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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 7)

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

IM super excited that u decided again to write 
and what a start 
ur beginning is always so unconventional 
im loving it and now i am quite sure 
its going to be bigger success 
YOU have just hooked me to ur OS !
loved it 
GR* job 
and be quick with updates 
BTw LOve the title " GUilty COnsience "
Kiran! Hwz life?!
And Glad u liked the first update!
The second is a bit too long bt hope u like it as well!
And thnk u!
the title is there fr a reason n u will find out soon!
Thnks again!

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by QueenbeePallavi

its a I must say a DHAMAAKEDAAR OPENING!!!
liked it am anticipating what more you have for us...
good start means good story ahead  isn't it??
take care keep up the great work
HAPPY 2011 In advance!!!
Pallavi! whts up?! And nw the dhamakedaar openning is making me nervous here.
Im hoping tht the story ahead is as good as the start!
Bt glad u liiked it!
And one more day to go to 2011!!
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sr-medha

thanx fr keeping thr request,zohal

gr8 start

Welcome Medha!
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Liashna

Hey Zohal,
Plz pm me when u update yaar!!!

Awesome!!!!  Great Going... Keep it up!!!
Liashan! Sorry I didnt PM u on the first bit bt will PM u on the coming part!
Thnk u!
And glad u liked it!
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by barkha_31390

Nyc start.....

update soon....
Barkha (my very old reader!! God knows hw u bore with all the updates)
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssdtvgojan

Nice start, Loved it.
Keep Going.
Thnk u
And next parts coming up!
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Part 2 (okay people its long! Dnt tell me I didnt warn u guys in advance!)

Riddhima Gupta.

She ws young and one wud expect her to hav aspirations, career and dreams. bt it wsnt the case with Riddhima Gupta. She had no other reason of living other than her 6 year old son, Aryan. He ws all she had. Aryan ws her whole family. Her life revolved around him. Bt this wsnt always the case. There ws a time when Riddhima had a bigger family, when there were more people who cared abt her. All this ws taken away frm her due to one incident in her life. It wsnt tht her family didn't love her anymore. It ws jst tht her family had to choose between principles and love fr their daughter and they chose their principles.

Riddhima ws a surgeon at a governmental hospital. She cud hav applied fr a job at a private hospital bt rate of pay didn't matter to her.

Cafeteria scene (Sid and Sanaya)

Sid ws walking Sanaya out of the cafeteria.

Sanaya: Thank u fr last night.

Sid: anytime.

Sanaya: u were very kind.

Sid: always am.

Sanaya: Bt u were a bit of a flirt.

Sid: I know bt trust tht nature is restricted to beautiful women only. And I cnt help bt admire beauty.

(Sanaya laughs)

Sid (thinking): boss ki bhatiji. Boss ki bhatiji! Control kar Sid.

Sanaya: and thnks fr nt telling ppl around here abt me and Amit (her ex boyfrend)

Sid: its none of my business.

Sanaya: You're nt half as bad as they said u were.

Sid: they? Specify them please.

Sanaya: The girls at the club.

Sid: those girls hav issues. You shouldn't be around them a lot.

Sanaya: funny. Cuz they tld me the same thing abt u.

Sid: why am I being prosecuted after saving ur izzat?!

Sanaya: okay. Sorry. Bt u know wht? U're nt the only one with issues. I'm crying over someone who has moved on in life.

Sid: I always say: to heal a broken heart, fall in love again.

(She laughs)

Sid: wht? Im serious.

Sanaya: and who do I fall fr this time?

Sid: look around, u have a number of good looking guys and not to mention, U are good looking urself.

(Bt Sanaya dsnt look around, she looks only at Sid who ws busy showing her guys)

Sid: and thts Mohan' hez decent bt hez vegetarian. I mean the kind of vegetarian tht expects his girlfrend to be vegetarian aswell. If u're vegetarian thn I guess u guys wud do well.

(Sanaya wsnt really looking at Mohan. She ws laughing with Sid.)

Sanaya: Im nt Veg.

Sid: Thts sad otherwise I wud hav planned ur date.

(Sanaya jst laughs.)

General ward scene (Sid and Sanaya)

Weeks had passed nw. Sid ws being followed by Sanaya everywhere. Everyone in the hospital ws well aware of the fact tht Sanaya ws fond of Sid. Whereas Sid jst treated her as a frend and nothing more. It wsnt tht Sanaya wsnt beautiful., it ws jst tht Sid thought tht it wud be damaging to his career if he has an affair with the niece of the owner of Life Line Hospitals.

Sid as usual ws commenting on every passing guy. At times he wud criticize and glorify the same guy.

Sid: Arrey who dekho Rajveer, he is kind of charming, obviously nothing when compared to me bt then Sanaya u ct find a guy like me.

Sanaya: u are so full of urself.

Sid: I ws jst kidding. Bt Rajveer isn't tht bad.

(Sanaya thought of knowing wht Sid felt abt her, how much she mattered to him. So she paid a little attention to Rajveer.)

Sanaya: hmmm'.

Sid: ur analyzing him?

Sanaya: are u jealous?

Sid: I dnt find the reason to be. I'm better thn him and u noe it.

(Sanaya ws nw confused. Sid didn't answer with a "yes" or even a "no". It ws between the two. She leaves him and Sid concentrates on his patients.

Sanaya on the other hand ws very confused. She wsnt sure why she wnted Sid to be jealous. She sat on a bench and thought fr a while. She didn't remember thinking abt Amit fr a very long time. She didn't remember missing him. She didn't remember crying fr him. All she remembered ws her anxiety to get to the hospital, to meet Sid. She remembered talking abt him. She remembered thinking abt him and finally concluded tht Sid is to her wht Amit ws. She ws falling fr Sid. Now she wsnt sure whether Sid felt the same. Initially he had shown interest in her at the club bt tht interest seemed to die the minute she entered the hospital. He stopped flirting with her. He wud never pair himself with her when he ws mentioning all those guys fr her. He always praised himself bt never her. Nt anymore. )

Following Day.

Cafeteria Scene (Sid and Sanaya)

Sanaya: a very good morning.

Sid (raises an eyebrow): u seem to be extremely and unusually happy.

Sanaya: The morning breeze felt good.

Sid: only this days morning breeze felt good? Wht of all the days before today?

Sanaya: when did u join FBI?

Sid: the day u resigned. You havnt been asking me many questions here.

Sanaya: I dnt hav a reason to. Bt I hav jst this one question.

Sid: aagayi na CID mood mein? Ask.

Sanaya: remember when u said tht in order to mend a broken heart we shud fall fr someone else.

Sid: yeah. To heal a broken heart, fall in love again.

(Sid took a sip of his coffee.)

Sanaya: yh well I hav fallen fr someone.

Sid: really? Who's the nt so lucky guy?

Sanaya: Very funny.

(Duty call fr Sanya ws announced and she had to leave. Sid had a few more minutes in hand so he decided to stay and finish his cup of coffee.)

Dr. Malhotra's house scene (Sid, Sanaya and Dr. Malhotra)

Sid ws invited to Dr. Malhotra's house fr dinner. He found it weird. He didn't know how to react. He liked Sanaya as a frend and it wud be fine to visit her house bt then Dr. Malhotra wud be there as well and he has always been a straight forward yet stern senior doctor to Sid and so Sid felt weird to hav dinner with him on the other end of the table.

Sid entered their house uncertainly. He ws ready to back out even when he stood at their door. Sid enters and Sanaya comes in in a pink salwar suit. "She looks beautiful" he thought.

Sanaya: Come in.

Sid: yh'

Sanaya: are u shy? Maybe nervous?

(She said grabbing his arm)

Sid: I am scared bt why on earth wud I be nervous? Kaun sa mera interview honey wala hai?

(He said loosening her grip on his arm.)

Dr. Malhotra: Sid'. Its good to see u out of the lab coat.

Sid (thinking): cnt say the same abt u.

(he smiles at Dr. Malhotra who signals him to sit. Dinnner goes fine and Sid thnks thm. Bt before he cud run fr his life, Dr. Malhotra asks him to take a seat next to him.)

Dr. Malhotra: Wht wud u like son? Whiskey or scotch?

(The son ws very confused at this point. Sid ws taken back by the word "son")

Sid: Sir I am fine thnk u.

Dr. Malhotra: beta kuch toh lo.

Sid: SIR (stressing on it) I am fine thnk u.

Dr. Malhotra: yeh sir sir kya laga rakha hai' Call me' uncle.

Sid: Sir again Im fine with the word sir.

(Dr. Malhotra serves him a drink and he takes it shakily.)

Dr. Malhotra: abh toh aap hamarey damadh banney waley hain'. Abh toh sir ko chod do.

(Sid chokes on his drink. He coughs a bit and then continues)

Sid: damadh?? Kaun? Kiska?

Dr.Malhotra: Sanaya ney mujhe sab kuch bata diya hai'

(The world spins around Sid and he wsnt even drunk yet.)

Sid: Sanaya ney kya kaha? Joh aap itna excite hogaye?

Dr. Malhotra: dekho Sid pehley mein bhi unn sab rumours mein believe karta tha. Key tum ek cheap qism keh insaan ho jis keh liye shaadi ka koi matlab nahin par abh jab meiney tumhey aur Sanaya ko saath dekha toh mujhe laga keh nahin' Sid aisa nahin ho sakta.

(Dr. Malhotra ws drunk nw, he cudnt hold himself up and Sid takes this opportunity and leaves. Sanaya catches him on the way to his car.)

Sanaya; Sid'

Sid: Sanaya I cnt talk at the moment'

Sanaya: look Sid if u dnt wnt this thn I will talk to uncle myself. I know keh tumhey lagta hai keh shayad mein unki ek lawti bhatiji hoon, isliye woh tumseh naraz hongey par aisa nahin hai.

Sid: ek lawti bhatiji? Wht abt the rest of his family?

Sanaya: Therez no one else. His wife and him separated and since thn he treats me like his own child.

Sid: oh okay. Good to know. Bt I still hav to leave.

(Sid leaves in a hurry. He ws shaken by Dr. Malhotra's proposal.)

Next day

Coffee shop scene (Sid, Dheeraj and Adi)

Sid tells them the whole story and slumps his shoulders on the coffee table.

Sid: abh mein kya karoon?

Adi: tu phasa! Buri tarah seh phasa! Mein kehta tha  keh mat khel! Flirt mat kar par tu sunn tha kahan hai!

Sid: tu chup honey ka kya lega?

Adi: teri astiyan kahan bhaha doon? Ganga Jamna toda door hai? Shehr ka gutter chalega?

Sid: My life is going through its worse phase and this is hw u cheer me up.

Adi: there's no way I can cheer u up. Think u hav to options:

a) Marry her

b) Dnt marry her

Bt if u dnt marry her Dr. Malhotra will think of u wht he always thought of u: cheap qism ka insaan

Sid: matlab aagey kuwa toh peechey kayi?

(Dheeraj had been quiet all this time. He ws thinking and he finally speaks)

Dheeraj: shaadi karle.

Sid: kya baqwaas kar raha hai?

Dheeraj: Doctor ki ek lawti bhatiji hai matlab abh teri career mein koi rukawat nahin.

Sid: par..

Dheeraj: dikhney mein kaisi hai?

Sid: She's beautiful.

Dheeraj: kitna beautiful.

Sid: 9/10

Dheeraj: ussey khoobsurat ladki milleygi tujhe?

Sid: probably nt'

Adi: ek minute. Ek minute.

Dheeraj: kya ek minute? Ladki achi hai.

Sid: woh toh theek hai par mein abhi kaisey shaadi kar loon?

Dheeraj: kitney saal ka hai tu?

Sid: 29'

Dheeraj: abh nahin toh kab?

(Sid thinks fr a long while and finally nods.)

Adi: Ghada gorey peh chad gaya.

(Sid calls his dad and tells him the news. He later meets Sanaya and tells her tht he is ready to marry her.)

Road scene (Sid and Sanaya)

That day Sid ws getting out of his car his phone rings and he picks it up. He ws talking on his phone as he ws crossing the road. A car ws coming at him and he fails to notice. Sanaya comes in time and pulls him out of the way.

Sanaya: watch where u're going.

Sid: nw tht cud hav killed me.

Sanaya: I know.

Sid: oh yh and are u stupid?

Sanaya: huh?

Sid: to jump infront of a moving car to save me.

Sanaya: itz cuz I love you.

(she leaves.)

Sid: okay. Shez stupid. And I'm marrying her.

Cafeteria scene (Sid and Sanaya)

Sanaya: Sid do u love me?

(Sid ws ready to say yes confidently bt he stops. He stops in midway. He cudnt continue fr some reason. Adi and Dheeraj join and Sid heaves a sigh of relief.)

Bedroom scene (Sid)

Tht night Sid tumbled in his bed. He cud sleep at all. He looked to the ceiling and counted sheeps bt it didn't help. Nothing helped. He got up to gt a glass of water to sip in sleeping pills. When Sid came back in there ws someone by the window. He looks closely and finds tht its himself. The glass of water shakes in his hand.

Sid: who the hell are u?

Conscience: remember me?

Sid: huh?

Conscience: we met at the elevator and I promised tht we'd meet again.

Sid: W*H? Im hallucinating. Its okay Sid. Jst count to ten and relax ur nerves.

Conscience: Sid get real. Ur nt hallucinating. Im ryt here.

Sid: You cnt be. Ur mind is playing tricks on u Sid. Dnt pay attention.

Conscience: ur nt tht bad. U still hav a bit of goodness left in u and Im tht bit.

Sid: am I insane?

(His Conscience sits on a rocking chair)

Conscience: wake me up when ur done.

Sid: u sleep?

Conscience: oh so u hav a bit of an idea of wht I am

Sid: yh ur my hallucination and u're probably here cuz I am going insane.

Conscience: Im here cuz u cnt sleep u fool.

Sid: hw do u know tht?

Conscience: hav u nt been listening to a word I hav said?! I Am Your Conscience. I am a part of u.

Sid: okay if ur a part of me thn why are u OUT of my body?

Conscience: cuz u weren't paying much attention when I was in it.

Sid: okay now' so can u please come back into my body?

Conscience: No.

Sid: thn ur jst gonna walk around???!!

Conscience: No I going to help u gt ur sleep back.

Sid: And hw exactly?

Conscience: by talking, sort of counseling. Look u always pay attention to the wrong thing!

Sid: No I dnt.

Conscience: yes u do. You gt sleeping pills without even trying to know why u cnt sleep!

Sid: okay maybe tht one thing I did bt usually I do pay attention.

Conscience: sure sure.

Sid: hey u've got my sarcasm. Amazing.

Conscience: I am a part of u Sid! Pay attention.

Sid: oh ryt yh' sorry.

Conscience: u cnt sleep cuz I'm guilty.

Sid: go to a judge or a priest. Why are u confessing to me?

Conscience: I am UR conscience Sid! Only u can see me!

Sid: oh yh sorry. Bt hey wht can u be guilty of? Its nt like I raped and murdered?! Im a doctor. I save lives. You should be proud of me. Now why cant I sleep properly?

Conscience: Its Cuz You Have A Guilty Conscience Sid!

EDIT: Okay People! HOpe u liked and cud u add me as buddy if u wnt to be PMed since itskinda hard to keep up! thnks!

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