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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 75)

-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Zohal plzzz update soon Embarrassed

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sr-medha Goldie

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Zohal update soon yaar :)

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loveSR Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 2:56am | IP Logged
nxt part...Angry

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sid_ridz IF-Dazzler

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update soon...Cry

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AmElOdI Goldie

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awesome mindblowing update 
waiting for next part

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update soon

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Zohan where are u???
Plz update soon na

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Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Okay, first off, I am sorry for the very late update! And I hope u guys still remember the story! And Thank you so so so much for all your replies! It really is so sweet of you people and helps me write better and finally, do not hesitate to be my critique! Alright here goes:-

Part 20

Sid paced up and down the room. He knew it was time for breakfast but wasn't feeling up for it. He was guilty all week for earning Sushant's trust but not deserving it. He had figured that if he set Riddhima's life up with a perfect partner then it would make everything alright. He researched and found that Suraj was a doctor in one of the best hospitals in Canada and reached the conclusion that he was a good match. He had sent him several emails during the week but received none in reply. Sid was getting anxious now. Riddhima walks in the room.

Riddhima: Sid... Breakfast is served what are you doing up here?

Sid: Thinking..

Riddhima: Thinking? That must be an entirely new experience for you! How does it feel?

Sid: haha... Riddhima is being sarcastic

Riddhima: Fine.. what bothering you?

Sid: not worth mentioning.

Riddhima: ofcourse it is. You've been pacing up and down the room since morning. You probably wore the carpet out.

Sid: very funny... by the way I forgot to mention...

(Sid turns serious and Riddhima looks at him confused)

Sid: you look incredibly pretty today.

(Sid teases her knowing she would blush. She did as she had countless of times during the week since Sid kept complimenting her to tease her. He had been doing so ever since he found out she blushes easily)

Riddhima: You're not off the hook. What's bothering you?

Sid: Its nothing I just missed my dad... thats all.

Riddhima (smiles) : Dad? Not Sanaya?

Sid: Sanaya? How'd you know about her?

Riddhima: she has been calling you all week. You think I wouldn't notice?

Sid: Ahh... right.. Well yes then thats my fiance's name.

Riddhima: It's a beautiful name.

Sid: yeah.. she's a beautiful girl.

(Riddhima suddenly doesn't like how she felt when Sid complimented another girl.)

Riddhima (still smiles): and lucky too.

Sid: Of course. A guy like myself is a hard catch these days. I shall shower now and then have breakfast.

(Riddhima just laughs. Knowing Sid and his obsession with himself there was no point in arguing. Sid gets up to get shower and pulls out his shirt from the pile and messes the whole thing)

Riddhima: Sid! You ruined the whole pile of well ironed shirts!

Sid: but I wanted to wear this particular shirt and is it my fault you put it right at the bottom of the pile?

Riddhima: you could could lift the pile, take the shirt you liked and then placed the pile of shirts back in its place! No need to pull it off like that!

Sid: Alright next time I will do exactly that.

(He places the pile in order and looks at Riddhima)

Sid: Can please shower now and argue later?

(Riddhima shakes her head and Sid heads to the washroom laughing. Riddhima on the hand wakes up Aryan, serves him breakfast and then goes clears the pile of jumbled clothes. She spots a ring box in the cupboard. She opens it and it had a very simple yet extremely elegant diamond ring in it. She was about to put it back when Sid walks out of the ready for the day)

Sid: It was my grandmothers.

Riddhima: its beautiful.

Sid: yeah... my dad said something about giving it to his daughter in law.

Riddhima: then how come you haven't given it to Sanaya yet?

Sid: I dont know... everything happened so fast that I didnt get the chance to give it to her...

Riddhima: you should have done when you proposed her!

(Sid grabs a towel and rubs off his wet hair)

Sid: I know... I had some crazy idea that the day I meet a girl I love I would propose her with this ring but somehow I never got to give the ring to any girl... not even Sanaya!

Riddhima (laughs): So you planned a proposal?

(Sid stops drying his hair and looks at her with a smile)

Sid: Yeah and it went something like this...

(He grabs her hand and the ring and bring her to the center of the room. He bends on a knee and lowers his head and thinks of something cheesily romantic to say but nothing comes to his head. Riddhima laughs at him. He then holds her hand and looks into her eyes)

Sid: Riddhima Gupta. I thought marriage was pathetic, love was temporary and commitment was man's most foolish mistake. But after meeting you, my perception of life seemed a foolish mistake. After seeing you believe, I began to believe a little more in marriage. After seeing you with another man, commitment meant keeping you all to myself and I'd like that very much. After seeing you smile, I knew love was life long.

(Riddhima stood there stunned. Sid smiled triumphantly)

Sid: So Ms. Gupta, if I'm not asking too much, would you mind being Ms. Modi for a life time?

(Riddhima knew this was a joke. She wanted to laugh but somehow couldn't kill the hope that maybe he was serious. He begantp place the ring near her finger. He looked so calm, water droplets dropped from his messy hair and Riddhima couldn't help but think about a future with this cute and sincere Sid)

Sid: You haven't answered.

(Sid wasn't thinking. He was carried away by the moment and didn't want to think. It felt right to propose her)

Aryan: Mama

(Riddhima snatches her hand and looks behind her to find an eager Aryan. She was confused for a second and then shook her head)

Riddhima (thinking): Get a hold of yourself! He was only kidding! Why did I get so carried away?

Aryan: Mama! Sachin mera plane uttah ke le gaya!

(Riddhima gets a hold of Aryan's shoulder and uses him as an excuse to walk out the room. She was too emabarrassed to even look back at Sid who she taught was probably laughing. Sid on the other hand was stunned by his own actions. Yeah, he was being playful but he wasnt sure to what extent)

Con: the hell was that?

Sid: what?

Con: Dont lie to yourself, you very well know what I'm talking about! You proposed to Riddhima

Sid: Playfully proposed to Riddhima! Playfully!

Con: Didn't look very playful to me!

Sid: maybe you weren't paying attention.

Con: Sid come on, dont lie to yourself. You know you're confused about your feeling towards Riddhima the day you met her. Might as well just accept it now!

Sid: I am not confused! I know that Riddhima is a friend and can be nothing more than a friend!

Con: Do you want her to be more than a friend?

Sid: of course not! Im engaged. There is no way I want anything more with Riddhima

Con: and yet you were going to willingly place you ancestral ring on her finger?

Sid:I... I was just playing around. Thats it.

(Sid didnt want think anymore and confuse himself. He knew that he was engaged to Sanaya and that he was here to help Riddhima. Beyond that, he didnt want to know. He reached the living room to find Sushant sitting with his hands crossed and Adi sitting across him)

Sushant: Your friend here is asking to be allowed to go some carnival.

(Sid looks at Adi confused. Why the hell did he need to ask Sushant?)

Sushant: he say you and Riddhima are accompanying him.

(Sid stands there looking even more confused. So Adi wants to go to some carnival with them and instead of asking them, the idiot is asking Sushant? Sid didn't like carnivals at all)

Sushant: he wants to bring Vidya along.

Sid: Ohhh...

(Sid tries hard not laugh)

Sid: yeah... the carnival is close by and it was actually my idea. It's good for Vidya to go out a bit and get some fresh air after all that's happened.

(After alot of internal debate, Sushant nods of approval and Adi let out a sigh of relief. Aryan's grandmom and dad want to spend time with him so they force him to stay back. So Sid, Riddhima, Adi and Vidya headout to the carnival. Its a joyous place with all sorts of things to do. Sid feels idiotic to be here. Wasnt this where kids had fun?)

Riddhima: Lets go eat something first!

Sid (grins): Good idea!

(He hadn't had breakfast so his stomach rumbling. They reached the stall and everyone ate a little. Once done, Adi was nodding his head to the other side. Sid looks at him confused. Did he have a sprain in his neck? Sid thought. Then he got it. He was asking him to go the other way with Riddhima so he could have alone time with Vidya. Sid wasn't so sure. After the awkward morning moment, he wasn't entirely thrilled at the idea of being alone with Riddhima. Nonetheless, he smiled at Adi, after all it was for his sake that he had agreed to coming to this damn carnival!)

Sid: Riddhima how about we go to the shooting place?

Riddhima: no... Vidya doesn't like the shooting game.

Sid: well I wasnt really asking Vidya to come along... You would understand if I wanted some alone time with my wife, right Vidya?

Vidya: Of course!

(Sid takes Riddhima's hand and drags her through the crowd)

Riddhima: You don't like carnivals, do you?

Sid (surprised): how did you know?

(Sid takes and a seat and Riddhima sits next to him in a small, not so crowded shop)

Riddhima (laughs): if looks could kill then the whole carnival would be dead by now!

Sid (laughs): Yeah.. not fond of them in particular

Riddhima: Why not? What you're too grown up to shoot a few cardboard ducks?

Sid (says quietly): I didn't really like carnivals when I was a kid either...

Riddhima: Really? that's odd. Why not?

Sid: Because it reminds me of my mother

Riddhima (serious): why is that a bad thing?

Sid: Its kind of stupid, really.

Riddhima: I still want to know.

Sid: Okay... dont blame me if you fall asleep.

Riddhima: I wont

(Sid wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it. What would Riddhima think of him after she hears about his weird childhood? he didnt speak about it to anyone) 

Sid: When I was a kid I used to like going out alot and since I was the only kid, my parents willingly spoilt me. I dont remember my mother much but I do remember she had really big eyes that would squint every time she was really mad at something.

(Riddhima smiled and Sid seemed to be in dwelling in his past, remembering things about his mother)

Sid: so she and my dad would have 'arguements' all the time. She would say arguement is when adult try to settle differences. I always thought arguement meant the way adults fight but I always thought that one day I would come home and everything would be fine. I never considered my mother walking out on us. One day I heard one of the maids saying that my mother has decided to leave the house for good but couldn't bring herself to do since I would come home and she wouldnt have the heart to do it. I sat on the staircase that I would never go out of the house except for school, for a week I followed through. I didn't go out of the house. But one day, all my friends kept talking about some carnival and I totally forgot about my resolution and went to the damn carnival. I remembered about it later on and ran home only to find my mom's room empty. After that I kind of held a grudge against carnivals which I know is very dumb!

(Sid was now looking at his fists. His knuckles were almost white with the grip. Riddhima put a hand over his knuckles and rubbed it softly)

Riddhima: It's not your fault your mother left you. It was inevitable because you werent the reason she left. No mother would leave because of their child. You have to let go of the past because no matter how much you regret it, it wont change.

Sid: Yeah... dont have to be a genius to know that!

Riddhima: And one more thing you have nothing to regret because none of it was your fault!

(Sid looks up and smiles genuinely. It wasnt that she made him believe it wasnt his fault but it just felt good to finally tell someone. )

Riddhima: Come on now! Let me show you all the fun missed out on when you were a kid!

(Riddhima grabs his hand and takes him into the carnival towards the games and Sid wonders if she was just too perfect to be true)

Riddhima: you cant shoot it!

(Riddhima was trying to convince Sid not to bet on the too much on a shooting game with some random guy. They had to take down three cardboard ducks and whoever did it first, gets the last teddy bear and the amount of money they had laid infront of them. Sid looks back at Riddhima dramatically)

Sid: Apney pati ke liye pratna karo balika ke woh yudh se sahi salamat wapas aaye!

Riddhima: very funny!

Sid (winks): I know I am, its part of my charm

Riddhima (shakes head): just shoot!

(Sid grabs the gun confidently and on mark shoots his three ducks seconds before the other guy. Riddhima looks at him, shocked)

Riddhima: I thought you didnt go to carnivals!

Sid: I dont go to carnivals doesn't mean I dont know how to shoot, love.

(Riddhima tries to scowl at him for calling her love but coudn't stop smiling when the teddy bear was handed to her)

Sid: Happy?

Riddhima: Very. But I want a try!

Sid: fine fine.

(Sid hands the counter guy money and Riddhima gets her three shots. None of the them hit the target. They weren't even remotely close to the ducks!)

Sid: you do know that you have to hit the ducks right?

Riddhima: I'm trying here!

Sid: well could kindly stop before we end up in court for attempted murder?

Riddhima: but I really want to shoot at least one duck!

(Sid moves closer)

Sid: then let me help...

(She nods. He tries to ignore the slight excitement he feels and positions himself behind Riddhima, he puts his hands over Riddhima"s and positions the gun straight at the target. Riddhima tries hard to not be affected by the proximity. Sid places his head on her shoulder and looks at the target)

Sid (whispering): focus on the target.

(Now that happened to be a considerably hard task for Riddhima considering Sid's proximity and how his breath tickled her neck. Sid on the other hand was living the moment to the fullest. He liked how she felt in his arms. He liked her shy reluctance. And he especially liked how she was slightly blushing. He shot and down went the duck. Riddhima smiled triumphantly)

Riddhima: Oh my God Sid! I did it!

Sid: I know... Aren't I a great teacher?

Riddhima: yes you are!

Sid: great teachers often get rewarded for their efforts.

Riddhima: alright... What do you want?

Sid: hmmm... What I want is a..

Adi: Sid!! There you are!

(Riddhima smiles at an approaching Vidya and Adi while Sid glares at Adi)

Sid (to Adi): tujhe yahi time mila aane ke liye?

Adi: kyun?

Sid: never mind...

(Riddhima just laughs and they leave to their house. Once they reach home, they are met with angry Sanaya waiting for them in the living room. Riddhima"s mom tells Sid and he gets nervous thinking that Sanaya might have said something about the engagement but Riddhima"s mom showed no signs. Once they were alone, Sid sits next to Sanaya)

Riddhima: I would want to give you privacy but Sid you do know my parents might think something is wrong...

Sid: its alright Riddhima...

(He looks at Sanaya)

Sid: Sanaya what are you doing here?

Sanaya: what am I doing here? ME? What are you doing here?

Sid: what do you mean?

Sanaya: don't play with me Sid! You know what I mean! You come to Delhi pretend to be someone's husband when we're engaged!

(Sid looks to her wide-eyed)

Sanaya: Dheeraj told me once I arrived! I came here to surprise but I you turned the tables!

Sid: I know I know... Its not really a usual scenario but trust me I need to do this.

Sanaya: no your not! We're leaving to Mumbai now! You don't have to sit and pretend to be her husband!

Sid: okay, your being unreasonable! She needs help!

Sanaya: she needs a husband! And I'm not giving her you!

Sid: sanaya calm down... Your not thinking straight.

Sanaya: I'm not thinking straight? And you are? Pretending to be some knocked up girl's husband while leaving your fiance? That's your straight thinking?

Sid: what the hell did you say about Riddhima?

Sanaya: Dheeraj told me about her and teen pregnancy issue...

(Sanaya looks to Riddhima)

Sanaya: you actually were desperate enough to ask a random guy to be your pretend husband?

(Riddhima gets up with tears threatening to break through, she leaves and Sid stand bewildered by Sanaya)

Sid: what the hell has gotten into you?

Sanaya: I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be comfortable with you pretending to be the wife and father of random people!

Sid: I am his father god damn it! Aryan is my child and there's no denying to that!

Sanaua: what?

Sid: Aryan is my child.

Sanaya: how... Why would you do this?! Your lying for her aren't you?

Sid: I'm not lying... Aryan is my son. Riddhima may not be my wife but Aryan is my son. Do you see why I have to help her?

Sanaya; no I don't! He can't be your child!

Sid: he is. You can deny the truth but you can't change it. The kid is mine and surprisingly I don't regret it one bit.

Sanaya: how could you?! How could any of this be possible?

Sid: Sanaya its possible and its happened.

Sanaya: I can't be with a man with a child!

Sid: I'm glad because quite frankly I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not!

Sanaya: your really sick!!

(She pulls a ring out of her finger and throws it at his face)

Sanaya: guess this is it!

Sid: I guess it is.

(Sanaya leaves in a rush and Sid remembers Riddhima. He goes to their room and finds her quietly crying at the edge of the bed. She had her knees to her chest)

Sid: Riddhima...

Riddhima: you shouldn't be here... Sanaya..

Sid (cuts in): she left...

Riddhima; please leave.

Sid (whispers): I'm sorry

Riddhima: no its not your fault... I just... You need to leave Sid.

Sid: no I don't. I am staying right here.

Riddhima (she turns to him in frustration): why are you making this hard on me?!?

(Sid gently wipes the tears off her face)

Sid: I'm not. I know its hard for you to talk about it but if you do, it'll only help you!

Riddhima: I'm fine sid!

Sid: no you aren't. Stop pretending. Just talk to me about it already!

Riddhima: your so stubborn.

Sid: can't help it! Now tell me...

(He sit close to her and takes her hand)

Sid: you hate it when people talk about Aryan? Don't you?

Riddhima: its not that... I just hate when people talk about him like he was a mistake! He isn't! Because if he is a mistake then he's the most beautiful mistake! I hate it when people talk about Aryan in regretful terms! I don't regret having him! I love my son! I really do Sid!

Sid: I know I know...

(She puts her head on his shoulder and he places a hand on her shoulder)

Riddhima: I loved him even before he was born! I hated when my family asked me to abort him.. It hurt so much to even consider losing him. It hurts me when people look down at Aryan like he wasn't meant to happen or something.

Sid: I can imagine, and I'm sorry you had to go through that alone. I'm so sorry Riddhima!

Riddhima: its alright. I could go through anything for Aryan... He's everything for me.

(Sid tried to not feel it but it kind of stung that Aryan was everything and he was probably nothing. Once Riddhima was asleep, he covered her with a blanket and tried getting off the bed but his watch got stuck to her hair and he gently unlock its. He let's his finger linger in her hair for a little while. They were soft and wavy. He smiles remembering all her insane assumptions. He traces her lightly around her eyes and then he softly touches her lips. He slowly bends down on her lips without thinking and when he was a breath away, he suddenly realizes what he was about to do and pulls back in shock. He gets up and walks to the window for fresh air. This was all getting out of his hand. Nothing was going according to his perfect plan and he couldn't swallow the fact.)

Sid: I can't fall for riddhima! She wouldn't want that! I don't want that! I am not in no way in this lifetime going to fall in love with Riddhima Modi! Shit.. I mean Gupta!

(Sid does a face palm and silently prays that he can protect his heart from Riddhima)

*OKay... so as you guys can see this was a bit of a ...romantic update and we all know its not my specialty so tell me how I did! And please... again dont hesitate to criticize, I wont mind at all! Tell me what you honestly thought! 
I dont think I missed anyone in the pm list but if I did then I am sorry and it was completely unintentional!

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