Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF#3: Koi Fariyaad~Last update page 100

billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:34am | IP Logged

One dark night a car was speeding pass a forest , there was no one insight expect for big trees and a empty road ..The car was speeding two young guys were laughing and talking ..One guy was a young charming , very handsome young man , he had very attractive eyes a boyish smile , nice black hair wearing western clothes looking very fresh and decent . He was 23 years old he just came back from America making his way back home to dehli along with his childhood friend Birju 'Birju was like Devs brother a very sweet and clumsy fellow '.Dev and him would always fight and play along with each other'Dev was extremely happy coming back to India ..Its been 5 years he's been away , he came occasionally to visit his family but today he official came back to India after finishing his studies ..Dev was speeding up on the road releasing all his excitement ..

Birju : Dev Bhaiyaaa..Zara ahista chalaye ..Birju had his hands cover on his eyes ..Dev laughs boyishly

Dev: Aree Birju tum itna daar kyun raha hai ..!!Asking laughingly ..Dev purposely speeded up the car even more ..

Birju : Dev Bhaiya !!!

Dev :Yahan koi bhi nahi hai Birju ..Main aaj bohut khush hoon .muhje chalane de !!!.saying with a excited grin '

Slowly Birju took of his hands off his eyes ..As soon as he took of his hands of his eyes he saw a shadow standing a little far away ..

Birju: DEV BHAIYA!!!!

Dev quickly looks at the road and his eyes widened up his heart skip a beat ..He put the break on with fear ..As soon as he put the break on someone fell on the front of his car ..Dev and birju share a terrified look They quickly came out the car and saw a young girl ..She was wearing a red lenga with her duppata half way off her, with red bangles ..Dev takes the girl off his car carefully , she fell unconscious in his arms , she had a cut on the side of her forehead bleeding , she looked very weak and bruised up ..Dev looks at the fainted girl in his arms concernedly'. He checked her pulse .her heart was still beating ..

D: birju ..?? His voice trembled lightly ,

Birju : Dev bhaiya abhi usko hospital lekar chalthe hain ..

D: birju hospital kaafi door hai ..Hum ukso humare ghar lekar jaate hain 'Humara ghar toh bohut paasi hai .

Birju : Aap theek kehre hain ..Chaleye?? asking worriedly ..
Dev holds the young girl in his arms and lays her down carefully in the back seat

Dev and Birju quickly sat in the car and made there way home. .Dev kept glancing back to see the girl ..She was in a very bad state ..he didn't know what was this girl doing on the road at this hour wearing a lengha almost dressed like a dulhan ..

They finally reached home

Dadima was very excited , Vaishali was preparing the aarti ki taali ..Mrinalini was coming down the stairs along with vivek. .Mr.Purohit was sitting on the couch waiting for his sons arrival.. Dadima kept glancing at the door ..Mr.Purohit laughed lightly

Mr.Purohit : maa ..Dev ajaye ga ..aap chinta maat kigiye ..

Dadima: Main bas mera pota ko gale lagane chahthi hoon ..Itne saloon baat wapas arahai '.Itni dheer kyun lagare hain ..Vivek zara birju ko phone karna ??

Vivek smiles and takes out his cell phone seeing his impatient grandmother ..Suddenly there was a knock on the door..Dadima and Mr.Purohit get up happily..

Dadima: Lagtha hai Dev agaya ..The all rush t the door , dadima opens the door and sees Dev holding a girl in his arms looking very worried along with birju looking very tensed ..They were all shocked ..

Dadima: dev?? Yeh 'kya ..tum

Dev saw everyone looking confused and shocked ..He didn't know how to tell them right now , he walked upstairs to his room everyone followed ..HE opened his room door and laid the girl on his bed caringly..
Everyone came in the room worriedly ..

Mr.Purohit: dev yeh koun hai ..??Aur iss haal mein ..?
Dev looks at his family little nervously..

D: I was driving the car ..I couldn't see her but as soon as birju shouted I looked on the road and saw a faded figure ..I put the breaks and she fell on the front of my car ..he said little tensely he could feel his heart beat pasting fast ..

Mr.Purohit looks at Birju angrily..

Mr.Purohit : Birju ..I told you to drive the car ! To phir yeh kyun??

D: No dad its not birjus fault ..I wanted to drive the car ..and this girl didn't get hurt because of us ..She was already like this car barely hit her , she lost conscious on my car .
They were all shocked hearing this ..

Dadima walks towards the girl laying on his bed ..

Mrinali: She looks so young ..I think she might be around 20 ..

Dadima : Mrinalini ..decko zara is ka khayal rackna ..She's in a very bad state ..
They all saw her wounds ..

Vaishali : Dev beta tumne acha kiya isko yahan leane ..Pata nahi itni raat ko iss ka kya haal hojatha ..saying concernedly ..

Mrinali touched her forehead ..

Mrinalini: Usko tho bohut theez buhar hai Dadima ..saying concernedly..

Dev looks at the girl worriedly , he was feeling really bad for her ,the state she was in looked very grave ..

All the men's went out the room , Dadima , vaishali and Mrinalini were taking care of the girl ..

Dev went downstairs , he sat on the couch tiredly ..The servant came to give him some water ..

They were all shocked after what the heard and saw ..But mr Purohit tried to lighten the mood a little

Mr.Purohit : Dev beta ..Sab theek raha?? Asking with a warm smile

Dev looks at his dad and smiles
D: Jee dad sab kuch theek raha ..Main India wapas akar bohut khush hoon ..

Vivek gets up and hugs his little brother ..

Vivek : Dev ..Hum bhi bohut khush hain ke tum hamesha karliya wapass agaya ..Ab tum meri maddat karsaktha hai ..Office main ..saying laughingly

Dev smiled back gladly ..

They were all sitting in the hall talking ..Dadima came downstairs and saw all of them talking ..she was so happy to see her grandson ..

Dadima: Dev ??

Dev turns and sees dadima giving him a tender smile ..Dev gets up and hugs Dadima tightly ..

Dev: I missed you so much Dadima !!! Giving a boyish grin

Dadima had few tears of joy she moves back facing him .

Dev saw the tears in her eyes ..

Dev: Come on dadima .!! Don't cry main wappas agaya hoon na ?? he wipes her tears lovingly..

Dadima cups his face and kisses his forehead warmly ..

Dadima: aab tum humko chorke toh nahi jaye ga na??

Dev shakes his head.. Ab main hamesha hamesha karliye meri pyarri si dadima ke paas agaya ..hugging her again ..

They were all witnessing the happy moment ..dadima sat down , Dev remembered the girl that was in his room

Dev: dadima ..who kaisi hai ??

Dadima : koi pareshani ki baat nahi hai 'who aram mehsoos karihai 'Par uska buhar bohut zada hai ..birju? zara doctor ko phone karna ..

Birju : Jee ..

The doctor came in and checked the girl ..He gave her a injection and in scripted some medication .

The mens were still downstairs ..Vaishali came down to meet her son , she also became emotional ..Dev was just so happy to be back home ..

Dev: Maa ..Muhje bohut bouk lagri hai ..

Vaishali : Jakar fresh hoja main abhi khanna laga thi hoon ..saying sweetly ..
Everyone went to get freshened up to eat as a family ..Dev went up in his room and saw Mrinalini taking care off the girl ..He smiles boyishly

D: Hey Bhabhi!

Mrinalini jumped at his voice ..

M: DEV !! You scared me ..

D: I guess things never change ..

Mrinalini rolls her eyes ..

M: your never going to change ..But you know what's more shocking .is that I actually missed you ..
Saying surprised

Dev smiles and hugs his bhabhi ..she was more like a big sister to him ..

D: I missed you to bhabhi ..but that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop teasing you ..

Mrinalini smiles ..and moves back whisking his hair

M: Dev ..Im going down me if she wakes up 'Ok ?

Dev nods his head in response ..

Mrinalini went out ..Dev goes in the bathroom he changes in his white kurta pyjama looking fresh and handsome ..He comes out walking towards the door .He slowly turns around and sees her sleeping in his bed soundly ..He saw that she was wearing a white simple shalwar kammez , her jewellery was off ,Her wounds were bandaged'looking more comfortable and relax ..,. He walks near her , she looked very young with a simple innocence ..HE smiles lightly and walks out his room closing the lights ..

He went downstairs joining his family for dinner ..They were all talking and laughing 'Dev was telling them stories that happened in America , talking about his studies friends etc ..They were so glad to see him back ..He bought light to the family ..After dinner everyone went to there own rooms .Mrinalini and Vaishali went to check on the girl one last time '.Dev wanted to sleep in his room ..He couldn't sleep anywhere else , he cant fall a sleep except in his room ..

Dadima: Dev kya hua ??

Dev: Dadima ..I want to sleep in my room but the girl is sleeping there ..???

Dadima: Toh aaj mere saath soja na??

Dev: No dadima .You snore at night ..responding little annoyed

Dadima: Nahi toh!

D: yes you do ..that's why I want to sleep in my room ..

Dadima: Theek ..Agar tum apne kamre main sona chahtha hai ..Toh tumne us ladki ka khayal rackna hoga ..??samjhe ?? .

D: Theek hai ..Ill do anything to sleep in my room ..Thanks dadima ..He kisses her and walks towards his room .He slowly opens the door ..He saw the moonlight coming in his room ..feeling a cool breeze ..He closes the window feeling concerned for the girl. He turns around and walks towards her ..The girl shivered lightly , Dev gaze turned concern he put the blanket on her and sits on the floor beside her ..with his gaze on her pensively 'Why was she in the middle of the road like that ?? Why was she so bruised up and in a really bad state ??? He kept gazing at the girl ..slowly he shut his eyes and fell asleep .

Part 2 :
Hey guys ...I know right its my 3rd FFShockedLOL..
I hope you guys will support me with this one as well ,Heart I hope im not annoying you guys with my stories Confused..If I am then please do tell I will try to stop myself .Smile..Hopefully I will get good comments and appreciationg to make me write till the end .I have many parts written if I get positive comments then I will surely post the next part soon ...Take care guys Hug

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:43am | IP Logged
nice start...plz pm me when u update

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG!! watz nex?? haha... Wink

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:06am | IP Logged
hi yumnadi,
aw, he already has feelings, so sweet. please add me to your pm list. please continue

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:16am | IP Logged
great job dear!! keep writing we are waiting for the rest! let me noe wen u update it

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Yumna interesting start keep send pms when ever u update.Smile

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*Maleena* Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm! I love reading your stories! This is really interesting so far. I can't wait for your next update.

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Gr8 start.Waiting 4 d next.

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