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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 17)

anusha34 Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Thanks Yumna for a wonderful update. i like Dev's childish behaviour & Hes very comfortable with Radhika  now Radhika is  allso  comfortable with Purohit family. PHF is very nice to Radhika they consider her as their own  I am  scare of her pass i hope their will be a lot of twist and turn in this story. im looking foward pls update soon

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
wow cool story di
may be she wants tell her past now

Any way I like Dev here

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged

Grt prt... loved rad helping dev... the credit card prt was awesome... so the rad past starts to unfold in next prt wow... waiting for it eagerly...

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Yumna very nice & wonderful update , he rush to her first whenever he want any help & she also always ready to help him .... purohits r really nice to her  .... shopping part followed by dev's teasing is enjoyable ... curious about  her past ... THANKS .

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:29am | IP Logged
What a lovely part billo.. Looks like radhika's parents were dead at a very early age of hers nd then she was torchered badly...
Its good to see the Purohits looking after her needs without her telling to... Hope we find some clue of radhika's past in ur next update...

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
I had such a lot to catch up! All the updates were amazing!!!

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Ansa786 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
Sorry Yumna for the late reply but enjoyed your latest update. Radhika is enjoying helping Dev whether it is making breakfast for him, ironing his clothes, teaming up in games and winning for him, getting rid of the stain on his pants and saving Dev from embarrassment and Vivek's scold at the office ... WinkBig smile ! 

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
Part 7

3 weeks passed Radhika was part of the Purohit they all considered her as their own ..She felt like this family was made for her. She took care of everyone in the family especially Dadima  who  considered Radhika like her own grand daughter . Mrinalini and Radhika got along very well especially with designing work  ..Whenever Dev was in a little trouble he would always go to Radhika . He started trusting her a lot and he respected her very much . She  found Dev very sweet and caring , feelings for him grew more day by day for him . She tried making herself understand but failed to do so . Everyday Radhika would pray to Kanha that the Purohit family that they would always live a happy life and that he would shower the family with blessings .The Purohit gave Radhika a new life that was too good to be true for her . She never told anyone about her pass , she wanted it to be forgotten for ever ! She would always have a sweet smile on her lips the whole family member noticed that she was a very smiley cute girl with pure innocence .

One evening Dadima was talking to Dev ..

Dadima: Dev ..Susheel beta called ..He said that its Arjun and Deepikas 1 year anniversary and their throwing a big party tomorrow  ..He wants us to attend but me your mom and Dad have an important pooja to go too ..Mrinalni is going to her friends wedding with Vivek ..So its only you that could go ..If you don't go then Susheel will feel bad . ..

Dev: Dadima is this necessary ??

Dadima: Dev you didn't even go see your family since you came from America ..It would be nice if you attended  the party ..At least someone from our family should attend the party so it wont look bad .. Please beta ..asking tenderly '

Dev: but Dadima there will be so many people there and if I don't have someone with me I feel very uncomfortable..

Dadima: Dev..Arjun will be there and Deepika ..Why would you feel alone ?

Dev: Dadima.. At least if someone came with me I would feel less lonely ..

Dadima saw Radhika walking up the stairs wearing a nice simple pink anarkali  with a cute braid making sweet sound with her payals as she was walking . Hearing the little tinkling  
Devs gaze fell on RAdhika who walked towards Dadima with a sweet smile that he always found beautiful .

Dadima: Radhika beta ! Idaar ana zara ..( Radhika come here ..)

R: Jee dadima '
 She stood next to the sofa that Dadima and Dev were sitting on ..

Dadima: Who kya haina ..kaal hamara koi pariwaar ka sadisia ( member )  ki ek saal anniversary hai ..Aur bas Dev ja payega  kyun ke hum sab kal busy hain ..( Tomorrow is dev cousins a first year anniversary ..And we re all busy tomorrow so only Dev will be able to attend )

Radhika glances at who was feeling quite happy knowing what Dadima was going to ask her ..She moves her gaze back to Dadima ..

Dadima: Lekin Dev ne akele nahi jaana ..Toh main sochrathi agar tum Dev ke saath chali jao?. .asking warmly ..( But Dev doesn't want to go alone so I was wondering if you can go with him ?)

Radhika looks at Dadima uncertainly she didn't know if she went with Dev would be ok ..what would their other family members think???

R: Dadima 'woh kya sochenge ?? Main toh is pariwaar ki hisa bhi nahi hoon aur ..( Dadima ..what are they going to think?? I'm not even part of this family ..)

Dadima: Radhika beta ..tum aisa kyun sochthi ho ..Tum is pariwaar ki hisa baanchuki ho . saying firmly ..Aur maine Sucheel ko tumhare baare main bataya 'Tum fiquar maat karo beta ..Lekin agar tum nahi jaane chahthi toh main samaj sakthi hoon ..saying tenderly..( Radhika why do you think like this . Your part of this family now and I already told Susheel about you dont worry ..But if you don't want to go then I can understand ..)

Dev looked down disappointingly he really didn't feel like going alone ..he glanced up  once at Radhika who saw his expression change and was feeling very bad ..

R: Nahi dadima ..Main chaloongi ..replying with a smile she glances once at Dev who started smiling  he made his hand like a fist jubilantly ..

D: yes! Thanks Radhika ..
Seeing him smile like that made her heart swell up with happiness'

Dadima: Thank you beta ..

R: nahi dadima ..please don't thank me ..I would me more than happy to do this for you guys ..This family gave me so much and I would do anything to repay ..trailing of emotionally..

Dadima made Radhika sit beside her and hugged her affectionately'

Dadima: Bohut achi bachi ho tum 'caressing her head .
Radhika felt her tears in the edge of her eyes but controlled them .

The next day in the evening  everyone was getting ready to go to their own places'Radhika helped Mrinalini chose a nice dress and Mrinalini did the same for Radhika ..

The whole family left except for Radhika and Dev . He was in his room hearing a nice white shirt with a black vest  and  with black pants ..He was looking very dashing with his black hair combed back  with a charming smile across his lips . He give a last look in the mirror and walk out , he knocks on Radhika door who was wearing a nice dark green chunidar  with  few stands of hair pined to the back with a braid that followed along  she wore matching choriyaans  with small matching earrings looking very sweet and simple with her beautiful fair skin ..She opens the door and halted her steps seeing Dev standing in front of her  looking very handsome with a boyish smile  ..She couldn't move her gaze from him suddenly she noticed what she was doing and looks away in embarrassment ..

D: So how do I look?? Asking with boyish  grin

Radhika felt her cheeks going pink he probably noticed her gaze on  him ..She swallow the lump in her throat trying to act casual ..

R: hmm ..Ache ..saying walking out the room ..

D: Bas Ache ?? Why not Bohut ache ?? Asking teasingly ..

Radika laughed lightly walking away 'Dev smiled and follows her he saw that her  anarkali back side was very deep exposing her upper back .He never saw such fair  skin he moved his gaze down too look at her dress that was fitting her perfectly ..She was looking very beautiful ...he quickly looked away before she noticed his gaze on her back ..He controlled himself what he was doing wasn't right .

Radhika waited  for him on the end of the stairs with her lower gaze , he had to admit she looked very beautiful and cute ..He started walking towards the car ..He opened the door for her and started the engine driving off . He finally spoke up ..

D: Radhika 'Your looking quite lovely '.glancing once at Radhika who's cheeks turned pink ..
She liked the way he complemented her , it felt very nice ..

R: umm..Thanks ..moving her gaze outside the window ..she felt very happy seeing the outside , she felt the warm  wind lightly stroking her skin  making her smile sweetly ..Dev saw this and gave out a charming grin ..

They finally reached the beautiful mansion ..It was decorated very elegantly people were entering holding bouquet of flowers and gifts Radhika looked at Dev nervously who gave her a assuring smile.. They came out the car and headed inside .The place was beautiful their were many people there ..Dev was holding a gift Radhika was walking beside him with her lower gaze ..Susheel welcomed Dev inside

Susheel: Aree Dev beta ! He hugs him ..

Dev: Hey Susheel Chacha ..Nice to see you ..

S: Hume bohut kushi hui hai ke tum aye ho ..He glances at Radhika who folded her hands together with a little smile ..

D: Chachaji ..This is Radhika..I think Dadima told you about her ..

R: Radhe Radhe ..saying sweetly ..she bended over to take  his blessing

Susheel responded with a beaming smile and blessed her

S: Khush raho beta ..patting her head ,

D: Chachaji ..Where Arjun and Deepika?? ..

S: Haan who yahan kahin hoge .. Scanning the hallway ..

D: Main dektha hoon ..

S: Enjoy the party .And don't hesitate for anything ..smiling happily  at them
Dev and Radhika smiled back and started walking 'Dev found Arjun and Deepika and wished them a happy anniversary . He introduced Radhika to them ..They were  quite pleased too meet Radhika ..

Arjun: It was very nice meeting you Radhika ji ..

Deepika smiled : I hope you enjoy the party ..

Radhika nodded once glancing at Dev who was smiling happily ..They  were  walking around he saw a waiter and asked him to get them a drink As they were walking Radhika gaze was wondering around to the unfamiliar people .She takes a little uneasy sigh scanning around the beautiful hall .

She suddenly saw someone ! Her tummy squeezed with fear  , her heart pasted with tension , her legs felt numb not able to move , her head started spinning , her breathing became  uneven , she glanced at Dev who was talking to some guys standing beside them ..She wanted to run from there right away ..She saw him giving her a signal so they walk ahead ..She didn't know how to react and just followed trying her best to not look at that person ..They were near a quite place where there weren't to many people ..

D: I don't like being surrounded with  so many people makes me a little uncomfortable..

He looks at Radhika who was lost in her own thoughts tensely ..She barely heard what he said ..she kept looking back from where they walked from ..Dev followed her gaze,  wondering what she was looking at .he held her arms softly..

D: Radhika Kya hua?? Tum itna pareshaan kyun  lagri ho ..He saw her face go pale ..

She glanced up at Dev trying to give him an answer but no words where coming out her mouth ..Dev was getting very concerned ..

D: Radhika ?? Kya hua ..

Suddenly he heard a manly voice'

Man: Well well well .who do we have here .?.Dev looked up and Saw this guy  with a wicked smile ..Dev tightened his gaze  that became furious seeing this man again . This man was Karan!  

A year ago it was Arjun and Deepika wedding ..Dev came to India especially for his wedding ..During the wedding time Dev was talking to some guys about his life n America ..Arjun introduced Karan  to Dev and some other guys ..He joined in their conversation about their dream wife.

Dev: One thing is for sure ..I will love my wife to an extended ..I would want to shower her with some much love and affection and the same goes for her ..I want her to support me in every step and love me for who I am ..trailing of pensively..

Karan: OH Really?? Well Dev my friend  I think you should threat your wife strictly . You never know when they over power the mans.. If I would get married my wife would be living with me like a servant'One thing is for sure she has to be beautiful .I would use her and then move on ..trailing of with a laugh ..

Hearing this Dev was shocked he looks at Karan  disgustedly ..The  other guys were just laughing knowing that it might be a joke ..

D: So your telling me that you would threat your wife like garbage??

K: who said I don't do it already ?? Adding a little evil laugh '

Dev was absolutely  grossed  out. .He frowns his brows tersely looking at Karan with  disgust

D: so are you saying that your already married and your threat you wife like that ??

K: well Im not getting married yet ..But I know the girl I'm going to marry and she's very beautiful and innocent  ..saying lusciously ..If you know what I mean him a wink ..She has no idea ..trailing of with a mischievous laugh

This was getting Dev very furious ..he made a fist controlling his  anger towards this guy ..He had no respect for woman's ..Dev was feeling very bad  for the girl he was going to marry ..He did a silent prayer for that girl  even if he didn't know her .He wished that the girl escapes from Karan or gets saved ..He didn't even want to think about the way Karan was going to threat her .

D: Karan you disgust me ! I just pray for the best for the wife your going to get 'Excuse me guys ..Cant stand this guys ..glaring at Karan ..

Karan just laughs ..

K: Dev man why are taking this so seriously ?'Its my life .!

D: No Karan ! Its your life but you have no rights to play with that girls life!...saying firmly
Dev walked away , he couldn't stand Karan  he had no humility in him!

Dev came back from his thoughts and looks back a Karan  furiously who stood there looking at them ..Dev clutched his teeth together controlling his anger at the way he was looking at Radhika ..He moved his gaze too radhika who's  face turned tense  with her eyes were gazing on the ground he felt her hand clutching to his sleeves .He thought maybe it was the way Karan was looking at her making her feel uncomfortable but when  he saw that she hid herself behind him terrifyingly ,  made him concern,  he never saw her like this before. .Karan smiles wickedly

K: Hey Dev ! Long time no see ..

Radhika was surprised hearing this , How did he know Dev ??? She kept herself hidden ..

D: Ya and I'm glad because I had no plans to visit you or see you ..answering grimly

Radhika was shocked at the way Dev was talking to him , but in the other hand she loved it ..She saw Dev hand reaching to the back to hold her hand that were on his back softly ..

K : Oh Dev your still angry at our conversation 1 year ago??
Dev was glaring at Karan  ..
 K: Well I see you got married ?? Trying to see Radhika who shut  her eyes not wanting to face this man ..

Dev brings her in front of Karan , he felt radika forcing her hand back not wanting to come out ..But Dev grip was quite strong for her to lose ..She kept her gaze on the grown while she stood beside Dev while her heart was pasting uncontrollably nervously and with fear

Dev held her hand  making her glance up stunned

Seeing this Karan felt very irritated

D: Who ever she is ..I threat her with respect ..No matter if she's my wife , my girlfriend or even my friend ..glancing at Radhika who kept her gaze on the floor wondering what Dev was talking about ??

K: Oh I see ! But I have too admit she's very beautiful ..He wonderering his gaze on her lusciously .

Dev made a fist ready to punch this guy but he felt Radhika hand stopping him by  squeezing his hand..

He started walking around them ..

K: waise naam kya hai aapka ?( by the way whats your name??)

Radhika eyes went wild wondering why he was asking her this question

D: You don't need to know ..replying rudely

K: Dev I was talking to  this lady here ..So aapki shaadhi hochuki hai???
( Are you married yet ??) Asking little loutishly closing the space between him and Radhika

She  felt tears on the edge of her eyes ..Dev sensed  the uneasiness she was feeling and  forwarded his hand to Karan chest to stop him coming any closer to her ..

D: Don't you dare come close to her like this ..saying solidly with  warning eyes

Radhika gulps the lump in her throat glancing at Dev '

K: Dev ..If she belongs to someone else you should give her back ..saying possessively glancing once at Radhika. Dev frowns his brows confusedly not understanding ..

D: ..She belongs to me and No one else ..Understand! Chalo Radhika ..holding her hand firmly guiding her out from Karan surrounding  

Radhika felt her tears flowing down her cheeks ..

R: Muhje ..res'restroom main jana hai ..saying with a shaky voice ..Dev looked at her and saw her looking at him through her teary eyes ..Dev nods and guides her to the restroom ..

He was waiting outside for her feeling confused with what happened with Karan ..the way Radhika was hiding behind him? ..the way she had tears in her eyes ?..All this was disturbing him a lot ..He heard Arjun call him he glances once at the door at left ..telling himself that he will come back fast for her ..Radhika was in the restroom wiping her tears ..why was Karan here ??  How did he know Dev?? The way he was talking to her was sending her a indirect message?? Radhika was too shocked to answer she never knew a day like this would come ..She came out looking for Dev feeling  some insecurity without him ..Suddenly she saw Karan leaning again the wall looking at her ..Her heart skip a terrified beat she was scanning around if anyone was nearby but no chance ! She saw Karan walking towards her with a revengeful smile ..She wanted to run from there as quickly but failed he caught her wrist strongly ..

K: Kahan jahri ho Radhika?? don't you want to come home with me???
Radhika was trying to release herself ..

R: chodo muhje '( Leave me!)

Karan gave out a victorious laugh ..She bit  his hand at started running  , she saw a back door that was open and took her chance and ran outside ..Radhika ran pass a quiet  garden , there was a full moon guiding her with wind that was swaying the trees roughly ..She stood far from the house near a tree trying to catch up with her breathing ..Suddenly she felt strong hold on her upper arms turning her around ..Her eyes gone wild seeing Karan! ..He slapped her across her cheeks making her fall on the ground hitting her arm against a rock crying  in pain ..Karan filled with rage seeing Radhika escaping him all the time'She tried getting up , Karan helped her aggressively holding her upper arms forcefully..

K: SO you saved yourself on the day of our wedding?? Hun ! He slapped her again across the other cheek solidly  ..Radhika had tears flowing down painfully from her eyes..She fell on something sharp on her back ..She winced weepingly ..Karan was looking at her disgustedly ..

K: Tumhare waja se Maa .Aur Babuji sharamse mare India chorkar chalegaye ( Because of you Mom and Dad left from India with humiliation)..They worked so hard for our wedding but you!!! He kicked her making her cry even more she tried crawling away

K: We were suppose to get married but you ..You ran away ..he said sternly ..And now your with that Dev!! Right ?? You love him don't you ?? he keeps you happy??? Hun??

R: plea'please muhje chordijiye ..Asking pleadingly with tears flowing down massively..

K: Tumhe itne asani se chordoon?? Asking sweetly yet devilishly '.Nahi Radhika kabhi nahi !

Radhika tried once more to get up and she did ..with a help of a tree stomp ..Karan clutched her hair aggressively making her gasp terrified ! ..

K: Main aab tumhe kabhie nahi choronga kabhie nahi 'Tum muhje chorkar kisi aur ladhke se kaise pyar Kar sakthi  ho??.hun??? You B**** ! ..he threw her back on the grown  making her cry even more 'She was hurt from the abusive  word and the physical pain ..Karan just watched her struggle ..Radhika took a determination breath ..she couldn't let herself fail she couldn't let herself get abused like this! With the minimum strength she had,  she stood  up and started running ..She felt her legs, body  aching her but she didn't stop..

She suddenly bumped into a strong muscular body his hand wrapped around her securely ..Radhika didn't know what was happening her fingers clutched to the guys shirt unknowingly supporting herself from falling 
She slowly glanced up and saw Dev looking at her concernedly ..He couldn't believe he found her in this state ..He was shocked seeing her like this , her cheeks looked like they were slapped her body looked like it with beat up . He gazed in her eyes that were filled with tears and weakness she smiled lightly thanking him for coming right on time .."app?" saying in a  weak voice  .He saw karan halting his feet's few steps away ..Seeing this Dev inside boiled with  Rage he tightened his brows and  clutched his teeth together furiously , his gaze steel gaze didn't move away from Karan who had a wicked smile '

K :Oh Hey Dev ! We were just talking about you ..

Dev felt Radhika crying under his embrace ..He couldn't see her like this ! He wasn't going to let karan get away that easily after seeing her in this state !

K: Dev you need to know something 'You remember the day we were talking about our future wife .? Well the innocent girl and beautiful girl I was talking about  was '''.Radhika ''trailing of with a vicious smile..

Hearing this Dev heart winced ..He unknowingly he tighten his arms around Radhika , he felt his throat going lumpy and felt tears in his eyes.. He couldn't believe that the girl Karan was talking about was Radhika ! He couldn't imagine such sweet cute girl living with that man ..He couldn't imagine her being treated so badly , her innocence being used by karan ..He just couldn't!

K: Actually Dev ..Radhika isn't that innocent as I thought ..She knew perfectly what I was up too that's why she kept running away from me when I tried coming close to her ..Kyun Radhika ?? Am I right ??

Dev anger was to the max hearing this he could feel his inside ready to kill this guy. .Radhika didn't answer she just kept herself protected in Dev s arms

He heard Radhika mumbling something under her breathing ..
R: please ..Muhje wapas nahi jaana ..saying she let more tears flow down her cheeks  ..
Dev whispers near her ears making sure that Karan doesn't hear them

D: Nahi Radhika' Khabhi nahi ! Tum aise soch bhi kaise sak thi ho ??
( No Radhika ..NEver ! How could you even think like this ?)
Hearing this she dug her face in his chest he tighten his arms around her Karan just watched them with a disgusting face feeling irritated  . Dev slowly removed his arms around Radhika looking furiously at Karan she  moved back a little puzzled, Dev gives Radhika a assuring look wiping her tears softly shaking her head telling her head not to cry he was there for her , she just look on confusedly ..

Dev started folding his sleeves half way to his arms walking towards Karan with a dangerous look ..Karan saw this and prepared himself ..

K: So you want to fight?? Hun ..He started pretending to box Dev by hitting his chest side lightly ..Dev didn't do anything just stood their prepared mentally and physically watching karan hit his strong torso ..Karan looked up at Dev with a evil playful smile ..

K: oh so you give up ??

Dev: you done ?? Saying this he punched karan hard on across his face with this punch Karan lost balance   of his body ..Radhika put her hand on her mouth shocked seeing this !.karan saw blood coming from his nose ..he looks at dev angrily

K: So this is how you want to do it ! Ok .Lets do this ..

Karan walked towards dev with his fist ready to punch him ..Dev dodged the punch and punched Karan hard in his stomach making him  hold his tummy painfully ..Dev wasn't done ..He started beating up Karan to the max ..The man was totally bruised up with blood from his mouth and nose , Dev bumped him on the trees and punched him to the core!  ..Dev had not once got hurt  ..Radhika was in absolute shook ..She closed her eyes when Dev got more aggressive and furious seeing him punch the man ..Dev had so much anger inside him thinking about the way he beat up Radhika and was the way he treated her !

Karan was on the floor wincing in pain with blood coming from his mouth and nose with bruises on his face

Dev was taking furious breathing  and holds Karan up by his collar ..

D: Next time if you ever try hurting Radhika in anyway ..You will be gone from this world! understand!! Releasing karan aggressively who fell back on the floor  ..Dev walked towards Radhika who had tears rolling down her cheeks holding her pendant tightly. .He wrapped one arms around her for support ..

K: Dev ! You will regret this ! This is not the end ! Trying to catch up with his heavy breathing

Dev gave one  furious  look and walked away with Radhika who was leaping ..
Dev bought Radhika to a near by quiet ghat they were sitting by a river bank he offered her some water in a bottle , she took a little sip and gave it back to him 'There was a silence for a while suddenly Radhika spoke up '

R: Maine khabhi socha nahi ke ek din meri zindagi  main ek aisa mor ayega ( Never in my life I ever imagined that this will happen to me ) .she said wiping her tears from her cheeks gazing at the water ..

Hearing this Dev became more attentive

D: kaisa mor Radhika ??

She looks up at him flickering  her lashes letting few tears roll down and starts telling him her story '.

Hey guys thank you so much for the comments I really really appreciate them your comments always boost me up !HugThank you so much ..Ok coming to the update I hope you guys liked it ? So the next update will be her pass ..I now you guys are waiting for RAdev love but we will see how it goes ..I dont know when I will be able to post the next update so I apologize in advance I have exams coming soon but I will try to squeeze in her past next week ..
Thanks again guys ..Please press the like button if you liked it and comments do make me very happy Big smileWink
Take care guys and good night HugHeart
Next part :


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