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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 69)

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Part 17
Sid gets in the house with slumped shoulders. He walks past everyone without letting anyone know and makes his way to his room. In the room he takes off his shirt and his shoulder was bruised badly since he had used to it to put the fridge upright. He touches it and decides its not much of a deal. Sid takes his towel and takes a shower, as he was about to put back his shirt, Riddhima comes in.

Riddhima: Sorry…

Sid: No its okay..

(She hurriedly tries to leave but sees Sid's shoulder.)

Riddhima: Yeh kaisey?

Sid: woh bas raastey mein kahin lagg gaya. 

Riddhima: You've done a fine job to your shoulder. 

Sid: thanks. 

(Riddhima gets up to leave but then)

Riddhima: You are going to get your shoulder band aided right?

Sid: sure sure. 

Riddhima: really Sid?

Sid: Its not that big of a deal.. 

(Riddhima goes across the room and grabs the first aid kit in one hand and his arm in the other.)

Riddhima: I cant believe this. 

Sid: This is the problem with female doctors, they get all scared even if what they're dealing with is just a scratch. 

Riddhima: I don't even want to argue on this. 

Sid: You don't want to argue? Ahh hell, thts new!

(She takes Sid's arm and begins dressing it. She gets done)

Riddhima: There we go. All done. 

Sid: It was unnecessary. 

Riddhima: The day I take your suggestion would probably be the same day I jump off a hill. 

Sid: Some one is being greatly ungrateful. 

Riddhima: I should probably leave now and you should probably put that shirt back on.

Sid: oh right yeah… now it is indecent for me to be shirtless. 

Riddhima: Yes. Because now its not necessary. 

Sid: riddhima, you are probably the most bizarre person I have met. 

Riddhima: I think the same about you.. 

(Sid puts on his shirt. Riddhima helps him.)

Riddhima: Come down and yes don't do anything insane again. 

Sid: make sure u remind your dad too. 

Riddhima: Sid! 

Sid: Alright.. No more sarcasm. 

Riddhima: Better. 

(Sid gets a call.)

Sid: Hello. 


Sid: At Riddhima's place. Dnt ask why and how.

Dheeraj: Phone Dey! Adi phone dey. 

Sid: dey dey Adi… bikhari ko phone dey. 

Dheeraj: Where is Riddhima's house? Where is it?

Sid: u want the address?

Dheeraj: haan. 

Sid: I gotta go.. I will text u later. 

Dheeraj: Nahin abhi chahiya. Abhi dey…

(Although frustrated, Sid finally gives the address and goes down for breakfast. As he sits down for breakfast, the bell rings and Adi and Dheeraj storm in.)

Sid: oh shit. 

Riddhima: They're ur friends yh?

Sid: yes. 

Riddhima: what are they doing here?

Sid: well this may seem odd but I don't know. 

(Adi and Dheeraj looked around in confusion while Sid tried his best to hide. Adi spots him.)

Adi: SID!!! Man u ditched us! 

Sid: Adi… maine tujhe dekha nahin yaar.. 

Con: kyun woh Africa mein khara tha?

Dheeraj: Cant believe u just left without telling us. 

Sid: okay lets talk.. 

(Sid gets up from the dining table and faces the family.)

Sid: these are my friends, Adi and Dheeraj…

Adi: Riddhima.. Why did u leave the hospital without prior notice?

Sid: tujhe badi padi hai… Chal mein tujhe baata tha hoon…

(Sid drags them into a room.)

Sid: What the hell are u guys doing here?

Adi: Do you even realize what you did to us??

Sid: what have I done? 

Adi: You left us in a house without paying the RENT! We didn't have our credit cards, no cash, my job wasn't a month old so I wasn't really getting paid and therefore the land lord took our belongings. My watch, my phone, EVERYTHING! We had to use a PCO to call you!! 

Dheeraj: yahan tak pata nahin kitney lift ki bheek maangni padi! 

Sid: haan toh yahan aaye kyun?

Adi: toh kya….hum Mumbai tak lift maangtey phirtey?

Dheeraj: pehley hi uss sadarji ki truck ney peeth ki aisi ki taisi kardi hai!

(Sid laughs and hands them money.)

Adi: You still suck. 

Sid: apney bhabhi seh miltey jaana… 

Dheeraj: Bhabhi?

Sid: Riddhima..

Dheeraj: U got married in two days?

Adi: Sanaya ka kya?

Dheeraj: Shaadi ki itni jaldi thi?

Adi: teri zindagi ka kya? Sab khatam hogaya mere bhai. 

Sid: Gawar log puri baat sun ke comment karo.. We are pretending that we are married so that Riddhima's family will let her stay. 

Adi: How is Riddhima staying here and you being her fake husband related?

Sid: I cant explain, just play along while you are leaving. 

Dheeraj: alright. 

(They get into the hall.)

Sid: okay u guys, great that you stopped by, take care bye bye…

Adi: alright.. 

Dheeraj:  theek hai toh hum chal tey hain… bhabhi ko hamari taraf seh congratulate kar deyna..

(They turn to leave and Vidya comes in with a tray. Adi stands amazed by Vidya.)

Vidya: aap log jaa rahein hai? 

Mamta: arey itney door seh aaye ho naashta to karna hi parega..

Sid: Thanks aunty but they are in a bit of a hurry.. 

Mamta: khana toh khaa saktey hain…

Dheeraj: Thanks a lot aunty and we would love to stay par we have work back home. 

Mamta: Arey beta thoda sa toh khalo.. 

Dheeraj: we would love to stay par Mumbai mein thoda kaam hai…

Mamta: achaa..

(Adi in the mean while was looking at Vidya. )

Adi: abh aunty itna keh rahi hai to rukh jaa tey hain. 

Sid: kya baqwaas… mera matlab hai keh tumhey Mumbai mein kaam hai naa.

Adi: koi baat nahin do chaar din tk taal saktey hain..

Mamta: toh tey hua shaadi tak tum dono rukogey.

Adi: jee bilkul Aunty.

(Aunty and Vidya leave. Sid holds his head in his hand.)

Sid: yeh kya huaa??!!

Adi: sab log kitney ache hain.. Aur khaas kar ke…

Sid (cuts in): jahan bhi tujhe ache log dikhe tu unke ghar mein ghuss jaaye ga kya?

Adi: Dheeraj do you really want to go back to Mumbai and face Mona? You wanna do that?

Dheeraj: Not really…

Adi: then whats your issue with staying?

Dheeraj: I dunno.. We're at random people's house. 

Adi (with a smirk): Hum Sid ke sasural mein hain, meri jaan. No fear, when Sid is here. 

Sid (facing Adi): What I don't get is why are you so intent on staying?

Adi: I like Delhi.. 

Sid: U expect me to buy that?

Adi: Assume whatever you want but now we are staying. Even Aunty wants us to stay.  Dheeraj lets go for breakfast. 

(they both leave.)

Sid: I will find out whatever the reason maybe.

(Sid follows them. After breakfast the family follows the same routine of going for shopping except this time, they didn't really need the men of the house, so it was only the women and Sid got left out. Sid was sitting in the living room with dadaji and playing chess while everyone prepared for the engagement ceremony in the evening.)

Sid: dadji ek baat samaj mein nahin aarahi hai.. 

Dadaji: kaunsi baat? 

Sid: Well hum Vidya ki shaadi karra rahein hain, sahi hai par yeh saara samaan khareed ke dena sahi hoga kya?

Dadaji: Beta saahi toh nahin par dastoor zaroor hai…

Sid: Agar dastoor hi sahi nahin hai toh usse nibhaney ka kya fayda?

Dadaji: beta yeh toh saalon seh chalti aarahi hai, toh hum kaisey maana kar saktey hain..

Sid (thinking): this is crazy, not only are they giving their daughter away but also paying for her future. Riddhima's family  needs a shrink. 

(Sid starts paying more attention to the game and that is when Sushant walks in.)

Sid (silently): Dear lord, help me. 

(Sushant was surrounded by workers, he orders them to decorate the house.)

Sushant: aur woh jo khaaney ka intezaam karney walle the woh karlia? 

Worker: haan saab bas Chandu nahin aa sakta…

Sushant: chandu karta kya hai?

Worker: kuch khaas nahin, bas aloo waghera cheel tha hai, yeh saarey kaam hum sab karleingey bas khaaney mein thodi si deiri ho jayegi,

Sushant: nahin nahin tum sab apna kaam karo, chandu ke hisse ka kaamkoi aur karega… 

(Sushant looks to Sid who already knew his day plan.)

Sushant: beta Sid, tum aaloo toh cheel saktey ho na?

Sid: kabhi seekhi nahin hai..

Sushant: seekh jawogey. 

(Sid gets up and straightening his shirt.)

Dadaji: Sushant, beta Sid yeh sab kyun karega? 

Sushant: aap koi aitraaz hai merey iss faisley se?

Dadaji: aitrazz kaisa? Main bas keh raha tha ke abhi tak hamara santranj  bhi khatam nahin hua hai..

Sushant: koi baat nahin, kabhi aur khelena..

Sid (thinking): kya dadaji? Beta woh hai keh aap?

Con: that's a good question. 

Sushant: Sid aarahe ho?

Sid: jee bilkul. 

(Sid follows him to the cook's tent. Everything seemed to be a  mess. Sid finds himself a place to sit and he was handed a peeler and a bag of potatoes.)

Sid: what on earth am I supposed to do with this? How does this even work?

(He was holding the peeler in front of himself and tried to figure out what to do with it. He finally began scrapping off bits and pieces.)

Sid: Even if I sit here and age to 90years the potatoes will still remain! This is too much work. 

Con: too bad the worker could finish it in a day. 

Sid: Con, not right now. Well supposedly I am is son in law, how could he be so rude to me?

Con: maybe because you supposedly didn't invite him to your supposed wedding. 

Sid: This man needs pills. 

Con: And u need to get back to work.

Sid: What if I pay someone extra to do this for me?

Con: Yeah do that. And if u get caught, then lets see what happens to Riddhima. 

Sid: Kya yaar!

(And Sid gets back to work. Soon his shirt was soaked with sweat. He peeled or rather disfigured every potato in the bag, since he would peel more of the potato then the potato peel. Sid sat beside the bag and heaved a sigh of relief.)

Sid: I didn't think I would ever say this but my life sucks. 

(He got up and reached the door with great difficulty. He could feels his lower back ache. Sid took a warm bath and got out and fell on his bed like he was dead. Riddhima walks in the room and sees him like that.)

Riddhima: Sid… are u asleep?

Sid: more like dead. 

Riddhima: Sid get up. 

Sid: I cant my back pains me more than the existence of your father. 

Riddhima: Sid!!

Sid: Honestly Riddhima I don't have it in me to get up and argue. Could you leave and shut the door while you go?

Riddhima: But what happened? 

Sid: my Back………

(Riddhima comes forward and sits by him.)

Riddhima: Tell me. 

Sid: leave…

Riddhima: Not unless you tell me. 

Sid: Your beloved father made his respected son in law peel a whole bag of potatoes. 

Riddhima: oh..

Sid: And now my back is complaining because it sat in the same position for 5hrs. 

Riddhima: Cant believe it has gotten this far! 

Sid (whining): My back…. 

Riddhima: Quit whining. 

Sid: But my back…. 

Riddhima: You're still whining!

Sid: but it hurts. 

(Riddhima laughs and brings the balm. She pulls his shirt just a bit and rubs the balm.)

Sid: Riddhima… what happened to your decency?

(Riddhima rubs harder.)

Sid: I was kidding. What kind of doctor takes revenge from a patient?

Riddhima: when she is dealing with patients like yourself. 

(She pulls down his shirt and leaves. )

Sid: She's cute when she's all pissed. 

Con: she has a son. 

Sid: I am not falling for her. She's cute but Sanaya fits my life. 

(Sid gets up and begins stretching. He tries to find something to wear in the bag he coincidentally brought with himself and laughs.)

Sid: For what purpose did I pack this bag and for am I using it right now! 

(He remembers how he packed the bag and placed it in his car to run away from Riddhima and her issues and now he was using it when he was right amidst all of it. He finds  a black suit which he packed for a conference that might've attended.)

Sid: looks like your all I have got. 

(Sid turns and Riddhima was standing with a sherwani.)

Riddhima: Its my sister's engagement, not a  conference. 

Sid: that? You want me to wear that?

Riddhima: Yes and do not argue, I am very pissed off at the moment. 

Sid: Riddhima. 

Riddhima: I have got to talk to dad and make him stop all this. Honestly you're not my husband. He hasn't got the right to do this. 

(Sid smiles and takes the sherwani from her hand and puts it on a chair. He takes her hand and makes her sit on a bed.)

Sid: Riddhima Gupta, he thinks that I am you're husband. And he has every right to know whether I deserve you or not. That's what he is trying to do, he wants to know if I would leave you all alone in the near future or will I stand by you. Haan… woh alag baat hai keh hamari shaadi hui nahin par unhey toh yaheen lagta hai keh main tumhara pati hoon. And as much as I hate his guts I still appreciate his concern for you because that tells me that somewhere down there he still loves you a lot. 

(Riddhima smiles.)

Sid: so yeah my advice would be that don't ruin the few moments you have with your father because of me. 

Riddhima: thank you. 

Sid: What? What did you just say?? I think you thanked me but that's  fairly impossible now…

Riddhima: alright alright. You're not as bad as I thought. Thank you. 

Sid: You're welcome.

(Sid smiles and she leaves.)

Riddhima: Par sherwani naa pehney ki ghalti mat karna. 

Part  18

(He does as she says and wears the sherwani. He goes and welcomes guests alongside Riddhima.)

Sid (whispers): Im getting bored of this. 

Riddhima:  Good because you will have to do this for the next 3hrs. 

Sid: I would rather get back to peeling potatoes. 

(Riddhima smiles politely and stomps his foots while leaving. Sid holds a stiff face and greets the guests. He then sees Aditya and Dheeraj. Adi seemed to be looking for someone.)

Sid: kya huaa? Kissey dhoond raha hai?

Adi: that girl…

Sid: which one?

Adi: You know… she probably didn't come today. 

Sid: would you clarify who are we talking about?

Adi: you know the girl who came to give us tea in the morning. 

(Sid starts laughing really hard.)

Sid: toh tu uskey liye rukha hai?

Adi: haan…

Sid: rukh woh zaroor aayegi… koi apna engagement ko chod keh jaa sakta hai kya?

Adi: kya baqwas kar rahey ho?

Sid: Vidya Riddhima ki behen hai aur usika engagement honey walla hai. 

(Dheeraj and Sid laugh as Adi begins to absorb what Sid had said. Sid then sees Vidya's would be husband and decides to meet him.)

Sid: I will be back…

Adi: tu kahan jaa raha hai?

Sid: tere saut seh milney….

(Dheeraj tries not to laugh but fails. Sid walks up to the guy but he doesn't see Sid and walks to the corner and continues speaking on his phone.)

Sid: hello.. 

(But the guy doesn't hear him.)

Guy: Main keh raha hoon na sara ka sara paisa lotta doonga bas ek baar shaadi hojaaney do…. Ladki keh pariwaar walley uski shaadi keh liye barey uttavle horahe hain… fikar mat kar dhahej keh paisey se main sara karza chooka doonga. 

Sid (thinking): I really don't think people should get married and this proves my theory right. 

(The Guy finishes his phone call and looks back stunned.)

Sid: hey there.  Sid. 

(they shake hands and the guy was still wondering whether Sid had heard his conversation.)

Sid: Am I supposed to guess your name?

Guy: oh.. Yh.. Hiten. 

Sid: nice to finally meet you Hiten. Im Riddhima's husband. 

Hiten: oh.. 

Sid: well then lets get you to the hall since it is your engagement.

(he takes Hiten to the hall and joins Adi and Dheeraj. Sid looks at Adi who was still in his sorrow.)

Sid: ek majnu kya kam tha jo yeh dusra bhi aagaya?

Dheeraj: baqwas band kar.. Meri haalat thodi bohot sudar rahi hai.. 

Sid: jaan key acha laga… waisey yeh ladka theek nahin hai..

Adi: kaunsa?

Sid: tera saut…  I heard him talk on the phone and he seems to be in deep debt, He is marrying Vidya because of that. 

Adi (shouting): Yeh shaadi nahinn…. 

(Sid cups his mouth before he could blurt out anything else. But still everyone looks back)

Dheeeraj: haan hum sab ko pata hai… yeh shaadi nahin engagement hai.

(Dheeraj felt a bit awkward with everyone looking at him, finally Sushant asked everyone to excuse his son in law and his friends)

Sid: pagal hogaya hai kya?

Adi: tu pagal hogaya hai kya? Shaadi rukh wa dey! 

Sid: tujhe lagta kya hai? You think if I go there and announce that their would be son in law is nothing but a gold digger? They will believe me? You think?

Adi: toh?

Sid: We will reveal him but with a plan. 

Adi: alright. But in th end of all this you will talk to her father about me? Yh?

Sid: Main kya keh raha hoon aur tujhe kis cheez ki padi hai!

Adi: Come on! 

Sid: Fine. 

(Adi smiles and they both leave to join the party. Adi goes and introduces himself to Vidya. Sid drags Riddhima to the corner.)

Sid: I need to talk to you. 

Riddhima: yeah.. Go ahead 

Sid: this guy… Hiten… He isn't really in love with your sister. 

Riddhima: yeah so?

Sid: Do you really think he is right for her?

Riddhima: Sid once they get together and talk they will find that love and anyways she met him and he met her and only then we decided to go ahead with the engagement.

Sid: That's not what I mean. He is marrying Vidya so that he could get the dowry. I heard him on the phone with someone.

Riddhima: You must have heard something wrong.

Sid: Im sure if what I heard. Im not 5 to misinterpret what I heard. This guy isn't right for Vidya. 

(Riddhima thinks about it and looks to her family happy and joyful.)

Riddhima: How do I break this to them?

Sid: you wont. You cant. I mean what if the don't believe you?

Riddhima: what then? I jst sit and watch while he ruins my sisters life. 

Sid: no but be patient. I will find a way. 

(Riddhima looks towards Sid who nods in assurance.

Riddhima: Dad wont trust you…

Sid: He doesn't have to…

(Sid smiles. He goes to Hiten.)

Sid: whats up?  

Hiten: Nothing really..

Sid: getting bored?

Hiten: Not really..

Sid: oh well me and my friends were going to the club down the road thought u might wanna come along… but alright.. See you in the morning. 

Hiten: Oh wait maybe I am getting abit bored.. 

Sid: a bit?

Hiten: okay a little too much!

Sid:  I knew it. We'll leave in an hour once all this is done. 

Hiten: ring me. 

Sid: sure thing. 

(Sid smiles. He leaves and Adi and Dheeraj are updated with the latest news. Soon the engagement ends and they sneak out to the club. And begin drinking.)

Sid: so whats up? All ready foe marriage?

Hiten: yeah pretty much. 

Sid: don't bullshit me. No one is ever ready for marriage in their right mind. 

Hiten: Well yeah… 

Sid: so what got you into marrying Vidya?

Hiten: arranged marriage.

Sid: mama's boy. 

Dheeraj: tell me about it. I wouldn't let my mother choose my shirt and let her choose him a wife. 

Sid: that's sad man. Is your mom going to be living with her?

Dheeraj: probably, I mean she did most of the things for him…

Hiten: then hoe exactly did you meet riddhima?

Sid: don't ask… it was a isolated building and do not ask what happened after that. 

Hiten: Really? 

Sid: Yeah dude…

Hiten: yeah… well she does have a bit of reputation…

(Sid grits his teeth but smiles at him.)

Sid: really?

Hiten: yeah… back in her days… 

Dheeraj: And look at where you stand ready to marry a girl you barely know. 

Sid: yeah that's why I say the guys a mama's boy. 

Dheeraj: agreed.

Hiten: Please how much do you know me to say that?

Sid: enough to conclude.

Dheeraj: Vidya is probably the only girl he has ever met. 

Sid: you sad creature. 

Hiten: Vidya isn't the first or the last. 

Sid: ahh wait mama's got someone else for u? 

Hiten: Dude I got it well planned out alright. 

Sid: yeah yeah… every mama's boy comes up with the same excuse "I have a plan"

Hiten: I need a drink. And u lot need to mind your own business. 

(Sid pours him drink after drink and when he was half in control of what came out of his mouth, Sid got him to admit who lot he owned money to. He faces Dheeraj and Adi.)

Sid: Gentlemen shall we leave now?

Adi: Yes we shall. 

(They leave and Hiten falls off the chair, tries to get up but fails.)

Adi: iska kya karein?

Sid: mennu ki??

(they turn and leave. Sid then heads to the place Hiten had mentioned. It was a saggy old place filled with all sorts of people. Mainly prostitutes and gangsters. He meets a man and asks)

Sid: Savitha Kumari? 

Man: haan… kaam hai kya??

Sid: nahin unn se kuch pooch na tha?

Man: ladki wadki chahiye to yahin counter peh bataney ka hai… 

Sid: nahin baat kuch aur hai..

Man: theek hai theek hai.. 

(the man guides him through the junk into another room.)

Savita: kya kaam hai chokre?

Sid: wo… hum.. Hiten ke dost hain…

Savita: nahi nahin…in logg ko ladki nahin deyna.. Saaley leke jaatey hain par paisa ek rupya thak nahin…

Sid: Nahin hum ladki keh liye nahin aaye hain.. Hummey kuch aur kaam tha.. Jitna bhi paisa aapka Hiten peh hai wo sab hum chooka deingey par usske badle mein aap ko kuch karna parey ga..

Savita: kya?

Sid: aap ko Hiten ki shaadi rokh ni paregi.. Aap ko aake bas itna kehna hai ke Hiten aapke paas aata tha iss sab ke liye..

Savita: Par yeh main kyun karegi? Wo paisey dey raha hai na?

Sid: kab se aapko bol raha hai keh paisey dey doonga?

Savita: par abh toh uski shaadi ho rahi hai.. Ussey paise mill saktey hain par tera kya barosa hai?

(Sid takes out all the cash he had with him and puts it on the table.)

Sid: iss waqt merey paas bas itna hi hai.. Baqi sab baad mein..

Savita: mein aaj nahin kal nahin aa sakti par parso theek hai.. 

Sid: theek hai…

(Sid leaves with the two and they get into the car.)

Adi: Cant believe we just spoke to the "manager" of prostitutes. Well at least the worst is over.

Sid: oh no my dear friend. The worst is still to come. When your would be daddy in law finds out then it's the worst. 

(They reach the house and Adi breathes in and out. Sid walks in and the whole family seemed to be waiting for them.)

Mamta: beta kahan the? Adi raat hogayi.. 

Sid: wo hiten ke saath gaye tey…

Mamta: acha tum dono aawo merey saath..

(She takes them to a room and Sid follows Riddhima who seemed very angry with him.)

Riddhima: Kahan tey? Gaye kahan? Main yahan pareshan huey jaa rahi thi aur tum party kar rahe tey wo bhi uss Hiten keh saath??!

Sid: jaisa tum soch rahi ho…

Riddhima: I cant believe you… No actually I can! You can never be trusted. At one end you tell me that the guys a cheat and on the other you go ahead and party with him… How low could you get Sid? 

Sid: Cant you not assume the whole movie just by the trailer?!

Riddhima: I cannot believe you are taking this so lightly! Ofcourse you would, this isn't your family! Sid I do not want you around my family anymore. 

Sid: Riddhima ur over reacting and for the wrong reason!

Riddhima: I don't want you in this house, its that simple. 

Sid: after all I did, you seriously are going to doubt me?

Riddhima: Yes Sid after all that you have done I am doubting you. 

(Sid looks at her and her eyes reflected the same amount of anger.)

Sid: you know what? Its not even worth the explanation anymore!

(He gets up and puts his jacket over his shoulder and is about to leave when dheeraj comes in.)

Dheeraj: Sid! Savita Kumari ka phone aaya tha.. 

Sid: I will talk to her myself. 

(Sid walks out while Riddhima stands confused with Dheeraj.)

Riddhima: Savita?

Dheeraj: haan Sid ne nahin bata ya?

(Dheeraj tells her the whole story and Riddhima quickly gets out and catches the door of Sid's car right before he shuts it.)

Sid: what the?..

Riddhima: You were right. 

Sid: I don't have time for this.. Honestly Riddhima just go back. 

Riddhima: Im sorry. I shouldn't have judged you. 

Sid: Riddhima whatever it is, save it because I honestly don't want to hear it. 

Riddhima: But I didn't know… 

Sid: what did you not know? The fact that I came all the way to Delhi to help you? The fact that I bear your father just so that you could live with him or the fact that I actually told you that I want to help Vidya?! 

Riddhima: I know…. I don't know why I just sort of thought that maybe..

Sid: Maybe the man that ditched you 7yrs ago will do it again? 

Riddhima: Sid… 

Sid: What Riddhima? You told me that we are friends now and Im trying to do everything possible to help you out but in return all you do is doubt me?

Riddhima: Okay I know I shouldn't have done that but I just love my family too much to let them get hurt again because of me. 

Sid: Alright then I guess I should since that will end all the melodramatic issues of your family. 

(Sid moves her hand and slams the door shut and drives off.)

Con: alright my man, what went wrong?

Sid: I cannot believe that she just doubted me! After all that I did…I mean honestly I have never done so much for someone..

Con: So the issue is that she didn't trust you? But what does it matter anyway? Why does it even matter that she could trust you?

Sid: It doesn't matter that she didn't trust me..

Con: Don't lie to your own conscience. it's the sickest thing a man could do. 

Sid: Con I am mad because she said all those things about me.. Its not about her trust. I don't care whether she trusts me or not.

Con: Really now? You don't?

Sid: No. Why would I? Its not like Im marrying her! Im marrying Sanaya for God's sake!

Con: right, so Sanaya's trust is all that matters?

Sid: yes.

Con: then why are driving like a retard in the middle of nowhere?

Sid: because…. Because.. I need to calm down..

Con: Calm down? If her not trusting you doesn't bother you then why do you even need to calm down? So you are going back home?

Sid: Yes right after this… and like I said I am mad because she said I was "low" so yeah I need to calm down…

Con: Fine. If that's what you think. 

(Con disappears and Sid stares into the empty road. He looks and finds his way back to Riddhima's house. He enters their room, thinking she might be asleep but she looks up the minute he enters and heaves a sigh of relief.)

Riddhima: You're back! 

(But for some odd reason, although he had fully made himself realize that he is here just to get rid of his conscience and therefore a fight with Riddhima would just be a waste of time, his anger just came back the minute he saw her.)

Riddhima: Sid… 

(Sid grabs his pillow and goes to the couch and drops. Riddhima brings a blanket.)

Riddhima: You're still mad. 

Sid: No. 

Riddhima: Then how come you like you're mad?

Sid: alright so tell how should my facial features seem and I shall adjust it according to your liking. 

Riddhima: Sid… so you're still mad because…

Sid: Im not. Will you mind your own damn business. Honestly Riddhima Im tired of you and your never ending issues. Its like no matter what anyone does you remain your sad, cynical, hateful self!

(Sid said all that he did without thinking and looks away but Riddhima took it to heart.)

Riddhima (close to tears): Well I just wanted to say sorry. 

(Sid breathes in when he hears her voice crack. She leaves but he holds her wrist. He pulls her to his couch.)

Sid: I am over reacting. I know. 

Riddhima: Yes you are. 

Sid: And I was mean. 

Riddhima: and rude. 

Sid: alright mean and rude. And Im sorry. 

Riddhima: you should be. 

Sid: see the thing is I don't even know why I was so pissed off earlier.. I mean it was out of the blue. 

Riddhima: its okay. 

(Sid takes a tissue from the table and hands it to her.)

Sid: and could you please not cry so easily… it makes me feel guilty.. Like really guilty. 

Riddhima: I don't cry easily.

Sid: Well then in that case what I meant was that could you please not cry at all. 

Riddhima: well then stop making me cry!

Sid: I wont. 

(She gets up and leaves while Sid was feeling light. He was shocked at how much it mattered to him that he had gotten rid of his problems with Riddhima.)

Sid: Riddhima?

Riddhima: yeah?

Sid: Do you feel… light?

Riddhima: light?

Sid: like happy?

Riddhima: why would I feel happy at 3am?

Sid: I don't know. I think I drank more than I should have. 

Riddhima: You need to sleep Sid. 

(Sid pulls his blanket on himself but he still couldn't shake off the happy feeling he had. The next morning Sid wakes up and goes to the hall, he finds the decorations still in place.)

Sid: yeh kya ho raha hai?

Worker: aaj roka hai na? Vidyaji ka?

Sid: ROKA?? Wo bhi aaj?

Worker: haan aapko pata nahin hai?

(Sid stands bewildered. Savita Kumari was coming along with a huge list of Riddhima's family and friends. That meant a lot of melodrama was about to take place.)

Dheeraj: abh kya hoga?

Sid: hamara master plan hamara hi band bajaa dey ga..

Adi: yaar aisa mat bol… mujhe abh bhi todi si umeed hai..

Sid: tere umeed ki aisi ki taisi hone walli hai agar hum kuch nahin kiya. Sab se pehle to Savita Kumari ko rokh na padega..

Adi: kaise?

Sid: Jab tak paisa hamare paas hai tab tak sab kuch acha hi hoga bacha…

(They all leave to the door but Sushant stops them.)

Sid: kuch kaam tha aapko?

Sushant: Sid wo bhartan dhone walla nahin aaya abhi tak to tum wo sambhal lo…

Sid: to main?..

Sushant: haan… Roka aaj raat ko hai..

Sid: jee theek hai..

(Sid hands Dheeraj his credit card and asks him to cash money from an ATM while he himself goes to wash dishes. Sid looks at the pile of dishes.)

Sid: oh dear lord.

Con: having fun?

Sid: a lot. 

Con: main kaha tha ghar jamayi ban ko?

Sid: u suck… hey Con… cant you help me out?

Con: Considering the fact that I don't have a physical existence, how on earth am I supposed to help u out with this?

Sid: I dunno…  make these dishes disappear. 

Con: How many times do I have to repeat myself to an idiot who doesn't really wanna understand?!! I am not your fairy Godmother! I cant make things disappear. I am not something supernatural. 

Sid: So basically you're useless?

Con: To good people I am an everyday guidance tool, to people like yourself, Im an annoying voice in their head. 

Sid: So so so true! you're so damn annoying. Sometimes I imagine living with you for the rest of my life and you know what the very next thought is?

Con: Cant guess…

Sid: Suicide.

(Sid smiles and continues to wash dishes. In the mean while Vidya and all come to help but with Sushant around they knew it was impossible. He gets a call.)

Sid: hello?

Adi: SID!

Sid: kya huaa?

Adi: wo nahin maan rahi… bol rahi hai keh yeh kya mazaaq hai usse paisey chahiye… tere account mein withdrawals ka ek limit hai!

Sid: shit! I forgot!

Adi: abh?

Sid: main limit ka kuch karta hoon… tu waheen rukh..

(Sid calls the bank but Sushant comes to and he has to go back to working. Sushant doesn't leave for about an hour and right after he leaves, Sid picks up his phone to call the bank but the bank and makes the necessary arrangements. He gets out and Riddhima hands him his clothes. He thanks her briefly and goes upstairs and calls Adi.)

Sid: Adi the guests have come in. Let me talk to her.. 

Adi: she left.. 

(Sid slaps his forehead.)

Sid: kya yaar? Meri bhens mujhe peh chade gi?

Adi: lagta toh yahi hai…

(Sid shuts the phone. He goes to the nearest ATM and withdraws more money. He runs back home, he waits at the gate for Savita Kumari. As soon as she comes he takes her to a corner and pays her the amount. He goes back to the house where a beet root Adi and Dheeraj were standing.)

Sid: Baat ban gayi…

Adi: really?

Sid: haan yaar… meri bhens mujh peh nahin chadi!

(they laugh and he spots  Riddhima enjoying the party. She looks back and Sid smiles at her and returns his smile. She looks away but Sid continues looking at her.  She moves through the guest making sure they were doing well and Sid's eyes followed her. Adi and Dheeraj look at where he was looking)

Adi: tujhe kya hua?

Dheeraj: tujhe bhi oyar hogaya kya? Phir se?

Sid: baqwaas band kar.. Wo Riddhima hai… 

Dheeraj: toh phir ghoor kyun raha hai?

Sid: I am not in love but I cant deny that she is really pretty. 

(Sid smiles and the other two shake their heads. That night after the ceremony, Sid sat down and thought. He thought about whether he had done enough for Riddhima yet? Was it enough that she got her family back? According to Riddhima it was probably all she could ask for, but that's what she thought when all she was Aryan. )

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-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
finallyyy u updated Wink

luvd d understndng level btwn siddhima, der se at hai, bt at least ata to hai LOL

Edited by veena_rocks - 11 October 2011 at 9:57am
indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Zohal Hug
oh god yesss finally u updated!!!

kayso im loving the way the story is progressing and also the understanding between themEmbarrassed though Sid's a nikamma for ignoring his feelings for RiddhimaAngryLOL but im sure he'll come around soon!!

I HATE Ridzi's can he make Sid work so muchAngry But at the same time I get where he's coming from..he just wants to know if Sid's the right guy for his daugther and my Siddy Widdy is doing a fine job to prove thatEmbarrassed and I'm sure after exposing Hiten's truth in front of everyone he'll gain 110% trust of Ridzi's dadEmbarrassed 

as always I love Sid-Con n even Adi-Dheeraj especially their funny witty one linersLOLLOL

plzz continue super super super soon and I'm rlly looking forward to some mroe SR scenes...intense romantic SR scenes to specific WinkLOL

PS I missed Aryan!!

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