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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 12)

nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
nice update

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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wonderful part. please update ASAP

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Part 5
It was night  time everyone was sitting in the hall area ..Dadima was sitting on the sofa with Mr.Purohit and Vaishali who were playing chess . Birju , Dev , Mrinalini and vivek were playing cards around the table in the middle of the sofas . Radhika came out with a tray of tea ..She served the elders first then she went to Mrinalini and Vivek who thanked her ..She came to Birju who didn't want any , she made her way to Dev who glances up and saw Radhika smiling sweetly.. he took the cup of tea the same way as her smile .
She put the tray back and came to sit next to dadima who was reading a book ..She started watching the elders play chess ..she saw Mr,Purohits move with the Queen and she was pretty impressed ..Vaishali was going to get stuck ..Her king was in danger Radhika quickly sat next to vaishali who was getting tensed ..she whispered something in Vaishali ears that made her eyes widened happily. .Mr.Purohit frowns his brows confusedly seeing Radhika and his wife smile . ..Vaishali moves her king from the danger making Mr.Purohit  jaws drop ..He looks at Radhika who was smiling cutely..

Mr.Purohit: vaishalijee ..This is not fair ..You got help from Radhika..

Vasihali: toh kya hua ?? Shes allowed to help  me ..glancing at Radhika happily..

Mr.Purohit: Radhika..this is the last time you will help her ..My wife need to pop some neurons on her own ..trailing off with a laugh'

Radhika smiled along but made Vaishali become more competitive ..

Radhika looked at the other game that the younger people  were playing ..She saw Mrinalini doing something with her eyes to vivek who was looking at his cards ..It looked like she was doing a signal to him but he wasn't aware of it ..Suddenly he saw her and said KENT!!

Dev and Birju looked shocked ..Mrinalni and vivek were so happy !!

M: Yes ! We won!!!

Vivek:  Mrinalini I love you as my partner !! sending her a flying kiss making her smile shyly

Seeing this Radhika smiled sweetly ..She glances at Dev who runs his fingers through  his hair frustrated ..He give one angry look to birju who was confused looking at his cards !

Dev: I don't want to play anymore.. Birju sucks as my partner ..He keeps making us loose ..I was doing our signal for such a long time but Birju your so blind that you cant even see me doing the signal ..

Mrinalini: Oh Come on Dev just because you lost  you don't want to play anymore .??.

Birju: Aree isme humari kya galthi hai( Whats my fault in this??) ..scratching his head disappointingly ..
Dev raised his hand to hit him'Birju moved back ..

Vivek: Radhika why don't you play with us ..
Dev smiled happily..

D: YES!! Please Radhika be my partner for this game .Please ..I'm sure you will be better then birju ..hitting birjus head lightly ..

R: Par muhje khelne nahi aata..

Vivek : Radhika its very simple I will Hand four cards to each player,and put the rest of the cards down where no one can't reach it. You need to have all four cards the same and do a signal to your partner so he can say KENT!! If your missing a card that looks the same .Each round I will put four from the pile in the middle so you can chose the one you need .But you need to put a card that you don't need down always have to have four cards with you not more not less . Keep taking cards and placing until you find one that matches. Then take another of your four cards and place one down that you don't want you can just keep going whenever you want. Try to be fast. Once you have all your cards the same, use a  signal to tell your other team mate .Your team mate has to say Kent for you and vice versa. if your getting suspicious about the other team having all four cards you say Cut and your team wins ..
Radhika smiles excitedly and nods her head ..

M: Any questions ??
R: Nahi

Dev: Come Radhika lets go and make our signal ..

He stands  up and walks near the temple area so they cant see their signal ..Radhika followed feeling butterflies in her tummy she didn't know if she would be good at this game ..

D: ok Radhika what's our signal ..??

Radhika looks down briefly

D: ok Mine is this ..he winks at her ..
Seeing this her cheeks went crimson red'She looked at him surprised

R: YEH???

D: Ya Ill wink ok ?? Saying casually ..

Radhika was a little uncertain about his signal ..

R: Aur mera bhi?? Asking little worriedly ..she didn't want this as her signal too ..

D: Well if you want ..but knowing you ..You wont do it ..trailing of with a boyish chuckle  ..

Radhika felt her cheeks burning after what he said ..

D: ok ..You can around with you braid with your finger.. twirl the edge of you braid ..Sound good??

Radhika nodded cutely giving out a satisfied smile .".Theek hai" ..

Dev and Radhika were ready to play the game ..

The game started ..Radhika didn't know which cards she should collect but she started playing along ..She kept glancing at dev in case he had Kent and the same for Dev he kept looking at RAadika who had a cute playful smile on her lips making him smile along ..Radhika saw Mrinalni doing something to Vivek who was looking at his cards .She looked very tensed and trying to get his attention ..Radhika wasn't sure if she should say CUT imagine she was wrong ..But Radika went with her instincts ..

R: CUT!!

Mrinalini eyes widened up Dev looks at Radhika then Mrinalini who gave one angry look at Vivek who had a confused look '

M: VIVEK!! I was doing the signal for the last 5 minutes ..She showed her cards and she had all the same cards ..

Radhika and Devs eyes brightened with beam

D: YES Radhika we won!!! Your pretty good at this ..Better then birju ..

Birju was sitting on the sofa watching the game giving Dev  grimaces ..Radhika giggled cutely at this  ..
The game went on ..Mrinalini and vivek changed their signal ..Dev had a cute boyish smile on his face playing the game ..Few minutes later Radhika had all 4 cards the same ..She didn't know what to do how to get Devs attention ..She reminded herself to stay calm and act casual ..She brings her braids over her shoulder and started curling up the edge with her fingers ..Dev glanced at Radhika who was gazing at him trying to tell him something ..He suddenly saw her movement on her braid ..He smiled happily '

D: KENT!!!

Radhika gives out a relief sigh and grin cutely. She shows her cards to everyone and claps her hands together once feeling excited ...She laughed cutely feeling so happy that she had Kent'.Mrinalini and vivek were getting very competitive now with Radhika in the game..'

B: Radhika ji aap bohut achi khelthi hain ..saying encouragingly ..

Dadima saw Radhika grinning happily along with Dev they both gave each other a high five  ..she felt very nice seeing Radhika smiling and laughing freely with everyone ..Mr Purohit and Vaishali were immersed  in the chess game ..

They kept going on with the kent game ..Radhika and Dev were winning every round making ..In one of the rounds Dev had kent ..He clears his throat lightly trying to get Radhika attention  but she was too busy changing her cards .. Dev was getting little tensed he saw Mrinalni looking at him suspiciously he quickly  acted normal pretending that he was disappointed with his cards. .Radhika glanced up and saw Dev giving her a wink . Her heart skip a beat , her cheeks went pink and smiles timidly . Dadima saw the wink and frowns her brows confusedly ..She saw Radhika looking downs a little uneasily '

R: Kent ..she said in a low voice

D: Kya kaha tumne Radhika ..??? ( what did you say ??) Trying to make her say it louder..

Vivek and Mrinalni look at her ..

R: Kent ..she said little more louder ..

Dev grins happily and shows his cards ..Mrinalini and vivek shared and annoyed look ..Dadima started pulling Dev ears ..

D: OWWW! Dadima ..What did I do ??

Dadima:  Kyun RE? you think I'm blind ??? I saw your signal ..Bechari Radhika she has too put up with you ..Look at her shes feeling uneasy  with your signal ..Couldn't you think of something else???asking little sternly yet teasing

D: Kya Dadima aap bhi na ..Radhika doesn't mind..Kyun Radhika??? Glancing once at Radhika ..

Radhika looks up at Dadima with her pink cheeks ..Dadima released his ears but she knew that inside Radhika felt a little uncomfortable but didn't want to say it ..She hit his head

Dadima: Paagle !
Dev was rubbing his ears but he gives out a victorious smile !!

Mrinalini and Vivek give up ..

Vivek : I don't want to play anymore ..He got up walking  up the stairs

M: Me too ..You guys are winning all the time ..

Dev and Radhika shared a jubilant smile ..

D: Ohh!! bhabhi finally admitting that Im the best !! Putting his collar up showing off.

M: Oh shut up Dev ..I'm admitting that Radhika is the best '
D: What!!

Radhika wanted to laugh  seeing Dev reaction to this  and she did ..

B: Haan ..Mrinalni bahuji sahi kehri hain ..Tum toh ek number ke loser ho ..taking Mrinalini side..

M: See Dev even birju agrees with me '

Radhika started laughing cutely hearing them tease Dev ..Everyone heard her sweet laugh even Vaishali and Mr.Purohit who were putting the chess game back in the box.. Radhika suddenly noticed that she was laughing  pretty loudly ..she quickly covered her mouth with her fingers feeling embarrassed ..Everyone were looking at her happily ..It was the first time they heard her laugh like that 'And they found her laugh very cute '

Dadima: Aree Radhika beta ..tumhari hasi sunkar bohut acha laga humko ..Yahan tum jee baar ke hasakthi ho ..Koi kuch nahi kahega ..adding gladly ..
( Radhika hearing your laugh made me very happy ..You could laugh as much as you want here no one will say anything ..)

Radhika slowly moves her fingers from her lips and smiled lightly ..She was very touched by this  everyone were looking at her warmly ..Dev smiled along he found her laugh so sweet '

After a while they all went in bed ..Radhika was looking outside her window enjoying the beautiful warm wind swirling around her ..She didn't know why her heart would beat really fast when she's in front of him .She found Dev so funny, sweet  '..and handsome ! She takes a deep breath trying to hide the feeling deep down her heart ..She shouldn't think about Dev , he would never love a girl like her'

1 week later in the evening time Radhika knocked on Dev  door with a cup a tea .

D: Come in!!

He was working on his laptop with a file opened beside him

Radhika  came in and saw him into his work ..she smiles lightly ..Not wanting to disturb him , she puts the tea cup beside him , Dev glanced up and saw Radhika putting the tea cup beside him .

D: Hey Radhika .. You didn't have to ..saying nicely

R: Who aap itne dheer kamre main the ..Aur Khanna par bhi aapne bohut zada kuch nahi khaya ..Toh maine socha main app karliye chaii banadoon ..answering innocently ..

Dev smiled sweetly , seeing how concerned she was for him ..

D: Thanks ..

Radhika nods her head cutely with a small smile tucked in the corner of her lips..

Dev takes a sip of his tea ..

D: mmm..Chaii achi bani hai ..glancing at Radhika who felt her cheeks turning pink
R: Jee shukriya ..
Dev takes a deep breath he didn't know why but he wanted to tell Rahika how he was stressed about his new project ..

D: Radhika ..I have too finish this by tomorrow ..Its my first Mutt Project that I have to introduce to the some important people and vivek Bhaiya ..saying little nervously ..

Radhika sat  a little distance  from him on the bed ..

R: But Why are you so nervous 'Vivekji is your brother he '
D: no Radhika ..When it comes to work he's quite serious ..Ive been working on this project for a week '.taking a deep sigh ..

Radhika felt his tension and tried to console him '

R: Don't worry I'm sure you will do great ..smiling encouragingly

Dev looks at his file ..

D: Everyone at work thinks I'm not capable of doing this ..And I want to prove them wrong ..They even told Vivek bhaiya that I shouldn't be in charge of this project ..trailing of sadly

Radhika didn't like seeing him so sad and worried..

R: I'm sure you will prove them wrong 'Your working so hard for this and I'm sure you will pull it off very nicely ..

Hearing her encouragement he felt better ..He glances up seeing her sweet smile

D: You think??

Radhika nods her head affirmatively ..

D: Thanks Radhika ..I feel much better a relief smile

R: Acha aab main chalthi hoon '.Aap ko bohut kaam honge ..

She was about to get up ..

D: Radhika your forgetting something '

Radhika frowns her brows a little puzzled ..Hun??

He forwarded his hand to do their hand shake ..She smiled cutely and does the hand shake making her heart swell up with joy ..They wished each other Good night and she left the room ..
Part 6
Thanks you guys so much for your support it really gives me a boostHugHeart
..Your comments always brings a smile on my face ..Big smile
 This is the last update for this week ..I know you guys are waiting for RAdhika pass but I wanted to show how shes interacting with the family and Dev.I hope you guys wont find it boring Confused ..Dont worry her pass will come soon just a little more waitEmbarrassed ..but Even after knowing her pass there will be another twist ShockedWink..
Thanks again guys..You guys are the best readers anyone could have Hug
Take care guys  Heartand have a good night Sleepy
Love Yumna

Please press the like button if you liked it and comments are very much appreciated Smile

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It is a nice story thanks diThumbs Up

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Yumna like the sweet atmosphere of PB everyone enjoying and Radhika getting firmly settled in their ome and the friendly way Dev and Rad relation is progressing. Sweet update.

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged

You are really on a role---
very cute update
Loved that everyone is playing games and having fun

So when is Radhika's past going to catch up?

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sonia122 Senior Member

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grt updateBig smile enjoyed the games n rad bonding so nicely to everyone...

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Superb billo ! 2 updates at 1 go... I am loving it !! Big smile Bt am also disappointed as dis is the last update for dis week.... Unhappy
Good going dear !! So its 2 weeks since Radhika is staying with Purohits and she seems to have adjusted herself ver well in the new environment. She is also proving her mettle and is lucky for everybody specially for our cutie cutie pie Dev Wink
The FF is going is really very well...

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