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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 33)

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Update soon plzEmbarrassed

-jas- IF-Rockerz

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update plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Zohol !!!
Plzzz update soon...
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Plzz update soon...Embarrassed
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Part 8
Sid ws smiling at Riddhima walk away and finally turns to walk to his room. Sid after the day ws close to an end realises tht his inner most secret ws known by stranger and he wsnt happy abt it, he stops in his tracks and looks back.

Sid: Doc?

Riddhima: yh?

Sid: earlier u saw me attempting to smoke?

Riddhima: attempting? Dr. Siddhant Modi I am quite sure u were performing the act.

Sid: u cnt be sure of tht.

Riddhima: u had a lighted cigaratte in ur hand!

Sid: how do u know I lighted it fr myself?

Riddhima: because u were sitting at the edge of an unfinished building block with no one around.

Sid: it ws an experiment. 

Riddhima: experiment?

Sid: yes. I cnt speak of its details as of yet.

(Riddhima tries nt to laugh and Sid gts offended.)

sid: whts so funny?

Riddhima: ur acting like my son Aryan when he gets caught doing things he is nt supposed to. Jst like him, u dnt admit ur mistake.

Sid: so ur telling me tht I act like a 7year old?

Riddhima: yes. 

Sid: cud  u keep ur false assumptions abt me smoking a secret?

Riddhima: false assumption?

Sid: Yes. 

Riddhima: I will think abt it.

(She leaves and Sid stands annoyed.)

Con: kya hua?

Sid: she knows IT! she knows I smoke! 

Con: maardi apney per pey kuladi?

Sid: when u cnt say anything nice the best thing to do is SHUT UP.

Con: U seriously do act like a 7 year old.

Sid: Can u please die? kya koi conscience marney ki supari ley ta hai?

Con: Ur bad deeds can kill me other thn tht u hav no other weapon.

(At this point, Sid's phone rings.)

Sid: hello. 

Akash: Vikas?

Sid: kaun? oh haan yh... Vikas here.

Akash: woh Ankita barrey pyar seh refuse karkey chali gayi...

Sid: she slapped u?

Akash: No. Obviously nt.

Sid: there ws a slight possibility tht she wud... bt thnk god she didnt. okay now wht is ur worry?

Akash: she left the place! She didnt even sit through the whole dinner!

Sid: yh well Baby Hitler turns to Romeo in one night, the shock wud be too much fr any girl..

Akash: What?!

Sid: I mean u jst need to give her some time to gt used to the love u r finally expressing.

Akash: oh okay..

Sid: yh nw go get some rest. Oh and tomorrow in the morning avoid her completely, like she dsnt exist or something.

Akash: wht? why wud I do tht?

Sid: to show her tht u have self respect. I know u dont bt... jst pretend.

Akash: if u were infront of me I wud have shot u dead.

Sid: I love you too.

(Akash hangs up.)

Sid: This guy has issues.

Con: Why do u abuse everyone around?

Sid: oh I forgot... u love him..

Con: Please make sense.

Sid: How can a guy with gay conscience make sense?

Con: haha. 

(Sid laughs. It was mid-day and Sid gets a call from Akash)

Sid: wht happened?

Akash: Well it ws fine till I left for work bt thn when I came back my image ws ruined.

Sid: wht? why?

Akash: Well I ws back frm work and kept avoiding her and tld her tht I needed to focus on work. 

Sid: and thn?

Akash: well she ws saddened by my angry looks. I tld her tht I didnt wnt dinner and dramatically paced out of the living room.

Sid: okay its good.

Akash: well I cudnt exactly make it out of the living room cuz I tripped and fell when I ws trying to give her one of those looks. 

Sid: You tripped and fell? How old were u again??

Akash: I have been hopitalised.

Sid: so much for the angry young man image. 

Akash: now wht?

Sid: okay. The battle is still nt lost. I am coming to the hospital.

(Sid packs and leaves to the hospital.)

Akash: tht ws fast.

Sid: a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Akash: ur here to visit me?

Sid: No. Im here to discuss future plan of action.

Akash: oh.

(Akash who sincerely thought Sid ws there to wish him well was taken aback.)

Sid: so... Now is the time where u show her a bit more attitude. She wud come here to perform the duties of a wife bt do nt get carried away.

Akash: okay... she is coming.

Sid: oh shit.

Akash: wht? where are u going?

Sid: fresh air.

Akash: fresh air? now? Dnt u wnt to meet ankita?

Sid: I wnt to bt... the thing is tht I...I.. gotta run to the fire exit...

Akash: why?

Sid: I left my car in there..

Akash: u left ur car in the fire exit? Ur Car?

Sid: my car keys. 

(Sid rushes out of the room and sees ankita walk towards him. He had nowhere to go and holds and whirls a doctor infront of him.)

Sid: Dr. Riddhima Gupta?

Riddhima: yh... hello again. 

Sid: Hi. Kinda weird how we are meeting again?

Riddhima: yh... it is sort of weird considering tht u are holding me by my arms.

(She points to his hands which were holding her infront him to block Ankita's view.)

Sid: yh... well u cnt blame me entirely.. Last time we met u tried to jump off a building..remember?

Riddhima (offended): I ws drunk and I cnt really jump off the ground floor. Can I?

(Sid seeing Ankita leave, lets go of her.)

Sid: yh u cnt. 

Riddhima: are u here as a visitor?

Sid: yh..

Riddhima: who are u visiting?

Sid: I ws actually leaving. 

Riddhima: Alright then. 

(Sid begins to leave when a doctor calls after him.)

Kavita: Sid! tum yahan??

Sid: huh? 

Kavita: Kavita Mallya. We went to the same high school.

Sid: Oh! Kavita! God u have changed so much.

(He didnt actually remember her.)

Kavita: so u tell me.. how has life been?

Sid: its good.. howz ur life?

Kavita: its great. 

Sid: u when did u decide to go for medicine? 

Kavita: Sid! it ws always my aim to follow the footsteps of my father.

Sid: ahh right yes.... Okay so see u around. 

Kavita: when?

Sid: huh?

Kavita: like shudnt we meet up somewhere? after work maybe?

Sid: yh sure. whtever.

(Sid starts to leave.)

Kavita: oh.... so Dr. Riddhima requires yet another leave?!

Riddhima: Aryan is sick and I dnt think....

Kavita(cuts in): we shud hav never hired single mothers in the first place.

(Sid looks back and feels bad for wht Riddhima ws going through.)

Sid: let her have the day off. Its afternoon already.

Kavita: yes bt I she does this all the time.

Sid: giv her off today since she needs and tomorrow let her fill in fr u because u will be out with me.

Kavita (smiling): U can have the day off Dr. Gupta.

(Sid grins at Riddhima and leaves to the parking lot. Riddhima follows him)

Riddhima: Thnks. 

Sid: this ws payback.

Riddhima: payback?

Sid: u kept my secret, I helped u out of trouble. 

Riddhima: so its the price to keep my mouth shut?

Sid: sort of.

Riddhima: wht if I refuse?

(Sid gets into his car)

Sid: its ur loss my love.

(Sid drives off.)

Riddhima: Psychopath.

(Sid reaches home and is about to fall asleep on the couch when the door bell begins to ring franctically.)

Sid: wht is wrong with the world today?

(Sid opens the door and finds Adi and Dheeraj at the door.)

Adi (pointing at Dheeraj): he has lost it.

Sid: yh... I sort of figured that out.

(Dheeraj walks past him into the living room.)

Sid: Whts with the drug addict look? 

Adi: U wnt believe it.

Sid: thn dnt tell me.

Adi: haha. 

Sid (looking at the Dheeraj): wht happened?

Dheeraj: Im nt sure.

Sid: okay thn... once ur sure, wake me up.

Dheeraj: man, Im serious I dnt know hw the hell I let this happen?!

Sid: let wht happen?

Adi: Its bad news!

Sid: how bad?

Adi: very bad.

Sid: tht helped alot Adi. Did someone die?

Adi: its worse.

Sid: Did this fool get married?

Adi: okay nt tht actually its worse.

Sid: worse? Cnt guess.

Dheeraj: I fell in love.

(Sid who ws seated in the couch beside Dheeraj tries hard nt to laugh. He tries to fake his laughter as coughs and finally unable to hold it back, laughs his lungs out.)

Sid: okay tht is bad news alrite!

Dheeraj: yh laugh it out.

Sid: bt Adi I dnt see hw this is worse thn marriage?

Adi: Wait till u hear the rest of the story.

Dheeraj: Im sitting right here Adi.

Adi: Sorry I didnt realise the love bird ws hurting.

Dheeraj (ignoring Adi): She is someone tht you introduced me to.

Sid: I did? Jiya? Ragini? Gini?

Dheeraj: its someone u introduced recently!

Sid: Female Hulk!!

(This time Sid fell off the couch laughing!)

Sid: Okay Adi u win! Its worse!

Adi: I know ryt! He is insane.

Sid: Female Hulk? yaar tu soch kya raha hai? Tujhe aur koi nahin millie?

(Dheeraj throws a pillow at Sid.)

Sid: yaar pyaar mein tu bilkul apni premeeka ki tarah hogaya hai. Wahi gussa aur wahi violent response! Amazing.

Dheeraj: ek toh meri love story teri gandey karnamo ki wajasey bighad gayi hai upar seh tu mujhe lecture dey raha hai.

Sid: abh mainey kya kiya?

Con: how exciting! Before u were used to destroying ur own life and now ur destructive nature is reachin out to other ppl's lives.

Sid: man can u ever mind ur business!

Dheeraj: Mona is my business!

Sid: Cud u stop acting like a girl?

Dheeraj: I am never gonna get her!

Sid: why do u think tht?

Dheeraj: Cuz she knows that Im UR frend!

Sid: oh tht jst ruined the fun fr u!

Adi: And man the way she pushed him the night he ws about to propose her ws so...

Sid: violent?

Adi: exactly!

Sid: yh well female hulk has a thing fr being reckless whn nt needed!

Adi: agreed.

(Adi and Sid cheers their drinks while dheeraj looks at them, disgusted.)

Dheeraj: so ur making fun of me?

Sid: no we arent. Technically speaking we are making fun of ur love life.

Con: Ur heartless.

Sid: And ur gay.

Dheeraj: wht?

Sid: I meant ur days are over.

Adi: I heard gay...

Dheeraj: yh me too.

Sid: So who wnts more drinks?

(Adi raises his hand.)

Sid: come on, Dheeraj I know u wnt it.

Dheeraj: I dnt wnt it bt its wht I need at the moment.

(Adi and Sid look at one another)

Adi and Sid: Pakka Devdas ban chuka hai!

*Sorry guys I cudnt reply to ur comments this time around! I will try and make the updates more regular bt thn I cnt promise anything! Hope u liked this update!
And Sorry again fr nt replying!! And making this update so late! Real Sorry guys!!

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Zohaaaalllllllllllllllll Hug

OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!! u finally updated....I toh thought u forgotLOL

anyways....FAB FAB update
It's tooooooooooo funny....Sid and Gay ConLOLLOLLOL
Adi-Dheeraj-Sid scene was funny tooLOL
poor DheerajTongue

Love the little SR's cuteEmbarrassed
looking forward to more n more SR scenes
and Ridzi's past.....

plzzzzzzzz continue soon n thnx for the PM
n don't be sorry yaarSmile

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Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indian_beauty

Zohaaaalllllllllllllllll Hug

OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!! u finally updated....I toh thought u forgotLOL

anyways....FAB FAB update
It's tooooooooooo funny....Sid and Gay ConLOLLOLLOL
Adi-Dheeraj-Sid scene was funny tooLOL
poor DheerajTongue

Love the little SR's cuteEmbarrassed
looking forward to more n more SR scenes
and Ridzi's past.....

plzzzzzzzz continue soon n thnx for the PM
n don't be sorry yaarSmile

Lol. I didnt forget!! 
Thnk u!! 
Happy tht u liked the scenes between the guys!
Glad u liked SR scenes! Will try to add more~
Will continue and Welcome fr the PM!

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Finally u updated!!!!!!!Big smile
damn i was soo missing ur FF i just love it!
Sid and gay con are soo damn hilariousROFLROFLROFLROFL
and the last scene with the boys was really funnyLOLLOL
liked the SR cute moment but im very confused that they dont remember each otherErmm
anyway hope to read the next part soon and thanks for the pmEmbarrassed

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