyone except for her ! He discreetly placed the spider on top of the kitchen door without her noticing and sat on the swing near the temple area waiting for her to walk out with a playful smile ..Radhika took a satisfied smile after arranging the kitchen and walks out suddenly she saw a big blank spider hanging down in front of her face 'Her eyes widened up and scram lightly ..She looks at the spider disgustedly she hated spiders  ! She heard someone laughing uncontrollably and saw Dev holding his stomach laughing his heads off on the swing ..She felt very irked she touched the spider and noticed it was a fake and gave one cold look knowing it was his prank...

R: Kya yeh aapne kiya ?? ( Did you do this??) asking little frustrate

D: you '.should off seen your''. face ..saying laughingly  he could barely say the words ..
Radhika walked towards him little angrily and took the pillow that was on the swing and was about to hit him but he escaped before she could do so ! His laugh was making her more irritated ..

R: Come here you!! She said running after him around the tulsi  plant  ..

Dev found her anger so cute ..she was chasing him around the temple area and started laughing seeing him tease her ..

R: Kahan jahre hain ..Aap ladkian se daarthe hain?? ( where are you going ? Your scared of girls??)

D: me scared of girls?? Never !! He said trying not to get hit by her '

R: Then why are you escaping me ?? She said running out the temple area after him ..Dev jumped over the sofa and fell on the couch ..Radhika did the whole tour and started hitting him with the pillow taking out her frustration with a cute playful  laugh .Dev was also laughing remembering his prank on her , he tried shielding himself but she kept  hitting him until he spoke ..

D: Radhika ..your hurting me ..he said with a faking pain .
Hearing this she quickly stopped feeling concerned..

R: I'm sorry ..saying quickly

she saw him smiling impishly and  looked at her pillow knowing that it wont hurt since it was hust a soft pillow. She  gave out a cute angry face seeing him laugh again ..

R: Aap bhi na!
She started hitting him again ..

Dadima saw this and smiles playfully she was sure that Dev played a prank on her

Dadima: Aur Maaro Radhika !! I give you the permission '( Hit him more )

Radhika quickly stopped hearing Dadima and looked down little embarrassedly ..

Dev heard what Dadima said and got up shocked ..

D: KYA!! She's allowed to hit me ?? Does that mean she can hit me with a hammer or a knife or a chainsaw ??asking  shockingly 

Radhika had her hand covering  on her mouth shaking her head ..she would never ever do that!

R: Nahi ! Main aisa khabhi nahi karrongi 'Main aisa kyun karoongi ( I would never do that and why would I ??) ..saying unbelievably with her innocent expression '
Dadima and Dev laughed seeing her taking this seriously '

Dev patted Radhika  head ..

D: Good  Girl  !!
He went to dadima and hugged Dadima from the back ..Radhika hit his head one last time with the pillow and started walking up the stairs with a cute shy smile ..

D: Hey ! What was that For!!??

Radhika giggled cutely  and threw  the pillow at him lightly so he can catch it and made her way upstairs to get freshened  up..

Dev and Dadima both shared a smile ..They were very happy to see Radhika laugh and smile '

Dadima: Saach Dev ..Radhika ki haasi is ghar ko rang leathi hai ..Mera maan bohut khush hota hai usko itna khush dekar 'trailing of warmly 'Bagwaan kare ke uski yeh hasi hamesha rahe uske chehre par'Bechari itni kaataan zindagi guzari hai ..thinking about Radhika passed with Amma ..( Dev ..seeeing Radhika laugh this house gets filled with colours , I feel at peace seein gher happy 'I pray to god that her smile always remains 'Poor girl ..she went through so much in her life )

Dev: dadima aap pareshaan maat ho'I will do all my best to keep her happy ..he said assuring ..
 Dadima smiled cupping his cheek tenderly ..

Later in the evening Dev knocked on Radhika door ..She opened it with a sweet smile ..

R: Aap ??

D: haan ..shrugging once

He comes in with a excited smile hiding something behind his back ..Radhika was getting curious and tried looking

R: What are you hiding behind you back ?? Asking with a cute curiosity

Dev brings a black jewelery box  in front of her ..Her eyes beamed seeing a present for her ..

D: its for you ..saying sweetly

R: mere liye ?? ( For me ??) Asking innocently yet surprised  ..

Dev nods happily

D: Hurry open it !! Saying excitedly

Radhika takes the box and opens it ..A beautiful smile flashed across her face seeing a pair of silver payals ..

R: bohut pyari hai ( Its beautiful ) ..she said admiring the payal ..But you didn't have too 'trailing of tenderly

Dev felt really happy seeing a beaming smile on her face '
D: No Radhika ..You do so much for me ..and I wanted to thank you  giving you this gift..

Radhika felt so touched by this ..

R: Thank you so much ..gazing in his eyes sweetly

Dev smiles in response ..

D: you like it ??

Radhika smiles excitedly and nods cutely ..

D: Radhika ..I know your mom already gave you a pair and you wouldn't want to ever take  off , But the other time your payal got loose  and left you worried ..So I thought maybe if you have an extra pair you wouldn't be as sad.. I tried getting very similar ones .Trailing sweetly ..

Radhika looked at the pair of payal and he was right , the payal did look a lot like her moms ..She looked up at him and smiled happily with her twinkling eyes..

R: Haan..yeh toh bhilkul Maa ke payal jaise hain ( Yes does look like Moms payal ) '.I have and Idea 'She sat on her bed putting her legs on the bed  and takes of one payal and wears one that Dev gave her ..He just watched her wearing his payal with a cute smile lingering on her face '

R: There ! I wore one payal that you gave me and on my other ankle....Moving it lightly making sweet sound  ..My Mothers

Dev grins happily seeing her excited face ..

D: Hmm ..Good idea ..I would have never thought of this ..trailing off teasingly ..
Radhika laughed cutely and there talk went on '

Dadima was in her room with Vaishali and Mr.Purohit ..

Dadima: Bahu , muhje lagtha hai hum Radhika ko is ghar ki choti bahu banade ?( Vaishali ..I think we should make Radhika this houses daughter in law)  She's perfect for Dev and she has beautiful values in her ..Dev always makes her smile and I'm sure he will keep her happy ..From the pass days I saw something in Radhika eyes , I'm not sure but I think she likes Dev very much ..trailing of with excitement ..

Hearing this Vaishali and Mr.Purohit were beaming with joy ..They wanted the same thing for Dev ..

V: Maaji aapne toh humari dil ki baat kehdi '( We were thinking about the same thing )  saying joyfully

Mr.Purohit: Saach ma muhje Radhika bohut pasand hai Dev karliye( Ma , I think Radhika is perfect for Dev )  ..adding cheerfully

Dadima : Hum aaj Dev se baat karein ge ..saying excitedly..( We will talk to Dev today )

After dinner the whole family were sitting in the hall talking chatting away with Birju and Dev knock jokes . Radhika went upstairs to get something from her room '
Dadima slowly started bringing up the rishtha talk to Dev ..

Hey guysBig smile you guys read the update so fast LOL Im really happy that you guys like the previous part ..Thank you so much for the lovely commentsHug ..glad you liked Dev and Radhika boxing LOLWink and the Purohit care towards RAdhika Smile...I hope this short update will also be appreciated just like all the other ones ..Smile..Will update the next part soonBig smile
Take care you guys ..Heart

 ..After tomorrow is the big day Wink..Choti bahu 2.Dancing...I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!Big smile

Part 12:

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks Billo, short and sweet...Loved the payal part....WinkTongueEmbarrassed

Waiting on the next update!
PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Yumna its  a sweet update Dev teasing and playing prank on Radhika,getting her payals and dadima wanting to get Radhika married to Dev and Radhika and senior Purohit bonding on the chess gameBig smile
shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
nooooooooooooo u stopped at the best part. please update soon. im eager to see what dev says.

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