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FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100 (Page 10)

fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Wow!What an amazing update.So,finally Radhika has adjusted with PF & has started having feelings 4 Dev.When will Dev get attracted 2 Radhika?Hope it will happen soon.

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anusha34 Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged
thanks for the are such a talented writer.may god bless your talent. i love this  part now radhika is cofortable with the pf  and already feeling something for dev.don t know what is devs feelings.
plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss update soooooooooooooon.
looking foward.

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AsYa_KaBhi Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Amazing update yumna di........i really enjoyed it loved the way radika was bonding with the family ........esp dev........hmmm seems like she has fallen for him.....hope he does fall for her toooo.......!
I am just waiting ffor the time u revail radhika's past.......lovely update...!

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged

Part 4
The next morning it was the same routine everyone was always happy to see Radhika awake and making breakfast with Birju .Mr.Purohit needed a file from Devs room .He asked birju to get it but he was busy with some servant in the storage room ..Radhika offered to get the file for him .She climbed up the stairs with a sweet smile lingering on her face  she looks down the hallway staring at Dev room door'She  started walking towards his room a halted her step an inch from his door ..She knocked on his door couple of times but no one answered.. She turned the  door knob and saw his room empty ..She scanned his room trying to find the red file, she saw it on the side table and picked it up ..Before leaving she saw his bed undone and he prepared his office clothes on the chair'She saw his shirt needed to be ironed and thought for a sec .

Dev came out the shower and saw his bed  made and his clothes were neatly on his bed already ready to be put on .Dev smiles confusedly with a towel around his waist ..he looks around and saw no one .He opens the door and saw Radhika walking down the hall way holding a file that Mr.Purothit asked her to get ..

Dev: radhika!

She swiftly turns around and saw Dev walking towards her with a towel around his waist with his wet hair adding some more charm to him .Unknowingly her cheeks went crimson red she didn't move her gaze away from his ..

Dev stood in front of her.. she quickly let her gaze linger on the floor

Dev: did you put my clothes out??

Radhika nods once ..Hmmm

Dev: thank you so much ..but you didn't need to ..saying thankfully..
She slowly glances up

R: I hope you didn't mind me coming in your room ..Actually ..Chachaji needed a file from your room ..I knocked few times ..but ...she sounded little nervous from his reaction knowing that she came in his room without permission

D: Radhika..I really don't mind if you needed something from my room for Dad ..its fine don't get tensed 'Trailing of with a boyish laugh ....

Radhika smile shyly  and nods her head..

D: Good ! If you don't mind ..can you prepare my clothes in the morning ..because ..sometimes I wake up late and I don't want to make Bhaiya wait ..asking little uncertainly ..
Radhika smiles and agrees

R: Sure .and if there's anything else please do tell me ..saying sweetly..

D: .This is enough for me ..I wont ask you anything else ..thanks Radhika ..smiling jubilantly

This made Radhika  heart paste really fast ..she looks down with her pink cheeks  and was about to walk away ..

D: wait for me ..

Radhika frowns her brows little puzzled  and turns around trying to hide her shy smile ..He had his towel around his waist

R: Aap'. aise kaise niche'Mera matlad '(..How ..Can you ..I mean ')
She looked down with her pink cheeks she was feeling to shy to tell him to put some clothes on ..

Dev frowns his brows and looks at himself he got embarrassed

D: OH !! Crap ! Thanks for telling me Radhika ..Agar main aise niche chalejaata toh ..HE didn't even want to think about it ..

Radika giggled cutely walking away ..Hearing her cute laugh made Dev grin and runs his fingers through his hair feeling embarrassed ..

Downstairs Radhika wanted to laugh but she controlled her laughter  as soon Dev came downstairs he saw her controlling her laughter ..Everyone was sitting on the table.. All the seats were taken so Radhika sat beside Dev little hesitantly ..the family was talking between each other ..Radhika glances at Dev holding her laugh ..Dev was scared that she would tell the whole family ..

He takes a sip of his juice and nudges his arms with her making her heart skip a beat she swiftly looks at him ..

Dev: Radhika please don't tell anyone ..I could see that your trying to hide your laugh ..

Radhika shakes her head ..

R: nahi bataongi ..( I wont tell ..)

D: promise??

R: hmm..Promise ..

Hearing this made him smile with a relief ..They all continued eating and chatting ..Radhika wasn't talking much she just smiled along . Dev and Birju were making jokes making her smile an giggle lightly ..
After breakfast everyone went to their same routine ..Radhika was taking off the clothes from the washing line outside suddenly she remembered Dev in the morning ..He was planning on coming downstairs with his towel around his waist.. She started laughing freely because no on was around..
R: Paagal ..she said trailing of with her sweet laugh shaking her head lightly .

Radhika came inside she saw the time it was launch time she served Dadima and Vaishali . After launch Radhika gave Dadima her medication ..

Dadima: Thank you  beta ..caressed once her head ..

R: Dadima aap jaake thoda araam karlein ? She said leading her to her room ..

Dadima laid down she noticed a locket around Radhikas neck that she didn't notice before ..Maybe it was hiding under her kammez..

Dadima: Beta ? Yeh locket ..she said holding it lightly..

Radhika looked down sadly .feeling few tears swelling up in her eyes.

Dadima held her chin tenderly..

Dadima: Kya hua beta??

Radhika gulps the lump in her throat and managed a smile

R: ku'kuch nahi ..dadima 'yeh locket ..
Taking it off she opened it to show Dadima ..It was a picture of her mom and dad ..Dadima frowns her brows surprised ..

R: yeh meri Maa..aur Mere Babuji 'She said wiping her tears'.Aab is Duniya main nahi hain ..

Dadima felt  the sadness in her voice, seeing Radhika tears Dadima felt her throat lumping up ..She held Radhika chin warmly and  shook her head lightly telling her not to cry ..Radhika smiled lightly controlling her tears.. Dadima was looking at the little picture that was tuck in the heart locket ..She took a last look at her parents.. she didn't know why but they looked familiar to her ..She was looking at the picture pensively trying to remember where she saw them? But it wasn't coming in her head ..She closed the locket and put it back around  Radhika neck ..She held her locket tightly , knowing that Dadima would ask her some questions ..Dadima sensed her gazing wondering  the floor little tensely ..she didn't want to ask Radhika anything until she was ready to open up to them by herself

Dadima: Radhika ?? Main jaanthi hoon ke tum tumhari Maa babuji ko dekar bohut udaas hojatho ho ..lekin tumhe yahan bohut pyaar milega ..hmm??..And if you ever want to tell me anything your free to do so .. Holding her chin affectionately.. She was sending a indirect message that Radhika understood easily

She smiles contently  her heart was swelling up with joy hearing this ..It felt so wonderful feeling wanted  in the house ..

Radhika wiped tears and changed subject

R: dadima aap thoda aram kar lijiye ..guiding her to the bed ..

Radhika fixed the pillows comfortably for her. .Dadima was watching Radhika taking such good care of her  ..
R: Dadima agar aapko kuch cheya hoga toh muhje bhola lena .with a sweet caring voice ..

Dadima smiles tenderly and nodding once ..Radhika left the room taking a deep breath controlling her emotions ..She glanced once on Dadima door and walks away feeling overjoyed by Dadimas words .
She got back to her chores dadima told Mr.Purohit and Vaishali about Radhika locket ..They were feeling very sad for her ..they promised Dadima that they wont mention this in front of her ..

In the evening everyone was sitting around the table having food ..Radhika again made the food with Birju and Vaishali help ..They were all enjoying the wonderful dinner ..Radhika was sitting beside Dadima enjoying everyone talks and teasing ..

Dadima: Mrinalini beta ..Tumne MR. Khanna  ki beti ka dress chrukiya???

M: haan Dadima ..I started today ..Thank to Radhika I will finish on time ..She helped me last night design the dress ..Its coming quite beautifully ..Glancing at Radhika

Radhika was very happy to hear that the dress work was coming nicely..

Everyone was very happy to hear this ..Mrinalni already told Vivek and Dev they were very glad that Radhika helped her ..

Dadima looks at Radhika who was smiling sweetly..

R: Maine kuch nahi kiya ..sab Didi ne apne aap kiya hai ..

Hearing Radhika call Mrinalini Didi was quite surprising for everyone ..but they  felt very humble hearing this ..Radhika started considering the family like her own ..

M: Come on Radhika don't give me all the credit ..You were the one who touched up the dress ..saying firmly yet sweetly..

The chatting between everyone continued.. Radhika was starting to open up little more with everyone ..

Dev: radhika  ? What's your favourite colour??
Radhika glanced up at dev who was sitting across her with a charming smile..

R: Jee??

D: your Favourite colour??

R: umm'bleu

Dev: hey !! that's my favourite colour too ..saying surprised  with a boyish smile

Mrinalini: Whats your age ?? I guessed it was 20?

Radhika smiled cutely seeing everyone's question trying to get to know her better .Everyone was also curious to know her age ..

R: ..Aapne theek kaha ..Im 20 years old ..adding with a sweet smile

M: YeS!! I guessed it right!!

Everyone was enjoying this 'After a while everyone went their respective rooms to rest . Before Radhika went in her room Mrinalini needed her help with some material in Mrinalnis designing room . Radhika and Mrinalni chatted for a bit and then she went in her room ..

Everyday became a same routine for Radhika .She would wake up every morning feeling excited and happy with no tension and fear ..She felt like a free bird ..

Radhika would make breakfast and would go upstairs in Devs room  prepared his clothes  as quickly as possible before he came put the shower .. After breakfast everyone went to do their own work . Mr.purohit would got to the mutt for meetings ( sabha ) or give his punishment to people who did something wrong . Dev and Vivek went to the office , Mrinalni went to her office were she was a designer.. Radhika and birju took care of the house chore and of course the elders . Radhika was opening with everyone she was really loving staying with the Purohit ..She forgot all the physical and emotional pain she went through her life all her marks on her body disappeared completely  ..

It was Friday a week passed since Dev found Radhika ,in the morning Radhika was downstairs pouring dadima some tea ..

Dadima: Aree Dev kahan hai ?? Use dheer hojayi gi .. Radhika beta jakar dheek ke Dev ko kyun dheer lagi hai ..

R: jee dadima ..

Radhika made her way to his room and knocked waiting for the door to open but she heard him call her inside

D: Come in!

She opens the door knob and saw him standing in front of the mirror  combing his wet hair back..He turns around and sees Radhika standing near the door with a little smile on her face she was wearing a nice simple white shalwar kameez with a pink duppatta . She made a loose braid with few stands of hair on the side ..He found her very simple and cute making him smile sweetly ..She saw her gaze wondering on the floor with her cute pink cheeks '

D: Hey Radhika ! Thank for the nice choice ..fixing his collar ..

Radhika felt nice him appreciating her taste ..

R: umm ..Who Dadima ..mera matlab sab aapka niche intezaar kare hain ..

D: OH! Ok im coming ..

Radhika was about to walk away ..

D: Wait ..I wanted to tell you something ..saying excitedly

Radhika frowns her brows little confusedly ..

R: kya hua ?? Asking little worriedly ..

D: Nothing to worry about ..I was thinking of something ..You know everyday we always say hey .Bye ..the same borings stuff ..I was thinking if we did a hand shake ..You know what Im saying??..

Radhika smiles cutely listening so his suggestion ..

D: So what do you think??

Radhika nods her head  excitedly

D: great !! So lets start'Ok slid your  right palm with my left palm ..
Radhika was feeling her heart paste really fast she was brining her hand up little hesitantly ..He saw this and chuckled lightly

D: Radhika ..Im not going to eat your hands ..saying laughingly

Hearing this radhika laughed silently ..She slid her palms with his feeling light shivers passing through her body ..Dev wasn't really aware of it and told her the next move ..

D: Ok now  were going to give each other "Pops"
R: pops?? Asking puzzled ..

D: Ya ! its when we make our hand like a fist and we bump them together ..Like this ..he gave an example with his both hands ..

Radhika blinked once understanding ..She nodded her head cutely making him grin boyishly .

D: ok lets start from the beginning ..
Radhika was preparing herself for only two little moves ..They did the two moves ..Radhika grinned excitedly ..

D: ok next we do the same thing but opposite hands ..Now you have to do it with your left hand and Ill do it with my right ..Ok??

Radhika and Dev moved further with there hand shake ..she had a beautiful grin on her lips making Dev smile along with her excitement ..

D: Ok Next 'ummm'You chose ..

R: Main???

D: Haan ..Come-on think of our last move ..saying encouragingly

Radhika stood their for a while thinking ..Dev was just watching her suddenly she remembered something ..

R: Haan ..lets do this ..she said hitting his nose tip lightly with her finger ..

Dev started laughing ..

D: Radhika ..I saw this in a hindi movie ..What's the name again ..??

R: Kuch kuch hota hai ..saying cutely with a tinge of excitement ..

D: Exactly.! But if you like that movie we will do it ..touching her nose tip with his finger '
Making her look down little coyly ..

They did their hand shake from the beginning ..Radhika laughed  cutely in between  ..
Dev really loved her smile he didn't know why but seeing her smile made him smile too ..Strange ??
They did their hand shake beautifully ..

Dev takes a satisfied sigh ..

D: So do you like our hand shake??

R: hmmm nodding cutely ..

Radhika completely forgot about Dadima waiting for him downstairs..

R: Aree Dadima aapka niche intezaar kari thi ..saying hurriedly

They both made their way downstairs'

Dadima: Dev what was taking you so long???

Dev glances at Radhika once

Dev: nothing much Dadima ..I started talking to Radhika and didn't see the time pass
Seating himself on the chair ..Radhika glanced once at Dev and smiled 'After breakfast everyone went to their own work ..Before dev left to the office he did his hand shake with Radhika who was little hesitant doing it in front of Dadima and Vaishali ..  She looked at Dev who was smiling excitedly ..

She didn't want to bring his hopes down ..She smiled and did the hand shake ..Dadima and Vaishali were quite surprised seeing this ..

Dadima: Hainnn? Yeh kya tha?? ( Hun?? What was that??0
Radhika was feeling little tensed ..

Dev: Our secret hand shake dadima a wink ..

Dadima :secret hand shake??

Dev: Haan ..shrugging his shoulders  casually
Birju: aree ..Humare saath kyun nahi kabhie secret hand shake kiya?? Complaining childishly
( You never did a secret hand shake with me ??)

Dev: kyun ke tume special nahi ho ..

Hearing this vaishali was covering her laugh ..Radhika was really touched by what he said.. Was she special really  for him??

Birju: Deka Dadima 'Humare saath hamesha aise hi kehthe hain .Hum toh Dev ke bachpan ke dost hain aur isne kabhie hamare saath hand shake nahi kiya ?? saying complainingly        ( see dadima ..He always does this to me ..I was Dev childhood friend and he never did a hand shake with me ?)

Dev shook his head  seeing birju faking to be hurt by this ..He ignored birjus drama and left

D: Bye Maa Bye Dadima ..He gave each a kiss and ran out the door..

Radhika was feeling bad seeing Birhu like this ..She goes in front of him and folds her hands together ..

R: muhje maaf kardijiye Birju ji ..Humne aapke dil ko koi chot nahi pounchana tha .. Saying with her head held low ..( im sorry birju ..I didnt mean to make you sad like this )

Birju was shocked seeing this

B: Aree !! Hum toh sirf Dev bhaiya ke saath mazzak karethe ..Apne toh yeh baat dil pe leli ??Aap humne sharminda maat kijiye ..He said breaking her folded hands  warmly .

(I was just joking with Dev ..You took it so seriosuly ..Please dont make me embarrassed by doing this  .)

Dadima: Aree Radhika ..You should get used to Birjus little dramas ..You saw how Dev is used to this and just left ..saying laughingly ..

Birju joined in too ..

B: Radhika ji ..Hum jaanthe hain ke Dev bhaiya humesha humare dost rahege ..Aur koi hand shake ki zarrorath nahi hai ..adding jubilantly ( Radhika ,I know I will always be devs friend ..I dont need any hand shake to prove it )
Hearing this Radhika smiled lightly she felt much better hearing Dadima and Birju words..

Vaishali: Beta ..tum kabhie apko dochi maat samajna ..hmm ?? ( Dont eve blame yourself Radhika ..Undersatand??)

Radhika smiles nodding her head agreeing '

Part 5:

Hey guys hope you like the updated part ..And thank you so much for the wonderful comments !!HugI feel extremely happy reading them ..I just keep reading them over and over again to give me courage to continue Big smile..I know you guys are waiting for Radhika pass ..Maybe in 2-3 more updates starting school soon but I promise to update atleast once a week or twice ..Depending if I have time...
take care guys Heart
Love : yumna
Please press the like button if you liked it ..Thank you SmileHug

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v3gradev09 Goldie

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Yumna nice start of the friendship of Dev and Radhika.interesting update.Big smile

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
is there any feelings for Radika in Dev's heart....
If that so... that will be coooolllllllThumbs Up

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anusha34 Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
interesting update yumna. dev and raadhika are slowly becoming friends. i love this part very much. dear so sweet of you to say that u will update at least once a week or twice. give first prefrences for your studies. when ever u have time update the story:) we will be waiting. have a nice day!!!

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