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tell me u love me an arsh oneshot

FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:12am | IP Logged
heyyyy guys im rida aka chocolatefreak. ive recently joined india forums and kash heaven.
few of you know me few dont so Hi everyone
im a diehard kashian and was really upset when shilpa had to leave dmg the 2nd time.
arsh couldnot get 1 so what we will wait and wait untill they comeback togedr Smile

So i thought to write this one-shot on KaSh/ArsH. its purely and only 4 the kashians
hope u like it and plz plz comment
and criticism is always welcomed
She hugged him very tightly never wanting to let go of him. She wanted to keep him forever and ever, he was hers now and she was his. Now she belonged to him and he belonged to her. Once fate had turned cold feet towards them but today the tables had turned again. Their fate had surrendered to their love. Today happiness wasn't also enough to describe her feelings. She and he were one now, but little did she know that now he could be never hers.
"Armaan…Ar..maan I I love u……I love u a lot. Armaan we are together forever, now noone will be able to separate us no one at all. She flung her arms around his neck tightening her hold on him, assuring herself that this was no dream but utter reality.
Rii..dd..Riddh..imm..aa, he spoke her name in broken syllables, he was numb at the moment, not knowing what to do and how to react. He very slowly placed his hands round her waist, absorbing and registering everything in his mind. Was this all really happening?? Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta! His love, his life, the girl who meant the world to him. He exactly remembers how shattered and broken he was when he came to know the reality. She was then a married woman, married to Sid. His heart shattered into millions of pieces, his heart ached seeing her with him, Armaan died, he was just a heartless, soulless body living only for her. He promised her that he would live, live happily for her, but he knew that happiness was never to return. Then today when she is her in his arms and this time forever why is he not happy, why don't he feel elated and ecstatic????
In a matter of few hours his life took a complete turn. Shilpa, yes Shilpa, she made Sid and Riddhima realized that  Riddhima only belonged to Armaan. This marriage was just a barrier, which was ruining all their lives, Riddhima had hidden the real Riddhima somewhere deep down in her heart. Sid always knew this was the truth but he was never ready to accept it but today he had to and he did. Well Shilpa always knew how to convince everyone. Sid again convinced Riddhima, although it was not an easy task but it seemed like luck was with our love. Riddhima always loved me, but she was an Indian girl and for her, her marriage came first. But she was not making but destroying 3 lives. Neither she nor Sid neither Armaan was happy then how can this relationship work.
She finally accepted her love for me, Riddhima and Sid yesterday applied for a divorce, I must say Sid is a ver brave man, We then convinced our  elders and as u all know Shanky sasurjee kahan maanne waale the but he realized that his daughters happiness lied in Armaan, and here we are together.
But where is the Armaan who loved Riddhima?? Why do I feel like everything is incomplete?? Why do I feel like something is missing?? Today I got what I wanted then why isn't my heart beating. Why are shilpa's word ringing my ears
"Armaan now Riddhima is all yours,Armaan i..iam so happy for u today. Only very lucky people get their love back and you re one of them. Maybe God had sent me here to reunite the lovers, and maybe my work is finished and so is my need over here. I am going Armaan, forever, but I will miss u. I never thought I would say this to someone but I guess  I will miss u a lot Armaan Maaalik."Armaanwas only reading her eyes, they were narrating a completely different story. Her green emerald almond shaped eyes always spoke volumes to him. They were the mirror of her heart. But today her tongue was revolting her eyes. They wanted to tell him so much and something Shilpa was hiding. She plastered a beautiful smile on her face and extended her hand towards me. I placed my hand in hers' and gave her a forced smile. Her touch always did something to me, it always had affected me badly, but I could never pinpoint why, when she took her hand back I felt a feeling of utter loss but I put it aside and went to Riddhima, who was calling me.
Riddhima parted from me, she was happy I could see it in her eyes then why not me???
I closed my eyes and her face instantly appeared here, I smiled and this time genuinely.
Shilpa was beautiful, her green eyes, her long thick jet black hair leaning down her knees. Her smile, her smile always made me smile. But that was not the reason she was so close to me. She immensely trusted me; I never had to prove myself to her. She always read my heart through my eyes unlike Riddhima to whom I had to explain myself, what an irony I guess. Shilpa came into my life like an angel, "Shona". She turned the devdas Armaan into the old prankster fun loving Armaan. She defeated me in the bike race that was the first time we met and she had left me shocked. Shilpa was much more ahead in this prank game. Well I had to buck up to reach her level. She compelled me to come out of my shell, to give life another chance, I hated her at the first but then she became a necessity forme without which it was impossible 4 me to live. Everyday we would compete and irritate each other, I was senior to her but that noway affected her. She defeated me in basketball that was the day we became friends and we had spent the whole night in playing basketball. She always had the power to make me smile. There was an unknown spiritual connection between us. My every moment I spent with her were beautiful an out of this world. Our rain dance, our matches, our bike races which somehow she always one were different. She never wanted to change me, she accepted me the way I was. She made me forget my pain and to some extent forget Riddhima. Whenever we shared an eyelock my heartbeat always fastened up, her gaze sent shivers down my spine. She was special special then anyone. I loved her talks, her giggles, her anger, her care towards me. I love everything about her. I love her, I love her a lot.
He opened his eyes in utter disbelief. What did he just say ??? he loves Shilpa. No that's not possible, He loves Riddhima, yes he loves her but why it isn't the same to be with her.His mind and heart were battling against eachother. And finally his heart won
"you love Shilpa, you  love her madly, Armaan she is your destiny, you never harboured such strong feelings for Riddhima. Shilpa's every touch every smile made ur heartbeat go erratic, she took away all your pain, whenever you were with her u forgot the whole world. This is love Armaan , true and immense love. Yes ure not happy,u r feeling incomplete bcoz she is not here, here with u beside u, stop her Armaan get her, she is ur life and u cant live without her." His heart shouted
"Yes I do, I love u I I really love u Shilpa. Armaan Malik loves u." he finally confessed now he knew everything, every feeling that he felt when he was with her and he never could pinpoint was love, yes love. He knew it from the beginning but he was never ready to accept it. She had stolen his heart and it now belonged to her. He loved Riddhima and he thought she was his first and last love, but she proved him wrong. Shilpa is his love he doesn't feels the same way for Riddhima now. She changed everything.
"I love u Shilpa Malhotra, and I will make u mine now."
" Finally you accepted Armaan Malik" said Riddhima, "what what do u mean I I aceepted what" "you accepted that u love her, I could see it in your eyes armaan, this love was always there from the start only one fool couldnot see it and that was you" I was confused at first and thought we could be together again, but how can u be again with me when u lover now?? "Riddhima I I am very" "Shutup Armaan don't be, I am really happy for u she is a very nice girl and perfect 4 u and u know what she loves u more, much more than I do."
"Armaan youre here, You did not go to the airport ??" "Airport but why JP"
"you don't know everyone has gone to bid Shilpa, she is going to US and that too forever, I couldn't go today is urs and Riddhimas party so I had to be here I thought u both went with the others"
"Shi..ilpa went, she is going but……
"   Maybe God had sent me here to reunite the lovers, and maybe my work is finished and so is my need over here. I am going Armaan, forever, but I will miss u. I never thought I would say this to someone but I guess  I will miss u a lot Armaan Maaalik."
"Oh no ! how could I let her go, what was I thinking, Shilpa cant go away from me, She she (tears were making there way out from his eyes) "Armaan don't waste time go ! go get herArmaan, before she goes away, Hurry up!"
Armaan descended the stairs as fast as he could he ran towards his car and unlocked it. He drove in the fastest speed he knew breaking all the traffic signals. She cant go away he cant let her go ! the whole way all their memories were flashing in his mind, she was too precious too lose.
Lost and lonely coz you're the only one
That knows me and I can't be without you
Lost and lonely coz you're the only one
That knows me and I can't be without you
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri
Lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali (lost and lonely)
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere (lost and lonely)
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere (lost and lonely)
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere (lost and lonely)
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere (lost and lonely)
He reached the airport left his car opened and ran inside. There were so many people and he couldn't find her. What if she left ? no he quickly jerked away all negative thoughts. "God please help me today, I need u"
And God did listen to him there she was standing with her suitcases about to go inside. He shouted at the top of his voice "SHILPAAA"
Everyone looked towards him, the whole airport was staring at him but little did he care. He went towards her, she was standing with an amazed face, she was amzed to see him here
"how can u go away?? Without telling me?? How can u be so cruel to me Shilpa, when u came into my life it was a piece of sh**. But u changed it completely. U made me live life again u made me smile again. Who the hell do you thinu are, who gave you the right to do so??" "Armaan I I"
"Armaan what Shilpa, don't u dare go away from me I hate u Shilpa I hate u but I live u more than I hate u"
Everyone was shocked at listening this except Sid he from the beginning knew this was ought to happen. Shilpa was shell shocked. She never expected him to love her. He loved Riddhima and that's what the reason was that she convinced her and now he is saying he loves her"
"Armaan what?? What are u saying U..U no you don't love me u love Riddhima"
"I wish I did, I never knew when I fell so deeply in love with u, I never knew when u took away my heart I never knew when I became yours"
"Armaan I don't know what r u saying and why are u saying this but I don't love u"
"Shilpa stop lying, I know u do"
"NO! I don't, I don't love u, you were always a friend to me and I think Riddhima loves u and u love her , u should be with her Armaan"
A flabbergasted Armaan understood everything, Shilpa was too innocent to break someone's heart, she would never break Riddhima's heart and accept Armaan, after knowing their grand lovestory according to her. Now he had to do it his way. She wont agree easily but he knows exactly how to make her agree
He smirked and started walking towards her so you don't love me, you don't feel anything for me, ur heartbeat doesn't get fast when I come near u" now he was standing in front of her their faces few inches apart and bodies about to collide
"NO I don't I don't love u nor do you affect me in anyway"
"lets see how true it is" with this he placed hi one hand on behind her head and one on her waist pulling her closer and smacked his lips hard upon hers. Everyone present their were taken aback, their faces were displaying utter disbelief, never in their wildest dreams have they thought Armaan would do such a thing
Shilpa at first was taken aback but as she realized what was happening she struggled to get out of his hold only to find him deepening the kiss and kissing her even harder, he brought her more closer so that their was no space between their bodies.
After 10 minutes he finally broke the kiss only to see his affect on her. Her eyes were closed. He knew he affected her badly.
"Armaan please" was only she could manage to whisper
Comeon Shilpa u loves me or not??
Come on say yes girl. Hey come on he's so sweet hansome how can u say no!!
The whole airport was staring at her. Nobody boarded their flight only to see this beautiful lovestory
"Armaan I don.."
Before she ccould complete her sentence he again capture her lips in a fierce passionat kiss telling her there is no way out today. She is his and only his and he knows she loves him
Armaan kept on kissing her again and again until she was totally weak and her mind n strength had lost the battle .
She  looked into his eyes only to find his blue balls staring at her with immense love passion and lust
He was staring at her with such intensity that it jolted her whole body. She was completely weak now , under hi hold
"Armaan………I I I love you, I really love you"
As these words escaped her mouth he took her into a rib crushing hug pressing her delicate frame hard against his tough and hard one.
"I love u too Dhanno, I love u too"
Everyone present there had tears in their eyes, seeing both the lovers finally together.
They cameout of the hug and he kissed her forehead and then slowly kissed away her tears
"I hate u Armaan, u r so mean"
"I know, im a jerk" both of them started laughing
He then knelt to the ground and took her hand
"Shona you re my life my world, u mean everything to me, I fell in love with u the first day my eyes met ur green mesmerizing ones but I realized it today, miss Shilpa Malhotra  my Dhanno will u become Dhanno Armaan Malik"
"Armaan I"
"Marry me"
"Say yes, Say yes" the whole crowd shouted
Ye…Yes I will marry u Armaan"
The whole crowded hooted and clapped
Finally Armaan and Shilpa were one

love u allBig smile

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not writing os chocolate get me kash bak onscreen and u get lot of luv from me

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-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:52am | IP Logged
rida ur OS is awesome
loved it
keep it up
write more like this

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Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Hey Rida,
Aww sweets i never knw you are a writer u really are an amazing writer totally love the OS on ArSh,
Now that you wrote on ArSh i want more no seriously i am looking forward to see you write more on KaSh yaar you are awesome really love the shot specially the airport part dat was so cute.

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OkThanksBye IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:28am | IP Logged


amazing dude!!!!!!!

the shot was Superb!!!!!.....

i had a great time reading it....Embarrassed


and yup...keep writing...Tongue

God Bless you...
take care...

wid loadz of love...

Edited by -KaShti- - 28 December 2010 at 9:48am

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lkd it alot..................luvd it do write more if u can............................:)

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Awesomeeee OS!!
Very well written
Thanks for the PM :-)

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Hey Rida!
omg dat was an amazing OS...luved it...
thnks for da pm :)

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