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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 24)

nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
plz update yaar!!!

Sehru_life IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
update soon and pm meSmile
Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Zohal update soon.....
sr-medha Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
Update soon..........Zohal!!!!!!!!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Part 6

Sid ws looking around still wondering whether he should enter or not. He ws standing in front of the Professor Akash Sachdev's office. His confidence staggered once he tried to knock on the door.

Sid: arrey yaar pata nahin Hitler ki aulad maaney ga bhi ya nahin…

Con: dekh agar woh ghar gaya na toh tujhe ussey Ankita keh samney millna hoga...

Sid: par yeh baby Hitler meri baat maaney ga kaisey?

Con: woh teri problem hai. I kind of like this guy....

Sid: I have a gay conscience. 

Con: I didnt mean it in tht way.

(Sid finally knocks.)

Akash: Mr. Chatterji mein aapke...

Sid: Vikaas here...

Akash: oh aap ho? mujhe lagaa keh.... anyways. Aap yahan kaisey?

Sid: woh actually I needed to talk to u abt something..

Akash ji?

Sid: kaheen betkey nahin ho sakta? 

Akash: yahan toh nahin... 

Sid: Par paas mein ek coffee shop hai. 

(They reach a coffee shop.)

Akash: ji toh aap kya keh rahein they?

Sid: arrey football match. I jst love Chelsea. I mean the team is amazing. Their so passionate abt the game. 

Akash: oh please aisi behuda cheezon mein sirf bekaar log passion dhoondh saktey hain..

Sid: toh aapke liye passion kya hai?

Akash: passion... jaisey kitabein... history... art. 

Sid: yeh bhi ek tarey ka art hi hai bas dekhna ka nazarya badalna chahiye.

Akash: Its a game Vikaas.

Sid: a game tht gives u the thrill of victory and the fear of loss in jst 90 minutes. 

Akash: Vikaas tum woh bas ek game hai and nothing more than tht.

Sid: its nt jst a game. Its a game tht unites people. Unites nation. During the World Cup people forget where their from, where they are and who they belong to. Its jst football tht matters and they connect through it.

Con: Whoa! U can speak like tht?

Sid (in a low voice): world cup ka slogan yaheen tha. 

Akash: its nothing more than a game. Its getting late.. I have to be home. 

Sid: okay we will talk some other time. 

(Sid and Akash leave to their cars. Sid then spots a bunch of flowers in the back seat of his car.)

Sid: Flowers? surprising.

Con: why does he have them?

Sid: Probably fr someone's funeral. 

Con: Affair maybe?

Sid: Uska affair uskey history book key saath hoga.

Next Day. 

Front door scene (Sid and Aryan)

Sid gets out to the balcony to see the view of his rented house. He looks around when he sees a kid being chased by a dog. Sid first looks away and shouts to the watchman to help the kid. He then sees tht the kid is Aryan. His coffee mug almost drops when he without thinking decides to jump frm the balcony since the kid Aryan ws abt to be bitten.

Con: Jahil! Ghar keh main door seh bhi jaa saktey ho. 

(Sid stops his suicide mission and runs to the door. He picks up a hockey stick and runs to Aryan. He holds Aryan in one hand behind him and picks up the hockey stick up in the air to hit the dog in it's face.)

Balwant: OYE! Pinky ki jaan logey kya?

(Sid confused looks up to find a worried man infront of him.)

Sid: aapki beti ko gayi hai?

Balwant: Myself Balwant Raina. Aur yeh hai hamari Pinky. 

(He points to the dog.)

Sid (truely disgusted): Pinky? iss zaleel ka naam hai?

Balwant: Oh ji! merey dill ka tukra hai. Izzat seh naam ley. 

Sid: aapki Pinky abhi iss bachey ka ghost chabba jaati aur mein beit keh izzat seh naam loon?

Balwant: kaunsa bacha?

(A scared Aryan comes looks frm behind Sid.)

Balwant: Aryan.. dekh beta tu toh jaanta hhai naa keh Pinky kaati nahin bas bhonkti hai?

Sid: bhonkti ho ya kaathi ho! Leash lagana hi parega iss zaleel cheez peh.

Balwant: agar kutta bhi ho toh naam seh pukaar na chahiye.

Sid: kutti. 

Balwant: kya?

Sid: kutta nahin kutti. 

(Balwant leaves in anger and Sid looks to Aryan.)

Sid: u okay?

Aryan: Im good. Pinky chali gayi?

Sid: haan. 

Aryan (relieved): Good!

Sid: agar ayenda Pinky kuch karey toh mujhe baata deyna. Taangey thor doonga uski. 

(Aryan laughs and Sid smiles.)

Aryan: main school ke liye late hora hoon. 

Sid: acha bye. 

(Sid leaves and Aryan runs to Riddhima who ws standing at the door waiting fr him.)

Aryan: Mom! U wnt believe kya hua...

Riddhima: kya huaa?

Aryan: woh enemy hai na? Joh skool mein bhi aaya tha?

Riddhima: haan.

Aryan: woh yahan ayaa tha! Aur Balwant uncle keh Pinky ko maarneu wala tha. 

Riddhima (putting on his shirt): really? 

Aryan: yh! And woh superman ki tarahh aaya and he jst scared the dog. 

Riddhima: par mujhe toh laga woh aapka enemy hai.

Aryan enemy hai... par... I dunno.

(Riddhima smiles at her confused son and takes him to school. Sid on the other hand ws following Akash around. He wanted to convince Akash tht Ankita ws destined to play football bt after last night's talk he ws sure it ws going to be hard. Sid follows him and sees him buy flowers again.)

Sid: abh kya harr din koi iss ki family mein marr tha hai? 

Con: I tld u! Affair definitely!

Sid: terey saath hi hoga. waisey bhi tujhe acha lagta hai na?

Con: get real. He cnt see me! 

Sid: agar dekh ley tha toh kya tu uskey saath?

Con: Sid I'm a part of u remember?!!

Sid: okay okay zyada jaazbati honey ki zaroorat nahin I ws jst kidding. Lets see wht Baby Hitler does with the roses. 

(Sid follows Akash around the whole day bt Akash dsnt take the flowers out of his car. He finally goes home. Sid looks to his conscience)

Sid: W*H! how useless is this baby Hitler?! Flowers ko decoration keh liye khareed keh rakha hai kya?

Con: This ws very tiring and unproductive! 

Day 2

Sid follows Akash around and he buys flowers which remain in the backseat of his car. 

Day 3

Same routine. Sid follows all day long bt he dsnt do anything with the flowers.

Day 4

The day ends as usual. Akash had bought flowers on his way to work and gone to work. He finished his work and dsnt do anything with the flowers.

Con: yeh phool sarney keh liye rakta hai?

Sid: I dnt know. Isko phsychiatrist ki zaroorat hai.

Con: woh dekh.

(Sid looks and sees Akash taking the flowers out of his backseat. He looks longingly at Ankita who ws visible frm the window. He breathes in bt thn courage abandons him and puts the flowers back in the car.)

Sid: Oh For the love of God!! Those flowers were fr his wife?! For Ankita?!! All these days he buys them and jst shoves them in his backseat. And I thought they must be fr some hot receptionist at the college.

Con: sab teri tarah nahin hain. 

Sid: I am shocked, amazed and amused at the same time.

Con: why are u shocked?

Sid: cuz I cnt believe tht someone tht give flowers to their wife!

Con: and amazed?

Sid: cuz Baby Hitler has a romantic side. 

Con: bt why amused?

Sid: Cuz I actually thought tht HE cud have an affair!

Next Day.

Akash ws at the flower shop when Sid walks in. He stands behind Akash who dsnt realise it.

Sid: She will like the red ones.

Akash (surprised): Vikaas Tum? 

Sid: toh tumhey kya lagaa? Brad Pitt?

Akash: tum yahan kaisey?

Sid: Ankita will like the red ones. 

Akash: Nahin its nt fr her. Waisa kuch nahin hai.

Sid: toh phir kisi keh saath affair hai?

Akash: Nahin nahin. Please Im nt tht type.

Sid: Toh phir funeral?

Akash: haan haan. Kisi keh funeral ke liye hai.

Sid: funeral? Harr din teri badnaseeb family koi na koi marr tha hai?

Akash: harr din?

Sid: dnt even try to lie to me... I know wht u have been up to. 

Akash: hw do u know?

Sid: because I have been follo... I mean I have been looking around the city and see u by the flower shop regularly. Bt how come u never give it Ankita?

Akash: How do u know I dnt give it to her?

Sid: Cuz she never mentioned tht her husband ws actually romantic. I mean seriously! 

Akash: woh main bas... Waisey aap kaun hotey hain yeh sab poochney waley? 

(Akash leaves in anger and Sid stands mystified.)

Con: Whoa. Iska screw dheela hai.

Sid: Dheela nahin hai. Screw peh zang laga hai. Utarna pareyga. 

Con: he will never talk to u again.

Sid: yh I will. 

(Sid and Con went around the whole day. They followed him. Akash at one point goes to an unknown pub and sit very depressed at its bar. Sid observes him frm a far. Akash orders fr a drink and frm his expression on the first sip, it ws obvious tht he didnt drink alot. Akash orders fr more drinks and Sid jst watches. He waits fr Akash to gt drunk.)

Sid: hello.

Akash: tum yaar phirse.... I love life.

Sid: haan woh toh dikh hi raha hai.. kya hua kis ke ghum mein pee rahey ho?

(Akash signals him to come forward. And Sid bends to hear the drunk man.)

Akash: meri shaadi ek mazaq hai...

Sid: oh...

Akash: sab uss kuttey Sid ki wajase! 

Sid (Now offended): ussney kya kiya? 

Akash: kya kiya? Kya nahin kiya? Ankita meri biwi kisi aur seh pyar karti thi. Siddhant Modi. Woh ussey chod gaya.

Sid: tumhey yeh sab kaisey pata?

Akash: Ankita ney bataya... Yeh sab sunney keh baad merey aur Ankita keh beech woh connection hi nahin bann paya. Main ussey door jaaney laga... 

Sid: par dnt u love her?

Akash: I do... par I dnt know... Itney misunderstandings.. waghera waghera..

(And Akash falls on the floor.Sid goes by the side of the drunk man and carries him to his home, fearing tht if Akash to his own home thn he wud hav to face Ankita again.)

Sid: log shaadi karteyhi kyun hai? itna melodrama.. itna natak... pyar ka tamasha banna keh chod diya hai!

(Sid says shaking his head while looking at Akash's condition.)

Con: u know wht the sad part is to the equation?

Sd: wht?

Con: u actually think u know wht love is. You think u hav felt it.

Sid: yh... wht do u think it ws with all those girls?

Con: infatuation. Attraction. If u had learned these words earlier I wudnt hav been here.

Sid: I hav fallen in love okay. Its jst tht I believe tht u can fall in love more thn jst once and its nt as complicated and as dramatic they show it to be.

Con: ur mixing love with infatuation.

Sid: u think I care?

Con: Why did even try? Laton keh bhoot baton seh kahan maantey hain?

Sid: yh I know! Why do u even try?

Con: anything clicked to ur mind as of yet?

Sid: to heal a broken heart, fall in love again.

Con: how is tht relevant to wht is happening here?

Sid: nw we can make Ankita and Akash fall fr one another!

Con: u really think of urself as a love guru? dnt u?

Sid: no I dnt. I try to deal with problems whenever they come rather thn being useless like u.

(Sid goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning before Akash. He prepares coffee while Akash wakes up.)

Akash: kal raat kya hua?

Sid: woh joh nahin hona chahiye tha... atleast hum dono keh beech toh nahin...

Akash: KYA?

Sid: bolney keh layeq choda kahan hai tumney?

(Akash gts stressed. He had never passed out before, nor had he ever drank. He ws getting really tensed and Sid ws having fun at this.)

Sid: joh huaa.... bilkul nahin hona chahiye tha... do mard keh beech... uskeh baad toh mard bhi kehlana...

Akash: Wht r u saying? Aisa kaisey... Nahin... Main nahin... 

(Sid saw Akash's blood drain frm his face and felt pity fr him.)

Sid: tu toh sach much tension mein aagaya. 

Akash: tum mazaq kar rahey the?

Sid: yh... Btw u like black coffee?

Akash: tum pagal ho...

Sid: Black coffee?

Akash: yh...

Sid: waisey last night u were blabbering abt ur wife and u.

(Akash stops sipping the coffee. He looks up in shock.)

Sid: I cud help if wnt.

Akash: who do u think u are?

Sid: hey I jst offered. Wht do I care.... 

Akash: thank you fr ur concern bt I dnt need ur help.

(Akash gts up to leave)

Sid: why are lovers so melodramatic?!

Con: There goes ur full proof plan.

Sid: Dnt worry. He needs me and he will realise it sooner or later...

The next day Sid had his plan ready. Due to Sid followin Akash daily, he knew Akash's daily routine. He knew tht Akash ws stop at the coffee shop on his way to work. Sid enters the coffee shop and takes a seat beside Akash.

Sid: You do know tht unexpressed love is no love at all.

Akash: You! again.

Sid: No serioualy, imagine if Romeo hadnt come to Juliet late at night to express his love, u think their love story ws possible.

Akash: its a story!

Sid: Exactly! its a story and the happy or sad ending can be controlled bt in ur hand is life! ur happy or sad ending is in ur hands, stop playing with it.

Akash: please Vikas dnt bother me...

(As soon as he says this a couple take a seat infront of them. The husband seemed very depressed and anxious.)

Husband: is it true? Did u cheat on me?

Wife: Yes. 

Husband: how cud u do this to me?

Wife: we had nothing like a normal married life. 

Husband: How can u say tht? I loved u...

Wife: Oh! so nw u love me? Wht of all the times I waited fr u? I waited fr u to be by my side. You never stood up fr your feelings.

Husband: I never stood up? I loved u! And I may have been a little late in expressing it bt how cud u? 

Wife: dnt blame me. Blame urself!

(She gets up and leaves him. The man drowns in his sorrow and Akash jst looks to him.)

Sid: tht cud be very well u... in the near future.

(Akash jst listened)

Sid: unexpressed love is like no love at all. You wnt even be able to blame Ankita when she leaves u.

Akash: I dnt know wht is to be done... Romeo Juliet ws a story... this is life.. 

Sid: dnt worry. Romeo Juliet had Shakespear and u, my frend, have me!

Akash: why r u doing this?

Sid: fr Ankita. She is good person and deserves better.

(Akash smiles.)

Sid: okay now enough of the warm hearted smiles. We hav to make a girl fall fr u.. And tht is nt easy.

Akash: wht do I hav to do?

Sid: First comes expression and thn the jealousy and finally the confession! 

Akash: wht?! 

Sid: first u need to express ur love, she will naturally be reluctant to u. 

Akash (sad face): i know...

Sid: stop depressing urself and listen, then u need to make her jealous and thn she will confess. 

Akash: you think she will confess?! U think she will? 

Sid; I dnt think Akash, I know she will. 

(Akash leaves to work. And Sid continues with his morning meal.)

Con: not bad... Fate ws on ur side today. I mean the couple jst built a path fr u to convince Akash.

Sid: oh the husband and wife?

Con: yh...

Sid: they were paid actors. I hired them fr the charade...

Con: its so like u.

Sid Wht? How else ws I supposed to convince baby Hitler?

Con: lets proceed.

Sid: Gladly.

*Okay Im so sorry fr thevery late update bt my parents take my laptop away! So thts why I cudnt update! Hope u guys liked it! 
Thnk u fr all ur comments!! Dj Ovi Tanni, Sr Medha PAllavi Prithi Zarqa Kiran Vidya 
And all u ppl!
Nw i gotta run again...
Please add me as buddy fr PMs!

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 6:47am | IP Logged
Kya dimaag hai aapka ................... and what sense of humor .............I have gay conscience ROFL...........tooo good ................ you are awesome .............
monty22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Zohal my sweetie......Hug i miss u so much.Tongue
OMG no one can beat ur sense of humor's fantastic update. Star
i m in love with  sid & his conscience.......ROFL Day Dreaming.
take a bow.....from Monty.
i hope u update soon. Smile

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