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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 85)

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here is update i don't know...Shocked

nice update... i want SR confession with full angry mood  Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Zohaaalll Hug
First of all congrats on getting into BBA I'm sure u'll do greatEmbarrassed

coming to the update it was fab!! Loved how u portrayed Sid's feelings n confusion regarding Riddhima..I love how Sid knows what he has with Riddhima is more than friendship but he's scared he'll treat her like other girls in past shows hw mch he loves n cares for herEmbarrassed
Dheeraj ugghhh more than Sid I wanna kill himLOL love what he's doing tho Siddhant Modi is getting jealous haha love it n so is Riddhima Tongue I'm so glad Riddhima realized she hopelessly loves Sid hope Sid realizes his love for Riddhima n soon we see a confession n some romantic moments btwn SR Day Dreaming 

Eagerly waiting for the next update!!!
and we missed ya Hug
Thanks ZARQA!
Thank you!! Yeah he cares for her alright! 
HAHA there is alot more jealousy coming up... and alot more realizations too! 
I hope I do well with the romance!
And missed you guys too!
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Originally posted by -Harshu-

Welcome back Zohal Hug & Congooo on getting admission in BBA :D
Update is amazing as always :)
I loved how u showed Sid's feelings & confusion . Both SR r getting jealous haha I likey ;) Loved the last scene where Sid said sorry to her <3 Finally Ridz accepted that she loves Sid .. hope he realize it too ;)
Looking forward to the next part :D

Harshu! Thanks!
LOL I'm glad you liked it!
Yeah those confused lovers will face alot more in the coming parts. 
And next update is coming up! 
THANKS for the long wait!
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Originally posted by sid_ridz

here is update i don't know...Shocked

nice update... i want SR confession with full angry mood  Day Dreaming

And will try and incorporate that into the scene!
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Originally posted by -Harshu-

Welcome back Zohal Hug & Congooo on getting admission in BBA :D
Update is amazing as always :)
I loved how u showed Sid's feelings & confusion . Both SR r getting jealous haha I likey ;) Loved the last scene where Sid said sorry to her <3 Finally Ridz accepted that she loves Sid .. hope he realize it too ;)
Looking forward to the next part :D

Harshu! Thanks!
LOL I'm glad you liked it!
Yeah those confused lovers will face alot more in the coming parts. 
And next update is coming up! 
THANKS for the long wait!
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Originally posted by sid_ridz

here is update i don't know...Shocked

nice update... i want SR confession with full angry mood  Day Dreaming

And will try and incorporate that into the scene
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Part 23
Sid was restless as his conflicting feelings grew after the sangeet night. His emotions were all over the place. He wanted Riddhima but feared himself. Sid knew that it wasn't just Riddhima at stake. There was also Aryan's future to be considered. The boy had spent his life without a father. Would it be fair to let him live the dream of a perfect but then face brutal truth of having a womanizing father? Sid felt suffocated in the crowded house. To clear his mind out and come to decision instead this pull and push game his mind was playing with him or rather his 'conscience'. Sid drives his jeep to an isolated road. He sits on the bumper with a cold beer in his hand.
Sid: Riddhima would've killed me if she had seen the beer!

Con: you just cant quit thinking about the girl.

Sid: I'm in love.

Con: tell me something new man.

Sid: What am I supposed to do? I just want her so much.

Con: ask her to be yours.

Sid: I'm not exactly sure of my emotions here. What if I get over her after having her?

Con: Then walk away while you still can.

Sid: I cant do that. Just the thought of being without Riddhima or Aryan makes future seem so... empty.

Con: so you're saying you cant have her but you cant leave her either.

Sid: yeah.. that pretty much sums it up.

Con: hmm... maybe you could have a test try period?

Sid: you think Riddhima is the test-try kind of girl? She will happily stab me to death after running a train over me if I suggest something remotely close to that.

Con: hmm.. Leave her.

Sid: What?

Con: Be the better man for once.

Sid remains quiets as he contemplates on his thoughts. 'Be the better man', Sid scoffed. Easier said than done. Being the better man meant leaving Riddhima. Leaving Riddhima meant leaving the closest sense of belonging he's ever had. It wasn't that he didn't know what was right. It was just that being right wasn't easy. He knew the risk was too big to take. If he failed Riddhima he would never be able to look into the mirror again but his selfish half told him to take the plunge. To hell with the precaution and get the woman he wants.

Sid: God when did life become so complicated?

Con: When you fell for the wrong woman. 

Sid: What should I do?

Con: Being your conscience, I would advise you to stay away from her since you're not a good man. 

Sid: You suck man. 

Con: The truth hurts.

Sid: I can't leave her. 

Con: You'll get over it.

Sid: But she needs a companion.

Con: A companion that stays by her side at all times. Not you Sid. You're not sure of tomorrow then why dream of a future with a girl that isn't accustomed to your lifestyle. 

Sid: Maybe she loves me too?

Con: It's better if you never know her feelings because if you did, you wouldn't be able to resist for a moment after that!

Sid: But ... I.. Am I really that bad?

Con: Your conscience had to step out of your body for you to notice it! What do you think?

Sid looks away. He was ashamed of who he had become. His past never bothered him until this moment. He had never sat down and really thought about what he was doing and probably that was the cause of him never realizing how far he had gone. 

Sid: I'd take it all back if I could. 

Conscience: You can regret your past but you can never change it.

Sid: This isn't fair. 

Con: You weren't fair to all those girls you dated.

Sid: Everyone deserves a second chance. 

Con: You got yours. Every time you dated a new girl, it was a second chance; the chance to be a better person.

Sid: Those girls were not like Riddhima. 

Con: You cant justify wrong doing by saying that you did against wrong people. 

Sid takes a swig of his beer. He sits on the car thinking over his path of repentance. Till now it was all an effort he put in to get rid of his conscience but now he really felt needed to say sorry, to apologize; anything to express how bad he felt. There was very little he could do. 

Sid: I guess I really deserve this. I really liked the idea of being a Casanova. I liked that sort of attention. It just made me feel better about myself. As I grew up, I convinced myself that I never wanted to settle down. Being a bachelor for life, I guess the thought kind of shaped the way for the rest of my life.

Con: You're at fault here.

Sid: trust me, I know. 

Sid gets up and throws the bottle far down the road. He gets in to the car in far worse state of confusion. He thought he would clear his mind and rid himself of his demons but the isolation seemed to confuse him further. He drove back home and went straight into his room. He sat on the couch he usually slept on and thought.

Sid: I should let go of her. This isn't right. I cant risk breaking her heart all over again. And Aryan' Oh God, that poor child would be traumatized if his parents ended up in divorce! It's not like she was going to accept my proposal anyways.


Riddhima on the other hand was busy with the new guests. The addition to family had added extra pressure on her and she had little time to ponder on her newly discovered feelings. She would blush every time, he would pass by and an involuntary smile would appear on her face when she thought of him. Today he seemed different, not his usual self. Sid seemed serious and would rarely smile. Riddhima was bothered and hoped that he didn't suspect her feeling for him. She wasn't confused about her feelings. Riddhima was a mature woman and realized what she felt when she felt it but her cause of concern was Sid's reaction. He wouldn't accept her, would he?
Mamta: Riddhima!

Riddhima: haan maa?

Mamta: kab se bula rahi hoon tumhey! Dihaan kahan hai tumhara?

Riddhima: woh' maa main bas..

Mamta: jaake Sid ki madat karo phool laga ne mein.

Riddhima: jee theek hai..

Riddhima feels her heart hammer against her chest as she makes her way towards Sid. She was shocked at her reaction. What was wrong with her? She was a grown woman! Why was she reacting so childishly?

Riddhima: Sid?

Sid looked up. His face was first surprised but for some reason, soon anger took over his features. 

Sid: Did you need something?

Riddhima: nahin' woh mom ne kaha ke tumhey madat ki zaroorat hogi?

Sid: It's okay' I can manage.

His expression seemed passive. He wasn't angry nor annoyed. He was indifferent.

Riddhima: I'd still like to help.

Sid just shrugged and handed her a row of flowers. He let her twist them on the opposite side of the staircase.

Riddhima: you seem strange?

Sid cleared his throat at her remark. Was his confusion really so evident?

Sid: Strange, in what way?

Riddhima: well' you're not your usual self.

Sid: I'm just tired. 

Riddhima turned to face him. Anger seeped into her mood as she saw right through his lie. She stopped working and watched him closely. Sid feeling her stare clenched his jaw and pretended to work. Riddhima still continued to stare at him. Finally, feeling strangely affected by her stare he looked up.

Sid: What?

Riddhima: Nothing. It's just surprising to see you lie right in my face.

Sid: It's nothing. I just need to sleep it off.

Riddhima: I really do hope its nothing.

Sid forced a smile and Riddhima knew it was forced but chose not comment on it. She smiled back sincerely and Sid felt his breath hitch. He quickly looked away. She was doing things to him and he certainly didn't like the feeling. 

Sid: I guess we should get back to work. 

Riddhima chose to ignore his odd behavior. She chose to instead concentrate on the decorations. Sid on the other hand, couldn't keep his eyes from wandering towards her. He started noticing odd things like the silky texture of her hair; the shine in her dark eyes. He couldn't help but admire the contrast between her dark features but light skin. It was really strange for him, but the innocent sight of her concentrating so severely on a task so trivial was amusing yet alluring. The more he stared at her struggle with the rows of flower, the more he wanted to align her hair behind her ears, to glide his knuckles over her cheek just to make it was as soft and smooth as it looked. Sid stopped his train of thought almost immediately, knowing exactly where they were headed. He pried his eyes away from her figure and as he did, he noticed a man running straight into her. Sid on instinct pulled her into his chest. His arms secured firmly against her waist as he crushed her into his chest and away from the worker who was about crash into her. Sid held her close to him on the staircase his mind processed the outcome of the possible collision. She could have ended at the bottom of the stairs with a bleeding head! With that thought in mind he glared at the worker.

Sid: tumhara dehaan kahan hai? Agar isse kuch hojata toh?

Worker: sahib woh'

Sid: woh.. kuch nahin! Yahan kuch bhi ho sakta tha! Damn it! Isse maar bhi saktey the! Agar Riddhima ko kuch hojaata toh I swear tu nahin bach pata!

Riddhima: Sid it's alright' 

Sid: It's not alright!

Sid was about to argue his point further when he looked down, his train of thoughts scattered. There was nothing more angelic than Riddhima with an adorable of expression of concern right in his arms. Sid felt like this was where she belonged. She seemed to fit right into his arms. Her eyes were wide, no doubt as a result of his anger, but her lips were set in a straight line of frustration, probably due to his behavior. Sid almost smiled at the perfect picture she made for him. How was it possible that he noticed her perfection just now? He held her tighter against him and she placed a hand over his chest to catch her balance. Sid would have smiled at her startled expression if it weren't for his heart beating miles an hour. How could she have this effect on him when all he did was hold her? Did she realize just how severely she affected him? Was there more he could experience with her? Could he explore that territory? Did he have the right to? All questions flew out of his mind as Riddhima's almond eyes met his and an unspoken connection was established. Sid slowly bent his head and was about to do something he only had done in shameful fantasies. 

Worker: sahib.. main jawoon?

And just like that the moment was ruined. The comfort was gone as awkwardness filled the air. Sid immediately let go of her as if she had caught some virus. Sid nodded at the worker and cleared his throat. Sid and Riddhima awkwardly backed away from one another. This wasn't what either of them had planned. 

Sid: main' I'll see if anyone else needs help. The stairs are pretty much done.

Riddhima: Yeah' you do that.

Sid and Riddhima had this one conversation without actually looking at each other and awkwardly looking around at furniture pieces.
Sid got into the room as Riddhima was preparing his bed in the couch. Riddhima quickly got up feeling tension creep into her skin. This was all so new for her. This was the Sid she had constantly been with yet tonight being in the same room as him meant something else altogether. Sid forced a smile and Riddhima returned it with a lot of effort. She quickly tried to make her way around him but he came infront of her. They both turned to other side but ended blocking each other's path again. They were awkwardly close. Both wanted to move but for some reason were glued to their spot. Sid gestured with his hand for her to go the other way. Riddhima was too caught up in her thoughts to notice the hand gesture. 
Sid: If you go this, we might be able to end this 'confusion of paths' tonight itself.
Riddhima looked up and notice he held his hand out to give her way. Finally, understanding dawned on her and she blushed a pretty shade of pink and quickly made her way to bed but not before Sid noticed the flaming cheeks. He found that so adorable, it took all his self control not to go over her and run a hand over her cheek. Sid cleared his throat and tried to clear the awkward air with conversation.
Con: Clearing your throat has become a hobby of yours, yeah?

Sid ignores his conscience and looks at Riddhima.

Sid: Aryan.. woh kahan hai?

Riddhima: Mom wanted him with her for the night.

Sid: alright..

Riddhima: Sid..

Sid: yeah..

Riddhima wanted to ask about his odd behavior recently but she couldn't. She dreaded that he might have realized her feelings for him and is now distant as a result. She pulled comforter to her face and prayed that he hadn't realized what she felt for him. She kept turning through the night, trying to get some sleep but her mind was playing different reactions to Sid finding out about her growing feelings.

Sid was awake most of the night but for a different reason. Sid tossed and turned the whole night. He thoughts were occupied by all the girls who he had been with. Guilt tore his conscience apart. He would try to sleep but his thoughts wouldn't let him. His inner desires battled with his goodness. Sid was at a loss. He needed to distance himself from Riddhima but it was just not possible with them living under the same roof!


The next morning, Sid was ready with his decision. It was the day before the wedding and he had mentally prepared himself to distance himself from Riddhima.

Sid: This is it. I am not going to look at her. I wont meet her. It will be like she's not even there.

Con: Sure... you can definitely ignore her.

Sid: I can and I will.

Sid got down to the hall where the curtains were being draped. The soft smooth pink and white curtains were being draped around the pillars and over the stage. Sid smiled and got down to get busy. He was trying really hard to ignore Riddhima by getting involded with her family and making sure he was always surrounded by people.

Riddhima stood far away from Sid. She silently observed him as people surrounded him like he was some sort of a celebrity. He had a natural charm about him. He was what one would term as the 'social butterfly'. People usually sought out his company. His easy smile, his comforting gestures and his attentive eyes made conversation flow easily. Riddhima envied Sid's ease with which he adapts to new social circles. No matter where he went, people loved him. Riddhima couldn't really say that about herself. She was socially awkward and never really had a huge friend's circle to boast. She hardly had a few friends. Her life revolved around her son whereas in Sid's case, life revolved around him. He was everything a mother would look for in a son in law and a girl would look for in a husband. He was the perfect package. In that moment, Riddhima realized that she would never be in Sid's league. He had the life a man would dream of and Riddhima had the life a woman would have nightmares about. She was a single mother whose family didn't want her recently and who had no male companion. As much as she loved him, she knew it was impossible for Sid to love someone like her. She was a broken woman who was nothing more than a baggage. With a heavy heart she looked away. Tears shinned in her eyes but she blinked them away. She had loved and lost before so what did it matter that once more her heart was broken?

Priya: Hi.

Sid looked up to find the annoying girl he danced with. Had it been some other day, he would have found her beautiful but today he was too distracted by the Riddhima matter to actually look at her. But on seconds thoughts, Sid decided it was a good thing that she was here. Maybe all he needed was a pretty girl to get his mind of Riddhima.

Sid: Hey.

Priya: Where's your wife?

Sid: somewhere around the house...

Priya: It seems to me, you guys aren't thaving a good time.

Sid: And what if we're not?

Priya gave Sid a sly smile.

Priya: Maybe I could help you have better time than your homely wife.

Her tone was mocking. For some reason, Sid was offended by her insult. The funny part was that she wasn't really insulting him then why was he even bothered? Riddhima was a bit homely and personally he adored that but the her insulting tone had him gripping the metal rod in his hand for patience.

Priya: So for how long have you been married?

Sid: a year maybe...

Priya: Maybe? Your not even sure of your marriage date?

Sid: Yeah... weak memory..

Priya: Weak memory or weak marriage?

Sid: Marriage or memory, both are not really your business.

Priya: Relax. I was just..

Sid: Look, I've got things to do yeah?

Sid quickly turned before she could reply. He had enough. This wasn't working, one wrong comment about Riddhima and he would lose his cool. He was always the gentleman and charmer but recently his honesty was breaking into his charming facade. He went to meet Mamta to ask if he needed anything.

Sid: mother in law.

Mamta smiles at the name Sid had her for her. He referred to her as mother in law initially to irritate Sushant but now he felt like saying it. They had a sweet bond.

Mamta: Toh kya kar sakti hoon main apney ek lautey damaad ke liye?

Sid: On the contrary I had come her to ask if you need help with something?

Mamta: I'm fine but before I forget Riddhima has brought in the tailor and you still haven't given your measurements.

Sid nodded and left for the tailor. He was purposely avoiding the whole ordeal.

Sid: Uggh... I just cant get rid of her.

Con: You do live in her house Sid.

Sid threw Con a dry look as he entered the room. He found Riddhima engrossed in what the tailor was saying. She wasn't paying attention so she didnt hear the door open and close. Sid took this moment to observe the wife he was meant to be avoiding. She looked beautiful in her light blue suit. Her hair kept bothering her and Sid had the insane urge of helping her with them. Sid cleared his throat for the pair to notice him. He nodded at the tailor and then looked at Riddhima who was busy with the material in her hand. She didn't look up at Sid nor did her face brighten as it usually would. This bothered Sid but he shrugged and went to the tailor.

Sid: Hey. I'm Sid.

Tailor: I know. Her husband right?

Sid faced Riddhima and against his will spoke to her.

Sid: hey.

Riddhima didn't even look up and said a dull hello. Sid's eyebrows furrowed at her reply but said nothing and shook hands with the tailor. Sid felt him hold his hand for a little longer than necessary but thought nothing of it as they proceeded to discuss what he'd like to wear. Sid preferred a suit but knew Riddhima would disapprove so wanted to say he'd like a sherwani. But then he thought he needed to increase the distance between himself and Riddhima and wearing her choice of clothes wouldn't help so he said a suit. They discussed all that was necessary and then it was time for measurements. The tailor seemed gay and Sid had no problem with homosexuality but then the tailor seemed interested in Sid and that was making Sid uncomfortable.

Sid: You could estimate from here, you know..

Tailor: Obviously not! I need to make the suit figure hugging to I need proper measurements.

Sid nodded and the tailor grabbed the measuring tape. Sid's discomfort was etched across his face and Riddhima tried hard to hold him her laugh. The tailor was bent down and taking his time measuring Sid's waist line. That was more than enough for Sid.

Sid: Are you sure you're still measuring or do you just like our current position?

Riddhima looked at Sid in shock while the tailor's face twisted at the insult. He huffed and threw the measuring tape while he left the room.

Riddhima: SID!

Sid: what?

Riddhima: apologize!

Sid: There is no way in this lifetime, I am going to be sorry for being straight!

Riddhima: he wasn't hitting on you.

Sid: yeah... he was too busy molesting me to get to that part!

Riddhima: SID!

Sid: okay that was a bit exaggerating but I am not going to apologize.

Riddhima: I'm getting him back and you're acting like a human.

Sid: and here I was thinking you liked having a straight man for a husband.

Riddhima sees a small smile break onto Sid's face.

Riddhima: what's so funny?

Sid: at least the whole measurements episode got you to talk to me.

Riddhima huffs and goes in search of the tailor. She begs and persuades the tailor since he's the only one in town that was ready to get the job done in a day and his quality of work was outstanding.

Tailor: But I am not measuring him!

Riddhima: I'll do it. Just please stay.

Sid smiles as Riddhima approaches him with a glare. She goes behind him and places the tape on his shoulders. Riddhima's fingers lightly touch his shoulders as she adjusts the tape. She feels his muscles tense and cant help but feel just a little nervous. She quickly lifts the tape and notes down the measurement. She goes to his arm and takes the length of it. Sid smiles when he sees a slightly nervous Riddhima. When she needed to take the measurement of his bicep, he flexes it for added effect. He smiles mischievously as he emphasizes his biceps by balling his hands. Riddhima looks up at him and sees the humorous glint in his eyes.

Sid: It's the first time my wife is taking time out to touch me, I have to make sure every quality is put for display.

Riddhima forgetting her nervousness, laughs. She takes all the measurements and surprisingly there was no more awkwardness. After the tailor episode, they get back to the empty living room. Sid distances himself again. He goes to a corner to help with the decorations. Priya comes much to his dismay but Sid tries to talk to her. He needed someone to flirt with, someone that could make him forget Riddhima. Priya was beautiful and he knew this yet he couldn't compare her to Riddhima.

Priya: so I see your ignoring you wife again.

Sid: would it make you happy if I said yes?

Priya: Probably.

In that moment Sid felt sickened by Priya's response which was odd. Usually he didn't care a dime about a girl's ethics or her character. It was the outer beauty that attracted him but right now for some reason, he was noticing weird things like the 'character' of a girl. Sid shook his head and decided he should ignore his thoughts.

Sid: maybe I am.

Priya: I dont mean to pry but why did you marry her anyways?

Sid: circumstances.

Pryia: Pity, a guy like you could get so much better and you are pretty young to be married anyways.

Sid: you have someone in mind?

Priya: Would you be interested?

Sid: maybe.

Sid tries hard not to show his annoyance on his face. This whole flirting seemed childish to him now. They both knew where the conversation was headed yet they were playing around. Where was the sense in that? Out of his peripheral view, he noticed Riddhima standing rigidly by the pillars. For a moment he thought she might walk over and say something but when she didnt, he was disappointed beyond measure. For the most selfish of reasons, he wanted Riddhima to walk over and tell off Priya for flirting with her husband. It was unreasonable but he wanted Riddhima to claim that Sid was her husband. He flirted a bit more to anger her because he could see the jealousy but still she wouldn't interfere. If only Riddhima just tells him once not to talk to Priya!Did he not matter to her at all?

He notices Dheeraj walk down the stairs and Priya was long forgotten. Dheeraj smiles at Sid as Sid's eyes look for Riddhima and before he could even think of going over, Dheeraj was by her side. Sid silently fumes in his corner. He watches as Dheeraj laughs and hands her the strand of flowers. Riddhima returns a polite smile and Sid bunches his hands.

Worker: Sahab woh phool kharab hojayega..

Sid looks down at his hands and throws the shredded flowers.

Sid: Main jaake doosre ley ataa hoon.

Sid purposely strides towards the couple deep in conversation. The strand of flower gets locked in Riddhima's dupatta and she tries to separate them. Dheeraj puts his hands over hers to help her and in that moment Sid's strides become more urgent and furious. He reaches the couple and takes hold of Riddhima's hands. Dheeraj is left with her dupatta.

Sid: Hands off.

Dheeraj: I was just trying...

Sid: I dont give a damn about what you were just trying to do. Let go of her damn dupatta.

Riddhima: Sid...

Sid: Iss waqt nahin Riddhima.

Dheeraj: really man, what is your problem? Its not like she's your wife.

Sid: What she is and she isn't to me is none of your concern. All you have to know is she is off limits to you.

Dheeraj: and why would she be off limits?

Riddhima: Sid please.

Riddhima tries to reason but Sid was too busy glaring at Dheeraj.

Dheeraj: why is she off limits Sid?

Sid doesn't reply but just glowers at Dheeraj. His grip on Riddhima's hand increases.

Sid: Just stay the hell away from her.

And with that he strides away from Dheeraj with Riddhima trailing behind him. Sid takes Riddhima out to the garden. The rain poured down on them but he didn't care much. He guided them to a secluded gazebo. What mattered was the storm raging inside him.

Sid: Bura laga?

Riddhima: kya?

Sid: jab main Priya se baat kar raha tha... Bura laga?

Riddhima: sid... bekaar ki baatein..

Sid: haan ya naa?

Riddhima looks around and tries to think of a way to avoid the question.

Riddhima: wo main..

Sid: wo main kuch nahin. Bura laga ke nahin?

Sid puts his hand on her jaw and forces her to look up.

Sid: bura lagaa ke nahin?

Riddhima nods and Sid looks at her intensely.

Sid: toh kaha kyun nahin? Bol diya hota ke Sid iss ladki se baat nahin karo mujhe acha nahin lagta. Mur ke bhi nahin dekta usse!

Riddhima: Mur ke bhi nahin dektey? Lag toh nahin raha! Aankhen tumhari usse hatt thi nahin aur mur ki naa dekne ki baat kartey ho!

Sid: Aankhen meri tumse nahin hatt thi!

A heavy silence takes place as they both catch their breath and collect their thoughts. Riddhima was stunned into silence. Sid was too frustrated and angry to care about what he was saying.

Sid: yaar jab dekho tab Dheeraj ke saath! Pata hai mujhe kaise lagta jab tum mujhe chod kar Dheeraj ke saath rehti ho?

Riddhima: tumhe chod kar Sid? Main Dheeraj ko uss tarha se nahin dekti!

Sid: par Dheeraj to dekhta hai na? Aur I swear, jab bhi dekh tha hai toh ussey bedardi se marney ka dil karta hai.

Riddhima: Sid tum kya kehne ki koshish kar rahe ho?

Sid: Mujhe nahin pata! Matlab.. Abh kaise samjaoon?! Bas abh tum Dheeraj se nahin millogi.

Riddhima: par wo yaheen rehta hai!

Sid: kismat bhi mere khilaaf hogayi hai!

Riddhima: Sid.. kya keh rahey ho.

Sid: kya tumhey bura lagta jab main Priya se baat karta hoon?

Riddhima looks away again in embarrassment but nods. Sid bends down at her eye level. His hair was dripping wet but that didn't bother him as he looked to her.

Sid: Mujhe bhi bohot bura lagta hai jab tum Dheeraj se baat karti. Uske saath hans thi ho. Bohot bura lagta hai jab tum Dheeraj se kulley dill se baat karti ho par mujse itna bhi nahin keh sakti keh Priya se naa milo.

Riddhima: Sid...

Sid: issh...

He puts a finger on her lips. His eyes melts into hers and all the frustration, anger and dejection was gone in that moment.

Sid: aaj ke bad, tum mujse se jo dill mein aaye kahogi. Mujhe nahin pata ke hamare beech kya rishta hai par main tumhe apney aap par haq deyta hoon. Nahin pata kyun par tumhe haq dey ke dill darta nahin hai... Acha lagta hai jab main tumse juda hota hoon.

Riddhima's heart was beating a mile per hour. She had never expected him to say that to her of all people but he did. She didn't know how to react but her heart felt like it had join a marathon.

Sid: kya tum mujhe haq dogi?

Sid looked vulnerable. It looked as though he was preparing himself for rejection and in that moment Riddhima smiled and nodded. She felt immense joy as Sid hands circled her waist and brought her to his chest. She was particularly joyous when placed a light feather-like kiss on her head. He breathed in her unique scent mixed with rain water and realized that no matter where he went and what he did, this moment was forever engraved in his memory. She felt perfect, delicate and just the right fit in his arms. He never felt this way but he loved feeling it. He was in love and there was no running away this time. He wanted this for a life time. He wanted Riddhima always there but him wanting was not enough? What did she want? Sid gazed down into her face and just as he was about to ask a crucial question, someone cleared their throat. Sid looked back to find Dheeraj. Riddhima immediately pulled away.

Dheeraj: wo aunty Riddhima ko bula rahi hai.

Sid: alright.

He pats Riddhima's back and sends but Dheeraj remains in the gazebo with Sid. Sid takes a seat in one of the stairs and Dheeraj sits beside him.

Dheeraj: told her that you loved her?

Sid: Doesn't matter what I told her or didn't tell her. What concerns you is that you look elsewhere for love.

Dheeraj: Sid why does it bother you so much to lose Riddhima to me? You dont want her anyways.

Sid: I want her. God dammit. I want her more than anything I've ever wanted. It's just that I'm not sure of the person I've become. What if I return to my old ways?

Dheeraj: look Sid. If you dont want her then whats the difference if she ends up with me or someone else.

Sid: there is a huge difference, my friend. A major one! If she ends up with you then everyday I'd have to go through the torture of seeing her with you. I would never be alright with seeing her together with another man. I think I will manage better if she chooses someone far from me.

Dheeraj: Why are you so sure you are going to go back to your playing ways?

Sid: I dont know... in the past.

Dheeraj: the past is the past! That's all it is. You need to stop living in the past and move on!

Sid: why are you encouraging me to move on when you know the only woman I would move onto is Riddhima?

Dheeraj: Because I dont love her.

Sid: you dont?

Dheeraj: I was just messing with you.

Sid: kameeney!

Dheeraj: no but seriously you thought that I would go for the girl you're after.

Sid: I just thought...

Dheeraj: you didnt think.. you were too in love to bother.

Sid lightly punched him in his arm. Relieved that they weren't in love with the same woman.

Dheeraj: tell her how you feel Sid. You're not as bad as you think. Plus there is no one better than you. You are the only one there for her. She need a companion and that you can be! If there was a better man looking for her hand in marriage, I would be the first person to tell you to back off but there isnt anyone else.

Sid: You know me.. and how I am...

Dheeraj: All I know is that Riddhima and Aryan need a bright future and they can have that with you..

Sid: your making sense but..

Dheeraj: but what?

Sid: how do I tell her?

Dheeraj laughs really loud and Sid looks at him with a blank face.

Dheeraj: Are you really asking me for advice?

Sid: yeah.. what was I thinking?


The wedding takes place and it was festive affair. Both the families did their best to make the day a joyous celebration. There were two people who more than one reason to celebrate. Sid was carrying his grandmother's ring, planning to propose his lady love. Riddhima was dying with anticipation to meet Sid. They hadn't confessed their love yet and though yesterday Sid's words had unspoken love in them, she still needed to hear them. It was right after the bidaai when Riddhima was in tears for her sister that Sid came behind her and whispered quietly in her ear.

Sid (Whispers): I dont like you in tears but I think I can remedy that.

Riddhima (smiling through her tears): you can?

Sid: meet me at the gazebo in ten minutes.

Riddhima looked back to respond but he was already gone. Riddhima feels an adrenaline rush as she says her farewell to the few remaining guests. She runs to the gazebo in record time looking around for Sid but what she saw took her breath away. There were red lit candles all around the gazebo. The white orchids woven around the pillars of it gave the gazebo a dream-like feel.

She was looking around and hadn't not Sid silently admiring her behind a pillar. His black suit blended with the night as he gazed at Riddhima, who would soon become his Riddhima. She looked beautiful in her red saree with white borders. It was very simple without much designs yet she looked elegant. This was it. He would have her compeltely to himself. He knew he didn't deserve but it his fortune and her misfortune that destiny paired them together. He silently made his way behind her.

Sid: Like it?

Riddhima: Sid... it's... God, I didn't you would do something like this.

Sid: Thank you for having so much faith in me.

Sid laughed softly as she smiled.

Riddhima: You know I didnt mean that. Its lovely.

Sid: that's good because the real surprise is still to come.

Sid smiled at her and went to retrieve something from the steps of the gazebo. He had left his jacket there and ring was in the jacket. Sid would never change!

Riddhima's heart beat faster than a train as she swallowed. She looked around nervously and turned to admire the night sky. The stars adorned the sky beautiful. The moment was perfect and all that was missing was the one man she loved.

Sid came behind Riddhima and quietly bent on his knee. At that moment all his confidence left him as he looked at her back. The starry night, the lit candles and beautiful lady were all perfect but was he? He took a deep breath in.

Sid (thinking): Get yourself together man! You're not some hormonal teen at his first date! You're a grown man for god sake.

He was about to propose to call out her name but his breath stopped short when he noticed something or rather someone. Sid gets up before Riddhima spots him on his knee and slips the ring back in his pocket.

Con: nobody can mess with your life the way you do Sid.

Riddhima turns to her side when she feels a presence and as she turns, she feels her heart stop. There standing in to her side was the man she thought she'd never meet. Someone who she had long forgotten. Was this a dream that she desperately needed to wake up from?

Riddhima: Suraj?


(Sorry couldn't resist)

Note: To all who has forgotten; Suraj was Riddhima's fiance. 

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