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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 41)

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
I m feeling really sorry to know about that accident.
Coming to update it was FABULOUS as usual. Sid is such a funny guy. This was the best part till now as this part was SR nok jhok. PLZ continue soon

superxuberant Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
sid n uska betaBig smilebade miyan toh badde miyan ..chote miyaan subhan allah
lookn 4ward 4 more of SR
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Zohal Hug

Its wonderful to see u again after a long time =)

update was FAB

Loved SR's interaction in the last part
It was really funny lol

Sid & his con is amazing ;)

What Aryan has a crush ???? Nikamma kahin ka lolzz

Continue soon...

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nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
hey sorry for the late reply..n also for the tragedy..hope ur fine now!

haha loved this part...sid helping out aryan,,,haha like father like son...n then the last bit was rids makes him do all this excercise just so she could make her boss late at her work...aww poor the wya u described it was great n made it seem funny...plz continue soon n thanks for the pm! :)
mala1108 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
nice update
plz pm me when you update next
MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Awww... Please update soon!!! Zohal Plzzz...
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Part 11

With Riddhima gone, Sid walked across the room, grabs his shirt and heads to freshen up. He sees Adi who was suited and booted up as though he were about to leave for work.

Sid: tujhe kya hua abh?

Adi: I'm going to give a job interview.

Sid: job on holidays? Yeh karna hi tha toh Mumbai mein kartey, Delhi mein tak aakey yeh sab karney ka kya matlab?

Adi: main uss dramatic aur depressive bandey keh saath aur nahin reh sakta!

Sid: Issliye tu job kar raha hai?!!

Adi: Main bardasht nahin karsakta.

Sid: Its that bad?

Adi: I am a friend but this is asking too much in the name of friendship. Itna drama toh TV serials mein bhi nahin hota hai that's why I have taken up this part time job.

Sid: Let me see what I can do or if I can do anything at all…

(Sid jogs upstairs and finds Dheeraj still in bed. He was wide awake but didn't move out of bed.)

Sid: kaho toh do char anesthetics keh injections deh doon?

Dheeraj: Very funny. I am fine where I am. 

Sid: You know what your problem is?

Dheeraj: No I don't but I'm sure you do.

Sid: you get too serious too soon. I mean how can you turn your life around so much for a girl that doesn't care about you. Can you not get a grip on your life already?

Dheeraj: No I think I will just remain like this.

Sid: If it makes you happy.

(He gets up and dresses up and leaves for Delhi Women's football association. Sid registers Ankita and leaves her contact details. Sid then leaves for Adi's workplace out of boredom which happens to be Riddhima's hospital. He is surprised to see Adi with a bunch of kids around him.)

Sid: I thought you applied for doctors position… 

Adi: I did!

Sid: And they decided to give you a nanny's position instead?

Adi: Its this Elementary school's field trip. 

Sid: I used to hate educational field trips. School is meant to be for education and field trips are for fun. The combination of both is just dumb thing to do. 

Adi: chal I need to show the kids around. 

Sid: great. Now what do I do for the rest of the day?

Adi: look around. 

Sid: it's a hospital, not a theme park. 

Con: Congratulations you know the difference!

(Sid looks away and spots Riddhima.)

Sid: On second thoughts, maybe I will hang around for a while. 

(He heads up to Riddhima.)

Sid: kya kar rahi ho?

Riddhima: huh? 

(She looks up from her file.)

Riddhima: Sid?

Sid: So you got to work on time huh??

Riddhima: yes. Thanks to you. 

Sid: Thanks to my strip session. 

Riddhima: I wouldn't call it that. 

Sid: okay… then lets call it "a man taking off his shirt for the purpose of delaying your senior" or wait I have shorter sentence : Strip Session. 

Riddhima: Will you torture me for the rest of my life?

Sid (laughs): Not planning to. I just get this weird happiness when I annoy you. I still don't know why. 

Riddhima: I have no time to waste on senseless conversations. I have work and will abide by all its rules. 

(Sid looks at her confused and Riddhima rushes past him. He looks back to find Kavita.)

Sid: that explains it.

(Kavita glares at Riddhima walking away.)

Sid (bit awkward, he plunges his hands in his pockets): So…….. Kavita.

 Kavita: Sid? Here? 

Sid: I was passing by… and decided to visit a friend.

Kavita: Might I ask who this particular friend is?

Sid: Adi. I mean Aditya. The new pediatric. 

Kavita: oh… acha.. I thought you came for… never mind. So how is life?

Sid: Life is good…  Oh I think Adi needs me so if you'd excuse me?

Kavita: Sure thing.

(Sid moves past her and heads to Adi. On the way he meets Aryan. )

Sid: Midget. 

(He ruffles his hair.)

Aryan: Not the hair!

Sid: You're here for your mom?

Aryan: School educational trip. I hate them. Why would they combine studies and field trips??!!!

Sid: good question. Something I cant find the answer to since childhood.  But still what are you doing here all alone?

Aryan: I needed to use the washroom. 

Sid: bacha. Washroom peechey hai… what are you doing here?

Aryan: Third standard is with us today. 

Sid: Oh then what ARE you doing here? You should be there.

Aryan: she is walking around with Atul. I told you I should been a singer for the career day. 

(He sits on the floor and Sid sits beside him.)

Sid: What does career day have to do with her walking around with Atul?

Aryan: Atul was a singer! And she cheered for him. 

Sid: Ohk. Well its not the end of the battle until we say it is!

Aryan: What is left to do?

Sid: Well we wont know if we sit around here. 

(Sid takes him and they meet up with the rest of the class and Adi)

Sid: Is the child care centre done?

Adi: No I still have to show them how a DNA sample works.

Sid: oh… 

(Sid bends down and whispers to Aryan)

Sid: Which one is she?

Aryan: I cant tell you. 

Sid: I wont tell your mom. 

Aryan: the one over there with the tall guy. 

(Sid looks in front and spots a cute girl.)

Sid: good choice. Whats her name?

Aryan: Not now. My teacher will be mad at me. 

(Sid looks towards Adi who was nervously trying to explain to the very confused kids how every person's DNA is different except your parents. To explain to the kids better, he asks for a two volunteers. No one volunteers for a DNA test.)

Sid: this is it Midget. Prove to her you are better than all those other cowards. 

Aryan: I would want to perform the test Sir!

(Sid smiles at Aryan.)

Adi: Sid I need you to volunteer for a DNA sample too. 

Sid: why?

Adi: Because I need to prove that two not related do not share DNA. 

Sid: oh okay. 

(Sid and Aryan  get up and demonstrate how a DNA test is done. Sid and Aryan return and join the crowd of kids. Aryan has a smirk on his face.)

Atul (out loud): Good choice doc! Aryan's DMA is not going to  match anyone's anyway except his mom's. Aryan doesn't really have a dad! 

Adi: Its DNA. And Atul please quit passing comments. 

(Sid looks at Aryan who runs out. Adi begins to follow him but Sid runs out first. Aryan runs to a nearby park and occupies one of the swings. Sid sits beside him. Riddhima is told by the nurses of the whole incident and she follows them. She stands aside watching them.)

Sid: Midget. 

Aryan: Go away.

(Riddhima decides to come out and talk to him but seeing Sid continue she stops. She really didn't know what to say to Aryan even if she did step forward.)

Sid: Not exactly what I had in mind.

Aryan (amidst his tiny tears): why does God let this happen? What did I do wrong? Why don't I have a dad?

Sid: You know when I was very little my classmates used to make fun of me because I didn't have a mom. 

Aryan (wiping his tears): You don't have a mom?

(Sid shakes his head.)

Sid: not really.

Aryan: then what did you do?

Sid: I used to cry and run away too till one day I realized I'm tired and cant run away anymore. I mean its not like signed a life long contract with the Olympics…

Aryan: then?

Sid: I sat down and thought about things. I realized that I didn't need a mother. My dad was my parent so I went up to Suresh, the guy who bullied me, and told him that my dad was everything that mattered to me and me not having a mother doesn't bother me much so why is he so concerned.

Aryan: then?

Sid: he didn't say anything and just laughed. I laughed with him. 

Aryan: why?

Sid: because I realized he was shallow. And I knew that I was going to meet a lot of dumb people who would pass their opinion about my life without knowing me, all I had to do was ignore. 

Aryan: but they didn't stop laughing at you, did they?

Sid: Look Aryan people aren't used to differences and you have to realize that you being different doesn't make you better or worse, it just makes you uneven. And sometimes you have to make people understand  that your difference does not make you weak. You don't have to fight or argue, but walk away. Now Midget, there is a difference between walking and running away. You walk away after explaining your opinion and run away only when you give up.
(He gently punches Aryan on the cheek.)
Sid: God doesn't make you different to make you weaker, he makes you different so others could learn to love you regardless of the difference.
(Aryan gets off the swing and hugs him.)

Aryan: You're the best.

(Sid smiles.)

Sid: Guys don't cry.

Aryan: I wont. 

Sid: Now go back to your trip.

(Aryan goes back to the hospital and Riddhima cuts Sid's way.)

Riddhima: Thank you. 

Sid: for?

Riddhima: for what you just did.

Sid: Aryan is a great kid.

Riddhima: I know. 

Sid: you know I could get you a job at this private hospital… don't get me wrong… that way you would able to spend more time with Aryan.

Riddhima: I want to work where people need me.

Sid: rich people need doctors too. It's not like they are immune to diseases.

Riddhima: and they have more than necessary doctors ready to treat them. Public hospitals are where you realize the difference between "need" and "want".

Sid: Look I know this would be hard for you accept but your not here to look after the unfinished work of Mother Teresa.

(Riddhima laughs.)

Riddhima: at times, Sid, you're this extremely helpful person and at other times its hard to say you're the same person.

(Sid smiles.)

Sid: so your still confused about whether I'm a good or a bad person?

Riddhima: You're definitely not bad but you're principles in life are so…. Distorted. Its hard to judge you.

Sid: yeah well… I'm really not the Mahatma Gandhi type. 

(Riddhima laughs.)

Riddhima: Is anything a serious issue for you?

Sid: Look all I'm saying is that you're missing out on all the fun in life.

Riddhima: we are different people. 

Sid: very different. 

(Riddhima turns to leave. Sid then goes to  check on Ankita's response and surprised to hear tht she responded by joining the team. Sid smiles to himself.)

Sid: A job well done. 

(He pats his own shoulder.)

Con: Self praising? 

Sid: I deserve it… Ankita is giving in to her dreams. Has a happy life. I think I have achieved the objective of setting things right. Now that the past record is clear, can I get back to present?

Con: u are in present.

Sid: the present where u don't exist.

Con: I will always exist if nt in front of you then inside u. 

Sid: EXACTLY! Inside me. That's where I want you to be.

Con: It doesn't work that way. I didn't choose to get out. When the time is right Im supposed to go back.

Sid: wait so your telling me you don't know how to get back in?

Con: how am I supposed to know that?

Sid: I don't know maybe, just maybe, because you got out in the very first place!

Con: That's what Im trying to tell you genius, I didn't get out! Im not here on my own!

Sid: so what? You rolled out of my body  in ur sleep?

Con: yeah. Nice. At a time of confusion all u can do is be sarcastic. 

Sid: Okay maybe u don't exist. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Maybe I need pills. 

Con: Sid u don't need pills. U need character. 

Sid: I have a gay conscience. What character can I have?

Con: Im nt gay. Im nt gay. Im nt gay. Try and understand the three similar statements I just said.

Sid: okay getting back to the point, why are u nt back in my body??

Con: For the last time I don't know.

Sid: maybe I need sleep. Yeah I need sleep. Because I saw u first when I was asleep, probably that's the way to shove you back in. 
(Sid goes home in confusion. He keeps thinking about how his conscience ws still walking around with him. His perfect plan wasn't working. Things weren't back to normal. It wasn't a happy ending yet.
He gets home and drops on the bed. He diverts his mind and tries to sleep. He wakes up the next morning with Dheeraj watching tv.)

Con: Didn't work. I'm still here.

Sid: my life goes from bad to worse!

Dheeraj: you looked worse than me last night.

Sid: I had a bad day. Things didn't turn out the way I expected them to.

(Dheeraj laughs a dry laugh)

Dheeraj: I have an idea what that feels like.

Sid: Its so pissing off!

Dheeraj: yeah you have everything planned and things just don't work out for some god damn reason.

Sid: guess its life. What time is it? 

Dheeraj: 8 am.

Sid: I slept tht long? 

Dheeraj: I thought u were in coma. I began thanking God and that's when you woke up.

Sid: you seriously blame me for messing things with Hulk?

Dheeraj: no. I just like depressing people around me because Im  nt so happy myself.

(Sid laughs)

Sid: all will be well. Just give some time to sort out my personal issues. 

Con: did u jst call me an issue?

(Sid nods at his reflection.)

Dheeraj: oh there is someone downstairs…

Sid: Riddhima??  

(Sid jumps out of bed and heads downstairs. Riddhima was seated right next to the window.)

Sid: positioned urself already?

Riddhima: Come on. Quickly start exercising. 

(Sid just drops to the ground for push up, deliberately not taking off his shirt.)

Riddhima: Sid… 

Sid: yh?

Riddhima: you havent taken it off.

Sid: take what off?

Riddhima: ur… Sid C'mon. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Sid: Riddhima, honestly I have no idea whatsoever. What should I take off?

Riddhima: Your shirt. Happy?

(Sid smiles at her and then takes off his shirt and continues with the push ups.)

Sid: and you still think that this isn't a strip session for me.

Riddhima: Its not. 

Sid: Your in denial. 

Riddhima: Your in self obsession. 

Sid: I don't think there is anything wrong with being obsessed about yourself. Loving yourself is the first step to loving someone else.

Riddhima: Yeah true. But you what the problem is? Your stuck on the first step!

Sid: True. I cant help being lovable. I mean my charm brings you here every morning, doesn't it?

Riddhima: Now you're in fantasy world. 

Sid: But you have to admit you do like me shirtless. 

Riddhima: I don't. It disgusts me. But not like I have an option anyway.

Sid: Its hard for me to decide whether this daily exercise is more tiring  or your denial to my charm?

Riddhima: Just a few more push ups and its done! 

Sid: A FEW MORE?? 

Riddhima: JUST a few more… you can do it.

Sid: This is crazy. All this for one fake survey!
Riddhima: Ok. She is moving away…. You could get up. 

(Sid gets up huffing and puffing.)

Sid: Oh Dear Lord!

Riddhima: It wasn't that much of a deal. And if your "charm" worked better we wouldn't have to do this every morning.

Sid: My charm?

(Sid pulls Riddhima close by her waist.)

Sid: You should be careful with what you say Ms. Gupta.

Riddhima (pushing him away): Mr. Modi you still aren't much of a charmer. 

(She leaves)

Sid: One day Ms Gupta. One day.
(The phone rings and Dheeraj picks up the phone.)

Dheeraj: Its Adi. He is panicked. 

Sid: Hello. Adi yh whats up?

Adi: Sid I don't know how this has happened but they match.

Sid: they match? Who? 

Adi the DNA samples!

Sid: what DNA samples? This is Sid ur talking to.

Adi: I know! you freak! Your DNA and Aryan's DNA matches Sid!

(Sid just goes blank on the other end.)


(Sid laughs out loud.)

Sid: our DNA matches? Are you insane?

Adi: is he ur son?

Sid (now getting serious) : Aryan?? Have you lost the capacity to think??

Adi: then why does your DNA match??

Sid: you did something wrong. Dude u messed up the sample names and all. It cant be.

Adi: I checked and rechecked. Nothing has gone wrong. 

Sid: If this is a joke then Im telling you that I will bury without a grave.

Adi: This is not a joke. 

Dheeraj: what happened?

Sid: I will get there in 5 minutes.

Dheeraj: what happened? Will you tell me already?

Sid: Adi is saying the Aryan is my son.

(Sid grabs his jacket and Dheeraj just keeps looking at him.)

Sid: what?

Dheeraj: well… is he? Ur son?

Sid: obviously not.

Dheeraj: Im coming too.

(Sid and Dheeraj leave for the hospital and they meet Adi in the general ward and it was empty.)

Sid: Adi!

Adi: finally. 

(Before Sid could say anything Adi hands him the reports. Sid's eyes reflect his shock. He reads it again and again. "why does God let this happen? What did I do wrong? Why don't I have a dad?" , Aryan's voice kept replaying in Sid's mind.)

Sid: How can I be responsible for this?? How can this be my fault?? Adi there is something wrong with this whole thing. He cant possibly be my child. Not Aryan. No. 

Adi: I don't know but the report…

Sid (cuts in): there is something wrong with this report…. Something must have gone wrong. How can he be my child? Its Aryan we are talking about here. 

Dheeraj: Sid, ho sakta hai keh……

Sid: kuch bhi ho sakta hai leken Aryan mera beta nahin ho sakta hai… C'mon people if Aryan is my child then Riddhima is my past? 

Adi: Maybe. 

Sid: You think I will walk around in front of her and she wont notice the father of her child??!

Adi: I don't know Sid. 

Sid: There is something wrong with this whole report…. You probably mixed up the samples.

Adi: Only one DNA test occurred and that was yours Sid.

(Sid walks out of the room. He goes to the washroom and washes his face.)

Con: So he isn't your child?

Sid: No. 

Con: You don't think its possible?

Sid: No. Its not. Aryan is not my child.

Con: Then why am I not entirely convinced?

Sid: That's your issue. Sort it out yourself.

Con: Sid, if I have this doubt then it means that somewhere in there, you think there is a slight possibility that Aryan maybe your son. I am a part of u remember? 

Sid: No I don't Con. I don't doubt the fact that child has nothing to do with me. 

Con: And what of the reports?

Sid: Something must have gone wrong.

Con: oh okay…. Then what about the way you bond with that kid.

Sid: Are you sane?? You think just because I played and laughed with a kid, he becomes my child??! 

Con: under these circumstances, Yes.

(Sid turns to leave in a fury. Riddhima sees him and tries to talk to him but he almost pushes her off balance. He gets out of the hospital and drives to a deserted road. He didn't know where he was and nor did he care. He wanted to shut everything out. He was tried of meeting new problems every time he solved one.)

Sid (thinking): Why is this happening to me?? Why is everything going wrong right at the moment where I think I fixed everything. I had the life everyone envied and what has it turned into! God. Its like I'm stuck in this circle I cant get out of. The harder I try, the harder I hit the floor. Aryan is a great kid but how can I be his father? When did this happen?? When did I meet Riddhima… 

(Sid drives home. He was determined to find out where he met Riddhima first. He goes to his suitcase and drops everything out. He opens the little box where all his past pictures were piled up and throws everything across the floor. He looks through every picture but cant find her. There were girls who had met him clubs, in college, in school but not Riddhima. Frustrated and angry, he grabs his laptop and goes through his contacts one by one…. She wasn't there either. He looks through his picture of friends but cant find Riddhima in any.)

Sid: How can I be the father of her child when we never met! This isn't right. None of this is my fault. I don't know her. Nor do am I responsible for Aryan. 

(He tosses everything back into the suitcase and leaves the house.  Sid reaches out for his car keys and suddenly con appears in front of him.)

Con: Sid, you're smart enough to realize that ignorance isn't bliss. You know very well that if you leave today you will never know. Its either you leave today and never look back or you stand up for what is right. 

Sid: What is right Con?? You want me to take responsibility for something I don't believe has anything to do with me??

Con: I want you to find out. Its simple Sid, you run away today and you live without a conscience. You find what went wrong and you will ease your troubled conscience. Its not about your conscience being out of our body anymore, this is about you making the right decisions. You either lose the last shred of humanity you have left or you become a whole new person. You might not be able to set things right in Riddhima or Aryan's but your intention is what makes you a good person. You leave today, you leave without a conscience but if you stay Sid, if you stay, you will find yourself.

(Sid looks at his car keys unable to decide.)

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MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Awww... This is awesome... Big smile

Zohal, I seriously think, are you a philosopher???

Am Amazed by your words..

Really keen to know what Sid's gonna do..Wink

Update pretty fast yaar..


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