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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 81)

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -veena.shona-

wowww such a romantic update Embarrassed

Sid falling for Ridzy Day Dreaming

n Ridzy blushing at his every little compliment Blushing

d proposal!!! i cld actually imagine tht!! Day Dreaming

do finallyyy Sid is done wid Sanaya!! Wink

n d last scene!! d bst part is tht dey r bth trusting each oder Big smile

Thanks Veena! 
Yeah he finally is falling!
Glad u liked the proposal! and yeah Sid let go of her!
Glad u liked all!!

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged

Originally posted by neet06

You say romance isn't your forte but your writing proves otherwise dear Big smile

Sid falling for Riddhima... Haiyeee,,,,, I guess its true that when two people are meant to be the whole cosmos conspires to bring them together... Embarrassed

The proposal scene was sooo romantic.. Especially those lines... They were so unique, so heartfelt and so wonderful... I am saving those lines just coz I love them sooo much..

Poor Sid, my heart broke with his when he recounted about the incident with his mom.. 
I liked how Riddhima tried to cheer him up and simply loved the shooting scene.. Darn Adi man.. kya timing hai... I so wanna know what Sid intended to ask... 

Sanaya.. Well... I guess its understandable how she reacted given that this is something no one would except to come across in their wildest dreams.. As insensitive as it sounds, at least now Sid can romance and woo Riddhima without the guilt of betraying Sanaya weighing heavuly on his conscience.

I missed Sid-Aryan interaction but the update on the whole was so wonderful, I don't really mind it.. 

Oh and I most definitely loved how Sid almost kissed Riddhima and Riddhima opening up to him and saying that Aryan never was, is or will be a mistake and she'd go through anything or everything for him... 

Great going and pls update soon...



Neet!! What can I say?!
Ur awesome! Honestly I think ur analysis of the update is better than the update itself! 
I was kind of unsure of line myself but after reading your comment, I guess I did it right!
And wht sid wanted to ask remains a secret Wink
LOL yeah yeah... I know everyone is rejoicing that Sanaya is out of the picture!
And Sid Aryan is coming in full form in the next update!
And Neet... THANK YOU!

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mala1108

Finally an update!!!
Awesome update... Sid falling for Riddhima... the proposal was superb...
continue soon

Thanks Mala!! Glad u liked it!!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sr-medha

Zohal...another awesome update...!!

cant give a long comment coz of exams.. :(
P.S.> you forgot to PM me... :/

Thank you!!
And no worries as long as u like it I'm glad
And so sorry abt not PMing!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by loveSR

finally u updated...nice update...want more SR scenes...

continue soon...

Thanks!! And will try to write up better SR scenes!!
And will do!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Liashna

Update soon... I remember, i had reserved * Embarrassed*

Its alright!! I'm glad u liked it!!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nomadsoul

This really long break just when SR realization is about to happen is a torture you know.. Why do you hate us Zo? Ermm

I dont hate you! Cant hate you!! and u know it!! 
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged

(I had written this last night but wanted to reply to all the awesome comments! And ppl thanks for not giving up on this! Hope u like it)

SId paced up and down his room.

Con: What is bothering you selfish man?

Sid: It's been a week and no reply from Suraj and to add more tension to my already messed up life was Dheeraj's depression. As if that was not enough Adi picks a moment to declare his love for Vidya. For God's sake he's not known the girl for more than a month!

Con: What about your ever growing infatuation with Riddhima?

Sid: Have you been drinking?

Con: I'm your conscience. I dont get drunk, thats your job and trust me your very good at it!

Sid: Mere kaunse janam ka paap hai tu?

Con: Ek ho to bataoon

(Sid shakes his head and resumes his pacing. He didn't want to think about Riddhima. He needed to focus away from Riddhima because Sid wasn't a fool, he knew Riddhima was beautiful, young and above all very smart. It wouldn't be very hard for him to fall for her. Quite the opposite actually. So if he avoided thinking or even meeting Riddhima at all then he could avoid falling for her. There were enough complications in their life. He didn't need more. 

So it was decided he would avoid Riddhima and bring her life back to normal. At this point there was a knock on the door and Riddhima's mom enters)

RM: Sid beta Sushant tumhe bula rahey hain

Sid (mumbling): Ab kya kiya?!

(He reaches Sushant who seemed to be deep in thought)

Sushant: Sid aawo beta...

Sid: woh aapney bulaya tha...

Sushant: haan kuch baat karni thi tumse. Beta iss Adi ke barey mein kya keh saktey ho?

Sid: Adi mere saath kaam karta hai. Qabil doctor hai..

Sushant: Nahin beta woh sab to pata hai par larka kaisa hai?

Sid: aap bewaja pareshan horahe ho. Larka bilkul seedha sadha hai aur Vidya seh bohot pyar karta hai. Woh ussey khush rake ga. 

Sushant: jis tarah tum Riddhima ko khush rakhte ho?

(Sid was tongue tied. He hadn't expected that)

Sid: Mujse bhi zyada pyar karega Adi.

(Sushant laughs and pats him on his shoulder. They have idle chat after that. Riddhima comes into the room with tea, Sid visibly stiffens.)

Riddhima: what's wrong?

Sid: nothing really. 

Con: except that I am beginning to fall in love with you...

Riddhima: Are you sure?

Sid: ah haan...

Con: Sid your such a liar. 

(Sid scowls at his conscience. He excuses himself and leaves abruptly to find Adi)

Sid: Adi we need to talk..

Adi: yeah?

Sid: How serious are you about life?

Adi: Why do you sound like my father right now?

Sid: Look all I am trying to ask is will you be able to take care of Vidya? Are you serious with what your doing?

Adi: Are you actually asking me this?

Sid: Adi your a friend of mine and as much I love you, I do care of Riddhima's family too and I would break too many of your bones if you so much bring a tear to the girl's eyes.

Adi (straightens up and looks Sid in the eye): I am serious. This is what I want and I will take care of her.

Sid (smiles): Good. May God never put me in a situation like this again. 

(They both laugh and continue like that heartfelt conversation hadn't happened. Riddhima walks into the room and Sid makes a lame excuse of finding something to eat. Riddhima silently follows him knowing he didn't know his way around the kitchen. She stands by the door frame as he roomages through everything in search of something to eat. She stand there holding back laugh as he hurts himself quite a few times in the process.)

Riddhima (slightly laughing): I think you need help. 

Sid (rubbing his forehead where it hurt): I'm glad you find my agony entertaining

Riddhima: I am sorry...

(She tries to put a straight face but fails. Sid looks away from her in frustration. Riddhima walks to towards him and takes his hand off his forehead and goes closer to inspect the wound)

Riddhima: Sid... Sid... always hurting himself. 

(When Sid does say a sly comeback she looks towards him and finds him looking at her intently. Riddhima's heart began doing flip flops at the way Sid was staring at her. Sid on the other hand stood mesmarized by Riddhima. She was all the more prettier up close, was that even possible. At this point, the house could've gone on fire and Sid wouldn't have noticed. Slowly Riddhima tries to lift her hand away but Sid catches her wrist. He holds her there wanting to prolong the moment.)

Vidya: di... oh sorry... 

(As Vidya leaves so does the moment. Sid and Riddhima pull apart simultaneously. They look awkwardly at everything but each other.)

Aryan: Dad... 

Sid (relieved for the distraction): Aryan! 

Aryan: I want to go to the park. 

Sid: now?

Aryan: of course!! I am very bored!

(Sid smiles while Riddhima grimaces. Aryan wasn't like this. He wouldn't demand stuff from Riddhima, the way he was demanding from Sid. But Sid was happy because in his eyes, this is exactly what kids do! So Sid takes his hand begins to walk out of the kitchen)

Aryan: I want to go on the swings Dad! The swings!

Sid: beta dont you think its enough already?  we've been here for quite some time now!

Aryan: Last thing Dad! Last! Pleaaase!! 

(With Aryan begging like that, there was no way Sid could turn him down)

Sid: Alright but this is the last thing you will be enjoying!

(Aryan squealed and the stood in line for the swings since many kids were already there. They waited and waited and finally Riddhima called ordering them to come home since it was getting late. Aryan stood looking extremely dejected as they entered the house. Sid felt really bad. 

After dinner Sid got an idea and left the house. Riddhima waited for him long but he didnt come. She called him and he had said not to bother and he would be there. He was being slightly secretive. Riddhima began to think that maybe he had gone to meet one of his girlfriends. Could it be? she didnt know but that was most likely the reason. The thought of Sid meeting another girl didn't settle well with Riddhima. It bothered her as she tossed in turned in bed. Had Sid really gone to meet another girl? And if so then she shouldn't care right. Why should she care? He could meet all the girls he wants! And although she pretended to not care, the thought of him with another girl left her restless. She couldn't sleep. Why couldn't she sleep?!)

Riddhima: No Sid isn't bothering me. He can go meet whoever he wants. I dont care. But he could have told me! Stop thinking about him Riddhima! I cant sleep because...I... I am just not comfortable. I need to wear more comfortable clothes to bed! 

(She gets up and walks to her closet and pulls out a night gown she had been avoiding to wear since she had to share the room with Sid. Tonight, however, since he wasnt coming home, she should get comfortable. She wears the red night gown and all of a sudden the door opens. Riddhima stands there mortified as Sid comes in completely calm. He looks up at her and gets confused at her sudden shock.)

Sid: sorry I got caught in traffic and... 

(His voice trails off as he realizes what Riddhima was wearing. It wasnt too revealing in any way but just the fact that it was a night gown made both of them uncomfortable. He looks away shyly) 

Sid: you know what, I think I need to water the plants! 

(He says that and takes off like his trousers are on fire. Riddhima getting over the initial shock, burst out laughing at Sid's sudden flight! Who needs to water plants at 3:00 am?! Sid will be Sid! 
Sid on the other hand was sort of shaken. He goes into the garden and starts working on what he had left.  Riddhima joins him and thankfully wearing a robe. She was proving to be too much distraction lately. Sid shook his thoughts away and continued working)

Riddhima: What are you doing?

Sid: building a swing. 

Riddhima: WHAT??!

Sid: shhh Riddhima everyone's asleep! 

Riddhima: Are you insane?! Who, in their right mind, builds a ship at 3:00 am?

Sid: Its a surprise and your ruining it with your loud voice!

Riddhima: And why can't you give this surprise in the morning?! Why does it have to be at 3:00 am?

Sid: If I assemble a swing in the morning, you think Aryan wouldn't notice?!

Riddhima: You're doing this for Aryan?

Sid: then who else? I think your father is a bit too old for swings if you were hoping I'd do this for him.


(They work in silence. Riddhima handing him the bolts and nuts when needed while sid set up the swing in her garden)

Sid: all done! 

Riddhima: Yeah I know. We've done it!

(They both turn to leave to their room)

Sid: hey Riddhima..

Riddhima: yeah?

Sid (asks teasingly) : why are you wearing this night gown tonight? 

(Riddhima turns red)

Sid: are you trying to impress me? 

(Embarrassment washes through Riddhima)

Sid (playfully): or better yet, trying to seduce me?

(Riddhima now gets that he was only joking and playfully slaps his arm as they enter the room. The next morning Sid wakes up along side Aryan. They get ready for the day and finally Riddhima wakes up. She gets up and gets ready for the day. Sid stands by the door waiting for her. She finally comes out and they walk down the stairs. Sid bends and whispers in her ear)

Sid (whispering): By the way, red looks good on you. 

(Riddhima gets confused, trying to think of a time she wore red. She remembers last night and blushes a deep red color)

Sid: They look good on your cheeks too.

(He winks and carries Aryan and leaves for the garden to surprise the little kid.)

Aryan: MAMAA!!! 

(Sid and Riddhima laugh at his excitement. Sid looks over to Riddhima and gets caught in her smile. She looks extrodinarily beautiful with a smile like and pride creeps into Sid's chest at the thought that he made her smile. God, he could get used to this!)

Con: Think your falling for Riddhima?

Sid: Definitely.

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