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Mini AR FF:In Her Arms||Pt3:Pg26(26/1)IMPNOTE-PG35 (Page 11)

sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TheMelody.


Hey Guys!

I know I owe you all an update but I'm really busy as I have my exams coming up next week. So, I can't update..please do take into consideration that I have other priorities as well. I will be back by the 17th January and post the next part asap.

Much Love,

Hey dear.....Its okkk.....we can understand......ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR EXAMZZThumbs ur tym and update as per ur convience..........


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pinkss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Hey Melena...
plzzz cont..sooonnn wiv dis FF....
i know ur a bit bzy rite now...buh weneva u get cont. dis FF....its really nyc....cant wait 2 read more of it :))
tc n Godd Luck..
lotsa love

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
sorry 4 da late comment
been abroad
wesome start
loved it
poor muski
hope armaan realised his mistake
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
plz add me 2 da pm list

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TheMelody. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys! Thank you so much for all the best wishes for my exams! I have nearly finished them. I just have one small one tomorrow, which is not important at all. So, I've decided to update this FF. 

Will be updating in an hour. <3

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TheMelody. IF-Dazzler

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Part 2:

"Maaaaaaaaaaa! This is the LAST time I'm telling you! STOP worrying about me." screeched an annoyed Ridhima, struggling to hold her bag whilst her mother wiped the tiny tears that trickled down her cheeks.

"Pareshani toh hoti hi hai na Ridhima. Meri beti pehli baar ek dusre desh mein akeli jaa rahi. Waha New York mein tu akeli hogi aur-"

"Hey Bhagwaaan", Ridhima sighed looked at the ceiling of the airport, placing her bag down, cupping her mother's face and looking at her intently. "I will be fine Maa. Aap bekar mein hi itni chinta kar rahi hai. As soon as I get a job there, I'll sort out your passport and things and call you there too. Okay? Please Maa, if you bid me goodbye like this, then I won't be able to go." Ridhima spoke, wiping her mother's cheeks.

"Hmmm..Just take care of yourself.  Call me as soon as you reach there." Padma smiled, caressing her cheek.

"Okay Maa, I will. Don't worry. You take care of yourself too. And don't forget to have your Medicine on time." Ridhima spoke in a commanding tone and started picking up her bag again.

"Haan theek hai baba, nahi bhulungi." Padma replied anxiously.

"ALL PASSENGERS OF THE FLIGHT D171, PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE SECURITY CHECKING." An announcement was heard, as the people around Padma and Ridhima smiled and started bidding their final goodbyes to their loved ones.

"Okay Maa. Ab mein chalti hoon.."

"Ridhima..Tum apna khayal rakhna. Khaana time pe kha le na, waqt pe sau jana aur bahar de tak ma-" Padma instructed hastily.

"Haaaaaan Maa! Don't worry mein sab kuch theek tarah se karungi.." Ridhima said in a rush and kissed her mother and waved at her as Padma stood there looking at her retreating figure with a sigh.


 Ridhima continued rushing to the Security Checking area and before she knew it, she had collided with someone. Hard. She slipped and lost her balance but a pair of strong hands grabbed her instantly and held her securely by her waist. Ridhima shut her eyes tightly in embarrassment. The touch sent a sudden, unexpected, shiver down her spine as she felt protected due to being in the person's hold. Opening her eyes slowly, her green eyes met his blue ones for the very first time. She noticed him, looking at her with deep intensity. His eyes didn't waver or blink for a second, which made Ridhima conscious of the surroundings and their position.

"Ummm Do you mind?" Ridhima finally uttered in embarrassment, indicating to him that he should let go off her now.

"Huh?" His husky voice mumbled, clearly lost in her.

"Can you like...Let go off me?" She cocked her eyebrows up pointing towards his hands. How hard was it to understand that she wanted him to let go off her?

"No. I like it like this." He sincerely whispered and emphasised on every word.

"WHAT?!" Ridhima screamed in shock, struggling to get out of his hold. Of course, with a confused expression on her face as to why this stranger was still holding her. She understood the point that he had saved her from collapsing on the floor but what exactly was the need to continue holding her? As she looked at him furiously, he started to bend down lower so that their faces were just inches apart.

WHAT THE f**k. She thought.

Punching him hard on his muscular chest with her tiny fist she pushed him away and fled away.


Huffing and puffing in anger at the incident that took place a few minutes ago with the unknown stranger; Ridhima finally took her seat on the plane.

Relax Ridhima. He was just a pervert who was enjoying the fact that a girl was in his arms. Just let him be and think about your plans for the future. She sighed.

New York. A completely different place from India. Different people. Different culture. Different sights. A warm place where you're going to be spending, perhaps, the rest of your life. Let's hope New York turns out to be a better place to live in than India. Thank God Maa agreed to shifting to New York as well as letting me go alone or else I would have still been stuck at the same place, same tedious job, and same old routine!

Ridhima sighed and prayed to God genuinely that she finds a Job in New York. She was deep in her thoughts when she felt tap on her shoulder. The same touch as she had felt before, perhaps. Whipping her head around, she saw the same blue eyes gazing at her again.

"TUM!!!" She yelled, a little louder than she had anticipated.

"Yes sweetheart, I'm back!!" He gave her a wide smile and continued, "Now if you don't mind can you please move to your seat? Or if you want you can sit on my lap for the next 16 hours and 15 minutes!" His smiled widened at his cheeky thought.

"Huh?" This time, it was Ridhima's turn to be baffled. She gave him a weird look and brushed his hand away which still rested on her shoulder.

"This is my seat. See, 53?" He put his ticket in front of her as a subject of proof. Ridhima glanced at his ticket and the number which was clearly written next to the seat. She sighed angrily and moved to the seat which was, unfortunately, hers. Seat number 52.

Settling himself down on his seat he smirked and looked at her annoyed expression and chuckled slightly. Her cheeks were a deep shade of red and puffed up as a result of her anger. Her face was adorned with the same expression he'd seen on her face about half an hour ago. He smiled unconsciously as the memory approached him once again...


"Dude, here is your ticket and passport." Rahul patted Armaan's shoulder, who stood with his back towards him, flirting with a girl on the Last Minute Ticket counter. Armaan said a quick bye to the girl and turned to face his best friend.

"Why do you HAVE to come at the wrong time?" Armaan frowned. "I was just getting along with her. Baat phone number tak pohaunch gayi thi." He stifled a chuckle.

"Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega.." Rahul shook his head, smiling. "You better change once you go to New York. And PLEASE find yourself just ONE decent girlfriend this time. Don't go around flirting with every other girl."

"Okay Mommy ji" He laughed. "Armaan and one girlfriend don't go together by the way. And it's NEW YORK. I can just imagine all the hot girls out there!" He feigned admiration and excitement.

"Shut up Dude! Now go..The plane's going to depart soon." Rahul directed, pointing towards the Security Check where Armaan had to go next.

Armaan returned a firm nod, his eyes placed on his ticket and started making his way towards the counter. As he walked a few steps, he heard his name being called out again..

"Armaan" Rahul had suddenly called.

Turning around, Armaan prodded him to go on, wondering what it may be.

"... Don't forget to keep your pants on dude!" Rahul laughed whole heartedly while Armaan shook his head at his witty comment and turned around to go ahead again.

As Armaan made his way towards the counter, he felt a sudden smack on his chest as a girl had unexpectedly crashed into him. He saw her slip due to her small body being pushed away with his stiff one and held her protectively from her waist to stop her from collapsing on the floor. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks had changed colour to a light pink. The first thing his eyes had fallen on was her face features. Her face was adorned with light make up, yet she looked exceptionally beautiful. Her cheeks were a little puffy and her face was covered with a big frown. Her eyes. They were shut tightly, but he couldn't put a finger on as to why. Slowly, he noticed her opening them. Her long lashes and eyelid slowly opened up only for him to discover her beautiful green eyes. He didn't know why, but he stared into them intently, they were filled with different emotions - at least that's what he could sense.

"Ummm Do you mind?" He heard her speak. Her voice was soft and it sent a shiver down his spine. He was so lost within her, he didn't understand what she was trying to imply.

"Huh?" He had finally managed to utter.

"Can you like...Let go off me?" Her voice kept echoing in his mind.

"No. I like it like this." He blurted out unconsciously. Why in the world did I just say that? He looked at her confused of his own behaviour and suddenly felt her body stiffen in his arms.

"WHAT?!" She screamed at him, displaying a confused expression on her face.

Before he could respond, she felt his chest being punched. She had soon fled away and he stared at her retreating figure. Well, that was something different...He smiled and stared at his hands for a mere second which had held her.

*Flashback ends*

A bored Armaan looked around the plane in search of something to pass his time with. Ridhima was seated next to the window, shooting him deadly glares every few seconds, which did not go unnoticed by Armaan. He sighed and thought of letting her be. He had definitely expected a much better company on the journey that someone like Ridhima. She simply sat there and read numerous magazines without any conversation or interaction.

Tapping his fingers on the handle of his seat out of boredom he looked around at the hot airhostess that passed by him every minute.

"HOT legs!" He muttered to himself, as he saw an airhostess pass by him with a knee length skirt on and a formal shirt with her top few buttons undone. Obviously looking formal, but hot at the same time.

"Sexy lips"

"Seducing booty!"

"Err no comments" He scrunched his nose at a not-so-good-looking air hostess.

"Mhhhmmmm Long legs again! Me likey!"

He continued muttering to himself regarding every airhostess that passed by him and gave them a wink or a smile, to which they all smiled at politely.

"DISGUSTING!" Ridhima finally uttered staring at him in disbelief.

Armaan finally turned to face her and raised his eyebrows to question her:

"..And your problem is?"

"Do you mind keeping the volume of your voice down?! I am seriously in no mood to hear your crap." Ridhima rolled her eyes.

"Umm..No. Why should I? It's my voice, my mouth, I'll say whatever I want and as loudly as I want." He retorted.

"You're seriously SICK!" She looked at him infuriated.

"I know that babes. Tell me something new! And Stop getting jealous just because I ain't checking YOU out?!"

"Oh you were SO checking me out when we collided! And anyways, who would want to be checked out by you?! You pervert!" She replied within a second, surprising him.

"But you've got to agree. You were loving it when I was checking you out! I felt you shiver under my hold" Armaan winked at her.

"No I did not!"

"Oh yes you did!"

"I didn't!" She protested.

"You did!"

"Arghhh! You are SO annoying!" She shrieked in annoyance and plugged her earphones in to stop her innocent ears from hearing any more filthy things from his mouth. 


Hours past by with Armaan and Ridhima quarrelling over the pettiest of issues. Ridhima had already set a bad impression of Armaan in her mind whilst Armaan was getting affected by her talk and actions. He was somehow enjoying every argument that they had. He didn't leave any stone unturned to irritate her. Soon, the plane had landed and they both sighed for different reasons. Ridhima was relieved that she would no longer have to face Armaan and hoped that despite having a bad start to her journey, her future life will be much better. On the other hand, Armaan sighed because he had actually started to enjoy her company and loved irritating her. Nevertheless, he brushed away the weird feelings that provoked him to stop her from leaving. An unknown reason this was.

"Yo Miss Khadoos!" He called out as he witnessed her walking out of the New York Airport.

"Mera naam R-I-D-H-I-M-A hai!" Ridhima snapped angrily.

"But Miss Khadoos suits you more. Don't you think?" He winked at her for the billionth time. An habit she noticed he had. He had winked at her many times flirtatiously on the plane but she had ignored it each and every time.

"Arghhhh!" This was it. She had had enough of Armaan irritating her to no extent. Throughout the whole journey he had done nothing but annoy her about every little thing. And guess what? He had succeeded each and every time. She was infuriated. Stomping her feet, Ridhima walked out of the Airport and caught a taxi to head towards her destination; her new home.


"Welcome Miss Gupta!", an unknown stranger welcomed Ridhima into a huge building. "I'm Mr Singh, the owner of these flats" The man introduced himself as they walked into the lift. He looked really old, perhaps in his 50's; dressed up in formal clothes, black trouser, white shirt and a tie.  

"Ohh hello Mr Singh. We talked over the phone about the flat..."

"Yes for sure dear. Let me just introduce you to these flats. Well, there are 20 flats in the building. On every floor, there are two flats so basically, you will share a floor with a neighbour. But of course, your flats are different. These flats are brand new; they were made just a few weeks ago. And I've been finding tenants since then." He explained politely.

"Ohh that's great." Ridhima smiled at him. He seemed to be a jolly person, as he interacted very sweetly with her.  

"Here are your keys, my dear" He put forward a batch of keys in front of her. "This key is for your flat and this one is to enter the building." He explained further, pointing at the specific keys.

 "Okay..Thank you Uncle"

"You're most welcome! Now if you need anything at all..Just give me a call. I'm sure you have my contact number with yourself."

"Yeah..I've got your contact number. Thanks for all the help."

"It has been my pleasure" He smiled at her and they both stepped out of the lift on the last floor. "I will now take your leave. I hope you have a good stay in your flat." He chuckled, as Ridhima started opening her flat's main door with the keys.

She saw Mr Singh walking towards the lift again, when she suddenly remembered something.

"Ohh Uncle.." She called out, as Mr Singh turned around and looked at her questioningly. "May I ask who my new neighbour is?"

"Oh ofco-" His voice trailed off as he heard his phone ring. He quickly excused himself and picked it up.

"Hello..Yes..Mr Singh speaking..Ohhh I was just thinking about you...Yes, you need to come to the top floor...That's where you'll be staying..Oh you're in the lift? That's great! I'll meet you here itself then....Okay...See you..." Mr Singh spoke into the phone.

Placing the phone back into his pocket, he looked at Ridhima and smiled.

"Your new neighbour is just coming. He's just on the lift.."


The lift opened and what Ridhima saw next practically moved the floor from under her legs.

"Meet your new neighbour, Miss Gupta, Mr Armaan Mallik" He smiled at her, unknown to everything that happened between Armaan and Ridhima previously.

"TUM!!!!!!!!!!!!" Armaan and Ridhima both spoke collectively, pointing a finger at each other.


So what'll happen when Ridhima will have to cope with the most irritating neighbour ever? Will their relationship of hatred ever change into love? Read on to find out!


Hey Everyone!

I hope you guys liked the part. I'm even more anxious than for the previous part because this part introduces the AR and also conveys the main concept.

Please leave your comments/suggestions/criticisms behind.<3

*Please ignore the errors.

REMINDER: If you want a PM then please let me know. Only those in the PM list will be sent a PM..And Add me as a Buddy!



The PM list is still under construction..Until I fix it I'll have to PM everyone on my Buddy list..Sorry for any inconvenience! 


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sweety7395 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
i really liked this part
it was awesome
AR's fight was hilarious and the way armaan was irritating her was fun
cant wait to read more
continue soon

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TheMelody. Goldie

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loved it.... thanku for updating....... loved the battle of AR ..... continue soooon

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