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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 67)

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wowww amazing update
please continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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update soon
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Update please!!!!!!!!!!!
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Zohal plzzz update soon...
sr-medha Goldie

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zohaalll pllzz pllzz update soon
DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Please update Zohal ...
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Riddhima's mother knocks at Riddhima's door when they were getting ready for bed. Sid, being close to the door, opens it and Riddhima's mom seemed frantic and tells them that her father had left the ceremony earlier and was not back yet. Sid grabs his coat and says he will go look. The minute Sid reaches the hall Riddhima's father comes in. Sid looks back at Mamta. 

Sid: There we go, mother in law, your pati dev has safely reached. 

(And Sid turns he to his father in law, he gets slapped. Sid in shock, was not able to say anything.)

Mamta: Sushant! 

Sushant: tumney yeh soch bhi kaisey liya keh tum humey dokha dey saktey ho? Riddhima yeh Sid tumharey layeq bilkul nahin hai. Pata nahin kaisey kaisey logon keh moo lagta hai…

(Sid collects himself.)

Sid: okay hold on hold on… What are we talking about here?

Sushant: We are talking about you leaving the house. 

Sid: What? What I do? 

Sushant: abh tumhey batana parega? Itney bhi nadaan na bano Sid! 

Sid: Nadaan? Im not even sure what that word means… but okay.. Could you kindly tell what got you all pissed?

Sushant: Sid! 

(Sushant shoves him towards the door, and Riddhima steps in. between them.)

Riddhima: Sid… ek minute dad… aap batayein toh.. Huaa kya hai?

Sushant: Riddhima tum merey khilaaf jawogee?

Riddhima: papa I just wanna know ke usne kiya kya hai?

Sid: yeah really.. Like come on even Hitler had a reason for the holocaust, yes it was retarded but it was his reason so could you please tell us yours?

Sushant: you think this a joke?

Sid: okay alright… I think your getting me wrong.. I didn't intend to be sarcastic, it just… well it happens. 

Sushant: well now its gonna happen outside this house. 

Riddhima: papa please aap humey bata do keh baat kya hai?

Sushant: Riddhima mujhe tumhey saafayi deyni paregi?

(Before Riddhima could reply Sid holds her wrist in an effort to calm her down.)

Sid: Aapko kisi ko saafayi deyne ki zaroorat nahin…

Sushant: samaan pack kar ke nikal jaao. 

(Sid leaves from behind Riddhima with her stunned at her father's words. She follows him into the room where he was dumping everything in his bag.)

Riddhima: Sid… I don't know why my father is doing this..

Sid: hey..

(He comes close and holds her hand.)

Sid: what ever is in your dad's twisted head, its for your benefit. I cant explain myself right now because Im not sure he would want to listen but you gotta stay strong yeah?

Riddhima: But where are you going to leave to?

Sid: aah  well about that…

(Sid leaves as Sushant calls out his name and she stands at the door. Mamta and the family follow Sushant,  trying their best to gather enough courage to argue. Riddhima sits in the room with a sleeping Aryan. For some odd reason her eyes were wet. She began to fear the fact that Sid may have left.)

Riddhima: what if he left? No… he cant. He wont. He wont leave but then he did what he said, Im with my family and they arent questioning me anymore. This is what he had stayed for… 

(The wetness in her eyes became tears.)

Riddhima: Everything is beginning to be like it was but then why don't I want him to leave? I didn't want him here in the first place and now he's gone. I have Aryan and my family. Then why cant I be happy with him gone? I am not certain of anything right now but one thing I can be certain of is he wont leave… He's too egoistic to give up this easy…

(She looks to Aryan and the messy hair and everything began reminding her of Sid. She laughs remembering his state after peeling potatoes.)

Riddhima: Sid wont leave. 

(She hugs a sleeping Aryan while Sid steps outside in the porch to find his friends waiting.)

Adi: You insane, moronic idiot! What did you do? For the love of God, u ended the my sweet love story. 

(Dheeraj, who was sitting on his bag, laughs.)

Dheeraj: Love story? Kaunsi? Jo abhi tak shuru nahin hui wo khatam bhi hogayi?

Sid: okay wait… why did the father in law began hating me?

Dheeraj: BEGAN hating you? Excuse us but I don't really think he loved you in the first place..

Sid: okay okay.. But you know, throwing out of the house was a bit extreme.. 

Dheeraj: yeah.. And with the prostitutes and what not he was saying..

Adi: Buddha satya gaya hai.. Aur koi baat nahin..

Sid: prostitutes?

Dheeraj: I don't know man… he wasn't making sense.. Just kept blabbering about us being low lives and he cant have prostitute customers in his house. 

Sid: what on earth is wrong with the man? Unless…

(They begin walking out of the gate)

Dheeraj: Unless he saw…. OHO!

Adi: he saw what?

Sid: Savita Kumari!

Adi: and he thinks we… I mean okay Sid looks like he can but with my innocent face how could he even think?

Sid: ur innocent face?! I think Adi has turned gay. I need to look for a man for Vidya!

(Adi clears his throat)

Adi: pehle ghar ke andhar toh jaa phir Vidya keh liye mard dundle na..

Sid: I am so screwing with your love life now.  

(Sid looks back at the house and tries, pointlessly, to look for Riddhima through the windows)

Dheeraj: kar kya raha hai tu?

Sid: wo agar Riddhima khidki peh aayi…

Dheeraj: agar wo khidki peh aayi to tu usse nahin dekh payega…. Hum bohot door kade hain.. Yahan se toh Khali bhi Riddhima lag sakta hai…

Sid: I know… par phir bhi..

(Sid realizes his acts were becoming somewhat desperate and he looks in front and walks away.)

Adi: honestly Sid, do like Riddhima?

Sid: yh of course I do…

Adi: no like… love her?

(Sid starts laughing)

Sid: yeah… okay. Seriously dude ur imagining things now.

Adi: I probably shouldn't encourage u in this matter, what if u really fall for her and then leave her like those other girls, I would honestly have no chance with vidya then. 

(Sid laughed a bit nervously. He didn't want to have the simple thought of liking Riddhima because he knew that he was attracted but not in love and if he falls for her then his life would packed with melodrama.Sid thought about it for a while, incase he fell for Riddhima what all he'd have to go through.)

Sid (thinking):  First blow would be a break up with Sanaya, then her parents and then Riddhima herself! 

(He imagined Riddhima's horrified expression when he would propose her and laughed at it.)

Adi: yeh pagal hogaya hai…

Sid: alright, lets go to Savita! 

(They head to Savita while Sushant enters Riddhima's room.)

Riddhima: ji…

Sushant: mujhe pata hai keh tumhey bohot bura laga hai.…

Riddhima: nahin papa wo main… bas…

(as she thinks of what to say, Sushant pulls out the tissue box from behind her and places it in front of her)

Sushant: mujhe pata hai keh tumhey lagta hoga keh itney saalo keh baad mujhe yaad aaya keh main tumhara papa hoon. Itney saalo mein main kahan tha?

Riddhima: papa purani baatein…

Sushant: nahin humein iss barein mein baat karna chahiye. Jab tumney abortion karney se mana kar dia tabhi mujhe laga keh tumhara yahan rehna theekh nahin hoga. Main toh taaney bardasht kar loonga par tumhara beta… Issiliye mainey tumhe rokha nahin. Par believe me Riddhima it wasn't that I didn't want to stop you but it was just that you're life here would be a lot harder on yourself. 

(Her father was not looking at Riddhima through out the short conversation. All his words were heart felt but he could not bring himself to look at her.)

Sushant: Its just that…. Tumney zindagi mein bohot utaar charav dekhey hain.. Aur abh baqi ki zindagi Sid ke jaise insaan keh saath… theekh nahin hai beta. 

(His eyes were filled with tears and so was Riddhima's. There was nothing left to say. He quietly put his arm around her and she put her hed on his shoulder. She felt cried but this time it was for the joy of finally bring able to hug her father. Her father left and said the final decision was up to her, whether she would stay or leave. Riddhima sits on her bed and was overwhelmed by the love her father still had for her but for some reason   couldn't stop thinking of all that Sid had done for her and what if he finally had enough and left?)


Savita: kya huaa rey? Chilla kaiko rahe hai?

Sid: Shushant Gupta se kya kaha?

Savita: kaun?

Sid: ajj raat ko jab ghar aayi thi to Sushant Gupta se kya kaha?

Savita: kaun Sushant?

Sid: Hiten ka sasur. 

Savita: ek minute wo bhudda.. Thoda sa ganja?!

Sid: haan… usse milli thi?

Savita: main nahin milli wo idhar aaya, mere ko pehle laga CID walla hoga, par baad mein customer nikla! Pooch raha tha keh yahan kya hota hai waghera waghera… Main bara bar usko bata diya. 

Adi: aur usne bara bar hum mein ghar se phek diya. 

(Sid looks at Adi and they settle the matter with Savita and ask her to come to the house tomorrow with them. The only question was, where to stay for the night?)

Adi: yaheen rukh tey hain na… 

Sid: iss ko abhi tak aqal nahin ayi. 

(They both drag him out and search for a hotel, they find some but they were all booked and had to resort for a room not fitting all of them. It was around 4 am. The next morning Sid gets a call.)

Sid: Riddhima?

Sanaya: yeh Riddhima kaun hai?

Sid: oh! Its you. Finally remembers her long lost fiance. 

Sanaya: well why is my fiance naming other women?

Sid: It is a very long story. 

Sanaya: Sid. Really what is going on? I haven heard from u in days and when I call, u confuse me for someone else. 

Sid: I am not even going to argue on this because Riddhima and I do not even have a chance. 

Sanaya: yeah I know! Ur nt one of those flirts anyways!

Sid (Shocked): Im not a flirt?

Sanaya: no. ur a nice guy! 

(they talk for a few minutes and Sid hangs up.)

Con: Did she know who she was talking to?

Sid: I honestly don't know. 

Con: How she even think ur not a flirt let alone believe tht thought. 

Sid: I don't know. 

Con: She has a saintly image of u in her head! 

Sid: I guess so…

Con: that girl has no observational skills. 

(Sid gets up in his bed and finally gets a call from Riddhima.)

Riddhima: Are u alright?

Sid: oh so after I spend a whole entire night in God knows where, ur asking me if im alright?! Where was this concern last night?!

(Riddhima laughs.)

Riddhima: So I take it that u are well!

Sid: how can u say that?

Riddhima: because u are being sarcastic. 

Sid: right…. Anyhow I will talk to u later… actually Im coming home at 4... And love, mere swagat ke liye apne daddy se kuch khaas mat karwana.

Riddhima: I will try to convince him not to kill you. 

Sid: apni beti ko widwa bananey ke chakar mein hain?

Riddhima: ur not my husband so I wouldn't become a widow if u die.. 

Sid: We will talk about this when I get back. 

(Sid shuts the phone and wakes up Adi and Dheeraj, they leave for Savita Kumari and explain her that she needs to go with them. She agrees after a lot of coaxing and money. Sid finally got her to go with them. They  leave to the house. 
Riddhima had been waiting. It was 6pm and they still hadn't reached and she began worrying… What if he really got tired of everything and left? She tried to push the thought away but it kept bothering her. She waited in the hall while Aryan played video games.)

Aryan (not so sure how to say it bt finally manages): Dad

(It took everything Sid had to manage not to laugh out loud at Aryan's  very confused expression. Riddhima looks back and finds Sid with a smug expression. As the relief and joy hits her, she runs to him and stops herself before she almost hugs him.)

Sid: With all the effort I put in, a hug wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Riddhima (not bothered by his request): u came? I almost thought that…

Sid: that I left?

Riddhima (embarrassed): yeah…

(Sid takes a step forward until there wasn't much space between them.)

Sid: Im not leaving. Did you hear that?

Riddhima: yeah.

Sid: Now please believe it.

(He says this and leaves past her and meets her very angry father.)

Sid: alright uncle. 

Sushant: tumhari himat kaisey hui …

Sid (cuts in): before u think anything else, lets sit and clarify this. 

Sushant: Clarify what?

Sid: my chastity. I might be a lot of things but I will certainly not take advantage of a woman in unthinkable circumstances. 

Sushant: Well facts don't really go well with ur statements. 

(Sid sits and Sushant looks at him in anger.)

Sid: aap bhi beith saktey ho… 

(Sushant reluctantly in a chair opposite Sid.)

Sushant: I hope you know that I am doing this only for the sake of Riddhima. 

Sid: Surprisingly I am also doing this for the sake of Riddhima.

(Sid narrates the whole story, what he saw, what sushant saw and the truth. Sushant shakes his head disapprovingly.)

Sushant: Main tumhari baaton peh bharosa nahin karsakta. 

Sid: I knew this was going to happen so I came prepared. 

(Sid makes Savita call Hiten and tells her to black mail him. She does as told and puts the phone on loud speaker.)

Hiten: tum aisa kuch bhi nahin karogi. Bas ek aur din…. Ek aur din… phir meri shaadi hojaye gi aur tumhara sara ka sara paisa lotta doonga.

(Sid cuts the phone and Sushant stands there trying to hard to be strong after what he heard. The whole family gets a shock and Sid guides Savita to the door where he pays her off. Sushant takes hold of a arm rest of a chair trying to build enough strength but faints. Sid and Adi carry him to his room where they let him rest on his bed. Riddhima was comforting her mother who could barely speak after all that had happened. Sid, Dheeraj and Adi were outside the room.)

Sid: alright… we can see someone sucking up already. 

Adi: oh do shut up.

Dheeraj: Yeah I know, the minute papaji dropped, Adi was by his side, being a the helpful hand he never was.

Adi: I was just trying to help the guy.

Sid: I would believe you but then the sad part is I know you Adi and there is no way you could be that kind hearted. 

Adi: no honestly I care about Vidya so I will care about her dad.

Sid: alright alright… she's down the hall.

(Adi zooms out to find Vidya and Dheeraj and Sid are left behind.)

Dheeraj: Why are you doing this again?

Sid: what are you talking about?

Dheeraj: Doing so much for Riddhima…. You almost got killed by Punjabis, Riddhima's Dad wasn't very nice to you and to top that u had to spend a night in a degraded motel… so my dear friend, why r u doing this?

(Sid doesn't know how to answer this. He never thought about how much he had done for Riddhima but now Dheeraj had said, it seemed a lot.)

Sid: I don't know. 

(That was all Sid could manage. On the other hand Adi was being the personal tissue provider of Vidya. She kept crying her heart out and he kept making sure she had enough tissues to do so.)

Vidya: aur phir uss raat main unseh poocha bhi tha keh agar wo mujhse shaadi nahin karna chahtey hain to keh saktey hain…

Adi: really? You did? 

Vidya: haan… aur nahin to kya… 

(and she goes on for an hour while he patiently listens. Sid brings fruits to Sushants room hoping he was still asleep. He enters the room and tiptoes across it with a plate of fruits, finds his way to the table and while tiptoeing his way out of the room hears.)

Sushant: Sid…

Sid: yes…

Sushant: yahan aake beto…

(Sushant signals him to sit next to him on the bed.)

Sushant: abh tak jo kuch bhi huaa usse beta bhoola saktey ho? Mujhe maaf kar saktey ho?

Sid: Nahin Sir, its alright after all you are Riddhima's father. 

(Sushant put forward a hand and Sid extended his own, but Sushant pulled him into a hug.)

Sushant: You saved the lives of both my daughters, I don't know if I'd ever be able to repay you. 

(Sid didn't know what to say so he remained silent and then turned to the rest of the family. The whole family thanked him and then guessing from his worn out expression, they figured he was tired and let him head to his room. In his room he played with little Aryan but his thoughts were somewhere else. "You saved the lives of both my daughters, I don't know if I'd ever be able to repay you" the sentence kept repeating itself in Sid's head.)

Con: you earned his trust but you didn't deserve it.

(Sid knew this was true and buried his face in his hands. )

Sid (to himself): every time I try to get out of one mess I fall into another, things have become so complicated. 

(Aryan sat beside him on the bed. He put his little hand on Sid's shoulder.)

Aryan: everything will be alright. 

Sid: you think so?

Aryan: most definitely. So now can we play football?

(Sid laughed and scooped the kid off the bed. They played football for about 45 minutes and broke many things.)

Riddhima: SID!

Sid: oh man! Remember what I said getting out of one mess and falling into another? 

Aryan: mom… well I tried to stop him but he was so upset I didn't want to make him upsetter 

(Sid laughed not just because his son was really bad in lying but also because his English was equally bad.)

Sid: Son, do you honestly think the word "upsetter" exists?

Aryan: it doesn't? 

(although Sid meant the word "son" figuratively, Riddhima didn't take it too well. She took Aryan to bed before Sid could answer and that's when Sid realized what he had said. After Aryan fell asleep, Sid whispered and Riddhima turned to the couch where Sid was still wide awake.)

Sid: Riddhima…

Riddhima (hissed): what?

Sid: I thought we established that I will never want Aryan as a son and that you will never doubt that.

Riddhima (whispering): Well then stop calling him "son" like you own him!

Sid: you're too much of drama, you know that?!

Riddhima: you're too much  of self obsession, you know that?!

Sid: Love, unlike yourself, others do like themselves. This might be news for you but there are happy people out there who like themselves, like your husband.

Riddhima: I'm a happy person and I do like myself! But you're just too selfish!

Sid: when was the last time you ever did anything for yourself? Like maybe go to the salon? Put make up? Anything?

Riddhima: Oh so now you're saying I need to go to the salon to look pretty?

Sid (without thinking): no I think your pretty as can be, but all Im saying…

(his voice trailed off when he saw a light shade of pink on Riddhima's cheek.)

Sid: Are you blushing? 

Riddhima: No.. why would I?

(And with that she turned to hide her face.)

Sid: So one compliment could make you blush like that?

Riddhima: Go to sleep. 

Sid: Are you still blushing?

Riddhima: Im not listening. 

Sid: well I think the blush made you look a lot more adorable. 

(She doesn't reply.)

Sid: I know you're still blushing.

Riddhima: I am not.

Sid: look at me and prove it.

(she doesn't look back because she knew that the light shade of pink was still there.)

Sid: I am waiting….

(She throws a pillow at him.)

Sid: you suck at aiming just as much as you suck at lying.

Riddhima: well then maybe I should take lessons from you. 

Sid: yeah… once you stop blushing. 

(Riddhima groans and Sid laughs but that night Sid thought about what all Riddhima was going to be missing at once he leaves. He will have Sanaya to go back to but what about Riddhima? Who did she have? And that's when it hit him! He took out his smart phone and began writing an email addressed to Suraj -to those who don't remember, its Riddhima's ex fianc)


Dear Suraj, 
You might be wondering who this is? Its Siddhart Modi, from Delhi high. I know you're probably thinking hard trying to remember me but really its not worth the effort. You don't really need to remember me. I am writing this letter on behalf of  a very good friend, who you have greatly misunderstood, Riddhima Gupta. I know I'm no one to interfere but you need to understand that the one night that you abandoned her for wasn't exactly her fault. She wasn't conscious. She was drugged, the after effect of which you witnessed. I am not asking you to forgive Riddhima because honestly, she has nothing to be sorry about. All I want you to do is reflect on your very hasty decision and realize that you lost one hell of a girl! 

Please realize how foolish you have been in the past eight years and write back. 

Sincerely yours, 
Siddhant Modi. 

(Sid pressed the send button and only after that realized that somewhere in between the letter, he got mad at Suraj for ditching Riddhima badly in the past, and wrote things he shouldn't have but it was too late to regret his decision so he sighed and fell into deep sleep.)

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Res <3


Superrr awesome update Zohal <3

This story just gets all the more interesting wid every part :)

Convo b/wSid-Con & Sid-Ridz was so phunny LOL

I really like the scene where Sid was looking at the window for Ridz & on the other hand Ridz 'missing' him :)))
Somewhere they're realizing each others importance in their lives & their hidden feelings ..

hmm so finally Sid won Ridz's Dad's trust ..but somewhere he knw he doesn't deserve it..

And wow Sid called Aryan son :O
SR blushing wala scene was sooo cute Embarrassed very well written :))

but as always nikamma is messing things up :x
I don't know what effect that mail is going to have ..may b it'll help SR realizing their feelings for each other :/

Can't wait to see what happens next
Continue soon...

Good luck wid ur classes :D

Edited by -Harshu- - 01 December 2011 at 4:00am

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