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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 40)

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Part 10 
Sid had been tampered with too much. First when he tried to explain to Akaash what he did and why he did so, he ws punched in the face and then publicly insulted by Ankita for trying to make her comprehend his state. He was sitting at a footpath outside her school.

Sid: This is crazy! Its like I hand them a bunch of flowers and all they do in return is complain about the thorns! Could someone explain them that there is no gain without pain!

Con: hmmm.. Well nothing can be done now since you are to them what Hitler was to the Jews. 

Sid: life is just going from bad to worse! I was such a happy guy and life was so easy going…. I didn't have to think twice about what I was going to do and still everything turned for the better. And look at things now! I try so hard to make everyone around me live a happy life and still nothing turns out the way I plan it! Its so frustrating! 

Con: If u had been a better man earlier u wouldn't be facing any of this.

Sid: that was just so encouraging at a time like this!

Con: at your service.

(Sid gets up and tugs off the dust from his trousers and looks around for a taxi. Someone taps on his back and very annoyed by the days events Sid turns back in anger.)

Sid: What is it?

Aryan: Should I come some other time when you're not like Hulk. 

Sid: Midget! Whats up?

Aryan: My teacher wants me to do a presentation on the career I want to take up.

Sid: and?

Aryan: Well if I ask mom for help she wont like my career choice. 

(Sid bends on his knees.)

Sid: what do u want to be?

Aryan: A singer!

Sid (shocked): what?! Why?

Aryan: you don't like it?

Sid: No… I mean its okay if that's what you want to do in life but why a  singer?

Aryan (slightly blushing): well….

Sid: is there a certain someone involved in this career choice?

Aryan: she is in 3rd standard. 
Sid: And ur in?

Aryan: 2. And Im not cool either.

(Sid laughs.)

Sid: And how is being a singer going to help?

Aryan: she will think Im cool but if I say I want to become a doctor she will think Im a nerd and I don't want her to think that.

Sid: Im a doctor and most girls like that. 

Aryan: really?

Sid: yeah… you just have to have the right attitude and that is it.

Aryan: but what if she doesn't like it?

Sid: trust me Midget, its all about how you carry the act!

Aryan: I don't get you. 

Sid: okay…. See the thing is that good looks can make people look back at you but only the right attitude would make them like you. So being a singer isn't going to help at all. 

Aryan: So I should just talk about what I like?

Sid: yeah. 

Aryan: oh… one more favor… can you not tell mom about her?

Sid: about who?

Aryan: her!

Sid: her is who?

Aryan: Im late! Im going.

Sid: Midget!

(Aryan runs away to his mom's car and Sid laughs.)

Con: you are in a good mood all of a sudden…

Sid: tht kid is probably the only cute kid in the world.

Con: yeah sure. So what are you going to do now?

Sid: not so sure anymore… I mean what can I do anymore? I did all I could and look where it got me?

Con: Don't lose hope like a five yr old. Have faith. 

Sid: You know what Con? I don't care if Akaash cant keep aside his ego and think logically… I don't care if Ankita cant see the obvious. I am still going ahead with all I that I planned!

Con: and what have u planned?

Sid: Get the girl's career back and then head back and get married to Sanaya.

Con: let's see how well this goes.

Sid: My theory is that Ankita is in love with Akaash and football is a dumb game to him so she wont have the guts to tell him that she wants to play it.

Con: oh… right so lets say your theory is the exact scenario then?

Sid: Well I have planned to get that guy to realize Ankita's obsession with football…

Con: The word tht should have been used was "passion"

Sid: Passion, obsession…. All the same. I have subscribed to a daily magazine on football for Akaash and while we are talking they probably got the first issue. 

Con: okay so u plan to go bankrupt with subscribing to random magazines? That's ur big plan?

Sid: Work of art! When Ankita sees that magazine she will get far too excited and get carried away and that is when Akaash will begin to realize how much she loves the game.

(Sid's phone rings.)

Sid: and that must be the delivery boy.

(picks up)

Sid: hello.

DB: sir mainey magazine toh dey diya par saab ney phar jey phek diya…

Sid: kya? Aur madam?

DB: who toh door khadi hokey dekh rahi thi bas….

Sid: what the hell… mera plan toh backfire ho raha hai… anyways tu jaa apna kaam kar.

Con: And what happened to the master plan?

Sid: Im not out yet…

Con: so what do u have in mind?

(Sid gets out of the house and into his car and looks ahead and finds Riddhima standing confused next to her car.)

Sid: Can I offer any help to the lady?

Riddhima: No thank you. I will manage.

Sid: Yes of course you will, probably by next year your car will start up.

Riddhima:  I still don't think I require your assistance.

Sid: I helped like so many times without asking any favors in return and yet you treat me like this… This isn't very nice on your half.

Riddhima:  Maybe I'm not such a nice person.

Sid: hmmm could be. Anyways, later love.

Riddhima: Don't call me that!

Sid: what?

Riddhima: You're just so annoying. 

Sid: I like it when you get all fumed up. Its…. Funny.

Riddhima: Can you get lost?

Sid: You're lucky. 

(Sid drives off while Riddhima stands by her car confused. Sid goes to a football stadium and books two tickets for a football match the very next day. He then calls Akaash faking his voice to be someone else from a near by PCO.)

Sid: hello. Am I speaking to Professor Akaash?

Akaash: yes. May I know who am I speaking to?

Sid: Sir I am a representative of Delhi Literary Club and as a token of appreciation to all the Professors and literary workers we have decided to hold a tribute show. 

Akaash: A tribute show?

Sid: yes. It mainly has a few traditional Indian dance performances depicting stories written by famous novel writers of Delhi and then a speech by our guest of honor and a slide show on the struggles of all famous writers. Would you like to be a part of it, sir?

Akaash: Yes! Definitely!

Sid: Sir, there is a condition.

Akaash: condition?

Sid: You need to be accompanied with a family member preferably female since it is a family audience we are aiming at.

Akaash: Yes, my wife and I would definitely come.

Sid: Perfect!

Akaash: where is this held?

Sid: football stadium. 


Sid: yes…..because…. Well… there are a lot of writers we would want to honor therefore we booked a football stadium.

Akaash: hmmm… ohh…

Sid: Sir a lot of famous writers are going to be there and I don't know if you would get a chance like this again. The crowd would be in hundreds.

Akaash: Alright. 

(They hang up.)

Sid: UFF!! Baby Hitler maan toh gaya!

Con: You think he wont realize?! 

Sid: thand rakh! I will see to the matter personally.

(Sid's phone rings)

Sanaya: Where are you?

Sid: Im fine how are you?

Sanaya: Sorry. How are you Sid?

Sid: Im fine. Im in Delhi.

Sanaya: Its been so long. You don't call or do anything. 

Sid: Yeah, I have been kind of busy lately.

Sanaya: I know that but with what?

Sid: With stuff. I will explain once I get back. Okay?

Sanaya: Sid are you coming back?!

Sid: yeah obviously. 

Sanaya: kay. I miss you a lot.

Sid: Yeah I miss being there too. 

Sanaya: Alright talk to you later. 

(The next day Sid wakes up to bad words playing in the background. He gets up in shock and looks around but Adi and Dheeraj are sitting in front of him without moving their lips yet he hears the words. He looks and sees his phone's answering machine playing and recognizes Mona's voice.)

Mona: You cheap maniac! Never call this number again!

Dheeraj: phir she play kar.

(Adi moves forward to push the replay button when Sid holds his hand in time.)
Sid: yeh kya hai? Kyun hai? Tum log kya kar rahey ho?

Adi: yeh depressed psychopath lover apney girlfriend nahi sorry apney honey wali girlfriend ki galyan sunney jaa raha hai,

Sid: kya? I didn't get you.

Adi: he called up Mona, she didn't pick up and then she called him and left this filthy message in the voice mail of the phone and ever since then he keeps playing it again and again.

Sid: kya yaar? Yeh saari pagalon ki fojh meri hi naseeb mein aani thi?!! Tujhe hua kya hai? Uski galyan sunn ke khush horaha hai?

Dheeraj: toh main kya karoon?!! Seedhe tarha toh who mujhse baat karegi nahin!

Sid: You are disturbing now. Look at you! When was the last time you shaved?!

Dheeraj: I don't remember.

Sid: when was the last time you stepped of this house?

Dheeraj: I don't remember. 

Sid: Do you remember brushing your teeth?

Dheeraj: No. 

Sid: okay. You need help. Get up mate. We are going to watch a football match. 

Dheeraj: You think I wanna watch football?

Sid: Right now I think what you need is more important than what you want and what you need is fresh air. Adi, you up for a football match?

Adi: Yeah!

(Sid smiles at Dheeraj and drags him out of the house and into the car.)

Dheeraj: Everyone is so happy. 

Sid: Dheeraj the last thing I wanna hear is your philosophy on true happiness. Spare me.

(Sid anxiously looks through the crowd trying to spot Akaash and Ankita but cant.)

Sid: where are they?

Adi: who?

Sid: No body… I just thought one of my friends… anyways. How's the game?

Dheeraj: its worse than my love story. 

Sid: The only thing possibly worse than your love story is our state. 

(sid continues looking around while Adi laughs, he finally spots them. Akaash looked immensely disappointed while Ankita looked as if she found heaven. Sid laughs.)

Dheeraj: your laughing at your own joke. Your sad. 

Sid: oh it's a joke alright. Listen I will be back in a second. 

(Sid runs into the crowd and in a hurry and on the way bangs into Riddhima and drops her pop corn.)

Riddhima: You did not just do that!

Sid: oh my bad. 

Riddhima: have you seen the line of in front of the pop corn stand?

Sid: Not really but I really need to go…

(Riddhima takes hold of his shirt.)

Riddhima: Oh no you don't!

Sid: Love, I would get you your pop corn but today is just not your day. 

Riddhima: Don't call me that!

Sid (raises eyebrow): call you what? 

(Riddhima lets go of his strangled shirt in frustration.)

Sid: or you know what?

(Riddhima pauses and looks at him)

Sid: Maybe I could get you the pop corn but in return you would have to do me a favor.

Riddhima: what favor?

Sid: you see the couple there?

Riddhima: the angry man and joyful lady?

Sid (laughs): yeah. I need you to go over and let the guy know how much his wife is enjoying the game. 

Riddhima: she is right beside him. You think he cant notice?!

Sid: He is too engrossed in his sorrow to notice.

Riddhima: if he is sorrowful why is he at a football game?

Sid: Do you want your pop corn?

(Riddhima nodded.)

Sid: then go ahead.

(Riddhima moves through the crowd and goes to Akaash while Sid stands in the pop corn line.)
Riddhima: Sir, I am here for a delhi university survey and would like to know how much you are enjoying the game?

(Before Akaash could answer, Ankita answers.)

Ankita: Amazing! This is just thrilling, just like in when I used to play for states level, open field and the clean cut grass, the joy of football! Its just so fascinating……. 

(And she goes on and on and Akaash just looks at her, after finishing she looks around to find her husband and survey collector amazed. )

Ankita: Did I say too much?

Akaash: No, its just that I have never seen you speak so much before and with so much…. Passion.

Riddhima: I think I better leave.

(Riddhima pushes her way through the crowd and finds a worried Sid with pop corn.)

Sid: So so?? What happened? 

Riddhima: Did you get my pop corn?

Sid: YES!! What do you think there is in this bucket? What happened over there?

Riddhima: does it have melted cheese?

Sid: Yes! It has melted cheese all over it! Its swimming in melted cheese. What happened?

Riddhima: Good. But I don't like extra cheese… did you ask the pop corn server not put extra cheese? It makes the pop corn all smudgy…

Sid: okay either you tell me what happened or I drop this bucket of pop corn, which I worked really hard to get, on the floor!

(Riddhima laughs)

Riddhima: I like it when you get all fumed up. Its so….. Funny.

Sid: I am sorry! Will you now tell me what happened?

Riddhima: okay okay…. The guy was amazed at how passionate his wife was about the game…

Sid: you are awesome! Do you know that? You are awesome! I can do anything for you at this moment right now!

Riddhima: anything?

Sid: yeah anything! Just ask! 

Riddhima: Not now maybe sometime later…

Sid: alright. See you around , love. 

Riddhima: SID! 
(But he was gone. Riddhima leaves to her house after the game with Aryan. She goes and helps Kavita with her unpacking into Riddhima's neighborhood. She didn't want to help but had no other option. It was either this or Kavita's unnecessary frustration at work. But Riddhima had it well planned. She knew what she had to do to keep her senior in a happy mood. The next morning, after getting Aryan sending to school Riddhima goes over to Sid's house. Adi opens the door.)

Adi: Oh..

Riddhima: I'm sorry to disturb but

Adi: Don't be sorry. I'm 24, single and a pediatrician. 

Riddhima: well in that case, I'm 28, a mother and a neurologist. 

Adi: OH! Ohk. How can I help you ma'am?

Riddhima: Could I speak to Sid?

Adi: Sid! Get down quickly! Come in. 

Riddhima: Thank you. 

(Sid gets down.)

Sid: what is it? Oh Riddhima… early in the morning?

Riddhima: Yeah I needed help. 

Sid: And how come I was the lucky one you decided to come to?

(He grabs an apple and signals Riddhima to sit at an empty seat next to him.)

Riddhima: You said yesterday that you would give me anything I asked.

Sid: if its hand in marriage then I'm booked otherwise, love, I wouldn't have hesitated.

Riddhima (clear sarcasm): HAHAHA

Sid: okay now seriously how can I help you?

Riddhima: my senior is living next door.

Sid: and?

Riddhima: well I need her to be distracted so I could get to work before her since she has told me clearly that if she reaches before me a single day then its over time for a whole week for me. 

Sid: okay so how do you propose I distract her?

Riddhima (now looking down): well I was hoping that you could… well….

(Sid pulls his chair closer.)

Sid: That I could?

Riddhima: You know… I mean you…..

Sid: I what? I smuggle cocaine in her early morning coffee?

Riddhima (now more nervous): Not funny! I mean to say…. That….

Sid: Riddhima I am getting weird thoughts in my head, could you tell me what you want me to do?

Riddhima (in one breath): Exercise shirtless in front of her every morning! 

(Sid begins to laugh really hard.)

Sid: Oh dear Lord! That is it??!! Riddhima do you have any idea what all went through my head??? 

(And he continues laughing and Riddhima gets more nervous)

Sid: oh so you want me to strip?

Riddhima: No that's not what I meant….

Sid: What did you mean??…

Riddhima: I am leaving.

Sid: No wait. I will do it. 

Riddhima: Really?

Sid: Yeah if you say the "big bad" sentence again then I can think about it.

Riddhima: You are so annoying. 

(Riddhima begins to leave and Sid calls after her.)

Sid: wait! I will do it. 

(Riddhima heaves a sigh of relief and looks back.)

Riddhima: okay. So we begin?

Sid: yeah but how? I mean do I go in front of her and take my shirt off and go: hey you wanna watch me exercise shirtless? Its free!

Riddhima: Very funny!

Sid: I know I am. 

Riddhima: Your window is right in front of hers. So if I sit next to the window on the left and you sit next to the window on the right then I could tell you when to take it off.

Sid: Take what off?

(Riddhima gives him an angry blank look.)

Sid: ooh you mean my shirt? Okay. 

(Sid laughs and positions himself next to the window. Riddhima takes out binoculars and Sid rolls on the floor laughing.)

Sid: You brought binoculars?!

Riddhima: well how am I supposed to look into her window?

Sid: how were you so sure that I would agree. 

Riddhima: I wasn't sure. I hoped. 

Sid: okay so could you look into your sophisticated binoculars and tell me where she is?

Riddhima: Stop making fun of my binoculars! And she is next to her window.

(Sid walks around for a while but she doesn't see him. She passes not noticing Sid and Riddhima gets disappointed. Sid signals Riddhima to call her. Riddhima although confused dials the number and Sid writes on a notepad and she repeats onto the phone whatever he wrote.)

Riddhima: Dr. Kavita I think I would be late again. 

Kavita: Not that I'm surprised but what is it this time??!

Riddhima: Its just that my neighbor, you might know him, Siddhant Modi, borrowed my car and hasn't returned it.

Kavita: Wait. Siddhant lives here?!

Riddhima: Yeah right in front of your house.

Kavita: Oh good! I mean Oh God! Dr. Riddhima solve the problem immediately and get to the hospital. 

(Riddhima smiles deeply and Sid reflects it. He laughs at her excitement.)

Sid: Grab your high tech binoculars and tell me when she comes around.

(Sid positioned himself in front of the window with his coffee and this time Kavita came. Kavita stood next to her window trying hard not let Sid catch her and Riddhima focused on her. She signaled Sid who took off his shirt and began pull ups.)

Riddhima: come on one more Sid!

Sid: How many "one more" are left?

Riddhima: Sid please. You said you would do anything. 

Sid: yeah but this is EVERYTHING.

Riddhima: okay she is going towards her coffee table, you can get up now.

Sid: I don't think I have the capability to get up!

Riddhima: Do Not Fall in front of her. Walk off like this is your every day routine. 

Sid: everyday routine?! If this was a doctor's everyday routine then the world wouldn't need wrestlers!

(he gets up like Riddhima asked and walks like a man across the room. The minute he crosses her window he drops on the chair next to Riddhima.)

Sid: remind me to think before I say next time. 

Riddhima: okay.

Sid: by the way, what good was this? You stayed here while she watched me do pull ups? How are you going to get to work before her?

Riddhima: this was the trial round. And trust me she will be late today, she will keep thinking about you the whole day and that would slow her down.

Sid: Is that what happens to you when you see me? 

Riddhima: No. I know this because she was like this with her ex boyfriend. 

Sid: oh. 

Riddhima: Thanks! Now I have to go! Bye bye. 

Sid: Yeah Bye bye. 

(Sid laughs again.)

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Zohal welcome back  Hug

First of all I'm really sorry for the two guys of ur school..hope u n the ppl around u are fine now especially the guys' family!

and now the was FAB!!!!
Loved was really funny

Sid-Con are too good!!
Sid-Aryaan are so sweetEmbarrassed
I'm really loving SR's interaction n the last part was hilariousLOLLOL

Continue soon...cuz I'm eagerly waiting to see how Aryaan's Sid's son!!

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Hey there!!

First off really sorry abt the unfortunate incident.. God rest their souls in peace and give the family the strength to get through the difficult times..
The update was fab.. I loved the SR part.. Sid is such a flirt I tell you...
N Aryan has a crush???!! in third standard???!!! Awww how cute... Bilkul baap pe gaya hai LOL
Continue super soon Smile

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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Zohal welcome back  Hug

First of all I'm really sorry for the two guys of ur school..hope u n the ppl around u are fine now especially the guys' family!

and now the was FAB!!!!
Loved was really funny

Sid-Con are too good!!
Sid-Aryaan are so sweetEmbarrassed
I'm really loving SR's interaction n the last part was hilariousLOLLOL

Continue soon...cuz I'm eagerly waiting to see how Aryaan's Sid's son!!

Noorie! Thnks alot!
everything is better now. It will take thm time bt hopefully everything will be better fr thm too

Thnk fr liking the update!
I am real glad didnt let u guys dwn on the SR interaction bit... Happy tht my readers are happy!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Originally posted by zeenia

Hey Zohal!Big smile
How wonderful to see you again after a long time!!
And I loved the update! I loved Sid and Ridhimmas interaction. The last part was so funny!!
Nice to have you back!!Embarrassed

Its good to be back!
Glad tht u liked it and happy it made u laugh.
Nice to be bak!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Originally posted by neet06

Hey there!!

First off really sorry abt the unfortunate incident.. God rest their souls in peace and give the family the strength to get through the difficult times..
The update was fab.. I loved the SR part.. Sid is such a flirt I tell you...
N Aryan has a crush???!! in third standard???!!! Awww how cute... Bilkul baap pe gaya hai LOL
Continue super soon Smile

hey Neet!
Its all better now..
And happy u liked the update! being a flirt is in his nature! lol
And yh beta is following baap at a young age!
will continue! Thnks!

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