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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 23)

shalini01 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 September 2009
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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
wonderful update. please update again soon. i feel sorry for poor rads but now she has such a loving family to take care of her and dev...he is jsut Day Dreaming

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
yaar waiting for next part

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Here is a precap Smile
D : Finally your here!
Radhika gazed up puzzled ..
R: Kyun ?? Kya hua?? Asking little worriedly ..
D: Nothing ..I wanted  to teach you how to box! Saying excitedly
Radika eyes went wild hearing this ..
R: KYA!! Main boxing???
He shrug his shoulders
D: Hann! Isme konsi baari baat hai? …I want to teach you how to protect yourself if anything happens next time you will know how to protect yourself ..saying assuring
He gave her boxing gloves to wear and hanged the pushing bag ..Radhika wasn't sure about this ..
R: I don't think this is a good Idea …saying nervously
D: Of course it's a good Idea ..! Come Ill show you ..

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sonia122 Senior Member

Joined: 10 June 2010
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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Thanks  billo for nice precap... so dev is training rads for self protection grt..

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vinianil Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2009
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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Dev is teaching Radhika  boxing ...Interesting... nice precap...  waiting for the update...

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suwin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 February 2011
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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
So the next  box for karan will be from Radhika LOL Thanks bill for the precap... i am new here so pls add me to your pm...

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

Joined: 26 September 2010
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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Yumna, nice preview. Gud to see Dev teaching Radhika boxing for self protection.

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 August 2006
Posts: 3102

Posted: 12 February 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Part 10  

The next morning everyone was sitting around the table ..Vaishali and Birju were serving the breakfast  ..Everyone looked very glum they couldn't stop thinking about Radhika ..Mrinalini just kept staring at her cereal not wanting to eat ..few tears rolled down her cheeks ..Vivek saw this and held her hand for comfort ..she glanced up and saw Vivek shaking his head sadly telling her not to cried ..he gives her a signal that Radhika is coming down the stairs , she quickly wipes her tears before anyone can notice'.Mr.Purohit was trying to remember Radhika dad but the picture was blurred in his head the name was quite familiar ..Even Dadima was trying to recall but her memory wasn't giving in with her ..Birju wasn't as enthusiastic as he used be every morning ..They all saw Radhika coming down wearing a simple bleu shalwar kammez looking a little sad and tired ..Everyone tried acting normal they didn't want to make Radhika feel uneasy ..Birju started his clumsy jokes with Vivek ..Vaishali put on  as sweet smile on her face ..

Vaishaili ; Aree Radhika beta ..aaona ..Nashtha tayar hai ..( Come Radhika ..Have some breakfast )

Radhika knew that the family was trying to act cheerful but she knew inside that they  were sad  inside ..She just played along not wanting to hurt them ..She smiled lightly  folding her hands saying pranam and sat beside Dadima..

R: Main jaldi nahi uth payi uskar liye main '..( I couldn't wake up earlier , Im ')

Dadima: Aree Nahi nahi Radika beta ..Please maafi phirse maat maango ..Hume bhilkul nahi boura laga ..'.caressing her head affectionately ..

Vaishali: Aur aaj mera bohut maan tha sab kar liye nashhtha banane ( Today I felt like making breakfast for everyone )'adding sweetly

Mr.Purohit: Radhika beta ..How are you feeling now??

Radhika smiles and nods saying that's shes feeling better..

R: Im feeling much better ..Thank you

Everyone smiled knowing that she was feeling much better from the night ..Mr.Purohit didn't want to ask Radhika about her pass , she might feel uneasy and let that thought trail away ..

Mr.Purohit : umm Vaishali ji muhje aaj Mutt main jaldi jaana hai ..Birju ..Zara ghari nikalo

B: Jee'

Mrnilani; Radhika you wants some juice??

R: Haan thoda sa ..

They started chatting among each other , Radhika did the same  she didn't want them to feel sad for her . She knew that Dev probably told his family about her and she didn't mind ..they had to know the truth one day .. They saw dev coming downstairs wearing his kurta pyjama looking little tired ..He put his boyish smile and came down

D: Good morning my lovely family ..He said  hugging  dadima from the back ..

Dadima: Good morning ..
He sat  down seeing Radhika drinking some juice ..

Dev: Good morning Radhika ..he said walking towards her

HE forwarded his hand for the hand shake ..she looks around little coyly but does the hand shake with a cute smile lingering on her face ..Everyone smiled along seeing there interaction and Radhika smile  ..Everyone were trying to act normal , Dev and Birju started teasing each other like every morning ..Mrinalni started talking about the new clothes she designed with the other members of the family , they all tried to not talk about her pass'.After breakfast Radhika went to see Dadima in her room ..

Dadima made Radhika sit down on the bed with her '

D: Radhika beta '.Dev ne humko sab kuch tumhare baarein batadiya( Dev told us everything about your pass yesterday )  ..her voice felt very sad , Radhika looked down feeling her eyes go moist ..Dadima holds her chin affectionately controlling her tears ..
D: Bohut himaat wali ho tum ..Bohut Himaat wali ..her voice trailed of sadly ..She hugged Radhika with all her heart ..Radhika started crying feeling a grandmothers love , Dadima was caressing her hair , trying to calm the girl down ..Dadima held her cheeks and wiped the tears telling her not to cry ..

Dadima: Aaj ke  baad maine tumhare aankoon main yeh ansson nahi dekne ..Samjhi??( after today I don't want to see these tears )  saying sternly yet loving

Radhika smile sadly and shakes her head ..Dadima kissed her forehead tenderly .., Dev saw this from the door and felt a lump forming in his throat ..

R: Dadima pariwaar ne meri pouri zindagi badaldi ..Maine khabhi socha nahi tha ke ..Muhje ek pariwaar se itnna pyar milega( Dadima ..This family changed my whole life, I never thought that one day I will get a beautiful family ) 'Letting few tears roll down 'Main aap logo ka kis shabd main danewaand karron ?( How could I ever thank this family ) ..her voice was getting heavy with sadness

Dadima: Radhika ..Yahan tuhje shayad Kanha ne behja ..Aur hum kanha ke maarzi kaise jukladein?? You were a blessed child send by Kanha for your parents ..Now you're a blessed daughter for us ..saying wiping her tears ..

Radhika never got a grandmothers affection , but Dadima didn't make her feel like a stranger but like her own granddaughter '

Dadima: Radhika ?? Dev told us that you want to forget your pass and move on ..but what your Amma  and the Sanganian family did to you is unbearable ..How could we let them go so easily??

R: Nahi Dadima..I don't want to see them again 'what ever happened was my pass and today is my present ..Please dadima 'I want all this to be forgotten '.her eyes were pleading dadima with her teary eyes '.

Dadima pursed her lips and nodded understanding Radhika ..

Dadima: Theek hai ..agar tum yeh chahthi ho toh yehi hoga 'We wont talk about them anymore if it bothers you '

Radhika smiled thanking dadima for understanding ..

After a while ..Birju told Radhika that dev was waiting for her up on the terrace , she wondered why? ..She went up and  saw Dev doing push ups were black track pants with a white tee , wearing sport shoes ..She felt her cheeks warming up seeing him like that ..she tried not to look at him too much seeing his muscular  fitted body ..Dev noticed Radhika he stopped doing  his push ups and  smiled boyishly getting up ..

D : Finally your here!
Radhika gazed up puzzled ..

R: Kyun ?? Kya hua?? Asking little worriedly ..

D: Nothing ..I wanted  to teach you how to box! Saying excitedly

Radika eyes went wild hearing this ..

R: KYA!! Main boxing???( What!!! ME boxing??

He shrug his shoulders
D: Hann! Isme konsi baari baat hai 'I want to teach you how to protect yourself if anything happens next time you will know how to protect yourself ..saying assuring

He gave her boxing gloves to wear and hanged the pushing bag ..Radhika wasn't sure about this ..

R: I don't think this is a good Idea 'saying nervously

D: Of course it's a good Idea ..! Come Ill show you ..
He started teaching Radhika how to punch the pushing bag with the correct moves .she had her duppata tied to the side ...He came behind radhika almost stuck to her back showing her the right hand posture.. She couldn't concentrate much with his closeness it only made her heart beat more faster  and made her cheeks blush  feeling his hands on her arms , his whispers in her ears ,making her body ticklish ..She had to admit she loved his closeness but she tried to keep herself casual .. Dev didn't really notice this he was just teaching her ..

D: OK Radhika ..Ready ..just imagine that the punching bag is Karan and your ammas face ..!!

Radhika was surprised at this but simply nodded and started punching the boxing bag ..The bag barely moved  making Dev laugh

D: your weaker then I thought ..trailing of teasingly ..
Radhika smiles embarrassedly

R: I told you before that I don't think it's a good Idea ..she said taking off the gloves

D: NoNo ..Your not finished ..One last exercise.. Your going to try to hit me and Ill try to bloc your punches ..Sounds good ?? Ok lets get started ! He was so enthusiastic about this making Radhika feel helpless to make him understand ..she sigh lightly and did as she was told ..

D: Come on Radhika try to hit me ..

Radhika was scared that she will hurt him but he was pressuring her to do so she tried punching him but he kept blocking ! She started concentrating more and tried hitting him lightly . finally got the chance to punch him on his cheek'Seeing that she hurt him she put her hand on her mouth shocked .

Dev was surprised that she actually hit him 'he put his hand on his cheek unbelievably  feeling proud of her ..Radhika had tears in her eyes ..she held his face possessively looking at the little bruise on his cheek ..

R: Im soo sorry '.Main ..jaan bhojkar nahi..( I didn't want to do it purposely )
She let her words trail off and started blowing on his cheek she was so close to him that she didn't even notice ..

D: Radhika I'm fine ..

Radhika was getting annoyed of her punching gloves  and quickly took them of throwing them on the floor ..She touched his cheek caringly not letting him talk '

R: I knew this wasn't a good Idea ..See you got hurt.. she said letting eyes get moist ..Dev saw this and felt his heart melt down at this ..did she care  this much for him?? ..He held Radhika had assuring her that he was perfectly fine but she didn't pay heed an ran to get him some ice ..Coming back she made him sit on the chair and started applying the glace on his cheek ..

R: Bohut daard hora hai ??asking concernedly (is it hurting a lot??)

Seeing this Dev felt very touched ..he held her hand  making her sit beside him

D: Radhika ..Im fine ..Tum itna pareshaan maat ho ..( Please don't  get worried)

Radhika was feeling little angry that he made her box and he  got hurt  ..

R: I told you wasn't a good idea 'But you didn't listen!..

Seeing her cute anger made him smile sweetly ..

D: Ok Ok ..Im sorry ..He said holding his ears like a little boy ..
Seeing this Radhika quickly moved his hands from his ears telling him not to do so ..Seeing his cute apologizing  face made her smile ..

Dev forwarded his hand and they did the hand shake happily '

D: Waise Radhika ..I think your ready for any fight ! Saying teasingly and applying the ice pack on his cheek .

Radhika laughs cutely shaking her head at his teasing  and went downstairs with him , everyone were wondering what happened to him but he explained himself making radhika out of the story as much as possible.. Dadima  just shook her head sternly  only her crazy grandson could get ideas like that .

Later in the evening  Vaishali was ready to do the evening aarti , she suddenly remembered Dev telling them that she learned how to sing from her mom . The whole family were present including Radhika who was standing beside Dadima with a sweet smile .

V: Radhika beta ..aaj tum aarti gaogi? ..( radhika today your going to sing the aarti)  
Everyone were glad to hear this , Radhika felt her eyes going moist ..

R: Main ??
Dadima smiles tenderly and signal Radhika to sing ..
Radhika folds her hand in front of the lord and starts singing with her melodious voice making everyone beam unbelievably , such a sweet beautiful voice ! Dev grins boyishly hearing her beautiful voice they all closed their eyes listening to the melodious aarti that was being sung by Radhika .Vaishali was doing circular motion with the taali enjoying the aarti ..After the aarti was done everyone started praising her beautiful voice making radhika smile sweetly yet shy .

Mr.Purohit : Radhika beta ..Tumne pehle kyun nahi kaha ke tum aarti ko itne achi gasakthi ho?? I would love to hear your beautiful voice every morning and night ..
 ( Radhika why didn't you tell us before that you could sing such beautiful arti with you melodious voice )

Dadima: Saach tumhari awaz bohut khaas hai ..Maan bohut khush hogaya..(Your voice is very unique , hearing your voice bought peace in my heart ) ..adding cheerfully ..
The praising went on , Vaishali offered her to sing the aarti whenever she wishes too . This bought a beautiful smile on Radhika face , its been such a long time she didn't sing like this ..She felt extremely happy hearing a heart warming offer .

After the aarti Radhika was helping Mrinalini design some great bridal outfits , Radhika had wonderful ideas that made Mrinalini speechless 'The whole  day the family was trying to get her mind off her though pass and it was working '.

In Devs room he was talking to Arjun '.

Dev: what do you mean that you don't know where he went???''..Look Arjun I really need to know where Karan lives ''As soon as you get any information call me right away 'Ok ..thanks Arjun ''ok..Take care man ..Bye

Dev hung up the phone taking a deep sigh ..That Karan is a clever guy, how will he find him??


Radhika took a satisfied smile after arranging the kitchen and walks out suddenly she saw a big blank spider hanging down in front of her face 'Her eyes widened up and scram lightly ..She looks at the spider disgustedly she hated spiders  ! She heard someone laughing uncontrollably and  saw Dev holding his stomach laughing his heads off on the swing ..She felt very irked she touched the spider and noticed it was a fake and gave one cold look knowing it was his prank!...

Hey guys!! thank you so much for the encouraging comments Big smile
It really means a lot to me HugHeart..OK coming to the update ...hope you guys like it , I know you guys want to see Karan family and Amma get punished but it will happen later in the story ..For no enjoy Radev interaction and then another twist will come Confused..I'm extremely worried about it ..Dont know what you guys will think??Confused I promise to post the next update soon and not make you guys wait Ouch..I'm really sorry Ouch...I needed to apply to college and got little busy with that ...Hope you guys understand Smile..
Thanks again my lovely readers
 ..Hope you guys will stay tuned WinkTake careHugHeart

PS: 2 more days left for Choti bahu Wink..Im super excited !!!Big smile..Lol im sure Im not the only doing the count down LOLWink

Part 11:

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