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Devils' Den: MSK Never Had a Sister (Page 2)

MarshP IF-Rockerz

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First of all, way too much footage was given to Arjun and Annie. Yes, I understand the importance of side tracks and the development of secondary characters, trust me, I KNOW! But that doesn't mean that the secondary characters should be given more screen time than the main ones. It is especially difficult when the secondary characters in question are played by actors who can't act. Sorry to be redundant but a fact is a fact. The fact is Nikunj can't act; it's as simple as that. For, example look at her expressions where Arjun backs her to a wall, she kept making bigger and bigger eyes. If that translates to acting then, I should be flying to Mumbai on the next flight. (I'm known have great control over the size of my eyes)ROFL So yeah, that's my rant. Please give her some lessons on emoting.

Maan and Geet: I like the bed room scene. Maan doing push ups on the door left me wondering a bit but OK. Daadi and her suggestive language, GeekI must say I always knew there was a wild one underneath that Dadi avatar ( You thought I was going to say Saree, right? PERVS LOL) . Geet Dancing was so cute. DD is just adorable. Dubbing and editing in the ee-loo scene was, for lack of a better word, questionable. No, I change my mind, it sucked!  It was such an important scene and you ruin it because of what? That's right, poor editing and dubbing! And also, since when are you in the VM making business? Quit ruining Song sequences with transitions. What happened to good old fashioned editing? Also, GEET fans enjoy making their own VMs, so  quit trying to steal their thunder! You don't need to waste time using Sony Vegas or any other software of your choice, Stick to editing! Like really concentrate on it.

ArJun and Annie: Arjun is brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed all his scenes. Annie on the other hand is different story. Annie still has no  back story, and like I said before Nikunj still can't emote.

Overall: No Comment ROFL

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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now i get wht tis was...


Snow ko chado!!Sleepy  NES ko Phaako.. Evil Smile

Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta all cozy...
Daadi enters with cheeks extra-rad
humming and giggling at her lad!
But Moron is at heights of innocence..
does Door Chi which made no sense!
and gave me flashes of SpiderMaan!
clinging to Chi behind NTs back! HAAN!!
Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!

------------ Brij da Talwar brak!!---------

DEB aka Devil's EraZor Blade ripps off NES ka NEB attraction
and t horendous consequences to NE files

meanwhile enjoy

Maan as cheerleader all Pink n puffy
for T Brij's entry/exit frm t Jail
 following a smal exercise aka mass Murder!


while Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!
Up above T K Mansions rooF
Ms Handa pokes Babaji.. uFFF!!
Fall Snow Fall *Throws tantrum*
n My Munda ill scream ILU with Band n Drum!
Barter... in return of Sawa Sau Candles
Babaji ya Baaba Maan paid for T Poodles!
Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!

Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!
Ms Handa forgets Baby in her tummy..
Yet again! to Bhangra lik a Pammi!!
Munda Stares lik nva before..
with a smile now glued to look bore!
And shouts off our Hearts qeury
what is happening to MSK?? we wrry!!
Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!

-------------another DEB brak!!-----------------

Munda hui BadMaaN...Oyeeee Brij! tere liye!!

i Know u want it!
Come on baby Hav it!!
Ab tere Haath se Na Jaana!!
Main HOOn MaaN! HAAN HOON saare..
mere Husn ke Deewane!!

I know u want it!
Now Come on Baby Hav it!
Mere Hips ke Dewaane!!

Ab Dil dhadaktha ha DHak DHAK!!
Main toh Tujhko Gale Lagaoon
kisi Aur ki Mujhko Zaroorat Kya
Main toh Tujhse hi Pyaar Jataoon!!

Whats My NAAM??
Whats My NAAM??
Whats My NAAM??

My naam is Munda
Stalker of T Handa!!
I'm toooo Sexy for You
Ab Mere Haath se na Jaana!!
Stalker of T Handa!
I'am too sexy for You..
Mere Haath se na Jaana!!

Stalker of T Handa!
I'am too sexy for You..
Mere Haath se na Jaana!!

Take it Off!

Take it Off!

Take it Off!

                   Take it Off!ROFL

billy billy billy Boys!!
Oooo you are a billi!!
Main toh Folo Folo Karta HOOn!!
oooo HAAN!! Jab Aapke taraf dekhun,
Baathein Kaam Kaam Karte Hain!
HAAN!! Bekhabar!! Hoon Azar mujhpe tere nazar ka!

Ab Dil dhadaktha ha DHak DHAK!!
Main toh Tujhko Gale Lagaoon
kisi Aur ki Mujhko Zaroorat Kya
Main toh Tujhse hi Pyaar Jataoon!!

Whats My NAAM??
Whats My NAAM??
Whats My NAAM??

My naam is Munda
Stalker of T Handa!!

I'm toooo Sexy for You
Ab Mere Haath se na Jaana!!
Stalker of T Handa!
I'am too sexy for You..
Mere Haath se na Jaana!!

Ain't nobody got body like Munda
Everybody want body like Munda
U Drive me crazy coz  ur naam is Handa
Ain't nobody got body like Munda
Everybody want body like Munda
U Drive me crazy coz  ur naam is Handa

Ain't nobody got body like Munda!! HAAN!!ROFL

Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!
with cottonflakes falling lik from t tree...
n Geet rambling t wrds t are three..
Munda utters 'em in random hurry
to make it sound lik thandi curry!
Shukaran allah... cam in reply to our prayers..
and left us wit queries deeper in our  brains layers!
while Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!


DEB ripps off ....Bazigaar
( with sadistic pleasure of executing impending adieu to NES!)

while Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!
NEB jots a rop with a suicidal knot
  to make MSK taste NTs stomach wash pot..

 n t Rathod Guy hangs NES at t cliff
and we sincerely wish u giv her a tiff!
coz Mighty Moron Maan nva had a sissy..
n neither he / nor we wud care for tis jipsy!

throws off to NE files!!Evil Smile


Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!

Precap shows a kiss
which we rather not miss!
anyways chado...
Mighty Moron Maan is busy
under kwaab ki dupatta alwys lazy!

PS : EDITORS :Video mixer grinders hav mor effects u need to know of..
                     Mayb som utub tutorials can help u...
                     sound sounded lik t weather was really storming out snow!
       CVs : get ur Executives to Execute!
               or do u need Brij n T Talwar to Execute ur EXECUTIONs!!

       Baary : lik a lad u need to sow..
                      to earn another bow!!
                  coz when t artics to pluto u flow..
                       we seee no rainbow!!



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IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:58am | IP Logged
res. Smile

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Daaku, Jaya and Jyoti, nice writeups!!!  Very well said! Clap

Its really pissing off when they edit all the good stuff out, especially the hug! Angry

Overall an ok episode, Arjun knows MSK's weakness and its his family!  NE being pushed off Im really not in favor of that, evil doesn't win with evil!  Like I said before it should be a man to man match, not using a woman!  What are the creatives trying to convey here, use woman all the time!  Im really upset with this aspect of their creativeness!  Its not right!Angry

Maan doing door - Chi, wow that was just too funny!  Bechara can't even romance his wife to be properly!  Wow, kudi is just alot smarter then u think, this is why I just love DD so much, her cute bubbly self makes Geet come to life!  She is awesome!  Geet has become bold in front of Maan, the way she was dancing was so cute!  Loved the hug, but bits were edited out, I wonder why they do that!  Again, Maan will go to any extent for her!  Geet aint no fool, she figured out it was fake snow and thank u creatives for not showing it as real!  Again for me DD stole the show!

NE and ARjun, no comments, she is so expression less! God help her in acting!!! Ouch

Anyway again a filler episode with lots of hope, but went down in vein! Geet kept making me laugh and that wad it! Sleepy

Tight clothes, is a big no no for me, Maan was wearing the same exact thing when he was in hospital! 

Maan's past Sameera

Sam has been mentioned so much, but still nothing about her!  Yes, I believe she deceived Maan but with NT's influence. AsI mentioned before NT must have wanted Maan and knew Maan has fallen for Sam, but NT must have done something! Again, Sam and NT are related, maybe cousins! Ouch

Sam might be a rich snob, but down under I think she is full of heart and Im sure she still has a hidden spot for Maan, only time will tell and her entry shall shed some light on her!  Hopefully Maan wasnt married to her and this is his first marriage to Geet!  Maybe she too ran off on their sagai night!  Runaway would be wives! LOLHopefully we don't have a baby MSK already, please creatives don't do that to us! OuchOuchOuch

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged

Suspence Supence - Geet Kisses Maan - Brij? - Baazigar

I liked today's episode except Annie's weird expressions and reactions........
Seriously what I didn't get ke how Maan can be super maan when Geet in danger, but not when his no sister is LOL, now I am doubting being her his sister surely LOL
Joking apart......
The snow fall segmant was really cute, but I was doubting being it's MSK who did all this, to make Geet have the same feeling of Manali's incident, remember last time when they went there and it was really snow, he was waiting for her to confess her feelings, bringing her near him, now it's the other side, it's her who is despo waiting for his answer, he is making her feeling that his feelings for her is much bigger than I love you, especially with his SRK's line from yesterday, itni paas mat aao ke kuch kuch honge lagta hai, etc.......
Again the CVs r closing this loop, I wish they make a nice dialouge on this where MSK make her realise her the connection of these two incidents.....
The precap of the kiss, is so cute, I liked Maan's expression, he was surprised, he might never thought ke Geet ke himmat itni bad gayee Embarrassed, last time in the snow fall, he was seeking her near him, this kiss might give him the premission indirectly to be much near to her Embarrassed
About Arjun, I like his acting, his baazigar kind of reveange, he might be really want to kill Annie, but do u think he is really that stupid to do this aur woh bhi in KM? He might be too trying to be a hero kind of person infront of her to make her trusts him blindly and in same time he wants MSK to be bothered about it......
Now imagin if Annie fell on Brij LOL
I was waiting for Brij's re-entry, he is much worth watching than the nonsense Annie........
How to forget the cute scene at begin when dadi enters and Maan pretends as doing some excerice, so cute Embarrassed and Geet's dance, so sweet is she Embarrassed
Over all, I would give today's episode 9/10, coz I found Annie so much of annoying, seriously CVs replace Nikunj with an other actress, her role is so good, but she can't even live up to it.......

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sandipat Groupbie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Hi everyone- good to be back after long time…I salute you all , for your effort to still analyze GSHP day in and out for the loving episodes were are getting!Standing ovation to all my frens for your loyalty and positivity!

Festive season so praise the lord! So many of you will be surprised to see my positivism, let me warn you all that I am still under the influence of drugs I took for FLU!

@Nissar, Maan Singh, Ved, Vikas & Sudhir- Today I would like to narrate a story of King Midas and his golden touch!

Once upon a time there used to be a great king called "Nissar " and his kingdom was called "Maanet land". He was a great king and he knew all his citizens and cared for them and nurtured them. His main loyalists were two knights "Maan Singh Khurana" and "Geet" who held the responsibility of taking care of the kingdom while the king tried his every best to make Maaneet land a heaven. There were also good Samaritans called Adi, Pinky, Meera, Romeo, Pandey ji,Yash,Maanisha who helped the king to succeed in his goal but the same time the kingdom was coming under the spell of a witch "Naintara" and she had her followers Darji, Brij, Shasaha, Tasha, and Dev who tried their best to ruin the peace of Maanetland.

So the witch wanted to seize the Maanet land so went out of her ways to do the harm and created disaster for Maan and Geet so they could surrender to her. On contrary, Maan the knight and Geet our princess warrior fought the battle day and night and just didn't give up! The more popularity of Maaneet land grew more , the king was more focused on increasing his territory as he knew he had "Midas touch" so he was successful on his mission.

In the meantime aliens from Earth wanted to live in "maaneet land" so they demanded the king for their entrance to his land. Little did "King Nissar" knew that the citizens who wanted the permit were romance hungry, crazy individual who dreamed 24/7 of Maanet land and drool over, prayed, hyperventilated, frustrated souls who were not being able of get enough of "Maaneetland" . They lured the king by offering such as "TRP" "hundred thousands FB slaves" even their "dens" in the jungle were occupied by these non citizens who claimed to be there for him.

Slowly they immigrated to Maanetland and the king became greedier with his golden touch and tried to accommodate logical as well as illogical wishes of these non citizens that he forgot what great king he was and what he could do to his citizens.

Rather he focused on these non- immigrants who lured him with TRP(Total Revenue Package) that he was blind folded by them and started ignoring his own citizens that he even forgot who existed or who was born and what were their states to the point that hell started breaking loose on "Maaneet land"….the more he concentrated on his non- immigrants the more his citizens suffered.

But despite of all, his good Samaritans esp. his two knights are still able to hold the fort of Maaneet land but they are also going to loose the grip if king does not act ASAP. Now as in Midas story the immigrants had heard that "the king" has got "donkey ears" so before they pull his hat and he is ashamed , GSHP team get your act together and be of help to the king ! So help the king to close the loops which he could not earlier as he was fulfilling many other duties.

We, the immigrants of Maaneetland , lets remember how our wishes were fulfilled and how our days in Maaneet land were spent, how much we were entertained so lets have some patience and let the King Nissar rule! (this shows how much patience we have)

@ King"Nissar"- There have been many threads about how many plot holes there are in your kingdom in FB & IF so dwell on it and take action! Your viewers have put hours of their time in developing ideas and good storyline for you all. This is a link from Den today where you get superb ideas…esp Ann's and Jyo's post….read it and implement few!

Today's epi…. It was filler but liked it as it was just light episode and no headache to think about it! Why break your head when it is just a serial like any other, right Nissar??

Snow in Delhi
Logic- Was it really required?? Purpose?? Yes to make his Gith happy, MSK has been and he will go out of his way to make his love happy. GSHP is progressively going out of logic these days so why surprise??

Cinematic liberty- Why not?? MSK does everything hatke…date in the tent remember?

Geet and her naivet-
-Her simple and living life to the fullest attitude makes her so unique.
-She dying to hear three words. Why not if MSK could crib for it for 69 episodes why can't she for three episodes.
- She still believes in her Babaji( her immortal faith) and her MSK who is her idol
- She is an 18yr old girl from small town and like every girl she too has dreams of her prince charming saying ILU

1.Dadi scene was cute but was rushed….
2.Geet taking the lead-
Thank god – Geet is leading the romance, like many of us being frustrated seeing MSK taking no action Geet decided to do something….she is dragging MSK to terrace and tomorrow maybe a kiss on the cheek?? She must be worried like us of questionable image of MSK so let her prove it!

3.NE & Arjun- Seeing them made us realize how pure and unconditional love Maaneet have!

4.NE- I am not being a moron but if she falls from the terrace then we have an option to get her replaced by plastic surgery scene.. ..otherwise She needs to ACT! I can vouch she just cannot ACT!

5.Arjun- Has his target fixed and his acting skills are getting better!

6. Song "Sukran Allah" one of the best song of the decade but really salute your skills to ruin something so good!

7. Really loved the way Geet was dancing...hope GC learn few steps before he decides to indulge in Bhangara again!

1. It is jinxed that every time you have a song it goes wrong. What is the problem or who is the problem?
2. Why Geet was screaming from top of her lungs……it was so bad!
3. MSK-" I love U.."..was he suffering from laryngitis?(how can such important scene be so bad)
4. NE & Arjun's romance- creepy

Disappointed as I was eagerly waiting for Brij and his Oyeee but have to wait still!
I see some spoilers in FB today so not surprised as King Midas is losing his touch!

Thank you for the back hug I am elated! (I really mean it as we have been asking for it)

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Cold Crooning that did not leave me Swooning
This show has the best ishaar-e-ishq i have seen onscreen.  "Ghar laut chale, Geet!"  And Geet's "I love you, Maan" along with sonogram.  For those 2 moments, the makers should take a deep bow.  

For execution of the "snow elu" they deserve a snowplough!  The actors looked bored.  And the audience if they had not switched the channel probably snored like me.  I have seen better VMs on India Forums and FB done by amateurs.  Camera dude stop snoozing!  Directorsaab - Zmas is over...please stop dozzing!  

Sik Psych Games that Creates Excitment
Arjun carried the show today.    You all think that Annie is throwing herself at him.  But, there is a wajah.  He's playing Annie.  The recipe for attraction ain't that complicated:

1. Adrenaline - Moment of trust developed through creation of fear in the elevator.
2. Jealousy - Nothing throws of a pretty girl's equilibrium like a guy hitting on the plain jane next to her.  
3. Forbidden Factor - Maan may not have told Annie not to associate with Arjun, but given his hostile demeanor towards the chap, Maan's made him forbidden fruit for Annie.  Thus the reason for her lies.
4. Intimate Secrets - Secret rendezvous and dangerous games create intimacy between the subject and victim.  

Yup!  This guy knows the fundas for 1 day ladki in.  

I think An, Jaya, and Jyoti have said it all.  Sameera is a honeytrap not just for Maan, but for the Geet:HSP Team.   Treacherous ground that must be treaded carefully.  Biggest challenge would be maintenance of Maan's integrity not virginity 

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Countdown 2010!!Party

Nominations open now...tell me if you want any other scenes/entries included

Best Passionate Scenes

  1. Bilkul chup scene by the stairs after Maan comes back from London
  2. First time Maan puts ring on Geet- Chaand wala engagement
  3. Hug and entire scene after where's the party tonight
  4. Maan & Geet get locked in the conference room (Hum Tum)
  5. When Maan tries to make Geet jealous by showing the jhumkas he got for Pari
  6. When Maan takes off Geet's jewellery
  7. Kurti SceneEmbarrassed
  8. Jhumka Scene- when Geet watches Maan practicing whatever it is that he does wearing those harem pants!

Best Comic Sequences

  1. First Morning in the outhouse-"Main Kapal Bharati Yoga kar raha hoon"
  2. Geet hiding under the table- the first day in the outhouse
  3. Maan & Geet in the Dhabha
  4. Maan feeds Geet mushroom omlette
  5. Geet declares a silent war on Maan when he asks her to throw out the roses
  6. First night in the outhouse and the mad scramble for the bed
  7. Geet's Jootie falling on Maan's head as she tries to pull it off the stairs, once it is stuck on chewing gum
  8. Geet cursing Maan over the phone thinking, Maan is the boy who has been bothering her 
  9. Geet vs Sasha- the office game

Best Maahi Moments

  1. Dargah scene- the whole song sequence (Teri diwani) was Mahi worthy.
  2. Lift scene- the first one- Mujhe emotions se sakth nafrat hai
  3. Red Saree- Fake Mangetar scene- Tumhe meri mangetar banna hi padega
  4. Hum Tum neck kiss- Maan nightdreams
  5. When Maan carries Geet at the chand-waala engagement
  6. When Geet falls onto Maan- just before the Chopra party
  7. Geet sitting on Maan's lap 
  8. The fountain scene just before they leave for Manali 
  9. Their very first catch and fall in the office
  10. The very first Mahi- when Geet spills coffee on Maan

Best Dramatic scenes

  1. Geet and Maan's interaction after he fires her and comes to her house to apologise
  2. When Geet tells him she is pregnant
  3. The scenes with Maan and Geet after Kurbaan Hua
  4. Maan saves Geet from drowning
  5. Geet going to meet Maan in HP (asking for the Agents details), he insulting her talking about her and Brij being same (regarding having Maan marry Geet) and accusing her of being a woman with low values.  Geet almost slapping Maan however stopping and insulting his intelligence. (Now I am wondering if it was dramatic or comedy- Maan's intelligence being questioned)
  6. Maan feeling Geet's presence in the office after the whole pregnancy debacle; the whole standing against the wall and door sequence and Geet's dupatta flying onto Maan.  (Okay not the best description, but you all know what I mean), I believe Maan almost cried or cried in the sequence.
  7. Geet and Maan confrontation when Geet thinks that Maan is only marrying her to save Dev.
  8. Geet realizing she is in love with Maan after he tells her that he won't tolerate anyone insulting her regardless of what goes on between them.  And her subsequent break down. 
  9. Geet slapping Maan
  10. Geet slapping Dev

Best Dialogues

  1. Chand kabhi raat ki saya se chup nahin skate, raat ki saat rehena uski taqdir hai
  2. Yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar degi
  3. Chup, Bilkul Chup
  4. Bolo, Bolo Na Geet
  5. Har din aapse shuru aur har raat aap par khatam
  6. Tum aurate sach meh ajeeb hoti ho; jab tumeh dabaya jata hain, tab duhai machati ho ki zurm ho gaya, jab tumeh yeh kaha jayeh ki zurm ke khilaf lado, tab rishto meh bandh kar chup chap zurm sehti rehti ho

Best Song sequences

  1. Kurban Hua
  2. Maahi
  3. Teri Deewani
  4. Hum Tum
  5. Pee Loon
  6. Where's the party tonight
  7. Roop tera mastana
  8. Tere mast mast do nain
  9. Main Agar Kahoon

The Misses

  1. Maan - Dev confrontation
  2. Introduction of NES
  3. Exit of Yash
  4. Pool party scene with arhana
  5. Maan going to the cliff to scream once he finds out that Geet is pregnant
  6. Geet breaking Maan's shirt's buttons during the truth revelation part  
  7. Maan running around to find Geet (plus keeping on missing her in her bright Green Salwar) after the truth revelation sequence

Best Hugs

  1. Camp date
  2. Behne De
  3. Hospital
  4. Disco Hug
  5. Mann saving geet after NT's push
  6. After Maan saves from falling down the stairs, when he returns from London
  7. Their first hug when Maan saves Geet from DA Brij and gang

Any other categories...Let me know! A formal poll will follow- for now we are just collecting nominations Big smile

Big thanks to Ann, Marsh, Jaya, An, Polks, Parsa and all the other devils that contributed to this list!!!!

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