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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 21)

shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
loved it. cant wait for the next part. hope ur exams went well. and i hope u get tru to nursing. cant wait for ur twist also.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Clapgreat update Billo. WOW!.. i liked how you portrayed her past.. it is convinsing.. poor both Sathrijia dn Devki out of scene.. I think Devki may be alive.. that stupid amma tried to play trick on Radhika....   hate her to the core...  wonderful update..
 also the karan family...  oh my.. treating their own bahu as a prisoner.. the whole family needs to get the punishment.. i am sure, you will do justice.. so  waiting..
 goodluck with your try dear.. hope everything goes well with you.. exams and grades adn then the college admission.. all the best...
Thumbs Up

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
wow its a long update but nice cool  superb thanks yar
waiting for next update

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Thanks yumna ...very beautiful emotional update... loved devika n rads bond... amma Angryless i talk about her is better just hate herAngry precap was grt ...

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Yumna,  you described Radhika's past beautifuly...She had enough in her life  and i hate ammaAngry...Karan and family  how stupids they are ...I hope he won't come again between Dev and Radhika   because   Karan  has told Dev '  this is not going to end''
Dev can understand her ..What she had in her life  and how the way she  treated by everyone....
We had to wait for long to get your update  but its ok give more preference for  study....Wish you all the best Yumna....
Loved precap   expecting  more Radev moments in   coming  update...

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ancie Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 5:24am | IP Logged
nice update yaar............thus radka's past is revealed........what may be dev's reaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink
 waiting 4 more

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Thanks Yumna for this emotional & touching part , u very beautifully explain her past .

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Part 9
Dev was shocked after hearing her story he felt a lump in his throat with tears in his eyes ..His heart was crushing down after hearing her story ..he  looked at Radhika who had her hands on her face crying , he swallows the lumps feeling his heart beating uneasily ..He closed his eyes letting few tears roll down ..HE couldn't fall weak especially in front of her who went through such pain ..He slowly called her ..

D: Radhika 'saying softly

Hearing his soft voice yet comforting she pressed her cheeks against his chest weepingly taking all her pain out ..In a reflex Dev wrapped his arms around her comfortingly ..He let her cry her heart our in his arms , she kept all her pain inside never shared it with anyone except for him ..He couldn't believe that her amma was so mean to her and that karan and his family behaved such disgustingly with her ..Radhika felt protected in his arms and snuggled closer to him clutching his shirt letting it get wet with her tears ..He felt this and tightened his arms around her , she was such a sweet smiley girl that was always ready to help his family in anyway , she never complained about anything and always did what she was told happily ..In his house she would smile and talk openly with everyone never he once thought that she went through a painful phase in her life .Radhika shivered under his embrace just by thinking about her passed , she started sobbing , Dev had few tears roll down his cheeks hearing her cry and feel her pain ..He didn't know what made his heart cringe like this . He took a deep breath controlling his tears , he didn't want her to realize this .

After a while, Radhika calmed herself down feeling his secured arms around her,. She slowly opened her eyes not wanting to get away from the comfort embrace she was in, very cozy and warm .Radhika felt in peace in calm in his arms her gaze was wondering around the open space that was surrounded by water and trees .  She blinked once and  slowly noticed that she was in Dev"s arms crying to whole time !..her heart started pasting uncontrollably with anxiousness , her heart wasn't pasting with fear but with something else that she never felt before ? She felt her cheeks go pink after the action she did. Did she really go in his arms like this ???she swallows the lump in her throat and  gets a hold of herself and turn stiff under his embrace ..Feeling this he moved his arms away looking at her concernedly , she was to embarrassed to look at him kept her gaze low at the her reflection in the water.. She wiped her tears sniffing once 'Dev somehow hated seeing her like this ..

With a little crackling voice radhika spoke up

R: I'm 'sorry ..
Dev frowns his brows wondering why she was apologizing ..

D: Radhika ..Please don't be sorry ..Muhje bhilkul boura nahi laga ..assuring her  with a light smile ..
She slowly looks up with her teary eyes  to see his comfort gaze ..She gulps feeling his fingers wiping her tears on her cheeks with her caring touch making her heart swell up with  warmth ..

D: Radhika ..Main us Karan aur uski family  ko nahi chorunga Aur tumhari Amma ko bhi ! ( Im not going to leave your Amma and the Sanganian that easily !) Clutching his jaws together furiously ..

Radhika shook her head

R: Nahi aisa kuch nahi karein ge ..( No ..Your not going to do anything like that ..)

D: Par Radhika wo

R: Please 'she said with a little plead ..This was my pass and I want to forget it ..Please app aisa kuch maat kijiye'.

Dev looked away angrily , he regretted not beating up Karan to a point were he would die ! He looked back at her ..Why did she have to be so sweet ?? Why wouldn't she want  them to get punished ??

D: but Radhika ..Don't you think they deserve to get punished after what they did to you ?? I mean its absolutely unhumain what your amma and the sanganian family did to you !

Radhika moved her gaze to the riffling water '

R: My father always thought me to forgive people that did something bad to you and not to revenge them '.glancing once at him '
Dev just gazed at her unbelievably , she had such a big pure, kind heart and was ready to forgive the people that made her live in hell!

D: Radhika?? What are you ?? I mean ..Your ready to forgive them??? Asking stunned..

Radhika nods once ..

R: Haan ..I don't want anything to do with them anymore. I don't want to see them or talk about them ..Their my pass and today it's my present 'Please don't do anything ...looking at him Pleadingly
Dev took a took a sigh shaking his head in disagreement looking away  but if Radhika wanted this so be it   . She didn't miss his angry and disturbed expression and remained quiet 'Dev helped Radhika get up and walk towards the car ..

Radhika and Dev were in the car they she didn't speak just gazed outside at the trees  he was keep thinking about Radhika passed that seemed so painful , he was very disturbed by the fact that she didn't want to get Then Sanganian and Amma punished !.. .He kept glancing at Radhika who had few tears flowing down making his heart cringe in pain .She

They finally reached home he opened the door for her she came out lumping ..He helped her by holding her around her shoulder for support ..Radhika glances up seeing his concerned gaze even before when she was having trouble getting in the car . She took one step but lost balance feeling her legs going weak . He saw Radhika trying to take another step but couldn't resist seeing her like this and put her arm around his neck , she frowns confusedly but the next second she found herself in his arms . He picked her up and started walking ..Her heart skip a beat gazing at him ..Dev carried her so easily she was really light for him and started walking inside the house ..She couldn't stop gazing at him with her loving eyes , seeing his care for her made her eyes watery ..Dev just kept walking he glanced at Radhika who was looking at him 'He smiles lightly and carried on with his steps ..Birju saw Dev holding Radhika ..He also saw the state she was in making him more concern ..

B: Dev Bhaiya??

Dev looked at Birju a little sadly and walked up the stairs  without saying anything ..He bought radhika in her room sitting her down on her bed ..She came back from her trance looking down embarrassedly not knowing what caused her too gaze at him the whole time ..Dev opened her drawer and took out the first aid box and sat beside her ..Radhika glances at Dev who was putting medication on her cuts on her arm ..She kept gazing at him , why did he have to care for her so much ?? Why ?? Seeing his caring action made her heart beat to no extreme for him ..The medication stung  her and closed her eyes painfully ..he glances up seeing her close her eyes ,he blows some air on her skin making it less stingy ., feeling this her eyes loosened up , she was enjoying this very much , her cheeks turned pink ..Dev moved back to put the box away suddenly he saw redness around her exposed  upper back with light cuts  since her braid was over her shoulder. He clutches his teeth angrily knowing it would be because of Karan.. He didn't know if she would let him touch her exposed back ..

D: Radhika ??
She slowly turns her head to the side ..

R: Jee???

D: Do you allow me to put some 'Medication on your back?? Asking little hesitantly '

Radhika frowns her brows lightly not knowing what to answer ..She gulps lightly feeling her throat dry . heart fluttering with love for him seeing Dev asking permission before  ..She flickered her lashes little nervously and bobbed her head lightly giving him the permission ..

He smiles lightly and started applying medication on her back ..Feeling his fingers on her skin , made her close her eyes feeling shivers running down her spine absorbing the beautiful feel ..Dev was feeling bad seeing such cuts on her back ..accidentally he put the medication a  cut that hurt her ..she made a light painful moan hearing this he blew  on the cut ..Radhika breathing went uneven feeling her skin tickling, her fingers curled up on each other .. She didn't feel pain anymore , it felt like the pain magically disappeared with his touch . Dev was done applying the medication on her upper back and felt his fingers away from her skin made her open her eyes coyly ...He knew that Radhika got hurt on her legs too but  he probably thought  it would make her feel uncomfortable her exposing her legs to him  ..

D: Radhika ??

Radhika was too shy too look at him ..


D: Here's the medication ..If you  feel the need to put it anywhere else you can ..saying caringly

Radhika looks up seeing his concerned gaze ..She simply nodded

R: Hmm '.

Dev walks out the room taking a deep breath ..HE closed his eyes knowing that he controlled his heart in there ..He told Birju too take a glass of milk for Radhika , he did as he was told '

Radhika was sitting in the middle of her bed with her legs cupped up and her arms resting on top she changed into a purple shalwar kameez with her duppata over her chest side ..She was looking outside at the moon ,feeling the wind coming inside trying to cheer her up but her face still looked sober. She was thinking about Karan actions today and her pass that she wanted to forget but it was always going to come to haut her . Suddenly she heard a knock on the door ..she just looked at the door and told the person to come in with a sad voice ..

Birju came in with a glass of hot milk for Radhika ..

B: yeh ..Dood peelijiye ..Dev bhaiya ne kaha aapkarliye lekar anee ( Here ..Drink this milk Dev said too bring it for you ) 'saying sweetly ..

Radhika looked at the glass of milk , she wasn't in the mood to drink or eat anything ..she smiled lightly

R: Birju bhaiya ..mera maan nahi hai ..But Thank you
( Borther Birju ..I don't feel like drinking ) ..saying  politely

Birju was touched to hear her call her bhaiya and smiled accepting it..

B: Radhika ji ..Thoda sa peelijiye ( At least drink a little ?)..requesting her  sweetly  again

Radhika shakes her head '

R: Main theek hoon birju bhaiya ..aap fiquar maat kijiye ..( Im fine Birju brother 'please don't worry ..)

B : theek hai ..lekin agar aapko kuch bhi cheya hoga ..Toh muhje bholalejiye ga ( Ok ..but if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask ..) ..reply politely..
Radhika smiles lightly and nods her head ..Birju walks away leaving radhika drown in her own thoughts  ..
He was walking pass the hall way when Dev saw him walking away from Radhika room with the glass of milk '

D: Birju??

B: Jee bhaiya..

D: Radhika ne dood nahi piya?? ( Radhika didn't drink the milk?)

B: nahi bhaiya..Kehrathi ke maan nahi hai uska ..replying sadly ( no ..She said that she didn't feel like drinking milk )
Dev folded his white kurta sleeves to his elbow and took  the glass of milk from Birju '

B: Bhaiya ?? Radhika ji ke saath kya hua?? She looks so weak and I saw mark on her cheek ??
( What happened with Radhika ??)  Asking concernedly ..

Dev sigh uneasily '

D: Birju ..main baad main bataonga '.Dadima abhi nahi ayi na ??( Birju Ill tell you after ..Dadmima is not home yet ?)

B: nahi Bhaiya ..
Dev walks towards Radhika room ..Meanwhile Radhika thought drifted off to Dev ..How he always came on time for her rescue , remembering the way he protected her from Karan , the way he comforted her when she was crying and the way he applied the medication on her wound made her cheeks go pink , her heart was fluttering with love for him it felt like her heart was beating just for him ! It was a new feeling discovered by her heart , never  in her life she got attracted to a boy before ..This was a new feeling for her 'Her thoughts went back to the incident that happened with Karan .

She heard a knock on the door shuddering lightly frowning her brows wondering who it was.. Maybe Birju again ??

R: Aye..

Dev opens the door seeing radhika looking out the window ..she slowly moves her gaze to the person ..she felt stunned seeing Dev, she was just thinking about him and he was there  walking towards her with the glass of milk ..he sit beside her with a tiny smile forwarding the glass of milk to her ..Radhika shakes her head looking outside with her teary eyes ..Seeing her like this pinched his heart ..

D: Radhika ?? Thoda sa peelo ..( Radhika 'Drink a little ')

R: Muhje nahi peena ..saying with a gloomy voice  ( I don't want to drink ..)

Dev swallow the lump that was forming in his throat ..

D: Meri liye  ?

Radhika looks at him surprised , Dev smiles hopefully that she would drink the milk , she felt her heart touched by what he said and  took the glass of milk ..Making Dev smile satisfied in response . she  slowly drank her milk..Dev looked at the white curtains that were flying away with the wind ..Radhika finished the milk wiping her upper lips leaving no milk stain .. Dev moves his gaze back to her and  spoke up

Dev: Radhika ?? I know that your very worried and sad after  what happened today ..But I promise that  my family will fill your life with happiness and love ..That you will forget about the painful moments you went through '.

Radhika smiles lightly knowing that this family was so caring and loving to her , they already filled her life with happiness and couldn't ask for more  ..She didn't know how to thank them enough for what they did for her ..She had flickering her lashes letting few tears roll down .

D: From now on I don't want to see tears in your eyes ..Wiping her tears away ..
She looks at him smiling sadly  yet little confused not didn't understand why he was so caring to her ?? He was making her heart weak for him ..

R: Kyun aap mera itna khayal rakthe hain ?? Looking at him puzzled

Dev smiled at her question ..

D: Because ..Im the one that found you ..and its my responsibility to take care of you ..Like the same way you take care of me and my family ..trailing of with care

Radhika gulps the lump in her throat feeling touched by his words ..few moments passed. She gazed in his eyes with a question that was bothering her since the evening she still didn't know how Dev knew Karan?? Dev frowns his brows asking her What's wrong??

R: ummm..How ..did you know '.

Dev understood her question and told her the whole story that happened few years ago  ..Hearing this she was so touched by Dev attitude that day ..His prayer did get answered and now she's safe in this house with his family with him !'She was looking deeply into his eyes .

D: Aab tum araam karlo ..Bohut takgayi hogi na ?? ( You must be very tired ..You should rest now .)

Radhika lays back on her pillow while he spreaded the blanket over her 'He was about to leave when she called him ..

R: Suniye '.??

Dev turned around smiling

D: hmmm

R: Can you stay here with me until I fall asleep ..asking with a little plead ..

Hearing her sweet request he smiled warmly and nodded his head , sitting  beside her reading a magazine ..Radhika slowly closed her eyes feeling protected with him sitting beside her .Her eyes lids slowly started to close down feeling heavily tired few seconds later she fell asleep . ..Dev moved his eyes from the magazine to Radhika and saw her sleeping soundly ..He gazed at the beautiful innocent face making his heart crushed  in pain remembering her pass ,how could anyone be so cruel to such  girl? A girl that was ready to forgive all the people that made her go through hell?? How could they not see such pure and kindness in her ??
 . His gaze started observing her beautiful features  ..She had such lovely long lashes with perfect brows , cute cheeks ,sweet pink lips and with beautiful dark browns hair ..He wanted to caress  her soft cheeks but retrained himself from doing so , His mind wasn't letting him do this ..He came out the room closing the  side lamp glancing once seeing her sleep deeply ..He closed his eyes for a brief second taking a deep sigh ..

He came downstairs and saw everyone back  sitting on the couch relaxing talking about their evening ..Dadima saw dev looking down pensively ..

Dadima: Dev ?? Kya hua ?? Birju kehra tha  ke tuh jaldi achuka tha ..asking worriedly ..
( Dev ? What happened ? Birju told us that you came early??)

They all saw Dev worried  face ..

Mr.Purohit : Dev beta kiya hua ?? Tuh itna pareshaan lagra hai ..( Dev ? What happened ?? You look so worried ??)

Dev took a deep breath and sat beside dadima , the whole family was present including Mrinalni and Vivek  who were also wondering what was wrong with him '

Dadima: dev ?? Kya hua ?? Asking concernedly

Dev looked around at saw everyone's puzzled face 'he took a deep breath controlling his emotions and he sit on the sofa beside dadima surrounded by the rest of the family ..

Dev: Dadima '''


It was 2 o'clock in the morning everyone was in bed but they couldn't sleep after what they heard from Dev ..Radhika story shocked everyone , they were just feeling so sad  for her . They couldn't believe that she never told them about such cruel moments in her life ..They all had tears in there eyes after dev told them the whole story ....Especially Mr,Purohit who used to visit Vridavaan sometimes but never saw Radhika ..He couldn't do anything to save her or her mother, just thinking about this made a remorse feeling creep up on him ..No one could of sleep properly especially Dev . He tried sleeping but it seemed impossible after the evening he had ..It was just filled with so much emotions ..He took a deep breath and  closed his eyes ..

Meanwhile Radhika stirred in her bed sweating lightly from her forehead  mumbling few words in her sleep , she having a really bad nightmare .She saw dev on the ground in pain , he had blood on his body and saw  Karan laughing evilly 'Radhika quickly got up and scram ..

R: DEV!!!!!!

Dev opened his eyes hearing his name in a fearful voice , his heart skip a beat and ran towards Radhika room! Opening the door he saw her sitting up on her bed ..He quickly sat beside her ..

D: Radhika ??

Radhika started touching his arms making sure that he was alright , her heart was pounding really fast .She looked really nervous and terrified ..
R: Aap theek toh hain ( are you ok??)..scanning his body if he got hurt ..Dev saw the tears in her eyes , her hands stroke his chest side to his arm making sure nothing happened to him ..

D: Radhika main theek hoon ( I'm fine ) . Its just a bad dream you had 'he held her hands in his assuring her that he  was fine .Radhika looked up at him seeing him perfectly fine no blood stains  ..a big relief  gushed out her heart .. Few seconds later the whole family came in worriedly ..

Dadima: Kya hua Radhika beta??? asking worriedly ..

She saw little sweat on the side of her forehead ..
Dev glanced at Dadima and back at Radhika

D: dadima..Radhika had a bad dream 'He knew that it was probably after the fight between him and Karan that she got a bad nightmare .He got up letting Dadima sit beside her ..She took the edge of her saree and wiped the little sweat and then cupped her cheek tenderly

Dadima: Beta ..Hum saab yahan hain tumhare liye '.Tumhe daarni ki koi zarrorath nahi hai ..Dev bhi theek hai ..Decko ..She said holding his arm ..( We are all here for you , you don't need to be scared of anything ..Dev is also fine ..Look ..)

The whole family looked on feeling very concerned'Radhika was feeling so bad that she woke up the whole family ..

R: Muhje shama kardigiye ..Maine aap sab ki need karaab kardi ..lowering her face guiltily
( Please forgive me ..I ruined everyone's  sleep ..)

Mr.Purohit caressed her head caringly '

Mr.Purohit : Nahi beta 'Iskarliye tumhe koi maafi mangne ki zarorath nahi hai '..he said assuring her ..( You don't have to apologize for this ..)
Vaishali: Radhika beta thoda paani peelo ..She said forwarding her a glass of water sweetly ..
( Radhika drink some water )

Radhika took few sips she kept glancing at Dev feeling little embarrassed for what she did. .She was also very touched seeing the whole family coming to her room seeing if she was ok '

Dadima: Main  Radhika ke saath sojaongi ..( Im going to sleep with Radhika )

Mrinalini : nahi Dadima Ill stay with radhika '.

Vaishali: Nahi Mrinalni main rahoongi Radhika ke saath ..

Radhika had tears forming in her eyes feeling her heart swell up seeing all the woman  wanting to stay with her for comfort ..

R: ummm'Main theek hoon ..main nahi chahthii ke aapki neend ..( ..I'm fine ..I don't want your sleep to get ruined because of me ')
Vaishali cut her off

V: Nahi Radhika ..Main songi tumhare saath and that's final ..she said ordering yet affectionately..( No Radhika 'I'm going to sleep with you and that's final )

Everyone agreed and slowly left the room ..Dev was the last one to leave ..He smiled a Radhika assuring her one last time that he was fine by pointing at himself and putting a thumb up , making her more relief ..

As soon as everyone left , Vaishali rested her back on the bed rest ..she put her arm around Radhika shoulder making her rest her head on her shoulders ..Radhika felt a lump in her throat ..she felt a motherly love from Vaishali who was caressing Radhika hair lovingly trying to put her back  to sleep ..She had few tears in her eyes thinking about the poor girls past ..She controlled them to not make Radhika realise this ..Slowly slowly she  fell asleep , Vaishali tucked her in bed and laid downs beside Radhika feeling her heart crushed not understanding why someone could be so cruel to this simple beautiful girl ?? The whole family were having trouble sleeping , they all had a grudge against the Sanganian and Amma after knowing how they treated Radhika ..but when Dev told them that Radhika didn't want then to get punished and wanted to forget all this The whole Family couldn't believe that she was ready to forgive them especially Mr.Purohit , he wanted to punish The Sanganian and Amma but When Dev told him that Radhika doesn't want them to get punished he was in a dilemma ..If she wished to forget her pass and move on then he didn't want to go against her will . Dev planned on talking to Arjun about this and tell him to break all relations with Karan !

Hey guys ! Big smileThank you so much for liking the previous updateHug ..I was very worried too see everyones reaction but I guess it went goodWinkBig smile..Ok coming to the update ..The Purohit know about Radikas past and want to punish the Sanganian and Amma but RAdhika doesnt want to ..but as the story advances it will happen ..Smile
Take care guys and Thanks again for the lovely comments Heart
hope you like this update Big smile
Good night Sleepy

Next part :

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