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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 14)

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couldn't stop smiling

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oh my...  naughty Dev... Radhika blushing... she is good in chess, in cards...  so what's next..loved bIrju's reaction... and Daadi's catch on Dev's act.. LOLLOLLOLLOL
nice.. vey cute updates...

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g8 update

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Part 6

The next day Radhika was in the kitchen making some fresh orange juice ..Suddenly she heard someone trying to get her attention ..She looks around and sees Dev standing  signaling her too come. .She frowns her brows little confusedly ..Why was he calling her like that?? she walks towards him

R: kya hua?? Asking worriedly

Dev shows Radhika his pants  that had a purple  stain on it ..She put her hand on her mouth shocked ..

R: yeh kaise hua?? Maine toh  aapki pant ko Istri nahi ki .Sirf aapki shirt ko .
( How did this happen ? I only ironed your shirt .)

D: I know but please do something about this's the only white  pants I have and today  Vivek bhaiya ordered me to wear white  ..Don't ask me why ?? I have  no clue ..And over that I have to present my project to the staff .. He said taking a stress sigh

Radhika took his pants and was looking at the stain ..

D: Please Radhika you have to do something ..If Dadima or Maa sees this their going to scream at me ..

Radhika glances once at Dev he looked like a little kid that was scared to tell his mom that he stained his pants ..

R: par yeh hua kaise ..she insisted

D: Radhika I think when I was in america I drank some grape  juice ..and it got spill over my pants ..I never wore these pants ever again ..And now I need to wear them ..Please do something ..You're the only girl in the house that wont scream at me ..Please ..

Radhika felt a  heart beat skip when he said that and glanced up seeing his tensed face .She  looks at the pants helplessly ..

R: ok ..Ill try something ..if it doesn't work ..then I don't know ..saying somberly
D: its ok Radhika ..Please just try something ..I tried putting washing liquid but its not working ..

R: Don't worry ..Ill try my recipe give me 10 minutes Ill come in your room to give your pants ..

Dev nods and walks away wearing his white kurta pyjama ..

Radhika made some special recipe that her mom once showed her when she stained her shalwar ..

After a while Dev was in his room ready to give an excuse to Vivek for his white pant. He suddenly heard a knock on the door he opens it and sees  Radhika holding his pants behind her back ..Looking down guiltily ..

D: Radhika did it work??? Asking hurriedly

Radhika shakes her head '

Dev takes a deep breath running his finger through his hair stressing looking at Radhika who had a remorseful face ..He couldn't blame her she did her best ..

D: its ok Radhika ..Thank for trying ..He took his pants and saw the stain was gone ..He blinked twice if he was imagining the stain disappear ..He made sure by scanning his pants everywhere ..Seeing this Radhika giggled cutely ..Dev looks at Radhika confused

D: Radhika where's the stain ?? Asking unbelievably

R: It came off ..smiling cutely

Dev beamed he was so thankful to her he came closer to hug her but controlled himself not wanting to make her uncomfortable ..Radhika saw this and lowered her gaze uneasily  ..

D: Thank you so much Radhika ..You're the best !

Radhika felt nice hearing this and just nodded her head timidly ..Dev grinned boyishly he found her very cute ..

R: Acha main chalthi hoon ..

D: wait!!

He forwards his hand to do their hand shake ..She smiled happily and did the hand shake making Dev grin cutely in response  that made her heart past really fast ..Each time she did the hand shake her heart would jump of joy , she would feel light shivers in her body . ..

D: Radhika ..I never had a friend so sweet like you ..

Hearing this Radhika smiled shyly  knowing that he considered her a his friend. They both had a beautiful smile on their faces ..

Sometime later Radhika was walking by the hall way suddenly she saw  a file placed on Dev side table ..She opened the file and saw some Mutt Projects that looked very important ..She remembered dev telling her that he had to present his projects to the staff.. She wondered if this file was important .Her eyes widened up her heart started racing really fast with anxiousness  and quickly ran to Birju .

In the office

Dev was preparing himself for  the meeting ..He was already in the meeting room preparing his laptop and projector . Some employees started coming in taking their seats for the meeting ..Vivek also came in ..Dev took a deep breath .Vivek was his brother but when it come to work he was pretty strict ..
The meeting started and Dev started talking about the new project ..

Outside in the parking lot

Birju was trying to find a parking spot but no chance ..

B: Radhika ji ..Aap jaye Dev ko doondiye ..Main phirse Dev ka cell try kartha hoon
( Radhika you go and find dev ..Ill try calling him again )

Radhika agreed and jumped out of the car running inside the building ..She went to the receptionist..

R: Jee muhje ..Dev Purohit se milna hai ..

Receptionist : Sorry but sir is in a meeting right now you cant go '

R: but this is very important ..He left his important files ..saying hurriedly ..

Receptionist: sorry but I cant ..

Radhika took a helpless sigh looking at the files ..She looked around and started walking up the stairs she didn't care about the receptionist ..This was very important for Dev and she would not let him lose like this ..She started pasting her steps on the stairs ..The receptionist  tried stopping her but Radhika ignored her and started looking everywhere for Dev ..The receptionist  called the security guard too go after her ..

Dev was in the meeting room he was at the part to show Vivek the mutt project ..He suddenly started getting stress not knowing where he put the red file ..He started looking everywhere ..Everyone were looking at him confusedly

Vivek: Dev ?? Where's the file ..??

Dev though  for a sec and remembered he forgot to bring it ..Damn he cursed himself ..He didn't know what to do! Suddenly Radhika came in  restoring her breathing ..She saw dev standing and everyone turned to look at her ..She felt butterflies in her tummy sensing everyone's gaze on her ..She looks at Dev who had was looking at her puzzled and shock .She walks to him quietly with her lower gaze on the floor  ..She heard people whispering between them making her feel more uncomfortable . Vivek watched Radhika approach Dev with a red file ..Seeing this he took a relief sigh he didn't know how to thank her for this !

R: aap ..Yeh bhool gaye the ..handing him the file ..she sounded a little nervous ..
(You..Forgot this )

Vivek smiled seeing Radhika care for him ..She felt a little awkward seeing so many people looking at them .

Dev was about to say something then saw 2 security  walking hurriedly towards RAdhika . HE gave them a cold look stopping them to touch  her  ..

D: Don't touch her ..You can leave ..And next time if she comes make sure no one stops her she has all the right to be here , Understanding!! Ordering the security guards tersely ..Radhika glances at Dev seeing the way he protected her ..she felt really touched by this making her heart beat for him  making the feeling inside her growing ..She looked at everyone looking at her ..She folded her hands together and apologizing..

R: Muhje maaf kardigiye ..Meri waja se aapki meeting ko roock diya( I'm sorry because of me your meeting stopped ) ..saying  guiltily
Everyone smiled seeing her apologizing with much respect and politeness..

Vivek: its ok Radhika came just in time her assurance that she didn't do anything wrong ..

Radhika smiles lightly walking away with her lower gaze , Dev watched her walk out  feeling very touched by her action ..His respect for her grew to the max for her ..Seeing her action made him realize how much she cared for his success .
He carried on with the meeting smoothly everyone were quite impressed by the project including vivek ..

Radhika walked out meeting Birju ..

B: file milgayi Dev bhaiya ko??( did Dev get the file ??)

R: Jee ..taking he relief sigh ..she glanced once at the meeting door praying that he was doing good. In his presentation '

In the evening Dev and Vivek came home with a jubilant smile ..Dadima knew that Dev presentation went nicely..

Dev hugged Dadima tightly sharing his happiness ..Suddenly he remembered Radhika

D: Dadima ..where's Radhika!!

Dadima: Shayad kitchen main hogi ..

Vivek sat down along with Mr.Purohit and Vasihali who were very proud of Dev ..

Dev ran to the kitchen and found her  making some halwa with her duppata tied to the side with a clip tying her hair back neatly looking very beautiful ..She saw Dev standing hear the door with a cute grin ..she smiled back cutely knowing that the meeting went nicely with the smile he had ..

R: toh kaisa raha?? Asking  to be certain about her thought ..

Dev walked towards Radhika with a boyish smile he stop a step away from her ..

D: bohut Bohut acha Radhika!! Vivek was very proud .And my project got accepted trailing of happily Thank you so much Radhika ..agra tum nahi aati toh pata nahi ke main kahan phas jaata ..He said walking closer .

Radhika smile faded away seeing him coming closer , she was lost in his gaze not knowing what was the reason causing he too fall deep in his charming gaze ..She looks away to her halwa controlling her heart beats and act casual ..

R: Maine aapko ..Mera matlab you didn't mind me budging in like that ..glancing once at Dev feeling little embarrassed ..

D: of course not ! You came right on time ..

Radhika looks up with a sweet smile ..

R: You worked so hard on that project ..I couldn't  let you fail 'And also because you accepted me as your friend ..Dosti nibani thi muhje.. .trailing of warmly

Their was a moment of silence

R: Who aapki receptionist muhje mana karithi aapse milne karliye ..
( your receptionist was not letting me to meet you )..making a little cute grimace thinking about that receptionist ...

Dev chuckled boyishly  in response seeing her cute expression  .
D: Don't worry aisa khabhi nahi hoga .I promise ! Your always welcome in our office .

He forwarded  his hand doing the shake hand with her ..He touched the tip of her nose cutely  making her smile shyly in response

After a while Dev came downstairs for dinner wearing a white kurta pyjama with a victorious smile ..He saw Radhika arranging the table with Birju ..Suddenly Dadima pulled his ears ..

D: OW DADIMA!! What's this for ??

Radhika looks at Dev who was getting his ears pulled  , she frowned her brows not knowing what  was the reason he was getting punished ?  Birju was laughing teasingly making Dev get annoyed 

Dadima: Aree Tu aaj File bhoolgaya  tha??Aur Radhika tuhje deni aayithi???

Dev: Haan ..I thought you knew this??

She pulled even harder ..

Dadima: Nahi main ghar par nahi thi ..Vivek ne muhje bataya ..

Vivek came downstairs along with Mrinalini

Dev: BHAIYA! Why did you tell??

Vivek laughed ..

V: Dev .Nothing should be hidden from our family ..taking a seat '

M: dev when are you going to become responsible ?? I really think you need a girl in your life .I mean Radhika is not always going to save you .saying shrugging her shoulder

Hearing this Radhika looked at her shocked

Dev: Bhabhi please ! Don't get into this ..Its between me and Dadima '.

Mr.Purohit : Maa aur kichiye Dev ke kaan ..saying little sternly ..Bechari Radhika ko office thak jaana para sirf Dev ko uski file deni '( Ma pull his ears more because of him Radhika had to go all the way to the office to give him the file )

Dev: Dad ..I'm human it happens to forget ..Kyun Radhika ??

They all looked at Radhika who was feeling stunned hearing him get her into this ..

Dev was pleading with her eyes to help him ..

Radhika looked at everyone hearing her take on this ..She didn't want to say anything that might hurt any members

M: Radhika what do you think .??

Dadima: Should I release his ears or pull them even harder ??'

Dev: oww !!!Dadima that hurt ..wincing in pain

Dadima saw Radhika hesitation and she quickly understood why ..

Dadima: Radhika beta ..Tum befiquar batao ..Koi yahan par boura nahi manega ..
( Radhika you could tel us freely what you think no one hear will mind )

R: Dadima 'aap ounhe chodigiye ..Muhje bhilkul boura nahi laga ke main office gayithi  unhe file dene karliye ..( Dadima you can leave him ..I really didn't feel bad going to the office to give him his file )

Dadima released his ears ..Bach gaya tuh  Agar Radhika nahi hoti toh tu aaj nahi baachtha 'adding sternly ..( Your safe ..If Radhika wasn't here you would no one would be here to save you )

everyone started acting normal making Radhika feel less tensioned after what she said ..

Dev smiled sheepishly rubbing his ears .He looks at Radhika  thanking her with his eyes ..She smiled lightly in response ..They all took their seat ready too eat ..

M: dadima I still think we should find a girl for Dev ..Look at him hes looks so lonely ..adding teasingly

Dev: Bhabhi  don't push it !

Radhika felt little awkward them talking about this ..but she tried to act casual ..Everyone laughed at Dev reaction

Dadiama: Aree ..Mrinalni kuch galat nahi kehri ..

Dev; dadima please ..not now ..You guys are making my hunger go away ..glancing at Mrinalini ..

Dadima: theek hai ..Chalo khanna shru karthe hain ..
Somehow Radhika felt a relief hearing them change subject ..

The next day everyone was getting ready to go too their own work before heading to work Mr.Purohit called Radhika before she headed to the kitchen ..

R: Jee chacha ji ..

Mr.Purohit shares a smile with Vaishali who was looking at Radhika tenderly'

Mr.Purohit:  Beta ..I know sometimes you would like to go out and go shopping ..But I know your very hesitant to ask us for money 'So that's why I'm giving you this ..
 He gave her a credit card 'Radhika looks at it a little strangely she never saw her mother using this ..She always used cash '.

Vasihali saw Radhika confused eyes and figured out that she was probably from a village that didn't have this system '

Vaishali : Radhika 'This is a credit card it has money in it '

Radhika looks at the card not understanding ..How could money fit in this card??

R: ..But how could money fit in this???

Mr. Purohit and Vaishali smiled sweetly hearing her innocent question ..

Mr.Purohit: Radhika beta ..Now when you go in stores or in mall you sweep your card on a machine and it automatically takes money out from the card ..adding cheerfully

Radhika eyes widened up surprised with a cute innocent smile ..But the next second her smile vanished away ..How could she accept this??

R: Nahi nahi ..Main yeh nahi lesakthi ..saying little nervously ..

Vaishali: Radhika beta ..Main jaanthi hoon ke tum kya sooch rahi ho ..But we know if you ever want to buy something you will be hesitant in asking us ..So that's why we want you have this '

Radhika felt her throat lumping up looking up at Mr.Purohit who was smiling warmly'

R: Main'.kaise''.Muhje kuch nahi cheya '.yeh pariwaar milkar muhhe sab kuch milgaya ..saying tenderly with few tears flickering in her eyes 'Main ..yeh nahi ..

Mr.Purohit: Radhika 'aise samaj lo ke ek baaap apni beti ko dera hai ..Saying warmly ..Please keep it ..if you ever need more please don't hesitant to ask 'Saying ordering yet affectionately

Radhika gulps the lump in her throat and smiles lightly with tear in her eyes .

R: Thanks you ...

.She beds down to take mr.Purohit feet but he stops her and hugs her fatherly ..Radhika felt so touched by this she never in her life imagined that she will be living in a place where everyone considered her as their own ..Vaishali wipes her tears telling her not to cry..

Suddenly Dev came down seeing Radhika holding a credit card '

D: Hey !! that's not fair how come she gets a credit card and I don't ?? Saying teasingly

MrPurohit: DEV!! You have a credit card ..this one is for Radhika 'glancing once warmly at her '.Acha Vasihali ji muhje aab chalna cheye 'He caressed Radhika head once with a tender smile and tell the driver to take out the car ..

Mrinalni came down ..

M: OH Cool radhika got a credit card!!

Radhika smiles lightly ..

Dev: Oh Here comes the shopahalic ..Saying teasingly

Vivek was coming down hearing this and started lauging

Mrinalno: Shut up Dev!! Your not funny Vivek a cold look

Vivek and Dev were laughing so much

V: you got that right Dev!

Mrinalini rolls her eyes at them and give Radhika sweet smile

M: Anyways ..Radhika if you want we could go shopping together today 'saying excitedly..

Vaishali : Haan yeh bohut acha hoga ..Radhika could get a chance to go out and enjoy herself ..And you can show her how to use her credit card ..

Radhika was getting so happy its been such a long time she didn't go shopping the last time she went was with her mom '

Mrinalini: great!! Ill take a day off today their not much to do at work ..I have few orders but they could be done later ..adding sweetly ..

Dev: well you girls have fun and Radhika don't hesitate on buying anything . If I tell you how much money their in your card you will probably have a heart attack 'trailing of with a boyishly laugh ..

Radhika looks down hidding her laugh cutely '

Vivek: ok Girls enjoy yourselves ..Come Dev lets go 'walking out wit the car keys

Dev: Bye guys!
He does his hand shake with Radhika and walks out with a boyish smile making her smile cutely

After a while Birju dropped Mrinalini and Radhika at the mall. .Radhika was so amazed by the size of the stores she was walking along with Mrinalini scanning everywhere with amazement ..
Mrinalini saw this and smiled lightly ..

M: Radhika its your first time coming to a mall??

Radhika had a cute grin on her face ..

R: Haan '.I never saw so many stores in one huge building before ..she wa so exited and Mrinalini could tell b

Mrinalini jaws dropped she couldn't believe Radhika never came to a mall before but she was certainly not going to miss this opportunity to show her the whole mall..

M: Don't worry Radhika I will show you around ..saying gladly ..Come !

Mrinalini showed Radhika all around the mall ..She told her about the clothing sales and the good stores that they should go to buy nice clothes jewellery, shoes, accessories , bags etc..
Mrinalni showed Radhika how to take money out from her card from the machine .Radhika found it so fascinating making Mrinalini laugh amusingly ..They went in almost every clothing store Radhika loved so many things but she used her card very wisely seeing the prizes her eyes would widen up surprisingly but Mrinalni would make her understand that in a mall everything is expensive .. Mrinalnni bought anything she liked they were giving each other advice for their shopping . They were laughing and chatting away seeing the different variety of clothes ..Radhika bought really nice anarkalis with matching khusa and jewellery ..They were having so much fun together Radhika really felt like Mrinalini was like a big sister she would tell her what looks good on her and what doesn't she was also getting practice using her credit card . ..Mrinalini was getting very close with Radhika they both took a break and went to eat something together which was also a new experience for Radhika '

After a while Radhika and Mrinalni were walking around they wanted to go to one last store suddenly someone scared Mrinalini from the back ..She scram lightly making Dev laugh boyishly Radhika also got little scared ..

M: Dev!!!! Im going to get you for that !! Muttering some insults ..

Dev: So done your shopping ??? Actually dadima called me to pick you guys up Birju went to pick Dad up and vivek is staying late in the office today.. He will come later '

M: Did dadima really had to send you?? asking tersely 

D: yes!! No one else was at home ..she called me from the office 'He turns to Radhika who was holding few shopping bags '.So how did you like shopping with this shoppahalic? ..saying teasingly ..
Mrinalni kept her gaze cold on Dev '

R: muhje toh bohut bohut acha laga Didi ke saath shopping karke ..saying cheerfully with a cute grin ..

Mrinalini : See she loved shopping with me not like some people '

Dev: Look bhabhi I'm not here to argue but to pick you guys up come lets go ..Everyone is waiting for you at home '

Mrinalini : but we needed to go to one more store '

Dev: WHAT!! you guys been shopping for 7 hours !

Mrinalini: So ?? That's not a lot ..

Dev was just shocked hearing them wanting to do more shopping

Dev: ok fine ..I'm giving you guys 10 minutes

Mrinalini : fine ! Come Radhika

Dev was following

M: Dev what do you think your doing??

D: Well coming with you guys '

Radhika cheeks turned crimson red will he really come in the ladies store with them??  Mrinalini glanced at Radhika seeing her hide her smile

M: Dev you cant come with us 'Were going to a girl store ..stressing the words to be obvious

D: so ??

M: Dev ! NO! you cant come go look over there's good sales on Man shirts ..trying to distract him from coming

D: but Bhabhi what's the problem me coming with you ??

R: app ..Mera matlab ..woh

M: No its ok Radhika if hes not understanding then its ok ..come! ..she said assuring yet teasing

Radhika looks at Mrinalini who winks at her walked along with a shy smile tucked in the corner ..

Radhika and Mrinalini enter the store Dev was about to walk in but before he did he saw the title of the store and halted his feet's ..Mrinalini and Radhika turn around seeing his embarrassed face all red 'They started giggling  shaking there head seeing how stupid Dev must have felt '

Dev walked away with a impish smile hitting his head lightly and walks to the other store '

After a while the ladies came back  giggling Dev was looking at some shirt in the other side of the store ..

M: dev Ready ??

Dev looked up and saw Radhika trying to hide her smile

D: umm'haan ..Lets go '.saying little embarrassedly

M: Dev are you sure you don't want to come in another store with us?? Trailing of with a teasing laugh ..Radhika was also giggling cutely ..

D: Hahaha Very funny bhabhi .You could have told me where you wanted to go instead of taking me along.....saying with a tinge of coldness

M: Dev if I said that you cant come there must be a reason but you didn't listen that's what you get not for listening to me ' cant wait to tell this to Vivek !Come Radhika '

Mrinalini and Radhika started walking out the mall Dev followed ..

D: bhabhi you better not say anything to anyone 'in a warning voice

He takes the bags from Radhika hands making her smile thankfully ..

M: Dev what are you trying to do ??  So Radhika doesn't tell anyone about what happened??

D: Of course not ..I know Radhika wont say anything she's not like some people around here ..trying to be obvious

Mrinalini : what do you mean by that ??

Dev just smiled boyishly walking out the mall Radhika just followed silently

..The whole drive way Mrinalini and dev were teasing each other Radhika was just amused by this . At home everyone were very happy that Radhika did some shopping and enjoyed herself . She showed dadima and Vaishali the stuff she bought they were very happy seeing radhika choices . Mrinalini told dadima and Vaishali what happened in the mall with Dev  and they all started laughing . Radhika also couldn't hold her laugh in.  Mrinalini also told vivek who couldn't stop laughing the whole house found out making Dev get more embarrassed ..Birju started teasing Dev making him get really annoyed and angry and started chasing Birju to hit him ..The evening was filled with laughter and teasing making the family enjoy every moment of it .Radhika felt so blessed being welcomed into this family she wished that this family would always smile and laugh like this.


D: I don't like being surrounded with  so many people makes me a little uncomfortable..

He looks at Radhika who was lost in her own thoughts tensely ..She barely heard what he said ..she kept looking back from where they walked from ..Dev followed her gaze,  wondering what she was looking at he held her arms softly..

D: Radhika Kya hua?? Tum itna pareshaan kyun  lagri ho ..seeing her face go pale ..

She glanced up at Dev trying to give him an answer but no words where coming out her mouth ..Dev was getting very concerned ..

D: Radhika ?? Kya hua ?..

Suddenly they hear a manly voice'
PArt 7:

Hey guys ! thank you so much for the lovely comments
and evryone who pressed the like buttonHug .Glad  you guys are liking the story Big smile.
Were almost there guysWink ..Her pass will be soon revealed to Dev ...Hope you guys enjoy this update .Its the last update of showing Radhika interaction with the Purohit and getting along with everyone .Its  going to start moving on to her pass now Confused
Please press the like button  if you liked it and comments are always welcome Wink
Take care guys HeartHug

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...thx for the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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thanks yumna... nice update... oh dear, he brought his stained pant to India. I am sure that is one of his fav...  very good and he is so comfortable to tell her that.. loved birju, mr. purohith and Vivek's strong side...   nice and curious to know about Radhika's past... and ready for it.. 
i really liked their handshake dear...  its a warm feeling of friendship...
waiting for next update..
devikaBig smile

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palak13 Goldie

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billo rani i just loved it 2 gd lol when radhika came with a guilty face i knew it she was just pretending that the stain hadnt gone and loved how dev gave a cold starte to guard and said to allow radhika when she comes to the office so sweet of them love their cute little hand shake hehehe radhia feeling uncomfortable about dev wedding talk lol. so nice of mr purohit and vashali to give radhika a credit card so she can use it and the love they r showing towards her i hope its the same like this when they find out the truth especially radev friendship. loool dev calling mrinanli shopaholic i was laughinag and especially when dev was following them into the girls store thank god he saw the name otherwise a men walking into a ladies store room looool everyone teasing dev. precap is very intresting who could thast manly voice be and u r trying to say the only dev will know first about her past then the others or r they gone know it together update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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wonderful update...thx for the pm

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