Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 20)

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omg ur a really good writer. please please update again soon, i loved the fight and i especially love how protective dev is. i wish CVs could use this story, it'll be great to watch.

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Yumna, the story is getting interesting and waiting for Radhika's past to be disclosed to Dev and his reaction to it.

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Waiting to knw abt Radhika's compelete PAST in ur next Update... Hope u will nt keep off some secret again from us abt radhika even in ur nxt update..
Hope u do it ASAP !!

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yar what happen please update next part we are waiting

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sis what happen I can't see you any where Why

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PArt 8 ( Radhikas Pass)

In a small village vridavaan lived a man named Shastrijee who  had a sweet wife Devki and a mother (amma) .He was a very well known priest in the village , he was newly married to his wife . Devki took very good care of his mother and her husband doing all the wifely duties  . Shastrijee had a really good friend named Ranjiv he was also a pandit that would share the temple with shastrijee . Few years passed and Devki was yearning to be a mother but she never got fertilized . She would always pray to kanha to give her a baby but it seemed that God wasn't answering her prayers ..

One day shastrijee was finishing up arranging the temple was late at night he was walking down the stairs feeling the cool breeze .  Suddenly, he heard a cry of a baby he frowns confusedly and followed the sound he  saw a basket on the mandir stairs with a baby girl inside crying ..He was absolutely shocked  he didn't know what to do with the baby ..He heard the mandir bells ringing  loudly with the wind .He looks at Kanha who was smiling showering  the child with his blessings ..Shastrijee heart was swelling up with joy kanha finally answered their prayers even though the baby wasn't their own it was a beautiful gift from God. He quickly  took the baby in his arms and bought her  home ..Seeing a Baby in Shastrijee arms bought a joyful smile on devki face ..She couldn't believe it ! Kanha answered her prayers ..She quickly ran to kanha idol thanking him from the bottom of her heart ..Seeing the baby Amma makes a disgusting face she wanted her own grand child not some baby picked up from the temple stairs !

Amma: Yeh Kya lalla! Tuh ek bacha ko madir ke sirion se utha leaya?? Asking unbelievably
(What is this Lalla ?? You bought a baby that was left on the temple stairs??)

Devki held the baby in her arms , she quickly felt a beautiful attachment towards the baby girl few tears started forming in her eyes, she was just so happy that finally she got a chance to prove herself as a mother . She kissed the baby girls cheeks who was getting cuddled in Devki arms , she already started  showering the baby with  a motherly  affection . She paid no heed to Ammas words .She was just so happy that she could finally prove to be a good mother ..Shastrijee thought the same he looked at the baby girl that was looking at them with her beautiful and round eyes filled innocence . she  blinked once making them smile warmly 'Devki kissed the baby lovingly and put her against her chest affectingly .

S: Devkiji?Iss bachi ka kya naam rakein?? asking excitedly
( what should we name her ??)

Devki gazed at the baby girl with so much love ..Few minutes passed

D: Radhika ..trailing of sweetly ..

Shastrijee agreed happily ..It was a beautiful name ..

Amma: Tum dono ka dimaak karaab toh nahi hogaye ho?? Is bachi ka naa jaat nahi khul kapataa hai aur tum dono is bachi ko rakne chaheyo?? Asking unbelievably
( You both have gone crazy ! You guys dint know were this baby came from and you both are ready to keep her ??)

Hearing this Devki hugged the baby close to her not wanting to let her go ..

Shastrijee saw this and tried explaining his mom calmly ..

S: Maa 'Yeh bachi toh Kanha ke achirwaad se mili humko ..Main jaantha hoon ke maine Radhika ko madir ke sirion se utakar kuch galat nahi kiya Maa ..I got this child from kanha blessings ..I know that I didn't do anything wrong  by bringing Radhika in this house )
assuring Devki that the baby will stay with them .

Devki: ammaji main is bachi ko wapas nahi dene wali ..Yeh hamare saath rehgi.. Radhika humari hai  ..saying with determanation ..
( Ammaji I'm not going to give this child back ..she will stay with us, she ours now )

Amma: Yeh bachi ..aapshungun howagi ..!..Na jaane konsa ganda khoon ho is bachi ke undaar ! Yeh manhoos  howagi !  Meri baat yaad rakiye go ! Yaad rakiye go ! Saying she left in her room angrily..( This baby girl will bring bad luck ! We don't know what dirty blood might be running in her blood . She will be a very unlucky girl '.Remember my words !)

Devki and shastrijee didn't care about what Amma was saying ..all they knew was this baby girl was sent for them by god '

Shastrijee and Devki gave so much love and affection to Radhika ..she was their only child and they wanted  to keep her happy .. Devki gave her a mothers love to the max even though she wasn't her own child she couldn't care less same goes for shatrijee he loved Radhika a lot ..He wanted to give her good values and a  good religion so in her life she could distinct the good and bad . The whole village was very happy for the Mohan family especially Ranjiv he knew how badly Devki and shastriji wanted to be parents and God  finally answered their prayers ..He was like Radhika chacha and considered her like his niece . Every time he would come by their house he would always bring a toy for little Radhika who was getting big really fast  .Amma in the contrary always cursed the poor  girl ..calling her names that the little girl didn't understand , Amma was very cold with Radhika she never let her come close to her, if she did she would push her away making Radhika cry when she was just 2 years old . Devki did her best to keep Radhika away from Amma ..She felt hurt when the little girl cried . Shastrijee warned amma many times to not touch Radhika in a abusive way  , she was only 2 years old ! but amma paid no heed .

Radhika was growing up with so much love and care by her parents ..In a very small age she started to go to the mandir with Shastrijee ..She loved being surrounded with such devotional people and being in God house . She kept herself away from Amma she knew that she hated her a lot because she would taunt her all the time and give her abusive words . She never understood why Amma was like this with her ??  Little Radhika knew that she would never get a grandmothers love never !\

 Radhika finally turned 4 years old ..she had beautiful fair skin with round eyes , long lashes , a cute smile with cute cheeks ..Devki would always make her a braid with her dark, tick brown hair and would make Radhika were cute dresses sometimes she would sow Radhika nice shalwar kameezes making the cute girl swirl around adoring the clothes her mom slipped on her 'Amma would always try to find a reason that Radhika was a unlucky girl , that she would always bring bad luck to her family ..She would always warn Radhika to stay away with her stern loud voice   making the poor girl shudder and  cry , but Devki would always be there to console her beautiful daughter telling her to be brave and to not pay attention to Amma words .

One day shastrijee went to a Buxar , a nearby village that  needed his presence there . He left in the morning kissing Radhika good by and walked out with a joyful smile .. Devki got busy with the house chores and  Radhika went to  play outside with her doll .Suddenly she heard Devki scream  making the little girl heart paste worriedly ..She ran inside and saw her mother on the ground crying hysterically ..She saw amma in shook with tears coming down her cheeks 'She looked up at the door seeing her Chacha with tears 'Ranjiv saw little radhika walking towards him scared and crying ..

Radhika: Chacha ..Maa aur amma ko kiya hua ..asking innocently  with her tears '
(Uncle ' what happened with Mama and Amma ??)

Ranjiv kneeled down hugging the little girl  affectionately ..

Ranjiv didn't know how to tell the little girl that her father has passed away in an accident !
Radhika was also crying seeing her mom cry , her mother was always the one consoling her when  she was sad but now her mom fell weak  and was crying! 'Amma eyes turned steel on Radhika  seeing the little girl in Ranjiv arms ..

Ammma pulled her out of his embrace and slapped the little girl making her fall on the floor ..

Amma: Thore karan yeh saab hua hai !! Thore karan!!! Screaming her lungs out ..Radhika shuddered hearing this ..( BECAUSE OF YOU !! Because of YOU!!!!)

Amma: Thore waja mera beta marr chuka hai!! ( because of you my son passed away) she said crying uncontrollably 'Maiine kahan tha jab llaala tuhje mandir ke sirionse uthale aya  ke tuh ek aabchugan  ladki hai !! Aaj  tuhne saabit karliyeyo ke tum Manhoos hoveyo !!  Tum is ghar ki sagi beti nahi ho( BECAUSE of you my son passed away !!! I told him when he first picked you up from the temple stairs that you a unlucky child ! And today your proved yourself to be a unlucky child !! You not the real daughter of this house !!!!)

Amma spitted out these words harshly making the little girl cry even more ..

Radhika was shocked hearing this and sobbed even more cupping in the corner of the wall 'She found out that she was adopted , that she was the reason for he fathers' death 'Devki  heard what amma was saying to Radhika that made her angry 'Ranjiv was shocked hearing this from amma mouth and her actions towards Radhika !

Devki controlled herself  and ran to hold her daughter in her arms . How dare Amma blamed her little daughter that was at no fault ..

Devki: AMMA!! Aap Radhika ko doshi maat tehriye ..Is bachi ka kya kasur ..Yeh bachi humari zindagi hai ..App is bachi ki uppar ilzaam maat lagaye. .trailing of weepingly  and hugged radhika against herself kissing her daughter. The little girl was sobbing in her mothers arms who was also crying along with her daughter ..Amma sat on the sofa helplessly  crying ..Ranjiv went near Devki and Radhika who were crying in each others arms ..He knelled down consoling both of them especially the little girl who felt guilty '
( Amma ! Don't blame Radhika for this , what is her fault in this ? Radhika is our life , Please don't blame her for this )

 A week passed ..all the funereal ritual got completed with sadness ..Little Radhika was sitting inside her fathers mandir looking at kanha with questionably eyes ..Why did her father pass away ?? Why did  he make her mom go through such pain ?? Why?? Thinking about these question made her cry even more ..she covered her face with her little hands and cried ..Ranjiv saw this and went to console Radhika 'He bought her home where Devki was in her room sleeping on the bed feeling weak and exhausted . Radhika sleep with her mom letting her tears flow down her cheeks ..She felt something missing  in the house ..Her Father !..She always slept with her mom and dad that would tell her bed times stories and tickle  to cheer her up  when she was felt sad from Ammas words  ..She slowly looked on her right side of the bed  and saw it empty her father wasn't there' few tears rolled down she hugged her dad pillows letting her little tears fall on it .She wanted her dad , she was missing him so much ..Every night he would tell her a bed time story with Devki but not anymore ...she mumble her fathers name with her crying voice .".Ba'Babuji "..hugging her fathers pillow against herself  trying to feel her fathers presence 'she tucked herself in with  her mothers arms and fell asleep letting her tears roll down '.

Devki wasn't feeling good for few days, she felt very weak after her widow ritual  , Ranjiv came by too take care of the family who were going through a tough  time ..Little Radhika was there to help  him with the house chores 'she massaged her mothers feet's , made her mother eat and took care of her . Ranjiv made some soup for Devki and he told Radhika too give it to her mom meanwhile he will go see Amma who was still in shock and blamed Radhika for her sons death.

She went in the room and saw her mom sitting on the floor  in front of the kanha idol  with tired bags around her eyes ..Radhika steps inside with her little feet not making a singly noise and sat beside her mom ..

R: Mama 'Aap karliye khanna lekar ayi hoon ..saying with her cute childish voice
(Mama ..I got some food for you..)

Hearing her daughter cute voice Devki came out her trance ..She glances at Radhika who forwarded a spoon filled with soup near her mothers mouth  'Radhika  fed her mother lovingly, and grinned contently seeing her mother eat ..Devki felt so touched by her daughters care , her heart was melting away with warmth seeing such little girl taking care of her . She realized that Radhika was taking care of her for the pass week and didn't even pay heed ? Devki throat felt lumpy with tears forming in her eyes . She  took her daughter in her arms and cried hugging radika tightly  ..How could she forget that she had a wonderful daughter  that she used to pray day and night to kanha to have? ..How could she forget that having a baby was her dream ?.How could she forget the promise she made to herself that she will always keep her beautiful daughter happy ??Seeing this Radhika  snuggled to her mom letting her tears flow down ..Devki took a determination breath ..She had to live for her daughter , she had too keep herself strong  for her ..she had to do this for her husband , he would never want her daughter and her to live in a misery ..He would want the best for Radhika ..They both had dreams for Radhika and she wasn't going to let these dream sweep away that easily ..

Few days passed and Devki pulled herself together and started getting back to her normal self Amma always blamed Radhika for her sons death  but Devki always  made Radhika not believe it ..She tried to make   Radhika not fall weak in Amma words ..Ranjiv did help the family financially  but Devki wanted to be the bread winner and started looking for a job '

12 years passed Devki became a music teacher , she taught young girls how to sing and control their vocals, the class were held in the beautiful terrace surrounded with lovely flowers and trees. The grass was very green and healthy with big tress , the terrace was surrounded with nature that made the atmosphere very pure and calm. Devki had a beautiful voice that she never  exposed to anyone but this was necessary for her since she needed money for Radhika education and their living , She would sing along with her tanpura ( instrument)and  became a really known teacher in vridavaan .Radhika was going to school getting  a really good education , she grew up to be a very sweet teenager , she was very timid girl didn't go out much , she had very few friends that didn't last long her only best friend was her mom . Radhika loved the nature very much , she would always go for long walks with Devki near the ghat and run after butterflies , Devki always saw a innocence in Radhika that not every girl had , she felt absolutely blessed having a daughter like her ..Radhika  loved school very much and she was very lucky because Devki used to teach her how to sing beautiful aarti and songs along with other young girls . The girls loved when Devki sang to them ..

Devki: Acha meri pyari bachian ..konsa gana main aaj gaon app logon karliye?? ( Ok girls , which song would you like me to sing??)

 : Koi naya gana ..( A new song )
All the girls agreed including Radhika who would always get immersed in any song sung by her mom ..She smiled cutely waiting for her mom to sing ..Devki smiled seeing all the girls getting excited '.Few minutes passed and all the girls quieted down looking at their teacher anxiously  ..Devki started to sing this song

When Devki started singing the girls were so touched by the words , they all went in their own melodious world . Especially Radhika each word was very meaningful , her mom was singing so beautifully with so much devotion  . Radhika was completely lost in the song that was mixed with pain and sweetness she closed her eyes and was enjoying every moment of the song that was song that was being sung by her mom wonderfully . When Devki  was done all the girls opened there eyes coming out from there world ..They all clapped for their teacher who smiled sweetly seeing the girls cute and joyful smile ..After few chit chats the class was over ..

R: Maa ..yeh gana toh bohut bohut sundar tha'( mom this song was so lovely )

Devki cupped her daughters cheeks sweetly ..

Devki: you really liked it ??

R: Haan ma ..Bohut Zada ..itni pyari kahani aur thoda sa udaas bhi  , aapne yeh gane main kehdiya ( Such a sweet and little sad and painful story you said it by singing )

Devki smiled happily seeing her daughter complementing her ..

Devki: would you like to learn how to sing this song?? Asking excitedly
Radhika eyes widened up unbelievably ..

R: Saach ??? You will teach me how to sing this song ???

Devki: Of course ..I want to teach you everything I know 'saying this she kissed Radhika forehead ..Devki knew that Radhika had a beautiful voice from all the girls she used to teach and she knew that her daughter will learn the song very nicely and sing it with pure devotion ..


Radhika learned how too cook from Devki as the time was passing by  , every day after school she would rush home to help her mom cook dinner and clean the house ..she became very responsible with the house chores ..Devki was very proud seeing her daughter growing up too be a beautiful  responsible young woman.. Radhika and Devki would hum and sing songs together while cooking or while cleaning up ..Amma  would get very irritated  hearing them sing and share a beautiful bond .She hated Radhika very much she was never going to forgive her for Shastrijee death ..She kept her abusive words and her beating to Radhika, she detested when the girl smiled and laughed it was because of Radhika her son passed away and  she was always smiley ??? Their would be a huge argument between Devki and Amma when she tried picking on Radhika or try to hit her '

Amma: AREE KARAM JAALI !!! Thore waja se mere lalla is duniya main nahi raha ..Thore Karan ..popping her angry eyes at Radhika who was in the kitchen  with Devki ..

Hearing this  Radhika held  her face low , Devki gave Amma one angry look

Devki: AMMA!! Bas kijiye!! Kab tak aap Radhika ko doshi kehlayi gi ??? Aap bas hogaya AMMA!! Jo bhi hua who Bhagwan ki marzi thi '.Meri bachi ka isme koi kasur nahi hai ! Samjhi aap ???( Amma its enough !! How long are you going to blame Radhika for you son death ?? Its enough now!!! No blame my daughter for this ..What evev happened was Gods will and we have to live with it 'Stop blaming my child for this ! Understand!!!

Amma: ARE bahu riya !! Hum kuch galat nahi kehri ..Deklena ..ek din tuh bhi is diniya se chale javegi is Maanhoos ke waaja se !..( I'm not saying anything wrong  watch one day your going to die to because of  this wretch !)

Radhika felt her heart crush down , she didn't want her mom to pass away because of her  ! She didn't like these abusive words that amma used on her  they really pained her very badly. She wiped her tears and ran in her room '
Amma smiled wickedly she knew that these words would her the Poor Radhika ..

Devki  glared at Amma and went to console her daughter. .Radhika was standing near the window  looking at the stars '

Devki held Radhika shoulder softly '

R: Maa..Kya saach main..meri waja se ..babuji ki ..moot ( death ) hogayi ??( Mom ? Am I really the reason for dads death ??)  Letting few tears roll down ..

Devki smiled sadly and made Radhika sit on the bed ..

D: Nahi beta ..aisa kuch nahi hai ..tum toh hamri zindagi thi ..humne hamesha ek bacha chaha lekin  khabhi ho nahi paaya ..Lekin kanha ne tuhje humare liye behja ..Aur tum us din se humare liye saagi beti banchu thi ..I couldn't wish for anything more because having a child was my only wish and I got the best wish any mother could have asked for ..Having a beautiful daughter like you 'holding Radhika chin affectionately..

Radhika tears slow vanished away hearing such lovely words from her mom '

D: Radhika ..Don't take ammas words to you heart ..She's just very upset that ..her son passed away and she always tried to put you down 'But listening to me very carefully 'No one is allowed to play with your feelings ..No one ..Understand ?'saying sternly yet loving

R: ..she said listening attentively..

Devki smiled and put her feet on the bed ..she took of her payals and gave them to Radhika

R: Ma ..Yeh  kya ?? Nahi Maa 'main nahi lesak thi ..( ..Mom ..what's this ?? No mom I cant take this')

Devki : Areee 'Agar Teri Maa tuhje kuch dehr hai ..toh use  mana nahi karthe ( reject )
..Samjhi ??( When you mother gives you something you don't reject it ..understand..) Saying little sternly yet loving

Radhika looked down with a cute  smile and bobbed her head ..Radhika took the payals and put them around her ankles . Devki saw  the joy in her daughter face . Radhika moved her legs lightly enjoying the  sweet sound  , she giggles cutely and hugged  her mom tightly thanking her. Devki stroke her daughters hair affectionately , her gaze slowly  fell on Shastrijee picture that was hanging on the wall smiling ..It felt like he was near them being part  of this beautiful mother and daughter bond '.

Amma saw this ..she had to do something she was sick and tired of Devki protecting Radhika all the time ..

  2 years passed , radhika was now 18 years old 'Pandit Ranjiv travelled a lot to many different villages but he would always come by to visit the  Shastri family ..He saw Radhika growing up wonderfully .One thing he loved to play with her was Chess since she turned 10 years old he introduced her to this game. Radhika was getting really good at the game as the years were passing by and it became a big challenge for him to compete with Radhika  . Every time he came back from his trip he would buy Radhika something  .He bought her a pendant were you could put two pictures ..Radhika slid a picture of her father and her mother and always wore it around her neck .She felt the closness of her parents anywhere she went .Amma would get always annoyed seeing Radhika smile with Devki and not feel any pain ! She couldn't believe that she wasn't feeling guilty for killing her father ?? Amma did her best  to put Radhika down but because of Devki she couldn't get her abusive words hurt Radhika , Devki was always there to protect her daughter ..Amma had enough of this Mother and Daughter bond and thought of something ..

One day Radhika was walking back home , she saw Devki standing surrounded by Villagers and few Panchayat  ..Radhika saw the man  holding Devki by her arm  and walking away ..

R: MAA!!!

Devki saw Radhika  running towards her

R: Maa !! Kya hua !! App kahan jahri hain??? She said worriedly

Devki : Beta ..Pata nahi ..Yeh log kehrehain ke maine adarm kiya hai ..Main  ek  widwa ( widow) hokar sangeet Nahi sakasakthi ?? ( I don't know ..There saying that being a window I was not allowed to work ??

R: Yeh kaise hosak tha hai?? Yeh niyamon( rules) galat hain '
How could this be ?? These rules are false !

Radhika looked at the villagers who were just standing and watching !

R:App log kuch hekthe kyun nahi ?? You all know that there is no rule like this! ( Why aren't you guys saying anything ! )
 Panchayat : EH!!! Ladki . Kya hum jhoot kahein ge ?? ( Why would we lie?? !)
The villagers whispered between them 'Devki tried to get herself released

Devki: Haath Maat lagaye muhje !!!..

R: Meri Maa ko chordigiye !! Pushing the man ..Usne koi adaarm nahi kiya !
(Leave my mom alone ! Pushing the man 'She didn't do anything wrong !)

The panchayat didn't pay heed to what she was saying and tried making Devki sit in the car ..Radhika was crying  holding Devki hands '

Devki: Radhika beta ..Tum aapne aap ko tootne maat dena !  Tum meri fiquar maat karna main jaldi ajaongi 'Yeh mera wadaa hai tumse assuring her daughter who was crying '.
( Radhika ..Don't let yourself fall weak ..Don't worry about me Ill come back soon ..I promise you ..)

R: Nahi Maa ..Please ..

Devki released herself and hugged her daughter tightly

Devki: Radhika 'meri bachi ..I promise I will come back '
She moved back cupping Radhika face who was crying holding her mothers hand s that were on her cheeks ..

R: Maa '.Yeh log kyun nahi samajre hain ke apne kuch galat nahi kiay ( Mom ..Why aren't they understanding that you didn't do anything wrong )

Devki: Radhika ..I know I didn't do anything wrong that's why I'm assuring you that I will come back ..They want me to speak with a higher priest for this and I know that this is all wrong ..

Panchayat : App bas hoagaya 'Get in the car!

Devki gave Radhika once look saying to stay strong ! Radhika was crying her mothers hands swiped away on her palm.

The car drove of Radhika was running after it ..Screaming her lungs out to make them stop the car but failed do to so .The villagers where watching but the panchayat assure them that what Devki did was wrong and she need to get punished .The villagers got brain washed by the panchayat and let them take Devki for no good reason , Radhika gave the villagers one angry look ..She couldn't believe the people that she was surrounded her whole life didn't help her ! The villagers just spreaded out before she could of even said something ..

.Radhika ran inside the house seeing amma sitting on her couch talking the Lords name..

R: Amma ..Who maa ko lekar kaha gaye hain?? Asking sobbingly

Amma popped her eyes angrily  at Radhika

Amma: Kyun Chodhi!! Aise mere saath maat baat kijiyo ! She said getting up to slap Radhika ..

Amma: Hum Nahi jaanti Aur nahi jaane chahege ! Samjhi ..!  Slapping Radhika really hard on her cheek ..

Inside amma was celebrating joyfully ..Her plan worked

Amma: Ab tu is ghar se jawagi ! Samjhi ! She kicked Radhika

Radhika was completely shocked hearing this ! Where would she go ?? Ranjiv chacha wasn't in the village  .She was going to live on the streets??? She begged amma to not do this to her 'She would do anything ..anything ..

Amma smiled evilly thinking of something ..No one was around to protect her she could beat her  up as much as she wanted ..and insulted her until Radhika would get fed up with it and kill herself .!.Radhika did her best to find out where the panchayat took her mom but no chance 'The villagers started acting mean with Radhika no one wanted to help her 'She became like Amma slave .she would get beaten up everyday she would have bruises on her body  but she made a remedy that her mom taught  her to  make and would apply it on her body. Radhika stopped singing and barely smiled , she wanted her mother so badly .Hearing no laughter no singing from Radhika bought joy in amma  heart ..! Radhika was staying with amma  for couple of  weeks until one day '..

Radhika was walking out  through a  muddy lane lost in her own thoughts  ..Karan was smoking a cigarette near a shady tree he came to vridavaan  for a visit with his parents ..Seeing Radhika  he smiled.. He saw her perfect figure and a beautiful face ..He wanted her ! Karan was a spoiled brat he got anything he wanted and he wanted Radhika !

Radhika came home and saw Amma crying 'She frowns her brows wondering the reason for her tears ..She was a little scared to ask she didn't want to get beaten up again like the day before ..

Amma: Thori maa 'Is duniya se chalagayi !! Saying she weeping with fakery ..
Hearing this Radhika fell on the floor  shocked , she felt her stomach squeeze, it felt like her heart stopped beating , her life just vanished away in a second.. she didn't believe amma words ..Devki couldn't leave her like this ..She promised Radhika she would come back ..She couldn't pass away..??!!

R: App joot bhool rahi  hain  amma 'Main yeh nahi maanoongi ..she said  with few tears in her eyes shaking her head unbelievably  ..( your lying amma ..I wont believe this ..)

Amma: Aree Karam jaali ! Phone ayathat ..Tumhari maa bhomari se maarchuki  hai !! ( your mother passed away due to a sickness ) ..Thodi ma iss duniaya main nahi!!!..Kya main kisi  moot ka jhoot kahongi ??( am I going to  lie about someone's Death ?)..I told you that one day your mother will also die because of you but you didnt listen ..

Radhika broke down into tears ..Did her mother really pass away due to a sickness ?? Did her mother broke her promise ?? Was she the reason for her parents death ?? Radhika cried until her tears ran dried ..Amma just grinned devilishly  in response she felt happiness seeing radhika in pain ..She let the poor girl cry before she started her taunts again .

..Few hours later they heard the door Amma opened it and saw a young guy along with his parents 'Radhika was to busy lost in her own depression  and sadness not realise what was going on around her , she was sitting near the kanha idol crying her tears out ..Karan  was just looking at her lusciously  not moving his gaze from her 'His parents were very rich and proud ..The mother couldn't care less about the girl all she wanted is her sons wish ..The father was very strict and filled with pride with his richness he didn't have much feelings inside him , his heart was solid as a rock  ...They didn't even see Radhika tears and sadness ..He just came for her hand for his son ..

Amma smiled joyfully and  told the people that they could take her and keep her .But She told them that she is a unlucky girl and that her son and her daughter in law passed away because of her . If they wanted to be safe they had to treat her very strictly and insult her like an orphan ...The Singanian were still not convinced making Radhika there daughter in law knowing that she was unlucky but Karan didn't care all he wanted was Radhika!! They took Radhika who was sitting in front of her parents picture  feeling so weak with tears in her eyes she felt like she didn't have a life anymore , she wasn't in her senses not knowing  she was  going away with the Singanian  'Amma grinned joyfully , now all her tension vanished away , she was celebrating her victory !


Radhika heard a door close loudly brining her back to reality ..She looked around and found herself in a storage room ..she was terrified and scared ..she cupped herself in on the wall crying ..The next day she saw light coming from the window she got up and saw someone opening the door it was a Karans mom ..Geeta ..

Geeta : You come here!!

Radhika walked towards the lady frightened ..

Geeta : From today you're the servant of this house and your soon  going to be this houses daughter in law

Hearing this Radhika eyes went wild ..what happened how did this happen ? Where was she ??who was going to marry her ?? Radhika wanted her mom , she didn't want to get married  and stay in this house .??

Radhika started running away from that lady but then someone caught her arm ..It was karan looking at her little pervertedly ..She felt his grip becoming stronger , she had tears on the edge of her eyes ..

Karan: Where are you going ?? Your going to be my wife very soon ..I cant let you leave like this ..saying sweetly yet  evil ..

Radhika was trapped in that house ..she became like a prisoner , they made Radhika do many house chores until she would get tired ..They scram at her  insulted her of an orphan  they gave her little food too eat and was forbidden to talk to any servants in the house .

..Karan tried coming close to Radhika in a disgusting way but she always manage to run in the storage room and hide until he left her alone ..Every night she would cry herself to sleep  holding her pendant tightly ..What did she do to get this punishment?? She had no where to go ?? If she escaped  that karan would surely do something to her ??? She recalled her mom words (Radhika ..Don't let yourself fall weak ..Don't worry about me Ill come back soon ..I promise you ..)
but cried  knowing that she wasn't able to keep her mom words ..

2 years passed , Geeta and Karan father thought of getting Radhika married to Karan when he was done his studies sand when she turned 20..When they first bought her to this house they found her a little to young but now she was perfect to get married '

Radhika  was sitting down on the floor looking outside in the sky seeing the bright stars and moon ..She smiled lightly , such a long time Radhika felt her lips stretch a little , she closed her eyes and made a silent wish ..A wish that she could be free from all this ! Free from this house !

Suddenly,  she heard the door open disturbing her from her wish '.It was karan holding a red dress for her 'Radhika got up fearfully feeling her heart beat  terrifyingly ..

K: Radhika ?? Today is our wedding ..And after that 'he trailed of with a evil laugh

Radhika was disgusted and scared '

K: Here wear this! He threw her the lenga outfit 'Today your going to be my wife ..and today is the day I've been waiting for such a long time .He said coming closer holding her waist tightly making her moan in pain ..His grip was so strong making her skin go deep red bringing his lips near her lips , Radhika quickly pushed his arms off her and  moving away feeling absolutely grossed out  'This got Karan annoyed ..He held her hair aggressively
 Karan: Hurry up .!!! Get ready !!..Then after ..You will get a punishment .. adding wickedly

Radhika had tears flowing down her cheeks'.she heard the door shut loudly making her shudder she looked at the red lengha and remembered her mom telling her something ..

Devki: Haar maa aur baab chahtha hai ke aapni beti khushi hokar vidaa ho 'Har ladhki ka kwaab hota hai ..ek acha pati mile usee bohut pyar kare ..haina?? She said looking at Radhika sweetly ( Each mother and father have a dream , that their daughter gets married happily and each young girl has a dream to have a sweet and loving husband . A husband that will always love you and care for you .)

Radhika felt her cheeks go pink when her mom was talking about marriage to her ..She already started dreaming about her future caring husband ..Devki held her daughter chin affectionately seeing her shyness making radhika walk away blushingly

Radhika came back out her trace and looked at the lengha ..She got ready and took a deep breath looking outside the dark night . She knew that Karan wasn't her prince charming in the fairytale story her mother use to tell her when she was small . Radhika stopped believing in fairytales a very long time ago but a little part of her heart was still alive with it . She had a hope that one day someone will come and save her from the dragon but it was impossible now !
She looked  out the window and saw rich people walking in with flowers and gifts .She couldn't believe she was going to do this ! She opened her pendant and looked at her parents picture.. Was this what her parents wanted for her ?? Her mother always told her to stay strong , no one was allowed to play with her feelings ..No one! Radhika took a determanation breath and sneaked out the window making a rope with her duppatas that were worn out  ..She discreetly came down without anyone noticing her .Karan came inside the room at saw it empty !   "Radhika !" He looked out the window and saw someone running behind the garden .."Damn it!! She escaped!!! "he said furiously

He called up some goons that he knew to go after her , Radhika was running with all her strength 'She ran into a forest and ran until her legs felt weak.. She swiftly looks back if someone was after her ..She heard some people voices with flash lights ..She tripped and fell down on a big rock causing her body massive pain ..She turned to see if the goons were still after her and started running away  nervously and bumped her head on a tree feeling her head  spinning she tried to control her eyes and held her forehead to decrease the pain .. she couldn't let herself lose like this and continued running again holding her forehead that was bleeding and her body that was aching her badly. She kept falling down due to weakness and exhaustions  but got up each time with difficulty ..She finally reached  a empty  road breathing heavily she was looking around  for help suddenly she saw bright headlights hurting her eyes making her head hurt .She noticed a car  speeding  towards her eyes gave up on her and fainted due to extreme  fatigue  !

Hearing his soft voice yet comforting she pressed her cheeks against his chest weepingly taking all her pain out ..In a reflex Dev wrapped his arms around her comfortingly ..He let her cry her heart our in his arms , she kept all her pain inside never shared it with anyone except for him

Hey guys!! Big smileThank you so so so s so much for such wonderful comments .HugIm really happy that you guys are liking the story so far hope WinkBut hope with my next twist you guys wont run away LOLConfused Guys I'm extremely sorry that I couldn't post earlier , I had exams all week last week and the week before my head was stuck in my books ...These exams were really important to me since I have to apply to College with these grades Confused.Planning on going to Nursing SmileJust praying for the best ...Ok Ill stop blabbering about my life LOLcoming to the update ..Hope you guys will like it if not please tell ...Its really important to me if you guys are liking it or not Smile..Its Radhika pass..She had beautiful moments in her life but the last few years was hell for her ...Ouch.I know you guys want to see Dev reaction maybe the precap will help Wink
Take care guys Hugand hope to see good comments if not then its all good ..will try  to be better next time Smile

Love : yumna Heart
Part 9:

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:09am | IP Logged
thank u dear..i was waiting fr ur post...hehe... Heart
precap sounds awesome too...Day Dreaming

come on tell me.....MY HERO reaches there on time rite???? Blushing Blushing

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Thnx,Yumna for the P.M. & the update.Was very emotional,but at the same time a gud 1. Wanted to know Radhika's past for a long time.Hope the twist is not that bad.Waiting for the next 1.

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