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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 30)

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JERAN_rocks


Glad u liked the Sid and Aryan scene!1
Welcome fr the pm!
And updating!

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by miss_cullen

You made us wait loooooooooooooooooongggg Angry but im glad you finally updated Wink

Siddy boy and junior always makes me smile!! Hopefully Sid solves Ankita's problem soon so that sweetheart Con can introduce him to his next  problem, Riddhima and their son Aryan!! Embarrassed eeeeeeyyy caaaaaant waaaaiiittttDay Dreaming

So sorry!!! And glad u liked it!!
Dnt worry Sid is going to meet Riddhima in the next update!
Sorr fr the late updates!

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
(Vidya, my good frend, I wudnt wnt to name an evil dog after u so Im changing her name to "Dolly". Sorry abt the late update people! I gt caught up with work and wsnt even able to tell u guys in advance. Really sorry!)

Part 7
Sid rolled in bed as his phone rang. He tried to block the noise by covering his ears with pillows. The sunlight broke into his house and he lost the battle of on grounds of sleep. He finally picked his phone up and looked to the display. 

Sid: 33 missed calls?  Kya yaar? Holiday par bhi yeh log! Meri demand dekh Con!

Con: phone kar becharey ko! He has been calling u since the sun rose.

Sid: tujhe bada taras aaraha hai?

Con: phone karle!

(Sid picks up his phone and dials the number. Akash picks up on the first ring.)

Sid: kya hua?

Akaash: aaj hamarey plan ka pehla din hai na?

Sid: toh:

Akash: dnt we have things to do?

Sid: we dnt have anything to do at 7 am! 

Akash: its 9!

Sid: its 9! I need some sleep and u need rest.

Akash: help! I need help.

Sid: I will meet u in ur office.

(Akash hangs up and Sid pulls off his blanket. He looks at his wrist watch)

Sid: five more minutes…. Jst five more.

(He closes his eyes, when he opens them again)

Sid: 12: 38?! Oh shit! Baby Hitler shall be melodramatic once again.

(He hurries to Akash's office where he finds out tht he is attending his class. Sid waits fr an hour and finally Akash shows up.)

Akash: tum abh aaye ho? Its of no use I dnt know wht I ws thinking! Forget the whole thing.

Sid: U wht ur problem is? U have very low self esteem! Chill kar… koi hatora lekey terey peechey bhaag nahin raha hai… koi timeline nahin hai…. U can take ur own sweet time..

Akash: there is no use! U may be able to impress a girl effortlessly bt I cant! Its nt the same… I am not the romantic type!

Sid (clearly sarcastic): No really? U arent romantic?

Akash: mazaq uraney aaye ho?

Sid: nah nah man… Every girl dsnt wnt a romantic guy… Some like the non romantic… serious type of people. 

Akash: and wht if Ankita isn't one of them?

Sid: thn its ur bad luck. 

(Akash looks dwn, depressed)

Sid: yaar… tu jang seh pehley hi hatyar phek deyta hai. Toda sa bas toda sa confidence laa! baaqi main sambhal loonga..

Akash: karna kya hai?

Sid: Make over. 

(They leave the school premises. They go to a designer shop, Sid apparently knew the designer. He goes in and gives Sapna (designer) a brief hug. Con raises an eyebrow)

Sid: shez jst a frend.. 

Akash: kya?

Sid: I meant meet my frend Sapna. 

Akash: Hello.

Sapna: hi.. lets get started. Shall we?

Sid: yh.... 

Sapna: suits? or casuals?

Sid: suits... proffesor hai... koi club ka bouncer nahin.

Sapna: tum aur tumhara sarcasm...

(Sapna hands Akaash a suit. He goes in and tries it on. He comes out and stuns both Sid and Sapna.)

Sapna: I didnt noe tht he cud look this good!

Sid: be careful Sapna... he is married. 

Sapna: Bad luck!

Akash: I feel weird...

Sid: u look human fr the very first time so naturally u wud find it weird...

(Akash gives him a deadly blank look.)

Sid: I ws joking. 

Akash: oh...

Sid: I cnt believe I have to go through this.

Akash: did u say something?

Sid: yh. Ankita is going to love this.

Akash: I dnt know...

Sid: Trust me. Jst trust me. 

Akash: so wht do we do next?

Sid: propose. 

Akash: kya? woh meri biwi hai Vikas!

Sid: trust me!

Akash: fine....

(Sid tells Akash to attend his classes as usual and he goes to make a romantic dinner fr the couple. He ws experienced in this and knew how to make things special and did so. The table ws decorated exclusively outside the restaurant and it ws decorated with lilies and orchads. After preparing all tht ws needed, Sid sits on a bench and rests.)

Con: how are u so sure she is going to like all this?

Sid: Im nt sure... bt she has to appreciate the effort. 

Con: I dnt see how this is going to work?

Sid: its not. 

Con: wht?

Sid: u think Ankita will forget everything in one night? Are u tht dumb?

Con: thn wht is all for?

Sid: its jst to show her tht her husband cares abt her... even after all this time.

Con: wow. U think alot when it comes to girls. U plan every move, every single move.

Sid: well duh! thts hw they fall fr me... and some of the credit goes to my mesmerising good looks.

Con: No matter wht happens u noe hw to make urself happy. 

(Sid smiles at con.)

Con: stop smiling at me otherwise the waitress will think ur insane.

(Sid looks up to see a waitress standing infrnt of him.)

Waitress: sir the bill.

Sid: ahh yes. 

(He hands his credit card and signs the receipt. Sid gets up to leave.)

Sid: she is crushing on me.

Con: who? the waitress? how wud u noe?

Sid: She is still looking at me. 

(And she was.)

Sid: Im rich. Im single. And Im a good looking doctor. And tht equals to me being irresistible.

Con (Sarcastic): Funny.

(Sid and his very annoyed Conscience leave the venue. He reaches home and has weak moment fr smoking. Sid wsnt a chain smoker bt he did like it at times. This ws one fact tht nobody knew abt him. He gets out of his house in search of place isolated. The logic ws tht although he nobody in this place knew him personally, he still didnt wnt to be remembered as a smoker by his neighbours. It ws his private little secret. He finds a building under construction and goes in it. The building seemed to be left in its state fr a very long time. Sid goes up the stair case to the first floor. He goes to the balcony of the unfinished building and takes out his cigarette. He is abt to take his first puff when he hears someone cough. Sid looks and he sees the outline of a girl bt cudnt see her face properly int the dim light.)

Sid (truly annoyed): kaun pagal larki ek soon saan building mein beiti hai? 

Girl: please mind.... mind ur own..... ur own..

Sid: business?

Girl: yh thts ryt! Business. Mind ur own business.

(Sid realises tht whoever this person ws, she ws drunk.)

Sid: I wud if wud kindly leave.

Girl: Tumharey baap ka property hai kya?

Con: how thrilling is this?! U are sitting on the edge of an unfinished building and arguing with a drunk stranger? Things jst cnt gt better thn this.

Sid: Cuz u fr once stop blabbering and interfereing in my life?

Girl: Tum pagal ho.

Sid: Woman! Go drink somewhere else.

(He thn sees the stranger getting up on her feet shakily and looking dwn as if measuring the distance.)

Girl: Bye bye Zindagi! 

Sid: yahan kuch nahin honey wala. 

(Sid points up)

Sid: dusrey floor seh jump karogi toh phir zindagi seh mileyga chutkara.

Con: And u say u are a doctor? 

Sid: Correction! I say I am a very successful doctor.

Con: U are advising a girl on the better ways of ending her life? This is wht u learnt in medical school?

Sid: Con. Relax ur nerves. She wnt jump. Nautanki kar rahi hai.

Con: wht if she does? I will be guilty again Sid!

Sid: dnt worry.... shez jst fooling around.

Con: Wht if she isnt?

Sid: thn I will wake up early fr baby Hitler! Bt if she dsnt thn u will hav to gt lost forever!

Con: Fine! Live without a conscience!

Sid: Where is she?

(Sid looks around and dsnt find the girl.)

Con: Maybe she took ur suicidal advice...

(Sid leaves his cigarette and runs up the temporary stair case. He reaches the secnd floor and leans on a pillar, watching her)

Girl: Im a doctor and I shud know tht there is no point in living like this.... whts the point of living when ur very existance hurts others? Ur father is ashamed of u. Ur mother dsnt wanna see ur face and ue sister.... her fiance left her cuz of u! Wht is wrong with me? Why cnt I jst die?!

(Sid watches carefully as she says those words and takes a shaky step forward.)

Con: I think she is going to jump...

Sid: No shez not.

(She takes another step.)

Con: I think this is it, Sid. She is going to....

Girl: bye bye Riddhima Gupta! Aryan... I will always love you...

(Sid dsnt wait.. he races forward bt the girl jumps and Sid manages to hold her wrist jst in time.)

Sid: Give me ur other hand...

Riddhima: I wanna die...

(Sid pulls her up by force. and makes her sit infront of him.)

Sid: Tum Aryan ki mom ho?

(Riddhima nods and Sid slaps her ryt across the face.)

Sid: Are u insane? Where u abt to jump frm there? And wht of Aryan? 

(Riddhima cudnt hold herself)

Riddhima: woh main....

Sid: dnt even tryto justify this! Tum pagal ho! U need help. How cu u not think of Aryan before doing something this dumb??!

Riddhima: I... woh main..

Sid (cuts in again): and thn ur going all heroic and jumping frm the second floor! Second floor! Nt first bt second floor?! 

(Sid stops talking because Riddhima throws up on his shirt. Sid looks at the vomit on his shirt and thn looks to Riddhima)

Sid: Wht in the name of god is wrong with u?

Riddhima: sorry 

(And she faints. Sid takes off his shirt and relies on his vest to keep the cold weather away. He carries Riddhima to his car. Sid thinks of taking her to her house bt thn thinks tht if Riddhima's husband [not knowing tht she dsnt have a husband] sees her drunk and with some other man thn tht might cause problems so he takes her to his house till she wakes up. 
They reach Sid's house and Sid lays her on his bed. He looks at her properly fr the first time.)

Con: larki pehley kabhi dekhi nahin hai?

Sid: no... I mean dekhi hai par...

Con: phir ghoor kyun rahey ho?

Sid: I dnt know... shez nt the most beautiful girl I hav seen bt thn there is something abt her thts... so... I dunno..

Con: Goor na band kar. Uska ek bacha hai...

Sid: Ur sick.

Con: look who's talking.

(Sid goes out of his house when he hears barking n his frnt yard. And there he meets Balwant Raina and his Dolly again. Sid gets annoyed by the intrudence.)

Balwant: hello ji! 

(Sid raises an eyebrow.)

Balwant: we're neighbours! And tht means adjustment. So How are u, neighbour?

(Sid smiles)

Sid: nt bad. How are u?

Balwant: I am good.

Sid: aur aapki kutti kaisi hai?

Balwant: aapka mazaq mujhe pasand nahin aaya.

Sid: mujhe aapki kutti pasand nahin hai. bt thn we are neighbours and tht means adjustment. 

(Balwant forces Dolly out of Sid's lawn and a smiling Sid returns.)

Sid: so ur awake?

Riddhima: yeah.... And I am so sorry abt ur shirt. I didnt mean to... i mean..

Sid: its okay. I gt it under control. Im Dr. Siddhant Modi.

Riddhima: Riddhima Gupta. 

(Sid realises he still has no shirt on and headsto his room to gt a shirt.)

Riddhima: Oh and Dr. Siddhant?

Sid: yh?

Riddhima: Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer.

Sid: And suicide is a mojor cause of death.

(Riddhima walks away smiling and Sid jst looks at her walking away.)

*Hope I didnt let u guys dwn with the first SR meeting!

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monty22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
zohal Hug my sweetie i was missing ur updates so much...........Tongue
i just talked about u at CC.........& look i got ur PM............Embarrassed
this is called telepathy............Tongue
awesome update. Clap
sid riddhima meetig is amzing in first meting Sid gave slap to riddhima.........i can't digest this..............ROFL 
wait u said aryan is sid's son so why SR didn't recognize each other?????????Ermm
i hope u solve this confusion soon..........Embarrassed
love u dear. take care.........

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
*Hope I didnt let u guys dwn with the first SR meeting!

Are you Kidding ..............? I was super awesome...................

Hey what's the mystery about Aryan? I am really curious

Looking forward to your next update........eagarly
nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
eeeee i loved it! but i wanted more!! :| And i really wonder why SR dint recognize each other! especially Riddhima! i mean her life is in a mess because of this person and she shud remember him day or night in sleep or awake! hopefully she will remember when she is in her sense!
ohh and Sid slapping Riddhima was like woah hahaha ;))
and pls do not take this long to update :|
nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
nice update..n of course SR meeting...not at all like id thought..i thought she wld be mad seeing she isnt....n thats y im sorta confused...Aryan is sids son n sid might have done accidently hten how come rids doesnt remember the father of aryan...or is it htat she was way to drunk n had no clue....cant wait to read more on SR so plz continue soon this time!!...thanks for the pm :)
ANNU30 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Finally u updated us with most awaited sceneSmile
u never disaapoint us so don't think like that
now as story move i loved evry update
keep it upClap

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