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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 66)

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Zohal Plz update soonEmbarrassed

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Update Soon!!

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Update soon Embarrassed

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update soonTongue

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Everyone sorry for the late update, got caught up with Ramadan and Eid! Thank you for all ur feedback! I am writing the net part so cant reply bt THANK YOU!

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Part 16
Sid looks around nervously, he was about to be interrogated and he knew this very well. Riddhima's family sat quietly around him. They eyed him suspiciously, everyone was forming their own story of what may have happened between Sid and Riddhima, but none of them said anything. Riddhima's father had a grim expression and Sid realized that he wanted to run away more than ever but still, he stood his ground beside Riddhima. 

Con: this has got to be the most awkward situation in centuries. 

(Sid calmed his breathing)

Con: But you do know that the only person to be blamed for this whole entire charade is yourself. Just you, my friend.

Sid (think): Now this is not the time to regret, Con! How the hell am I supposed to fix this?

Con: Its not an engine system that you can fix or repair the damage, it's a dysfunctional family. Deal with it. 

Sid (think): Arent you the world's most helpful conscience? 

Con: What can I say other than, I am yours? Arent I?

(Sid clears his throat. And that was the only noise heard for about 15 minutes till finally Riddhima's father decides to start a conversation.)

Sushant: toh Siddhant Modi? Am I right?

Sid: yh. Thts right… sir. 

Sushant: tum aur Riddhima miley kahan tey?

Sid: at the hospital. 

Mamta: pehli bhar?

(Sid tries hard not to think of when he first met Riddhima but now he had no choice. Should he go ahead and say the truth? Or should he just  lie about it?)

Riddhima: haan mama. 

(Sid looks to Riddhima who was looking ahead.) 

Sushant: aur phir? Shaadi kab hui? Kya tummey Aryan ka pata hai? Itney saalon mein kyun nahin milley? 

Grandfather: saans leyney ka moqah dogey unko?

Sid: no its okay, I completely understand. Well we met at the hospital and I found your daughter extremely attractive and caring and soon after that we were both in love and decided to get married. Riddhima insisted that I do meet all of you but I didn't think that you were in the right position to meet me so I refused. Over the course of years she did ask  me again and again but I guess I just was ready for this. And yes I did know about Aryan before our marriage. I think he is a great kid.

(Sid looks down and takes a moment to think about all he said.)

Sid (thinking): Well it wasn't all a lie. Except the bit about marriage and okay… yh.. even the love part… and yh the "extremely attractive" part too. But the Aryan part was true! I do think he is a great kid. 

Con: Bravo! In a paragraph of lies, we managed to find a speck of truth! 

Sid (thinking): Well what was I supposed to do? Tell them the truth? Aryan is my son and I just found out few days ago? How does that sound?

Con: No need to get all sentimental. I was just appreciating you're remarkable skill of story telling. I mean it didn't take you a minute to form a whole entire story…

Sid (thinking): Could you please….

(And while Sid was arguing with his conscience, the family was evaluating the truth in Sid's story. Everyone had convinced themselves except Riddhima's Dad.)

Dad: toh tum keh rahey ho key…

Grandfather: Sushant bas bhi karo. Insaan hain.. Uney khaney ki zaroorat hai. Shayad tummey na ho par unhey hai. 

Dad: main bas keh raha tha. 

GF: Riddhima chalo mujhe utney mein maddat karo.

(Riddhima helps her grandfather get up and Sid follows her, hoping her dad wasn't hungry and decides to skip on dinner for tonight.)

Dad: toh tum riddhima keh saath kaam kartey ho?

Sid: ji..wo 

GF: Siddhant khana khalo. Sushant baad mein. 

(Sid silently thanked Riddhima's grandfather. Dinner went on silently after that. No one dared to speak. Sid and Riddhima were given a room in which Aryan was already fast asleep. Sid shuts the door behind him.)

Sid: Is that man you're actual father? Sauthela toh nahin hai na?

Riddhima: Sid! 

Sid: okay sorry. But seriously riddhima! How could you even bear him through childhood?! 

Riddhima: Dad wasn't always this strict. Its just that after all that happened he cant be cheerful anymore. I mean the whole community made us miserable. He didn't deserve any of it. 

(Riddhima sat down and all of a sudden memories of the bitter days came back, when people would throw stones through their windows with all sorts of things written. She remembered when her father was thrashed every day by the street boys. A tear formed in the corner of her eye.)

Riddhima: He didn't deserve it. He was so nice and sweet. And everything got ruined because of me. 

(Sid bent on his knee in front of her.)

Sid: Riddhima it all got ruined because of me. 
(that was probably the bravest thing Sid had said till now. It was the one of the rear times when he honestly found himself at fault.)

Sid: I was the one who ruined every little thing and left. I swear I would take it all back if I could and I know that I cant but this time Riddhima, I wont run away. I will not leave till I know everything is right for sure. 

(Riddhima laughs.)

Riddhima: You really think you are some sort of knight in shinning armor? Don't you?

Sid: And what if I do?

Riddhima: It'd be really sad for me if you turn out to be my knight in shinning armor. One crappy knight you would make.

Sid: hey. Don't judge me yet. Give me some time and trust me, you might just fall for this crappy knight in shinning armor. 

(Riddhima laughs and Sid gets up and takes off his shirt to get comfy for bed.)

Riddhima: What In the name of god, are you doing?

Sid: getting comfy because I need to sleep.

Riddhima: without you're shirt?

Sid: you're point is?

Riddhima: its not decent!

Sid: Riddhima, love, this seriously isn't the first time you have seen me shirtless. You can thank God after I go to sleep. 

(Sid slides into his blanket on the floor. Riddhima snatches it off.)

Riddhima: you're not going to sleep shirtless with me in the room. Put you're shirt back on. 

Sid: You know what Riddhima? It looks like to me that you just want more chances to see me like this. I mean why on earth would you pull off my blanket?

Riddhima: Sid! Put you're shirt on. Its not decent. 

Sid: not decent? Riddhima it is just my shirt!

Riddhima: The last time I saw you shirtless was out of necessity! This is not! 

Sid: yes it is! It is necessary for me to be comfortable while sleeping. You can too, if you like. 

(Riddhima throws the blanket on his face.)

Sid: suite yourself.

(Sid cuddles his blanket and goes to sleep. Riddhima sits up in bed next to Aryan. Sid keeps moving restlessly and finally wakes up to get a glass of water. As he returns with his glass he sees Riddhima up on the bed. Sid looks at the clock and it was 2:45 am.)

Sid: kar kya rahi ho?

Riddhima: lag kya raha hai?

Sid: cant decide between insomnia and insanity. 

Riddhima: Sid gulp in the water and go back to sleep. 

Sid: I will but with you being wide awake freaks me out. Its like watching the live version of Exorcism of Emily Rose. 

Riddhima: If you're trying to be funny then this definitely not the time.

Sid: so why don't you just tell me why are you awake?

Riddhima: I thought I made it clear that I cant sleep with a shirtless man…. 

Sid: You're not. The innocent, nave, unfortunate shirtless man is sleeping on the floor, not with you. 

Riddhima: UGH! Sid I meant in the same room. 

Sid: Riddhima… if you think that I might try to do something despicable with you in here which is probably just  10 feet away from where you're dad is, then you have serious issues, love. I mean I am not the man to do something like that but even if I were than I would be smart enough not to try at your house. 

Riddhima: Sid you're sick!

Sid: you're the one who initiated it.

Riddhima: I just meant that is indecent for you to be shirtless in front of me and Aryan. 

Sid: Riddhima turn around and pretend I don't exist and once you are done with that then please get some sleep. 

Riddhima: I am not going to sleep. 

(Sid takes his blanket and wraps it around him. He looks at her from time to time to check if she had fallen asleep but she hadn't so he finally gives up. He goes and grabs his shirt to put it on. Riddhima smiles.)

Sid: this is just because you mentioned Aryan. 

Riddhima: Thank you. 

Sid: you're not welcome. 

(They both sleep. The following morning Riddhima's mom knocks on the door.)

Riddhima: Sid get up. SID! 

Sid: Who died? What happened?

Riddhima: Nothing happened. Just get up and sit on the bed. 

Sid: Why?

Riddhima: Could you do one thing without questioning?

Sid: No. 

(Riddhima grabs his arm and forces him to get on the bed. A half conscious Sid falls on her.)

Sid: oh so this not indecency?

Riddhima: it's a necessity. 

Sid: What?

(Riddhima pushes him off and he sits up right. Her mom walks in and greets them and tells them that they could get down for breakfast.)

Riddhima: See?

Sid: see what?

Riddhima: If I hadn't done that then your little claim of being my husband would be completely unbelievable.

Sid: sure sure. 

Riddhima: Sid I'm right and you know it. 

Sid: whatever Riddhima does is right and when Sid does it, its all wrong. 

(Aryan slowly starts to wake up and Riddhima signals Sid to be quiet. Sid leaves to the washroom while Riddhima explains to Aryan what has happened. Sid comes out all ready for breakfast.)

Aryan: So dadaji thinks Sid is your husband?

Riddhima: yes. 

Aryan: Then that makes him my father, doesn't it?

Riddhima: huh?

(Before Riddhima could answer Sid carries him.)

Sid: yes it does par do char din ke liye.

Aryan: chalega. 

(Riddhima comes and takes Aryan from Sid with a straight face. Sid looks at her, surprised.)

Riddhima: wo Aryan ka mu haath dona hai.. 

[Sid nods but he knows that wasn't it. He heads downstairs where he meets Vidya (Riddhima's sister.)]

Sid: good morning. 

Vidya: Good morning.

Sid: So whats on the agenda, bride-to-be?

Vidya: Nothing really. 

Sid: I thought girls go on a shopping spree before their wedding. 

(Vidya smiles.)

Vidya: yea.. I will later on with mom. 

Sid: Why not Riddhima?

Vidya: Di… 

(Her voice trails off and Sid looks behind him to find Sushant Gupta)

Sid: oh.. Morning Sir. 

(Sushant moves ahead without saying anything.)

Sid: He doesn't seem in a good mood. 

Con: And he wont seem in a good mood with you around. 

Sid: You're probably the world's most negative conscience. 

Con: A negative human being does not get to have a positive conscience. Its simple, I am a part of you.

Sid: How I wish you weren't. 

Con: Spare me the drama. 

(Sid looks up to find Riddhima and Aryan ready. Aryan follows Vidya to the hall.)

Sid: So how are my supposed wife and son doing?

Riddhima: You met dad?

Sid: yes and I greeted him too. 

Riddhima: that's why he seemed upset. 

Sid: Oh he is upset? For what? Ditching my sweet greeting? Riddhima you wont believe the innocent little face I put up while greeting him and he still answered me like he just woke from the dead.

Riddhima: Sid!

Sid: okay. Bad joke. But can you blame me?

Riddhima: Yes. 

Sid: Well okay but I did apologize to him..

Riddhima: Look Sid you don't need to. We're here until the wedding only, after that we don't need to be here. 

(At that moment Riddhima's mom passed and she smiled at Sid and signaled him to the dining table.)

Sid: Im still wondering….

Riddhima: what?

Sid: How did you're mother end up marrying your father. 

(Riddhima slaps him a bit too hard.)

Sid: Stop hitting like a man. 

Riddhima (sarcastically): You're so funny.

(They go to the dining area and during the whole breakfast Sushant avoids Sid entirely and everyone else does the same. Everyone didn't hate Sid but couldn't dare to do otherwise with Sushant seated with them. Breakfast finishes.)

Sid: you're entire family hates me. 

Riddhima: No they are upset with what I did. It has nothing to do with you. 

Sid: really? Are u kidding me? THIS has nothing to do with me?

Riddhima: they don't know the other half of the story yet so for now, yes this has nothing to do with you. 

(Sid thinks about it and concludes that he needs to meet up with Riddhima's dad. He follows him to his study.)

Sid: Sir. We need to speak. 

Sushant: No we don't. 

Sid: Yes we do. You did hear my half of the story but you need to hear you're daughter's half too. You need to realize how much she loves you and needs all of you back. 

Sushant: Tumhey lagta hai keh sab kuch itna asaan hai? Riddhima kal aaayi aur main ussey aaj maaf kar doon? Kya tum log barose keh layeq ho? Arrey shaadi keh liye humse ek baar bhi poocha kya? Kal bhi hamari soch purani thi tum log keh liye aur aaj bhi purani hai. 

Sid: Sir you cant judge us without knowing what Riddhima went through. It wasn't exactly a fairy tale for her either. 

Sushant: Toh tum keh rahey ho jo hum soch tey hain wo tumharey liye zaroori hai?

Sid: Obviously. You are her parent and I am her husband so whatever you say will always matter. 

Sushant: Meri soch Riddhima keh liye kitni mainey rakhti hai main dekh chooka hoon. 

Sid: Trust me Sir, I would have never stayed here if it was important for her. 

Sushant: uskey liye yeh important hai? Yeh parivaar?

Sid: more than most things in life, including me. 

Sushant: Sid tum nahin jaantey keh tum kya keh rahey ho? Parivaar ka matlab agar tumhey pata hota toh tum Riddhima keh saath yun chup ke shaadi nahin kartey. 

Sid: I noe I was wrong but I am whole heartedly trying to make things right. 

Sushant: Mujhe abh bhi nahin lagta keh tumhari zindagi mein hamare liye koi jagaa hai…

Sid: Well you wont find out unless you let me try. 

Sushant: Alright. If that's what you want. 

(Sushant leaves the room before Sid could thank him. Sid goes to the living room where everyone was ready to go shop for Vidya.)

Sid: Hey maybe I and riddhima could accompany you guys. 

(Everyone looks at Sushant.)

Sid: I thought you were going to give a shot. 

Sushant: theekh hai.. Aa saktey hain. 

Riddhima (whispering): whats did u do?

Sid: Nothing. 

Riddhima: Oh so my dad just let us come along with him. 

Sid: yeah. Something like that. 

Riddhima: I wanna noe the exact thing. 

Sid: Well your father is allowing us to come with him because he promised me a chance. 

Riddhima: A chance to what?

Sid: Show him that family is important to both of us. 

Riddhima: and what good is that? Sid we are leaving in a week. 

Sid: Maybe you could stay for a little longer. 

Riddhima: How exactly?

Sid: well if your father stops hating you, you might be able to stick around. 

Riddhima: My father does not hate me and you are not my husband. He doesn't know that. When he finds out, you think I will be able to "stick around"?

Sid (thinking): Okay I didn't think about that aspect. 

(Sid's silence made Riddhima laugh.)

Riddhima: Look Sid I havent forgiven you, I don't think I will ever be able to forgive you but I do appreciate the fact that you trying. Thank you for that but I don't think there is any purpose of all this so please stop. 

Sid: oh I forgot to mention I like messing with your father. Its fun. 

(Riddhima hits him.)

Sid: Please Riddhima stop hitting like a man. 

(Sid and family leave for shopping. Sid realizes that they were shopping for her dowry. They went to many electronic outlets and bought a fridge.)

Sushant: isse pack kar deejiye. 

(They pack it and load it on a trolley, a worker steps forward to carry it to the truck but Sushant refuses and asks Sid to take the trolley to the truck.)

Sushant: itna haq toh hai na parivaar ka?

Sid (with a stiff smile): bilkul hai

(Sushant leaves with the family and Sid begins to push the trolley.)

Sid: I didn't pass through medical school to push trolleys.

Con: so this is how significant your supposed father in law thinks you are?

Sid: I thought a conscience is meant to motivating, positive and nice.

Con: Yes, that is the case with nice and positive people and therefore you don't get one. You get me. Remember, your conscience is a reflection of your deeds. 

(Sid begins to stagger. The load was too heavy and he couldn't balance it.)

Sid: Why the hell do they call this unskilled labor? You seriously have to be highly trained to manage something like this!

Con: Try and try until you die. 

Sid: I cant understand why you just said that. 

Con: I was trying to be motivating. 

(Sid pushes the trolley hard and the fridge moves from side to side. Sid watches in horror as the unstable fridge falls, he rushes but before he could get there the fridge hits a wall. He goes forward and tries to push the fridge back to its position but it refuses to budge.)

Sid: what on earth am I supposed to do now?

Con: Your father in law will not be pleased to see his daughter dowry hanging by a wall. 

(Sid begins to push with his shoulder. He manages to make it budge and seeing the slight ray of hope he tries harder. He puts in all his weight and finally puts the fridge in the right position.)

Sid: Dear Lord, that is something no man should go through. 

(Sid then carefully pushes the trolley and would jerk with every slight movement of the fridge. He reaches the parking lot.)

Sushant: Mujhe laga Sid ke intezaar mein raat yahin guzarni pareygi. 

Sid (not eveing smiling): sorry to keep you waiting. 

(They drive home and everyone gets off the car except Sid and Sushant.)

Sushant: haar maangaye barkhurdaar? 

Sid: Far from it. 

(Sushant gets out of the car.)

Sid: This man has issues.  

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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RES Embarrassed


Zohal Hug
OMG finally an update!!!!!!!!!!!
first of all EID MUBARAK!!!! ok kinda late bt still :P 

fantastic update!!! God poor Sid OuchLOL but I'm loving it...I'm sure in sab ke end mein Sid will come out as a winner and SR will come close Day Dreaming
I LOVE Con...I srsly love him more than Sid at timesLOL
I'm loving the SR scenes...really hope to see some more "lovey dovey'' type of SR scenes in the coming partsEmbarrassed

and plzzz continue soon yaar!

PS me phrist DancingLOL

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Reserved!!!! Poor Sid yaar!!!!

Oh man! I feel so bad for Sid.. I seriously do.. He's trying so hard and Riddhima's dad.. I would think he should be happy that his daughter is finally settled now with a decent guy.. I mean, his greatest worry has been taken care of na? Lekin nahi.. He wants to test his damaad and how...

Bechara Sid, shirt pehenke sona pada coz of Riddhima LOL

I am so looking forward to see how this husband wife drama unfolds and what all it leads too LOLTongue

Glad that Aryan is happy and hope he stays that way forever (indirectly hoping that Sid never leaves Aryan and Riddhima Embarrassed)

Now pls pls pls pls pls pls update soon...

Great job!!!




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