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Devils' Den: MSK Never Had a Sister

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A Pest for Some, Most Wanted for Some, Just a Baggage for a Majority


Brief Rambling

Shrouded in mystery, an enigma, she is the baggage of the past that the man carries but his lips are always sealed, never ever voicing his past tale to describe the allusion. The hint of her existence came via the old lady in the show and since then she has become one of the most awaited characters -- along with Vicky -- despite never been explicitly introduced. She is expected to add a new, interesting facet to Mann's character, and also provide the key to open the jammed doors of his past life.  

It looks like the man has now crossed over with his soul-mate after burying this baggage deep. But, has she been completely vanquished from the casa of memories and the subconscious mind. The outer facade can be quite deceptive and even confuses the man wearing it -- he also starts believing in its truth while the reality may be completely different. The day the past stands in front, it may seem that it was never buried deep enough and matters the most even in the present, or it may seem so insignificant that one feel like a fool for giving it so much of importance for such a long time. But to know the real status, the spectre of the past has to revisit with a basket full of familiar moments to rekindle the old relationship.

The mysterious lady will soon arrive in this show with her basket and is not at all a senile mind's figment of imagination. This past baggage, the character, is called Sameera; but she is still formless -- like clay in the hands of the potter and the creator can give it a shape as per his whim. However, since the character will enter in the middle of the show, the creator should be a little extra careful, and give it a form without disturbing the essence of the show and its established characters.

Sketching an unknown is the most interesting aspect of writing, and I am just making an amateur attempt to dress-up this character and provide some half-baked fabricated details.

Introducing Sameera in the Present:

Somewhere in the west, a lady is in a conference room with her clients, discussing the progress of a project. She is an architect running her own successful architectural firm. The phone rings, she excuses herself and a mysterious smile plays on her lips. Once upon a time, the same smile lighted-up the face of MSK. She is a dusky, tall, smart, and an attractive lady and her hair is till the nape. Confident is her demeanour, pleasing is her personality, and elegant is her dressing style. Currently in a relationship but does not seem happy as her heart still longs for the man in N. Delhi.

("My countenance is half burned and the other half is hidden by a mask to give the impression that I am in control. I can proudly say that I am a success story. There is a man who loves me but I still carry an emotional wound that festers. There are awards on my shelf but I feel like a non-achiever in life. Winning back something precious is what I often think about in the night but do not have the courage to walk back when it's morning.")

Introducing Sameera in the Past:

An ambitious, dreamy-eyed girl, Sameera is filling-up an interview form in the lobby of Khurana Construction (KC). She has just completed her architectural engineering from a reputed college. Born and brought-up in N.Delhi, she belongs to a well-to-do family but not born with the proverbial silver-spoon. She is Nayantara's cousin who helps her get an interview opportunity in KC thanks to the recommendation of her then fiance Dev.

She is usually in jeans and a T-shirt with a pencil always in her hand, or she can be seen chewing its end while thinking about a design. She has shoulder length hair and the face has a youthful freshness. Walk is laid-back, eyes curious, and the mysterious smile defines the character. She is loquacious, outgoing but cautious too. Her positive points, according to her interview form, completely focussed, a brilliant visionary, and innovative; and her aim: to have her own company in two years.

("I still remember the day when I stepped in KC and saw him listening to his Dadi Ma's words with apt attention in the lobby. It was his first day at work and the first interview as the boss of KC, and it was also my first interview. We were both starting our professional journey on the same day. I entered the room with a file containing my academic achievements. I was dressed professionally just like the girls in Allen Solly Ads. He asked me how I knew Dev and I answered through a common friend but I added lest he thought that I am a ladder loving person, I would like to get the job based on my interview performance and not someone's recommendation. My biggest mistake, I guess, I did not tell him about my relation with Nayantara because she asked me not to as he did not see her in a positive light.")

 Why was Mann attracted to her?

The attraction was mutual and it was not a one-sided love affair and she was one of the reasons for the alteration of his persona. His heart for sure used to skip a beat seeing her smile mysteriously. The strong, confident, outgoing personality made him fall for her as she was completely opposite to his mother who preferred to walk away and not fight for her rights. In his mind she was a meek woman and willingly allowed others to ruin her life and then she abandoned him. And Sam's intelligent ideas and caring attitude stamped the deal. She was perfect according to him and they complemented each other.

("Once he told me on a date, he liked my confidence and complete dedication to work, the zeal to learn and along with all that I was also a caring and vice-free person. He loved me the most when I smiled and laughed at my silly jokes. We were meant to be together for life -- that is what we thought.")

Circumstances Negative:

Nayantara manipulated and pushed her into committing a series of blunders, giving the impression that she was only after Mann's money and was trapping him. Being ambitious does not mean one is negative, and Sameera was not at all a gold-digger but a series of incidents painted her in black. She wanted to achieve but not at the expense of letting go her love or cheating on him.

(She always dreamed of holding the reins of KC and its bank balance by marrying Dev. She loved Dev but only because she thought he was sitting on a pile of gold. The day she came to know that MSK is the real heir and holds the majority share in the company, her evil mind started working on a stratagem to shift the balance in her favour. I was made to believe that MSK was playing with my emotions and that we do not belong to the same status. I was pushed to the corner and I had to do what I had to do. I did commit an irrevocable blunder and had no time to explain my side of the story. Also, it was my ego that did not let me speak in my defence. I did take the money from Dadi Ma as a loan to begin my dream venture when MSK was on a tour -- I had planned to surprise him. I did repay it back with interest to NT but I guess no one knows about it.)

An Important Part of Mann's Life:

She did matter in the past and can be the final nail that completely altered the persona of MSK. Mann does not talk about his past because he likes to block everything that makes him feel miserable and emotionally weak. She is there in his subconscious mind and he believes that Nayantara asked her to play with his emotions and benefit from it. She is important part of his past life and will matter when she reappears in the present. Till then, he likes to believe that it's not worth talking about and give it undue importance. Sameera is a closed chapter but a chapter that has taught him to be careful, not trust easily, and doubt everyone's intentions.

("Our relationship was not a fling but we were never married and I am not hiding his child. If we were married, everyone would have known about it. He still is an honest person and was then also in the past and hiding a marriage is not in his character.")

How will Sameera affect Geet?

What Mann had with Sameera was also love that did not work out, and a love that was not meant to last for long. It was based more on attraction than mutual understanding and trust. Geet and Mann were destined to meet and be together for life. Geet is not his second love or a rebound love but the first true love. Theirs is the union of two souls and they found each other after meeting not the right ones. In all love stories, one experiences true love only once, otherwise they flop big time.

(I'll return to see if I still hold importance in MSK's life. I'll clear all his misunderstandings. I just hope he still longs for my presence in his life just like I do. Arjun has called me and has hinted that his company is doing something for MSK. Yes, we still get along really well though I have not spoken to Nayatara again after we accused each other openly in KC. I know a little about Geet.)


  • There should be a string of reasons, including the mother, manipulative NT, and Sameera that made MSK distrust women completely. She cannot be the sole reason responsible for altering the persona of MSK. If she is shown as one, she becomes a powerful character -- more powerful than Geet.
  • Sameera will come back with the belief that if Nayantara had not played the dirty game, Mann and she would have been together. She may try to win back Mann.
  • The entry of Sameera will for sure create ripples but doubt will never raise its head in the mind of Geet. May be she will be little insecure ' comparing the past with herself and feeling a little unworthy because of the baggage she carries.
  • When he comes to know about the truth, MSK may feel guilty for holding a grudge for so long but he won't wish "If things were different." Geet is his life and no one can take her place.

(Final Word: I am insignificant but significant enough to create a palpable tension to last for a while.).


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MSK Never Had a Sister

I am not sure what should I analyze whether the fake snow, the fake sister and her fake feeling, or the fake voice of Geet. Anyway, since me have reserved the post, so will do my routine cribbing that MSK never had a sister. Yes, he was in love with Sameera but never had a sister. The last scene is the wish of the viewers -- pushing her down and out from the show. If she is so crucial to the story, give her a back-story to stand on.

About the Episode
Arjun rocks, Geet is over-acting, MSK looks clueless and tired, and the fake snow was so darn not pleasing to watch.  Except Arjun's solo scenes, the episode was Utter Crap. The I Love You idea in the snow could have been better if the actors did not look so bored.

The Poem

MSK never had a sister,
He has two brothers,
Why don't you get it Mister,
Or should I hit you with a duster.

MSK never had a sister,
Don't be such a prankster,
Kill her and end the track of fake,
Or, should we put you in an oven to bake.

MSK never had a sister,
Vicky is his brother,
Dev is his brother,
But, why would you bother.


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Oyeeeeeeeeee Den-waasis, Cool

For your reading pleasure today are some thoughts from yours truly on a potential Sameera character sketch based on what has been shown in Geet thus far. While Sameera has merely garnered a couple of mentions in the passing, some of these, in my humble opinion, should be considered when the Geet writers develop this character prior to her series entry...namely:

  • Daadi's mention of the impact of Sameera's leaving on Maan's personality. This is important in that it has created a picture of a devastated Maan left behind nursing a broken heart.
  • Maan's words about never having felt or done for anybody what he has for Geet. It is key to understanding the type of relationship Sam & Maan might have had. While Daadi's mention shows Maan was in love with Sam, this one expands that picture with the detail that Sam did not rock Maan's existence the way Geet's presence does. Could they have been childhood or college friends turned lovers as opposed to the destined love that Maan & Geet share?
  • Lastly, Maan's character's hatred of women and angry young man persona...especially in the Hosiarphur and initial KC days. While some of this personality could be attributed to Sameera, she cannot have been the sole reason for it. So, a logical secondary source for that is needed and is likely another strong female influence in Maan's life such as his mother
Now...I know some of you reading this are wondering about people who go off the deep end when they are rejected in love without the influence of a secondary person like I am suggesting above. In my humble opinion, for Sam to be the only source of Maan's hatred of women, the love he felt for Sam would have to be so life changing that her leaving had the effect of changing him instead. Here, based on Maan's reactions to his growing attraction and feelings for Geet, I do not think Sam was the love of his life...she was his first love only! 

Alright...are you still with me?

Cool! Keeping this in mind, I have a couple of very basic sketches for Sameera's character. Both assume that Maan's mother was the earliest female influence in his life. 

While I am not doing a detailed sketch of Maan's mother, one example of a character sketch for her (Maan's mother) that would work with Sam's characterization is: 

  • 46 - 48 year old woman from a rich family who was dating the senior Mr. Khurana in college
  •  Very fun and pampered in her youth, she conceives Maan out of wedlock at a young age, say 20, and is forced to marry his father to satisfy familial/societal expectations
  •  Resenting this sudden motherhood and matrimony thrust open her, she ignores her husband and child while spending her days socializing, drinking and living life large...quite simply your typical celluloid mom immortalized in scores of movies!
  • After several years of this life, Mrs. Khurana finally runs away with somebody else leaving behind a devastated Mr. Khurana and a 4 - 5 year old Maan to pick up the pieces. Mr. Khurana, unable to cope with the shock, slowly drinks his way to his inevitable death when Maan was 14...but not before hooking up with Pammi and siring scores of known and non-existent siblings for Maan.
  • The void left by Maan's mother in his life is filled by Daadi whose strong-businesswoman-of-today personality influences his view about women standing up for themselves and fighting their battles!

Phew...I don't know about you...I'm exhausted now! Feeling up to reading some more? ROFL

Alrighty then...moving on to Sam's character sketch! say? Me too...same pinch! ROFL

In all potential sketch examples, some characteristics I see for Sameera & a young Maan are:

  • Sam is female...yes...that needed to be said in this age of Maan's legendary dostanas...especially with Brijjy coming back!
  • She is currently 25 - 26 years old, 5'6', 120lbs. or a little more with shoulder length curly or wavy hair
  • She is also beautiful but not in a conventional way...she has an arresting presence and gaze
  • The Maan who is with Sam is still an introvert...but not the angry man that meets Geet. He is clueless in the ways of romance like most young men tend to be. Sam however is his first sexual experience.

Sam...A modern Paro

In this example, I see Sam as a modern simplified Paro to Geet's Chandramukhi. Now...before you throw your chappals at me, do not think of the old classic story...think contemporary adaptation...kind of like but not even remotely Dev D. Confused? ROFL I like the basic Dev D plot idea of Dev moving on with Chandramukhi instead of pining for Paro and think this would play out very well in Geet!

Some highlights of this avatar of Sam are:

  • Daughter of a rich business family that is friends with the Khuranas...maybe even neighbors.
  • Maan's and Sam's Daadi's are best friends who wanted their grand-children to marry.
  • Maan and Sam are themselves good friends throughout Maan's childhood
  • Sam is fun loving and an extrovert who draws the quieter brooding teenage Maan out of his shell.
  • They go to the same school/university and start dating quite by accident...maybe a teenage Maan is jealous of the attention Sam gets and mistakes it as a sign of love.
  • Sam slowly falls in love with Maan and is possessive about him in a way that teenagers are likely to be. She is also an idealist who cannot fathom that Maan would ever cheat or hurt her
  • Naintara is Sam's classmate who also has a crush on Maan and can go to any lengths to get him. (I see Naintara as being 2 - 3 years older to Dev...the difference in ages between Dev and Maan being 4 - 5 the math...I think Maan is 27 - 28)
  • Naintara creates a huge misunderstanding between Sam and Maan that causes the former to question his love for her and leave for good.
  • Sam's sudden and maybe public departure humiliates Maan and brings back the feelings of abandonment that he grew up with. He knows what Naintara did but is unable to make Sam look beyond what she thinks she knows. The reserved personality that he already is now converts to the angry young man that hates women... especially those that are emotionally weak. 
  • In the current scenario, Arjun brings Sam back to create misunderstandings between Maan and Geet without realizing that anger and feelings of betrayal aside, Maan and Sam were friends first! this sketch, Sam is a modern day Paro-type who, if you caught that drift, is an improved version of Maan's mother sketch!

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 OYEEEEE Return of Brij Today at least in spoiler picsLOLCool
Today's Den Theme:MSK's past SameeraTongue
One character which I guess all viewers have been waiting for in the show for various reasons is none other than MSK's past baggage ..that is SameeraTongue...Sameera's name was mentioned only twice in the show by was during outhouse track and second was during diwali party...and both the times it was indicated that MSK in his past was betrayed by a lady named Sameera which has made him bitter towards life and relationships until Geet came in his life to change it allEmbarrassed...
So Sameera here plays a cruicial part in MSK's past in many ways from story and logic POV as follows......
  • MSK was a woman hater in HP and early Delhi days...Was it just because of Sameera or its a combination of Sameera+Troubled ChildhoodErmm
  • MSK kept saying that his feelings for Geet is "Anjana Ehsaas" something which he never felt before..he is giving flowers to Geet for the first time..all this sort of indicated that MSK has fallen in love for the first time then what was his ehsaas for Sameera ??Confused...was she just a part of his teenage fatal attraction or someone whom Dadi had selected for MSK and he went ahead with Dadi's wish but never strongly felt anything for her ??Ermm
  • MSK's attic room has shown that his past grievances r not just limited to Sameera..the way he showed his childhood cycle to Geet...So this sort of indicates that mayb his childhood too was not really filled with love or happiness and lets not forget he was searching for someone in HP tooErmm..
  • If MSK expects truth and honesty from Geet,then why has he hidden the Sameera chapter from Geet even now when they r getting married ??Confused..
CVs when Sameera comes in the picture..these above questions will b raised by the viewers for sureSmile...and so the track of Sameera needs to b developed accordingly making sure that MSK's character is not ruined or logic doesn't go for a tossBig smile...But yes its necessary Sameera comes in the picture post-marriage because MSK's past still remains a mystry for the viewers and  all viewers r still curious to know what made MSK a dusht danavTongue...
So here r some of the possible tracks for Sameera...I m listing down two tracks which will work for the show and two tracks which will never work for the showBig smile..and one track whose chances r 50-50 depending on the executionTongue
Sam Tracks which will work for the show and MSK's characterThumbs Up..
Option 1:Sameera was selected by Dadi for MSK...MSK was always a loner because of his troubled childhood(Mayb his mother story can b brought in the picture here which explains why he had strong hatred against woman);But MSK gave green signal to Dadi's choice and went ahead with his relationship with Sameera;He started to enjoy his life again but before he could actually fall in love with Sameera,she ditched him for better career prospects..mayb ran away from engagement or marriage without telling anyone (lets say she wanted to b a model and so she cannot get married so soon)...So MSK went back to his shell thinking all women r like his mother..who run only after money....this explains why his feelings for Geet were anjana because he never fell in love with Sam Big smile(But this should b justified in the show from MSK's mouth in his self-talksSmile);...In the present when Sam returns, she should return in a grey avataar with a mission to get MSK back in her life and thats when we will get to see the clash of the titans between Sameera and Geet where Geet will stand in support of her hubby of courseEvil Smile;Also reason why MSK never told anything to Geet about Sam is because he never loved her..simpleBig smile;But if Samaan comes in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell about his past to Geet..haanApprove
Option 2:Sameera was MSK's college buddy;He was attracted to her and mayb on the way of falling in love with her;Sameera knew it and took advantage of his feelings for her with the help of some emotional blackmail ;Mayb Sameera needed money to start a new life with her XYZ boyfriend and so she sort of trapped MSK with a emotional story so that she can get half of his bank balance in her nameTongue;This explains the past outhouse outburst of MSK when he saw Geet doing the emotional blackmail on him and he said something like "u feel girls like u can easily make me a fool and run away with my money"Wink;So mayb in the past MSK was taken for a ride by Sameera and then even before MSK can realise his love for this girl,she ran away with her BF taking all his moneyOuch;Mayb MSK's mom too did the same with his father which added up to his hatred for woman and reason why we saw the dusht danav MSK in HP;Reason why MSK never told this chapter of his life to Geet is because his past was no way affecting his present or future with Geet unlike Geet's past which was carrying its baggage in the presentOuch(But this should b justified in the show from MSK's mouth in his self-talksSmile);But if Sam makes an entry in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell the past story to his wife GeetApprove;And yes noone is interested to see a saint Sam in she should b negativeEvil Smile and make her enter into the present as some business tycoon's wife mayb who is all set to seduce MSK..ala Aitraaz film trackEvil Smile..but yes unlike Aitraaz track don't turn MSK into a victim like Akshay kumarLOL..he should b strong enough to kick out Sam from their life or Geet should b strong enough to stand in support of her hubby and fight the battle together against this unwanted SamaanLOLTongue...that will make for a very interesting trackBig smile
Sam tracks which will never work for the show and might ruin MSK's character-sketchThumbs Down
Option 1:If MSK was married to Sameera in his past and even had a child and then Sam ditched him for money,career or some other man(say MSK's brother Vicky)Ouch...this will go against MSK's basic character-sketch since he is a man who believes in truth and honesty and hiding his first marriage secret from Geet will sort of kill his characterDead..So CVs showing married MSK in the past will b equal to death of the showThumbs Down...bewareEvil Smile...
Option 2:If Sameera turns out to b innocent and the reason for MSK-Sameera break-up in the past turns out to b Dadi or NTOuch..Mayb Sam was from a poor family and so Dadi-NT manipulated the situation to kick Sam out of MSK's lifeOuch;This will mean we will get a innocent positive Sam in the future and that will never b digested well by the viewers because then track will go along the pathetic lines of MSK in a dilemma to choose between Geet or Sam..yuckkDead;So a strict NO for this trackApprove ;If at all CVs r thinking from this perspective ,then for damage control make sure MSK realising that he never loved Sam in his past and reason why he felt everything for Geet for the first time and so even if Sam was innocent,no ways he can leave his Gith because she is only his first and last loveEmbarrassed;After this make Sam negative wanting to get her revenge from KhuranasEvil Smile
Track which can work 50-50 depending on the execution and viewers mouldLOLTongue..
Only Option:Now this track may or may not work..its a risky track ..but if viewers r matured enough to grasp it,then the track can do wondersTongue;Viewers feel MSK is pavitra,but if we look at the sort of moves and control that he has shown around Geet(during RTM or other passionate moments) ,its clear that he is not a virgin and is quite apavitraWinkTongue;So mayb he had a one night stand with Sameera out of physical attraction but then he was ready to marry her not out of love but because he slept with her out of fatal attraction(this is normal when u r young and in your teens and MSK is no GodSmile);Mayb Sam was pregnent after this..u never he was all set to marry her...but Sam wanted to concentrate on her bright she aborts her baby and even dumps MSKOuch;This gives a huge jhatka to MSK because its the second time he was ditched by a woman(first time he was ditched by his mom maybOuch);And reason why he becomes bitter towards life;Then when Geet comes in his life,not only he realises the true meaning of love but he also feels attached towards the baby and the way Geet has shown the courage to keep her baby despite the society going against herBig smile;Here CVs will hv to justify why MSK had hidden such a huge truth from Geet all this whileSmile;One justification can b since Geet's past too was similar to his past,he din't wanted to give her extra burden of pain by telling his past to her which has nothing to do with their present or futureSmile;But again the justification should come out clear via MSK's self-talks and once Sam makes her presence felt in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell Geet about his colourful past lifeWinkTongue;And yes Sam in the present should b negative that Maaneet together can b pitted against her in the fightEvil Smile....
So Moral of the story is that Sameera track is a jackpot for this show from story point of view post-marriageApprove
Next Question is how can Sam be introduced in the present r some of the options for it
  • Let Arjun bring Sameera in the present to ruin Maaneet's happiness post-marriageEvil Smile;NT-Arjun can do it togetherTongue...Since Brij too is coming back..let Brij as Duryodhan and Arjun as Karan together bring the Sam factor to ruin MSKEvil Smile
  • Let Sameera be a successfull business woman or a model who is all set to seduce MSK with a vengence ala Priyanka Chopra of AitraazEvil Smile..but here make sure MSK is strong enough to fight it out along with his GithTongue..
  • Make sure Vicky and Sameera tracks r completely separate and NOT connected..because both tracks can be a jackpot for this show and can extend the keep them separate..Sam and Vicky should not hv any connectionApprove
Last but not the least selection of actress playing Sameera's role is very important because that will decide the future of Sameera's track..the actress should b strong enough to carry a grey character just how Piyush is successfully carrying out Arjun's characterApprove;So plss make sure the actress is powerful in her acting skills and should match upto MSK's levelTongue
Short Take for the episode Today as well since I m damn tired after donig Sam thesisSleepyLOL 
 I can see my baazigar track coming hereBig smile
Let me tell you'll how...
Arjun tomorrow will do nothing to Annie but will just regain her trust moreBig smile...He will make use of that rope for sureWinkTongue
But he will do a similar thing on MSK-Geet marriage day...that is killing Annie and doing satyaanash of Maaneet SREvil Smile...His next target will b Gith maybEvil Smile...Why he will kill Annie ?Reason is simple....Arjun feels Khuranas destroyed my sister's happiness and forced her to go to the extent of trying to commit suicide,so let me kill MSK's sister nad destroy their happiness foreverEvil Smile
Why I m saying killing Annie possibility becomes more here is because Arjun witnessed his own sister consuming poison for Khurana he will want even the daughter of Khurana family dead...mayb not now but we saw a trailer today of his real intentionsWinkTongue
Ok coming to Brij paaji...his entry might happen in heroic style tomorrow in case Arjun actually pushes NES from the terraceROFL...mayb she will directly fall in Brij's armsROFLROFLROFLROFL..but looking at the spoiler pics,it seems Brij is all set to do a bhagam bhag act from jail firstROFL,then mayb kill the chef of Khurana mansion and then enter the house to meet his first love MaanCoolROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Today I liked the CVs marketting strategyThumbs Up..they r non-stop showing precap of Maaneet scene and that cheek kiss by Geet in the precap to make sure GCMs r glued to the TV sets....on the other hand they r building up Brij suspense to make sure viewers like us are also glued to the TV the end nothing comesROFLROFLROFLROFL...but CVs get their trpsWinkLOL...tomorrow again we will watch with same hopesROFLROFLROFL...nothing comes but CVs get the trps againROFLROFLROFL...and the trend continues till saturday when finally Brij arrives mayb or we might see some kisses....end result is that whole week trps touch skyROFLROFLROFLROFL...Moral of the story is CVs hv learnt how to get ratingsEvil up the suspense...curiosity and everything..and then drag it for whole weekROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Ok enough of my back to businessLOL
Things I loved today...
  • Geet's innocence and the way she asks Questions like a little kid to MSK about every small thingEmbarrassed;I mean look at her innocence when she asks Maan why is she not feeling cold in snowfallROFL;Thats the kind of trust she has on MSKEmbarrassed;If MSK tells her that u r in my arms and so not feeling cold,she trusts himEmbarrassed;Mayb this same trust of hers will b tested later post-marriage when Sameera comes in the pictureEvil Smile
  • The first scene where Dadi arrives and MSK starts exercising and doing Wall-Chi this timeROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;Also Dadi's words were pretty interesting here for Maaneet's future post-marriage activities maybWink;Dadi knows that her grandson is extra-slow mayb giving him tips in advance for future action for which he will need some energy and mayb more hoo-haa sessionsROFLROFLROFL
  • Geet's dancing sceneEmbarrassed;Very cute and loved the way MSK said what will happen after marriage if this is my condition nowROFLROFLROFL;This is what I wanted to see in their relationship where Geet is not worshipping MSK but showing her full authority on him like a typical fianceApprove...
  • Back hug was good and also the ILU confessionEmbarrassed..but execution of the scene could hv been betterErmm
  • Arjun was the show stealer todayStarStarStarStar..Piyush was terrific with his expressionsThumbs Up;Also his hidden intentions was flawlessly portrayed by Piyush with that perfect sly smileThumbs Up;The mystry and curiosity around his character is pretty interesting to watchTongueand the way he is cooly making his moves by forcing Annie to lie in front of her brother and blinding her in his love is a pretty interesting trackApprove
  • Ending leaves the viewers curious for next episodeTongue;Even though we all know Annie is safe and he will not push herLOL but still the curiosity remains about what is he gonna do thereWinkLOL
  • All kept waiting for Brij but he never arrivedAngryCry...thank god at least we saw him in spoilersLOL...
  • Arjun-Annie bedroom scene was good but thanks to Nikunj's yet another expressionless act,the scene looked thanda to meOuch even though on individual grounds Arjun aka Piyush rocked thereThumbs Up..
  • Editing was crap todayDead..Merging Arjun-Annie and Maaneet scenes together was a bad ideaThumbs Down;They should hv completed the entire snowfall scene of Maaneet first and then could hv moved to Arjun-Annie scene instead of jumping between the twoOuch
  • There was some dubbing issue I guess in the terrace snowfall scene where it looked Geet was shoutingConfused...mayb its because of that artificial snow machineOuch...
  • GC-DD in the snowfall part looked a bit tired to meErmm;The expressions and emotions in that scene was missing a bitOuch...


 Episode Rating:7/10...It was a average episode today...leaves us curious for tomorrow...few scenes were good and few could hv been betterEmbarrassed
PS:Plsss all read the brillaint Sameera thesis that Daaku An,Jaya and I hv done...we all want your feedbacksSmile

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Theme of the Den : The Invisible Sameera
An, Jaya, Jyoti wonderful takes on Sameera!

Here is what I think
Kuch aise hain kirdaar, jinka naam liya jata baar baar!
Na unke bhooth ka jyaan? Bhavishya se to hum rahe anjaan!
Vartamaan mein nahin unka pravesh...
CV's ne kyun diya is kirdaar ko yeh vesh?

Naam iska aise liya jaata, jaise iski karni nahin koi bhool pata..
Naayak se iska tha kya rishta,
Kabhi lage tuchch kabhi lage bahut jyada..
Aisa kya kiya isne asar, Nayak ne apanayi nafarat, pyaar bhool kar?

Kya bewafai ka tha yeh parinaam?
Ya kuch aur hi hai Maan ke ateet mein...
Jisaka humein nahin gumaan?
Sameera naam ke peeche kaun hai chupa?
Kya acchi hogi yeh insaan? Dadi aur Maan ka toda bharosa...
Aisa kya kiya nuksaan?

CV's rang aapne jo hain ismein bhare,
Pata hoga aapko lagate nahin ujale...
Pata nahin kab hoga iska pravesh?
Hogi kya yeh nirmal ya aayegi bikhare kesh...
Baaton mein hoti sirf ujaagar, par kya rehegi sada yeh adrishya?
Maan kyun nahin yeh batate...Geet kya sada rehegi anabhigya?

Tuchch = Negligible, Ujaagar = Bright, Adrishya = invisible,
Anabhigya = Uninformed

Episode Analysis

Kareeb hoon yeh bahana, chod do ab yun mujhe ullu banana.
Door na ja sakogi tum yun nazdeek aakar,
Kaam ka bahana nahin chalega mujh par.
Dadi ne aakar lagaya pyaar par full stop,
Baachu abhi banao sehat, baad mein to ghat jayegi apne aap.
Geet safai ki nahin hai jaroorat, iske liye Nakul ki lo madad.
Geet aur Maan phir takaraye,
Maan dekho aankhon se ishara kar jaayein.

Geet aur uske babaji...poori kardein uski hasratein sabhi.
2-4 kilo barf bhi chalegi,
Sava rupaye ka prasaad aapko tohfe mein milegi.
Aasmaan se hua himpaat, Geet ko dekho phir ho rahi babaji se baat.
Dhanyavaad ho unka, sava rupaye ka prasad unke liye hai ab pakka.
Geet chali Maan ko batane,
Himpaat ho raha bahar, bolana hoga ab nahin chalenge koi bahane ...

Maan chal diye kahan? Anvesha ko bhi dekh lein saath mein yahan.
Kamare ki sajawat dekh Maan hain poochte,
Arjun ka naam sun hain bhadakte.
Jaahir bhale na ki ho yeh baat,
Pasand nahin unhe Anvesha aur Arjun ka saath.
Anvesha jaana chahti hai bahar,
Doston ne hai bulaya... Maan bhai mera jaane ka man kar aaya.
Anjaane dost hain yeh kaun Maan nahin jaane,
Anvesha ki suraksha hai pehle, akele nahin denge jaane. 
Anvesha ne bachi nahin hoon yeh bahana banaya,
Aap ko hona tha Geet sang aisa farmaya.

Dekho yeh aayi Geet,  udathi, fudakti peeche baje sangeet.
Maan poochein uski Khusi ka raaz, Geet kahe main hoon gayi jeet.
Mere harane se mile jo tumhe khushi,
To har baar harane ki main karoon ummeed.
Meri khushi ke liye chalo sang mere,
Kheencha is kadar Maan ko...Jaise koi pehalwaan ho.
Lagati nahin yeh kamzoor,  Maan bhi dekho chidhate....
Bad-bad karti Geet kehati poori hui meri ummeed,
Babaji ne barf barsay aasmaan se,
Ab aap bhi bolein voh shabd jubaan se...
Geet kaise mausam vibhag ki kahani batati,
Uski baaton se uski maasoomiyat jhalakti.
Kar diya Maan ne izhaar, suno Geet jiska tha tumhe intezaar.
Geet ko kuch samajh na aaye, itni barf par sardi bilkul na sataye.
Janana chahe voh is barf ka raaz,
Poochti hain Maan se jaise hon unke paas sare jawaab?
Geet ka gaya barf par dhyaan, Maan ban rahein hain anjaan.

Arjun ka kya hai khayaal?  Karna hai Maan ka haal behaal.
Anvesha ka kya dega maar? Badla kaisa hoga karein hum vichaar...
Kya banayega teen deviyon ko jhoota?
Aur tod dega Maan ka un par bharosa?
Bharose ke bin kya rahenge rishte?
Kya Maaneet ko bachayenge aake farishte?

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:52am | IP Logged
I do not have much to say about today's episode because I do not believe they showed us much at all. If they do such a slipshod job of the dubbing and the rest of it I will not do them the courtesy of writing a good analysis.

 In the entire episode, I loved just 2 scenes- the scene between Maaneet and daadi  AND  Geet coming in to Maan's room and dancing. Their way of showing MSK saying ILU was so pedestrian I am still reeling. Geet's ILU was so classy and of MSK's ILU I have to say this - it did not make an impact. Your dubbing was terrible. Angry The voice that you passed off as DD's was too high pitched and pray tell why was that person yelling? Ermm and there was something off about Maan's voice in that scene too Ermm. And the Arjun-Anwesha scene I will talk about that next - disaster with a capital D. Ouch This is the first time in the history of a television series that people are rooting for an innocent person to be thrown off a terrace just to be spared the torture of watching the actor. Ouch

I am one of those people who believes that parallel tracks are a must and I was excited when they brought in Arjun. You are making me regret that I was ever excited. I was unhappy about the way Annie was introduced - they dumped her on us out of nowhere. But if they give us a back story I can learn to live with the character. The actor however, that is another story all together. There are actors who by their mere presence are capable of elevating an everyday scene to another level. DD and GC are two such actors. There are other actors who are capable to reducing an amazing heartfelt scene to a pedestrian scene that does not stand out at all. Nikuj fits in the latter category. It is painful to watch her act and if I thought yesterday was bad, today took the cake. You actually gave them more footage than GC and DD? This would have been fine if the performers had been up to par. Piyush as Arjun is doing great and is a pleasure to watch. But of Nikuj as Annie the less said the better. I was hoping she would improve with time but she remains stiff and unable to emote. She single-handedly destroyed the scene where Maan tells Annie about what Dev did to Geet. Her face should have conveyed shock, disgust and anger yet Nikuj's face conveyed nothing. Stern Smile Her inability to emote during the romantic scenes are making watching those scenes a torture even for those brave enough to watch..... Pinch.....most people prefer not to watch at all.

I must also point out that you as the CVs have a big hand in this mess Angry. The first of course is by dropping the sister on the viewers without a back story. This did not sit well with the logic-loving viewers. Next you painted her as an arrogant brat who had all these western ideas and people were just getting used to that and looking forward to Arjun having to work to woo her and she in turn giving him a run for his money. Next thing we know she had the hots for Arjun and was literally flinging herself all over him. This makes no sense whatsoever. How can someone go from being so arrogant and not even liking the person to being jealous and falling into the arms of that person in a matter of days. It beats logic and makes no sense. It also made Annie look dumb and desperate for some action. Some even went as far as to ask if she has been locked up in a convent until then. Make up your minds - either portray her as sophisticated or as innocent. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

You could have stretched the track with Annie giving Arjun a hard time. It would have made the track much more palatable to the viewers as well as giving the viewers some time to get adjusted to the couple. In the mean time you could have gotten Nikuj acting lessons which she badly needs. So in short this is a mess of your own making in every respect. I would not blame the actor as much as I blame you because you knew what she was capable of when you hired her. This track has so many possibilities and I can see all of them disappearing once again because of your poor execution. Angry SLOW DOWN WILL YOU Angry If you are making soup, you have to simmer the soup so that all the spices blend else you will get terrible soup. This is the same. You have to build the plot slowly and steadily else you will be right back where you started. Dead

Rescue this even now by doing the following
1) Annie should run as far from Arjun after this incident as possible and he should have to work extra hard to gain her trust.
2) MAAN SHOULD NEVER TRUST ARJUN AND SHOULD START KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON HIM. He should also start keeping a close eye on Annie.
3) I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE PUSSY CAT MAAN Angry......can we please have our tiger back?
4) Be careful these are the holidays and you want to carefully balance positivity and negativity. Don't show too much negativity else people will stop watching.
5) IF YOU WANT PARALLEL TRACKS UTILIZE THE OFFICE STAFF BETTER - show a Tasha-Romeo track or even better an Adi-Pinky track. These are definitely better actors than Nikuj and deserve more screen space than they are currently getting. Plus people actually want to see them.
6) Continue giving Annie and Arjun this much screen space and you will see your TRPs begin to drop. Please either replace the actor or send her to acting boot camp.

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:55am | IP Logged

Welcome back to the COOLEST of em all: DA BRIJ

1. First I would like to know when the editors are going to wake up? I think they may be waiting for a prince charming to come and kiss them awake. Or maybe firing them would be a good wake up kiss.
2. When did Geet's CV's start making VM's? Confused This is a TV SHOW, why are there weird special effects during scenes? For example, those ugly orange glowing balls floating in mid air.
3. Please spare us from Nikunj. She simply cannot act. I like Arjun and she is ruining the scenes with him. Replace her.
4. Will we ever get a back story behind Avesha's sudden appearance? It is not too late to give us one.
5. Dubbing during the snow fall scene wanted me to put on ear plugs. Why was Geet screaming like that? Maan was right next to her.
6. Geet's ranting before Maan's "ILU" was baseless and felt very forced. it was OTT.
7. Due to pathetic editing, special effects, dubbing, and EXECUTION the "ILU" scene fell flat. The idea for the scene are awesome, but presentation is questionable. The scene was not free fowing enough. Something was amiss.

Things I Liked.
  1. Geet's dance, she is adorable. ROFLROFL
  2. Maan and Geet getting caught by Daadi. ROFL
  3. Maan's 2nd "I love you"
  4. Maan's bedroom eyes through out the episode.

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