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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 59)

Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ovi_Tanni


zohalHug amazing update...poor sid ridhima does nt trust him anymoreUnhappy sid finding a man for ridhima[:O] bt i can understand her situation...ohhh god when he ll understand he is tat guy who is perfect for guyAngry sid convo with tat two guy was funny...specially second guyLOL i so loved sr, a scene & sa...sid really care his child,have affection abt aryaan bt he is denial the factUnhappy even he is falling for ridhima...hope they ll understand asat tat they r meant for each other...luking forward to next part...continue soonSmileWink

nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
HAHAHA... i m gonna say the same thing again...i loved this sid finding a guy for ridz...maybe they (SR) shld pay more attention to what aryan said "u guys fight like married couple"...n they shld just get married, ya "new Sid" is the kind of guy ridz would like...n then his searching for suitable groom for ridz ka swaymwar...was funny n one of the guy though he was there is one thing that ridz wants n that is that she wants her family to accept her again w/ her child...i really hope sid realizes that n somehow convinces her parents to accept ridz...n then she wld be willing to be his frnd again...looking forward to next part...plz continue soon! :)
loveSR Senior Member

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged
nice part...continue soon
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Thank you for all...all all your comments!! Cant reply right now... since Im really sleepy but the update is done so gonna update before I drift into sleep!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Part 15

Sid: So before we head off to your mom… you wanna do something fun?

Aryan: Im not so sure..

Sid: You're scared?

Aryan: No I didn't say that..

Sid: So what do you want to do today?

Aryan: Well… there was this football match that I wanted to get watch on plasma screen but mom said that big boys get to do that..

Sid: You're with Sid for a whole entire day so I make the rules now, if you wanna watch the game then that's what we do. 

Aryan: Really? But what about mom?

Sid: I will take care of that. 

(Sid drives off to his house and bus popcorn and all the sugar coated candies Aryan asks for. They sit down in front of the home theatre system and prepare themselves as the match begins. The ball keeps tossing about the field and it seemed like it wasn't just the ball being tossed but also Sid and Aryan's hearts. They sat gripped screamed at every possible chance of goal.)

Sid: pass…pass.. Pass the ball!

Aryan (imitating): pass… pass.. Pass the ball…. 

Sid: C'mon on man! That wasn't close to a foul! 

Aryan: C'mon on man! That wasn't close to a foul!

(And Aryan lifts his hands just the way Sid had. Sid now realizes what kept Aryan busy)

Sid: oh so you think I'm  funny? Let me show you what real funny is…

(Sid starts tickling Aryan.)

Aryan: You're still … funny.. 

(Sid gives him breathing space and finally resumes. Aryan hits him with a pillow and Sid does the same. Aryan grabs a bottle of water and splashes it on Sid. Sid takes hold of Aryan and hoists him over his shoulder.)

Sid: should I drop you?

Aryan: You wont….

(Sid gives him a tug and Aryan laughs)

Sid: Am I funny…

Aryan: yes!

(Sid pretends to throw him)

Sid: Am I still funny?

Aryan: Very. 

(Sid smiles at Aryan laughing, that's when his phone rings. He gently puts Aryan to the ground and attends to his call.)

Sid: whats up Adi?

Adi: Its crazy here! Is Aryan with you?

Sid: yeah. Why? Riddhima found out?

Adi: no worse. Keep him with you. 

Sid: whats wrong? 

Adi: Riddhima messed with this Punjabi family and they are sort of after her. 

Sid: Could you elaborate on "messed"?

Adi: Well after a long time their daughter found a  suitor and apparently she was developing symptoms for cancer and Riddhima wanted to do the required tests. The family refused saying they are confident. 

Sid: Ahh! Im sure Riddhima went ahead with the tests!

Adi: yeah she did. And she sent the reports to the girls place and apparently the weeding got cancelled and now they blame Riddhima so they are trying to hurt her. I don't know the exact thing that has happened since Riddhima hasn't returned yet but she should've been here hours ago…

Sid: This girl has serious issues! Can she not mind her own business?! 

(Sid hangs up and asks Aryan to stay at a neighbor's but Aryan refuses and insists on going with Sid, who agrees reluctantly. They drive through street after street, not sure of what to expect. Aryan wasn't sure what was going on, all he knew was that they were looking for mom. Sid drove and his hands stiffened on the wheel as they drove further and further with no sign of Riddhima.)

Aryan: Mama! I saw her! There! There! 

(Sid looked to where Aryan was pointing and Riddhima was next to a poll near the train station, it seemed like she was hiding. Sid thought of calling her to the car, instead of stepping out himself, but before he could do this Aryan jumped out of the car. Sid ran after him and reached Riddhima. Panic and fear were obvious on Riddhima's face.)

Riddhima: Sid! Tum yahan kya kar rahey ho?

Sid: Riddhima, this is not the time or the place. Can we please get into the car. 

(Sid ducked and got closer to fear struck Riddhima as a man with no good intentions passed by.)

Sid: see what I mean?

(Sid takes hold of riddhima and Aryan and guides them to the car and that when they hear)

Man: Woh rahi!

(And a bunch of men run towards them. Sid grabs Aryan and runs into the station, Riddhima follows. They push through people and somewhere in between this pushing Riddhima moves ahead and Sid is left behind with Aryan. The goons catch up and Riddhima has her hand on the moving train and looks behind and cant find Sid and Aryan. She is panic stricken. And then she sees them making their way through the crowd. Sid motions her to get in. She sighs of relief and gets in. Right then a goon comes in the way of Sid and the train. Aryan who was hugging Sid tightly looks up and Riddhima feels her body tense up. The train starts to move and Sid signals her not to get down. Riddhima doesn't listen and tries to get off but during this while people puch her in to catch the train in the last minute. Sid runs amidst people and away from the train. Riddhima could sense the life in her body drain as she saw the distance between her and Aryan increase. She loses out on her balance and her knees feel weak. She falls by the edge of the moving train and tries to understand what had happened in the past 15 minutes. All she knew was Sid was away with Aryan and for all she knew, she might never see her child again. She tried to not sob but the tears just kept rolling down. It was like it was all over, her struggle to win over life. She didn't have Aryan and that clearly meant she didn't have a life. 
The train stops at the next station and Riddhima still couldn't believe her faith and that when she feels a pair of hands around her.)

Aryan: Mom!

Riddhima: Aryan? 

(She looks up and sees Aryan through the tears, she holds him and kisses him. People begin to push and pull to get off the train and Riddhima gets off to make way. Sid smiles at the shocked riddhima.)

Sid: Told you I had no interest, whatsoever, in becoming a father. 

(Riddhima manages a faint smile and holds Aryan tightly. She began to feel slight bit of faith in Sid again but that didn't mean she'd trust him fully any time soon. Sid noticed that blood had soaked on Riddhima's forehead and Sid touches it gently and Riddhima moves away, surprised.)

Sid: when did that happen?

Riddhima: I don't know. 

Sid: Lets get your wounds dressed..

Riddhima: No! First we need to get somewhere safe. 

Sid: Im not really sure where we are but I still have my car.. 

Riddhima: huh?

Sid: You think I walked all the way here with Aryan? Obviously I ran back to my car and drove to the next station. 

Riddhima: where do we go now?

Sid: Hospital. You need it. 

Riddhima: No. No… 

Sid: alright.. Alright.. We will find somewhere safe and then the trip to hospital?

Riddhima: yeah okay.. 

(Sid leaves and Riddhima notices blood on his hand and a cut but doesn't ask anything. On the way Sid keeps looking for a hotel or motel or anywhere they could spend the night but doesn't find anything. He didn't really know where he was headed. )

Sid: its either I'm going in circles or every road looks exactly the same. 

(He knew he had to get to hotel fast so he could dress her wound before she lost considerable amount of blood. When he doesn't get an answer he looks back.)

Aryan: mama toh sogayi. 

(Sid puts his hand on her forehead and pats her gently on the cheeks and realizes she was unconscious. He smiles at Aryan to make sure he remains calm and gives up his search and stops by a house. He carries Riddhima and puts her head on hs chest fr support and goes to the front door and knowing that they required immediate help rings the bell thrice. A servent opens the door and guides them to the living room. Sid scans through the room and there seemed to be a family get together of some sort. Two old men were sitting and now staring at Sid, one was balding and the other had clean head. Two old ladies seemed as though their gossiping had been disturbed by Sid's entry. There was a girl sitting in between them and seemed pretty tensed. Sid feels Riddhima's head tilt a little and that was when the expressions changed, they were shocked now. Sid cleared his throat.)

Sid: hello… Sir, woh actually hamari gadhi kharab hogayi thi toh…. 

(The girl gets up and walks towards Riddhima and shock was painted on her face.)

Con: Issey kya hua?

Sid: Mujhe kya pata?

Girl: Riddhima Di! 

Sid: Riddhima what?!

Girl: Riddhima Di ko kya hua hai aur yeh khoon? Kahan kaisey?

Sid: okay…. Alright toh tum Riddhima ki….

(That was when one of the aunties got up.)

Aunty: Toh yeh hai aapki badi beti Riddhima?

Sid: Oh Shit! Yeh main kahan aagaya?

Con: lagta hai Riddhima keh ghar par…

Aunty: par isski yeh haalat?

Sid: Aunty woh aisey hua … (and Sid narrates the whole story.)

Aunty: kaafi bahador beti hai aapki. Toh yeh bacha aap dono ka hai?

Sid: haan… I mean woh…

(The bald uncle gets up and he seemed furious yet somehow managed to stay in control.)

Uncle: ji, yeh meri badi beti ka pati hai… aur yeh in dono ka beta. 

(Sid stands there shocked. "Okay so now I am Riddhima's husband? Now I know why Riddhima is the way she is… her whole family is insane! Who can blame her" Sid thought. Riddhima's Mom came and took them to the other room.)

Sid: Okay aunty before yeh confusion aur aagey badey I need to tell you keh aapki…

(Sid realized that Riddhima's mom was  by her side and stroking her hair.)

Mom: Arey isskey sar seh toh khoon beh raha hai… 

Sid: I can take care of that.

(Sid sits by her side and stitches the wound on her forehead and then dresses the wound. Her mom was by their side throughout. Sid then picks a pillow and gently lays her head on it. He thinks of how best to explain her family of their situation but cant. What would he say? He thinks but nothing comes to his mind. Should he stick to the lie that her father blurted out? That he is her husband or should he tell the truth that he has nothing to do with her yet has a child with her. He thought and the lie seemed a more appropriate and tempting reason. He then decides that it would be best to let Riddhima say whatever she pleased but till then he had to somehow delay the Question and Answer segment. He then hears chaos downstairs, people arguing and occasionally he would hear words like right, values and morals and Sid sighs. He pretended to be busy with Aryan and then falls asleep with Aryan on the couch after the long drive. Riddhima begins to wake up and her mother hurries to her side.)
Mom: abh kaisey lagg raha hai?

Riddhima: MOM?

Mom: woh sab baad mein pehley baatao kaisey lagg raha hai?

Riddhima: main yahan kaisey? Aur dad ko pata chal gaya kya?

Mom: pata bhi chala aur bohot naraaz bhi huey..par abh tumhey iss ghar she koi nahin nikaal sakta… Kyunke Vidya ke sasural walon ney khaas kaha hai ke tumhey aana hi hoga.. 

Riddhima: Kya? Mom… yeh sab… kya matlab? 

Mom: yeh joh bhi hai.. (she points at Sid) tumhari bohot fikar karta hai…

Riddhima: maa woh toh bas Sid hai… ussey apney aap seh fursat nahin milti dusron ka kya khyal rakhey ga?

Mom: uskey haath par chote laggi hai par phir bhi usney pehley tumhara dard dekha phir apna. 

(Her mom told her the whole story of what happened after they entered. Riddhima feels the band aid on her forehead and then looks at Sid's hand. The blood had soaked and the cut looked deep. Riddhima for a second felt that she could be able to trust him again but then she saw Aryan fast asleep on his chest and remembered exactly why she couldn't. She still got up as her mom left the room and held his hand. Sid looked and found Riddhima looking at him.)

Sid: Okay…seriously.. I swear upon my life I didn't do this intentionally… you were bleeding and we needed to stop somewhere otherwise it could result to something fatal… 

Riddhima: I know Sid. I know. 

Sid: I mean I didn't know this was your place. I mean you're not mad? Are you?

Riddhima (managing to smile although she didn't have a reason): No I am not. 

Sid: oh good. 

(Riddhima takes his hand again and brings the first aid kit, she begins dressing and Sid looks at her. They whisper so Aryan wouldn't wake up.)

Sid: and also Riddhima.. I am not going to take Aryan away from you so you have got to let go of that fear. I do like him but just as I like any other kid. 

Riddhima: so that is it?

Sid: Yeah. That's it. And Im sorry about your folks being mad at you and me bringing you back here. 

Riddhima: Damage is done. And I have no regrets about the past because it gave me Aryan. 

Sid: Im sure. Riddhima… Will there ever be a time where you could manage to forgive me?

Riddhima: No Sid. I cant. 

Sid: yeah.. I was asking too much.. I've too much damage. Will you ever trust me again?

Riddhima: I know that you have no reason to break my trust but its just too hard for me to trust anyone anymore. 

Sid: You have all the reasons. Riddhima Can we be friends?

Riddhima: yes Sid. 

Sid: finally! A "yes"! by the way your family is a bit too melodramatic don't you think? 

(Riddhima gently punches him.)

Sid: ouch! That hurt! And just in case you forgot… I am the man that risked his life to save yours. 

Riddhima: Now who's being all dramatic?

Sid: I was just trying to remind you. 

Riddhima: So what do we do now?

Sid: We stay. I mean we can put up marriage charade till your sister gets married and then after that both of us will be on our own.  

Riddhima: why are you doing this?

(Sid didn't want to keep lying and he couldn't really tell her the truth  so..)

Sid: how about this: I help you through all your family crisis and in return you don't get to ask why am I doing what Im doing. 

Riddhima: I don't need your help. 

Sid: are you always this egoistic?

(Riddhima just puts forward a stiff smile. Sid smiles genuinely in return. The dressing was done and she leaves. Sid gently puts Aryan on the bed and follows Riddhima to the living room. There he witnesses another set of drama.)

Sushant: Toh yahi baaqi reh gaya tha?

Mamta: Sushant…  Riddhima ki zindagi iss sab seh zyada zaroori hai..tumhari beti hai.

Sushant: beti kehlaney ka haq koh chooki hai. Tumhi socho bin biyahi maa… Mera sar jooka diya sab keh saamney…

Riddhima: Papa.. Woh … meri baat toh sunye…

Sushant: Kya sunu? Keh meri beti ek maa toh hai par kissi ki patni nahin.. Aur yeh ladka? Iska main kya samjoon?

Riddhima: papa… woh…

Sushant: Bas Riddhima… tum seh yeh umeed nahin thi… ek anjaan ladke keh saath aisey ghar aana par tum seh umeed bhi aur kya kar saktey hain… 

(Now Sid really was getting annoyed at the whole family.)

Sid (thinking): Riddhima is standing at the corner of the room trying to defend herself and I must tell you she is not very good at it and the rest of this crack family is just staring while the father throws colorful insults at her? Being her sucks. 

(And without thinking he says the following.)

Sid: main anjaan nahin.. Riddhima ka pati hoon.. Bataya nahin aapko?

(Everyone turns to Sid and not worth mentioning but the didn't seem quite happy with what Sid had said, including Riddhima.)

Con: I'm guessing you aren't their ideal son-in-law. 

Sid: And Im guessing you're pretty right. 

(Everyone then shifts their attention to Riddhima.)

Sushant: kya yeh sach hai?

Sid: bilkul. Hamari shaadi ko qareeban ek saal do saal hua hai and so could you lot quit torturing my wife?

(Riddhima stares at Sid and anger blazed through her eyes but Sid continued, knowing that there was no backing out now.)

Sid: hum aap sab ko shaadi mein bula dey tey par sab kuch itna jaldi huaa aur phir aap sab kaa ghussa alag sey…. Par yahan aana intentional nahin tha by the way…. 

Sushant: ek minute ek minute… tum Riddhima keh pati ho? Kar tey kya ho? 

Sid: doctor hoon but then again… pichley 8 saalon mein toh aapko Riddhima ka khayal nahin aaya aur abh ek dumseh aap uskey…

Riddhima (cutting in): Sid! 

Sid: what? Are you seriously going against me on this?

Riddhima: yes! How can you talk like that? And to my father? 

Sid: yeah well you should have been asking him that two minutes ago when he was talking to you. 

Riddhima: Sid, you cant work your way through this one! 

Sid: you want me to apologize?

Riddhima: yes.

Sid: okay, I will. Cuz that's exactly what husbands do? don't they? Follow?

(Sid says the last line with a smirk. Riddhima tenses up thinking of the stage show Sid had just displayed in front of her parents.)

Sid: I'm sorry Mr. Gupta but Riddhima is my wife now and you cannot talk to her like that. 

(Riddhima's grandfather who had been sitting worriedly now let out a breath filled with relief.)

Dada: chal koi baat nahin. Aisi baatein toh hoti hai.. Beta aur bata kahan keh rehney waley ho?

Sid: Mumbai. 

Dada: oh acha. Thakey lagtey ho… tum aur Riddhima araam karlo… 

(Riddhima takes Sid's hand and drags him to a room.)

Sid: Slow down love. Itni bhi kya jaldi hai??

(Riddhima starts hitting him. He raises his eyebrow.)

Sid: what is it that you are trying to do? Tell me and maybe I could help you with it?

Riddhima: trying to kill you… wanna help?

Sid: kya yaar? Man I gotta tell you, I've never seen a girl so intent on becoming a widow…. 

Riddhima: Back off Sid!

Sid: you're the one sticking to me…

Riddhima: you know what I mean! What was it down there? "main Riddhima ka pati hoon" Pati ho tum merey? Pati ho?

Sid: What was I supposed to do?

Riddhima: Let me handle it!

Sid: oh! You handled it well for the past 8 years!

(Riddhima cant respond and tries to absorb what he said.)

Sid: look that is not what I meant. I.. 

Riddhima: what did you mean Sid? So far you have said nothing that you actually mean… 

Sid: if you let me speak maybe I can explain…

Riddhima: go on…

Sid: I came down to tell you that I was going to leave and in the mean while if you're family needed any sort of explanation then I was more than ready to help but then when came down, you're father was like this tiger let loose on you..

Riddhima: Sid!

Sid: okay.. Okay.. Sorry. Well I tried to help with that but then I thought that he would just get more upset if I said I was the father of Aryan and we did become friends but there is nothing more than that. He would think wrong and you know it. So without thinking I went for the most appropriate solution. 

Riddhima: claiming to be my husband is the solution?

Sid: Temporary solution. 

Riddhima: Temporary solution? Are you still in your senses?

Sid: yeah… it will buy you time to stay till you're sister wedding and whether my supposed father-in-law likes me or not, u're sister's in laws were pretty impressed. 

Riddhima: yeah right!

Sid: how would you know? You were unconscious remember? You didn't see their amazed expressions when they saw me. I am not sure how I looked but I'm guessing pretty good. 

Riddhima: you're probably the most self obsessed man. 

Sid: I have my reasons. Okay so the temporary solution is approved?

Riddhima: I cant believe I am saying this but yes..

(Sid smiles, a smile that showcased all his teeth.)

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nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:39pm | IP Logged

i just love sid...he is always there for ridz n i love his sarcasm...all the credit goes to u...he brought ridz to her family..hopefully they-mainly her dad will accept her now...n they way he talks to her family n his thoughts abt her dad were rescue mission was amazing..oh n sid n aryan's scene while watching football was great...PLZ continue soon!! :)

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Zohal Awesome update!!!!

I really love Sid n Aryaan's bondingEmbarrassed
Sid landed up in Riddhima's houseShocked
and now SR have to "pretend" to be love it!!!!
Really loved how Sid defended Riddhima in front of her dad
and also Riddhima's somewhat trusting him againEmbarrassed
Now that SR are "hubby-wifey" i'm expecting some nice lovey dovey scenes of them Day DreamingLOL
and I hate Riddhima's dadAngry LOL

plz continue soon

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mala1108 Senior Member

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Fantastic update!!!! i just love love love this update...i love the father - son bonding between Sid n Aryan... i love all Sid's dialogues... So now Sid n Riddhima will act as husband n wife... very interesting... looking forward to more SR scenes... continue soon

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