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Devils' Den: MSK Never Had a Sister (Page 3)

-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Countdown 2010!!Party

Nominations open now...tell me if you want any other scenes/entries included

Best Passionate Scenes

  1. Bilkul chup scene by the stairs after Maan comes back from London
  2. First time Maan puts ring on Geet- Chaand wala engagement
  3. Hug and entire scene after where's the party tonight
  4. Maan & Geet get locked in the conference room (Hum Tum)
  5. When Maan tries to make Geet jealous by showing the jhumkas he got for Pari
  6. When Maan takes off Geet's jewellery
  7. Kurti SceneEmbarrassed
  8. Jhumka Scene- when Geet watches Maan practicing whatever it is that he does wearing those harem pants!

Best Comic Sequences

  1. First Morning in the outhouse-"Main Kapal Bharati Yoga kar raha hoon"
  2. Geet hiding under the table- the first day in the outhouse
  3. Maan & Geet in the Dhabha
  4. Maan feeds Geet mushroom omlette
  5. Geet declares a silent war on Maan when he asks her to throw out the roses
  6. First night in the outhouse and the mad scramble for the bed
  7. Geet's Jootie falling on Maan's head as she tries to pull it off the stairs, once it is stuck on chewing gum
  8. Geet cursing Maan over the phone thinking, Maan is the boy who has been bothering her 
  9. Geet vs Sasha- the office game

Best Maahi Moments

  1. Dargah scene- the whole song sequence (Teri diwani) was Mahi worthy.
  2. Lift scene- the first one- Mujhe emotions se sakth nafrat hai
  3. Red Saree- Fake Mangetar scene- Tumhe meri mangetar banna hi padega
  4. Hum Tum neck kiss- Maan nightdreams
  5. When Maan carries Geet at the chand-waala engagement
  6. When Geet falls onto Maan- just before the Chopra party
  7. Geet sitting on Maan's lap 
  8. The fountain scene just before they leave for Manali 
  9. Their very first catch and fall in the office
  10. The very first Mahi- when Geet spills coffee on Maan

Best Dramatic scenes

  1. Geet and Maan's interaction after he fires her and comes to her house to apologise
  2. When Geet tells him she is pregnant
  3. The scenes with Maan and Geet after Kurbaan Hua
  4. Maan saves Geet from drowning
  5. Geet going to meet Maan in HP (asking for the Agents details), he insulting her talking about her and Brij being same (regarding having Maan marry Geet) and accusing her of being a woman with low values.  Geet almost slapping Maan however stopping and insulting his intelligence. (Now I am wondering if it was dramatic or comedy- Maan's intelligence being questioned)
  6. Maan feeling Geet's presence in the office after the whole pregnancy debacle; the whole standing against the wall and door sequence and Geet's dupatta flying onto Maan.  (Okay not the best description, but you all know what I mean), I believe Maan almost cried or cried in the sequence.
  7. Geet and Maan confrontation when Geet thinks that Maan is only marrying her to save Dev.
  8. Geet realizing she is in love with Maan after he tells her that he won't tolerate anyone insulting her regardless of what goes on between them.  And her subsequent break down. 
  9. Geet slapping Maan
  10. Geet slapping Dev

Best Dialogues

  1. Chand kabhi raat ki saya se chup nahin skate, raat ki saat rehena uski taqdir hai
  2. Yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar degi
  3. Chup, Bilkul Chup
  4. Bolo, Bolo Na Geet
  5. Har din aapse shuru aur har raat aap par khatam
  6. Tum aurate sach meh ajeeb hoti ho; jab tumeh dabaya jata hain, tab duhai machati ho ki zurm ho gaya, jab tumeh yeh kaha jayeh ki zurm ke khilaf lado, tab rishto meh bandh kar chup chap zurm sehti rehti ho

Best Song sequences

  1. Kurban Hua
  2. Maahi
  3. Teri Deewani
  4. Hum Tum
  5. Pee Loon
  6. Where's the party tonight
  7. Roop tera mastana
  8. Tere mast mast do nain
  9. Main Agar Kahoon

The Misses

  1. Maan - Dev confrontation
  2. Introduction of NES
  3. Exit of Yash
  4. Pool party scene with arhana
  5. Maan going to the cliff to scream once he finds out that Geet is pregnant
  6. Geet breaking Maan's shirt's buttons during the truth revelation part  
  7. Maan running around to find Geet (plus keeping on missing her in her bright Green Salwar) after the truth revelation sequence

Best Hugs

  1. Camp date
  2. Behne De
  3. Hospital
  4. Disco Hug
  5. Mann saving geet after NT's push
  6. After Maan saves from falling down the stairs, when he returns from London
  7. Their first hug when Maan saves Geet from DA Brij and gang

Any other categories...Let me know! A formal poll will follow- for now we are just collecting nominations Big smile

Big thanks to Ann, Marsh, Jaya, An, Polks, Parsa and all the other devils that contributed to this list!!!!

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An is opening the Den now thats a shocker ....if I survive this shock I might write some stuff today

"You have to know the past to understand the present."

Maan's past be it in terms of his family or Sameera or his relationship with Vicky these points shud have been touched upon much before cause then it wud have explained all of his harsh words his insecurities , his predicaments, his personality and attitude problems  ....To understand his relationship to Geet better one definitely needs to know what went wrong in the past ......which changed his opinion about Women ...considering he is really nice to his Grandmom and NES

"One's past is what one is. It is the only way by which people should be judged."

Ofcourse many times many a times MSK has been judged based on his current actions but most have forgotten the past is what reflects in the present ...and some of his actions today are due to his experiences in the past .

"We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude."

His personality and attitude went thru a major change thanks to Sameera .....though I feel its kinda both his Mom and Sam who have contributed to this ...cause he never mentions either not that he mentions ne one else ...but quite like JWM .....his mother cud have ditched his father when he was a kid ...and the same thing he must have experienced with Sameera ........Also this bond of deceit first and then findly true love is what makes Maaneet's bond special ...both have gone thru their share of family and love related issues ......and both have responded in their own way .Geets Past is over MAaans is yet to make way ...I just hope it has its points to prove the man MSK is .....there have to be solid reasons to his story with Sameera ........Sameera can only be positive if she is coming to apologize which isnt the case clearly so she is outright negative ........As for the past there has to some major deceit involve to prove why MSK hates women .........otherwise it will just make him look stupid .......

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now."

At this moment MSK is happy with Geet and so I assume Sam must be happy somewhere with some one as well will be better if they meet by chance at some business event and then they  decide to work together with Geet's approval despite the past and then Sam shows her true rang ...let her revenge be entirely her own and not that some one brings her and plants her giving some half baked truth story to her for her to act......let her on her won and Arjun thru his way corner MSK ......and later they cud join hands and maybe when Arjun's knows the truth he might help MSK ward of Sam

Blasts from the past are nothing new as such and they all head the same obsessive lets c if this one really has a reason for revenge as as such or she comes in as a friend who has nothing to do with MSK and later lust takes over

Todays epi :-- I think the kiss gave a miss , while brij failed to arrive and give bliss...all that was there was fake snow and I love you while Arjun decided against giving NE her due

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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*An's Royal Satire slaps herself*
An12345678 is the Den OPENER
KILL ME NOW ROFL ye din dekhne se pehle main marr kyun nahi gayi ROFLROFLROFLROFL 
it's quite difficult to take in the fact that An....THE PENGUIN is going to write analysis...............PINCH ME SOMEBODY ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Geetakshis take....
Some thoughts abt tonight!
Welcome to brij n HP family- finally oyeee!!!
She could hardly believe this happened. A miracle.. Her babaji gave her snow.. But maan wont say it.. He had kept this shart.. Fulfilled demands meant he'd have to say those three words.. So she teased him- wondering if he will say it and at the same time not expecting
I love you geet.... I love you...
A heart beat, an eternity, a moment to be captured forever- the impossible- " main abhi bhi woh khugarz insaan hoon" he had said " i love you" was loving her, their baby and putting them above him- assrting it, reiterarting it n making it a claim everyone remembered- he has promised himself. Had written it in text earlier and now affirmed n confirmed it. That was maan- the man of few words making the woman he loved speechless...
Held in his arms- she captured the feeling and the moment- completely content-" if it were to die now, 'twere to be most happy"- othello
The snow fake- because msk would never make Geet unhappy- he just wanted her to understand that this was as huge for him as it was for her. They picked the most beautiful moments to say ilu- fitting their styles- geet- her identity linked to and confirmed with the baby she saw in the sonograph... Seeing it with the man whose eyes were filled with love for her and their baby... A family
Maan- telling her in words that he is committed to putting her above everything because he loved her. Not because of taqdir, not also because he needed her.. But because he loves her and giving away his feelings so clearly in those words is still huge for him- to have said it unhesitatingly was brilliant!

I got my back hug *sigh of relief*

His love always warming her lol and vice versa! ;)) like her kiss will warm him :D

About arjun
Dude i dont mind if annie pushed.. Lolzz.. But i wish CV's do more with this guy's char- baazigar psycho is good... But we need more. He wont push.. Lol! But i soo wish we get more out of this guy n not a uni-D psycho lolz!

Oh and my back hug!! Yay! Hehe

I apologize if i dont make much sense-its all i can manage ;)

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suj01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg An the Den opener

*splashes water on my face*

feeling better but still cant believeLOLLOLLOL

Pointers about today's episode:

Maan doing push ups on the door and Daadi taunting himROFL

Snowing in Delhi isn't possible so it had to be fake but Maan doing all this for his lady love

Geet finally realized that it was all fake because she wasn't feeling the chillnessLOLLOLLOL

Maan saying ILU twice
Double bonanza for Geet ek ILU par doosra ILU freeROFLROFLROFL

Geet looked cute while dancingTongue

NE-Arjun romance

Arjun just push her off from there and put an end to her

While Arjun was talking to Annie he was knotting the rope which he hasn't yet usedErmm

I still have a problem with NE getting attracted to Arjun this soon

Am pinning my hopes of Brij making a comeback

The spoiler pics which shows Brij in jail signifies that he is gonna return with a vengeanceApprove

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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*Rubs eye in de den openers name* Stern Smile

OMG  kill me... Da Pengu has returned..Shocked



*Tanus atma reporting from Pengu-lok*

Todays epi... started off well...... always had doubts abt the snow but MSK doing this for Gith...was dreamyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  Day Dreaming

n wat to say of de shukran allah moment....................Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Actually luvd de Bazigarish feel in NE ki kahani.. but alas it broke de Romantic pitch de show was on during Shukran Allah.....

Nice epi... Editing culd hv been echleons better...Embarrassed

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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no OYEEEEEEEE....!!!!!!?????!!!!!! Stern Smile

congo Blazing Buccaneer on opening the den Party cant wait to read you analysis ShockedLOL and find out who you chop down.....Evil Smile

Edited by maansa - 28 December 2010 at 9:55am

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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i wanr Brij ASAP! Angry

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