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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 84)

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Originally posted by sid_ridz

ohh how can i miss this update...Shocked

it is really our SR falling for each other Wink

plz continue soon
THANKS! AND im updating now! Hope your not bored of it!

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Originally posted by Liashna

Update as soon as possible... Read this FF againDay Dreaming

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Things were moving around fast in the Guptas household as it would in any household that anticipated a marriage ceremony. Adi's parents were immensely happy that their son had decided to settle down and immediately gave their consent once they met Vidya. Everyone was extremely excited and deliriously happy. Everyone except Sid. Because while everyone had an idea of what the future had in store for them, Sid was completely lost. He was torn between right and wrong. He knew he wanted a 'happy ending' for Riddhima where she would find the right guy and live happily ever after. And the only thing that hindered Sid's 'perfect man hunt' was his own growing feelings. Having never felt such things, he wasn't sure how to deal with his emotions. And not only that, but he was overly attached to Aryan as man would be to his son. The only thing that stood in the path of his confession was his uncertainty. Sid wasn't a child so he knew what he felt for Riddhima was beyond friendship but then again, how many girls had he claimed to love in his past? Was this relationship a longterm one? Or was he going to get bored and get rid of her too? If this was any other girl he'd take the risk but this was Riddhima. She had been through a lot because of him. Was it fair for him to gamble everything they had for the sake of a love, he was uncertain of? In truth, his past scared him. What if the old Sid resurfaced? He'd never be able to face the mirror if he hurt Riddhima.

As he paced the living room in deep thought, he was unaware of Dheeraj's presence behind him. He didn't see his friend quietly observing him.

Dheeraj: kya pareshaan kar raha hai?

Sid: kya matlab?

Dheeraj: what's bothering you? You seem deep in thought.

Sid: ahh nothing just thinking about Riddhima.

(Dheeraj looked at Sid suspiciously while Sid hastened to make amends to his statement)

Sid: I mean I was thinking about how to fix her future. After all the whole Suraj episode was due to me. As a friend, I need to look after her.

(Dheeraj was quiet for a minute. He knew Sid's feelings ran deeper than mere friendship but refused to comment on it. He had seen the subtle but sure changes taking over Sid. For instance, Sid would talk much less about girls, sure he'd playfully praise some of them but he wasn't his usual self. Dheeraj knew Sid for too long to not notice this.)

Dheeraj: yeah me too.

Sid: you too?

Dheeraj: I mean I can't stop thinking about her of late. I mean she's so humble and kind, it kind of puzzles me to think someone like her could be hurt so badly. She's beautiful inside out!

(Sid was surprised at the sudden jolt of irritation that ran through him. For some reason he didn't like this free flow of praises that Dheeraj had for Riddhima)

Sid: yeah pretty sad.

Dheeraj: Riddhima deserves someone better than that Suraj.

Sid: yeah..

Dheeraj: some like me.

(Sid's head snapped up. Did his bestfriend just admit to having feeling for the same girl Sid couldn't get out of his mind? 

Dheeraj on the other hand wanted to laugh. The look on Sid's face after his false confession was hilarious. He was shocked out of his life)

Sid: but.. But what about Mona?

Dheeraj: Mona isn't worth all the pain. You were right!

Sid: no I wasn't!

(Sid was confused by his own response. Why was he so reluctant? Dheeraj was a good man who would take good care of her but somehow that wasn't enough!)

Con: that isn't enough? I think that no man will be good enough for Riddhima since the only man you want for her is yourself!

{Author's note: I know Con has been gone for a considerable amount of time so this for all that missed him! Ohk this conversation might get a little confusing since Sid will be replying to both Con and Dheeraj. Every time he 'thinks' an answer, he's replying to Con, other than that its all to Dheeraj. So keep your eyes open to realize who he's replying to! } 


Sid (thinking): shut up!

Dheeraj: you weren't right?

Sid: I mean to say that... Mona is your first love. How can you just forget about her?

Dheeraj: but you said I needed to get over Mona.

Con: I'm a witness to that.

Sid (thinking): kaminey! Tu kiske side peh hai?

Con: sachai mera dharm hai.

Sid: what I meant was you need time to think through your emotions. You need wait and see if your feelings last.

Dheeraj: I know they will.

Sid: they won't! How long have you known her for?

Con: its his feelings, let him be the judge of them!

Dheeraj: Sid I'm sure of what I feel for Riddhima. I want to pursue her!

Sid: but she has a child!

Con: that was a cheap move.

Sid (thinking): I know. Please Shut Up!

Dheeraj: would Aryan bother you?

Sid: of course not.

Dheeraj: then why would he be a bother to me?

Sid (thinking): because he's not your son!

Con: so you're telling me, Aryan's yours?

Dheeraj: I've made up my mind. Riddhima is the girl for me.

(Dheeraj leaves and Sid puts his head in his hands. He knows he's supposed to be a good friend and encourage Dheeraj but he couldn't bring himself to it.)

Con (sarcastically): well that went well.

Sid: what do you want me to do?!

Con: I'm not your mother I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you what you truly feel. I'm a mirror of your inner self but I'm not some Guru to lead to the right path, bud. I'm only your conscience.

Sid: God, you're useless!

Riddhima was busy as a bee with the upcoming wedding. She was to make sure that this would be the best day in her sister's life and she was set out to make it happen. With her thoughts absorbed by different color schemes, she didnt realize Dheeraj approaching her. 

Dheeraj: Hey..

(Riddhima jumps slightly startled by him but manages to flash him a smile. He was Sid's friend and that was enough for Riddhima to like him aswell)

Riddhima: Dheeraj... Is there something you needed?

Dheeraj: yeah, I needed some unbiased opinion. I couldn't rely on Sid since the man barely knows what he wants from life let alone advise me. 

(Riddhima laughs as she thinks of the confused Sid she's come across)

Riddhima: what did you want my help in?

(Dheeraj looks around, pretending to be uncomfortable. In reality there was no advice needed, Dheeraj was just trying to get under Sid's skin by being close to Riddhima and it definitely worked since he could see Sid walking around aimlessly but Dheeraj knew Sid was keeping an eye on  him. 

Sid stood far apart from them. He stood observing the hand gestures by Dheeraj and Riddhima's smile)

Sid (thinking): does she have to smile like that for him!

Con: you're just annoyed she's not smiling at you.

Sid: Dheeraj and her are not a good match.

Con: and why is that?

Sid: Riddhima is a doctor, her profession demands a lot of her time. 

Con: Dheeraj is an understanding man. 

Sid: but.. but they're not compatible. 

Con: we'll just have to wait and find out..

Sid: you're not being helpful. 

Con: you're not being reasonable.

(Sid looked towards Riddhima and Dheeraj and instant anger seized him. They were going towards the garden and Sid couldn't help but feel disappointment. Why was Riddhima going into the garden with his best friend?)

Riddhima: Dheeraj would you tell me already what's the issue?

Dheeraj: There's this girl. 

Riddhima: there usually is.

Dheeraj: well I've been meaning to pursue her lately.

(Riddhima nods, feeling tensed. Why was Dheeraj telling her all this?)

Riddhima: Why are you telling me this?

Dheeraj: Because you... 

Riddhima: Me what?!

(Riddhima feels her pulse racing. Though Dheeraj was a great guy, he wasn't what she was looking for. For some reason, Sid's face popped in her head when she thought of her life ahead.)

 Dheeraj: well you're a girl and you probably know how a girl thinks and help me out on this!

Riddhima: Oh!

(Riddhima laughed as relief filled her heart  while in the edge of the garden jealousy fills Sid's heart.)

Sid: this is stupid. I shouldn't be spying on her. For all I know, they could just be talking about the weather! 

Con: And what if they're not? What if they're talking about something more... intimate perhaps?

Sid: Not Riddhima. No. She's not that kind of a girl. She wouldn't openly flirt with anyone. She's reserved. The Riddhima I've come to know isn't the type to play around.

Con: Right but you're forgetting that she's been a lonely woman for too long. It's only fair that she looks for a companion now. 

Sid: But Dheeraj? Out of all the people?

Con: Why not Dheera? Perhaps because you had someone else in mnd for Riddhima?

Sid: Yes! As a matter of a fact I did and it's Suraj.

Con: Sid please stop lying to yourself and admit it that what you feel for Riddhima is deeper than what you think?

Sid: Con... No. I might be attracted to her and perhaps love her but it's not something I can't get over. Riddhima deserves a better life and I can't give her that. For all I know, I might get bored of her two weeks after marriage. I can't do this to her.

Con: Well then, get used to seeing her with other men!

Sid (whispers): I dont know if I can get used to that...

After advicing Dheeraj on his issue with Mona, Riddhima heads to the kitchen with a smile on her face. She feels good to have helped Dheeraj solve an issue and therefore is in a cheerful mood. Once in the kitchen, she witnesses Sid with Aryan trying to cook something.  

Riddhima: Arrey. Let me help.    (Riddhima reaches for the bowl where Sid is mixing the eggs but Sid quickly turns the other way. Riddhima is baffled as he gives her a cold stare, his irritation with her 'overly-friendly' behaviour with Dheeraj gets the better of him. He can't help his jealousy nor the way she makes him feel)  

Sid: main karloonga.  

Riddhima: Arrey... Lekin main kardein thi hoon na.  

Sid: tumhe aisey kyun lagta hai ke har cheez mein tumhari madat ki zaroorat hai?  

Riddhima: mujhe lagaa ke..  

Sid: galat lagaa mein kar sakta hoon!  

Aryan: papa... mama ko karne do na waisey bhi aap ne kaha tha keh aap ko omelette banana nahin aata?  

Sid: main bana raha hoon na?  

Riddhima: Sid bekaar ki zidh chod do. Main kar loongi.   

Sid: Bekaar ki zidh? khud joh bekaar logon seh bekaar ki gappe lagati ho woh theek hai?  

Riddhima: bekaar logon seh? Kya keh rahe ho Sid?  

Aryan: mama aap banana do na... pichle 20 minute mein 15 ande barbaad kar chuke hain!  

Riddhima: Sid hato main banana deti hoon.  

(She forcefully takes the egg mixture from him)  

Sid: banado lekin mujhe nahin khana..  

Riddhima: par Sid tumhe toh bhook lagi thi na?  

Sid: Margayi.  

Riddhima: isse kya hua?  


To say the week was hard on Sid would be an understatement. Everywhere he'd look for Riddhima, he'd find Dheeraj with her. For some 'unknown' reason it left a bitter taste in his mouth and to aggravate him more, Riddhima wouldn't even realize his bad mood and if she did, she showed indifference.

Sid: Ramu kaka, Riddhima ko dekha hai kya?

RK: nahin pata saab... 

Riddhima: yahan hoon! 

(Riddhima smiles cheerfully, hoping that Sid is finally over his bad mood. The whole week he had been nothing but rude to her. She took it all in a stride but then he would smile and laugh with everyone except her. He would usually avoid her like she had caught some remediless disease. It bothered her greatly. She would be distracted from work often but tried her best not to let it show)

Riddhima: you called for me?

Sid: You're alone?

Riddhima (confused): yes.

Sid: that's surprising.

Riddhima: why would it be surprising?

Sid: no, it's just that recently you and dheeraj have developed some unbreakable bond. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were attached physically.

(Sid didn't mean to be so rude but it boiled his blood to see them always smiling or laughing about something or the other like they shared some private joke. It irked Sid to witness Riddhima being so comfortable with Dheeraj)

Riddhima: What's that supposed to mean?

 Sid: I'm surprised you came alone that's all.

Riddhima: We are just friends.

Sid: I wouldn't bet on that. 

Riddhima: Do you seriously think I have something going with Dheeraj?

Sid: It doesn't matter what I think. It matters what your behaviour portrays!

Riddhima: he's a guest and I'm being a good host.

Sid: A host?! Really? To me it seems the only guest you are aware of is Dheeraj! There are other people in this house Riddhima!

Riddhima: But.. Dheeraj needs my help with something. 

Sid: All the time?! 

Riddhima: Sid.. I just.

Sid: This whole week, do you know what I've been hearing everytime I ask for you? 'oh she's probably with Dheeraj' 'Dheeraj ke saath hogi' 'Arrey abhi abhi toh Dheeraj keh saath thi' Dheeraj yeh Dheeraj woh! God damn it! Am I your husband or is he?!

Riddhima: Sid you're not my husband. 

Sid: Yeah. You're right. I am not. Acha hua keh yaad dila diya! Abh jao Dheeraj ke paas!

  The relatives of the groom had arrived and Adi had been asked to leave the house since the bride and groom couldn't stay in the same place. A heavy hearted Adi left and some of his relatives came to live with the bride. A particular girl seemed smitten with Sid at first sight and ofcourse Riddhima didn't fail to notice this though Sid did. Sid was too busy in his state of jealousy and confusion to notice the flirtatious girl around him. Sid had his eyes open for Dheeraj while Riddhima was beginning to realize she didn't like the way the girl looked Sid. But with the wedding guests to serve, they had no time for conversation. Their last conversation was still fresh in Sid's memory where Riddhima didn't take more than a second to remind him he wasn't her husband. Sid wondered if that was her subtle way of her telling him she didn't have any feeling for him.   

Con: Maybe she's trying to tell you that she's moving on with Dheeraj and you should just get a life.  

(Sid's grip on the flowers tightened as he drapped it down the staircase as he remembered Dheeraj and Riddhima together. A girl bumped Sid on her way down stairs and Sid didn't pay a mind to what the girl was giggling about but Riddhima did. She witnessed how the girl purposefully bumped into Sid on her way and giggled on the contact. For some reason, that didn't settle well with Riddhima and without a second thought she went to Sid)  

Riddhima: Sid..  

Sid: Glad you noticed me.   

Riddhima: Why are you so annoyed by me?  

Sid: Me? I dont have any reason to be annoyed with you.   

Riddhima: you're annoyed.   

Sid: If you're so convinced I'm annoyed then I can't really help you.  

Riddhima: Sid you've been very distant and cold this week..  

Sid: Is there a reason why you're here Riddhima or are you just here to complain?  

(Sid couldn't help his irritation. He couldn't understand his jealousy and moreover didn't want to be reminded of how rude he had been to her. The poor girl had tried to be patient with him but Sid couldn't help his annoyance from taking control of his speech)  

Riddhima: I..  just.. well you saw the girl right now?  

Sid: What girl?  

Riddhima: the one that just passed by you?  

Sid: yeah.. so?  

Riddhima: well she might be interested in you.  

Sid: And why does that concern you?  

Riddhima: well I am your..  

Sid (cuts in): You're not my wife.   

Riddhima: but..  

Sid: but nothing. We're not married so both of us have complete freedom to be interested in others.   

(Riddhima just stared at him. For some reason, the way he disregarded their relationship bothered her; the way he indirectly spoke of his interest in the other girl made her angry. What right did she have to be angry? He wasn't her husband but then why did she feel so lost at the thought of him leaving her for someone else)      

Riddhima: I know that I'm not your wife but I my family thinks we're married so can we pretend at least?

Sid: ofcourse. That's all we can ever be! Supposed husband and wife.

Riddhima: Sid what are you so annoyed about?

Sid: Riddhima. I've got work if that was all you had to say then you can leave.

(Riddhima stares at him but doesnt have anything to say and finally leaves.)

Con: I dont think she likes you much.

Sid: Con, shut up!

(Sid finishes everything that needs to be done for Sangeet and Riddhima manages the kitchen. They both avoid each other and as the ceremony begins. Sid dresses into a sherwani while Riddhima dresses in a sari. Her red sari was lovely as it draped around her and though Sid had decided avoid her, he couldn't help his eyes from drifting to her. Riddhima felt an ounce of satisfaction when she caught Sid's admiring gaze though he quickly diverted. For some reason she had taken extra care of her appearance tonight. For an odd reason, she felt nervous of what Sid might think of her. She was never nervous of what he might think nor did she care but tonight she did. Against his will, Sid's feet carried him through the crowd to Riddhima. He felt the need to ask for a dance. Sid froze a few feet from her as he realized Dheeraj was already by her side with a glass of juice. Sid turned around without so much of a back glance to the pair)

Dheeraj: Who are you looking for?

Riddhima: Sid. He was here right now but I dont know anymore.

Dheeraj: Oh. There he is. 

(Riddhima craned her neck to see Sid standing beside the same girl from earlier. Riddhima's hands bunched at her sides as she saw Sid bend while she whispered something in his ear. Sid gave a polite smile and nodded. Then she saw the pair enter the crowd of dancers and though they weren't dancing as a pair, Riddhima could see they didn't let go of one another in the crowd. Riddhima looked away trying to remind herself that this wasn't her husband so she didn't have a right to feel bad if he chose to dance with someone else

Sid was devastatingly bored. The girl dancing next to him was the most annoying thing he had seen in his life. She kept gloating about her life and all Sid did was nod politely. She was intelligent nor witty like Riddhima.He wanted to leave her and go but then where could he go? Adi was busy with his fiance and he didn't know anyone else in this party. Riddhima was one person he could go to but seeing she was busy with Dheeraj. He could seriously punch his bestfriend right now! Thus Sid dances more with the annoying girl. Soon Sid feels eyes on himself, he looks back to find Riddhima staring at him. He smiles sardonically at her and continues dancing. His smile falters when he sees fresh tears gather in her eyes. His body stops dancing when he sees her broken expression. In that moment, no one else mattered in the room to Sid. All that mattered was Riddhima was close to tears and was backing away from the crowd. He had promised to take care of her but now he was the one who hurt. It seemed as though the more Sid tried to bury his problems, the more he dug his own grave. 

Riddhima felt hurt. She had taken extra time to dress up and try as might, she couldn't deny that deep down she was looking for Sid's approval. The disappointment stung when Sid chose to dance with someone else and not bother looking at her. The jealousy hurt when he threw her a mocking smile while he danced with someone else. And suddenly the crowded room was suffocating and the music was too noisy. All she wanted to do was go back to the confines of her room and forget this ever happened. She quickly withdrew from the crowd and made her way to her room. Once she got in it, she threw her bangles on the dressing table. She struggled with her earrings. Her maang tikka followed as her tears came down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them with the back of her hand. She then stashed her hair to the side as she tried to take off the heavy necklace but before she could undo the knot, larger hands covered her smalled ones. She didn't need to open her eyes to know it's Sid. She knew it by the way his hands held hers. She knew it by the way his breath fanned her neck. He gently removed her hands.)

Sid: Riddhima. 

Riddhima: Sid just leave. 

(Riddhima tried to take control by trying to undo the knot but Sid held her hands. He turned her to face him but she stubbornly refused to look at him. He placed a finger under her chin and lifted to meet his eyes)

Sid: look at me.

(Riddhima finally looked through her tearful eyes and guilt crawled into Sid's heart. It was her sister's sangeet and look at what he'd done to her. He gently removed the bang that had partially covered her eye)

Sid: I'm an idiot.

(Riddhima just stared at him)

Sid: I really am.

(Riddhima nodded and a  small smile crept onto Sid's face but he schooled his expression after receiving a glare from her)

Sid: Acha. I'm sorry.

Riddhima: for?

Sid: You know what.

(Riddhima crossed her arms and looked away) 

Sid: You want me to say the whole thing, dont you?

Riddhima: You dont have to. Its not like your answerable to me anyways. I dont have any right over you.

(A flash of anger passes through Sid at the way she quickly dismissed him. He didn't care of if she had any right over him or not, Sid was sorry and he wanted her to know that. She turns to leaves but Sid grabs her hand, restricting her)

Sid: I'm sorry for not mentioning how beautiful you looked tonight. 

(Riddhima looked back at him as he went and retrieved her bangles and gently slid one after the other over her wrist)

Sid: I'm sorry for not asking you to the dance I so badly wanted to ask you to.

(Riddhima stared at him wide eyed but his eyes were glued at her wrist as he slid the bangles. He looked up and smiled as he got her maang tikka)

Sid: I'm sorry for openly flirting with another when what I really wanted was to just come back to you

(Riddhima manages a small smile through the dried tears as she realizes that he missed the way she missed him. They had been together in the same place yet miles apart. Sid goes and takes her earrings)

Sid: I'm sorry for ruining the night you had every right to enjoy.

(He places one earring and moves to perform the next)

Sid: But mostly I'm sorry for my rude behaviour this past weeks. I cant explain to you why I was the way I was but I promise I wont do that again. 

(Sid turns her to face him and flashes a devilish smile)

Sid: So am I forgiven?

Riddhima (whispers): I think so. Though there was nothing to forgive. You didn't have to apologize. We're aren't..

Sid (cuts in): I know. But I had no right to embarrass you infront of your family. Can you look past this and spend the rest of the ceremony with me?

Riddhima: yes. 

Sid: Me, alone. 

Riddhima: Yes, you alone!

Sid: Good because I'm not good at sharing the things I like.

(Before Riddhima could get over the shock and ask what he meant, he holds out his arm to her)

Sid: Then lets go down and celebrate together the way we wanted to. Shall we?

(Riddhima smiles as Sid offers her his arm to hold on to like a perfect gentleman)

Riddhima: Yes we shall.

(Needless to say, the rest of the ceremony was a bliss for the couple. Riddhima took great pleasure in introducing herself as Sid's wife to the girl he had been dancing with earlier. Sid held in a laugh at the wicked smile that appeared on Riddhima's face watching the girl walk away. Soon after, Sid got the chance to dance with her and unlike other times, this time the dance meant something. It sped their heart beat just a little bit, they smiled just a little wider and had eyes only for one another. And also in that moment did Riddhima finally realize that she was hopelessly in love with the man that she thought was nothing but a nuisance)

Sorry for the late update. Okay so I know that was alot of drama but they had to realize what they felt for each other! And to anyone who might think that Sid doesn't love her enough; it's not that Sid doesn't love her enough, it's just that he is a player. He has been one all his life and would be unrealistic for him to change over night. It will take him time to differentiate between love and infatuations. So no, this isn't the end. The whole point of this story is to show that your faults aren't just harmful for others but also yourself. Thus Sid will also have to realize that his casanova ways weren't just harmful to his girlfriends but also to his character! 
Now tell me what you thought of the update since it was full on SR. And if you think it could've been better then tell me without 'jijhak'!

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monty22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
hi zohal
we all miss u so much. i m so happy for u that u got admission in BBA.
i m sure u will do ur best. for update baby u r always  amazings at this age u have such  gr8 talent . as for my opinion u had protrayed sid's confusion about his emotions & feelings very's justified.
i looking forward for next update.bye take care .
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Originally posted by monty22

hi zohal
we all miss u so much. i m so happy for u that u got admission in BBA.
i m sure u will do ur best. for update baby u r always  amazings at this age u have such  gr8 talent . as for my opinion u had protrayed sid's confusion about his emotions & feelings very's justified.
i looking forward for next update.bye take care .

Hey!! How have you been? I trust everything is well and fine!
Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it! 

I will try and update ASAP and do take care of yourself!
-jas- IF-Dazzler

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Zohaaalll Hug
First of all congrats on getting into BBA I'm sure u'll do greatEmbarrassed

coming to the update it was fab!! Loved how u portrayed Sid's feelings n confusion regarding Riddhima..I love how Sid knows what he has with Riddhima is more than friendship but he's scared he'll treat her like other girls in past shows hw mch he loves n cares for herEmbarrassed
Dheeraj ugghhh more than Sid I wanna kill himLOL love what he's doing tho Siddhant Modi is getting jealous haha love it n so is Riddhima Tongue I'm so glad Riddhima realized she hopelessly loves Sid hope Sid realizes his love for Riddhima n soon we see a confession n some romantic moments btwn SR Day Dreaming 

Eagerly waiting for the next update!!!
and we missed ya Hug
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Welcome back Zohal Hug & Congooo on getting admission in BBA :D
Update is amazing as always :)
I loved how u showed Sid's feelings & confusion . Both SR r getting jealous haha I likey ;) Loved the last scene where Sid said sorry to her <3 Finally Ridz accepted that she loves Sid .. hope he realize it too ;)
Looking forward to the next part :D

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