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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 59)

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shirandeewani

u updated
m faintsss
oh em ji ilove quick updates
love this ff sooo much..puleeesss update today only & only

I knw u guys love it! and am very happy abt tht!
ThnkS again! Sorry abt the late update!

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Originally posted by Ovi_Tanni

Omggg i did nt expect itna jaldi update from u[:O] bt thanks a lottt for update...another awesome part...finally ridhima knws the truth & afraid for sid's ll take aryaan away frm her...i can understand ridhima's situation...without aryaan she has no one beside her & she left her parents house bcz did nt want to loss her aryaan,so its natural she is afraid after knwing the truth sid has changed now & ll b thinking for ridz & aryaan's happiness i guess...hope sid ll gain her trust & their love story ll b start juss hoping ridhima & aryaan ll nt run away from sid if she does sid ll follow them...cnt wait for next soo Continue soon...

Tanni! (I dnt know if this is part of ur name bt i like the sound of it!) 
I know! Its was too unexpected! And ur welcome! Glad u can see the reality in the situation.. Bt no worries Sid will prove his point and his decency... very little decency... in the right time. 
And sorry abt the late update!
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mala1108

Very nice update... Im enjoying this FF... Love S-R-A scenes... continue soon

Glad u liked it  and so hoping you keep liking them! And sorry abt the late update!
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mamathasridhar

surprise :)...nice update :)

Thanks :)
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by loveSR

nice parts ...
continue soon...
do pm me...

Thank u!! And will continue!
and will pm!
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Liashna

Cry Awww... That's all i can say... Sid n his son n Riddhima... Wow... i so want to cry... 

The backyard garden part... wow... I could very well picture it, n it was a beautifully sketched scene..

 Am out of words, so let the emoticons say it...Clap

 N sorry is i don't comment... As am trying to save my last two posts before 1000 for a specific reason... lol

Update soon..

I really want to know what Sid's upto, n Riddhima's reflection upon the fact...

Liashna! No need to cry! I will try and make it less tragic than it is! Glad u liked it!
And so happy u liked the backyard scene. Hope u like the rest..

No need to be sorry abt nt commenting! U can just like it and I will noe u liked it!
and sorry abt the late update!
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255


i came and read 2 updates 

and girl 

standing ovation for u ''

u rocked it :d


i am actually shocked how u just twist the whole story 


Kiran! Missed u!
Good ur back! And no standing ovation for me since I'm nt very punctual... when I master the art of quick updates thats when u thank me!
And glad u liked it!
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Part 14

The blood had dried on Sid's hand. He had been looking into Riddhima's backyard for a long time but not because he expected to see her again but because he was thinking. He was thinking about what he needs to do next. Should he follow her around till she finally gives in? No that cant work with Riddhima. 

Sid: I am lost. 

Con: I know. 

Sid: What am I supposed to do now? I mean now that she knows the truth she wont let me go close to her let alone help her. 

Con: well… you messed it up… now you go fix it. 

Sid: I think I figured that one on my own

Con: Then move ahead and figure the rest out. 

(Sid goes back to thinking. He thinks of every possible way to make her understand but he fails. Riddhima didn't have a weakness. Her career was her means of helping others. She didn't aim for a high profile job. She didn't want anything.)

Sid: How could someone not want anything? Nothing at all?

Con: can she be content with her life just the way it is?

Sid: Cant be. There must be something she wants. I have to keep looking. 

(Amidst this riot Sid had created, he sees Dolly walking with her owner into Riddhima's house and he knew the dog was going to harass Aryan. Sid follows them without thinking. He rings the bell and Riddhima answers.)

Riddhima: you!

(She tries to shut the door but Sid slides his hand keeps the door from closing.)

Riddhima: what are you here for?! I thought I told you to go away.

Sid: Its sad you havent noticed but you don't OWN Delhi. I will leave whenever I please.

Riddhima: Don't think for a second that I will let you even an inch closer to Aryan. 

Sid: Love, as much as I hate to break your sweetest dream, I have to tell you this: I have no, absolutely, no fatherly feelings for that kid. 

(Riddhima was still pushing hard on the door.)

Riddhima: Oh so that's why you're in Delhi. 

Sid (He didn't know to explain his conscience issue): I was here on… lets say… a self discovery journey..

Riddhima: Yeah well that self discovery journey of yours, need not lead you into my house. 

Sid: see that the problem! It leads right here. 

Riddhima: Ahan! It leads to Aryan doesn't it?

Sid: I promise you I do not and will not ever want to take Aryan away from you. I find him cute but not for more than an hour. 

Riddhima: Then why are you here?

Sid: like I said… self discovery. 

Riddhima: Sid…I am sure I could expect one completely honest answer even from a man like you. 

Sid: Look. I do not have fatherly feelings for Aryan nor do I have any mushy feeling for you. Don't get me wrong love, you are pretty but I am not in love with you. 

Riddhima: then why are you here?

Sid: to help you.

Riddhima: I don't need it. 

Sid: you're saying that because you are in denial. 

Balwant: Oh ji.. Hum itey kab thak wait karengey?

Riddhima: ji main aarahi hoon. 

Sid: Oh and that's also a reason why Im here. 

(Sid follows her before she could argue. They reach the living room and Sid sees a frightened Aryan standing next to the wall with a packet of doggy bites and Dolly standing in front of him. Riddhima stood there coaxing him to feed the dog but Aryan's hands were shaky.)

Sid: Would you mind telling me why are you torturing the child?

Riddhima: my child!

Sid: You're child! Only yours. But why are you tormenting the poor thing.

Riddhima: He needs to learn to fight his fears. 

Sid: ahan… right so putting a vicious dog in front of him is going to help?

Riddhima: Its none of your business. 

(Sid thought about it and then decided it'd be best if he doesn't say anything else otherwise Riddhima might jump to the conclusion that he was claiming his right as a father. He stood there, tensed and Aryan was trying to feed dolly who was, very annoyingly, barking at him. Riddhima looked to Balwant hoping he would do something to calm his dog. Sid scratched his forehead to calm his nerves a bit, but it didn't seem to help. He finally moves forward and grabs the biscuits from Aryan's hand.)

Sid: Alright, Midget lets take care of the whole issue my way. 

(Sid starts throwing biscuits on the floor making a trail for Dolly to follow.)

Sid: faster Dolls, faster. 

(He starts moving at faster pace and finally throws one out the window, when Dolly leaps to catch it, Sid shuts the window. And Aryan comes forward and high fives him. Balwant Raina in tensed worry, runs out. Riddhima although a lot more calm now, still felt the urge to argue.)

Riddhima: Who do you think you are?

Sid: I knew this was coming. 

Aryan: What was?

Sid: Argument. A lesson for future, midget: don't ever try to do things which are sensible and logical when you are dealing with women. 

Riddhima: You literally flung a dog out of the window. 

Sid: No Riddhima. The dog flung itself out of the window. Yes I persuaded it but it was stupid enough to go for it. 

Aryan: Ya maa, Sid's right. 

(Sid ruffles his hair but Aryan looks up in anger.)

Sid: oh yeah, not the hair.

Riddhima: Aryan get into your room and Sid get out of the house. 

Sid: this is not the solution to anything. 

Riddhima: I don't think I need you suggestions

(Aryan giggles and they both look at him confused.)

Aryan: You guys are fighting like married people. 

(Sid looks down, not sure what to say to what his son had just said and Riddhima looks at Aryan and Aryan knew he was in trouble.)

Aryan: Okay… so I wil go to sleep now.

Sid: yeah you better. 

( Aryan leaves.)

Riddhima: you may leave now. 

Sid: come on.. Riddhima you need to hear me out. 

Riddhima: I don't think I do.. I think I need you out of my house right now.

Sid: Can you please listen to me just once?

Riddhima: Sid I will call the cops and please know that I am dead serious. 

( Sid leaves but as he reaches home he thinks deeply about Riddhima needed but nothing. There was nothing she could use to move on. And then it came to Sid, his very own phrase, "To heal a broken heart, fall in love again". Although it seemed like the perfect solution but he wasn't sure what to do next. What kind of guys would Riddhima like? He had to be sophisticated, kind hearted and probably down to earth. "Now where on earth am I going to find a guy like that?!" Sid thought. But he knew there was no way he would be able to convince Riddhima to date even if he did find this guy. Nor could he tell her because, truth be told, at this moment even Sid realized she didn't hate anyone as much as she hated him.)

Sid: Man I screwed up real bad this time huh?

Con: U guessed it right. 

Sid: Well since you are my conscience, u do know what Im thinking, right?

Con: Find her the perfect man? The man that is most likely not non existent. Sophisticated, kind hearted and down to earth, do not come in one package. 

Sid: That was very encouraging of you.

Con: U already know this Sid. Where are you going to find someone?

Sid: Dheeraj? Maybe?

Con: The love sick puppy? That's the best you could do?

Sid: Okay, yeah that was stupid. 

(Sid goes to his laptop and opens the browser.)

Con: Matrimonial website?! Are you serious?!

Sid: What?! It could work. 

Con: yeah sure. The girl who doesn't want to think of man at this moment, you want to put her up in a matrimonial website?!

Sid: Im just looking for someone, anyone that might fit the bill. 

Con: yeah well you're not going to get him from a matrimonial website. 

Sid: Then WHERE? She would want a DECENT guy. And I don't think I could pick a decent guy from a night club. 

Con: Im just saying that she might not be ready for marriage and all these men that you are browsing through obviously want to get hitched real soon. 

(Sid thinks of it. And it was making sense. He couldn't make Riddhima date someone and if she evens hears the idea of marriage, she would freak out and that is one thing he didn't want to witness….again.)

Sid: okay. Point taken. 

Con: Now what?

Sid: where do decent guys usually go for fun? 

Con: Im guessing its not nightclub, casino or a bar. 

Sid: Very funny. Library. She would probably like someone who reads a lot. 

(The next morning Sid grabs his keys and picks up the local map and looks for nearby libraries. He heads down to a few but is disappointed to find only girls and a handful of old men. Sid gets back into his car and frustrated.)

Sid: Don't men read anymore?

Con: when was the last time you read anything other than patient files. 

(Sid thinks of novel to reply but cant remember any.)

Sid: well I was talking about decent men. 

Con: well at least you realize you're not one of them. 

(Sid ignores and goes to the last library and he is met with a pleasant surprise. There was a twenty-something man reading a book on philosophy. A young boy brings chai and almost spills it on him. Instead of getting irritated, he helps the boy and asks him if he was okay. "Bingo! Kind AND down to earth. Not very good looking but will do." Sid thinks and takes a seat beside him.)

Sid: So… what you got there?

Man: philosophical read. Its quite good. 

("so that means he has been reading quite a few books" Sid thinks happily.)

Sid: Siddhant 

Man: Vinod 

(They shake hands and he returns to his book. Sid gets offended. "the least he could do is make an effort to continue the conversation. I mean I'm the one who is trying to hook him up with prettiest girl around!". Sid then quickly thinks of the words he used. "Did I just say 'prettiest girl' in reference to Riddhima?! Pull you're act together man!" Sid absorbed with his thoughts, finally decides to give Vinod another shot.)

Sid: so… what do you do Vinod?

(he doesn't answer for a while. "Stop trying to make this awkward and answer the damn question, pretty boy!" Sid thought. Sid picks up a book pretending to read.)

Vinod: architect. 

Sid: ahh that's interesting. Well Im a doctor. 

Vinod: good to know. 

(And Vinod returns to his book. Sid returns to his own book pretending to be absorbed by it but actually very annoyed by Vinod's lack of speaking skills or rather interest.)

Sid (thinking): This is harder than I thought it would be. 

Con: Well people usually come to a library to read and not to make conversations. 

Sid (still thinking): oh so now you're reading my thoughts too?

Con: Im you're conscience you idiot! Its my job to stay in touch with all your good and bad thought. 

Sid: Yeah I know I know. 

Vinod: Pardon me.

Sid: I know… that… it's a very interesting book… 

Vinod: okay… why are you here? Since you obviously arent here to read

Sid: yeah, honestly my friend sent me here to read some books… she likes reading too. She likes philosophy.. 

(Hoping the supposed common interest he shares might tempt him to know more about Riddhima.)

Vinod: really? 

(And he said it like he meant it. Sid smiled.)

Sid: yeah… really. Well she likes lots of books. I couldn't tell you of her favorite authors since I am not really into books anyways. 

Vinod: yeah you don't look like it either. 

("Whats that supposed to mean architect?! Let it go Sid, its for Riddhima" Sid swallowed his anger.)

Sid: anyways. She is sent me to find her some books too…

Vinod: maybe I could help. 

Sid: yh.. Riddhima might like the books you select for her (intentionally giving out her name.)

Vinod: so is she something more than a friend to you?

Sid: No not really. We are seriously just friends. She's the sophisticated type and I like fun girls. 

Vinod: uh huh.. So come on I will show you some books. 

(Vinod takes him to the philosophy aisle and hands him books while Sid keeps blabbering about Riddhima.)

Sid: well she works at a public hospital. Its not that she cant get a better job but she thinks people need her there. If you ask me.. Its kind of stupid. 

Vinod: Not really. Riddhima sounds like someone very brave to take decisions like that. 

Sid: yup. She is. She likes kids a lot. She's great with handling them and all.

Vinod: That's refreshing. A lot of girls like kids but most cant handle them. 

Sid: Yeah.. Riddhima's unique that way. 

Vinod: She sounds like it. 

(Sid smiles. "Now we're talking. A few more words and he might even ask for her number." Sid silently thought.)

Vinod: Oh this one is an amazing read. My girlfriend gifted it to me on our anniversary. 

Sid: you're WHAT?!

(It wasn't that he hadn't heard it but more like he was in denial.)

Vinod: My girlfriend.

Sid (faking interest): really?

Vinod: yeah we met at college and never felt like parting ways. 

Sid (thinking): Oh great! First he tells me of his blissful engagement and now he wants to narrate his love life to guys he barely knows?! 

(Vinod was stilling talking about his girlfriend.)

Vinod: she was the humanitarian type quite like your Riddhima. 

Sid (thinking): oh so now she become "my" Riddhima?! Yeah this is just perfect.

Vinod: So I guess four books are enough to keep her busy for a week.

Sid: I think its more than just enough. I should probably head off. 

(He goes home with a bunch of books he'd never read. He sulks in his bed hoping tomorrow would be better. The sun rises and so does Sid's hopes for the day. But the day disappoints him. He goes to all the places he thought he would never go but cant find anyone worth praising. Some were arrogant, some ignorant and others were a bit of both. A few days pass but his search doesn't end. He gets up one morning and this time he doesn't choose to go to a library but goes to a family park. "A decent guy would want to spend time with his family" was the thought behind Sid's idea of finding a guy in the park. He was walking around for about an hour when he finally spots a man supporting his old mother. "He does seem kind hearted and all but if he is married then I swear I'm going to chop his throat off" Sid thought. The man helped his mother to a chair and then he starts walking by his own. Sid follows him.) 

Sid: Hey. 

Man: Im nt sure I know you. 

Sid: Im quite sure you don't know me. 

(The man took a step aside leaving a large gap between Sid and himself.)

Sid: so whats up?

Man: I don't really know how you concluded this but I am nt like you. 

Sid: Not like me? Whats that supposed to mean?

Man: As in…. like I am a normal guy..

Sid: Yeah well I am normal too. 

Man: No you don't get it. I am nt what you think I am.

Sid: Ur nt single?

Man: Not for you. 

(And that is when Sid understood that the man was doubting his gender.)

Sid: Oh no.. I am normal too. 

Man: Yeah I know you are but what I meant was that I am straight. 

Sid: yeah well I am too.

Man: then why were you interested in my relationship status

(Sid didn't know how to answer this, if he said it was for a friend then it would make Riddhima look desperate and if he didn't then it would make him look gay.)

Sid: just checking. 

Man: as long as you don't hit on me. 

Sid: Not a chance. Anyways, Siddhant Modi.

Man: Arjun. 

Sid: pleased to meet you so what do you do?

Arjun: for a living?

Sid: yh…

Arjun: marketing head at a firm.

Sid: uh huh. So how old are you?
(Sid knew that the question would make him look gay but it was already out of his mouth.)

Arjun: I thought you weren't interested. 

Sid: I know. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to know.

Arjun: 27. 

Sid: so do you have a girlfriend?

Arjun: No I don't but don't think for a second that you have a chance with me because I am straight. 

Sid: Why are you so protective of YOURSELF?

Arjun: Im just saying… 

(Sid was getting tired of this guy but then decides to give him a chance since he didn't have much of an option anyway.)

Sid: look dude all I wanted to do was help. Your mom seemed like she had joint problems so I was going to suggest a doctor. Riddhima Gupta. She works at the public hospital and thought she could help you with your mom. 

Arjun: Riddhima Gupta? 

Sid: yeah well she is kinda pretty so don't get distracted when your there. 

Arjun: really? A doctor is pretty?

Sid: pretty and young. Its rare, I know. 

Arjun: so where did you say she worked?

Sid: public hospital. Oh wait I could give you her number. 

(Sid looks to his phone and goes to Riddhima's name on his contact list. His phone also carried caller image so Riddhima picture was there too,)

Arjun: that's her? 

Sid: Yeah. Wasn't I right?

Arjun (without thinking): Yeah…. I mean she is pretty for a doctor. Nothing special. 

(But Sid could tell he was interested.  He smiles.)

Sid: oh and when you meet her, do not mention me… we had a row recently…

Arjun: I will keep it in mind. 

Sid: See you around. 

(And that was it. Sid walks away happily but not content. He found someone caring and definitely straight but then he wasn't sure if they would click. Nevertheless he visits Adi at the hospital making sure Riddhima doesn't know. He waits impatiently for Arjun to show up and he does. When he specifically asks for Dr. Riddhima Gupta, Sid was sure he wanted to get to know her. Arjun walks in with his mom and Sid waits. Finally when Arjun comes out, there is a bright smile on his face that told Sid Riddhima exceeded his expectations. Sid smiles but when Riddhima comes out absorbed by the file and no butterfly expression, he gets tensed. "Maybe her excitement doesn't show on her face" he thought. And Aryan comes to the hospital.)

Aryan: Mom! Mom!

(Arjun's turns grim on the sight of Aryan hugging Riddhima. Sid notices this. He freezes and knows that the matter was out of his hand and if Arjun really appreciated Riddhima for what she was then he would look past Aryan. Arjun left the block and called Sid immediately.)

Arjun: sid!

Sid: yeah man what up?

Arjun: She has a son?

Sid: Yeah…

Arjun: But I thought you wanted me to meet her so we could like….date or something. I mean that's what I got from our conversation…

Sid: yeah well I intended that. 

Arjun: With a married woman?!

Sid: no she isn't married….She is a single mother. 

Arjun: Then this it.

Sid: What? Just cuz she has a child!

Arjun: A seven year old child Sid. 

Sid: Come on. You should know better than that. I mean what? Just cuz she has a child she isn't allowed to date anymore? You looked genuinely interested in her. 

Arjun: Can happen. 

(And he hangs up. Sid stands there dumb founded. Adi comes out.)

Adi: it wont work sid. 

Sid: what do you mean?

Adi: she wont go on a date with anyone. Nor will anyone with her if she is with Aryan. Its not that easy. She has a seven year old child with her. 

(Sid goes home and drops on the sofa. )

Con: you cant do this. 

Sid: Do what?

Con: take her decisions for her. 

Sid: I am not taking her decisions, I am just bringing forward options. 

Con: See there you are again. She didn't choose to bring forward options, you did. And the outcome of it will only affect her life. 

Sid: Then what do you want me to do?

Con: Do something that makes her happy rather than taking her decisions for her. 

(Sid thinks about it and he knows he was wrong. Anyhow he decides to visit her in the hospital and apologize. Upon reaching he finds Aryan waiting and Riddhima gone out of the hospital. Sid smiles at little Aryan but instead Aryan looks away.)

Sid: hey midget. 

(No answer. He rubs his hair. Aryan pushes his hand away.)

Sid: I said Hey midget. 

Aryan: Go away!

Sid: why?

Aryan: just go away. 

Sid: I will once you tell me whats wrong.

Aryan: Mom told me to stay away from you…. She will be coming very soon. 

Sid: Really? When did she say that?

Aryan: yesterday

Sid: well that was long ago… your mom likes me now… we're friends again.. You can talk to me. 

Aryan: No I cant. Not until she tells me herself. 

Sid: well then lets go meet her so she could tell you herself. 

(Sid didn't know what he was doing but he wanted Aryan to talk to him thus the lie. He didn't really intend to meet Riddhima with Aryan around him. So he thought he would just spend time with Aryan to deviate his mind from the reckless incidents in his life.)

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